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Bleach Chapter 408 – Deicide 10

Well J is either without internet, lazy, or busy battling hygiene this week, so I suppose I’ll donate my 2 cents just this once. There seems to be no end to the “Deicide,” as it’s just one chapter behind the record of 11 chapters for “Turning Back the Pendulum.” This chapter contains a lot more information than Bleach usually does, but I wouldn’t exactly call it juicy information. It is basically a “set-up” chapter for the events about to unfold.

After the events of last chapter, Isshin continues to explain to Ichigo the astronomically unlikely, yet lucky situation they have found themselves in. After realizing last chapter that his son was the main character of the manga, Isshin knows now that Ichigo is the basket he has to place all his eggs in. After all, he can understand Aizen’s rietsu… Anywho, apparently the Dangai, or bridge-dimension they are in doesn’t completely exist outside of time. Much like Toriyama’s Hyperbolic Time Chamber, this dimension just works much faster. So while they spend 2,000 hours in there training, only one hour passes in the other three dimensions…


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