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Naruto Chapter 499 – Defeated by Love

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

I came home late today, kind of tired, but remembered I had to put out a new chapter review this week so I sad down in front of the computer and went to Shannaro!!! As usual, one of the authors (kisu this week) has put up an early chapter discussion post… okay, pretty normal… 140+ comments in 24 hours…. that’s when I go “Holy crap!!!” Okay, so what I get from that, and this is only me guessing here, is that A LOT of people are really hyped about this chapter, and who can blame them. It makes me kind of nervous about putting out my weekly rant since probably everything I will say here has been said already in the comments. But at the same time, I’m really proud of you guys for such a huge surge of activity and participation this week — thanks to all you readers, writers and commenters. Now, maybe I should start talking more about the actual chapter before I get more teary-eyed.

Like most of you, I really enjoyed this week’s chapter, it flowed well and had tons of Naruto action and left just enough clues to make us readers to salivating over the crucial info that will be revealed next chapter. However, this wouldn’t be much of a chapter analysis if I didn’t criticize, so here I go. Truth be told, I didn’t expect Naruto’s battle against Kyuubi to end in this chapter. In my opinion, such a vital showdown should not have been brought to a conclusion in just three chapters. I hate to bring back Sasuke as an example again (lol) but compared to the length of some of his ‘major’ encounters, this fight seems like little more than a scuffle. Sometimes, I wish Kishi would borrow from Kubo (Bleach) and draw out the major battles into several chapters — especially if they’re battles the fans have been looking forward to since the first chapters of this manga. This is just my opinion, but I thought Kyuubi was defeated far too fast, and at no point did I feel even the slightest bit that Naruto would actually lose. My second criticism is kind of related to the first in that I thought Naruto’s resurgence of power and subsequent counterattack on Kyuubi was far too easy and convenient, not to mention the cheesiness of being triggered by the power of love ;p Naruto’s sudden power-up reminded me of how Sasuke (I know, but who else could I call out on?) pulled those Susanoo’s out of his during his back-to-back battles in the last arc. I mean, there must have been at least 40 or 50 Naruto clones with Rasengans at one point and then they got further boosted with Sage Mode — that’s an immense amount of chakra use. Plus, don’t forget Naruto pulled off two Rasen Shurikens in total as well; so where did our knuckle-headed ninja get all this energy all of a sudden? Kyuubi seems just as confused as me on page 9 just before he gets owned by Naruto’s final Rasen Shuriken. My only explanation is that since this is taking place in Naruto’s inner sanctum, it could be that he is allowed to pull out all the power he needs so long as he believes he can defeat Kyuubi. Remember that the Kyuubi preys on Naruto’s self-doubt and traces of hate in his heart, so although this battle manifested as a physical confrontation it was really more of a battle of wills, meaning actual physical strength and chakra levels may not have had as much impact on the outcome as we’d thought.

Now that I got my complaints out of the way, let’s talk about some of the new revelations and info found in this chapter.
– My first observation is about the chakra Naruto pulled out of Kyuubi and what remained behind. If I remembered correctly, Naruto’s original seal was meant to channel Kyuubi’s ‘light’ chakra (yang) for Naruto to use while keeping the ‘dark’ chakra (yin) at bay. So when Naruto pulled out Kyuubi’s chakra this chapter, it must have been the light portion, and he sealed away the dark portion. What I understand from this is that from now on, Naruto will be able to fully utilize Kyuubi’s chakra on demand without risking transformation. However, he is still missing half of that chakra, so unlike Killer Bee who has a full partnership with the Hachibi, Naruto cannot fully utilize Kyuubi’s full potential yet. Is this enough to overcome Sasuke and Madara? My guess is no; sealing away Kyuubi’s dark chakra was a temporary measure and Naruto will eventually have come to terms with that side of the fox to become complete.

– The second bit I want to comment on was the mention of the Sage of Six Paths and Naruto’s appearance on page 12. If you notice, Naruto has the six tomoes as well as the horns that are two of the defining characteristics of the Sage; all he is missing are Rinnegans. The Sage was the one who divided the chakra of the Ten-Tails into the form of the nine tailed beasts, but why did Naruto undergo a semi-transformation in the Sage and activate a mysterious sealing ability after absorbing the Kyuubi’s light chakra? Was this caused by Kyuubi’s chakra or was this a triggered latent ability of Naruto’s seal or maybe even something in Naruto’s bloodline? Now, that last bit may be a little controversial, but just think of the theory possibilities… I’ll leave the rest to you guys 🙂

– The last part worth mentioning is of course Kushina’s confession that she was the last host to the Kyuubi. I know theories about this very thing were fluttering throughout the Naruto community ever since the last chapter came out. Honestly, at the time I thought it was preposterous, but now I’m starting to see how the pieces are falling together and why and how Kushina died… but I think I’ll stop here this week since a lot of Kushina theories have already been covered in the comments… and I’m dead tired X_X Next chapter (500!) will be a juicy chapter indeed, but it’ll be a two week wait! Makes you want to pull out your hair, doesn’t it!


133 Responses

  1. there will probably be another naruto/kyuubi confrontation somewhere along the line. i’m too psyched about the next chapter to even sit still and think about this chapter. although it had its shortcomings, the action was pretty smooth. i’m just itching to learn kushina’s story right now. and maybe (hopefully) that’ll clear up some mysteries.

  2. I’ve pondered over the Sage of The Six Paths like appearance of Naruto and the familiarization of its essence by the Kyuubi means that Naruto has to be a reincarnation of the Sage of the Six Paths… The transformation sort of reminded me of The Last Airbender unconscious transformation into his most powerful state… Naruto isnt adept at seals and he conviently knew how to pull perhaps the most powerful one out of his hiney… I mean I like the idea, and i hope he gets some cooler eyes to match his power, but the idea of him having to battle the Kyuubi again for power seems redundant… This battle should have been for all the marbles esp when u consider the mini Sage of the Six Paths mode and his mom bein there to help… I dunno, i jus feel a little underwhelmed after my initial hell yea reaction…

  3. Great Post Bob!

    This week was very exciting, and a week to remember. I think the reason why the Kyuubi was defeated so quickly were the help Naruto got from Killer Bee and Kushina, but Naruto held himself pretty well with the “Nonstop Gargantuan Rasengan Barrage”. It was cool the way he went into Sage Mode while taking control of the Kyuubi. Him having the Sage of 6 Paths necklace threw me off a little, Naruto had control of the Kyuubi not the Juubi.
    I can’t wait for chapter 500, were gonna learn all the secrets that happened 16 years ago. Madara manipulating Kushina and all that good stuff.

  4. Great post as usual bob

    Alas i wasnt that bothered by Naruto kicking Kyuubi’s ass in this chapter. It would have been a little redundant if it had gone on for 4 chapters since naruto’s moveset is basicaly all KO moves. So it makes sense (to me anyway) that he could fight the kyuubi hard enough to pull its chakra out, because if the fight had been prolonged naruto wouldnt stand a chance, he needed to win that chakra and quickly.

    Btw i love the part where naruto shoves that Rasen Shuriken into Kyuubi’s head and he goes “Get the F**k out my face” lol idk why but it made me laugh.

    The sage resemblence really intrested me however, im not sure what it means truly yet other than that naruto is becoming the most uber ninja.

    And bob im suprised you didnt elaborate on the action a little more, i was hoping you put some enthusiasm on the action sequence, especialy with that last menacing ball Kyuubi was about to use, which suprised me.

    and @

    “My first observation is about the chakra Naruto pulled out of Kyuubi and what remained behind. If I remembered correctly, Naruto’s original seal was meant to channel Kyuubi’s ‘light’ chakra (yin) for Naruto to use while keeping the ‘dark’ chakra (yang) at bay.”

    Your mostly right bob, but Minato’s seal only has the Light Chakra in naruto, the Dark chakra is in the Reaper itself, im not sure if it can be recovered or not, so naruto really only has access to the light half until he can somehow gain access to the Dark part. Although idk how Kyuubi managed to pull that menacing ball out his ass, that crazy old fox somehow still has some power even with his chakra pulled out. lol

  5. “Alas i wasnt that bothered by Naruto kicking Kyuubi’s ass in this chapter. It would have been a little redundant if it had gone on for 4 chapters since naruto’s moveset is basicaly all KO moves.
    “I see your point smartass (hmmm, it feels weird calling someone that even if it’s just your username), Naruto just doesn’t have the wide skill set like Sasuke (there I go again) to make a longer fight entertaining. But I was I also hoping for a more psychological battle where maybe some of the darker moments of Naruto’s past are explored as Kyuubi tries to overwhelm him.

    “And bob im suprised you didnt elaborate on the action a little more, i was hoping you put some enthusiasm on the action sequence”
    It didn’t feel necessary to comment too much on the action as it flowed well and didn’t have any confusing panels to clarify. I thought the ball at the end was just the manifestation of ye ol’ Kyuubi chakra cannon but without his ‘yang’ chakra – that’s why it looked more solid.

  6. @ Bob, as much as I hate sasuke, u shouldnt feel bad that u are comparing him to naruto. Not only have they been compared since they first showed up in the same panel, but the story really has been shown from two fronts; naruto and sasuke. their lives, and plot developement have alot of similarities. one being that they gain power thru emotions. now while it was really lame of sasuke to push past logical limits just cuz he got a little more hatred, after this chapter i see that it makes sense seeing as naruto gained power thru a little more love. now as for the story as a whole, putting the to fronts together produces a whole story. meaning that sasuke’s dark history covers naruto’s and naruto’s good history covers sasuke’s. that could be an explaination as to why we don’t see any happy memories from sasuke. and maybe the whole silhouette of the sage of the six paths was something that every jinchuriki experiences when they gain control of the biju, seeing as how they orginated from the jubi and the rikudo. and maybe its just further instances where naruto embodies the “body” of the sage and sasuke embodies the “eyes”. another instance would be how the two grew and developed their skills in the early manga. naruto always learned thru his body, while sasuke always learned essentially thru his eyes. thoughts?

  7. @bob: wasn’t the yin chakra sealed with minato in the DDCS? And this battle was meant to separate will from the remaining chakra? In essence doesn’t it all mean Naruto failed? I need some clarity here? Because there seems to be a lack of synergy between what we knew, what the toads told us and what finally happened. Why didn’t the battle make kyuubi a pup named scooby doo?

  8. @ryo, I don’t feel bad about comparing sasuke to naruto, just embarrassed that I can’t think of any other characters to use as examples in my arguments.
    “maybe its just further instances where naruto embodies the “body” of the sage and sasuke embodies the “eyes””
    I like this train of thought 🙂

    @madz, there so much about Minato’s version of the DDCS that isn’t clear right now, I don’t think it worked the same way the Third did with Orochimaru, so it’s hard to comment exactly what was sealed away and where it is. We know that all Bijuu are essentially huge masses of chakra given form by a will. If we say that Kyuubi’s yin chakra was sealed away by DCSS, when Naruto pulled away the yang chakra this chapter, there shouldn’t be much left of the fox — yet he could still form a chakra cannon ball in this state, why? This is why I think the yang chakra wasn’t lost permanently, maybe Minato incorporated the DCSS into the four element seal. Naruto contained both chakras inside him, but the seal filtered it so he only received the yang stuff.

  9. In terms of Naruto’s sage form, he obviously has inherited the body and physical energy/life force of the rikudo sage as you can see the horns and the necklace. He resealed the Kyuubi because he separated the kyuubi’s mind from his chakra and now has the kyuubi’s power for himself as it’s become a part of his own power. I don’t think it will be like Bee’s fighting style at all, as Bee’s situation is that he let his biju out of the cage and fights alongside it. Due to Kyuubi’s nature, it’s not possible for Naruto to do that yet which is why he said “wait…just wait”. He won’t be doing partial transformations or anything like that for a while I feel.

    And to clarify, my take on the Sharingon was that regardless of whether the “Eldest son of the Sage” had them or the Rinnegan, it was the Sage who gave that bloodline the incredible chakras and spiritual energy they have, and it was their hatred that bred what the Sharingon is today and that’s shown through their “Curse of Darkness” or “curse of hatred”. So Sasuke IS the inheritor of those powers because him and Naruto are 2 halves to a whole and–as Tobi said– are destined to finish what was started. Personally, I think that will be true Peace, because of the obvious Cain and Able reference there…but that’s just my 2 cents.

    After this I think that Tobi’s motives are being made clear. I have a feeling that Tobi was really after that power/body when he attacked 16 years ago. It would make sense though, seeing as how Tobi’s body is “broken” and he’s obviously in the market for a new, perfected one. Kyuubi mentioned the sage here as well (in reference to either the seal or the sage form naruto took), which shows some familiarity that he does know what happened all that time ago with the sage. This adds a point to the Juubi not being a lie. And if Tobi does gain control of Naruto’s sage body, and Sasuke’s perfect eyes – he will indeed have the perfect vessel to control the Juubi as did the original Sage of the Six Paths. I just have a hard time believing Tobi because when he says to look left, you better look right.

  10. I think after Hashirama sealed the kyuubi or suppressed it in his fight with Madara Uchiha he hid it away in the whirlpool country because he didn’t trust the Uchiha to not be tempted to control it again. He probably told the rest of Konoha that it was destroyed along with Madara (who I still think was the first host of the Kyuubi) so that the elders wouldn’t try to use it anymore.

    The information probably eventually got leaked and so they brought Kushina to Konoha to “keep an eye on the kyuubi” and I’m sure Danzo was a big player in that decision because he wanted that power to become Hokage and planned to use it himself. Since Konoha knew then, it probably got leaked as well to the Cloud ninja who tried to steal her like they did the hyuuga and whatever else we don’t know about.

    If Tobi did actually control Kushina, I’ll bet you he did it the same way he controlled the 4th Mizukage after the fact (or before? though I thought he started Akatsuki in the Mist after he failed with his attack on Konoha with 9tails). I think when Kushina was referring to her “special chakra” though, she was referring to the fact that she was a host and maybe not a kekkei genkai. But who knows! Her attack did seem to be special to the Kyuubi.

  11. That was a good observation uchiha_gaiden, so good I think you gave the story away lol, but I always thought Tobi was after Sasuke, but since reading your comment it all makes sense now, he’s after the eyes and the body, but about information being leaked to Konoha that Kushina was the host, I think she destoyed her village, and Konoha came for back up and found her in a coma. I also believe she fought Killer Bee in the Chunin exams, and the village seen how she controlled Hachibi with her power and wanted to evaluate her.

    I don’t think Danzo knew about Kushina being the 9 tailed host because after the big disaster he should have been Hokage if he knew what was going to happen, but who knows. Tobi and Danzo looked like they knew each other, or made deals with each other in the past.

    I wonder if long bitterness and hatred created the sharigan, we might get more details on that later.

  12. @Bob, this is why I still believe that Naruto is actually the physical embodiment of the Yin (good) Kyuubi. My theory is this: During the birth process, part of the Kyuubi transferred into Naruto (creating his massive chakra supply) and So Minato basically used his version of the DDCS to seal the full Kyuubi in Naruto, but locked away the other side so that Naruto wouldn’t turn into the Fox. It makes sense because biologically, Naruto would be connected to Kushina (the previous jinjuuriki) and as such receive energy from her. During the birth process, the Kyuubi took its chance and transferred into Naruto. Pretty much what I’m saying is that baby Naruto was the Kyuubi that went nuts on Konoha 16yrs ago. FIND THE LOGIC IN MY TWISTED LOGIC, TAKE IT… IT IS THERE! lol

  13. as i said in the previous comments on this chapter’s discussion.

    i don’t think that naruto (currently) compares to the sage of the six paths. but i do believe the combined effort of all the namikazes (minato, kushina, and naruto combined) can be compared with that of the sage. but still not 100% of his power, i’d say 50-70%.

    the sage controlled the juubi, which is far more powerful than all the other beasts, and since the kyuubi is the closest in power (and form) to the juubi, this makes the namikazis the first to fully control and seperate the kyuubi’s power from its hate.

    remember, the one who separated the beasts is the sage, so it’s not far fetched that some of his own chakra is left in all of them (same as kushina and minato’s chakra being left in the kyuubi’s seal). and since the kyuubi is the closest in power, then it makes sense that the sage’s chakra is mostly concentrated there, and hence the appearance on naruto’s body. this should also explain naruto’s sudden knowledge of the special sealing technique since we all have experienced how complex his persona has become.

    i’d have to disagree with what bob is saying that naruto didn’t get the full potential of the kyuubi’s power. i believe the light and dark aspects of the kyuubi’s power mostly define will, not pure power. i believe naruto has complete control of the kyuubi’s power at this point. but the question is, is it really enough to defeat what’s coming? probably not, but i do believe his power atm is balanced with the current uchihas. note the relation of the beads on naruto’s neck and the ones in the sharingan’s pupils. each eye of the sharingan has 3 of them making a total of 6. and naruto now also has a total of 6 on his neck… there should be a symbology behind this. maybe someone else has a say?

    remeber, what itachi and madara said about the history of the uchiha…. what is needed to achieve full power for the sharingan is stained with hatred and malice. complete opposite of what is needed to control the beasts. hence the beads in the eyes, and beads on naruto’s neck… there has to be a relation.

    about the way naruto appologized to the kyuubi after sealing him and saying that he wont take long…. i think naruto really is planning on dying along with sasuke and hence releasing the kyuubi or entrusting it with someone else?…. that remark sure got me curious.. what’s naruto planning??

  14. omg, there’s a happy face on the right side of the site (right of the title of this blog)…..loool

    just kidding…

  15. Naruto isnt the Sage’s reincarnation, Nagato was. As far as Naruto being a Senju, I doubt that as well….

  16. @Madzi, I’ll give your theory cred only because it sounds so much like what happened in DB. Goku as a baby turned into the Oozaru (giant monkey form) and killed his “father” but had no memory of it……and we all know how much Kishi likes DBZ

  17. I thought madara mentioned naruto was a part of the senju clan?? Or at the very least it was implied.

  18. Hey guys, this is my 1st time to post so I jst have 2 say that when d cloud ninjas kidnap kushina, they knew of her special ability and wanted her 2 be the host of d eight tails and I don’t think she was d host of the kyuubi when she came to konoha

  19. Madzi your theory does sound strange but perhaps it would explain why the villaga hates naruto. Granted not many people were supposed to know exactly what happened but if you think about it the hatred shown towards naruto would make more sense if your theory is correct. I mean why would the village be so hateful of naruto just because he held the demon fox?? If he attacked the village as a baby and rumors went around that he did it I could understand the villagers hatred and resentment better

  20. anyone but me find it odd that naruto is beginning to turn into a uchiha……just saying this kid is scary powerful
    and when he gets the rest of kyuubi’s chakra……….
    well lets just leave it at that

    good analysis bob but your right we practically covered everything but it takes guts to put out a blog
    as for the kushina therories i stick with mine of naruto being born with some of kyuubi’s chakra and when kushina died ….still trying to find out when….minato sealed him into naruto because he would be most tolerant of the chakra. now we don’t know much about hosts having children but until we find out how she did
    i guess well have to wait.
    i also believe that kushina moved to the leaf because of how she was treaded as a host in whirlpool . and since word got out that kyuubi’s host was no longer there, iwa attacked. i also wonder if red hair was kyuubi’s influence on kushina as to why she hates it like naruto’s whiskers. or maybe something else.
    respond please!

  21. I tend to be in the camp that she was a host upon arrival. After all why as a new arrival would She be so important that konoha sent out a lot of ninja to try and get her back? Is it possible in a crazy rage she destroyed her village? Or maybe the kyuubi rampages her village and the beast was sealed inside her due to her special chakra.

  22. yeah a little too short to defeat the kyubi and a sudden burst of energy, with some few chezzy line but then again its an ok chapter…. i think the reason why most of sauke’s fight was too long is because kishi dont know how to end most of hes fight so he has to come up with power from somewhere while naruto has soo much chakra he can bank almost everything on it on one hit and could kill a creature lol then again im just being optimistic….

  23. from what i think is kushina and minato had it coming that there will be a time that madara will eventually come back and get the kyuubi inside kushina. so minato and kushina deviced a plan to eventually destroy madara’s plan by looking for another host or another jinjuuriki. what they come up is getting the kyuubi inside their own son since KB did say that the next jinjuuriki should be related to ruler of that village. i assumed that minato and kushina planned it in advance coz the shiki fuujin jutsu, minato’s appearance stopping naruto before going to 9 tails acting as a fail safe and kushina’s appearance to naruto to complete the jutsu that minato and jiraiya hopes him to do is all a coincidence…think…
    minato and kushina planned it all along just spoil madara’s plan. i think that before minato created the shiki fuujin or creating the seal that naruto had, minato asked kushina what like having kyuubi inside you, what does it do to you questions like that. remember the bloody hanabero story that kushina mentioned, although it was shown to us in a comedic way…may kishi is giving us a clue that kushina is turning 1 2 3 or 4 tails not bcoz mostly of her red hair, may be bcoz of her being jinjuuriki. it must have also the reason why the people konoha is so not in good terms w/ naruto coz in the past, kushina was already raging havoc. one reason why naruto got kushina’s last name instead of minato’s its bcoz that naruto will be the one prove konoha wrong that being a jinjuuriki is not something that is a curse. with all that in place, minato thought of creating the Dead Demon Consuming Seal and Eight Trigrams Sealing Style so that minato can be sealed along with the kushina turned 9 tails acting as a fail safe jutsu just in case naruto breaks out to become 9 tails and when naruto is ready to control the kyuubi. i thought also that kushina may not have the special seal that naruto had to keep kyuubi but reply on the the special bloodline of kushina to hold kyuubi so thats why minato created a special seal to naruto to guarantee that madara would have access to kyuubi and for naruto to have access to the leaking yin chakra of kyuubi. kushina may be, dont have the special seal so thats why kushina is prone to madara accessing the kyuubi.

  24. @token

    Kushina could have been important because of the way her chakra could control the 9-tails, or at least contain it, and this could have been why Kumo would have wanted her too… to help with the 8-tails.

    Of course, it could just be that she already was the host & that was why Kumo wanted her, but she said “my chakra is special” and not “I was the 9-tails host.”

    I didn’t really like the idea that Kushina was the previous host to the Kyuubi, but I am giving Kishi some time here to see it playout. As to Naruto winning this battle quickly, I kindof thought he would lose & get sealed into the room, only to overcome the impossibility of turning into the 9-tails. I think that would have been epic, even if it had been with the help of his mom. I see why Kishi did it this way though, and besides, Naruto needs a quick and easy power boost every now and then right?

    One last thing, I finally started reading Bleach a few wks ago, I’m finally caught up, and somehow I feel like Naruto tells more of a story and Bleach is all about power, less finesse. No room for a Shikamaru in Bleach…. but they are different stories. Like it or not, I’m hooked on it now…

  25. since naruto had a special seal, madara created akatsuki and that lead him to nagato. since nagato has jutsu to extract bijuus from jinjuuriki’s that has a seal on it. and since madara had nagato may be thats the time he conceived in collecting that bijuus and used it for himself.

  26. i’ll tend to think of new theory’s i hope that we can crack naruto’s past and madara’s plans

  27. @mon confiado:
    Naruto’s past is obvious there is only 3 scenarios for attack 16 years ago and only one of them makes sense, thought it’s hard to accept for most, before Kishi would uncover it for us.
    Advice: think about event in step-by-step.
    Same goes for Madara’s plans – there is enough foreshadowing about them.

  28. This is my first and last theory (it will never change, even if Sasuke kills Naruto >_<)

    Kushina was the host of the Kyubi, she gave birth to Naruto. The night of conceiving, Madara ripped the Kyubi from Kushina, ultimately causing her death. He set it loose upon the Land of Fire, which he then escaped from. Minato looked upon this and found that the only reasoning is to seal it within his son…

    Actually, I have two theories:

    Kushina had the Kybui torn from her the night of conceiving by Minato, to which he couldn't contain it, and it ran rampant through the Leaf. This leads you to believe that Madara WASN'T controlling the Kyubi, and that he's just a little priss :3.

  29. now I know the reason why Tobi just didn’t take Naruto and zap..Kyubi extracted…perhaps indeed he was after Naruto’s RiKudo Sage “body”…the reason Tobi is also after Sharingans is that he’s after the best pair of Rikudo Sage “eyes”…with these combined he has the Sage’s power to control the Jubi & implement the Moon’s Eye Plan..jus’ a theory by me…

  30. i wonder if the kyuubi really is at half power anymore though? i have a feeling he recovered the half he lost over time just me prob

  31. @ripcord Aizen does contain Shikamaruesque brilliance..but in shogi I’d say he’s a knight & a queen…think how he manipulated every Bleach character till the very last chapter{& he might still manipulate them for a few chapters to come}

  32. @Eaglesfan18
    we might find out after 2 weeks….
    I think maybe you’re right…that might explain why Jiraiya & Yamato were saying that the seal on Naruto is “weakening”

  33. @uchiha_gaiden hey i agree with you because kyubi is utter hatred for reasons we dont know yet, minato realised that and only allowed naruto to access the yang chakra! so the kyubi still lives within naruto and has his yin chakra!

    So the possibilities are undless for naruto now i should imagine! I wonder if naruto can manifest the tails and go over 4 tails state without the yin chakra kicking in?

  34. me thinks the sage transform was the present from itachi-sama cause the senju and uchiha both were the offspring from him so with itachi inside of naruto uchiha and senju became one again also i think the reason it came out now is that it somehow got sealed away and the key would be the kyuubi’s chakra.

  35. @Kisu: I really need to watch this DBZ thing, people keep referring to it with regard to Kishi. I watched the movie and wasn’t too impressed, hopefully its a case of the movie failing to recreate the series.
    I think Kishi was made a jinjuuriki either at birth or at a very young age, it explains how Naruto and her personalities are so similar; the kyuubi’s influence on both of their personality development.

  36. Great review Bob as always. Given what we learned in this chapter I would say the only thing that will be commented on in two weeks will be the Kushina story and I expect it to be around a 25 to 30 page chapter as it’s a two week break and the 500th. I’m gonna repost my theory here as well on Kushina’s history as well.

    First of all, I think Kushina’s special chakra was a Bijju controller of some kind and that’s why she “moved” to the hidden leaf and the cloud ninja were after her so much. The may have still been having trouble with the 8 tails at this time so she would’ve been useful. I quotation marked the “moved” because I think the leaf made arrangements for her to join the village for the specific purpose of having her control the Kyuubi, the greatest of the Bijju. I mean if the cloud were having trouble with 8, then 9 must’ve been rough. Well the sealing probably went fine and Kushina may have even managed to control the Kyuubi, (he knows her chakra well) and life went on peacefully. The Kushina had Naruto and he was just a normal boy until Madara appeared and used the first Bijju extraxtion method to pull the nine tails out, putting Kushina at deaths door. I know the regualr extraction process kills instantly but he had to do it by himself and she has special chakra, not sure about this thought, and she needed time to work with Minato to reseal the 9. Anyway, Madara sicked the fox on Konoha and called it a natural occurrence but those closest knew the truth. Minato and Bunta beat the fox down enough for both Minato and Kushina to seal the fox in the only vessal capable of housing it, Naruto. Naruto works because he also has the same special chakra, whatever it may be.

  37. @Madzikage, the DBZ series isn’t done justice by the movies at all, the original series is on of the best, if not THE best, manga to anime series of all time. Everyone who watched it wanted to be a super sayian when they grew up lol.

  38. @Peins Invasion – I’m actually rarely right haha. My theories are based on reason and the predictability of plot lines. That’s why I love Kishi…because that dude throws me a lot of plot-twists. Not as much as Psyren though, geeze. That manga plays back and forth with time so it’s laughably irritating for me to read because I can’t predict shit. haha.

    @ Mattmaru – I agree completely!

    @Bob everyone keeps saying that minato only sealed the kyuubi’s light half of chakra in Naruto but I’m inclined to agree with you because it makes more sense to me.

    The way I see it, Minato used his own soul for the Death Reaper Seal pact to seal the entire Kyuubi into baby Naruto, but Minato was adapt enough to impart part of his essence as well as allow Naruto to CHANNEL the light half of Kyuubi’s power only…so that as a kid he wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the biju. Obviously Kushina was still a part of the Kyuubi, as seen when she showed up here, so when he was pulling Kyuubi’s chakra into the seal they probably had an “inner conversation” much like what happened in the last couple of chapters. Kushina probably gave him what chakra remained of her essence to use in the seal.

    I guess that is all speculation…but the Kyuubi that is sealed inside Naruto is the real deal. Minato only let Naruto access to the light portion because he knew Naruto could use it in battle like what we’ve seen UP TO the orochimaru fight where we see the dark chakra leaking out and taking him over with rage. I think a perfect example is shown in the bottom panel here:

  39. btw…i’m pretty stoked for Minato/Kushina gaiden for chapter 500! Oh, and does anyone know if Minato was a toad Sage as well? I thought it was assumed since he had the toad summonings as well as his image shown alongside Jiraiya when he entered the fight against Pain. But I didn’t know if there were any other references that stated otherwise.

  40. You know, there was something that was bothering me all this time, if Kushina was the previous Jinchurriki for the 9-tails, how come she doesn’t have any characterstics:


    She is clearly pregnant here, and she had to have been the host already right? Unless it was that Naruto was born, and then after they tried to make her the 9-tails jinchurriki. I would expect the host to show some characteristic, KB with the horns, Gaara with the eyes, and the 4-tails with his hair

    The other jinchurriki are harder to tell from the images we have. But in any case, if Naruto shows whiskers, why not Kushina? I hope the next chapter answers this question… or maybe it has to do with the way the Kyuubi was sealed?

  41. @ uchiha gaiden
    i cant be positive either but during naruto’s sage training the elder frog teaching him make a comment about naruto surpassing his peers and the way it was phrased made me think of minato, plus how could any ninja be able to fight the kyubi without a serious kind of powerup.

    @ ripcord
    it could just possibly be she acted as a containment vessel and never actually used the kyubi’s power inside of her. i say that even though i think it is unlikely.

  42. @ ripcord
    i believe that kyuubi’s influence was through the red color of her hair
    maybe that’s also why she hated it

  43. @ Bob I didn’t notice before, but the Kyubi was looking rather bony after Naruto sealed it up again. You’ve got good eyes, Bob. Also I agree that naruto looks to have swapped the Nine-Tails’ yang chakra for its yin. If this is what happened, monumental shifts have occurred in Naruto’s relationship with himself.
    Think about it. Ever since Naruto met the Nine-Tails, its tried to impose its will on him. Naruto usually can’t get a word in when they talk, but this time was different.
    When he met with the Fox this time, he showed a level of skill, confidence, and control that was overwhelm. I can’t remember a time when the Fox did’t arrogantly suggest that Naruto was too weak to handle tough situations.
    Like I said Naruto’s life has changed now if he does have the Fox’s yin chakra instead of its yang. I bet that he might even become a better strategist now that he doesn’t have to deal with the intense anger and pain from his transformation. I don’t he’ll ever stop joking around, or that he is ready to face Saskuke and Madara but I do think this change marks a new beginning in Naruto’s life.
    Great post bob it really got me thinking!

  44. I should have said that without the Fox strong opposing mentality Naruto would become an even better strategist than he already is. If that’s what might be thought about my last comment, I am sorry.

  45. @ripcord, everyone knows Bleach’s story sucks compared to Naruto’s lol. But the characters are much better. Example; Naruto, Sakura and Sasugay are carbon copies of Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru. In Bleach however, you’ll never see two characters that are alike (except for Kaien and Ichigo….and that’s only in the looks department). As for Shikamarus, they’re the worst. Think of Uryu, Mayuri and Szayel(the coolest character btw)

    Ya know, the Kyubi has a lot of fur….so maybe “down there” on Kushina is pretty furry too……who knows (except Minato ;))?

  46. hey what’s with all the “9” shapes on Naruto? He has the 6 nine shapes around his neck, one on his stomach and two on his shoulders. Is this a Kyubi reference? It could also be a Sage of Six Paths reference since a 9 is just an inverted 6. Meh, nothing to really get excited about

  47. people talking about sasuke and madara possibly taking control of naruto/kyuubi makes me really hate the sharingan. it is the most overly developed dojutsu there is. i think rinnegan and byakugan have much more practical applications (really what is the point of being able to use Ameratsu is you can’t control the flames?) but kishi loves his sasuke and that’s all that matter

  48. Nice post Bob, I actually think however, he and Killerbee are on the same level because remember when KB was fighting Kisame, the Hachibi kept asking to be let out so he can fight, maybe that chakra is only for the Kyuubi.

    KB has version 1 and version1 chakra and I think Naruto has the same!

  49. I know a lot of people wonder why they say the Uchiha inherited the Sages eyes, I guess because the Sharingan tomoe is part of the Original Sage of the Six Paths eyes! Go back to the chapter where Madara reveales his Moons Eye plan to the Kage and you will see the Rinnegan with the Sharingan Tomoe together!

  50. @Eaglesfan10

    Actually, we saw Sasuke control Amaterasu quite well vs the Raikage and Itachi was able to stop it from consuming Sasuke’s original body completely (as Zetsu said it was to “preserve the eyes” even if it was a part of Itachi’s acting). I don’t thinK Itachi cared much about the surrounding forest for 2 reasons: 1. He was going to die soon anyway. 2. His eyes were depleted and he had to preserve what he had left to fight Sasuke, and as we saw, it took every last bit he had left.

    @ Kushina’s red hair being from the Kyuubi, that doesn’t make sense, I would think that a Jinchurriki’s distinguishing characteristic would be the same no matter the host.

  51. Yea yellowflash I noticed that too…. could It mean (if we believe madara up to this point) that the rinnengan itself is imperfect? And that it is only complete when it is combined with the sharingan?? Perhaps madara wishes to take sasukes ems and that combined with the rinnengan would make a perfect eye with no drawbacks. This is just a far fetched theory on my part but with kishi you never know.

  52. maybe naruto has almost obtained the perfect body? although i thought the reference to the sage of the six paths had more to do with the sealing mechanism? poor sasuke though, naruto has always been the real prize. the eyes can always be transplanted, but can you actually transplant the perfect body???

  53. @?
    Of course you can transplant the perfect body, just look at Orochimaru’s jutsu which absorbs others bodies. Madara for all intensive purposes could have worked with Oro to develop that jutsu. Take Naruto’s perfected body and then pluck out Sasuke’s eyeballs, that could be Madara’s plan after they fight each other.

  54. To the whole eyes of the Sage thing didn’t during Madara story he mention that the tablet had to be read with a regular sharigan first then the mangekyo and finally the rennigan??? If so wouldn’t that mean that the rennigan n the mangekyo were once combined or something like that

  55. Wow,Naruto with all this power AND THERES STILL THAT GIFT FROM ITACHI!!!!!!!
    Let us not forget itachis gift.

  56. @cas4, you misunderstand. The tablet was created by the Sage of Six Paths and he only had a Rinnegan. What MAdara said was that a normal Sharingan reveals some of the tablet’s text, a Mangekyou reveals more of it and a Rinnegan reveals all of it.

  57. @john
    yeah your right. although i always considered oro using them more as shells as no one has ever seen him with anyone elses abilities. he only spoke of gaining the use of sasukes sharigan. plus would it be useful to madara if the bodys shed and only last three years??? unless he has a different or perfected technique?

    doesn’t the byakugan also have the ability to read a little of the tablet? i think i read that at some other post. that the different level of dojutsus can read differen’t levels of the tablet?

  58. i think madara already had the rennigan so i don’t think he looking for Sasuke’s eyes or may be as stock but what is left is naruto’s Sage of the Six Paths body. madara will capture naruto but instead of extracting the Kyuubi he will inject the rest of the tallied best to naruto body in order to complete his moon eye plan

  59. “Jinchurriki’s distinguishing characteristic”: I don’t think they have to be similar at all, different people react to the chakra differently and have Bijju implanted at different times in their life. As well as how much control you have (for instance Kushina could surpress the chakra) and what kind of seal (if chakra is always leaking out then you would have more characteristics than if it was completely sealed). Plus there are genetic and gender considerations.

  60. @?, just consider the Byakugan useless outside of filler arcs and you’ll be fine 😉

  61. Is it just me or did the sages older son not have the rinnegan, sharingan, or byakugan? What doujutsu do think it was

  62. none he didn’t have one he got the chakra

  63. @Eaglesfan, wow i posted that question days ago lol. But I think it all goes back to genetics. It started to deviate from the Rinnegan’s true form and after some generations it finally deviated into the Sharingan

    The Sage’s son’s eyes have more of a spiral pattern than the Rinnegan’s concentric circles, which seems more like a connection to Naruto than to Sasugay.

  64. I mean, if Madara and his brother were the FIRST ones to have a Mangekyou…then that means the eldest brother probably had a pair of eyes more similar to the rinnegan because there’s no way the first son of the Sage himself would have a measly regular sharingon. In this manga when they reference ‘chakras’ they aren’t just referring to the literal chakra reserve of the shinobi…they’re referring to the jutsu/techniques as well. So the elder brother probably was gifted with the sage’s rinnegan as well as his jutsus…but his eyes may have slowly morphed into the sharingon at the same rate his hatred rose for his brother. When the sharingon itself morphes it does so in a spiral…so maybe the concentric circle of the rinnegan slowly were spiraling into the form of the sharingon.

    I think we may find out that the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingon may be almost as powerful if not more so than the rinnegan is. Obviously nothing can compare to the ability to control life and death within certain boundaries, but I find it hard to believe that the only upgrade an Eternal MS gives is just an infinite life to susanoo and the other MS techniques. It apparently made Madara Uchiha almost invincible. The evolution of the sharingon makes perfect sense though. Hatred only builds on itself. Maybe that’s even how Madara lost to Hashirama, that his own hatred destroyed him. There may be a very similar situation to Sasuke’s fate but I sense some sort of redemption for him.

  65. See We have not seen as much of the rinnengan as the sharingan so I’m not sure ems is even with or stronger than the rinnengan just yet. And like you said the rinnengan ha the power over life an death (pretty nice ability to have I’d say) not to mention a rinnengan user can control all the elements. I see the ssharingan as a weaker and imperfect rinnengan and that eventually the two need to be combined for the ultimate eyes.

  66. @uchihagaiden, the son’s eyes arent the Rinnegan. But I’m more for the theory of evolution and natural selection than hatred slowly changing physical characteristics. Besides, evolution fits here because just look at the Byakugan and Sharingan. The Byakugan looks like a Rinnegan without the circles….and the Sharingan looks completely different from the other two. I say the Sharingan became the Sharingan through the Uchihas needing it to for their constant battles.

  67. I read a lot about the sharingen being descendent from the eys of the sage of 6 paths. But I thought the sharingen came from the byakagun? the huyga clan/byakagun has to be involved in this some how. I don’t think hinata’s love of naruto is just to fill pages.

  68. @LordHyuga, the Sharingan DID come from the Rinnegan, but its also said it came from the Byakugan, so the logical scenario is that the Byakugan came from the Rinnegan and then the Sharingan evolved from the Byakugan. Plus the Byakugan looks like a Rinnegan without the circles.

  69. @kisu

    totally agree that evolution and natural selected changed the sharingon over time like anything else, but there are moments like this in naruto that seem to catalyze those changes that i was getting at


  70. woah woah….check out the bottom right panel here. Tobi implies that having access to Mokuton or Hashirama’s cells is what allows Danzo to control all his sharingons!? interesting…

  71. to the post above: http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/478/11/

    got too excited. x_x

  72. I had a thought:

    Maybe the reason she died after birth, is that during birth, something happened (Madara snuck in or something and unsealed the Kyubi from her) and that killed her? Cause, it was that night and AFTER Naruto’s birth that the fox event occured…

  73. @uchiha gaiden, I think he means Hashirama’s chakra is what allows Danzo to use so many Sharingan. Think of Kakashi here, he barely has enough chakra to use his Sharingan yet Danzo can use so many….it all goes back to Hashirama

  74. I am actually starting to agree with the theory that Madara wants Naruto’s Body and Sasuke’s Eyes, just think about it, Madara maybe strong but does he have a strong enough body to contain the Juubi and his eyes are weakened like he said at the Kage Summit and he wants Naruto and Sasuke to fight, what possible reason he wants them fight other than for them to kill each other!

  75. He is too weak to defeat Naruto because of the Kyuubi and I don’t even think he can defeat Sasuke, so he makes them fight each other so they can kill each other then take Naruto’s body and Sasuke’s eyes!

  76. The only whole I can see in this theory is the thing Kabuto has that has him afraid! I also need to know why he needs to put Sasuke and Gedo Mazo together!

  77. hmmmm, i was reading back in chapters…

    things are not clear. or maybe different.
    jeraya was wondering why minato had seperated the yin/yang chakras inside naruto’s seal. if i’m getting the plot correctly, it should mean that this is not usually done when sealing tailed beasts inside a host.

    if that’s true, then the seal on KB shouldn’t do the same thing, and KB has dominant power over both yin/yang chakras of the 8 tails.

    i’m thinking, maybe the appearance on naruto was BECAUSE the chakras were separated and he has the good part of it alone?

  78. @lilmoe

    yea i was rereading through chapters today and this chapter totally cleared up all those questions.

    minato allowed the kyuubi’s chakra to seap through the seal so that naruto could use it…while still having its’ will sealed.

    i think we wont find out the reason of the sage appearance of naruto for a while, but i think it’s because he absorbed the kyuubi’s full power into his own power, and because i’m under the impression he has inherited the “body” of the sage which would more easily explain the horns and necklace.

  79. Shalom everyone! Haven’t commented in awhile. I will give my ‘Internetz Friends’ indiviual hellos later. Geting right down to business, what is the trending topic right now?

  80. Potentially Spam Comment: My new name for WordPress is Cookie, the Legendary Drunk. But please feel free to continue to call me ‘ptc’, ‘N.E.C’, or anything else you call me. Thank you.

  81. Sorry if this has already been said, I don’t feel like searchign through 80 comments: Did anyone notice the Nine Shape on Naruto’s stomach?

  82. imagine if kishi just started revealing all these secrets of the byakugan and it turned out to be more powerful than the sharingan. i feel like we will learn a lot more about the byakugan if naruto were to talk to hinata about her confession. or it could just be something kishi introduced, made out to be awesomely powerful, then got bored and said fuck this i’ll just have it appear hardly ever and be totally unimportant to the story line

  83. I wonder what the eldest son eyes were called, and what abilities it had. I don’t see were the jealousy came from. Who cares if the younger brother was chosen to bring peace to the ninja world, your not suppose to get jealous over something like that. I read that the Byakugan and Sharigan were the mutation of the eldest sons eyes, NOT the Rinnegan from the Sage of 6 Paths, how in the hack does eyes evolve or mutate just off anger alone? I think a few angry Hyuga clan members came in contact with demons & bred the Uchiha clan

    I also notice the eldest son doesn’t wear a forehead protector like Sasuke, and the younger brother does wear it just like Naruto

    In order for it to be more of a certain clan, does that mean clan members had to knock up their own sisters & cousins in order to create more of themselves?

  84. @Rinnegan Invasion

    I don’t know if they were the Sage Six Path’s sons or not… the way it is translated it could go either way, but they were his “heirs’ at least in the sense that Naruto is Jiraiya’s heir. Tobi’s point was that the two of them were rivals in a sense, and it is a common theme in literature, or the world in general, that the eldest assumes he/she will be chosen as the ruler/successor.

    This doesn’t always happen and has often caused many wars on our planet. You can say that people shouldn’t get so hung up on it, but at least the American culture does not understand what it means to have honor as much as other cultures do. Personally I think the eldest son was wrong, and in the end Sasuke will realize this I think, and so that will end the cycle, but this won’t happen for some time.

  85. I just don’t get why all the fuss about the dark and light chakra!
    Naruto has the light side of the chakra and the Kyuubi controls the Dark side. I’m guessing that when ever Naruto will get angry he will use the Dark side but now he has full control over the light side! Thats why the Kyuubi could make that huge chakra cannon because he still can use the Dark chakra!

  86. @uchiha_gaiden.. i like ur theory so far…. and the fact that danzo controlled so many sharingans thru the 1st hokage’s chakra…. does it mean naruto can do the same?.. since madara seem to think he sees hashirama in him..

    it also makes me wonder just how strong is hashirama…

  87. @uchiha_gaiden – your theory sounds greaT! good work. Seems to me that madara could have put narutos lights out ages ago and why isnt kisame doing something about naruto trainign and getting ridiculously strong? the only answer is that madara is trying to drive both naruto and sasuke to their ultimate forms creating the best body and eyes to become the sage of six paths. I think that now you see naruto with this body is indication that kishi is going down this route.

    Also things will be further revealed once we see how Sasuke’s eMS is used.

    good stuff buddy best theory so fAR!

  88. @kisu
    yeah ok. so we haven’t seen anything great with the byakugan since it was first introduced, but maybe kishi has something hidden up his sleeve? there has to be more relevance…..doesn’t there???

    i thought the sage of six paths reference is connected more to the seal, although i can see the connection with naruto inheriting “the sages body”. the seal contained the fox in an almost “concrete/steel” looking material. does this now mean that naruto has the ability or can use other elements now? or it just means that naruto has the sages ability/seal to contain all the demon spirits/chakra???

  89. @?
    I argee with u about the byakugan…
    I think that we are gona se something new about the Byakugan and they are gona say something like Hinatas father did http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/101/09/

  90. And i think we are gona se Neji with someting new when he is protecting Hinata the he is asinged to do… ♥

  91. i get it now. when the ninetailed fox attacked konoha kushina agreed to seal it in her. when it was sealed in her she was to weak so the nine tailed broke free again. so then they had the crazy idea to seal it in their son or something. thats how kushina died. remember when a bijuu is taken from the host that person dies. that could be another clue

  92. ok. first the ninetailed fox attacked konoha. then when kushina had the ninetailed fox pinned down. she told minato to seal it in her. minato refused but kushina said it was the only way. he did it. but wait, im probably wrong cause when you do the sealing jutsu you have to give up your soul as well. so maybe theirs a new jutsu not revealed yet. idk just sayin

  93. i’m sorry guys but i know this is off the topic but the fact that all these power ups are going on i just can’t help but wonder how strong the konoha eleven will have gotten i mean they are on the brink of war . even though a lot of people hate sakura it would only be fair for her to pass her sanin teacher as well and for the rest of them to become uber strong jonin. just imagine neji who was already a jonin going beyond his uncle and the rest of them on the same level as kakashi before the summit. just a though i was have and i thought i would see what you guys think.

  94. @King Eric

    Well, I think it is going to be like it always was:

    in the first ninja wars, the Senju and Uchiha were hired by opposite sides, not everyone was as strong as they were, and not everyone in those clans were as strong as Hashirama and Madara.

    Now, not everyone is going to be Naruto or Sasuke strong, or even Akatsuki strong. In fact, during the last ninja war, Minato was shown to be WAY above the level of the leaf ninjas and the rock ninjas on the front lines. I do think it is a little ridiculous that most of the characters are left far behind in growth though.

  95. @Clue427
    Tha 9tail where allready seald in Kushina when she was a child thats why the cloud wanted here

  96. Obviously Naruto is a descendent from the second son of the Sage of Six Paths, the twirls on his uniform (shoulders) and the ability of having that seal used through him, obviously no coincindence that that particular seal was used, and why not? It makes sense to use the strongest technique on the strongest tailed-beast.. Naruto you are AWESOME!!

  97. @ nad
    Maybe Cloud ninjas like redheads??? Just a thought….

  98. @Young Flava aka Killa E
    haha yeah maybe it was beacuse of her red hair… but maybe it was the kyubi http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/31018515/15

  99. Wow…. Its been a while since I posted here.

    There are a couple of things to note here (although I hope I’m not repeating anyone, at the same time I don’t feel like reading 98+ comments). I think that there will be another battle between the kyuubi. If you look at this fight, it is almost rediculous. I understand him winning, but look at all the help he got. For such little work, what do you expect!? He got half the chakra. When he goes to get the other it will be him alone overcoming the trial, and that will be interesting. This whole arc has been Naruto suppressing the dark and bringing out the light in himself. At some point he has to come to terms with it in a more realsitic way than just “I can do it, believe it!”. I think when he does is when he will get the other half of the chakra (probably in the middle of a big, if not final, battle).

    The sage of the six paths transformation is very logical here. In the manga it said that the body of the jyuubi was turned into the moon and the chakra was split among the tailed beasts. It has also been said that most of the chakra was sealed in the nine tails, and this can also be inferred by the way the shodaime hokage split the beasts. Why would he give most nations 2 beasts and himself 1 if trying to split it evenly. simple, his is rediculously powerful!!! from this it can be further inferred that since the kyuubi is such a big piece of chakra that more of the sage of six paths’ chakra would to creating it and would have possibly mixed with Naruto over time. The obvious “sage reborn” may also be true, but the mixing of chakra seems like it should play a bigger part in the future than it has in the past. I guess we will see.

    My final note is that there is one more piece that most are forgetting which has probably played a role in the transformation which naruto had when he sealed kyuubi, Itachi’s gift. I know it isn’t explicit, but here me out. Itachi’s eyes are supposedly from the rinnegan (a watered down version if you will). By Itachi giving Naruto some of his power (whether it is eyes or just some of his special chakra) Naruto now possesses both a piece of the body of the sage (kyuubi) and the eyes of the sage. When these two chakras mix of course something neat will happen. I’m just waiting to find out when the actualization of that power will occur. We know that the major inheriter of the eyes is Sasuke, so maybe Naruto will get the last bit he needs from him.

    Anyway, thats all I have for now. Maybe I will try to comment more now that college is out. I miss battling out theories with some of the older members.

    – pcgnome out

  100. This is to clear up the whole debate on the Yin and Yang chakras of the kyuubi

    The Yang chakra (good) is sealed inside naruto, Minato only sealed the Yang in Naruto, while sealing the Yin (bad) in the Shiki Fuujin (death reaper). So unless minato left a way for naruto to access it, or if the kyuubi itself can retrive it back himself somehow. Naruto only has access to half the Kyuubi, the other half is away in death.

    Here is the proof of where it says this in the manga where jirayia is before he battles Pein.


    And here’s the battle between Pein and Naruto where minato himself states he only put half of the kyuubi in naruto.


    Nuff said.

  101. Hmmm, just noticed that both the information about the chakra were during battles with Pein, lol.

    Btw, i made the 100coment, yess. and the 101comment..yess.

    And pcgnome, i dont agree with you there, the kyuubi is a beast (again in more than once sense of the word) he’s the closest thing to the juubi, and his power that naruto obtained is so far the biggest power booster seen ever, the work naruto put in is definitly worth it for complete control over that kind of power.

    And as i said, naruto cant access the Dark half, due to it being inside the Death reaper, im not entierly sure if he will get that power yet.

  102. i was thinking if sage mode was the ultimate boost up in bed…. but after a bit more thinking, a 5 minute limit will make the girl dump this shit out of you. ROFLLLLLLLLL

    holly crap…. shadow clones would be…. u know what, i don’t think anyone would appreciate those comments so i’m stopping here. lol

  103. @lilmoe-

    ROFL. Lets hope naruto can keep sage mode up longer now, or hell kyuubi mode is alot more useful with them chakra tails now right? LOL.

    and think of that with kyuubi clones :O XD.

  104. @Smartass, YOU MONSTER! Imagine a poisonous chakra cloak when Naruto’s in bed with a chick……gruesome X_X

  105. @Kisu-

    Now look who’s the monster! XD i didnt say anything about poison buddy, that was all you 🙂

  106. @smartass

    loooool, add to that those chakra arms! holly shit!! poor chick 😦 that’s probably an experience she can never forget, u know hinata is going to be one hell of a satisfied…. ummm…..lady, looool

  107. my god, naruto shippuuden episode 166 was so great. although we all knew what’s gonna happen, it was portrayed so nicely, much better than the manga…. i almost cried 🙂

    ok, i declare myself a hinata fan now.

  108. @ lilmoe
    gotta admit i got a lil teary eyed after watchin episode 166. Gosh Hinata is Sexy!!

  109. @lilmoe, sorry but I couldnt get over the crappy animation. It looked like one of those fan-made flash videos on youtube lol. But at least the anime got Pain’s actions out more clearly. They made it blatantly obvious that Pain DIDNT want to kill her cuz he only made the Shinra Tensei progressively stronger, while the manga only hinted it.

  110. @ kisu

    well, we all know (And seen) that whenever there’s a motion rich episode, the animation art gets crappier… i excepted it to be like this since before the episode, but i also expected more “Action”.

    i won’t complain, cuz i really liked the “episode”

  111. i have a theory…

    the sage had 2 sons (probably?) one which had the sharingan (later the uchiha clan), and another with unkown abilities (later on, the sanju clan).

    madara has stated that there’s a big possibility that naruto’s bloodline belongs to that of the sanjus. so what exactly is their ability (bloodline limit)???

    i’m guessing they are masters of sealing techniques. their bloodline limit gives them the ability to perform or even “develop” any kind of sealing technique with the right amount of chakra. if that’s true, this should explain naruto’s “sudden” knowledge of the sealing jutsu, since that IS his bloodline limit.

    that should also explain why the 3rd hokage along with the 4th new how to perform the (ultimate?) sealing technique which deals with the shinigami thing… i know that the 3rd said he’s going to “borrow” that technique of the 4th’s, but still, oruchimaru didn’t know about it at all, and that proves that only those of sanju descent are able to use it.

    this should be evident since the ultimate sharingan (not manguku) genjutsu technique is izanagi, and likewise the ultimate sealing technique of the sanjus is the shinigami sealing technique (or at least one of the strongest).

    any takers?

  112. sorry, i forgot to mention a critical point…

    the theoretical bloodline limit of the sanjus should also explain hisharama’s (1st hokage’s) ability to control all the tailed beasts as they were his pets. he might have developed a sealing technique to seal away their yin chakras at the spot and fully utilize their yang chakras or something of the sort.

    if that’s true, then the other tailed beasts should be powerless against naruto’s current form since now he has the right amount of chakra to activate his theoretical bloodline limit.

  113. @lilmoe
    When did Madara stated that there is a big possibility that naruto´s bloodline belongs to the sanju?

  114. @lilmoe
    and the Fuuinjutsu Shiki Fuujin was created by the 4th not inherted of the sanju

  115. Actually none of the Sage’s sons had the Sharingan…just to be clear

  116. @danny, it was stated when they met after naruto, kakashi, and yamato talked with the raikage. it was the time before naruto encountered sasuke for the last time.

    yes, it was mentioned that the shinigami sealing technique was created by the 4th. But what i’m implying is, not everyone can use that technique and/or create new ones just as powerful unless they had bloodline limits.

    @ kisu
    is that true? i always had the impression that one of them possessed the sharingan

  117. Okay if what Madara thinks is true and naruto really is a descendant of the senju clan, the what gives it away? ‘His father’s looks or his mother’s personality. I remember a while back when Kushina first appeared I thought she favored Sakura. But now I’m starting to believe that any female ninja wantiing to become hokage has to look up to Tsunade the Slug Princess.
    Vome to think of it, Tsunade is the person who traced Naruto’s character traits back to his mother, right? I wonder if Kushina and Tsunade are related somehow. I don’t think that Tsunade is actually Naruto’s Grandmother, though

  118. That should be “Come to think of it.” in the last post.

  119. One thing that has been bugging ever since The Sage of Senju and Uchiha clans is kind of the exclusivity of the two groups. I mean when it was explained that the byakugan and the sharingan diverge at some point, I thought that set the Hyuga’s up as key figures in the manga from then on, but no such luck. I think there is a lot more to learn about the byakugan, but there has been no effort to include more about its relationship to other eye techniques. What makes it worse, is that there is a spot in Konoha which has yet to reprise its role as the place of the Revolution of the Ninja World, and I just imagine that there will be a a sign on the door says:
    Only ninja who have mastered sharingan Mangekyou Sharingan, or the rinnegan may enter. No Byakugan- users aloud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ll say it now–where is the love for the byakugan?
    I hope kishi plans to pit the newly revived Pein against the best of the Hyuga Clan. Hinata has to prove that she can hold her own against Pein. Neji will most likely defend his cousin against any more life-threatening injuries. But above all, I hope that the Hyuga Clan will once again that they are strong and feared in the Ninja World!

  120. @Naruto Tutor, I was agreeing with u until u said Hinata could fight Pain. No she cant. She’ll die before she can reach anywhere near Pain’s power lol

  121. @kisuzachi So do you think that Neji would pull a Naruto and take on the Six Paths of Pein by himself?

  122. Tutor: you said neji could take pein AFTER saying Hinata can. I doubt Kisu thinks anyone could take on pein, and Byakugan skills would be poor aginst Edo Tensei Pein. I think the reason for the sign is that the Byakugan could see through the door. But seriously, the hyugga misuse the abilities of the byakugan so I think that mist ninja has a better chance of being Kishi’s conduit for showing the byakugan some love.

  123. @mart-

    i wonder what would have happened if pein had to get into a fight without being able to hide his real body first…hmm intresting scenario isnt it?

    I mean on one hand his techniques would be stronger since the bodies are closer, but he didnt look like he could fight very well…ie hand to hand combat lol.

    If a byakugan user went say….around the other six paths of pein, and managed to meet the real nagato face to face, i could see him beating nagato…if he was extremely skilled nin though, such as neji.

    Meh, idc, iv never had much intrest in the byakugan after kishi made it useless with so many sharingan-athons lately with the MS, and EMS.

  124. I think it depends on how you strip Nagto of his hiding spot. If you go on shown abilities I think he could still probably win, given he has all of the bodies skills ex. Shinrei Tensei which is basically a 100x stronger version of rotation and he can see chakra flow easily. I think that HGR’s skills would be more than enough given how the Hyugga fight. On the Taijutsu thing, I think that given his body he may be adept at it by using his wheelchair.

  125. “I doubt Kisu thinks anyone could take on pein” Exactly 😀

  126. i mean he is in a wheelchair, i dont see how it could use it to his advantage, unless he pulls a jackass move and rolls over someone like Johnny noxvile 😀 which btw would be awesome.

    lol but more seriously can he really use his abilities with that frail body of his anymore? or rather could he have? No doubts that he was able to use them, i just have my doubts to what degree, he already looked pretty shriveled, HGR’s abilities would be good, but the hygua dont really use many ninjutus techniques, they just amplify their abilities with chakra and utilize it right? so if nagato is stuck in that wheel chair would he really be able to react quick enough to avoid a blow? im not so sure..

    thats not really a problem anymore with the edo tensei model #2 (btw i realy fu**in want that action figure..oh yea.. lol jk)

  127. @kisu-

    Except for one character, the big bang badass fox :p lol

    On that related note, since discussion is pretty bland till wendsday, how do you think the sage was able to withstand all those powers he had in his body? Was he able to avoid the nasty side affects thanks to the Juubi or was he just a muscular badass?

  128. “i dont see how it could use it to his advantage”: Well it’s more like a spider-mobile. It has those rods as legs, and at least some offensive capabilities as shown against Naruto, and I think it may be quite versatile as a sasori-ish type puppet.

    “just amplify their abilities with chakra and utilize it right?” That’s what Rock Lee does. ALL the Hyugga do is use ninjutsu. They attack ONLY with chakra, which is what HGR absobs. SO he would easily be able to destroy them.

  129. Smartass: He died BECAUSE he couldn’t handle them. I think he was a Gaara-ish type but signifigantly better at surpressing the beast against a signifigantly stronger Bijju.

    “with that frail body of his”: Well he DOES still have the bodies AND if it’s life or death, he can still try to use thier abilities no matter how frail he is.

  130. “with that frail body of his” logic doesn’t apply in mangas smartass. Before you ask that question, ask yourself how Hiruzen was so strong despite being so old.

    “Except for one character, the big bang badass fox :p lol” Lol I wont even COMMENT on that one lol 😉

  131. Heya! Let’s say Naruto does go about trainning to learn a secondary chakra nature. Just how would he know which one he can learn? Also, Does it have to have a direct relationship with his wind chakra? I’m not really up on everyone’s nature affinities.

  132. i think there’s a relationship between the byakugan’s (shape) and that of the sharingan. they both have that circle pupil, but the difference is the sharingan has those tomoes tomoe beads on the circle signifying more power.

    if u guys go back in the chapters where madara explains about the juubi, there’s an eye that looks exactly like the rennigan (lots of cirlcles not just one) but with those beads on them… is that the perfect eye madara is looking for?

    i mean look at it this way, the difference between the rennigan and that “perfect eye” is the same as the difference between the byakugan and the sharingan… seems interesting.

  133. So it is true from the spoilers. Naruto and Sasuke are two parts to the whole. It is looking more and more likely that Naruto has the kyuubi’s good chakra, and Sasuke has the bad. Also Naruto has the body of the sage and Sasuke the eyes. That is why Madara said they are fated to battle. Classic light versus dark, but neither can coexist without the other. From the spoilers since Sasuke and Madara were present at the birth of Naruto, either Madara or possibly Minato sealed the kyuubi chakra in them both. Just a theory, but one that is looking more and more likely.

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