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Naruvision Song contest 2010 (Semifinal 1)

I got inspired by the eurovision song festival and i thought how about we add a little bit of naruto to it?

for those why don’t know each country sends one of their singers/bands to the contest and tries to win. they can use whatever language and genre they want. the host country is the country that won last year and is standard in the finals together with the main sporsors(spain germany france and united kingdom). This year norway is the host country. at the end you can give points to your favourite countries, the points you need to give are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10 and 12 the 10 best transfer from the semi to the real finals. i gave it a naruto toutch to it since it’s still a naruto blog so i put one character who resembles the song or the artist.

now let’s kicks things off with the first song.

Number – Country – Song – Artist – Translation (if any) – Character from naruto

01 – Moldova – Run away – SunStroke Project and Olia Tira – Gaara (use waaay too much eyeshadow 😛 )

02 -Russia – Lost and Forgotten – Peter Nalitch and Friends – Suigetsu/Jugo (they are lost in the iron country and forgotten by akatsuki)

03 – Estonia – Siren – Malcom Lincoln and Manpower 4 –

04 – Slovakia – Horehronie – Kristina – Horehronie (region) – Yamato (the song is about tree people)

05 – Finland – Tyolki Ellää – Kuunkuiskaajat – One Can Work For A Living Too

06 – Latvia – What For – Aisha

07 – Serbia – Ovo je Balkan – Milan Stankovic – This Is The Balkans – Lee (look at the haircut)

08 – Bosnia/Herzegovina – Thunder and Lightning – Vukasin Brajic

09 – Poland – Legenda – Marcin Mrozinski – The Legend – Minato (he’s a legend in the naruto world)

10 – Belgium – Me and My Guitar – Tom Dice

11 – Malta – My Dream – Thea Garrett – Hokage (Naruto’s dream)

12 – Albania – It’s All About You – Juliana Pasha – Hinato (it’s all about naruto nuf said)

13 – Greece – Opa – Giorgos Alkaios and Friends

14 – Portugal – Ha Dias Assim – Filipa Azevedo – It’s One Of Those Days – Naruto (one of these days he will become hokage)

15 – Macedonia – Jas Ja Imam Silata – Gjoko Taneski, Billy Zver and Pejcin – I Have The Strength

16 – Belarus – Butterflies – 3+2 Feat. Robert Wells – Chouji (his fight against jirobo)

17 – Iceland – Je ne Sais Quoi – Hera Björk – I Don’t Know What

Post in comments how much points you give to each country, to give and example i’ll add my own points here first:

01 point: Estonia

02 points: Finland

03 Points: Belgium

04 Points: Albania

05 Points: Slovakia

06 Points: Moldova

07 Points: Macedonia

08 Points: Bosnia/Herzegovina

10 Points: Greece

12 Points: Serbia

You can also use something else than countries if that’s more easy for you.


8 Responses

  1. There aren’t any comments 😦 well Whitey, I haven’t watched them all but I got through a few and will post points later…

  2. …fatty vs. Choji’s name was Jirobo >_>

    I shall watch them soon 😉

  3. ty for the name naru

    Mart i think i’ll use a poll next time i beleive people are too lazy to even comment their points (big chance they are too lazy to even watch the videos)

  4. okay… that poll sounds nice, the point thing was a bit tedious…

    I liked: greece, belgium, albania, and finland as my top four

  5. well the points are given like that in the real contest so i thaught i’d copy them but i guess i’ll have to stop it cause no one gives points and it can’t be a contest without people voting

  6. Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this post, because I actually watched Eurovision that night, that’s why I didn’t bother vote here! I wanted to support a country with less chances of winning, but I randomly pressed E22 at my mobile and it turned out to be Germany, the winner!

    I initially wanted French to win, their song was way better than many else and I think you have to compare the singer with Killer Bee! I pity him for not winning after all this tiring dance!

    Well, I think I’m a bit honored for your votes, because, as you have asked me at one time, I’m from Greece. Our song made it to the top 10 much easier than I expected, as it was the first time after years that the verses weren’t in english and the promotion given by us wasn’t so big. We were, in general, not so interested in Eurovision this year, compared to the panic of previous years!

    Well, it seems he won his place with his value! (Later, I learned that Giorgos Alkaios has actually given one of his songs to the soundtrack of “Children of Men”, that was nominated for 3 Oscars.) But I’m curious: with what Naruto character can you compare this song or the artist?!

  7. Ah, and Albania’s singer had something of Madonna, so I was expecting to be voted, but… we were surprised once more!

  8. i think i would compare the greece to jiraiya i don’t know why but i just have a feeling it fits him.

    greece was one of my favourites this year way better than the one my country used (im from the netherlands) we didn’t even make it into the finals (for like 8 years in a row >_<)

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