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Chapter 497 is out! Say word to your mama!

Hey suna no ken here again after a bit of a hiatus! I am now proud to present to you all the newest Naruto chapter! I hope you like it and get ready for the surprise twist ending! Enjoy!


Suna OUT!


48 Responses

  1. the last page certainly caught me off guard. nice one kishi, nice one.

  2. the mom at the end of the chapter was a crazy twist i did not see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Second Post

  3. its just goin to get better and better

  4. wow, just an awesome chapter, Im glad the whole evil thing has came back cause that was just way to easy for him to forgive himself, but gotta say one thing, theres nothing like the love from your momma so I assume she will be the key to him over coming the fox

  5. wow what a nice twist!! and i love it that the fox did not go down that easily.. hooray kishi!! and this week’s one piece is fantastic too.. whooppeee

  6. and what a huge improvement to Naruto’s attacks!!!!! loved the new jutsus…. they’re considered new right?

  7. something that just came to me…

    you start off in your dad, move into your mum. and now naruto has found, first his dad, now his mum, inside of him…

    erm… o.O

  8. It seems Naruto been holding a few tricks up his sleeve. I never seen the Rasengan he pulled off in this chapter. Maybe will get to learn somethings about his Mom. Best chapter in a while

  9. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!meeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! swet!!!
    hey it´s just me or naruto did the reasen-shuriken with only two clones???????? It´s gettin better and better towards the 500th chapter

  10. well his dad’s part is understable coz he was the one who sealed the fox and he foresaw the trouble that might come in the future.. and one hell of a prediction i say…
    but the mom was quite a surprise

  11. holy crap i’m gonna ring kishimoto’s neck for holding out on us like that!
    that was epic !!!

  12. funny how Naruto after he’s all grown up and after having gone through a tough childhood got the chance to meet his parents.. unexpectedly!!

    but it’s the opposite was for Sasuke…

  13. some much awesomeness!
    just as dark naruto was making a come back
    (i called it!)
    who else was to show up kushina uzumaki!
    and the planet sized rasnegans were like icing on the cake!

  14. all round amazing!!!!

    i cant believe at long last we hear something about/from his mother. kushina uzumakI!!!! WOOOT WOOOT!!!!

    luving the ridiculously humongous rasengan!!! hahahahah plant crusheR!!!!

    now he just needs to learn FTG, a few awesome techniques and we have a main character who at last is full of awesomenesS!

  15. oh an he has to get his hands on the awesome red and black jacketS! that $hits the bomB!@

  16. and dont forget the Kage hat

  17. yessss….plot twist! i am happy now.

  18. my only disappointment is that i have to wait another week for the next chapter….. 😦 otherwise its great, i really didn’t want it to end.

  19. someone need’s to hurry up and start writing some predictions to keep us busy until the next one.

  20. Agree with everyone. Excellent chapter. I am loving the new spirit bomb attacks lol. Man I am telling you no ninja in the naruto universe can survive those attacks!

  21. Sick chapter! But after “Say word to your mama” title suprise ending wasn’t so surprising 🙂

  22. Good chapter. I wasn’t expecting to see Kushina and I’m wondering what role she’ll play. Minato appeared because the seal within Naruto was weak, so is Kushina there simply because Naruto’s will is weak? Maybe she’ll be the secret to unlocking Naruto’s second element. Who knows … I `1don’t know if I can wait a whole week to find out!

  23. Frikken Sweet Chapter….I believe Naruto’s Mom showed up at this point in time because it was mentioned in a previous chapter that Naruto was more like his mom in terms of personality…most likely she is gonna give him the confidence and will to overcome his hate and finally take control of the Kyuubi

  24. Well, i am curious as to how kushina would appear before naruto. correct me if im wrong but we dont know how she died do we? was it in child birth or from the 9 tails attack, or the sealing of the 9 tails in naruto? i dont know if it ever came out which is why i ask.

    i wonder if next chapter we will see the origin of the 9 tails. perhaps as the kyubi kills it takes a piece of a person’s soul and preys on it, turning it into pure hatred, and that pure hatred gives the kyubi its power.

    i wonder if this is how kushina came to apear before naruto. if her pureness was able to resist the kyubi’s hate after being killed. and now naruto has encountered her essence locked inside the kyubi’s chakra.

    or maybe similar in nature to the connection of love shown in the harry potter movies she sacrificed herself to save him, at birth and imprinted part of herself in naruto similar to the way the 4th did (unlikely.)

    either way i dont want to see kishi diminish this plot twist with a lame reason as to how it came to be. and no one better mention itachi’s gift cause that doesnt tie into the plot line here even in the slightest.

    i will do a more precise rant when bob does his review, im at work and cant get caught reading manga, but i loved the jutsu’s, especially the huge rasengan. that was just awesome.

    also, is it just me or was naruto’s answer to the fox “do you really think you can beat me” – “i wouldnt have removed the seal if i didnt” slightly remaniscent of the 4th when naruto encountered him in his psyche during the pain fight? “saying your going to rip me to shreds isnt going to make me come closer”

  25. Now this was an awesome chapter
    nothing was better in a while

  26. Now this is the kind of plot twist I’d hoped for, we may even learn what happened to Kushina next chapter, can’t wait.

  27. this chapter has raised 2 questions in me:

    how much people are inside naruto now?

    and who will come out next? (my vote goes to Itachi-sama)

  28. HIS MOTHER O0o?!?!?!

  29. a few things… first, Naruto’s jutsu in this chapter were used in the Pein fight so I don’t know what everyone is so excited about on that end… SECOND, I know how his mom got there… She is the Kyubbi’s previous host. It explains quite a lot if you think about it: 1. How she died 2. How she got into Naruto (because all those other beings were inside the kyubbi) 3. Why Jiraiya compared her fighting style with Naruto’s… Third, what were all those shadow beings inside the Kyubbi? it reminded me a lot of Full Metal Alchemist.

  30. i highly doubt that his mom was the previous jinchuuriki, that wouldnt make sense or be practical. Minato was a genius, and he wouldn’t have let his wife take that role

  31. This was a great chapter. I wonder what naruto’s mom role will be in his conflict. Also did any one notice naruto slam the obese fox?

  32. yet the host is almost always related in some way to the current Kage as it was mentioned before. I still agree though that in the timeline Kushina could not have been the 9-tail’s host, because the Kyuubi was in the possession of Madara/Tobi. Plus she was a whirlpool ninja, not a Konoha ninja. I wouldn’t rule it out completely though.

    I’ve suggested though in previous chapter discussions the probability of the kyuubi having a former host, but personally I always thought it was Madara because no one else possessed the power to control him (where Hashirama could only suppress the chakra beasts, not use them). Kushina’s disappearance or death had to have occurred before the sealing process into Naruto, so I’m sure her death was related in some way and I would wager she was killed by the Kyuubi which is why Minato fought it alone.

  33. lol.. i dont think naruto will get his privacy…. first his dad shows up…. then his mum…. who’s next…. jiraiya??… b4 we all know it… the whole village will pop up in his mind……..SHHHHHIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

  34. “he wouldn’t have let his wife take that role”: I don’t see why not, and he could have met her after she became the host. This too fits with things we know like that the whirilpool village was destroyed and that Minato knew his son would be ostrecized, as well as the Kage-jinkuri relationships.

    “the Kyuubi was in the possession of Madara/Tobi”: But when was it in his pocesion? He could have aquired it when it overpowered Kushina, or Sharingan-raped her mind until it could overpower her. It obviously wasn’t in Kushina when Minato fought it, which would mean she gave birth, died via extraction, then it was sealed in Naruto…

    anyway, I’m just excited to have a naruto-related-theory instead of ones about the Uchiha.

  35. I think its been told before that, kushina died from narutos birth.

  36. Nope, that was never stated as far as I know. It isn’t even 100% confirmed that she is dead, she is just assumed to be since Jiraiya refered to her in the past tense. (though given people like Pein it isn’t 100% that anyone is dead)

  37. @walmart1

    I don’t know about Kushina being the 9-tails jinchurriki. I suppose we don’t know where the Kyuubi was all that time, but on the other hand Jiraiya and Tsunade never mentioned her being the 9-tails jinchurriki when they talked about her. In fact, they knew about her jutsu style so they must have fought with her, and I would think she’d be more memorable if she had been a host.

  38. My last statement has to do with Jiraiya not remembering who Naruto’s mother was.

  39. if Kushina had the 9 tails in her, whenever it was “removed” she would have died from it, thus Naruto wouldn’t have been born, unless your saying that she was pregnant with Naruto while being a jinchuuriki, and it was only removed after she gave birth to him??, that would be an amazing twist and crazy, but definately not possible

  40. “My last statement has to do with Jiraiya not remembering who Naruto’s mother was” where was this? I can’t find it anywhere…

    “In fact, they knew about her jutsu style so they must have fought with her”: I doubt it. they didn’t get into a discusion about her style, just commented on it.

    “I would think she’d be more memorable if she had been a host.” Again… he remembered her perfectly in chapter 382. It’s not like they are the people who would get hung up on her being a jinkuri.

  41. “but definately not possible”: Gaara had the Bijju implanted in him when he was in the womb (naruto was about 1-6 months after birth) So I don’t see how it’s impossible at all.

  42. I think we’re going to find out that Naruto’s mom and thus naruto are apart of the senju clan. It might explain why Naruto’s mom is able to be inside of the 9tails

  43. Actually it was sealed on his birthday so I doubt she was the host

  44. It was an interesting chapter, but Kushina’s appearance was somewhat expected, she had to appear at some point either in a flash back or a spectral form. It’s been commented by Jiraiya and Tsunade that while Naruto’s resembles his father Naruto’s jutsu style and “can do” attitude is more reminiscent of Kushina’s. I was impressed by Naruto’s brief scuffle with the Kyuubi, and while nothing new was really shown, his use of techniques was flawless. Damn the Kyuubi ate a Wind Style: Rasenshuriken and all that happened was that it made it angrier, It’s a relief since I had begun to loose faith in the prowess of the bijuu and jinchuriki since they seem to lose so easily. What I really want to see are flash backs of what happened the night The Fourth Hokage faced the Kyuubi. I said before that Kushina could have been the former Kyuubi host, it could have been a secret that only the Hokage are privy to… I mean there are things that only a few ninja are aware of maybe Tsunade knows the truth given that she is now Hokage. It is not impossible to believe that Kushina volunteered to be the host of the Kyuubi once the Fourth became Hokage, Madara somehow extracted the Kyuubi, she died, Naruto was still inside her womb and they managed to save Naruto before he died as well. It would all explain why Kushina appeared inside of the Kyuubi’s hate, because she, as the former host, managed to control the Kyuubi to some degree. It’s just food for thought.

  45. The whole narutos mom is the previous host is far fetched even for kishi. Also if she was the previous host how did naruto get it? According to that logic she was pregnant with naruto gave birth and than the kyubbi attacked? Than how did madara come in possession of it and how did her death coincide with the attack? A lot of iffy parts and if sh was the previous host I would be dissappointed. Too many holes in the theory

  46. well Madara was in possession of the Kyuubi in the final battle vs Hashirama, and we don’t see it again when it’s used by “Madara” against Konoha and Minato. Therefore I would assume he was still in possession of it. Here’s my logic:

    1. Hashirama becomes Hokage and creates the leaf village, which then leads other clans to settle down into the other 4 villages.
    2. to assure “peace”, Hasirama distributes the Bijuu to the other nations.
    3. theoretically, Konoha would have kept a bijuu as well and why wouldnt Hashirama keep an eye on the most powerful – Kyuubi.
    4. the only person we know who was able to literally control the kyuubi (and not just suppress it) was obviously Madara. I’ll say it now: If the Kyuubi ever actually had a host before…it was probably Madara. It would have overwhelmed anyone else.

    the problem with madara being a host though is the epic spread we got of his fight at the battle of the end, where the kyuubi is fighting separately from him (and not a part of him where all other jinchuuriki are). therefore, maybe it’s possible he was able to use his “hatred” to summon the Kyuubi? similar to Sasuke summoning Manda and controlling him with the same eyes. we don’t really have enough details to say yet.

    regardless, there’s no record of the kyuubi being in possession the leaf between the 2 events Madara and “Madara” were involved in, so that’s why I say it was in his possession in some way before then. It doesn’t really fit that Kushina was involved. but there is something else interesting about her. no one knew she was pregnant or even had a child, because no one besides those close to Minato knew Naruto was their child. Maybe that’s a plot hole, but I’m really quite curious about her involvement with the leaf and how she died. i’d definitely wager a death by Kyuubi’s hand or a self-sacrifice for Naruto’s sake, which may explain her appearance now.

    and yes, died. the fact that she’s in Naruto’s psyche shows she’s either a soul reaching out to her son, or she put a fragment of her spirit into naruto alongside Minato when they sealed him. she can’t still be alive inside him literally, so that argument is silly.

  47. @John

    I like your theory about Madara extracting the Kyuubi from Kushina, it follows a fairly solid line.

    It would make more sense though that she would be inside of the Kyuubi’s hatred/spirit if she was overtaken by it, because then her spirit would for sure be preserved (and technically, should be still “alive”) within the Kyuubi. And since it was the second, more scheming “Madara” we know as Tobi who was involved during Minato’s death, I definitely wouldn’t put it beyond him to manipulate even someone like Kushina or Minato into his plan.

    plus, it would make more sense for her to help naruto in this situation if she was overtaken by the kyuubi. she could advise him what to think or do or watch out for. I’m still not convinced she was a host, but there are facts here that would add up if we had some blanks filled in.

  48. Now one thing That has me confused is the madara involvement. Now many people including minato himself say madara or “tobi”was involved in the kyubbi invasion. Now how do they know this? Did they physically see him or jut assume it? Also many considered the kyuubi attack to be a force of nature. But if so that would imply the fox was not in konohas possession? Or maybe it was set free from a Bijou seal? Lots of questions still and I hope this battle will clear up some of these questions.

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