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Chapter 496 is out!



18 Responses

  1. nice chapter!!!

  2. now this waz a good chapter!!!

  3. Looks like this’ll get pretty interesting.

  4. The rhyme translations are getting better every time

  5. yup..but hope Naruto himself wont start rapping

  6. this chapter was prety good I hope next chapter is geting even better

  7. This was a great chapter. I see what Kishi was working up to, impressive.

  8. i agree with everyone, glad to see some progress

  9. Yeah it was a good chapter, not the best but it was good! I know a lot of people may think Kishi is moving too fast but I don’t. I just want to see Naruto control the full powers of the Kyuubi.

    I thought something about Sasuke was going to be in this chapter because in the spoiler alerts,they said something about the Mangekyou. I know a lot of people are happy Sasuke is taking a break but I kinda miss him now, I mean he may be a pain but he knows how to keep you entertained! Look at me, I’m rhyming like Killerbee!LOL

  10. The chapter definitely moved in a direction I didn’t expect, i.e. the whole tug-o-war thing. And what this means is that this ‘battle’ won’t last the 5-10chapters I had hoped for. I think its because:
    a. Kishi wants to get to the kyuubi control training with KB (i.e. synergy, summoning the kyuubi, kyuubi-sage mode, new moves, etc)
    b. Kishi wants to get to the war as soon as possible.
    But I think I speak for everyone when I say ‘NO Complaints’ this time. =D

  11. the chapter was good. Mostly cuz of Killerbee’s antics lol. IS it me or has the Kyubi gained weight?

  12. @kisu: Hahaha! I wasn’t gonna say that, but it does appear that Kishi has forgotten how to draw the Kyuubi because it wasn’t the best artwork in that regard.

  13. @EVERYONE! Check out Shippuden episode 162! I recommend it. Konan is actually useful! No wonder she’s in Akatsuki. Oh and we get to see Pain blow up Konoha.

  14. @kisu

    I’ve already seen it, but tnx.
    it was a good episode, i agree with that

  15. Ive gotta say, the end justifies the means on this 1. I knew Kishi was moving fast for this but wow, it really was worth it. Unlike previous chaps, this one had a good pace to it. I also think that we’ll be confronted by a twist in the story while Naruto trains to master his tailed forms. IM HYPE 4 NEXT WEEK

  16. Just this: I love Yamato!! The poor guy has stuck with this “hopeless duo” and now he must have cursed the time he was assigned for this mission!

  17. Oh mon thats gonna be awesome once naruto has tamed the beast. but even though naruto has completely control of the kyuubi..Sasuke will be still powerfull we just that EMS..that shit just too overpowered.

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