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It’s out 495




8 Responses

  1. The return of Evil Naruto O_O Naruto outsmarted that suckerpop -_- I guess it isn’t a surprise Naruto outsmarted himself >_>

    No REAL progression in this chapter, unfortunately, except now we know Naruto is nicer than evil itself…Huh?

  2. rather lame, the whole we have a good and a bad side thing. But I guess with someone like Naruto you need to spell it out!
    I hope Kisame takes the jinjuurikis battle against the kyuubi as the opportunity to attack them himself. Question that remains is whether a training session will be required before he summons the kyuubi. This is too interesting!

  3. the chapter was boring, but at least i can now look forward to the next one. hopefully it’s not just another “make-a-friend no jutsu” fix when it comes to the Kyuubi

  4. Uh, did he just say “Fight the Nine-Tails”?

  5. think given the nature of the waterfall, it’s going to be another mental battle but it won’t end with make-a-friend no jutsu UNTIL (it will eventually end that way) Naruto manages to subdue the beast because the kyubbi only respects power. I think we may also see a preview of the Jinkuri powers Naruto will be able to use. Bee may also fight but I doubt it, though it would be kind of cool if he used Samehada who then powered up Kisame and then the three fought but I doubt it… I would like to see the eight tailed bull fight the nine tailed fox. I personally like the bull powers better.

  6. was an all right chapter. progression is going slowly, but naruto defeated himself, so the training has moved on to the next segment.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next chapter showed some of the other characters and only a page or two of Naruto

  8. I hope its an actual fight between Naruto and the Nine-tailed fox and not just a mental struggle. I want a glimpse at the Fox’s full power and techniques.

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