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Post Author: Mart1

Note this isn’t entirely about Naruto… It’s a tribute to Wikipedia (of which I am a huge fan and defender) and Narutopedia (a wikipedia about Naruto) because they deserve to be celebrated.

I’m a high school senior for those of you that don’t know. This means that Wikipedia has been around since I was in fourth grade. By the time I was up to sixth grade, I was aware of it and using it for reports. By the time I was in eighth grade, I was aware of the enemies of Wikipedia…

I had this teacher Mrs. B. who I didn’t really get along with. In fact she is probably tied with another one of my eight grade teachers as my least favorite teacher, and it takes most of my willpower not to rant solely about her on this post. She was a clean-freak, organization nut, who probably started teaching just so that she could force her organizational style on others. She was the first “enemy” I met. She assigned a “research project” that was just a glorified way of saying “open up your textbook, learn about who George Washington is, and use this thing called a style manual to cite the same source that every other kid who has ever entered my class and ever will enter my class shall use.” because a school supplied textbook might not be a reliable source unless put into the ancient and incomprehensible language that makes up the style manual. Being the slacker that I am, I left the project until the last minute and just used Wikipedia. Unfortunately, I was unaware of another of my all time favorite websites (www.easybib.com) so I had to use the print version which took hours of pointless work but I got it done. I got the paper back with a 50% about a week later.

Nowadays I wouldn’t care about a fifty (I got one last week) but this was back in middle school when I used to believe my mom’s outrageous lie that middle school grades were looked at by college (yeah I was that big of a sucker), so I was pissed! I went to Mrs. B., held up the paper and in front of the whole class yelled “What the F***!” She wasn’t happy and revenge was coming… She sent me to the dean and as punishment from the dean I had to go to detention, but this wasn’t enough for her. She was a conformist, everyone had to imitate her “perfect” way of doing things, or she had to correct them. She wrote me a letter (which I burned shortly after reading) explaining why I had gotten a fifty. It read something like this “Dear Mart, I found your classroom outburst… blah blah… the reason you got a fifty is because Wikipedia is not a reliable source as anyone can write anything on that site, and part of the assignment you were given was to find reliable facts on George Washington, therefore you only EARNED (I swear it was written in bold on a letter as this was a major part of her teaching philosophy) credit for the few facts you cited from other sources, resulting in you poor score.”

Since then I have met numerous other teachers who feel the same. Anyone under about 25 has probably come across this. Teachers hate Wikipedia almost by nature. It makes sense if you think about it. Just like Record companies hate Illegal Downloading sites, Teachers, who essentially sell information, feel threatened by Wikipedia who gives it out for free. Why learn thousands of historical facts when they are right at your fingertips? This natural animosity makes teachers the biggest natural enemy of Wikipedia, and as such, they have waged war on it via opinions like Mrs. B.’s. However I continued to use Wikipedia (and still do). I found techniques like using pointless sources generated by google’s I’m feeling lucky option to fill in the required number of citations while really all I used were various Wikipedia pages. I would then use easybib.com to cite those pages and leave wikipedia off the bibliography completely. Despite all their claims, even the teachers who went on a tirade against Wikipedia before each assignment never knew the difference… As such I have grown to hate enemies of wikipedia. Teachers aren’t the only ones, and they take every oportunity to spread their beleifs into the mind of their students: “We all know that wiki pages are not always the most reliable…”-John of Shannaro. But I think anyone who would dismiss Wikipedia as unreliable should ask themselves, why? “But consider what those that run [naruto]wikia have to gain by lying or making stuff up? Absolutely nothing.”-Also John of Shannaro, from the same post.

By this point you may be wondering, “what does this have to do with Naruto?” Well as most of you know, there are multiple naruto wiki sites (sites with the Wikipedia format dedicated to Naruto) the best of which is www.naruto.wikia.com. Recently, Bob jokingly attacked www.naruto.wikia.com (probably as part of his evil master plan to promote narutohurricane.com) so I challenged him to make narutopedia say that chocolate was the sixth chakra element. He responded “Well, I hate vandalizing wiki pages, so I edited the chakra wiki page, made a screen shot and changed it back to prove it is possible, lol: http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/6893/narutowikichocloate.jpg” But this didn’t show the point I was trying to make, that Wikipedia can fend for itself, because Bob pulled his punch. So I (who have no qualms about vandalizing Narutopedia) did the same thing and left it. Here is a link… (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Nature_transformation) go take a look, it was deleated by the serverbots about five minutes later when I refreshed the page. Luckily I took a screenshot seen below

I’m not saying that Narutopedia is an unfailable source or that it is always 100% accurate, and I know Wikipedia itself sometimes has HUGE flaws in it. However it is right 99.9% of the time, and the .1% that is left over is mainly because Kishimoto is unclear about certain things and since his Manga is still being written has left off detail explanations of some things. It is the majority information source of most of my blogs. I will accept it is incorrect if given information from a more reliable source (the only such source being Kishimoto, or the manga itself) and take into account that it quotes information from the Anime, Movies, and Games, all of which don’t count in my mind. However, to date, I have never seen Narutopedia publish incorrect information based on what was available.

Which brings me to the reason I wrote this… Celebrate Narutopedia. The people there put in a lot of work to make it excellent so that fans of Naruto can enjoy it and use it as a resource. It makes the Naruverse understandable, and allows many theories to form. So to those at Narutopedia, I salute you!


55 Responses

  1. Wow. Awesomely written. I don’t see the point of telling us this, but I still believe in it. I love the wikis, because I can trust them most of the time when I need some knowledge on something.

    Great one, Martoosie.

  2. i used to hate Narupedia too, but now it, along w/ wikis on Ben10 and Transformers, is one of my fav sites

  3. i don’t get it, why not just stop any random person frm puttin up false info in the first place?

    couple days ago my friend turned in a research paper to his teacher. the teachr takes 1 look at the bibliography and rips the paper into pieces rite in front of the whole class. Y? cuz 1 of the sources was wikipedia. lmao

  4. 😀 wow mart goes all out in the defense of wikipedia (and clones), good stuff man

    “Recently, Bob jokingly attacked http://www.naruto.wikia.com (probably as part of his evil master plan to promote narutohurricane.com)”

    – Grrr, foiled again!

    I got to agree that Narutopedia has improved a lot over the years, I used to see that place being vandalized all the time and misinformed articles sitting for weeks at a time without challenge. I still stand by my original comment to not 100% trust something if it can’t be backed by an official source like the manga, databook, or interview/article. The choco-edits was just for testing, I urge everyone to not copy what we did, even for lolz, narutards should support other narutards.

  5. @mart1
    Finally we agree on something 🙂 I’m a college student and you wouldn’t believe how many time wikipedia and such has saved my grade, last minute and all, luckly teachers don’t check sources often. I am not an enemy of wiki’s I was just trying to establish what reason would those that run each wiki have to make up random stuff? They gain nothing by it and therefore they are relatively objective, in all these arguments or debates here in Shanaro I use narutowikia, because it is readily available information gathered by dedicated Narutofans. So I am also a defender of wiki’s, any thing that piques my curiosity immediately gets wiki’d.

    Shame on you…(wag of the finger) 😉
    I also see what you are saying, but in most wiki pages at the very bottom they have their sources listed in light blue font, so if you for any reason do not trust the pages one can go and check the sources for themselves and they can then interpret the facts.

  6. “Martoosie”: WTF???

    “i used to hate Narupedia” Why?

    “I got to agree that Narutopedia”: That’s why I don’t mind attacking them… Because it helps them improve.

    “I am not an enemy of wiki’s”: Nope just a brainwashd sap…

  7. I think wikipedia is dangerous… I had to grade papers once and a lot of the students were copying it word for word!!!

    And to boot, it wasn’t EVEN RIGHT! This was in chemistry, not Naruto, so you’d think the writers of a chemistry article would be more careful, but not so. If they aren’t careful, what makes you think opinions aren’t ending up in Narutopedia? If it isn’t in the manga, or the data books, it doesn’t count to me. Do the leg work and look it up in a chapter in a real book.

  8. “what makes you think opinions aren’t ending up in Narutopedia?”: because I’ve never seen it in all my vast combings of the site.

    I find idiots who copy word for word stupid, but this would be true of any resource not just Wikipedia.

    “Do the leg work and look it up in a chapter in a real book.”: What makes “real books” (most of which can now be bought in E-book form) accurate. They could have just as many innacuracies and oppinions as Wikipedia (in fact Encyclopedia Britanica which has an electronic form, has just as many serious errors as Wikipedia)If I were to print my wiki pages out and put them in book form would that make them real?

    I think that hypocrates and stupid people are the truely dangerous ones. If you can say that you’ve never made a mistake then Wikipedia may seem flawed to you, but even “real books” are essentially the work of people, and all people make mistakes. For instance in my pre-calc. book from last year, the T.A. who wrote the answers made multiple mistakes that lead to the teacher misgrading the homework as wrong when it was right. I would much rather use Wikipedia and doubt it’s accuracy than hold a piece of paper in my had and treat it like the indefinite truth.

  9. @ walmart, on the “y did i once hate Narupedia”, i dunno, but i like it now
    on the flawed textbooks, i kno where you’re coming from, my math teacher’s always finding mistakes in the back, but she’s undoubtedly smarter than the ppl who made the book, so she can easily find mistakes in textbooks

  10. @walmart1

    At least text books are proofread by editors and experts in the field. Wikipedia is not proofread by anyone, except those people who use it, and most of them are using it because they need the information.

    Don’t tell me you haven’t handed in a paper that you tried to proofread, only to end up with some mistakes still left in it. It happens, but at least there is a process that material is required to go through. Of course, these days funding is in shorter supply so I would not be surprised if companies didn’t cut corners here or there.

    About the Narutopedia specifically: the problem is that people don’t look up the chapter where things are from, so the context is lost. A lot of times that is really important when you’re trying to figure out what “that jutsu” really means. Reading “cliffs notes” is not the same as reading “War and Peace” itself.

  11. “At least text books are proofread by editors and experts in the field” Actually Wikipedia is checked by it’s staff of editors fairly frequently, it is updated to remove errors and hires profesionals to check infromation in their feilds. Meanwhile Textbooks are solely the ideas of a person or group of people who wrote them and are rarely corrected if incorrect since the only changes they tend to make in reprints are those neccesary to recopyright the information they are selling. The purpose of Textbooks is to sell, most people just don’t have to pay for them. Wikipedia’s purpose however is to gather information (true or otherwise) and then sort out that information for accuracy and relevancy.

    “but at least there is a process that material is required to go through”: not really, I just look for stuff find facts that support my ideas and INVENT a bibliography if it is required. I would never verify my sources if given the chance not to, because I can use my brain and proofread almost perfectly as far as facts go. (My grammar may be terrible but that’s what spellcheck is for). As far as the textbook proccess goes, sure one guy looks at it, then his students may take a look to see if it agrees with what the original guy tought, but editors tend only to find grammatical and typographical errores, so they might as well be looking at a picturebook for all the good they are going to do, and it is quite easy for the misinformation to make it’s way into the final copy and even latter reprints (I have seen a book with three versions all having the same mistakes on multiple problems)

    “so the context is lost”: I never really cared about context, since I am inveitably going to give it a new context in using it to support my arguement anyway.

  12. Textbooks are not solely the ideas of someone in a field, they have to be checked for accuracy. Professors typically receive a copy of the textbook and if they deem it accurate, they select it for use in their class (to be sold to college students or to be purchased by the school if it is a public school for 1-12). If they don’t find it accurate they don’t buy it. If they don’t check, then they are being irresponsible.

    I can see that you’d be a cynic as to textbooks, as they can be quite expensive, and I hated paying so much for them, however the majority of people who write them do so because they want to help people learn.

    Also, information shouldn’t be sorted out for accuracy AFTER it has been published, you are already causing damage as soon as you release incorrect information. It needs to be examined for accuracy BEFORE it is released. Wikipedia is an imperfect system. What about the kids who read the wrong info before it is corrected? Who is going to help them?

    The students I was teaching read several wikipedia articles that WERE NOT proofread and that is how I knew they took information from something other than a text book, because every text book I read on that subject had been correct, but their reports were glaringly wrong. I googled the phrases and up came the wikipedia article.

    Inventing an bibliography is irresponsible. What happens when you have to look up cutting edge research for a job that you will have once you’re done with school? Are you going to look up stuff on Wikipedia for your job? You need to know how to look things up from PRIMARY sources. You will get in serious trouble if you keep cheating, in a college course you could be failed on the spot.

    As to making up your own context… what’s the point then of trying to discuss the manga? If you’re going to disregard the context that Kishi worked hard to create, then you are doing everyone on this website a disservice.

  13. I just got my Master’s Degree and I was using Wikipedia as a source on materials in grad school. Some professors allowed it, others not.

    Scientific studies have been done on the matter which state that Wikipedia is just as accurate as the leading encyclopedia.

    That being said, at higher educational levels, even encyclopedias are frowned upon for any information that can be studied scientifically, which is to say basically anything that isn’t historical fact.

    I am looking to teach at the community college level myself and find Wikipedia to be fine for certain information. However, I think articles with links backing up the information hold more weight.

  14. @Corvis

    I agree with you. Encycolpedias were the old Wikipedia, and when I was growing up they were never accepted as a valid source for a project, we always had to look up the information in what is called a primary source.

    I wouldn’t have a problem if someone used the references in a wikipedia article to look up the original, but it is very tempting to just use Wikipedia as your source for information.

  15. @Mart: I make up nicknames for people randomly. Deal with it

    Encyclopedias are dead. *burns them at the stake* DIE WITCHES >_<

  16. “If they don’t find it accurate they don’t buy it.”: and if the school board buys it for them and says they have to use it? Cheap schools don’t really have much choice.

    “What about the kids who read the wrong info before it is corrected?”: you mean for the few minutes that vandalism usually exists? And as far as who is going to help them, isn’t that the teacher’s job?

    “You need to know how to look things up from PRIMARY sources” I know how to, I choose not to. If something is interesting is in a primary source I’m not going to ignore it, I’m just not going to go out of my way to search for random facts within a primary source for the sake of a random research project I have no interest in when they are available on wikipedia.

    “cutting edge research for a job that you will have once you’re done with school?”: Given that the textbooks I use are all about ten years old, probably not from them. I’m not saying I would neccesarily use wikipedia, though I have used it several times to look up formulas before a test.

    “You will get in serious trouble if you keep cheating”: I’m not cheating, I’m not plagarising, and I’m not stupid either, anything I use from wikipedia is put into my own words which is perfectly legal.

  17. wow i’m really surprised about the type of ppl that read and/or watch naruto. i thought it was only teens nd kids, nd a few adults Nevr thought college grads were into this kinda stuff.

    Hey i think the big summer blockboster movies shud lay off the comic book super heros and start focusin on manga super heros lol
    A live action bleach movie (by creators of dark knight) would be interesting.

  18. “manga super heros lol”: Nah, the avatar movie sucked and he ben10 movies were crap as well.

  19. Well, Mart, you can’t even imagine how priceless is your post for me! OK, I think I have to express my opinion, because I am on the both sides of this conversation.

    I currently study at the University to become a teacher, but I have already entered a classroom to teach (I also gave one lesson in front of my 250+ fellow students, I almost cracked from stress, as I was the first one to do this!) , so I know what is like be a teacher and a student, at the same time . Before saying anything, I have to say that the “detention” system, at least for these reasons, and especially ripping the paper of one student in front of him are REALLY anti-pedagogic actions, what on earth?

    On our topic, I passed almost all my school years searching in encyclopedias, when I was writing a project, and this was indeed very tiring and time-consuming. I really LOVE books, I must have read hundreds of them, literally, but I have always found searching bibliography hard.

    However, there is a little difference: just few years ago, all our projects were hand-written, so it was more normal to have a book next to you and copy-write the text. Now, all projects are written in PC. So, it is of course easier when you just click a second window => Wikipedia => copy-paste! It comes physical, without a second thought, and the younger ones are even more accustomed to it.

    The “law of same objects” is really strong: hand-written = book, PC-written = Wikipedia or any other source. Don’t forget, after all, that all the encyclopedias are now released in electronic form too, so it’s the same again. In an “always running” world, it’s physical when you want to do something more quickly, it’s like you are forced to.

  20. The rest… I’m always talking too much, so I broke the comment…

    I don’t find the electronic help bad (well, indeed Wiki is vulnerable to “vandalizing”), although a blind copy-paste is like a DERISION to the person that will read it (some students don’t even make a proper format of the pasted text). Sometimes, it’s indeed just a reason to be lazy! I use the Internet too for my projects, it’s so time-saving, although I don’t use that much the Wikipedia. (I have 4 projects to give in this month, God, including making an educational electronic game – software – for children!). However, right now, I have a book next to me, “Introduction to Pedagogy” and I’m writing one of this projects, based on it.

    What I’m trying to say is this: I think that it depends from your age (young people just love Wiki) and the purpose of your project that force you to use either electronic or traditional ways of information. If you just want to find the 118 chemical elements, it’s not that bad if you google it. But if it is your final project for your Master, I think that on your own, you will not even think to search Wiki and you will just search frantically the best encyclopedias and (old) books.

    Finally, as Mart1 said, it’s common to many student to invent a bibliography or to report another webpage than Wikipedia. I ‘m not saying this is good, just that it’s a fact. (We students, in our current projects, write in the sources, among other titles, just: “Internet”). Well, it is common between older teachers to hate Wiki (and it’s almost always the teachers that badmouth it), but I think that as their generation is gradually replaced by us, the younger, Internet sources are becoming more acceptable.

    I talked again too much, God, my students will fall asleep when with me! All in all, Internet is OK, as in both cases you just copy what someone else has written, but it’s up to each one of us not to overdo it and return sometimes to the books, that almost always have more information hidden in them: you can’t constantly look at a screen and read much more than 200 pages, can you? (LOL, I can’t believe this, in order to enter the University, among other lessons, we had to write an essay about electronic ways of information VS book. And now, EXACTLY one year later, I’m talking about the same thing! 🙂 )

  21. When doing my studies, online sources were encouraged, but “online sources” usually meant academic journal databases. Very few students I know take the time to reference an actual book when on a deadline. As for the copy-paste mentality, when I enter the classroom, I intend making sure I have relevant Wikipedia pages bookmarked on my own computer before assigning work. Hence, they’ll at least need to paraphrase. 😛

    @walmart1: the Ben 10 movies were made for TV, hence why they sucked. If it was done by a studio with an actual budget, it might have only mildly sucked.

  22. “A live action bleach movie” NO! NO! TAKE THAT BACK!!!! PRAY IT NEVER HAPPENS!! I’m still using mind soap to try to wash away the live action DBZ movie T^T

  23. What’s wrong with Wikipedia? Isnt the spread of information and making it accessible to all, a benefit for mankind on a whole? I’m taking Mart’s side on this one.

    btw, Ben Ten has been slowly decaying ever since Alien Force started. I dont even watch anymore. They turned KEVIN (the same guy that beat Max Tennison and Gwen OFFSCREEN, was a match for Vildgax and was considered one of Ben’s worst enemies) into a support sidekick main character. Its so sad.

  24. The reason Wikipedia is trouble is it is like asking kids (those who don’t know better) “hey do you want candy or spaghetti for dinner?” and they’re always going to choose candy because it tastes better, even if it isn’t the right thing to do. You have to ask people who know what they’re talking about, not just the general public.

    Professionals, i.e. scientists, economists, historians, etc. should be the ones deciding whether Wikipedia is a good idea, and everyone that is a professional in their own field (and I’m about to get a PhD in mine) has seen the damage that Wikipedia can do, at least those I talk to.

    Making up a bibliography, or any information in a report is cheating. You are claiming you know something you don’t. This is what got a genetic researcher in Asia canned, he claimed he discovered something he didn’t. One day you’re going to use a quote and cite a reference that is the favorite of a teacher, so they know it front to back. They will know the quote isn’t in there, and you will be screwed.

  25. @ kisu “They turned KEVIN into a support sidekick main character”, okay, u r such a hypocrit. you’re condemning Ben 10 Alien Force for having a villain become an anti-hero (which describes Kevin better than a “side-kick”, as he still has criminal tendencies such as stealing, trading in the black market, etc. and is the only good guy who wants to kill bad guys) and yet when Nagato turns completely around, from Adolf Hitler incarnet to Mother Teresa incarnet, just cuz some little brat had his favorite book in his back pocket, u hail Nagato as the greatest thing ever and glorify Kishi for making that change. other than that, i must agree that the original Ben 10 is the best, but not 4 the same reason, i just think it’s the best as far as story line and ability to relate to the characters go (Ben’s kinda a deuche bag in Ultimate Alien)

  26. Why go to the trouble of searching wikipedia? just do it my way don’t do it at all 😛

    Well not a good idea to be honest i almost failed my high school exam year cause i didn’t make any of the reports i was lucky i’m good with test

    Unfortunately i kinda have the same problem now i’m in college i hoped to get rid of the reports once i entered but it only got worse. i wanna become electrician why the fck do i need to write reports about politics? it doesn’t make any sence.

    It’s a good thing wiki is there i always use the wiki of the series (if there is any) when i’m creating the suggestion blogs to refresh my memory about things that happened way back.

    Martoosie i’m with you on this one! 😛

  27. ok yes the DBZ movie and Ben10 movies were terrible, but keep in mind that those were low budget films made by poor writers and diroctors.


    now, if the better directors and writers can invest in a bleach movie, i am sure it would come out great.

    ugh, the DBZ movie was just the most terrible thing i have ever seen, the writers shud be stonned to death for such monstrosity.

  28. On the subject of live action movies, what would be the most adequate, an all Asian cast that has some knowledge of the culture of what the live action movie should be about based on the manga, since most mangas reflect some aspect of Asian culture or a mixed cast of different nationalities to portray each individual character with an original storyline? To be frank most manga characters are somewhat americanized, it was a major disappointment to see that they ruined the DBZ name with that hack of a movie. If they ever make another live action movie I hope they have the manga’s creator’s input. I heard the Tite Kubo is planning on cooperating for a Bleach live action film with him having say in the directing, although it could be just a rumor.

  29. “they’re always going to choose candy because it tastes better”: and then they get Diabetes and learn to diet. You learn to judge what you read just like if you consult idiotic primary sources.

    “Making up a bibliography, or any information in a report is cheating”: It’s not cheating… Especially if the information is true. If it’s incorect then it’s certainly wrong, but still not cheating. Also there is absolutely no way to prove what I do and do not know.

    As far as ben10 goes I feel like the first one was the best because 1. Kevin is a sidekick (and unlike Nagato rarely uses cool powers after turning and is still alive) 2. Ben’s hasn’t any better with the omnitrix since the begining of the second season, other than alien upgrades. 3. They have started reusing plots and aliens ex. Graymatter being too small to attack by someone or other and then the small alien in the “games” episode doing the same thing.

  30. @walmart1

    If you make up a bibliography YOU DIDN”T GET THE INFORMATION FROM THERE so you are making it up, and hence you are stating something that isn’t true. This is considered cheating.

    Exams and papers (I guess I didn’t figure this out until college) aren’t just about completing the assignment, it’s like the first chuunin exam:

    The purpose of the exams are to develop your ability to gather information (although in the real world it isn’t about doing it by cheating, your resources are actual books rather than fellow shinobi). Sometimes you are asked to write papers on difficult topics, but you should strive to do them, as John F. Kennedy said about going to the moon “not because it is easy, but because it is hard.”

    You are only cheating yourself out of a good education, you will learn more from the actual books than just the quote that you need. Maybe you won’t realize it down the road, but that’s a pity.

    As to people getting diabetes and learning to diet… there is an epidemic of fat people in the United States, and diabetes just keeps rising. They don’t care, they just shoot themselves up with insulin and eat cake… not that that’s a solution…

  31. “YOU DIDN”T GET THE INFORMATION FROM THERE”: Incorrect, I didn’t get the majority of information there. I tend to quote the first random fact I come across so that I can then cite it.

    “it’s like the first chuunin exam”: Are you saying that you have to learn to cheat in ways that won’t get you cought?

    “not that that’s a solution…” It is if your a drug rep…

  32. you know what they say copy 1 thing and you’re a cheater copy 1000 and you’re a genius

    cheating is using the work of others without permission of the person and if it’s put online it’s mostly with the permission of the guy so it’s not cheating

  33. @white shinobi

    I’m not saying the compiling of data is cheating, what I’m trying to say is that using the compilation as a proper source of information is not correct. It can be used as a guide, but more than that is not good practice.

    The cheating I was talking about is making up a bibliography. If you claim that any information is from a source, but you didn’t directly get it from there, that is a form of cheating. In the real world, people making up facts and numbers gets other people killed. If you became a doctor and just “made up” some numbers for dosage of a drug you could kill someone. Would you look up drug dosages in Wikipedia because it is easier? No. You use a drug handbook. The same goes for any other report you right, sure life and death aren’t on the line, but in the pursuit of knowledge, the degree of accuracy is no less important.

  34. “Would you look up drug dosages in Wikipedia because it is easier? No. You use a drug handbook.” They have an app for drug dosages now, and I would definately use it.

    The rest I just flat out disagree with and nothing more is left to say.

  35. @walmart1

    Yes… the app does exist now, and it is an accepted primary source for that information. The app is reviewed properly for accuracy, just like the book is.

  36. It’s true that teachers do do this because children are very impressionable. But what the hell is up with forcing religion and politics onto children.

  37. “with forcing religion and politics onto children”: I think that’s just natural, because you want someone who always agrees with you and children usually don’t know enough to argue back. Sort of like when I argue with Wo Ai Ni about religion, she knows more factually than me because she beleives in her religion while I’m an atheist.

  38. Narutopedia is definitely the best, all purpose source of information for the Naruto series.

  39. I didn’t quite catch this. When did we argue about anything religious?

  40. I remember something about the pope being the direct representative of god as appointed by the previous pope back to the first pope, I might have been arguing with someone else though (I’m quite bad with names and people have a tendancy to change them) so I’m sorry if I called you out and it wasn’t you I was arguing with.

  41. Oh dear, you scared me. For a moment I thought I posted something that I didn’t remember or it was posted by someone else under my name, without me knowing it.

    It wasn’t me, I’m not even Catholic to refer to Pope! (I’m Orthodox, by the way.) I would never talk about something like this here, it’s a personal matter and I believe in the absolute freedom of each one’s choices. Oh, and we teachers and professors are not (normally) allowed to talk, even in general, about religion or politics to our students, but only in the specific lesson for these topics.

    But it’s OK, don’t be sorry if you forgot, we are hundreds of names (that also change) here! *hug* If I remember well: good luck (and Kisu too) to your exams!

  42. “But it’s OK, don’t be sorry if you forgot”: It’s a problem I have to work on… I was calling this kid in a class I teach Cody for about half a year only to realize his real name was Brian.

    “not (normally) allowed to talk”: I live on the east coast of the U.S. and my teachers just circumvent things like that by asking leading questions to show their biases. Though in truth my two favorite teachers both talk pretty openly about politics or religion when asked about something but don’t opinionize it (at most they will state facts towards a thesis). For instance Mr. K. is the only Rep. in a school of otherwise all Democrats is direct and confrontational but doesn’t force his ideas on anyone, while Mrs. B (from my post above) is the type who would rigorusly avoid speaking about taboo subjects but then passive-agressively sabotage anyone who disagrees with her (the reason I hate her so much).

  43. Aha. *Takes notes.* (You know, all these comments above are important for me to be informed about other teaching systems.)

    Well, the general law is, among all other things: “teach them, amuse them, help them whenever and for whatever they want, make them good citizens and above all HUMANS”. It is true, however, that many teachers talk (irresponsibly) about “sensitive personal issues”, such as religion , politics, ideologies and generally offensive personal opinions (i.e. about gender or economic/social status of a person). In this case, you have only to be patient until the bell rings! I know very well the emotion of wanting to raise your voice and disagree and then be afraid of, because this teacher will ruin your grade and thus your diploma.

    Unfortunately, there aren’t many (kind) things you can do towards these kind of teachers. We university students can only promise that we ‘ll try to be exemplary teachers for the next generation! 🙂

  44. @Wo Ai Ni

    Actually there is something you can do, teacher evaluations directly affect salaries for tenured profs, if they don’t have tenure, bad evals could hurt their odds. You could also speak with the Dean if it is really a problem. Maybe you won’t see the result in the end, but at least you could take satisfaction in knowing you made an effort to right a wrong.

  45. @Nemo, I dont care that Kevin became a good guy. I dont like it because its Redemption Demotion i.e. he was Ben’s equal but now he’s like Yamcha to Goku lol. Becoming a good guy and still being strong is awesome, becoming a good guy and becoming shit is just dumb.

  46. Also, thanks Woi Ai Ni. Only a few weeks to go……..

  47. @ Ripcord

    Hmm, I don’t know exactly what do you mean, teachers and professors’ salaries are NOT affected (in my country) by any means: they are civil servants, so, permanently employed by the State and thus they earn a fixed income.

    In school, (although it’s a bit rare and the majority of teachers really try to do their best) I know it’s a problem if you have at least for one year a bad teacher, for many hours per day and you can’t change him, that’s why I tried to console Mart and anyone else who faces this problem.

    But in the University (where I am now) things are more relaxed: students and professors are indifferent for each others’ ideas, you can choose some lessons (and so, professors) instead of others and you see each professor for only 3 hours a week, for 4-6 months, you are tested in his lesson and then it’s over. But again, I’m talking about my country, I don’t know quite well what’s going on elsewhere.

    @ Kisuzachi

    Just patience, what else? Think about this wonderful and absolutely free summer… (Aaah, that’s what we were said by our parents and teachers when we were in your place, just one year ago!) 🙂

  48. @ kisu, “Becoming a good guy and still being strong is awesome, becoming a good guy and becoming shit is just dumb” hmm, i see your point there

  49. @ wo ai ni at where do you live?

    at my college there are lessons scedulled but i can also follow other lessons in my free time but that just sucks cause we only have 3 people who actually are able to teach something. so we (the students) act like techers and teach eachother this is a good thing but if no one understands it and the techer can’t explain either we’re screwed. (failed 2 tests because of this)

  50. @Nemo, something else that bothered me about alien Force is Ben’s 5 minute speech to the High Breed leaders. To turn someone so hell bent on destruction takes at least 2 episodes…..turning a GROUP of such people around should take a while, but Ben did it in under 20 minutes. This is why I praised Kishi’s style there lol.

    Ben: That’s mean.
    High Breed Elders: Yeah ur right. We’re sorry. Let’s be friends and appoint some random High Breed to be our new leader.
    Random High Breed: I’ll try.

    And that ended an entire season lmao! OH I crack myself up 🙂

    Cant wait to be crushed by college knowledge 😦

  51. @ kisu, that’s EXACTLY how Naruto handled Nagato!
    Nagato: i shall destroy everything you love and rip your soul out so i may cnquer the entire Earth
    Naruto: hey i got this book Jiraiya wrote
    Nagato: OOH!!! THAT’S MY FAVORITE!!!!! 😀 okay, let me just revive all the hundreds of ppl that i’ve killed in the past hour and a half

  52. and the worst part is that both those anti-climactic endings came out w/in a few days of each other

  53. You should read his wording carefully… his arguement is that Pein’s chage was acceptable because it was 1 instead of 1000000 people who had a change of heart and that one person changed in more time than the 1000000 people did. Also Pein wanted peace and Naruto offered him a different way, where as the highbreed wanted to kill every non high breed for supremacy purposes.

  54. @ mart “1 instead of 1000000”, Ben only needed to convince the leader(s), all other Highbreed would follow him/them mindlessly
    “that one person changed in more time than the 1000000”, ooh, Pain took 2 more minutes, that’s DEFINATELY enuf time to make a life-changing decision
    “Pein wanted peace . . . the highbreed wanted to kill every non high breed” Pain’s idea of “peace” was killing every almost non-Ame human on Earth and letting the rest cowar in fear under his iron fist, so while the goals/purposes were different, the methods were very similar.
    on a side note, Ben converting the Highbreed was in fact slightly more anti-climactic than Naruto converting Nagato, but still superficially similar

  55. “killing every almost non-Ame human on Earth” actually the Amegakure villagers wouldn’t get special treatment, and the differences in goals are what make the difference because they are what make “make-a-friend” no jutsu so effective (or ineffective).

    Even in just the leaders there are a whole assembly of Leaders and only one Pein, So thirty minutes to convince one (battle-crazed) man or five for a group of sadistic beings who (at least claim to be) hype-rational.

    I think their both lame anyway, and that he should have found a way to rally the plumbers against them instead or actually defeated them, but that’s not the way it was written.

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