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Naruto Chapter 494 – Motoi, You Ain’t No Sasuke

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hiya Shannarolites, welcome to the chapter 494 discussions. Hate to say it, but I wasn’t that impressed by this week’s chapter either. From the menacing image at the end of last chapter, I was expecting a much darker story about Killer Bee’s past in this chapter. And while Motoi’s tale of his past with KB is tragic, we’ve seen this sort of story with other characters before, so it kind of dilutes the impact of Motoi’s story. I would have liked Kishi to span KB’s past a little longer, and maybe throw in Yugito Nii, Kumo’s other Jinchuuriki into the mix. We hardly know anything about the Jinchuurikis besides Naruto and Gaara, so I think elaborating some more on the other characters’ pasts would be a good idea.

In the end, I think Kishi just wanted to show us readers how similar KB’s situation is to Naruto’s. And since KB is a much higher level Jinchuuriki, Kishi is pretty much telling us this is the kind of power Naruto can obtain in the future. I can understand Motoi’s feelings after hearing his story, but nonetheless it just wasn’t a very convincing setup. Maybe it’s because their situation is too similar to the one between Naruto and Sasuke, but Motoi’s hatred can’t possibly be compared to Sasuke’s intensity. The only similarity between Motoi and Sasuke is that they both chose to seek revenge for their loved ones by attempting to murder a close friend — only Motoi’s a total newb and can’t even stab someone in the back without screwing up.

I know I’ve been complaining a lot so far, it’s mainly because I feel that Kishi is rushing things a little too much in this story arc; this is okay during the transitional phase at the beginning, but I think we’re enough into this arc that he can slow down and stretch things out a little more, particularly if there are battles involved. During the Sasuke-a-thon, even skirmishes between minor characters took up at least half a chapter or more, so I see no reason not to continue to do so in this story arc. Hopefully, Kishi is just pushing through at breakneck pace to bring us closer to the epic battles that will initiate Madara’s War.

To be fair, there were quite a lot of interesting stuff revealed in this chapter as well:
– I used to think Kyuubi’s attack on Konoha was a rare event to strike a village, but it looks like other villages like Kumogakure had their fair share of trouble dealing with rampaging Bijuu. I used to wonder why the First gave what was essentially today’s equivalent of a nuke to each village if his dogma was to promote peace and pacifism, but with each village constantly wasting men and resources trying to tame their Bijuu, they wouldn’t be able to build up a sizeable military to threaten everyone else. And because each feared the other villages would control their Bijuu before them, everyone was forced to stay in this game and waste resources experimenting and rebuilding instead of waging war. Heh, that Hashirama sure was a sly one ;p
– Check out the pictures of the Third Raikage, that guy looks like a total beast doesn‘t he? I wonder if he is the father of the current Raikage and Killer Bee? I would have liked to see more of him in battle, maybe he‘ll make a cameo in future flashbacks?
– Now we know Hachibi’s left horn was cut off by KB’s brother. I find it odd he doesn’t just grow it back since a Bijuu is composed of chakra only. Maybe it’s a memento?
– We get a glimpse of the previous host to the Hachibi. I can’t help but notice that his eye sockets are pitch black, perhaps even empty. Is this a side effect from the transference of the Hachibi? If so, this could explain why KB is wearing shades all the time — he could even be blind (I think someone pointed this out already in the comments, can’t remember the name but credit goes to you, bud). Heh, maybe that’s why KB reminds me of a young Stevie Wonder.
– Just kill that squid already, we got the joke the first time.

I didn’t want to do another funny pic this week, but I couldn’t resist with this one. Don’t you think Evil Naruto and Inner Sakura can hit it off pretty well?


70 Responses

  1. good post really think that kishi is just trying to get to the meat of the story like the actual war

  2. I am interested in the training part of the story more than KB’s background, but he seemed like a cool kid! KB is one of my top favorite characters.

    I think the reason the previous Kumo Jinchuuriki’s eyes were black was because of the extraction of the tailed beast. Remember when they were extracting Gaara the chakra was coming out of his mouth and eyes and I think that’s why they are dark but I could be wrong because don’t Octopus have dark eyes!

    I hope the training begins next week and I’m glad Naruto’s showing his funny side again because he really was starting to be depressingly serious over Sasuke, I want him to be more serious but in the Sasuke way, like arrogant! I want him to show no mercy when he fights, just kick some ass!

    I am also wondering if the frog scroll knows more of the fourth’s jutsu, like the FTG technique or the Sealing technique the third used on Orochimaru!

  3. what a compassionate fella is KB! this chapter wasn’t too bad for a transition, it did make us realise something important and that is the idea of transference. Naruto like KB has become the object of his friends hatred not from anything they did but from the psychological phenomenon known as transference.

    Additionally, I always knew raikage cut off the horn it was pretty obvious and I mentioned it when a while ago. Anyway, the question must be: what did we actually learn about mastering bijuu from this chapter? It seems like a simple idea of uncontrolled=fear, controlled=loved so if you want to be loved learn control, end of story. I could have told Naruto that a long time ago and I’m not dark Naruto

  4. This chapter and the last chapters before reminds of the fillers they´ve shown in the manga

  5. What can I say, I just enjoyed this chapter. It was nice seeing KB as more than a Sasuke-ass-kicking-mofo, “a blithering idiot” and a 50 Cent (or any other rapper) wannabe. He’s like a saint among Jinchuriki lol.

    Nice analysis Bob-o 😀

  6. i give three more chapters untill it gets interesting

  7. I feel in the next 3-4 four chapters Kisame is going to bust up Naruto and Bee’s little training/rapping session. Guy is going to then make a grand appearance. They will battle for about 2 chapters, and then I think Guy is going to be defeated. Prompting Naruto to train with Bee even harder, then the time skip, and finally the reunion of bff’s…….Ahhh… so much story so little time. What are we Shannarolites to do?

  8. BFFs…I.E. Naruto/Sasuke, oh and I forgot to mention, that during the time skip they will do the whole Madara teaching Sasuke how to control the EMS’ power training arc.

  9. Great post as always Bob.

    After looking at this chapter a couple of times I do think the Third Raikage is the Fourth’s father. They look very similar and their body types look alike. I see the resemblance in the noses too.

    One other thing is the Naruto thinking KB was the squid joke did make me laugh, I know it’s been done before but I wasn’t expecting it haha classic.

  10. ehh, i agree w/ most of what u said Bob, not a very interesting chapter. but i do DISagree w/ u on the “Evil NarutoxInner Suckura”, i think regular Suckura’s evil enuf for Evil Naruto

  11. I think things in the manga should pick up soon with Bee coming back into the scene. Serious training will start in the next 1-2 chapters and I think Kisame will make a move shortly after that.

    @nemo, hehe, why am I not surprised, i guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

  12. @ BOB im not really sure but have we even seen Madaras ems yet? cause I dont remember ever seeing it, so for those who believe Madara is gonna teach Sasuke to control it, is it possible that this “Madara” really doesnt even have the ems considering we havent seen him use it or us any powerful jutsu other than wak a mole

  13. @minatofan, he doesnt have to have an EMS to teach Sasuke how to use his. All he needs to know is how it works. Though technically, there’s no guarantee that Sasuke will get an EMS. Madara said that a transplant doesnt always = EMS. But since Sasugay’s Kishi’s golden boy……….we know how its gonna go >_>

  14. @ minatofan, technically we have seen MADARA’s EMS ( http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/File:Madara%27s_Eternal_Mangekyo_Sharingan.JPG ) , but if u r one of the MANY who claims Madara and Tobi r 2 different entities, then u could say we haven’t seen TOBI’s EMS

  15. Uck, that Hachibi host is mugly O_O

    Anyways, I kind of liked this chapter overall, but its progression did seem sped. Well, I don’t have much time to talk so…

  16. @kisu
    where did madara say that a transplant doesnt always =EMS

  17. didn’t he have the shades before he was selected to be a Jinchuuriki? hmmm… sorry bob, had to give u a hard time 😛

    we all think that kishi needs to work more on the other side stories and go more in detail on what’s presented now. however, there’s a pattern to current line of events:

    * naruto faces a strong foe
    * naruto goes to training
    * naruto succeeds in training (duh)
    * naruto almost immediately uses his new abilities in the new upcoming battle.

    what i’m trying to say is. according to kishi’s pattern of events, naruto’s going to face either madara or sasugay soon after he’s done with this training. so i really don’t know if we’re going to see any prolonged side stories in between.

    UNLESS, right after training, naruto finds a new foe who needs to be defeated (other than sasuga or madara), then after that, he realizes that his control over the kyuubi isn’t complete yet, and while getting it complete, we can read about the events we’ve all been wondering about for so long. but that never happened since chapter 1…

    i just hope this isn’t what i think it is. i hope this manga doesn’t end up like inuyasha, where hundreds of chapters where written (and read) about lots of the smallest details on all the characters and events, and then the whole story was ended in 10 chapters. wouldn’t that suck?

  18. i know we have seen this before with jinchuriki being hated but hearing bee’s story was important for naruto to defeat his evil self. because unlike naruto or gaara bee did not become a hateful person or killer. he rose above the hate and pain unlike naruto and gaara and because of that he was able to control the hachibi. we may have heard aspects of this story before but the new info we learned help us understand why bee is able to control his bijuu because he does not let hate control him and is a good person.

  19. This manga is boring right now. The progression of chapters seems rushed, yet after reading it, I don’t feel as though much as happened. It is an interesting paradox. It may just be me, but Naruto is not as much of a dynamic character as Sasuke. Even though some people hate his actions and the things he has done, he gives the manga flare. Anyway, I think in the next few chapters, Naruto will have an epiphany and all of a sudden learn how to beat his Yami counterpart–inspired by Bee’s compassion. While Naruto is doing that, Kisame should make an appearance (so there can be some sort of action in the chapter) and Guy will have a rematch with him. Guy dies in the battle and Bee and Naruto join forces to overwhelm and defeat Kisame (as of right now, I don’t think either one could defeat Kisame one on one). Naruto doesn’t have the skillset to fight Kisame from long range and is not fast enough in the water and Kisame had Bee on the ropes last time they fought.

  20. @profess, oops. I made a mistake. Madara didn’t say it, ITachi did. But tis still just as valid….its not like Rock Lee said it >_>


  21. @illuminus
    I can tell that you’re a Sasuke fan. He is a good character from a certain point of view. The thing is Sasuke has become uninteresting since he beat Itachi. Even though Itachi was sick, blind, and dying Sasuke did defeat him but he fails in comparison to his power and skills. Since he defeated Itachi his character has become annoying to me, because he has nothing to do anymore other than hate on those who are happy. Second, KB was trying to keep his friend’s alive which is why Kisame was able to defeat him in the first place.
    The chapter was pretty dull though. I mean just about everything that happened to KB happened to all the other jinchuriki. Unlike Naruto: KB knew of his family, wasn’t given his bijuu at birth, not everyone hated him for being a jinchuriki, and he didn’t foster any hatred for his village. Unlike Gaara: KB had the support of his brother, he loved his village, wasn’t a serious person, and he had a reason to become a jinchuriki of honor.
    It feels as though Kishi is rushing things, though. I hope everything is going to slow down soon, because all of this rushing is getting very annoying. Since, the whole fight with Pein everything has been rushed to this point.
    List of disappointments: the meeting of the Five Kages happened very quickly (they arrived at the meeting in a day when it took the others a few d ys), the second fight between Gaara and Sasuke could have been addressed, the meeting of Squad 7 could have went better with at least a little skirmish between Naruto and Sasuke, Tsunade waking up before Kakashi became the Sixth Hokage, and a whole lot more which Kishi could have played with but decided to be mainstream and rush things.
    Sorry to all those hardcore Kishi fans but that is how I feel about it:(

  22. I want to see Naruto and Sasuke have the most epic battle of all time, I want it to blow Hashirama and Madaras battle out of the park just to have Sasuke turn good and fight alongside naruto to defeat “madara”
    why does everyone think Guy is going to die, did Kishi say that Lee didnt need any growing up to do. If Guy does lose against Kisame i wanna see him open all gates and go f’in insane on Kisame and beat the crap out of him before he dies. but seriously, naruto is there, the 8tails, u really think Kisame could finish off Guy before they can show up?

  23. This chapter has made me think, could Kushina, Naruto’s mother, have been the former Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi? I mean I know they say the Kyuubi was a natural disaster and all, but I’ve been thinking couldn’t have Madara faced Kushina, extracted the the Kyuubi and used in battle like a summon, therefore spelling Kushina’s death at extraction, I mean it’s hard to believe that Konoha did not have a tailed beast before then. This could also help explain why Minato faced Madara and the Kyuubi by himself, because it was personal. Maybe the Hokage’s of Konoha are the only ones that knew of the designated Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi? Just something this chapter has made me think about. The chapter was alright, though it follows the same formula.

  24. “the Kyuubi was a natural disaster and all”: Well If you look at the hachibi attacks, the cloud treated it like it was a natural disaster, Kushina could easily been the host being controlled by Madara and died during extraction like the previous hachibi host, but more likely not.

  25. @John

    It doesn’t make any sense for Kushina to be a former 9-tails host… she is from the Whirlpool country, and I don’t see how she would be someone Konoha trusted. I guess it is possible that the Whilrpool country couldn’t control her & the 9-tails… but if that was the case, then how in the world did Minato get close enough to practically marry her?

  26. … he may actually have married her in the manga (although it hasn’t been confirmed).

  27. @MinatoFan. It just seems to logical not to happen to Guy. It has been to long since someone of the “older generation” passed(not counting Danzo). Like I have stated before there is really nothing more for him to teach his team. Neji is a jonin. Lee is an exact copy of Guy…….and Tenten…….well she has a lot of shuriken and kunai. It is just to big of a coincidence for Kishi to have placed him there, unless the leaf got word of Kisame being there as well, or at least looking for Naruto and Bee, but there were no previous signs of that. Plus there has to be some big trigger for the war to begin, and I think this may be the start of this, after all Madara did place him there for a reason, and once Madara has all the info he needs he will give the word for Kisame to wreak havoc.

  28. i know that this has nothing to do with this week episode but not you think that the dark inside naruto that karin sense a few chapters ago was this YAMI NARUTO

  29. lol no one cares that Sasugay might not get the EMS. Let’s throw a party Shannaro!!!! Sasuke might actually have to work for something for once! Get out the party favors!!!!!!!

  30. I’m with kisuzachi on this one. Lets throw a party if ol’ Sasugay has to work for his EMS.

    It is not possible for Kushina to be the former Kyuubi host, because it was stated that she died giving birth to Naruto; or at least that is what they say.
    To help you out I think the reason why Konaha didn’t have the Kyuubi was because of the First Hokage’s ability to control bijuu. Then, there is the Second Hokage who probably decided not to keep the 9 tails in the village because of the whole battle between the First Hokage and Madara. Madara being an Uchiha he might have assumed that all Uchiha could control the Kyuubi so he decided to keep the 9 tails outside of the village.

  31. …and outta the Uchiha clan’s reach so that they couldn’t use its powers to destroy the village.

  32. the manga is fast paced right now bcoz nothing is happening and Kishi just wants to get somewhere.

  33. if naruto ever controls the kyuubi like bee does with his bijuu, what’s the next big thing? combining kyuubi’s chakra with natural energy? lloooooooool

    that would be ultra-super-duper-pooper-kooper ultimate shinobi for u.

    ok… now being serious… i wonder if (bijuu mode) has any risks or side effects at all… it doesn’t seem the case with bee, but didn’t naruto’s skin get messed up and he got a good ass beating when he faught orochimaru back in the days? i know that didn’t seem the case when he faught nagato, but hey, that was because of his dad’s influence (and re-sealing thingy) right? maybe not.. i don’t know…

    i wonder if it’s like sage mode… with no side effects.

  34. what’s the timezone on this blog btw?

  35. @ lilmoe Orochimaru didnt kick naruto but, are you serious? lol he had to retreat and the only reason he didnt die against naruto is because all the freakin bodies he uses up

  36. “he had to retreat”: Actually he did defeat Naruto, he impaled Naruto on the Kunsungai sword, and then left because Sai’s offer was more important to him than finishing off Yammato and the unconscious Naruto and Sakura. I don’t know what you mean as far as “bodies he uses up” or what point it could have since you are also considering Naruto using the Kyubbi…

  37. @walmart1

    But Naruto’s impalement on the Kusanagi did not pierce the 9-tails armor. Oro was able to get away only because Sakura diverted 4-tailed Naruto’s attention.

  38. “Oro was able to get away only because Sakura diverted 4-tailed Naruto’s attention.”: Well, while sakura did break up their fight, it wasn’t Orochimaru who was at a disatvantage, Yammato was the one who was forced to subdue Naruto, because Oro. in a briliant startegic move, relocated Naruto to where his Kyubbi state would do the most friendly fire. This arguement was originally about could full control Kyubbi-naruto beat Oro. (to which I side with Kyubbi Naruto) but to whether Oro. HAD to retreat, I don’t think so. Naruto had the upper hand in the begining when time and surprise were on his side, but even if Sakura hadn’t interfeared, the damage done to Naruto (by the cloak) would have piled up and killed him if nothing else. Except for his Dad saving him, if he gets to four tails without someone to stop him then he is pretty much dead via completely releasing the fox anyway. Oro. is a master of survivng prolonged battles, and I think in the long run he would beat Naruto, especially if he was able to do something like replace the five element seal he once placed on Naruto during the chunin exams. The Kyubbi cloak has a lot of power, but not a lot of options, and Oro. was shown dealing adequately with all of the kyubbi’s attacks.

  39. Brilliant move?!?! wtf? He was just trying to stab Naruto with the kusanagi. Naruto already demolished his Rashumon gates, which is Oro’s ultimate defense. You don’t know how much longer Naruto would have lasted under the cloak, but the raw power Naruto was using alone was more than enough to take out Orochimaru, and Oro knew it, so he retreated.

    How in the world is Oro going to get close enough to put on a 5-part seal? If Orochimaru tried to put on the 5-part seal with the cloak on , and if the sword of Kusanagi can’t penetrate the cloak, how in the world is Oro’s hand supposed to penetrate it to put on the 5-part seal?

  40. @walmart….. naruto was not unconcious. in fact the sword used against him didnt do much except knock him back a bit, and htis is after narto just completely obliterated the 3 gates and the excess power knocked oro pretty hard. Kyubbi/naruto was fully conscious and if not for yamato would have killed sakura than went on to chase oro down. remember not only did naruto destroy oro’s ultimate defense with 1 blast, but one has to remember that it was only in 4 tails. thats what probably less than half of te kyuubis full power?? and also the demon cloak is slowly killing naruto, but his high stam and his regenerative powers would allow for a long battle (although naruto will still be hurt badly once it wore off) not to mention that the full efect of the cloak on the 8 tails seems to be less than what we would think. After all the 8 tails has shown to be able to use the cloak effectively and he has not died yet and he is older than naruto by probably 10-15 years. So there may be a way to create a kind of resistance against the poison or negative effect on the user of the demon cloak.

  41. ” He was just”: if he were to do just that it would be more effective to just go straight up or down, but instead he extended his sword hundreds of feet to have Naruto land back within feet of Yammato and Sakura after the two chapters before hand talked about how dangerous it was to get close to Naruto.

    “Oro’s ultimate defense”: it’s one of his defence, but he still has several defences that we know of (and potentially more we don’t because he collects jutsu) such as regeneration, snake summon and just dodging plus the Rashmon Gates can be resummoned since they just fall over when defeated.

    “How in the world is Oro going to get close enough”: He got close enough to punch the kyubbi in their skirmish, and he doesn’t need to penetrate the cloak, just come into contact with it as seen when both Jiraiya’s seal and the first time the 5 element seal was placed.

    “naruto was not unconcious”: He feel unconscious a few chapters later due to the poisonous chakra.

    “there may be a way to create a kind of resistance”: I agree that there MAY be a way, but Naruto at that time didn’t know it. As I said, Naruto with full Kyubbi control can beat anyone, but Naruto didn’t at that time, and Oro. wasn’t retreating or running away in defeat, just leaving to make a deal with Sai since he had no reason to kill Team Kakashi.

  42. he fell unconcious cause of the CLOAK not oro. and as for the sword stab u said it impaled him… not even close. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/296/03/ . oro even admits the sword didnt even pierce him much less impale him and as you can see naruto is still in complete control and not even close to losing conscious or down and out. on page 9 of the came chapter oro laments how his body is giving up on him even now…. showing just how far in a short time naruto pushed him. he didnt leave because he made a deal with sai. he says “this body is rejecting me. pity the battle has to end here”. Sounds to me he is saying he doenst have the strenght in that body left to go on…. the deal with sai comes AFTER this statement

  43. and as for the defense yea he has others but which did he go to in a pinch when he saw the blast would kill him if he got hit? he was too slow to dodge it, the snake regen weighs heavily on ones chakra and the snake summon would not help as manda would have just gotten annihilated. Oro used the jutsu he thought had the best chance of stopping the blast and all 3 gates fell.

  44. btw last thing. according to the third databook, the three gates each had different abilities: the first takes the attack head on, the second reduces the power of the attack and the third disperses the pressure. The pure power shown to annihilate the three gates, on top of that hit oro while in the 4 tails form gives me a new respect for pein going toe to toe against the 7/8 tail form.

  45. @Token, good for you. Come join the Pain fan-club 🙂

  46. Pein is badass! And to think that jiraiya nearly got killed when Naruto went four tails and Pein just figured he’s make a bigger moon to contain the 8tails-badass! And you have the audacity to make Jiraiya win every tournament.

  47. In fairness, if the tables were turned and someone else fought pein and told jiryia the secret he prob would have won as pein commented that if he knew peins secret he would have been beaten…. of course surprise is a part of being a ninja so i still count jiryias loss as legit and showed just how capable of a fighter pein and jiryia both were. And as for jiryia getting hurt remember that he is trying to not hurt naruto at all and protect him, while pein could go as far as possible without killing him.

  48. *spoilers
    Naruto’s friend-no-jutus is super effective. hahaha Same old story, bad guy or bad Naruto gets owned by a hug or nice words. hahaha.

  49. you guys are stressing out something i didn’t imply and are getting farther away from my point.

    i didn’t say naruto in kyuubi mode was defeated by orochimaru. i said he got messed up BECAUSE of the transformation itself…. there wasn’t a winner or loser in that battle.

    so i’m still wondering if kyuubi mode has any risks even IF naruto can successfully control the beast

  50. @lilmoe

    I think that the main part about Naruto getting hurt was that the chakra was malicious… so it seems that it is the Kyuubi’s will that makes the chakra harm Naruto. I would surmise that without the Kyuubi’s will, the chakra does not harm Naruto, just the same as it is with KillerBee… no malicious will, so no harm done to his body.

  51. Although as we’ve seen, it seems that using Tailed Beast chakra at all can tire KB out… seems similar to Sage Mode, there is a lot of power and stamina during the technique, but afterwards there is a period of weakness… I guess another similar technique to this is the 8-celestial gates.

  52. these are pretty awesome comments. would have posted sooner but you. anyways i think even if KB’s chakra hurt him a his body would adapt. he does have the body lineage of the son of creator of all jutsu right. i could be wrong. i’m just sayin’.lol

  53. you know*

  54. besides, what’s a little pain when you get the pleasure of pimp slappin’ Sasuke twilight extra butt.

  55. @Young Flava

    We didn’t see any skin damage from KB… even after the chakra cloak was reduced during the fight with Kisame. So this means that KB’s chakra cloak does not harm him.

  56. hmmm…. ok. YAY!!! lol i’m i glad we got guys and gals who goes all here. where you think Kishi get inspirations and ideas? i bet it room like this.

  57. “while pein could go as far as possible without killing him”: actually Pein couldn’t kill Naruto as he needed him alive.

  58. @ mart, that’s what token said

  59. No he said the opposite: that Jiraiya held back while Pein didn’t, I am saying that Pein held back while Jiraiya may or may not hve held back (I’m doubting whether Jiraiya could do any damage to Naruto since Oro. couldn’t with one of his strongest attacks, which are more specific than area effect like jiraiya’s but about equal strength. If fact I would love to see 4-tailed or < naruto against Jiraiya.)

  60. @mart i said “while pein could go as far as possible without killing him.” him being naruto. That kind of means pein wasnt trying to kill him either……

  61. Oh I guess I misunderstood, I took that to mean Pein went all out and couldn’t kill him.

  62. put to be honest if all Pein had to do was put a necklace and replace a seal on 4tails Naruto I believe that’d be a no brainer.
    Kishi really needs to structure the new Naruto correctly, bcoz this wide area damage nonsense of his attacks will actually only work to overpower his opponents, I want strategy and interesting combinations of techniques. Additionally, I would like to say to Kishi, all I want for christmas is a wind chakra infused sword for Naruto! For some epic kenjutsu!

  63. because Naruto spamming sage mode and kyuubi like sasuke spams Susann’o will make him just as bad and linear as sasuke.

  64. “put a necklace and replace a seal on 4tails Naruto”: Well Jiraiya’s seals don’t work well after 2 tails (Jiraiya said one but Kakashi made 1.5-2 tail be surpressed) and the necklace breaks after six tails. Plus these are when Naruto is fighting for control not when he’s working WITH the fox. I agree that the overpowering is where it seems to be going since he needs to be able to match Sasuke, but I think it would be better otherwise.

  65. 495 is out now…..

  66. 495 is an alright chapter.

    *SPOILER*… Naruto stopped Evil Naruto with semi-heartfelt words WTF is up with that!? Next time he fights the 9 tails:)

  67. @ chapter 495
    Am I the only one that thought kb saying its to early to celebrate MOTHA FUCKA was the funniest thing ever lol

  68. @Minatofan: Yes, you are the only one.
    Chapter 495 pretty much went the way it was expected to go. But now we have quite the interesting development coming to pass, (since I can’t spoil what has already been spoiled) I will say that this new fight the kyuubi thing could (or rather should) last a number of chapters, e.g. like 10. I mean Kisame could use this as the perfect opportunity to take out both KB and Naruto.

  69. @Minatofan, that was just out of the blue lol which means it was funny :).

    Is it just me or does Naruto look creepy when he’s “rapping” (im using that term really loosely here >_>)? It really creeps me out O_O

  70. man that temple or place that was behind the waterfall was huge…. the mural of the 8 tails was pretty cool as well..

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