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Naruto Chapter 493 – Evil Naruto Needs to be Eviler

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Oh wow, this week’s Naruto came a little late didn’t it. We’re usually expecting a mid-Wednesday release from MangaStream but this week’s chapter didn’t show up until a few hours ago today (Thursday). Well, no matter, the latest Naruto chapter is here now after a 2 week wait. So was it worth the long delay?? Wellllll…. honestly I wasn’t all that impressed or excited after reading 493. After all the fast pacing and new plot surprises Kishi introduced in the last 4 or 5 chapters, you can really feel the steam running out in 493. I think Kishi was just looking to put in a transitional chapter so he can start revealing Killer Bee’s back story, but I still think he could have done a better job keeping us entertained this week.

I was pretty excited after seeing Evil Naruto last week, but maybe I was anticipating a bit too much. Although the ‘evil clone’ angle is pretty clichéd these days, you can actually do quite a bit with such a character particularly if the original character is someone who doesn’t really have any “evil” qualities or any “bad boy” characteristics. It’s a chance to really let the reader experience something new and refreshing by showing them the dark side of their hero. I know we’ve seen the evil side of Naruto through his Kyuubi transformations many times in the past but it was more like Kyuubi possessing Naruto then Naruto acting on his own accord.. But now we have a Evil Naruto who has a mind of his own and is able to communicate his, err.. “evil” thoughts.

Even the best of the best have an evil side, I think that’s what Kishi is trying to show here, but I’m feeling that he didn’t work this angel as effectively as he could have in this chapter. Naruto is human just like everyone else, and he too should have dark thoughts like everyone else. There’s no way that after being ostracized by the entire village throughout his youth, Naruto would grow up with no taint inside his heart, especially considering he was an orphan to boot. We’ve seen hints of that taint surfacing throughout the years, especially in situations where Naruto is enraged or is confronted by a person who has gone through the same ordeal; but in all those cases, Naruto suppressed those feelings and held his tongue. Evil Naruto’s appearance gave the opportunity for that taint to finally have a mouth to voice itself. I wasn’t kidding last chapter when I said I wanted to see this doppelganger starting going to town badmouthing Konoha and some or Naruto’s so-called “friends”. Sadly, Evil Naruto was less colloquial than I expected and instead resorted to a primitive fist fight with Naruto. Yet even the fighting wasn’t all that exciting since the majority of the action happened off-screen. So overall, I felt the whole thing just kinda fell flat after the cliffhanger last chapter. I’m not trying to promote Bleach or anything here, but so far the Ichigo vs. Hollow Ichigo encounter was handled way better compared to this.

But enough ranting about my disappointment. The other part of this chapter revolved around KB and talking about KB. It seems the Hachibi is rooting for Naruto since he’s trying to convince KB to help the little guy out. But Naruto really seemed to have got on KB’s bad side when he dissed his rap, and I think transforming into naked girls in desperation just sealed the deal. However, Naruto is now following the right approach by asking Motoi about KB’s past. This never occurred to me before, but Motoi mentions that most Bijuu hosts are chosen from the spouses or close blood relatives of the five kages in order to maintain their loyalties; makes you wonder what the bloodlines of the other less known Jinchuuriki’s are like, doesn’t it? Not surprisingly, KB had a similar background to Naruto and Gaara while growing up, however I think he was slightly better off since he had the support of his brother who was also the Raikage. In the end though, Naruto can redeem himself in KB’s eyes if he can build a bond with him by connecting through the mutual experiences they lived through growing up with a monster within. I think next chapter should be pretty good as we get to peek into KB’s past and see some Hachibi rampage action. LMAO at young KB with the shades, either he’s really devoted to that style or he’s got an eye condition ;p

I know Sasuke fans have had nothing to go on for a few weeks, so…

And this week’s polls have nothing really to do with the chapter this week, but I appreciate it if you’d participate anyways 🙂


84 Responses

  1. chapter was boring

  2. Yeah this chapter didn’t do much for me, the coolest parts in my opinion was the flashback panels showing a younger Raikage and Bee. It would also seem that the Hachibi and Kyuubi have some history too so that could be an interesting plot point if touched on. Overall, a bit of a downer chapter but watered down Naruto is better than no Naruto at all I suppose. Next week should be good.

  3. i didn’t really like it that they didn’t show more of Naruto vs Evil Naruto. but it’s good to see KB’s past now. not much else to say but that i didn’t really like the lil’ Narusuke pic u added, mostly since i’m not a fan of yoai, and the ones either involving Sasuke (OroxSasu, Uchiha Bromance, etc) or Naruto (NaruxGaara, NaruxLee, etc) r my least favs of them all

  4. This chapter makes me wonder about the other Jinkuri lineages. I think that Yugura might have been the current mizukage’s fiance or something, and that the Four tails looks like Onoki a bit.

    I think we will see the evil Naruto fight more after the Bee Gaiden.


  6. @ jk, i liked the Snake Bastard too, (“bastard” being used in a complementary way) but i’m afraid Kabuto’s really the closest we have to him at the moment, and i wouldn’t b expecting any return from the real deal (unless he somehow possesses Kabuto, but that’s unlikely)

  7. Man, now that you’ve brought it up, Dark!Naruto really could have been handled better. I was really hoping for a continuation of his swearing and general hating of Konoha and/or people in general(because god knows some of them certainly deserve it *coughMizukicoughSasukecoughSakurawithherfakeconfessioncough*, but hopefully when he goes back to fight with Dark!Naruto in his mind, more stuff will be brought up. It will seem completely and horribly fake, and way too convenient if all Naruto has to do is physically beat up his darker self to magically and instantly stop hating, without emotionally examining why he hates and logically coming up with a way to stop hating.

  8. …… The Sasuke and Naruto kissing picture is really.. like disturbing.

    This chapter how can you say ..was.. predictable and increased my irritability for Naruto by 10. I like the whole Hachibi against the Kyuubi idea. I would love to see the 2 strongest of all tails bang out or hear what their past were like. Maybe they were in bodies before Naruto and KB. They probably actually fought many times. Who knows?
    Again, though does it really matter? Like previous people have known and comprehended that many plots were consistently placed out there for us to bite are teeth into and soon as we bite we hit brick. I love this anime and of all it’s story, but the lack of actual thought from Kishi has his anime in a debilitated state.

    Kishi bring back the greatness of the anime or your fanbase will be abominated!! 😡

  9. Oh, even though this has nothing to do with anything about Naruto at least since this chap. was wack here is somethign to discuss. Myself and a couple of friends were having an debate or more like a heated argument. So I just want to see what the results are if anyone has an opinion.

    The topic is Freddy Kruger v.s. Goku.

    Who wins? Who loses?

    My opinion is Freddy. Think I’m wrong prove it.

  10. I was quite disappointed in that we didn’t see more of a battle here. I also wonder if KB refuses to train Naruto because he knows Naruto cares about Sasuke, the guy who tried to capture him. I could see that would give KB a hard time.

  11. Heh… “taint”….

  12. It just hit me. I think killerbee is blind. How crazy of a twist would that be?!?!?!

  13. To be honest, even though the chapter was rushed, overall I love it. In my head (way before) Dark Naruto, I knew that Naruto would have to “mentally” force Kyuubi into submission for him to openly acces Kyuubis chakra. Notice how when Killerbee and Hachibi are talking, theres no physical barrier (like Narutos Sealed Gate) stopping them from communicating. I think, either Bee removed his seal (highly doubt it) or he entered the gate and into Hachibis mind (more likely). If the latter is possible, Naruto would probably (in my opinion) have mastered his Bijuu like the Rikudo Sennin. Anyway beside that I’m eager to see how Naruto handles “himself”.


    GOOD POST BOB, the funnys are funny but rly caught me off guard

  14. Lame Chapter.

    I first started watching Naruto when my mom said “You can either stay here and watch the debut of Naruto, or you can come with me to your grandmothers” Which did I pick? Oh yes, dear Naruto. She states that she knew about the manga before the anime came out, but I still doubt it.

    Anyway, Lame Chapter O_O

  15. naruruler12 your mom knows what Naruto is? My mom still thinks anything I watch thats animated is dragonball z lol anyways I didnt think the ch was lame, and the whole naruto vs evil naruto wasnt so bad to me either

  16. Raikage looked hardcore in his youth! “Don’t fuck with the Raikage bitch!”

  17. We waited 2 weeks for this chapter, and this is what we get…..Kabuto FTW!

  18. Unexcusable chapter… Outright blasphemy… Major disappointment… This dude Kishi had so much material to work with, and for heaven’s sake and my sanity I hope he does…
    Evil Naruto could have played da insecurity card mercilessly… I mean there’s the Minato angle that Evil Naruto could have twisted ( I cant be da only one who thinks that encounter of father and son was to chipper) I mean there has to be some abandonment issues there, and everyone knew who his father was and no one told him… He still doesnt kno his mother, and he has to think someone has dat info too… I mean his father and mother were Konaho royalty… The freaking it couple… Evil Naruto could have played the whole jealous of Sasuke angle, or how Sakura played him for stupid and how his love for her was sh*t on… Or how he saved the whole village Hokage included from Pein… He always wanted to be Hokage and Evil Naruto could have played on some deep seeded resentment dat Naruto is da only one now living deserving of dat title… He could be pissed at Kakashi for favoring Sasuke, or people always underestimating his intelligence and skill… So many what ifs

  19. Now for a real comment.

    I dont think simple rapping is why Bee doesnt want to train Naruto. Bee and the Hachibi are clearly friends…..no more than that. He probably thinks that all Naruto wants is to control the Kyubi when he should be trying to come to an agreement with it. I’d also like to see why the Hachibi doesn’t like the Kyubi. Seeing Jinchuriki interact is cool and all….but I wanna see Biju interact. Do they go at each other all out, or do they sit and have tea (Aizen-Espada style)

    I was expecting a philosophical debate between the Narutos that would spontaneously breakdown into a fist fight……..all i got was the fist fight. Evil Naruto seems almost like a “Gin”. He seemed to enjoy toying with Naruto but clearly has more hatred and anger than he’s showing, based off his statement last chapter, and his statement this chapter.

    “Why didn’t you sign those autographs at Ichiraku? They all…suddenly changed their tune and tried to suck up to you. What a couple of annoying assholes. And yet, up ’til now, everyone in the Village has treated us like outcasts”.

    I think we’ll see that evil we wanted to see when they confront each other again.

    Jinchurikis: I always wondered why all the Jinchurikis seemed to have some relationship to a Kage. Now I wonder what relationship Yugito Ni (Two Tails Jinchuriki) had with the Raikage. Before anyone suggests she’ll be in this flashback, no she wont. This flashback is 30 years ago, while Yugito was 29 when Hidan (mostly Hidan I bet, lazy old Kakuzu) and Kakuzu crucified her :D. PErhaps Yagura had the Biju implanted in himself because Kirigakure is a brutal, civil-war-prone placxe. Why trust a Jinchuriki to protect you when you can become one yourself? But that raises the question of what did he and Utakata share. The other Jinchuriki’s are a huge blank. Especially Fu, he/she wasnt even from a major village, so which Kage was he/she connected to?

  20. @Bob, excellent pic at the end lmao! That’s what Naruto wants like hell! Cant get over his first kiss I guess 😛


  21. @kisu: u raised an interesting point… What IS yugito’s connection to the raikage? Love child maybe? Hmm? This chapter was definitely not the greatest but as noted it is a filler for things to come. My complaint is that after all Naruto’s experiences there really shouldn’t be that resentment about Konoha. I think daddy issues and fear of failure are what should hv been prayed upon… Its more logical and succinct with his character. I mean Gaara in part one wouldn’t have changed had this dark side truly existed.

  22. the more I think about it this whole jinjuuriki being villages royalty was pulled out of Kishi’s ass… The direct result of too much sake over the holiday…. I mean had that been a fact from the get go, everyone would have known that Naruto was related to the kage and the fact that the kyuubi was sealed in him saved the village. And unlike Gaara who happened to unconsciously try and kill villagers because of the shukaku, the kyuubi was dormant so they should have loved him.

  23. hy there people , lon time no see 😀 where can i find this weeks volume ? ty

  24. @madzikage

    I don’t know about that, I mean the other villages have had jinchurriki for a long time and it had been public for a long time, Konoha had NO jinchurriki before Naruto. Plus, the Kyuubi attacked the village, rather than being a symbol of power that is passed down, like the 8-tails.

    The people of Konoha still blame the Kyuubi for the attack that happened in Naruto’s youth, as many people lost parents, children, etc. and since the kyuubi was in Naruto, there was no way they could forgive him, 4th Hokage’s son or not. It took until Naruto could show them that he was more than the Kyuubi inside that he gained their respect. I would guess that being the current Raikage’s brother helped gain that respect, but from Motoi’s story, KB still had to earn it.

    Gaara turning to the good side is just another example of how there is good and bad in all of us. Just because he turned good doesn’t mean he banished his hatred inside. You could say that he underwent the same transformation Naruto did, only much later in life.

  25. about the polls, i’m reading the manga right now, why? because the naruto animation right now sucks bigtime!! who the hell is doing the animation nowadays? can somebody tell me what happened to the first shippudden episodes, they were great but nowadays, its just like some kid doing paper animation, something like southpark. man, is kishi cost-cutting his anime budget? better read the manga than watch it in motion, it sucks anyway.

  26. @ darth kamote, Kishi doesn’t have control over the anime, only the manga. somebody else does the anime

  27. I don’t think it helped that “Dark Naruto” looked like a rushed scribble. All Kishi did was scribble in the eyes so it was even more disappointing when his dialogue fell short as well as his “Dark” look, as well as not seeing their skirmish. Yea we’ll see him again, but Naruto’s first meeting with his own demons ended by Naruto opening his eyes and saying “Oh No! There’s some guy that looks like me fighting me in my head and I’m too pea-brained to understand what’s going on. durrr.” See also: Anticlimactic.

    I dunno, maybe it just frustrates me when Naruto suddenly acts all childish and naive and aloof after he finally grows up and gets serious. He’s been complaining like a little brat since this arc started haha.

  28. @Uchiha_Gaiden

    Perhaps the eyes are actually going to be red, not black, since Dark Naruto is bound with the kyuubi in a sense? I think that even a shadowy Naruto, i.e. he looks just like an all black Naruto, would have been better.

    @darth kamote
    Yeah, Kishi sold his rights to the anime companies, that’s just the way it is, so he has no control over what they do with his material, same as the movies.

  29. Hmm… It was said that the Jinchuuriki are chosen from the Kage’s environment. However, when KB was sealed, his brother must have been too young and not a kage yet. So, what happened? Was their father/anyone relative the Raikage, so KB was chosen, or was E destined to become a kage? Unless E is many years older than him and, when he become a Kage at an early age, KB was born and sealed.

    As for the other Jinchuuriki, it was said “it’s common sense”, not that it is OBLIGATORY to be a relative to the Kage. I don’t think that ALL of the other Jinchuuriki are related to the Kages.

  30. @Nemo & kamote

    Ive realized that the animation behind Naruto was becoming cheap around the first filler arc (Soras Arc). Kamote believe me when I say, I feel your pain. The only episodes I feel were handled with care were, Chiyo vs Sasori (ya know, part 3 of it) Hidan, Kakuzu vs Team Shika (one episode of fluid animation, the 2nd part), Sasuke vs Deidara, Itachi vs Sasuke and Killerbee vs Akatsuki. As of recent, the Kakashi vs Pein battle brought a tear to my eye, only half of it was decent, not amazing :'(…..

    Kakashis: Raikiri Hound…=….EPIC FAILURE!!! (that was my fav part too)

  31. @ bloodsasuke, to b honest, i didn’t watch a single episode of Shippuden, i’m now only reading the manga, so i have no idea about the quality of the anime

  32. is this chapter on onemanga or mangafox i cant find it!!!! O.O

  33. @bloodsasuke

    Makes me glad I can’t watch the anime on TV… I’m too lazy to go online… and I can’t find it in english online anyway (as interesting as Japanese with subtitles is… english is better somehow). The only anime I really saw was for Part I, which I thought was done well…. but I am happy to say that I have not seen ONE single filler arc.

    The only movie I saw was on TV and it was really dumb.

    About Kakashi vs. Pain, that really stinks, that was one of my favorite scenes in all of Part II, when Kakashi says “that’s a stupid question” and all that, I think it was one of Kakashi’s best moments.


    The manga is on MangaStream or Mangashare, I forget which one hosts it.

  34. thx ripcord! 😀

  35. This chapter was OK. I really suspected something like this to occur back during the first part of NARUTO. It just took longer than expected for Naruto to train at this level. I can’t wait for KB’s gaiden to see his backstory.
    Of course Naruto should have abandenment issues as well as issues with those that have lied to him over the years. Alot more but little time.

  36. Well that little squable was a real let down, hopefully future battles will be more exciting. I can’t believe how stubborn Bee being, Naruto needs his help and all he can do is wrestle giant bears and mope. Maybe next weeks will be more interesting.

    P.S.: Bob, what’s with those last two pictures? The first one was alright, but that second one was a bit…. creepy.

  37. Hey, stop complaining you bunch o’ homophobes, it’s funny sh*t in my books. It’d be perfectly fine if it was two girls kissing, right? Besides, it’s canon: http://i643.photobucket.com/albums/uu151/Cruherrx/000e000oj6d.jpg?t=1273208436

  38. @ Bob, a large part of my complaint is that i don’t like that coupling much the same way i hate NaruSaku. i tolerate a lot of the yoai fans make, but i really hate the ones w/ Naruto or Sasuke for some reason. i wouldn’t have complained if it was Lee and Gaara tho, lol, i wouldn’t have ENJOYED it either, but i wouldn’t have complained

  39. kukuku, point noted, I’ll be sure to dig out some GaaraXLee for you next time. Actually, I found a pretty clever pic to use for next week, don’t worry guys it’s heterosexual this time ;p

  40. Funny shiznits in my book lol. Its so true considering the current events

  41. @ Bob, i didn’t say i’d like it, i just said it wouldn’t annoy me nearly as much
    @ kisu, i kno it’s rather true considering Naruto blew off a b-cup hotty like Hinata (who saved his ass, btw) just to get close to Sasuke (who is, himself, clearly homosexual), but just cuz it’s a canonical couple doesn’t mean i have to like it. i also dislike all of the canonical Orochimaru pairings: xKabuto, xSasuke, and xKimmimaro

  42. @nemo, i know, just trying to get under your skin :p
    Also, I think Hinata is more than a B-cup, in the Japanese system at least. Wonder if it’s listed in the databook somewhere?

  43. @ Bob, i honestly don’t know how big the cup sizes r (as i’m a virgin, hey don’t get on my case, i’m only 15) but Urban Dictionary defined b-cup as “The absolute perfect bra size” because “They are bigger than an A-cup and you can actually hold on to them but you do not get saggage or stretch marks like you do with larger cup sizes”, all of which seems to describe Hinata

  44. again, i don’t know what size her breasts r, but i can’t imagine them being saggy (which is how UD described larger cup sizes)

  45. Not all girls get stretchmarks on there boobs lol, long as they keep em lotioned up , I know shes old but if I could only be in naruto, id hit Tsunade lol, before you all think im gross, listen she can make her self look whatever age, shes got huge boobs and u can never go wrong with that, and shes got alot of experience lol 🙂

  46. @ minatofan, she can change her outside, but what about her inside (where your d*#% is going)? after all, it’s just an elaborate henge. also, her boobs kinda look sorta semi-liquid, which, i dunno about u, but that kinda turns me off. and on the “experience”, she dated that Dan guy, then when he died, she became so depressed she never dated anyone else again, so she couldn’t have that much practice.

  47. unlike in bleach this naruto was just in naruto’s mind and naruto cant just beat him up and win. he has to probably let go of it before he can control the kyuubi. naruto has to aspect it and let go of his resentment and hate to truly beat evil naruto.

  48. “unlike in bleach”: Ichigo DID have (several) battles inside his head with hollow Ichigo, in fact he had to do almost exactly as you described before he could win.

  49. I cant miss out on an argument about boobs. Mei’s got the best boobs in this series! Best boobs!

  50. it’s been a while since i’ve read a good article bob… thanks. better than cnn and cnbc. no sarcasm intended.

    anyway, i agree with all said. but something seems really weird… we all know the the tailed beasts are like, VERY, evil. and the more tails they’ve got the stronger and “eviller”…

    the eight tails actually confesses that he was “tamed” by bee-san. but i just CANT picture the nine-tailed fox being tamed like that or even anywhere close to that… it would be REALLY awesome if that happens, but still funny and unlikely. i can only picture tamed “kyuubi-chan” taunting naruto all about being powerless without him, and in the end naruto came back to him for power, that would be kyuubi-chan’s way of saying “hey there stud!!” loooooooooooool

  51. @Sirius Prime

    couldn’t agree more… i think kishi has had a blind spot towards LOTS of what naruto “should” be asking at least. how come he never asked who his parents were? and even when he found out who his father was, wasn’t that kinda lame? i mean, your good ole neighborhood drama series would handle that on a better scale… and talk about his mom, if the boy hated his dad, isn’t wondering who his MOM is even more important?? geez… i wont mention hinata and how her confession and sacrefice was TOTALLY AND UTTERLY managed like it never happened. don’t get me wrong, i’m not into the “love story” shit, but at least give this some thought dude. i know u’re busy, but heyyyyyyyyy, that’s some ass (and tits) there that beat the shit out of sakura’s sky-scraper forehead!!! christ…

    something else…. since sirius-prim mentioned this royalty thing, where the F**K is the rest of his clan?? i mean, he’s a senju right? weren’t they like, the STRONGEST? we never heard of anything happening to them like the uchiha incident… so what’s up with that?

    not to mention LOTS of shit that was on my mind but never mentioned, are u guys catching my drift? kishi’s got LOTS of ideas and stories he’s not fully utilizing, or if he’s planning on doing it, it’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy due.

  52. @lilmoe

    I agree with you about Naruto not asking any quesitons… I tooooooooootally expected Naruto to ask Kakashi more about Minato once they were reunited after the Pain fight… I thought it would be the perfect time, but somehow it seems Kishi thinks Naruto isn’t ready yet.

    We don’t really know if Naruto is a Senju, some of the manga can be interpreted that way… I guess I can understand how some of you guys really think he is a Senju as I really think Tobi is Obito. I still feel like I need more proof, although it is interesting that Tsunade is called “Granny” by Naruto.

  53. I think Naruto is an Uzumaki with Senju teachings >_>

  54. fudge packers and virgins=the real shannaro! A word of advice to u little boys… Look at real life girls instead of touching up yourselves to some hentai fantasy . But I guess the problem is just as SA’s ANCYL leader julius malema said and I quote, ‘that is rubbish you are carrying in your trousers, you are a small boy’. =D

  55. @lil moe & ripcord
    I’m with you guys. Kishi has a lot of thngs to work with so why is he not using that to his advantage, well your guess is as good as mine. Naruto hasn’t really had any time to ask any questions about his parents, because Kishi rushed the whole meeting of the Kages and the Raikage’s revenge against Sasuke. Naruto had to head towards the meeting to protect Sasuke and didn’t even bother to address the problem about his parents. If he would have put the meeting off for a few chapters he could have talked about Naruto’s parents before the battle.

    @Nemo Prime
    That personal info about yourself was truely unnessessary. I lost my virginity at 13 so you have no excuse. I guess what I’m saying is keep trying and you’ll lose it before you reach 17.

  56. @ sonelle, i’m pretty sure your hand doesn’t count, unless it’s like Deidara’s, lol, j/k. i’m expecting myself to stay a virgin for a long time due to me being kinda a huge nerd and sorta a major shut-in. i also think it would b disrespectful to just have sex w/ someone you’re not in love w/, and so far i haven’t had that feeling, well, ever (mostly due to that “shut-in” part)

  57. @Nemo Prime & Minatofan
    I would wreck Tsunade’s innards. I mean she has it all goin for her: she’s the first female Hokage, the first medical ninja to attain that title, the granddaughter of the First Hokage, a Sanin, the best medical ninja in the world (according to the data books), and lastly her looks. She might have only dated one guy but that doesn’t stop her from having a one night stand with whatever guy she meets. With all the traveling she had been doing years before Naruto and Jiryaia caught up to her I’m sure she’s slept with someone else besides Dan by now. And who cares what her p@$$y look like; they all feel the same once your inside.

  58. @ Nemo Prime
    That’s a low-blow dude. I was tryin to be friendly here and you just sh*ted all over that. I was just sayin that you may find the right girl who is just like you that’ll love you for you, so you didn’t have to get all douchebag on me. Then again she might be the opposite of you but still fall in love with you for you. I’ll try and remain civil because I’m 18 and your 15.

    Anyway lets talk about some Naruto:)

  59. “unless it’s like Deidara’s hand”
    Oh god, now I can’t unsee….
    “Anyway lets talk about some Naruto:)”
    Agreed. but let me just get the boobs thing out of my system first, kukuku

    Lol, I actually found a thread on Naruto girls bust sizes (yes, I do have too much time on my hands)
    It’s funny that it’s based on the only instance where Kishi has reported a character’s bust size in the manga or databook; it’s in that scene where Jiraiya estimates Tsunade to have a 106cm bust. I think it’s safe to say she’s a D-cup. Hinata ain’t no Tsunade, but is probably a solid C-cup. Sakura is way below that and probably an A-cup.

    Thing is, from a practical point of view, smaller breasts should give the person a better sense of balance and make it easier to dodge attacks, so Sakura has the advantage when it comes to pure physical combat.

  60. @ sonelle, i honestly wasn’t trying to b mean, that’s y i put “j/k”, which means “just kidding”. i honestly didn’t know you’d take it so seriously (as i put that there to prevent anyone from taking me seriously). besides, i think that “I lost my virginity at 13 so you have no excuse” was a rather vulgar comment itself, and really led me to believe u were being snotty w/ me while i was trying to just joke around. sorry if i misinterperated* your first comment or worded mine the wrong way
    *(almost certainly spelled wrong)
    PS, only take me seriously on NaruHina and science related topics (i know, a bizarre combination)

  61. @ Bob, “Thing is, from a PRACTICAL point of view, smaller breasts SHOULD give the person a better sense of balance and make it easier to dodge attacks, so Sakura has the advantage when it comes to pure physical combat”, i cap-locked the key words for these reasons: since when is anime practical? and just cuz something should happen doesn’t mean it will. based off of what is seen, Hinata’s got WAY better balance and agility than Suckura, which may come from training her whole life w/ larger breasts than her age should allow: part 1 Hinata (12) approx = part 1 Temari (16)

  62. Wow, what is this drift of conversation? This is getting really personal and awkward! Nemo Prime, you can do whatever you like, can’t you? Good luck with your choices! 🙂

    Well, I’ll tell you, guys, that Hinata wears a Cup B 85 (if she has at least 100 cm perimeter) and Tsunade approximately Cup F 85. Don’t ask me how I know this, just trust me. However, Hinata is only 16 years old, so she has still chances to… surpass Tsunade, although I think that such a big breast is really uncomfortable in battle and for other activities too! 😉

    OK, these are for fun!

  63. @nemo, not arguing on that point, I also think Hinata can beat Sakura hands down in most matchups; but it’s just fun to analyze fictional characters from different angle. The same line of reasoning makes me wonder how some of the bustier Bleach girls can manage to swing their swords so well.

    @Wo Ai Ni, looks like we have an expert 🙂 Please share your sources sensei cuz I can’t find anything in the databooks.

  64. LOOOOOL!!! I can’t believe this, you made my day, Bob! 🙂

    Well, it’s kinda simple:

    You must know the perimeter underneath the breast (on the ribs) and the perimeter on the “highest point” of it and you find this number (female issues, dude)!

    Since we know that Tsunade has 106 cm perimeter at her “highest point”, Hinata must have 100 cm AT BEST. (I changed my opinion, it’s 100 cm at best, not “at least” that I previously said.)

    I give both 85 cm perimeter underneath their breast (Tsunade’s must be bigger, but whatever…) and you find at least Cup DD 85 for Tsunade, probably up to F, and Cup B 85 for Hinata. (Now that I think about it, well yes, it’s not so kinda simple for boys! Ha, I can’t believe what we are talking about right now!)

    Remember, however, that Tsunade can transform into whatever age she likes and Hinata is still an adolescent, so these numbers do change.

  65. @ wo ai ni, that comic u gave where Tsunade gave Lee boobs kinda makes me think: most female characters had little change in their breast-to-body ratio, except Ino, who got much “bigger”. unlike Hinata (who was ahead of her age back then as well as now), Tenten (little change) and Suckura (same size she was when she met Ino, around the ages 6-8, lol). and since, according to the anime at least, Ino also studied under Tsunade, if maybe that’s how she got, ya kno, boobs discernable from her stomache: Tsunade implanted them over the time skip, just a semi-perverted thought

  66. Who knows? 😉 However, I find Ino’s breast OK, I think it’s normal for her age/body. And it’s not THAT bad if you have a small size, Keira Knightley doesn’t seem to have a problem with this!! She even posed next to “bomb” Scarlett Johansson, the comparison is inevitable! And if Sasuke is not that into… girls, Sakura has a better chance than anyone into his heart!! 🙂

  67. @ wo ai ni, not very up to date on pop culture (to the point i have no idea who Keira is), but the stuff relating to the Naruto series makes sense to me (after all, Suckura should fall into the same gender as Haku: “undefined”, lol)

  68. Hmm, Keira is the protagonist of “Pirates of the Carribean”, you must know this movie.

    As for Sakura, setting all other issues aside, she is quite feminine, judging from the hours she spends in front of the mirror, she was just damnified, one more time, by Kishi! If she wants, she can be really hot. Moreover, remember her reaction when she saw the Sai-Sasuke pair!

  69. yes i must agree with you bob i hype thinking it was gonna be like the confrontation in bleach. so this was a major let down. HE DIDN’T EVEN CURSE ONCE!

    and thank you for frying my brain with the pics i was fortunate to have not scene the first 2 episodes of naruto and to only hear about it . so thank you!

  70. *takes notes* THANKS WOI AI NI! I learned something new today 😀

  71. Nothing, it’s one of the funniest discussions I’ve ever had here! 🙂

    Here, we found at last Hinata’s real size! 😉

  72. @ wo ai ni, loved the comic, lol

  73. lol @ the comic, but what kind of friend gets a girl a bra when they’re not remotely romantically involved. Talk about awkward.

    Oh and thanx wo ai ni for the lesson on cup sizes. very educational. Don’t be ashamed for talking about it, it was all in the name of uhhh… research… yeah, let’s go with that.

  74. …Wow. What a discussion. 😆 8)

    I’d say even the flat chested girls *cough* Sakura *cough* might have boobs like Tsunade when they grow up. Our favorite medical ninja was made fun of by Jiraiya for her small breasts when she was little too! Even though she was 12 and Sakura is 16… <__>

  75. Sorry for the double post but that last face used to be two, but they fused together… They were like this: <__>

  76. LOL, research, eh? OK, give your blessing to Mary Phelps Jacob! 😉

    About presents: Bob, I think it depends on the occasion and the character of each person: some people would do this, others wouldn’t even think about it.

    Real event, changed names: A friend of mine, George, gave his best friend, Anne, panties (RED!) for her birthday, although he’s in relationship for 3 years now with Mary and they are crazy in love with each other. Neither Anne, nor Mary misunderstood this present, they are just friends from their cradles. Personally, I would never do something like this, but other people are more “free” and would not care to receive/give this kind of present.

    Well, whatever, I’m sorry, I drifted the conversation! I won’t post again on this topic!

  77. im glad naruto wasnt focused more on his dad, mom and hinata during the pein arc and well maybe he shoulda asked about them right about now but seriously, that just shows how mature he has become, All the ?s he has about his dad mom and hinata should be the last thing on his min since his village was just destroyed and everything else that happend afterwards. give it a few more chapters I say naruto and evil naruto will have at it a lil more and it will get alot deeper than it did.

  78. @ minatofan, well the least he could’ve done was thank Hinata, instead of just letting her think that he didn’t care whether or not she died. comeon, give her some credit Naruto, w/out her you’d b having the Kyuubi ripped from your soul right now. not to mention Sasuke (the only reason Naruto blew off everyone who cares about him) was a total douche when he was loyal to Konoha, then he betrayed the country that totally gave him so much, tried killing Naruto twice, associated himself w/ both Orochimaru AND the Akatsuki (Konoha’s 2 greatest enemies) AND totally cheated on Naruto w/ Karin, lol. Naruto’s gotta get over it, and i’m sure Hinata wouldn’t mind useing Henge to turn into Sasuke if Naruto wanted him so badly

  79. i agree MD, expected a bit more from evil naruto….oh well

    overall this chappie was boring ><! only silly battles that mean nothing and another sob story on the way =_=…. 'sighs' oh well, hopefully a better and more exciting chapter is on its way <_<

    great work btw MD 😀

    P.S. i still haven't given up 👿

    like deidara’s hand? loooooooooooooooooooool

    oh my god, i couldn’t stop laughing, that would be soooooo convenient….. sorry no offense, it’s just that it’s soooo funny.

    @wo ai ni
    dude (ette): i need bust figures on the following too if u don’t mind:
    1) inove orihime. – bleach
    2) CC – code geas
    3) belldandy – Ah My Goddess
    4) Ni-no-san – Arakawa under the bridge (might be kinda difficult since it’s a new anime)
    5) Revy – Black Lagoon (my type of woman “tough ass virgin :D)
    6) kaaya – Druaga no To (more interested in waist…. damn)
    7) Saber – Fate Stay night
    8) Tessa Testarossa – Full metal panic
    9) Moka – Rosario to Vampire
    10 and last but not least: Sumeragi – Gundam 00

    adding waist figures wouldn’t be dis-appreciated

  81. Oh dear. Bob will throw me out! I don’t even know many of these characters! But unfortunetely, I’m in general so easy-going and can’t say “no” easily…But this is the last time I talk about this. Well, I just googled them and judging from the pics:

    1. Orihime: D
    2. CC: B
    3. Belldandy: C
    4. Nino-san: B
    5. Revy: D
    6. Kaaya: C
    7. Saber: B
    8. Tessa Testarossa: B
    9. Moka: C
    10. Sumeragi: D

    So sorry, Bob, I couldn’t think you guys would be SO interested in this topic, I thought you were already informed!

  82. 494 is out!!!!! I wont spoil it for anyone of you but heres two things i did notice. we get to see Bees and Ei father the 3rd raikage… also see how the 8 tails ended up with only one horn… The present raikage was powerful to tame the 8 tails even before it was sealed into Bee. okay guys enjoy!!!

  83. and how can u guys forget about Mui from kenichi!!!! some of the biggest ive ever seen in manga… i think her and orihime about tied

  84. LOL actually it’d be strange for guys not to be interested in this subject, even if they’re fictional characters. But thanx for putting up with the odd requests, I think the internet is the only place we guys feel comfortable to ask these things haha.

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