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Naruto and Bleach

Ws here I wasn’t planning on doing a bleach one but because of all of you spamming “I want a bleach one” I decided to make one.

The creator of bleach is Tite Kubo.

Explaining Words:

Hollow: A soul that has fallen and become “evil” they eat other things with a soul to get stronger.

Shinigami: God of Death they use a Zanpakuto to defeat the hollows and protect humans.

Zanpakuto: A sword that is used by Shinigami to send normal souls to heaven and kill hollows, they have 3 forms: Sealed form (regular sword) Shikai form (the zanpakuto changes shape and some of them get special abilities) and Bankai form (same as shikai but more powerful.

Arrancar: A hollow that has lost part of its mask and regained human shape most of them also wield Zanpakuto’s but their zanpakuto has only sealed and another form called Resurrección that gives the arrancar their original hollow powers back.

Soul Society: The place where souls go after they get sent there by a shinigami.

Gotei 13: All shinigami belong to one of the divisions of the gotei 13, like the name says it has 13 divisions. Each division has a captain and a vice captain that keep order inside the divisions.


Ichigo Kurosaki is a human boy who can see souls, at one day he meets the shinigami Rukia and they get attacked by a hollow. Rukia gets hurd badly by the hollow she gives Ichigo her shinigami powers and he beats the hollow. Later Rukia’s brother and friend come to get her back and want to execute her for making a human into a Shinigami. Ichigo and some of his friends follow them to Soul Society where they try to free her.


Ichigo Kurosaki

Substitute shinigami with the Zanpakuto Zangetsu, Zangetsu’s power is to transform into a different sword with stronger power, he can also fire off a beam of reiatsu, in bankai the beam is black. His personality is serious, the opposite of his dad who get’s beaten up by him all the time.

Rukia Kuchiki

A shinigami with the Zanpakuto Sode no Shiraiyuki, it can use various ice techniques like creating a ice pillar for example or shooting some sort of beam that freezes the enemy, she has no bankai yet. She is bad at drawing ichigo claims that he can understand things better if she doesn’t picture them.

Inoue Orihime

A girl that is in love with Ichigo, she has a strange power that allows her to create barriers that can heal defend and attack.

Yasutora Sado

A big human and one of Ichigo’s closest friends he has some powers that changes his arm. It’s very powerful but it lacks speed and agains a captain of the gotei 13 it’s pretty much useless. Ichigo calles his Chad insead of Sado.

Ishida Uryuu

A Quincy, he wields a bow and can shoot with deadly power and accuracy. He is one of the most serious of all characters.

Abarai Renji

Vice captain of the 6th division his Zanpakuto is called Zabimaru and it is a sword that has blades who are attached with strings so it becomes like a pupper that he can controll freely. His bankai is a huge bamboo snake that he can controll just like his shikai. He’s Rukia’s childhood friend and he also came to get her back to Soul Society

Byakuya Kuchiki

Bekijk de afbeelding op ware grootte

Rukia’s brother and captain of the 6th division, his zanpakuto is called senbonzakura and it creates small blades that he can controll freely, his bankai is the same but there are much more of them. He is the second person who came to get rukia back to Soul Society.

Urahara Kisuke

A shinigami that has escaped to earth since he was called a traitor of Soul Society. He helps Ichigo with regaining his shinigami powers and getting shikai. his own zanpakuto is Benihime, there isn’t much known about it and his bankai isn’t seen yet.

Yoruichi Shihouin

Former shinigami she escaped together with Urahara. Her Zanpakuto is unkown because she doesn’t use it, she is only seen using hand to hand combat techniques. When she gets introduced she has the form of a black cat.

Yamamoto Genryuusai

The first division captain, he is the strongest of all captains and his zanpakuto is the strongest fire based zanpakuto called Ryuujin Jakka his bankai was never shown since he never got much fighting screen time.


captain of the second division, her zanpakuto is Suzumebachi her shikai is some sort of glove where 1 spike surrounds her middle finger. It creates butterfly like tatoos on the enemies body when they get stabbed. If they get his twice they instantly die, she is good enough with it to even hit the internal organs. Her bankai is only shown in the manga but because i don’t want to give a too big spoiler i won’t tell what it is.

Ichimaru Gin

Former captain of the third division, his shikai, Shinsou enlarges his sword to scyscraper size. He leaves Soul Society together with Aizen and Touzen to lead an army of Arrancars. his bankai is not shown. He’s always seen smiling for some reason. Bankai only seen in manga.

Kira Izuru

The vice ccaptain from the third division. His zanpakuto is Wabisuke which in is curved and has the cutting edge in the middle, it doubles the weight of everything that he hits. He doesn’t have a bankai yet.

Unohana Retsu

Captain of the fourth division the medic squad. Her Shikai is Minatzuki, a manta ray that has healing stomach fluids. She isn’t seen in fights so we don’t know her bankai or if the ray has battle powers, but there are rumors going around that she is one of the most powerfull captains in Soul Society.

Aizen Souske

Former fifth division captain who left Soul Society to lead an army of Arrancar. His Shikai is one of the most cheap known. Kyoka Suigetsu can hypnotize everyone who just looks at it. He has a cold personality and kills off his own subordinates without hesistsating if they aren’t strong enough to serve him.

Komamura Sajin

He’s the only known shinigami who isn’t human. He’s the only one where his bankai is known before his shikai who isn’t known at all. His Bankai is Kokujou tengenmyouou where an armored giant appears that follows Komamura’s moves.

Sunsui Kyouraku

Captain of the eight division. His shikai is Katen Kyoukotsu, which are 2 scimitars whose powers are revealed in the manga but not in the anime so just like with soifon i won’t give any spoilers since some people don’t read the manga. His personality is lazy slightly perverse and carefree but he’s one of the strongest captains.

Kaname Tousen

Former captain of the ninth division, he left Soul Society with Aizen and Gin. Suzumushi is his shikai and it creates a sharp high note that can knock anyone unconsious, however it’s only useable right after the release command. His shikai has another ability where it creates hundreds of spikes that rain down on the enemy. His bankai creates a space where everyone in it can’t see a thing, this gives him an advantage since he’s blind.

Hisagi Shuuhei

Vice Captain of the ninth division, his zanpakuto; Kazeshini looks like 2 scytes with 2 blades and bound together with a chain.

Hitsugaya Toushiro

Captain of the tenth division. His zanpakuto is called Hyourinmaru, an ice based zanpakuto where an ice dragon shoots out the tip of the sword. His bankai gives him wings made of ice and a tail, it’s ability is however the same as his shikai but it also becomes stronger. He’s the youngest captain we’ve seen yet.

Matsumoto Rangiku

Vice captain of the tenth division, her zanpakuto is Haineko, it becoms dust and can cut the enemy. If there’s a battle of breast size she would win!

Zaraki Kenpachi

Captain òf the eleventh division, also known as the combat division. He is the first person who managed to become captain without even knowing the name of his zanpakuto. He has a reiatsu sucking eyepatch because he can’t controll his own power.

Madarame Ikkaku

Third seat of the eleventh divisi0n. His shikai is Hyouzukimaru, a spear that can break into0 multiple pieces. He’s the only one known who has a bankai and is not vice captain or above. I don’t know how to describe his bankai so just look at the picture above.

Yumichika Ayasegawa

Fifth seat in the eleventh division, he likes the number 3 but since his best friend has it he decided to get number 5 since it looks more like a 3 then a 4 does. his shikai is called Ruriro Kujaku, a sword that is curved and has 5 blades, however that’s a fake version the real version drains the reiatsu from the enemy and gives it to the user.However he prefers not to use his real shikai since it’s a disgrace for a combat division member to have a reiatsu type zanpakuto.

Kurotshuchi Mayuri

Captain of the twelfth division, the research squad. His shikai is Ashisogi Jizou it is some sort of smal spear with 3 spikes that can paralyze the enemy. His bankai is a giant beast that can spit deadly venom. He has experimented on his own body and he has many weapons hidden in it.

Ukitake Jyuushiro

Captain of the thirteenth division. His shikai is Sougyo No Kotowari, it’s a double sword conected by a string and it can reflect everything. He is a strong captain but due to his weak health he doesn’t get to fight much.


A small arrancar who is actually the former 3rd espada. She got attacked by Nnoitra and Szayel and lost her memories. She joins Ichigo when he comes to Hueco Mundo to get Orihime back. Her Resurrección is Gamuza which turns her into a centaur like animal with a lance.

Yammy Riyalgo

The tenth espada, his number is the only one that changes, the 1 goes away and the 0 shows his real position in aizens army. his speciality is bala, a cero like attack that is weaker but 10 times faster. his Resurrección is only shown in the manga.

Aaroniero Arruruerie

The ninth espada, he can absorb other hollows and take their abilities. He’s the onlt Gillian level arrancar to be and espada. His Resurrección is Glotoneria which changes himself into a octopus like creature.

Szayel Aporro Grantz


 Eigth Espada, he’s just like mayuri a scientist who experiments on others. His Resurrección is Fornicarás which gives him some tentacles that can spit fluid and some other stuff. He can capture his enemies and create some sorth of voodoo doll where he can crush organs easily.

Zommari Leroux

Seventh Espada he has the least screen time of all espada since he got killed easily by byakuya. His Resurrección is Brujería which gives him lots of eyes that can control everytihng they lock on to.

Grimmjow Jagerjaques

Sixth Espada, likes to fight with strong enemies. His Resurrección is Pantera which gives him a panther like look and a bone crown on his head resembeling a king.

Nnoitra Jiruga

Fifth Espada, he claims to be the strongest of all espada. His Resurrección is Santa Teresa which gives him 4 more arms that regenerate at high speed. In each hand he wears a scyte-like weapon.

 Ulquiorra Shiffer

4th Espada but most people (including Ichigo) thaught he was the 1st since he was always in charge of big things and is very loyal to Aizen his powers are only revealed in the manga.

Tia hallibel

3rd Espada and currently the only female one. Her powers are manga only so i won’t tell them.

Barragan Luisenbarn

2nd Espada Just like the others from the top 5 his powers are manga only. He sees himself as the god/king of hueco mundo.

Coyote Starrk

1st Espada, he’s calm and even suggested to not fight seriously with Kyoraku. His powers are manga only.


It was a little bit harder to find one for bleach cause there are too many amvs and too much bad ones. But i managed to find one for you guys:


Now tha moment you all have been waiting for!

Ichigo – Naruto: main character and have someting inside that they prefer not to let out.

Orihime – Sakura: Not bad in a fight but most of the time useless exept for healing.

Sado – Lee: Strong power but isn’t of much use.

Uryuu – Kidomaru: both use a bow to fight with.

Yoruichi – Orochimaru: transform into an animal.

Urahara – Jiraya: Trained the main character.

Renji – Kankuro: Puppeteers.

Byakuya – Kakashi: First strict on the rules but later becomes a bit softer.

Yammamoto – Hiruzen: Old and very powerfull leaders.

Soifon – Shizune: Fight with poison.

Unohana – Tsunade: Most powerfull medic known.

Aizen – Madara: Cheap technique users.

Kyouraku – Shikamaru: 1 word: Lazy

Tousen – Itachi: Blind!

Hisagi – Sai: Is loyal to his commander but is willing to raise his sword against him.

Hitsugaya – Haku: powerfull ice users

Matsumoto – Tsunade: Boobies!

Kenpachi – Lee: Don’t use anything other than physical techniques because they can’t controll their reiatsu/chakra

Yumichika – Gai: prefer to use physical techniques but can also use other techniques when needed.

Mayuri – Kabuto: former secondhand of a powerfull scientist and now taken his place. Both are extremely good scientists as well.

Ukitake – Kimimaro: Strong fighter but has a weak body

Yammi – Sealed Kyuubi: The bigger the rage is the stronger it becomes.

Aaroniero – Chouji: Glutton

Szayel Aporro – Orochimaru: Scientist who doesn’t care much about his subordinates.

Zomari – Danzo: Collecting eyes.

Nnoitra – Tobi: only 1 eye can be seen.

Ulquiorra – Sasuke: Most emo person in te series.

Barragan – Danzo: Old and aim to be the leader but can’t fullfill it.

Stark – Shikamaru: Also lazy!

Link Manga

Link anime

PS. don’t forget to visit this


29 Responses

  1. I would have compared Nnoitra to Gaara because they both have absolute defenses and both were obsessed with being the strongest and only being alive.

  2. i would compare grimmjow to hiadn both a lot and enjoy fighting are are one of the few defeated but not dead

  3. REALLY good post, you ‘ve made a good job and a lot of research! The similarities can be subjective, of course (I think you didn’t tell anything about Rukia), but these similarities seem OK.

  4. Good job, just here are some that I think would fit better:

    Kenpachi-Might Guy both are powerful, but dont use kido or ninjutsu, both rely on brute strength alone.

    Ulquiorra and Yammy- Itachi and Kisame, Itachi was a very serious person just like Ulquiorra, both had techniques related to their eyes, Yammy is a loud rough battler like Kisame, both have large Reiatsu and Chakra reserves respectively.

    Grimmjow- Gaara, similiar, yet polar opposite with the main protagonist. Both have something to prove, both faced the main protagonists of their series and lost.

    Gin Ichimaru and Tousen- White Zetsu and Black Zetsu, both are never far from Aizen, who is Madara respectively, guess who is who. LOL

    Uryuu Ishida- Shikamaru, the smartess one of his group, by group I mean Ichigo’s group, and therefore Naruto’s group in each series.

    There are so many more, but I think you hit most spot on. Great post will definitely help pass the time.

  5. BLEACHEDICHIGO.COM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    gj whitey, looks like it took you a while. i already read this one. but when you come out with a new one i haven’t, i’ll be sure to check it out. your suggestions usually work for me.

  6. John i took Lee for Kenpachi because Gai is able to use ninjutsu but just doesn’t use it like Ayasegawa. and Lee and Kenpachi can’t mold chakra or controll their kido to use anything other than brute force.

    i kinda agree about yammi uli and gimm since they are hard to compare with anyone.

    SSJ i think hajime no ippo will be the next one and after that one piece or soul eater i don’t know what comes after that yet

    i know i didn’t cover everyone in the comparing that is modt likely because i couldn’t ifnd one or i forgot them.

  7. @ White Shinobi
    The reason I said Kenpachi with Guy is because I see a big resemblance between Squad Captain and Jonin, you know what I am saying? Also I’m trying to compare Akatsuki and Arrancar roughly Ten members in each group, I bet you could match one Akatsuki to one Arrancar. Kisuke as Jiraiya is spot on, both still loyal to the Seretei and Leaf respectively, both are innovative and trained the main protagonist to some extent in controlling their reiatsu and chakra, Urahara’s training was the basis for hollowfication and Jiraiya taught Naruto to control Kyuubi chakra to some extent. If you want another thing to compare Naruto to why don’t you try comparing it to the videogame Kingdom Hearts, a lot of similarities, think of it as an idea. But great post.

  8. i did it i have espada and akatsuki(some)
    Aaroniero=sasori both fist to die and ws frist seen in a disguise
    Szayel Aporro= oro of course both smily little **** and both dont care about minions
    Zommari= zestu? maybe both can put stuff on ppl and are loyal to leader
    grimmjow=hidan see my first comment
    Nnoitra=kakuzu both dont care and will kill parnters
    Ulquiorra = Itachi both are kinda emo(and badass)

    Tia hallibel=konan both only female in the top ppl
    Barragan= nagato
    Starrk=only on left is deidara soooo i guess thats it

  9. @hokage44
    I agree with most of them but how about these changes…

    Noitra=Deidara, they both have that tongue thing going for them, both have a covered eye, and both were really loud during their matches right before they died.

    Tia or Nel= Konan, either one was really high up in their organization, I say Nel because in the end she ended up being good, just like Konan is right now. Either one is alright, Tia or Nel.

    Barragan=Kakuzu, age wise they were among the oldest in their groups, they were serious, cared only for themselves.

    Stark=Nagato/Pain, both relatively calm, top of their groups, cynical at times, both were at heart pacifists and both cared for their friends.

    I don’t know, that what I think, what do you think?

  10. y the hell does hitsugaya have wings?? it is so unnecessary, they can all fly so the use of wings is pretty unnecessary.

    On another note, Ishida has really grown. I’m quite impressed, he has surpassed most of the shinigamies, even Renji.

  11. “he has surpassed most of the shinigamies, even Renji.” No way! Renji’s Bankai would destroy Ishida. Ishida is probably the weakest character in bleach after Orihime, and at least she has her healing. He’s one of the few main characters who failed to defeat an espada.

  12. @Mart, Ishsida would beat any non-captain main character. First of all, he’s a better strategist than Renji and all it would take is for one arrow out of 1200 per second to hit a vital spot on Renji and that’s it. Remember Renji doesnt have the luxury of a Hierro or Zaraki-class spiritual Pressure to negate attacks. And if it were under normal circumstances, Uryu would have killed Szayel (Espada number 8) TWICE.

  13. Also, Ishida was (for a few minutes) one of the strongest characters in the series. In Quincy Final Form he obliterated a Captain’s Bankai with one measly arrow.

  14. Actually Ishida lost to Renji at the begining of the series, and pretty much nothing has changed between them since. Renji does have a good defense against Uryu’s arrows besides just defelecting him like most shinigami, he has his Bankai, which has a high defense. Like all strong techniques that weak characters like Uryu learn, “Quincy Final Form” is self sacrificing, and stopped him from using his powers for a long time, not to mention he can’t use it any more. Renji’s Bankai Cannon would wipe Uryu out in no time if it even got that far.

  15. dn’t forget that shikamaru and Kyouraku both use shadows.

  16. “Actually Ishida lost to Renji at the begining of the series, and pretty much nothing has changed between them since.”

    LOL! actually A LOT has changed. Uryu learned Hirenkyaku (the Quicny equivalent of Shunpo and Sonido, except its faster than Shunpo), upgraded his bow TWICE, now uses Quincy items, back then a few arrows tired him out, but now he can fire 1200 per second, his Sele Scheider can cut trhough a Zanpakuto, in case he gets bashed up a little he’s got rasotengai to make him fight.

    All Renji really has done is learn Bankai. Uryu’s strategy-making abilities would doom Renji, plus all the above.

  17. “Uryu’s strategy-making abilities would doom Renji,”: Have you ever seen a bleach fight? They don’t really contain much strategy, “just I’m stronger” “no your not” “yes I am”: Bad guy dies, next fight…

    “his Sele Scheider can cut trhough a Zanpakuto” Bull Shit… It’s like when Aizen owned Soi Fon or anyone fights Kenpachi (just on a smaller scale) who ever has more spritual pressure wins when swords clash. Renji would slice through sele schneider long before it could break down his Zanpaktou (which has the ability to break apart and reform anyway).

    Renji has grown in ratio to Uryu from the begining of the series and still holds the top spot over him. When Renji absolutely destroyed Uryu at the begining of the series he was using 25% of his power at that time. From there his spiritual presure has quadrupled and undergone another huge increase due to Bankai training.

    Uryu’s Quincy Shunpo is fast enough to out pace Mayori (who never really tries) but Renji was able to keep up with Byakuya who is supposedly the fastest Shinigami (after Ichigo…) so he would easily be able to keep up.

  18. @mart1
    Well, strategy is a big factor in Bleach fights, take for example the most prolific strategy users Aizen and Yamamoto, they are powerful yet they used strategy. Hitsugaya in his fight against Luppi, short lived Espada number 6, used some strategy in dealing with Luppi, there are multiple examples in which strategy plays a huge factor, second only to brute strength and Reiatsu. On Ishida vs Renji, I have no comment since I don’t want to be dragged into that argument and plus they are in no way among the strongest characters in Bleach, I’d call them about even. I’ve always thought about Renji as the Kiba of the group, similar personalities to the main protagonist, some rivalry between them, yet loyal to each other. Mart1, I thought you were going to make a Bleach tournament, are you going to make one? sure would help pass the time in between Naruto and Bleach chapters.

  19. “Mart1, I thought you were going to make a Bleach tournament”: It’s still in the planning stages, though definately an idea, I have much to do in the real world so it probably won’t happen for a while.

    As far as strategy: 1. I think luppi was a filler wasn’t s/he? 2. Yammamoto didn’t really plan all that well… 3. Aizen’s good with strategy but mainly because he’s good (or perfect) at everything.

  20. i have a idea for a blog akatsuki vs espada battles
    my cooment from above and john’s ideas like griimmjow vs hidan and stuff

  21. Hokage: White Shinobi did a fanfic. on that topic quite some time ago (called bleach vs. Naruto)

  22. Man that sucks =/

  23. @Mart, no Luppi was manga.

    “They don’t really contain much strategy”- hmm. Isnt this why Szayel destroyed Renji? Uryu’s the reason Renji walked out of that fight alive.

    “Bull Shit… It’s like when Aizen owned Soi Fon or anyone fights Kenpachi (just on a smaller scale) who ever has more spritual pressure wins when swords clash” That’s just it. Quincies are humans and have no spiritual pressure. Sele Schneider absorbs Reiatsu and is a buzz saw, not a sword. Renji’s Bankai would be severely weakened if Uryu used Sele Schneider. Plus 1200 arrows per second would eventually amount to more than Byakuya’s Senbonzakura. Also, Byakuya isnt the fastest, he’s one of the fastest, but is outclassed By Yoruichi and more than likely Soifon. Renji didn’t become as fast as Byakuya, he studied Byakuya’s movements and adapted, so if some other character was exactly as fast as Byakuya Renji would get owned because that other character’s movements would be different. Btw, Mayuri’s life was in danger so he WAS Shunpoing as fast as he could, but Uryu outpaced him without even trying. Renji is only at Lieutenant-level speed, while Mayuri is at Captain level. URyu wins.

  24. “Quincies are humans and have no spiritual pressure”: Actually they do, they use spirit particles to form reiatsu, they just lack a large quantity of their own, so instead leach it from their environment.

    ” is a buzz saw, not a sword”: I’m aware of what it is, however it CAN still get cut/damaged as it is made up of spirit particles.

    “Plus 1200 arrows per second would eventually amount to more than Byakuya’s Senbonzakura”: well Byakuya’s shikai is 1000 petal blades, but his bankai is 1000 swords which can then seperate into 1000 petal blades each, so I think thats 1,000,000, I don’t think Uryu’s even close to that…

    “but Uryu outpaced him without even trying.” a. because of his puddle form Mayuri knew he wasn’t in danger. b. Mayuri’s leiutenant was able to grab Uryu c. saying Mayuri is at captain level speed while Renji isn’t is like saying Gaara’s at Kage level genjutsu while Kurenai is only at Jounin level. Mayuri obviously choose to specialize in pretty much every other area of shinigami combat… d. If Renji is able to see through Byakuya’s movements he should be able to apply it elsewhere in combat, since there is only a limited number of moves you can use with super speed as the base, even between the two different speed techniques, it’s still the basic idea of sending power to your feet, just with a different name.

  25. oh Hokage, he didn’t do the specific akatsuki vs. espada though. I think it is a great idea to do, and it’s just something to take a look at. Also, if you want, you’re more than likely to collude with me on the Bleach tournament mentioned above.

  26. @Mart, even at super speed everyone moves differently. All he did was predict where Byakuya would be and how he would attack because he spent DECADES studying Byakuya’s fighting style. So his speed doesnt apply anywhere else other than combat with Byakuya. Hence the reason why Szayel was outclassing him with Sonido. Also, to become a Captain, one has to be proficient enough in the Shinigami arts, which means Mayuri is still at Captain level speed, even if their are others faster than he is.

    “1,000,000, I don’t think Uryu’s even close to that…” in 100 seconds of fire, Uryu’s arrows would amount to more than Senbonzakura Kageyoshi’s blades.

    How can Renji damage Uryu’s Seele Schneider(s) when it/they would have already drained away his Reiatsu?

    Plus all Uryu has to do is fire an arrow through Renji’s spiritual pressure points and its over. Permanently. Considering Uryu’s speed and the fact that he can spam arrows more than Sasugay can spam Susanoo, Renji is bound to get hit. This is of course if the’re fighting each other as full-out enemies and not just a friendly match


  27. Speaking of tournaments, regarding Naruto vs Bleach, there are some who have taken that idea further and created, what I would call, the best fan made vids ever. All these videos are from EspadaUlquiorra0001, no plagiarism intended, I repeat they are NOT my videos, I just introduced them to you

    Kenpachi vs Kisame

    Mayuri vs Orochimaru

    Kimimaro vs Byakuya

    Ishida vs Sasuke

    Grimmjow vs Gaara

    Ichigo vs Naruto

    Now for us Narutotards, brought to us by EspadaUlquiorra0001

    Orochimaru vs Sasori

    Personally I think they are great and they could spark up some debate and new discussion material, what do you all think of them?

  28. “in 100 seconds of fire, Uryu’s arrows would amount to more than Senbonzakura Kageyoshi’s blades.” I see it this way in one second Byakuya has 1,000,000 to take out 1200 arrows leaving him with 998800, in the second second, he has all of those blades to anticipate the next attack, pre-empt it before it even forms, leaving him with 1997600 attack posibilities. so on and so on. esentialy my point is he has each of those blades per second. Not to mention his don’t disipate while Uryu’s do.

    “when it/they would have already drained away his Reiatsu?” It has a physical form meaning it can be damaged, it drains at say rate X as long as the rate it is being destroyed rate Y is higher, it will be cut in half. If Renji (or anyone) has a high enough spiritual pressure, then rate Y IS higher than rate X.

    “fire an arrow through Renji’s spiritual pressure points” That’s like saying “all Renji has to do is cut him in half” the arrows have to hit and do enough damage to the pressure point. With his bankai Renji would be fully protected from the spammed arrows, on the other hand there isn’t anything Uryu could do to protect against Renji’s Bankai.

    This is the point where it becomes soley oppinion, so I offer a better solution, check out my newest post (on shannaro)

  29. Awesome that is great 🙂
    and I would be honored to help u

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