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Naruto Chapter 492 – Bust a Rhyme, Dattebayo!

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hiya guys, welcome to another week of Naruto manga. I was pretty pumped last week about seeing Naruto starting his Kyuubi control training with Killer Bee-sama, and I’m glad Kishi got to the important stuff right away in chapter 492. I have to admit, that despite all the corny rhymes, KB is becoming more and more of a loveable character as we get to see more sides of him. I for one can’t wait until we see some of his back story, how he was treated as a young Jinchuuriki and how he completed his mastery of his Bijuu.

For Naruto, KB is going to be a great ally in the future, but he is also going to be a new sensei figure in Naruto’s life. Even though Naruto has matured a great deal, particularly after fighting Pein, I feel that there still needs to be someone there to watch over Naruto’s shoulder to make sure his old rashness doesn’t get the better of him. I know he still has Yamato and Kakashi constantly watching over him, but I think Naruto needs someone to fill in the role Jiraiya had. Jiraiya was not only someone who Naruto respected because of his great power, but he was also able to closely bond to Jiraiya because they shared the same free spirited and a bit childish personalities. If we think about how KB is like, I think he could be an excellent new role model for Naruto to follow.

Naruto and KB’s first meeting outside his room was off to a good start with the bro-fist, but then it just became very… awkward. I think because Naruto was so used to having his Harem no Jutsu easily win people over to his side (hey, it worked brilliantly on Jiraiya) that KB’s cold shoulder reaction just made that scene 100% more hilarious. I mean, one second you’re talking to a guy and then *poof!* he turns into a dozen naked girls. If you ask me, KB just slamming the door in Naruto’s face was a totally natural reaction, lol. Naruto has to think of something else to impress KB on their next meeting, or else KB is just going to think he’s some loudmouthed kid with weird hobbies — and that‘s never a good impression to leave with other people.

Some readers have been commenting on the rhymes from KB, so I’ll say a little too. One thing everyone has to remember is that to directly translate puns and rhymes from one language to another is very difficult. As such, translators have to be pretty imaginative to come up with something even remotely close to what the original context. So no two translations will ever be the same, and this is pretty evident if you compare Sleepyfans and Mangastream’s versions of this chapter. Personally, I think Mangastream did a better job with the raps and rhymes so far, but I think it could still flow better. And if anybody has a better version of the rap in KB’s notebook on page 2, I’d love to hear it :p

There’s a few more minor points I’ll comment on but I’ll leave them in point form since they’re so short.
– Gai showing up on the boat was pretty surprising, although him getting seasick feels very natural. Funny how a guy who moves around so much during battle can’t handle the wobbling of a boat. I also think Kishi put Gai here to set up a rematch with Kisame when he shows himself.
– Speaking of Kisame, considering all the high level ninja on the island, I can’t believe nobody has clued in yet. And so much for the awesome barrier Kumogakure erected over the island, FAIL!
– Even though he just appeared this chapter, I want to see way more of Evil Naruto! It’s like if Naruto had Sasuke’s personality 😀  I can’t wait to see how Naruto will handle his doppleganger, but not as much as I want to hear Evil Naruto badmouth everyone in Konoha; I really hope he comments on Sakura, hahaha.

*EDIT* just a heads up, next week is a holiday in Japan so no Shonen Jump will be out, that means no Naruto 493 until the week after. Well, at least this chapter didn’t leave off on too bad of a cliffhanger.


106 Responses

  1. NIce post Bob, and like I said on the other post, I think this is going to be the end of Guy and Kisame. I think he is going to open up all the gates to destroy Kisame once and for all. This is going to be crucial in the upcoming war. He has nothing left to teach his team. Neji is a Jonin. Lee is a copy of himself without the ninjutsu, and Tenten……..she has a lot of weapons. You never know one of those stray shuriken or kunai may fatally wound Madara :).

  2. Oh, and first, lol. I’ve been commenting for two weeks and I already got a first post. WOOT.

  3. Nice post Bob. Don’t you think though that KB closing the door on Naruto has more to do with him knowing about Naruto’s inner evil from the fist pump? I feel like this was hinted at when Naruto was talking to Moito (spelling?).

  4. I think that was all a part to get Naruto to go on this inner journey to deal with the evils he has inside. Because the frogs told him that if he has any evil in him the fox will prey upon that when he releases the seal. So he has to make sure his heart is fully pure in order to control the fox. Sounds to familiar like our favorite DBZ hero, lol.

  5. So what you’re telling me is that before naruto goes super saiyan 9, he needs to do something?!?!! Why does sasuke get it easy? lululululul

  6. No you are mistaken I think the newest Super Saiyan level is currently 32, the Platinum Oozaru.

  7. For a second I thought Evil Naruto was the 2nd Hokage, lol. Kisame vs Guy rematch would be nice but I don’t think Guy would win. I think Naruto or Killer Bee will come save him. I can’t picture Madara loosing another soilder. Who will Madara replace Kisame with if he dies?

  8. ahahaha ^^^^
    well we know naruto is gonna have to spend a chapter or two going “NO! i love those guys!” then he’s gonna start to acknowledge something the evil naruto gonna say…. then pull out at the last second and be like “i love the leaf!” then the other guy is gonna be like “…now your ready” i just hope it doesn’t last too long.

    didn’t ichigo already do this with the hollow side?

  9. @a. hizzo, A hollow mask Naruto…let’s all picture that for a moment…………awesome.

  10. this whole evil naruto thing reminds me of “empire strikes back”, where luke trains w/ yoda and goes into an evil forest, where he battles vader, one ends being himself. kinda cliche, and what evil naruto is gonna say is gonna be predictable, bad mouthing people in konoha in order to relieve his built up hate.

    Suna OUT!

  12. Evil Naruto’s in the house yo! He’d be mega cool if he calls Sakura a ho! Word.

  13. i have a question for you guys. Do you think its evil naruto or 9-tail in naruto form. it could also possibly be the same person.

    i personally think its evil naruto, because regardless of kyuubi or not, naruto is going to have a good and bad side.

    BUT, just for training sake, it’s probably kyuubi in naruto form. Just because i think the story is going in the direction of naruto has to beat the kyuubi first in order to control it.

  14. Fuck u bee,,,,
    I want to see more of unpredictable scene of naruto,,,,

  15. 1stym Harem no jutsu has no effect after more than 300 chapters…congrats Bee

  16. I knew eventually someone would make a comparison with the Empire strikes back movie, simply a matter of time.

    Bob made the evil naruto sound more interesting( particually talking about bad mouthing sakura; hopefully Evil naruto would do the same for sasuke) than it actually is. I was hopeing more of him facing the nine tailed himself and dominating him, than just an evil naruto. I wonder if they will fight, or go into a presidential debate of philosphoical speeches about life and good vs. evil and whats inside Naruto’s heart for the next 600 chapters, or possibly both. BTW, someone mentioned that Guy could possibly be facing off kisame in the future and opening up all eight gates(I think eight anyway) to try and defeat him. While I can imagine guy dying by risking his life like that to unleash such power, I’d still feel uneasy if he did it so soon, and against kisame.

    Almost completely off topic, but it sucks I’ll be in marine boot camp next week while all the good parts, (manga and the anime) will be happening. Why couldn’t I went when all the fillers were playing?

    And of couse……………Welcome back Harem no jutsu!!!!!!

    (Somewhere on this planet, a person was touching himself inappropriately.
    And Before anyone ask, IT ISNT ME!!!)

  17. just a theory, maybe when killer bee saw the 8 tails at the truth place for the first time he probably saw the 8 tails doing enka (the beast does enka during the hawk vs 8 tails), maybe this means that the jinchuuriki needs to become more like their beast inside to come to grips with controling it. if so then we’ll see a bit more of evil naruto in the future (not just a peace loving, bowing down to raikage-ing… person :P).

    please feel free to make me feel sad if you come up with a better one, don’t worry i’ll just lie down and cry myself to sleep 😛

  18. I think its quite interesting that in a time of war, two of Konoha’s most powerful ninja are placed in Kumo to protect two of the most powerful ninja in the Ninja world… seems kinda counter productive. I mean surely one ninja from each country in the alliance would have made more sense then disadvantaging Konoha by removing 3 powerful ninja.

  19. Sasuke is a sharringan user isnt he rpg711 which is a bit lame but thats the way it goes.

    Naruto has to do it the hard way like he has done all his life! he is a bit quicker then most learning new techs because of his mass shadow clone training though.

  20. Fujin Xero, as far as i know your meant to have no hatred in oyur heart to draw out the chakra without the will of the Kyubi coming through!

  21. I think it will be a good test for naruto, obviously all the younger childhood memories of him being an outcast will come out and he will have to over come them. it will mature him allot more but i hope he doesnt lose his natural determination and charm that everyone has grown to like.

  22. great post Bob, as usual!
    hahaha great comment about evil Naruto and Sakura. And indeed, Gai might only be there for a rematch with Kisame, and I will go a bit further. I think not only a rematch will happen, but Gai, again, will forget about Kisame lol

  23. geez, how many stories do we have to have where the hero has to fight his inner evil first to gain more power…? that’s just old and the idea is heavily consumed.

    my 2 south african pennies

  24. It could be worse, they could have introduced the cliche missing identical twin plot.

  25. Well ok people instead of naruto finding out his inner demons how would you changed the storyline?

  26. I like the way the plot is going because it plays directly into what the frogs told him the key was to overcoming the will of the kyuubi. I think this also going to play a key role into him being able to fight Sasuke all out mentally, without letting feelings get into the way.

  27. i think the plan with kisame was to get into the cloud village, his sword sucked up so much of kb’s chakra that it is reading as killer bee, chakra wise, so no i don’t think that anybody could make out the difference between the two until kisame reveils himself, i got a bad feeling about guy being there though

  28. I think as soon as gai sees the sword he won’t be able to remember where he saw it, then after the training he’ll be the one to rock kisame’s world. When it comes down to it, only a taijutsu user could theoretically beat him since there’s no chakra involved. When I saw Gai step out of the shadows I was like “oooh snap, kisame is so f*#$ed now!” If he’s lucky he’ll just be forced to retreat without Bee, yet I feel in this manga Bee’s death is ultimately innevitable.

    On a side note, I’m going to really surprised if samui’s group isn’t there. Surprised they haven’t popped up yet.

  29. @MattMaru
    I would have preferred if Naruto faced the actual Kyuubi, not an evil version of himself. Can you imagine Naruto in Sage Mode facing the Kyuubi himself? You know the actual Bijuu. That would be sweet, then Naruto subjugating the Kyuubi to his will. Now that would be cooler than facing a replica of himself.

  30. I hate to be a pessimist but I have to agree with uchiha_gaiden that my gut feeling is telling me KB’s going to die somewhere along the way. Akatsuki will get the eight-tails leaving Naruto the only jinchuuriki left in order to create the ultimate showdown. In all likelihood, this won’t happen before Naruto masters the Kyuubi, but it’s gonna be tough for Naruto to lose another sensei.

  31. I think maybe, Killer Bee is going to die fighting right beside Naruto, and when this happens the kyuubi is going to erupt from Naruto, and this will be his final test in fully controlling the kyuubi. I don’t think, even after this training, the kyubbi will be under Naruto’s control fully, I think it will just be more willing to obey him in more circumstances. Only after some random incident where Naruto experiences extreme anger(aka another Hinata type incident) where has to use his on will to supress it, will he have full control over it. I think that incident is either going to be Killer Bee dying in a battle beside Naruto in the upcoming war or either Naruto seeing Kakashi die in the upcoming war.

  32. Ok first, Naruto should never take on rapping, ever. Second, what’s up with turning Naruto back into that guffy persona, I thought he’d out grown that Harem jutsu, I already miss the serious Naruto. And finally, anyone else getting a Bleach “Ichigo vs Hollow Ichigo” deja vu feeling here?

  33. This chapter was NICE… I thought the relationship with Naruto and KB would get off onto a great start but if you noticed none of his relationships really do until he has proven himself to others, so it should be entertaining… I forgot that kisame was in the sword, eight tails and nine tails in the same place with him I smell a strong couple of chapters- story arc brewing up… I believe that the Evil Naruto is either his other half or maybe the part of him infused with kyubbi’s mentality. It would make sense because the evil naruto spoke in third person I believe.

  34. So somebody help me out here… If KB can for lack of better word “see” a person’s inner self by makin contact aka da bro dap, then he has to kno Samehada is holding Fishboy… Right????

  35. I still highly doubt KB will train Naruto, that was never in the prophecy, he’s just guiding Naruto. I think kyuubi is more likely to be the next ‘sensei’ for Naruto after he realises that Naruto is worthy of his full strength.

  36. I think that this is kind of like the FRS training in that in that it’s more of a mastery of a skill he already posseses (Rasengan:Inner Sight) and that people (Kakashi:Bee/Fukasaku) can lay down the basics but he really has to do it on his own.

  37. not much i feel like talking about, but i did notice that alot of ppl want Evil Naruto to bad mouth Suckura, and i don’t want that for the simple reason i dont want to see Naruto defending her. i kinda want Evil Naruto to either: mock Hinata (pissing Naruto off and making him defend her) or compliment Naruto on being a douche-bag and leaving Hinata to die (thus making Naruto feel sorry for his douche-baggery towards her). but i don’t want Evil Naruto to bad-mouth Suckura, i want Good Naruto to bad-mouth her

  38. I think evil Naruto is the Kyubbi not Naruto’s thoughts. Just look at his eyes (they are the Kyubbi slits if you zoom in).

  39. For those interested

    Naruto Shippuden Movie 3 sub here:


  40. I think that the evil Naruto is just a manistafion of narutos fear of getting “evil” by the kyuubi chakra, just look how scared he where when he knew he injured Sacura

  41. I don’t really care who the evil Naruto is whether its his self, the Kyuubi, or something else entirely. The only thing I care about is that Gai is there in the same place as Kisame and that their rivalry as become quite hilarious.
    KB is probably the first sensei that Naruto has had that isn’t a pervert!!! I hope that this training gives Naruto the knowledge he requires to help him save Sasuke.
    Anyone else notices that they didn’t mention emoboy in this chapter even once. Thank GOD!!!

  42. I made an interesting revalation about Naruto the other day. The Reaper Death Seal is suppose to lock up the soul of the victim and the soul of the caster within a seal between life and death locked in battle for all eternity. The thing is Naruto should have both his dad and Kyuubi iside of him not just the fox. Of course, his dad was inside of him until he resealed the Kyuubi within Naruto. Thing is Minato admitted that he place a small part of his chakra within Naruto just in case the Kyuubi reached its eight-tails form. In other words Minato was able to figure out a way to bypass the whole “give your soul up” deal that the Reaper requires. If Minato had his entire chakra within Naruto then Naruto would have been gaining chakra from not just the Kyuubi but also from his dad. Minato learned how to die while leaving a small piece of himself around in order to reseal the Kyuubi while the rest of his spirit had passed on so as he wouldn’t be infused within Naruto’s body. In other words Minato found a way to beat the Reaper Death Seal’s little “catch” while still dying while not getting infused with Naruto and Kyuubi. That is probably why Orochimaru was able to summon a third coffin during his fight with the Third Hokage.
    Then again I could be wrong so let me know what you think.
    P.S.- Nice work on bringing the Sexi Jutsu back from the grave after about a hundred chapters:)

  43. no next chapter for next week., NO WAY!!!!!!!!

  44. @ sonelle, the third coffin was only in the anime, and i always just assumed that (in the anime at least) Impure World Resurection > Reaper Death Seal, after all, Oro beat the Third’s Reaper Death Seal pretty easily. but, again the third coffin w/ #4 on it was just in the anime and not the manga, so many ppl will just ignore its exsistence completely *cough* mart *cough*

  45. “the third coffin was only in the anime”: ACTUALLY, the third coffin WAS in the Manga, it was just shown very breifly and the word Yon (4) wasn’t shown. “so many ppl will just ignore its exsistence completely *cough* mart *cough*” so this would be an inncorect statement

  46. yes it was shown…u see three coffins in 1 page in the next u see the great undefeated Hiruzen Sarutobi scared out of his wits should that coffin b opened..the anime jus made it clearer

  47. Oh and for the record, I think that DDCS and Impure Summoning are equal in strength, so which ever is used first will lose. Ex. DDCS can kill people summoned by Impure Summoning, but Impure Summoning (because it is a summoning jutsu, which doesn’t depend on location, including the belly of the Shinigami) can revive people killed with DDCS.

  48. huh, i really don’t remember the third coffin in the manga and honestly thought it was anime exclusive (partly cuz Narupedia said it was, lol). BUT, if it WAS anime exclusive, then mart WOULD HAVE (very, very, very likely) ignored its exsistence. i’ll take a look @ the manga to see for myself

  49. okay, just checked, the third coffin wasn’t shown at all, but Hiruzen and Oro talked/thought about it: http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/117/18/ where the Third thinks to himself (i paraphrased a bit) “i can’t let the third coffin come up” (only 2 shown) and on the next page Oro said (again, paraphrased) “so the third coffin didn’t come up, oh well”

  50. “mart WOULD HAVE”: Is there a point to this?

    Oh, and on Sonnell’s comment. If you can seal only half the Kyubbi away, it makes sense that you can do so by only sealing half of yourself away.

  51. @ mart, well, not really to tell u the truth

  52. Okay, cuz I’m more interested in Evil Naruto than the capabilities of DDCS and Immpure Summoning. I think Evil Naruto looks like the opposite of Sage Mode Naruto, so I’m hoping the two fight with Good Naruto using Sage Mode and Evil Naruto using the Kyubbi chakra (cuz I think he is the Kyubbi).

    I think it would be a pretty even match-up if you divide his powers like: Sage Rasengan vs. Kyubbi Rasengan, Chakra Cloak vs. Frog Katas, and Giant Toad vs. Kyubbi transformation.

  53. @ mart, i liked that scenario

  54. okay i now this is random and doesnt have anything to do with this post but i thought i should let people know and since im not an author and i have no idea how to make a post this is the only way i can think of telling people.
    For those who havent yet and wanna see the NEW naruto shippuuden movie 3 :inheritors of the will of fire. Go to http://www.kumby.com
    its already subtitled and everything.

  55. Blech, since there’s no new chapter, I guess I have to write this little bit before school…

    I think this chapter was a pretty good addition. I’m also glad that Kishi didn’t just skip straight to the training and Killerbee immediately accepting Naruto. I love the twist with Naruto at the end. I wonder if this is Naruto’s inner self…and if Sasuke came, I wonder what HE would see.

    This makes me think of some sort of reflection story. Oh, right. The one with the two people that have different personalities and likeliness on the outside, but on the inside, they are opposites of each other. Oh, wait, could that be…the Naruto series? Maybe >_>

  56. @ John, but your missing the point mate, he needs to over come his own hatred to harness kyubi, if he has hatred kyubi will only use that to over power him.

  57. @walmart1

    Technically I think that Minato sealed up all of the kyuubi: half of it was sealed inside Naruto and the other half was sealed through Minato to be taken by the Death God.

    I’m not really sure how Minato managed to get the kyuubi’s chakra spit (I guess in the same way that Hiruzen split off Oro’s arms).

    The debt paid by the death god is not exactly proportional, I think just summoning the death god results in the ninja’s death, as Hiruzen almost sealed away 3 souls to his one.

  58. “Minato sealed up all of the kyuubi”: But he sealed it in parts, so not all of it was sealed in the reaper death seal, the rest was sealed with a completely different seal (eight trigrams sealing style: four symbols seal)

    “I’m not really sure how Minato managed to get the kyuubi’s chakra spit (I guess in the same way that Hiruzen split off Oro’s arms).”: I think it is closer too how the Sage of Six split the Jubi, but that’s just my oppinion.

    “I think just summoning the death god results in the ninja’s death,”: I think that’s more to what’s left after the sealing takes place, you can summon him without immediately dying and even seal off parts of your soul before going, it’s just that if you were to seal off part of your soul, you would be an incomplete being and die for lack of a soul (or a part of it). This is shown by the Kyubbi who NEEDS Naruto’s body as a host unlike other bijju because he only has half. (Notice how the Kyubbi didn’t try to corrupt Naruto like Shukkaku did to Gaara? instead he trys to take over clones or Naruto’s body which have complete souls. But if Minato could seal part of the Kyubbi in Naruto, it makes sense that he could do the same thing with his own soul.

  59. Can I tell you one thought? It doesn’t belong to me, I’ve heard it from a friend. Can the current Mizukage be Kushina? I know that she is already given another name, Mei, and maybe her age (she is in her 30s) is not matching too well (unless she bore Naruto, when she was 18 – 22 years old), but Kushina probably belonged to Water Country and also Mei kinda resembles her. (Maybe she is her sister/cousin?! ) I ‘m not telling that I adopt this idea, I just want to hear your opinion.

  60. It was a great chapter but I can’t wait until the new chapter comes out after this week.
    I think that the Evil Naruto is infused with Kyuubi chakra and if he fights the Good Naruto then they would be in for one hell of a fight because the only thing that the Good Naruto has is Sage Mode which was proven to be stronger than even Kyuubi chakra in my opinion when he defeated Pien who possesed the Raningan.
    Then again this might all be occuring within Naruto’s head since that Cloud ninja told him to close his eyes when he sat on that patch of dirt. Naruto might just be in a trants-like state.
    It doesn’t matter because we’ll see whats what when Naruto resumes.

  61. @walmart1

    “But he sealed it in parts, so not all of it was sealed in the reaper death seal, the rest was sealed with a completely different seal (eight trigrams sealing style: four symbols seal)”

    Where are you getting this eight trigrams business? It doesn’t appera in the manga anywhere, I am certain of that. If it’s anime, it doesn’t count.

    About the Reaper Death Seal not consuming the caster’s soul, I doubt the Death God would disappear without payment, kindof how a summoned creature, especially the really powerful ones like Gamabunta and Manda, require a form of payment for their services (Gamabunta was more in respect or defending something worthy, Manda wanted human sacrifice). Also, once the Death God is summoned, the ninja doesn’t do anything else, Hiruzen had to wait for the Death God to put its arm through his stomach, after which I believe Hiruzen’s soul was grabbed and would be sealed no matter what he did next.

  62. If someone has the exerpt from the first data book, page 216 about the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style I would like to see it. I notice the Narutopedia cites it, but I DO NOT TRUST THE NARUTOPEDIA or any wikipedia source… it can often be incorrect.

  63. About the eight trigrams stuff: it IS mentioned in both the Manga and the databooks. If you want to know where in the manga, it’s talked about when Jiraiya is training Naruto in toad summoning jutsu and uses the five element unseal.

    “disappear without payment”: But does that payment HAVE to be a complete soul? Clearly if there are diffrent going rates on what the reaper does there are different rates for what it takes. Just as Gamabunta may have respected one summoner more than another, the reaper may have choosen to make a different deal with Minato.

  64. @mart1

    Well the way I see it, the Death God is like Manda… he doesn’t even speak, I think he just takes the payment, and he only accepts one kind.

  65. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/91/12/

    Ok, I see that Hakke, after checking a translation, indicates the 8-trigrams, but…

    That seal is a part of the DDCS anyway. The seals that appear on the Sandaime’s chest look exactly the same as those on Naruto’s and the Sandaime used the DDCS, he didn’t split anyone’s soul or chakra:


  66. Ok, the part of the seal in the middle is not a double seal, so I guess that means that the chakra can’t mix, it is just trapped. Even so, I would say the sealing method is the same.

  67. “http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/91/12/” this is the onemanga translation, they use hakke instead of directly saying eight trigrams but it means the same just translated differently. Same goes for elephant and symbol. I don’t feel like finding it in Mangastream, though that probably has a better translation.

    Just a side note: Distrust for narupedia is stupid. They are RARELY wrong, and self correcting. Distrust for wikipedia and wiki sites is something invented completely by teachers and education profesionals to stop free flow of information. They fear losing their jobs to a computer, but the only real difference between their knowledge and the knowledge contained on a wiki site is that they can’t be quoted as easily so their mistakes are less obvious. If you wish to challenge this, I ask for any example from Narutopedia that is incorrect.

  68. @ripcord: manda technically didnt only accept one type as sasuke manipulated him with the sharigan and sacrificed him during the fight with diedra. So maybe minato managed to manipulate a deal with the reaper… he was a genius after all 🙂

  69. “Even so, I would say the sealing method is the same.”: I think it’s like the curse seal of heaven. It looks oddly like a sharingan even though they aren’t related. Similarily I think Kishi’s idea of Naruto’s seal and DDCS started in a similar place but moved in a different direction just enough to be different. If you look at the fire sealing method jutsu jiraiya uses, it is similar looking to DDCS and eight trigrams except that the inside seal is different. Kishimoto has stated that there is an even-odd pattern so it makes sense that they look similar.

  70. @ Ripcord

    Here is the page you asked:

    Narutopedia has the same picture, I think you can trust it now more! I agree with Mart1.

    P.S. Guys, can you comment on my thought some posts above?

  71. I have gotten sick of this! So sick, that i am willing to write on this crap where it doesn’t belong and find out if ANYBODY feels the same way i do about this thing.

    Naruto Shippuden is so completely terrible in comparison to the original Naruto.

    If you just look at the original naruto, like when sasuke fights naruto in the valley of the end, the art, the timing, the fighting, EVERYTHING about that is so well put together! i still watch it over again just as a relief from the boring bs they’re feeding us today!
    The talking and the flashbacks and the dialogue in naruto shippuden is so fake and generic. its almost like the project manager procrastinates on EVERY single episode, and has to throw it all together the night before. What could be beautiful action scenes like they would have been in the old naruto are now just really cheezy, drawn out crap that was made in adobe flash to consume time so they can meet the 24 minute quota for each episode. somebody else has to have noticed this? i used to watch the original naruto. then naruto shippuden came and it just wasn’t good enough for me at all. i had to start reading the manga to fill in everything thats happening with my own impression of how things go down. it works alot better than watching that crap but seriously, if they mess up something with the potential of pain and naruto’s fight i am gonna be SO mad. they already messed up Sasuke vs. Itachi. a fight that had been built up since the first episode but whatever dude. i’ve pretty much given up on it.
    Although the manga rocks!
    keep it up kishi 🙂

  72. @Wo Ai Ni

    The seal is THE SAME as the SANDAIME, except we see the even and odd seals together (after Orochimaru put it on it) and the central seal is upsidedown from the one on Hiruzen’s chest. I think that proves they both came from the same jutsu.

    The “Hakke seal method” Jiraiya talks about is just the seal left behind, NOT the way the seal was created. So far we have not been shown any other way of creating this seal other than DDCS.

  73. “the seal left behind, NOT the way the seal was created”: what are you talking about? 1. Jiraiya says that a four symbol (elephant) seal was used AND 2. he later says that the kyubbi’s chakra was split and sealed in two parts, (and it is stated in a databook that only half the Kyubbi’s chakra is sealed in the reaper death seal).

  74. So no new Naruto, One Piece, or Bleach this week? Greeeeeaaaat sounds awesome.

  75. @Mart1

    I see what you’re saying about how half of the kyuubi chakra was sealed away with DDCS, but my point is that the seal design on Sarutobi’s stomach after he used DDCS is the same seal (Hakke) as the one on Naruto’s stomach. I guess since Jiraiya knew about a hakke style seal, it can be created without DDCS, BUT my point is that the two are not exclusive:

    DDCS produces a Hakke style seal, as we see on Sarutobi’s chest. This means that hakke seals are the barrier, but how you create that barrier can differ, and one of the ways to make a hakke seal is with DDCS.

  76. @ EVERY1
    I didn’t think my theory on the DDCS would have generated so much activity.

    @Wo Ai Ni
    Since no one else did this, your theory on Kushina and the Mizukage is pretty good. Thing is with no solid proof or any other support that theory maybe thrown out pretty quickly here. But I like the idea I hope that it is proven that they are related or something like that…Now that I think of it she Kushina was from Whirlpool Country which was closer to Rain Country not by water country, just to let you know

  77. I agree with you 100% a. hizzo, I’ve stopped watching naruto episodes around the time of the 3tails or 4tails idr what it is the big turtle thing filler arc. you know filler arcs do mess things up, but it would be bearable if the filler arc were actually good, I mean whoever writes that shit is just horrible. It’s like taking a great Manga and just shitting all over it. a. hizzo has a very good point the anime really does suck. and he/she is right, the sasuke/itachi fight was so damn epic, I dont give a damn how much of a sasuke hater you are, everyone wanted to see that shit since what episode 2 or 3 of the original naruto. and its like the anime version of shippuden just ruined it. the manga version was f’king fantastic, and then finally the anime comes to it and just ruined it completely. at least the pain/jariya fight was decent. but still the anime completely fails. And I actually got into naruto via the anime, not the manga.

  78. Thank you! Well, I ‘ve already said that this was not my idea! There are too little details for both Mei and Kushina to make any thought.

    Hmm, Rain Village, eh? Well, we don’t know the exact location of Whirpool (maybe it doesn’t exist anymore) or Rain (“Amegakure, also known as Hidden Rain Village,… is located in an unnamed country”.)

    Here is the map, I could tell that Rain belongs to the Country of Earth.


    However, Nagato said that “Amegakure became a battlefield in a war between the great countries, Earth and Fire”, so it can be a small independent country, without Kage, like the Land of Iron. I don’t know, we’ll see what is true of all this.

  79. @Woi Ai Ni, Amegakure is actually right in front of your face lol. http://www.leafninja.com/images/country/World-2_0.gif Its the land with the three vertical lines, and its smack dab between Fire country, Wind country and Earth country lol.

    @anime, yeah Shippuden is pretty crappy compared to the animation of the first series. But in Shippuden’s defense, it does have some good points. The Six Tails filler was good (it had a sad ending), the Jiraiya vs Pain fight was excellent, Orochimaru vs Four Tails, Sora Arc, Hidan and Kakuzu Arc, Rasenshuriken training, definitely Sage Mode training, and so far the Konoha invasion is good. But the anime has its awful parts, namely the Three Tails filler. It was the most horrible piece of crap I had to watch (not accounting for Western shows). The sheer horrifically terrible nature of this arc completely evens out the good parts, thus making Naruto Shippuden just average. But give Shippuden a chance, just WHATEVER YOU DO, DONT WATCH THE THREE TAILS FILLER!

    @Seals, the scribbles around Naruto’s spiral have an opening that allows chakra to seep through, while Sarutobi’s doesn’t. Since that is the only difference between the seals, and since we KNOW Sarutobi DIDNT use the Eight Trigrams Sealing Method, we can deduce that THAT difference in space IS the Eight Trigrams Sealing method. Does that end this?

  80. I dont think shippuuden is lame, nor do I think the fights are bad, it is hard to compare the manga with the anime because for some ppl reading is always better than watching cause you can use your own imagination, but cmon Jiraiya vs pein was just epic, itachi and sasuke was epic, The whole thing with Hidan and kuzuku was awesome, i will agree however that most of the movies have been bad except the 3rd, and the 3tails arc sucked, but cmon the anime aint to bad

  81. i’m just saying look closely at the fighting, like when sasuke was fighting killer bee (on one of these last episodes, i don’t pay attention anymore) there were certain parts of it that were okay with the frame rate (im a film guy) and the art work looked drawn. but everything else, like the very last episode, i actually almost laughed aloud at how retarded it looked when pein sent those two guy flying at the very begining. the way the just bounced on the ground like that was very lazy editing. lol thats what makes me think everybody in that studio is a procrastinater lol. very simple, lazy, crap looking key frame stuff in something like adobe flash. i could make a replica of that.

    …if i can make a replica, your not doing a good enough job with the show!
    i’m just praying that someone by some miracle thats in charge of that thing gets fired and someone who cares a little bit more comes along. they better not mess up pein vs. naruto. i know its hoping for too much but i wish it would look like Naruto vs. Sasuke (the first time)

  82. @ Kisuzachi

    Yes, I had already seen it, that’s what I’m talking about, does it belong to one of the Great Countries or is it independent?

  83. @Wo Ai Ni

    The Rain country does not belong to any of the great 5 countries, which is exactly why it was such a battleground. In a sense, the lands of Earth, Wind, and Fire fought there rather than their own soil because they could push Amegakure around.

    The Lands of Waterfalls, Rivers, Grass, Rice (now Sound since Orochimaru took over), and Waves are all similar, although it seems they aren’t as war torn as the Rain. My guess is that the Whirlpool village was as war torn if not more so than the Rain village, but that’s just a guess.


    I agree about that difference in the seals on their stomachs, but my point is that Naruto’s seal could have come from the DDCS, that the name of the barrier or seal used is not necessarily the name of what created the seal.

  84. Could someone tell me where I can watch to new anime episode?

  85. guys..remember the kyubi was sealed into two parts?the Yin & Yang?& when subjugating Kyubi means that Naruto has to take the “chakra” while he must filter the “mind”?I have an idea that the “chakra” is Yin-accessible & can be used as it just flows under the cell…and the “mind” is the Yang-inaccessible, & the design of the seal includes the cell it sums it up..The Yang is Kyubi’s mind..if Minato hadnt sealed it then Naruto would b under its influence and the Kyubi would be released..
    what do you think?

  86. @ Ripcord

    You’re right about the war in Whirlpool as “it was said that Kushina lived most of her youth being caught-up in war”. Maybe she met Minato during the period of “Kakashi Gaiden”.

    All these small villages are probably independent, but without a Kage. (Amegakure seemed to be neutral in the War, but the Great Nations ignored this.)

  87. what is DDCS ?

  88. and one more thing in the anime : the background sound , the music must be very dramatic to make us to feel this epic batle

  89. @leo, Dead Demon Consuming Seal, aka Reaper Death Seal, aka Shiki Fujin


    @Woi Ai Ni, all small villages are independent, if they’re in another country…

  90. @Everyone, its not that the Great nations are so malicious that they’d push Amegakure around, its just its location that makes it a neat little battleground. The country its in connects to the 3 Villages that were at war, Suna, Iwa and Konoha http://i643.photobucket.com/albums/uu151/Cruherrx/World-2_0.gif?t=1272490522

  91. @Kisuzachi
    I’m glad someone is making this point about the smaller countries and their ninjas. But you are wrong about the Great Nations because they truely are DICKs. Each one of the Great Nations has their own backyard to play in when it comes to war, so why fight in someone elses backyard that is smaller than yours. I don’t really blame anyone from a small country for wanting to inflict any sort of pain or vengence on the Great Nations, but that is only if they could make it happen with their own power or even someone elses.

    I can’t believe that you would ask a question like: “What is DDCS?”…I mean come on seriously…LOL
    Not to down you or anything, but its just that some of these guys coulda been dicks and really tore you a new one for asking a question like that:)

    @Wo Ai Ni
    According to Tsunade and Jiryaia Whirlpool country was disolved due to all the wars that took place there, so everyone might have decided to join with a country of their choosing and Kushin may have chosen Fire country…just a thought.

  92. “some of these guys coulda been dicks” nah, questions are fine, it’s oppinions that’ll get you attacked.

  93. i knew also before , but in the long way not ddcs , anyway thank you

  94. Well its been a VERY long time since I posted, though I am a avid reader. But I’m loving the the direction of the manga right now! My boy Naruto powering up in the mean streets of the back woods, Kabuto came back from finding the the sorcerer’s stone, and NOFA KING PINK HYPNOTIS. I’m loving the theories guys keep it up.

  95. oooOOOH Yeah, I started out on the anime to but now it’s all about the manga.I think I think if Walt Disney was alive (R.I.P.), he’d kick that art director in the NUT SaCk!

    The anime is probably what got half of us into Naruto and now the manga is what keeps us interensted about Naruto. I agree with Killa E about the director.

  97. Would Sasuke be able to predict Naruto’s attacks when he uses Frog Kata with his Sharingan

  98. @kennyq
    Maybe not but lets see what the others say.

  99. I think it’ll be fifty-fifty. Ex. at first Sasuke will have trouble keeping up, he gets hit a bunch of times, gets “determined” starts to see the pattern (like the fact that this pattern is exactly what happened at the valley of the end_) ect… I think he will have trouble using his attacks on Naruto much like the Raikage scuffle, but he is primarily a doujutsu user, so he will find a way to use his eyes.

  100. I’m surprised no one has talked about the new Naruto Shippuden coming out…. Can’t wait to see Naruto fight alongside the 4th…. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT THE 4TH HOKAGE WILL BE IN THE NEW MOVIE AND NOT A CAMEO APPEARANCE LIKE THE MANGA/ ANIME!!!!! It also looks like Naruto can finally put wind chakra into the Kunai… sighs!!!! wish the real Naruto will catch up to the movie one. just watched the third one and was amazed he could pull off the rasenshuriken without sage mode or injury to his hand. By the way the three tails filler rocked to me… I like the fillers in this series at least the show apart of the story that we don’t get to see in the manga. we get to see what happened to some of the other tailed beast and their host…. Nothing like bleach where they go completely off story then after 20 episode we are back in hueco mundo grrrr im ready to see ichigos transformation… okay enough ranting…. this weeks shippunden episode will kick ass…. hope we get to see the white fang!!!!!!

  101. btw the new movie title is The Lost Tower….. there are some previews already floationg around the net but nothing subbed in english

  102. @Tsukage, “i like” and “three tails filler” should never be in the same sentence unless its “I did not like”. No one has mentioned the Lost Tower because its just another Naruto movie with an awesome trailer that will ultimately disappoint once the full movie is out. Plus this movie supposedly takes place 20 years in the past, which means Minato couldnt have possibly known naruto yet in the trailer he said “Long time no see, Naruto”. And also, its not that you should be surprised that Naruto didnt get hurt from the Rasenshuriken, its you should be angry and or sad that the movie people would overlook this. They overlooked the fact that Four Tails form hurts Naruto in the Second movie too, so its really nothing new for them. Those money-loving studio executives are bastardizing Kishi’s hard work 😦

  103. lol, I agree 100% with kisu here. I hereby decree that the phrases ‘I LIKE” and ‘NARUTO FILLER” are banned from appearing in the same sentence here on Shannaro!!! Bob has spoken 0_0
    See Da Rules,

  104. lmao since bob has made it law i will adhear to what is written. For me it was the opposite i was into the manga well before i started to watch the anime so to actually see a filler that at least attempts to offer insight into an otherwise untold side of the manga is okay by me… I think, like many of you would at least want to know how the other beast were captured or at least some insight of the host and , or there wouldnt be great fan sites like this one. last but not least the sauske front has been quiet for a couple of weeks now in the manga, I wonder what kidna crazy ass power up he will have this time…. He probably has become immortal by now hahahahhahahahaha!!!!!!!

  105. @tsukage, Yes we all would like insight on the capturing of the beasts but the filler arcs are filled with character we all really couldn’t give two shits about who do nothing but take up space and time. If the fillers actually had more to do with the hosts and their battles with Akatsuki then I would be all for them, granted the six tails arc was better at this than the three tails but still. Merely my own opinion.

  106. Personally I hate fillers. There are times where the fillers are good but mostly they suck. If the fillers have noting to do with the main story line then they shouldn’t exist at all in my opinion.

    Bob was right for banning ‘I LIKE” and ‘NARUTO FILLER” in the same sentence because their fillers suck which is probably why Kishi decided not to write about them in the first place because he knew that it would SUCK. You were a little outa there for saying that the fillers are good when they aren’t, especially for this show. I try my best to avoid the fillers when possble for any show until it gets back to the main story line. Anyway no hard feelings:)

    I hope that the manga resumes soon because I wanna see what happens between Naruto and Eviil Naruto. But I’m sure that the usual can be expected from the outcome of the battle.

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