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Naruto chapter 492 is OUT!

It’s not on onemanga! It’s not on mangastream! It’s not on manga fox! But Suna No Ken’s Got the hook up anyway! Here ya go Shannaro!

**** EDIT****


I thought the rhymes were better here

*****End Edit*****

Hope you enjoy! Suna OUT!

38 Responses

  1. Go NARUTO! GO BEE! go yamamoto? I Dont know! Who cares when theres, such a rhyming fever going down, that all of shannaro will be boggying down! Bee’s raps are whack but contagious as heck, now sit back and read shannaro cause u aint read nothin yet!

  2. boogying* sorry

  3. This was an awesome chapter!!!

    I think Naruto will end up fighting all of the islands monsters. I find it interesting that they are in a chunin exam area maybe Naruto will get the Chunin title. When he tried Harem jutsu I was hoping he would use shadow clones to learn how to rap, oh well.

  4. the rhymes were a little off in delivery but it was an alright chapter

  5. lol…Naruto makes me laugh again..like Naruto’s rap where he calls Killerbee a tool…wrong word Naruto..haha..
    1stym i saw Naruto’s sexy harem technique in Shipudden..
    1stym I saw sum1 immune to it..
    maybe only Jinchurikis are immune to it

  6. it was a good chapter overall, I just wished that there have been more action..

  7. I always wonder how the rhymes translate to english, since they are written to be rhyming in Japanese.

    Also, if that is Evil Naruto, sci-fi rules dictate he should have a goatee.

  8. I loved this chapter even though it wasn’t much action but we did get to see some Naruto humor!

    I hope we learn a lot more about Killerbee because he is awesome and I guess Naruto will have a chance at taming the beasts on the Island as well, and since Killerbee bought samehada, I guess Kisame will lay a role in this arc as well!

    The best thing and most interesting thing about this chapter was the whole Falls of Truth thing, I think we are going to learn a lot more about Naruto and his feelings, I guess this is Naruto going through therapy to finally believe in himself as much as others believe in him. I was always wondering how Naruto will control the kyuubi and this way is cool! I always wanted Naruto to go through something like this! The Cloud ninja are more interesting than I thought!

  9. Very interesting chapter. The whole darker side thing seems like a good way to go about Naruto’s training. He must first master all his inner demons before trying to tame the big boys. Reminded me of The Water Temple in Ocarina of Time.

  10. I like the idea of defeat the inner demons before tackling the literal inner demon
    @eagle87 is that for celeck?

  11. Harem jutsu no affect!!!?

    Killer bee sama gay…..? :S

    Naruto V Naruto epicness


  13. Man the rhyming this chapter was whack, so bad it even got suna to to turn off Caps Lock. But seriously we got to see Bee didn’t have it easy, going by that logic his rhymes shouldnt be so cheesy. Naruto should have put a lid on it when he said Bee was a tool, at least at heart Naruto is still a fool. Evil doesn’t look cool on Naruto, so that dumb doppelganger’s go to go!

  14. hey Kizu, Gai is there. What do you suppose that means!? ; p

  15. What’s the deal, Kishi’s turning Naruto back into his guffy self again, and I was really starting to like the all serious Naruto.

  16. Funny as hell, loved every page of it!!! “Why should i spend my first vacation in forever training you, Bee-otch!!!” CLASSIC

  17. hehe.. I like this chapter one.. naruto tells he want learn to controL as killerBee do.. but Bee is person who he met the first time… he tried to speak with his Rap style yet nothing. perhaps, Once would control the biju is jincuriki himself.. Bee didn’t help much, it’s depend on naruto self.

  18. Nice Chapter. Is Bee Gay? Hahaha nice one. Does that whole Falls of Truth remind anyone of Star Wars when Luke Skywalker had to overcome his fears inside a cave? Lukes fear was Darth Vader aka Baddest asthma breathing dude around. As Eagle 87 said Zelda: Ocarina of Time all over again, epic game though.

  19. @eaglesfan10, no my college mascot is an eagle, and 87 is my number.

  20. @john, Epic Game: Truer words have never been said.

  21. i expected it to happen but things will turn out this soon really didn’t saw it coming, first time ever naruto seems so cool or i should say his inner self. now its getting interesting on naruto’s part.

  22. the chapter was very nice i think gai will fight with kisame

  23. I thought it was really interesting, and subtle, that Killerbee was able to tell that Naruto did not have inner peace:

    Initially we are made to think it was Naruto’s rhyme that killed his chances, perhaps that didn’t help, but also I think KB was able to see that Naruto wasn’t ready. The island “curator” or whoever he is asked about the greeting, and I’m sure that KB was able to see that Naruto did not have inner peace through that greeting. Since KB knows that without that inner peace bijuu training is impossible, he was able to refuse Harem no Jutsu, that’s my take anyway.

  24. i think we need to accept the possibility, that Gai might die at the hands of Kisame on the island…………….maybe the Hachibi will put Samehada down for training and Gai recognizes it, inspects it, and finds Kisame, so Kisame is forced to make sure Gai keeps quiet of his whereabouts by killing him and throwing him into the jungle so people assume the monsters on the island killed him

  25. I agree with you Renzokuken, it is to convenient that Guy is there as well as Kisame. I think Guy is going to open all the gates to the lotus in order to defeat Kisame, and it is going to be the end of both of them. I think those events are going to be a big kickstart to the war. And lets face it, how much more does Guy really have to teach his team. He has mad Lee and identical copy of himself, Neji is already a Jonin, and Ten-Ten………….well…………………….she has a lot of shuriken, lol.

  26. *Correction- made Lee*

  27. hope Kisame is finally recognized by Gai lol..
    still laughing at how Shark-man called Bee a blithering idiot..sorry Bee fans i love KB but that was…well.

    hmm maybe KB is Naruto’s 1st sensei who is not a pervert

  28. This Chapter whas Funny as hell !!

  29. i think by the end of the training guy and kisame will have an all out battle, and when guy is about to lose naruto will come in and show off what he has learned, oh and i think guy will be forced to use ninjustu when fightin kisame

  30. @cfho83
    I’m not so sure Guy would use ninjutsu, he didn’t use it the last time against Kisame, even going to the 6th gate before resorting to it, which is a big deal I think. I have always wanted to see his ninjutsu though.

  31. @Uchiha The Infamous, hey man Ten Ten has some scythes and kunai in there too, she’s destructive lol

  32. the new naruto shippuden movie is out on narutoget.com

  33. i only read, like, the first 5 comments, and i’m planning on waiting for Bob b4 i say anything relevent.
    WTF!?!?!?!? KILLERBEE’S IMUNE TO HAREM JUTSU!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? there is only 1 logical explaination: *whispers* he’s gay DUN DUN DUN!!!! or maybe he’s straight but not a total pervert/womaniser (probably spelled wrong), so actually 2 explainations. okay, 3 actually: there’s also the possibility that he’s not really into girls he knows r really guys. okay, now it doesn’t seem like such a big deal

  34. I think Guy can be of benefit to Naruto here. Guy did manage to device a counter to the Sharingan. Maybe Guy is there to taeach Naruto that. Also, I do want to see Guy in action against Kisame. Although he may just be saved by Naruto at the very end.

  35. @eagle87 ok makes sense

    and I don’t think guy is to train I think it’s just a fated rematch

  36. @Eagle87 I’m sorry, you are right, you never know, one of those stray kunai may take out Madara, 🙂

  37. Everyone Bee is not gay, he just doesn’t go for white girls. lol

  38. HAHAHAHA! OMG! KENNY THAT IS…………..SO………………..I dont know if it’s HI-Larry+us or if it’s racist, but that comment was good as hell man.

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