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Filler Arc Contest!

Post Author: Noneatencookie

Ja everyone!  It’s Noneatencookie here.  I know I haven’t been here in awhile.  So, I hope this post makes up for it.  Well, as you can see in the title, this is a Filler Arc posts.  Disclaimer: If you hate fillers, please don’t spam really bad filler arcs. Anyways, this is how it’ll work.  In the comments section, you will post your filler you have created.  And the next time I can get on, I’ll post the 5 best filler arcs.  I know most people hate fillers and don’t even watch them, but they are vital for Kishi keep the story flowing.  Unlike most people, I’m a fan of SOME of the Filler Arcs.  So far, I’ve only enjoyed three different arcs.  My favourite was the one that just ended (Six-Tails Arc).  My second was the Guren Arc, although it could have done better if it had the actually Jinchuriki.  And last but not least was the Kurama Clan Arc (The one with Kurenai and the Yakumo girl who could make Genjutsu real.  Now, before I get started, I want everyone to know what every filler has.

  1. They don’t affect the following arc in anyway.
  2. They usually have a theme that ties into the previous or next arc. (e.g. In the Six-Tails Arc, it’s about Student-Master Relationships (Jiraiya & Naruto’s and Utakata and Hotaru’s)
  3. There’ll be a amazing character with “amazing” abilities that have never been mentioned at all (e.g. Guren’s Crystal Release, Hotaru’s Fury (The powerful jutsu that the entire Six-Tails Arc was about)
  4. There’ll be about 5 baddies.  One head honcho and four laggies.
  5. And last but now least, there’ll be a lot of endless talking scenes that Naruto will talk to someone about being a jinchuriki and crap.

If you can use those, you’ll do great!  Also, you don’t have to stick to all of them, just use at least one of them in it.  Now, here’s my filler arc that I created:

This is a filler arc about the Senju Clan. It takes place in between the Kage Summit Arc and the Fourth Great Shinobi World War Arc. Just as Tsunade wakes up from her coma, a mysterious ninja attacks her. The ninja asks for the secret of the Mokuton, which Tsunade claims not to know about. Kakashi gets there and attacks the ninja who flees. Kakashi, Shizune, Yamato, and Naruto listen in as Tsunade tells them the secret to the Mokuton. (Which I will NOT be telling you)

Later, the same ninja attacks. Yamato ultimately defeats him, but not before remembering the ninja from his past. We then learn that others survived Orochimaru’s experiments with Hashirama’s cells and they are attacking Tsunade for the secret on how to control it, as the cells are going berserk and trying to swallow the ninja’s.

Yamato, knowing the secret of Mokuton tries to tell the survivors, but he is captured and put on lock-down by Sai and Kakashi.

Soon, the ninja’s come looking for Tsunade, who defeats them after recovering her strength. They run away to a unknown location, where the leader is hiding.

About a week after the last attack, all the ninja attack (Including the Leader) While Kakashi, Sakura, and Naruto defeat the ninja underlings, Tsunade talks with the leader. She realizes that he is her cousin and just wants to know the secret. She begins to tell her, but before she can go into detail, the real leader appears, stating that the fake is an imposter hired by a rival clan. They engage in combat, with Tsunade winning (Obviously).

After everyone is defeated or dead, the leader realizes it’s pointless to obtain thje secret, as Tsunade lies and states she doesn’t know the secret. The leader leaves, while Yamato is brought to Tsunade’s office. She uses a memory wipe technique, causing Yamato to forget everything about the secret.

Now, it doesn’t have to be that long, or it can be longer.  All I actually need to know is what arcs it’s between.

The deadline for Filler Arcs is May 7th (5/7/10)  Good luck!

Well, adiós amigos!  Can’t wait for what you come up with!


29 Responses

  1. 2nd! Wasn’t there an identical post to this one on IRA by wul2n??? XD

  2. lolol Fillers…….lol

  3. Naruto must join forces with Neji, Rock Lee, and Ten-Ten on a mission to the bustling stands of Ramen Country where they must save a struggling food stand and try to find Sasuke some other day because this is obviously bullshit filler. Sakura shows up and offers her assistance, but she only becomes a burden to everybody around her. When everybody else goes down, Naruto is able to complete the otherwise impossible mission by believing in himself. Our heroes rejoice in victory, but despite everybody’s best efforts, any potential link to Sasuke turns out to be a dud. Another shitty filler episode is complete, leaving the viewer to realize that he just wasted 23 minutes of his life.

    There’s my plot! Thanks for the help lolikitsune 8D

  4. this sucks man, how’s anyone ‘posse to come up with a decent filler with your limitations??

    i don’t know what you see in those fillers, especially the one about kureni. FILLERS ARE WACK, ESPECIALLY NARUTO FILLERS.

  5. Naruto’s worst Mission:

    Tsunade calls Naruto into her office and says: “Naruto, I think it’s time to see how much you have grown. I want to promote you to Chunin like your peers, but the exam isn’t for another three months (Naruto coicidentally came back the day AFTER the last possible registration). So I am going to send you on a difficult mission instead. You will be given a random assortment of ninja and must lead them through the mission successfully taking into account their various skills. To be promoted you must successfully complete the mission AND get Captain Yammato’s recommendation to become a Chunin. Here are the Mission details…”

    Naruto, Yammato, Sakura, Lee, and Shino meet at the edge of town. “All right! I will succeed, Dattebeyo!”- Naruto. “Go for it Naruto!”-Lee, “Do you even know where you’re going Naruto?”-Sakura. “Of course!”-Naruto sets out on the road out of Konoha. “That’s the wrong way Naruto.”-Shino.
    Naruto’s mission is to guard a town that has been attacked by bandits. The town is mostly destroyed when they get there, the last stronghold being the Mayor’s house. Naruto has Yammato guard the mayor’s house while the rest of the team goes to search the woods for the Bandits, trying to cover any problems with his evaluation, but Yammato tags him with a wood seed tracking device to keep watch on him.
    Naruto and co. meet up with a four of the five ninja bandits. Because of his bad leadership, Naruto fights a fire element user, Sakura fights an animal user who has a different body structure that isn’t effected by Medical Ninjutsu, Lee fights a genjutsu user and Shino fights an unseen opponent. Shino defeats his opponent who didn’t use any advanced jutsu.
    They return to the village to find Yammato badly wounded. Sakura says he’ll live, but be useless this mission. Yammato says the leader was super fast and used some form of lightning element. The Mayor’s house is damaged, but Yammato fixes it with the last of his power before fainting so that Naruto won’t fail the mission.
    The Bandits appear again, with their leader. This time Shino fights the Animal user, who’s younger brother was the defeated bandit. Sakura fights the Genjutsu user, and Lee beats the Fire element user. Naruto has to face off against the leader. The leader ridicules Naruto and boasts that he can beat him with e-rank jutsus because Naruto obviously doesn’t know them. He attacks with a bunch of substitutions and instant movement techniques, finnaly landing an open palmed attack charged with lightning (think gentle fist style attack with lightning). Naruto is defeated, but suddenly gets back to his feat, after an academy ridiculing flashback, and uses the multi shadow clone jutsu to defeat the Leader.
    They return to Konoha, Naruto successfully completes the mission, but Yammato says he isn’t suited to become a Chunin because of his decision to go into the woods instead of staying in the village, and his poor match up of abilities against the opponents.

  6. Okay, here’s mine.

    Naruto, Sakura, Kiba and Hinata are sent on a mission to a village outside of Kumogakure. While there, they learn of an ancient ruins with runes painted on them that describe the picture. They go there and find that it reads that four ninja will venture to a far away place and perish by the hand of three people. Afterwards, Naruto is freaked out by this, along with Hinata. Whence they returned from the ruins, they find the village in pieces. They then get into combat with three people. Naruto unleashes his Junchuriki powers and turns full fledged into the Nine-Tails. Naruto pwns they three people, also sweeping away the village. Bee appears, saving Sakura, Hinata and Kiba from certain death. Bee then calms Naruto, and leaves him with the team. Naruto wakes up to find that Bee gave him a note. We don’t know what the note says >_>

  7. A title for mine is:

    Ruins of Lightning

  8. You’re welcome, kisuzachi. Feel free to thank Baka-Raptor (baka-raptor@baka-raptor.com or something dumb like that)

  9. Alright time for the fan fiction master (relative term. Zep is best i second. Still tho’ I’m pretty good) to get to work.

    The filler arc takes place between the NaruvsPein arc, and the kage summit arc. And so it begins.

    Naruto comes back from the meeting with pein and is greeted by all the villagers as a hero. HE begins helping out and working to restore the village when he over hears shizune talking to sakura about how tsunade is still in a coma. Naruto confronts them and ask’s what happened. After he is filled in with the detail’s Naruto becomes a bit angry that nobody bothered to tell him. It wasnt fair. BUt he get’s past it (or so we think) and demands that he try to do something. at the same time the messenger hawk arrives and tells of the kage summit. Now in order to try and stop danzo from becoming the kage Naruto heafds out alone into the world to try and find the mystical liver of the banjuju gator, known through out the lands as the cure to anything.
    As Naruto leaves to find the cure in the dead of night he get’s caught by sakura who was waiting infront of the gate. Sakura says that she knew he’d come and decides to set out with him since he’ll need a medic nin who knows what she’s doing. As they leave They here a squeel and turn to see hinata running up to them. NAruto freezes up momantarily then relaxes,to sakura’s notice. Hinata say’s she was on night watch duty and saw naruto going so got someone to cover for her and send a note to her father in the morning. Naruto smiles then tries to move. He’s stuck and that’s when shikamaru appears to tell the idiot that he’s gonna need a plan for something like this and to take him along. They agree and set out.
    They travel for a week before arriving at the small town of trakning.There they here the legend of a gator so huge that it comes out every full moon and rips the very trees apart from the dirt, throwing them towards the town. The four of them decide that it must be the gator and head into the woods to look for it, but not before a pair of people come up to them and warn them in a neerie way. Naruto thinks nothing of it but shikamaru decieds to be on gaurd.
    When the moon comes out they here the roar of the gator and run towards it position. The gator is huge around 100 yards long and 20 yards wide. But someone is riding the gator and it turns out that the rider has been secretly using the gator to uproot the tree’s every full moon to drive the people away from the town so he could destro it and mine the diamonds underneath. The gang begin to try and stop him but then the two people form before apper and fight, saying that the rider is the son of a lord and as his gaurd ninja they must fight for him.
    Naruto ends up pushing through and summons gamakichi to battle with the gator rider. ANruto wins while hinata and sakura beat the other two. Only then is it realized that shikamaru is gone. He had left to find the source of the real master mind. He figured out that the lords son was under a genjutsu thatr mad ehim think there wrere diamonds under the town, nut the geography was all wrong. so shikamaru searches.
    He ends up finding the main villain behin a cave and he explains what’s so special about the town. Apparently underneath the town there is a secret cave that has the depictions of the lost civilization. He would use those ruins to cnstruct a giant war machine and destroy the villages that have stood in his way. Shikamru tries to fight but is ultimately overwhelmed. That;s when Naruto decides to use the fox as a last resort to track down shikamaru.
    He becomes more fox like and picks up shikamru’s scent. He leads the others to the cave where they face off against the main villain. Sakura put’s up a good fight but gets crushed, sending naruto into an unwanted third state. As he tries to regain control, hinata covers him and gets smacked aside. She flips in mid air and sends a final attack to the man who gets sent flying into the wall. Naruto hurries to hinata and appolgizes for not doing anything, where hinata says it is alright, that this is one of the things that poeple do for the ones they love. That strikes another cord within Naruto and he regains control completely all the way into sage mode. He turns and defeats the main boss and everyone is saved. Naruto is thanked by the lords son and get’s rewarded with the banjuju liver. Unfortunately sakura had recieved a broken back and naruto feeds her the liver to get her fully healed again. They travel back to konoha in sad sights and recieve word that danzo has already left. And so ends the arc. Hope you think it’s a good one.

  10. Oh wait, I forgot my title. Its “Another Crappy Filler” Zehahahahaha

  11. That’s an awesome filler Suna!!!! Are you a NaruHina fan? XD

  12. yes i am dragon. Oh and io also forgot my title it’s:
    Flash! A hokages hope! A search for a cure!

  13. wow,, theres some great filler above!! hope you guys will make it to fanfic.:d

  14. @Suna: I’m a NaruHina fan too! 😀

    I hope someone makes these imaginary fillers in fanfics too, wong jowo.

  15. why can’t fillers be like this: http://animeready.com/naruto-shippuuden-movie-3/
    (Thanks for the link Kisu.) it had pretty much everything a filler should have. 1. cool new jutsu 2. flashbacks THAT SEEM RELIVENT 3. Plot holes (all fillers have em… this one was the bad guy’s backstory) 4. five segments/episodes of about 20 min. each 5. Scenes for all of the Konoha 11. 6. Backstory from previous episodes.

    Most of the time I think the movies are truely terrible, almost as bad as the fillers (like the “Bonds” one or that awful one with the Knights) but who ever wrote this should be given the top spot in writing both.

  16. @MArt, that movie was terrible, but as far as Naruto movies in general go, it was the second best. I actually sat through the VERY first Naruto movie and didnt get bored (the snow one), but then it all went down hill when i analyzed the plot…….

  17. okay now i know you two arent such hard critics as to say that the knight vs ninja’s and Bonds were’nt the best two naruto movies made so far. I just…i watched each movie and the best goes iin this order
    3clash in snow
    4shipuden 1
    5moon country
    those movies, believe it or not, avtually had plot, good scenes, and a believable timeline to work within the manga as an actual event. those movies were good!
    Suna OUT!

  18. That one was only good because it was first Kisu. which is why I say this was the best out of any filler or movie so far.

    I think there should be another formula for filler/movies though:
    team of filler good guys fight Team of bad guys
    some one on each side dies. This causes growth of filler good guy to master x jutsu that was the dead good guys move. Teams fight again, with naruto’s help they SEEM to be winning until the leader unleashes a new jutsu knocking Naruto out. Then the two previously dead ninja come back to defeat the leader with the one who was about to die. Then (copying bleach) these three join Konohagakure and the next filler is about them taking on a mission with Naruto. A few notes on how this should be different than a regular filler: 1. The plot should not be at all related to sasuke 2. The jutsu shouldn’t be forbidden! It should be an average jutsu of average strength so that the defeat seems plausible.

  19. “1knights 2bonds 3clash in snow”: Knights was about a ferret thing and a bunch of filler characters that seem like overpowered versions of the Samurai. The stone of Gelel was basically the same as that stone used in the Hoshiagakure arc (star village). Bonds was about a tailed beast that actually wasn’t a tailed beast, and introduced several GAPING plot holes, as well as being basically a photographic copy of DBZ… Clash in the land of Snow was about a princess, who became an actress while trying to be in the ninja version of Witness Protection, not to mention the movie was ABOUT her life. The only reason some people give it credit is because it was the first, so they were holding it to a standard above the very low one to which they held the others.

  20. @Mart, this movie was stupid overall. Here are my problems with it:

    1. How did Naruto use the Rasenshuriken without taking ANY damage (it was pre-Sage Mode training)? I mean the guy just shrugged it off lol

    2. For that matter, how’d he get above the freaking clouds!?

    3. Tenten was actually useful (Kishi must’ve been steamed to see Tenten kill something)

    4. When the chimera was trapped by Shikamaru’s Shadow Sewing, why didn’t Sakura punch it head on instead of punching the ground.

    5. When Kakashi used his Mangekyou Sharingan, why didnt he just use Kamui and end the fight?

    6. Neji wasn’t acting like the Neji we all know and love

    7. Since when can Gaara TURN into sand?

    I like the first movie because it didnt screw up the rules of the manga. Sakura was little more than helpless, Naruto and Sasuke double teamed the bad guy (Sasuke’s Chidori’s piercing cracked his armor and the explosive power of the Rasengan shattered it, pretty plausible), Kakashi was the Team’s main offensive power and the princess had SOME character development. The thing that makes it’s predecessors crappy is that they’re all trying to follow the first movie’s formula. This is the first movie that tries to move away from that formula (no new good guys) and that’s why i consider it the second best.

  21. oh yeah. In Gaara’s fight with Naruto his sand exploded (power rangers style). And since it was pre-Sage Mode training, he wouldnt be strong enough to hit Gaara so hard that his Sand Armor broke. ALSO Garra had to be controlling the Sand shield when we know his Sand abilities haven’t dwindled due to the Shukaku leaving so he should have been protected either way (im iffy about that last one though).

    Also, how does Neji doing a rotation cause a flaming explosion?

  22. I though 1. and 5. Were problems especially since one hundred odama rasengans did nothing yet FRS magically saved the day but besides those two, who really cares if Tenten is useful or if Gaara flew (which he can do) a little differently, and you can’t really complain that Sakura being useless in battle is anything this movie invented. On Gaara’s fight: I don’t think he needs Sage Mode to hit Gaara, and think it happened because Gaara was shocked at NOT being Rasenganed and let Naruto do it. “he wouldnt be strong” Considering several non-powered up people like Lee and Sasuke have broken through the Sand Armour I think Naruto is fully capable of doing it pre-sage mode.

  23. @ kisu on “Kishi must’ve been steamed to see Tenten kill something”, so how do u think Kishi reacted if/when he found out Ino killed one of Kabuto’s former teammates (the stretchy guy from the Chunin Exams) in a filler arc?

  24. @Nemo, wth!? INO killed someone!? No wonder he hjasnt given her any screentime. But its a fact he hates Tenten more, she doesnt even have a last name.

    @Mart, flying differently is all well and good, but turning into sand is beyond his abilities lol. As for the armor, when did Sasuke ever punch or kick Gaara hard enough for it to break? He had to use Chidori to pierce Gaara. Lee’s taijutsu is on a whole other level than Naruto’s.

  25. “turning into sand is beyond his abilities”: well all he really did in sand form was fly, but I don’t see why it’s all that impressive. I’m not saying he’s like crocodile from OP (best sand user ever and pre-gaara) where he can turn into sand in a fight to avoid damage, but to move around in sand form out of battle isn’t that surprising for the Kazekage.

    “when did Sasuke ever punch or kick Gaara hard enough for it to break?” he did hit him in the chunin arena.

    “Lee’s taijutsu is on a whole other level than Naruto’s.” If Sasuke can do Lee’s taijutsu, so can Naruto, I’m not saying he’s as good at it as Lee, just strong enough given that he’s managed to knock out several opponents in one hit INCLUDING Gaara.

  26. @Mart, Sasuke underwent the same training Lee did (although at an accelerated pace), Naruto didnt. Naruto knocked out Gaara ONLY after a battle that was so intense neither of them could properly stand.

    Yes, Crocodile is very awesome, nice powers too. But seriously though, at the end of the movie the sand pours down and solidifies into gaara’s form then becomes Gaara. That makes 0 sense. If he could have always done that, why didnt he turn to sand while fighting Deidara, or Kimimaro, or Sasuke, or Lee or Naruto or the filler bad guys that wanted his Shukaku? Hence the reason i didn’t particularly like the movie.

  27. “why didnt he turn to sand while fighting”: the thing is, he didn’t turn into sand while fighting. It’s like the time Sasuke, Kabuto and Oro. turned into flames before disappearing, it’s just a cool animation sequence, not anything substantial.

    Actually, you’re slightly wrong about Naruto’s manga fight with Gaara. He hit him with a thousand years of death before they were exhausted, using his clone taijutsu as he did in the movie.

  28. Actually when shika and naruto stopped garaa from killing lee Kishinev makes it a point to show that naruto’s punch broke gaara’s armor

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