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Mart’s Tournament Final round (Part 2)

Post Author: Mart1

Sorry for the delay, my computer crashed last week for a bit. Here are the results from last week, almost all the matches were (60/40): Jiraiya defeated Nagato, Naruto defeated Madara, Nagato defeated Madara. Kabuto: Lost to Nagato.


4. Jiraiya vs. Naruto: Teacher-Student relationships are Kishimoto’s favorite theme and I think Naruto has surpassed Jiraiya. His sage mode is better (no adverse effects and solo entry) and so are his Rasengans (he has used all of Jiraiya’s variations as well as several unique ones of his own: FRS, Odama, and Rasenrengan). They both use the Toad summon, so the toads wouldn’t be able to side with either of them. Jiraiya has his Element Jutsu, though they are significantly less powerful without the frogs and sage mode. While Naruto on the other hand has the Kyubbi, which Jiraiya was no match for in the four-tailed state. Now Naruto has progressed to the Eight tailed form… Jiraiya could try to seal Naruto’s chakra, but this wouldn’t work if Naruto was above four tails (Yammato’s seal didn’t) and Naruto certainly wouldn’t sit there and let Jiraiya seal him like in the Deidara incident. Naruto’s transformations have gotten much quicker and more violent than when Jiraiya last faced them, and I think he would be no match for them after the initial few blows of Rasengan vs. Rasengan.


5. Jiraiya vs. Madara: I’m tired of the “can he hit Madara” argument, and since both Naruto and Nagato beat Madara last round, I don’t think it holds much water. So instead, could Jiraiya beat old school Madara? The one with EMS and a Kyubbi to control? I think that it would end up like the Minato-Kyubbi fight, where Jiraiya dies fighting the Kyubbi but manages to seal it/defeat Madara.


6. Nagato vs. Naruto: What if Nagato hadn’t destroyed Konoha before fighting Naruto leaving him with the full power of the six realms? What if all of Konoha hadn’t gathered intel for Naruto before the fight? What if Nagato had been trying to kill Naruto instead of capture him? And most importantly. What if Nagato HADN’T turned good in the end? Do you think these factors would have tipped the scales? Or would the result be the same? I think Nagato would have won. I think it would have been a similar match, except that when Naruto was about to get stabbed, there would be no Hinata to take the hit for him. If he survived that, there is the energy he would have to waste figuring out Pein’s secrets and the fact that Nagato’s bodies didn’t revive as fast after he destroyed Konoha. If Naruto managed to survive all of this, there is still the fact that Nagato could have used some Chibaku Tensei scale jutsu on Naruto instead of reviving all of Konoha. In summation, Nagato wins.

Bonus: Kabuto vs. Jiraiya (Same as last time, under the assumption that his DDCS is full power): I think Kabuto would win. He has Deidara to take out giant toads, Sasori to own him in Taijutsu (puppet style obviously), Nagato to neutralize the element combos and Bansho Tennin away the small toads, Kakuzu and Itachi to deal with misc. things like Swamp of the Underworld, Sealing jutsu, and Toad Mouth Trap. Jiraiya has a lot of knowledge on Akatsuki and Orochimaru’s techniques, but he doesn’t know DDCS so I doubt he could defeat all five of the bodies.


22 Responses

  1. The only comment that I have is on the Naruto vs Nagato fight. All the things you listed are true, but I think the Kyuubi would have shown itself before he was defeated. From the sheer pain of Konoha being destroyed, he would have gone all the way to nine tails, and I don’t think even the great Nagato is a foe for this type of power. The only downside is the 9 tails would destroy what would have been left of Konoha.

  2. well who said anything about konoha being destroyed?

  3. In the #6 matchup exact quote: “If he survived that, there is the energy he would have to waste figuring out Pein’s secrets and the fact that Nagato’s bodies didn’t revive as fast after he destroyed Konoha.”

  4. Uchiha the infamous 1. Nagato DID take on 8/9ths of the kyubbi’s power and 2. the quote you gave was saying in this fight they WOULDN’T be in Konoha and that thus Nagato WOULDN’T destroy it because the tournament rules state a mutually neutural location and Konoha isn’t neutral.

  5. Oh, yeah, I forgot about the neutral soil rule, but I still think there is a world of difference between 8 tails of the kyuubi’s power and full 9 tails. Considering 8/9 ths is about 89%, if you want to look at it from a statistical aspect in relation to tails being a piece of the whole. I think the only way Nagato would have killed Naruto is if it was a quick kill before Naruto could transform. I will give Nagato credit, and I think he can handle Naruto up to 8 tails, but not 9. Even the kyuubi told Naruto he would give him to strength to destroy everything that has caused him hurt. when he began transforming into the 8 tails, and the kyuubi is a pretty good judge of strength. I don’t think he wouldn’t have made such a claim without being able to back it up, even though he is the kyuubi and part of his job is to talk bad as well, lol 🙂


  6. Looks like this tourny is headin towards Jiraiya and Nagato again, tho i have to say one thing about Jiraiys sage mode against narutos is that with jiraiya he at least has the frogs in which he can cast the greatest gengutsu I think weve all seen, but honestly i dont think either would give each other time to obtain sage mode, You have to think to that naruto aint gonna use the fox power against Jiraiya, the only thing we can say forsure we dont know the full extent of Jiraiyas powers, in that i mean we dont know every jutsu he uses, we know all of narutos powers and jutsu, but neways i think this should be like a video game of naruto, and if its like that im going with Jiraiya cause his needle jizzle can wipe out anyone haha

  7. It should be Nagato vs Kabuto at the end, but it’s cool. I just can’t picture Jiraiya winning over the new Kabuto after running away and being smashed by Pain

    Jiraiya vs Madara- I don’t really know because let’s say Madara had more than one Kyubbi in control. I really haven’t seen nothing from Madara, so it’s kinda hard picturing him in a actual fight. I think it takes someone with Top speed to beat Madara. Madara could teleport Jiraiya into outer space if he could.

    Naruto better praise Hinata for saving him. Nagato full strength & no distractions destroys Naruto hopes and dreams. It should have been Nagato vs Sasuke IMO.

    Jiraiya should never be able to make the Post Final or Finals. Him, Tsunade, and Orochimaru couldn’t beat 1 GUY! 1 GUY THAT THEY GANGED UP ON. 1 GUY that Nagato had defeated with no help. Sometimes I wonder how long it would of took Naruto to beat Danzo if they had went up against each other

  8. @Byakugan Invasion

    When Jiriaya, Oro and Tsunade faced Hanzo they were in their teens between 16 to 24 years of age, they survived fighting a Kage level ninja when they were supposedly Chunin and battle fatigued in a prolonged war. When Nagato faced Hanzo, not only was Hanzo ancient, Nagato was in his prime, a strong, 40 something year old, you can do the math if you care to do so, look in the previous tourney post to follow the math or take my word for it. I don’t see how you can doubts Jiraiya’s place in this tournament, if anyone should be in question it should be Kabuto who didn’t do squat to get voted all the way over here.

    Naruto vs Jiraiya- I give it to Jiraiya, both Sage Modes offer the same advantages and the only thing that Naruto has on Jiraiya is that he doesn’t need the Sage Toads, but he does require prep time nonetheless, with both Sage Modes cancelled it comes down to their basic skill which Jiraiya wins by all accounts, in all areas.

    Jiraiya vs Madara- I give it to Jiraiya, Madara has not shown any noteworthy offensive capabilities, so no vote for him.

    Nagato vs Naruto- I give it to Nagato, Naruto has grown greatly but he got lucky Nagato wasn’t really a complete bad guy, otherwise he would be dead.

    Jiraiya vs Kabuto- I vote for Jiraiya, Kabuto is just the flavor of the month, new powers that he might not be able to completely control.

    Honestly I don’t see how people can doubt Jiraiya’s place in this tourney.

  9. Naruto vs. jiraya

    It’s a good matchup, but I’d say jiraya got this won, even if barely. Sure naruto has a little more control over sage more, and has an upgraded rasengan, but really those are the only avantages he really has over jiraya. Jiraya still has experience under his belt, and has many variety of justus and combinations thanks in part to the toads as well as his own skills. If you throw the nine tailed fox into the equation, well that could possibly turned the tide in naruto’s favor, however, as of right now he still has no control over it so it could do more harm than good. Now if him and the kyuubi start working together than I’d say naruto would have a good chance of victory. But until then, jiraya’s my vote.

    Madara Vs. Jiraya

    We know little about exactly how strong madara is know and how strong he was before as well as what he could do, so for now I’m saying Jiraya again.

    Naruto Vs. Nagato
    I think Nagato has naruto beat here. As said before, naruto couldn’t have fought Nagato at a better time. He was not fighting at 100% due to the amount of chakra used in his assault on the village and Naruto already had the general idea of Nagato’s fighting abilities and he was already in sage mode when they threw down.(oh and Nagato wasn’t fighting for the kill either), and he still had some serious trouble fighting him. If it wasn’t for hinata, the fight would probably went along a different road. Now without all these factors how long could naruto really last? What if he was on the same boat as jiraya when he fought against nagato for the first and last time? Could he’ve done any better? I doubt it.

    Jiraya Vs. kabuto

    If Kabuto’s DDCS techinque was indeed at full power under Walmart’s assumption then frankly I can’t see how JIraya could win. I mean Jiraya could try to just straight up annilate Kabuto before he whip out the technque, but Kabuto has medical jutsu under his wing as well as orochimaru’s regeneration ablities. Jiraya needs time so he could go into sage more. Could he really finish kabuto off quickly without sage mode? I’d say impossible. If somehow he attacked all out in sage mode without Kabuto’s use of DDCS could he then beat him? I’d say possible, but unlikely. But seriously I really don’t like the fact that Kabuto’s ressurected akatsuke members would be at full power. I mean I know forbidden jutsus is naurverse language as cheating moves, but there HAS to be some side effect or drawbacks or something that hinders Kabuto in some way. From the looks of orochimaru using the techinque there seems to be none, just the sacrifice of bodies and the limits of bodies you can use. OH well, so for now I’ll just say kabuto unless theres somebody has facts and not just speculation and opinion to dissprove it. (somebody,………………..anybody? Kabuto can’t be as powerful as he’s seeming to be.)

  10. Even if Naruto did go the full 9 tails, Naruto would be dead anyway, and the kyuubi would be free.

  11. @DarthUchiha18
    If I recall DDCS stands for Dead Demon Consuming Seal so that’s not Kabuto’s Tech, I thinks the one you are talking about is called either Reanimation Jutsu or Summoning: Impure World Resurrection, depends on which translator you ask. If I recall correctly the sacrifice must be a live sacrifice so one of the drawbacks is the capture and the prep time for the tech. If we want to get technical neither Jiraiya would be in Sage Mode and Kabuto wouldn’t have any ready sacrifices at hand, so in this tourney it would be a mute point, another thing that is necessary is that special tag that gets implanted into the dead bodies to restore them and take away their will, if something were to happen to that implant then the summoning is useless. Just so you don’t think that everything I’m saying is speculation here is the link about the Impure Summoning Jutsu, which Kabuto uses.


    So while it doesn’t have many drawbacks it does have it’s drawbacks, on both occasions used by Oro and Kabuto their was extensive time for prep, namely the Invasion of Konoha for Oro and the meeting with Madara for Kabuto, on both occasions they were preplanned events. It’s not a jutsu that is readily available.

    Happy to answer. Oh and Jiraiya FTW. 😉

  12. @John
    Your right about their age, If they would of faught Hanzo 1 on 1 in their prime, I think Jiraiya or Orochimaru could of beat him. But me personally I think Itachi is stronger than Jiraiya IMO. I know you don’t think Kabuto is all that, but just use your imagination. Picture him using Temple of Nirvana causing all his enemies to fall asleep and wiping his opponents out at will. He is the perfect War Shonobi just look at his jutsu’s before he obtain Orochimaru’s power. When this war kicks off, you’ll see what I mean

  13. “Jiraiya should never be able to make the Post Final”- I think that this is unfair. I think he should lose to Nagato and Madara, but he definately deserves his place here.

    “he does require prep time nonetheless”: not really, at least no where on Jiraiya’s level. He was able to enter almost instantly in the Land of Iron, all he needs to do is get a clone a little bit away from the battle. It’s a hell of a lot easier for him to enter sage mode, especially since Jiraiya’s version is imposible without toads and the toads wouldn’t fight Naruto.

    ” it comes down to their basic skill”: Not really because Naruto has the Kyubbi. Which could take on Jiraiya’s basic skills with ease.

    “thanks in part to the toads”: Naruto also has the Toad summoning jutsu, so Jiraiya can’t use any of his Toad Techniques, because the Toads can’t attack Naruto since he has a contract with them.

    “as of right now he still has no control over”: i think there is a huge differencebetween NO CONTROL and PARTIAL CONTROL. No control means he can’t use the Kyubbi at all. BUT Naruto CAN use the Kyubbi up to three tails AND just let it run wild after that if he has too.

    “Kabuto wouldn’t have any ready sacrifices at hand”: You forget that Kabuto is an expert Medical Ninja. He can summon bodies for sacrifice as he keeps several on him at all times.

    “then the summoning is useless”: Actually no… even if you remove the seal (though I don’t know how you could do this or why the third didn’t) the bodies wouldn’t die, they would just regain control of their bodies. So while some might choose not to fight or turn against Kabuto (Nagato and Itachi potentially, in which case Kabuto would just stop their technique or reimplant a seal), others would kill Jiraiya just for the hell of it (like Kakuzu or Sasori or Deidara)

  14. “Temple of Nirvana” doesn’t work on chunin and up… I still think he is a good war ninja because of Edo Tensei and his healing but Nivana genjutsu is just to wide of an area.

  15. hmm..what if this tournament was suspended til the chapter where Naruto fully controls the Kyubi comes out?
    wont make diference i think Shannarolites would still vote Jiraiya…go pervy sage!!!

  16. @Mart1
    Jiraiya is here for the win. On that comment about prep time, Naruto’s clone method would be just as useless, Naruto’s clones would get creamed by Jiraiya before they even began to run, not only is Jiraiya faster than Naruto, he has long range jutsu capabilities, so Naruto’s Sage Mode is just as off limits.
    Mart you seem to forget that Jiraiya has been carrying around the key and sealing formula on his back in that scroll to Naruto’s seal, there is no doubt that he has sealing capabilities, basically all that is required is the Four Element Seal using the Eight Trigram Style to seal the Kyuubi, the DDCS was used by the Fourth Hokage to Seal one half of the Kyuubi’s chakra away, so no one could use it and with Jiraiya in possession of the Key the Kyuubi is off limits as well, and even if he didn’t have the key, he has intimate knowledge of the seal though the scroll he had. You forget that Kabuto doesn’t keep live bodies at his disposal, they are dead bodies that he temporarily reanimates, with his Dead Soul Jutsu, they are not live sacrifices. Kakuzu, Deidara and Sasori are strong but they are not in Jiraiya’s league, just like they are not in Pain or Itachi’s league. You also forget that Jiriaya has the Five Element Seal which cuts of ones chakra, just like Oro used on Naruto, therefore making the bodies chakraless and useless. The Third attacked the limbs of the 1st and 2nd Hokages, not the heads, where the Seal Tags were located, get rid of the Seals and the bodies return to dust.

    @Sage of Seven Paths
    Damn Straight I’d still vote for Jiraiya. 😉
    Go Pervy Sage!!!!!!!! LOL Nagato gets honorable mention, as well as, Naruto.

  17. “Naruto’s clones would get creamed by Jiraiya before they even began to run”:I can’t see Jiraiya defeating all of Naruto’s clones. He could summon a thousand or so, attack Jiraiya with them as two or three slipped off, then have those three enter sage mode after having the rest disperse/get destroyed. Then when he was in Sage Mode, he would already have the shadow clone analysis like against Kakuzu.

    “he has long range jutsu”: Not really. All he has is Swamp of the Underworld, which is nice, but given Naruto’s shadow clone tactics I don’t think it would work. I never really got that jutsu anyway (they can stand on water but not mud???)

    “you seem to forget that Jiraiya”: you seem to forget that WITH the toad scroll Jiraiya got owned by the four tails, and that now that Naruto has a copy of his own, Jiraiya’s toad scroll would just get cancelled out.

    “Four Element Seal using the Eight Trigram Style” and “Jiriaya has the Five Element Seal” both aren’t in his arsenal, he knows the five element UNseal but not the seal itself. AND he has to be able to use those seals on Naruto, which he couldn’t.

    more on Kabuto later (out of time)

  18. “a living sacrifice must be found. The sacrifice’s body is used as a vessel for the soul of whoever is being revived,”: Kabuto has “He has also developed the unique ability to be able to reactivate dead cells and grow new ones, as well as being able to reanimate corpses” so he can summon a dead body, temporarily reanimate it and then use that body as the host for the Edo Tensei. therefore, an endless supply of sacrifices to use.

    “are strong but they are not in Jiraiya’s league”- seperate probably not, but together hell yes they are AND Jiraiya doesn’t know that Nagato and Itachi are secretly good, so he wouldn’t automatically target them, he could take out a random person, but chances are it would be one of the lesser three since they are easier to hit.

    ” You also forget that Jiriaya has the Five Element Seal which cuts of ones chakra” besides not having that jutsu, that jutsu also only works on Jinkuri because it doesn’t seal chakra, just unbalance it, and since Hiruzen supposedly had a counter jutsu to every jutsu in the leaf, why wouldn’t he do that if it worked? Hiruzen concluded that there was no way to take out the bodies before using DDCS.

    “where the Seal Tags were located” they seemed more in the back/neck area.

  19. @walmart1
    Just declare Jiraiya the winner, the polls are not going to change. Pervy Sage FTW! 8)

  20. I’ve just been busy… (I have finals) so the post will be out on monday two weeks from now (sorry that’s the earliest I can do. Though If you wish to write it I’ll put it up.

  21. Naw, that’s allright I rather you write it when you can, I enjoy your post even if we have differing opinions in some areas, they are rather quite well executed. I can wait, Jiraiya for the Win! 😉

  22. I’m thinking you’ll like the title but not much else…

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