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Naruto Chapter 491 – Tastes Like Chicken

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hello Shannarolites, another week another Naruto chapter. But, hmm, this week’s chapter came up a little short at 14 pages when we normally see at least 17 from Kishi.  Maybe there just wasn’t enough material this week for Kishi to fill up those extra pages. That said, for the first time in a while, I find myself having a hard time finding enough subjects to talk about this week, so this post may be as short as the chapter, lol.
What’s with Naruto and having live animals slammed down his throat? First it was with Itachi and that random crow he jammed through Naruto’s mouth, and now it’s that toad who holds the scroll that unlocks the Kyuubi seal. I guess this is the price you pay to be a hero? If this keeps up there’s going to be an entire petting zoo living inside Naruto’s innards. Maybe Kiba should try to store Akamaru in there as well, I’m sure Naruto has plenty of room to spare. But I guess having the toad inside him allows him instant access to unlocking the Kyuubi seal? I know if it was me in Naruto‘s shoes, I would have said “no way” if they tried that on me. I mean, battling Akatsuki until I’m to the brink of death — I can take it, but I draw the line at stuffing a live slimy amphibian into my stomach.

Aside from that last scene and the short bit at Ichiraku Ramen, the rest of the chapter advanced the story more so than I’d say the last 20 chapters have. The second meeting of the kages came a lot sooner than I’d anticipated; heck, Tsuande just recovered last chapter after all. Despite some bickering, I was surprised at how unified the alliance is becoming. You have to remember that the five major villages have been at each others throats for generations and only in recent years have they come to a stalemate and relative peace. Still, sharing army strength information and enemy intelligence gathered is not something each party is comfortable divulging willingly, especially for old hardliners like the Tsuchikage. The key factor in influencing the change of heart is of course Akatsuki, particularly the grandiose way they crashed the party at the last get-together. If Madara didn’t have Sasuke attack the kages, this alliance may very well have broken down at the first meeting due to the animosity between the leaders present. Why Madara would do something that would undoubtedly work against his grand plans is an interesting question, but I’ll save that for another day or maybe some of our resident gurus would care to comment on it below.

One funny thing I was expecting to happen at the meeting was for a harsh exchange of words between Tsunade and Mei, or at least some snide remarks on the side. I had this feeling the two had a rivalry going on seeing as they both have the “beautiful but may be too old to marry anymore” aura going for them. Unfortunately for me, their meeting was very cordial, but I’m still hoping for something to happen down the road :p Tsunade had quite an outcry when the subject of “hiding” Naruto and Killer Bee came around, but our man the Gaara-meister certainly put an end to that debate. You can’t blame Tsunade for still sticking to that position though, she’s been in a coma for a long time and must have not gotten the memo about the direction the plot was headed.

I don’t have too much to say on the last scene. Like I said last chapter, it’s nice to see Kishi use more humor in the manga again. I think Naruto’s training sessions with Killer Bee are going to be a riot to read given their personalities. I just hope Naruto only picks up on the useful stuff from Bee (like controlling his Bijuu) and skips out on the not so useful material (bad jokes and rhymes). Anyways, I’m expecting the training arc to last at least 5-7 chapters and I’m looking forward to it.


76 Responses

  1. nice post as always Bob…yeh a bit short chapter it was but also great..hmm..I think its the 3rd one..Naruto’s 2nd meal of live animals I think was Shima’s food when Fukasaku reverse summoned him last chapter..lol

  2. I think some one should definitely tell naruto that squids have 6 legs.

  3. quick this week bob…

    gj, i think it was a pretty good chapter. you guys can’t complain about the lack of humor anymore.

    i’m pretty sure madara knew what he was doing when he brought the shinobi alliance together, and then unified them like no one else could. the only question is why?

  4. okay this was a coo chapter
    but im starting to think that naruto will fight sharkman aka kisma soon
    and my theory on that is that naruto will easily beat sharkman
    because sharkman absorbs people chakra and last time someone tried absorbing narutos chakra they turned to a frog stone with was the hungry pain. so in my opinion it wont be much of a fight if sharkman tries to absorb narutos chakra…

    that aside i cant wait to see bee and naruto train its going to be a huge mess hahaha

    and i have been thinking
    is it me or am i the only one thinking what ever happened to narutos cape when he had it on while fighting pain???

  5. Cape is gone men, it was a long battle… like it got lost or burned or something…

  6. this was an awesome chapter!!!!

    Even if 3 days were skipped, it keeps things moving with Naruto to get him back in the action. I will admit the 14 page length was a let down but you can’t always get what you want I’m sure it’ll be epic next chapter. I love how naruto has went back to his comedic self and he has made some really funny expressions as well. Maybe Kishi realizes now that naruto needs some spotlight time. As for the alliance, it looks like things are moving along very well so I don’t have much to say about it. Killer bee’s entrance ws epic and now i’m starting to have more respect for him. This will make naruto a bad ass! I wonder what new things he’ll learn.

    The only thing that has my mind bottling is how the hell does madara plan to fight a full scale war with akatsuki nearly wiped out?
    I mean sure he has team hawk and kisame,but Zetsu isn’t a frontline fighter, kisame is only one ninja(he can’t possibly take on five nations by himself),and team hawk is disbanded at the moment…..oh yea what the hell ever happened to suigetsu and jugo?

  7. yeah was a good chapter i think. not great but good. i personally think madara is trying to unite the nations bob. i think gedo mazo is going to do somthing like wipe out a whole field of ninja on the battle field. imagine a huge ninja army marching on poain somewhere and him using gedo mazo to put them all into some sort of zombie genjutsu where he can take control over those ninja and use them for his own army.

    maybe something like a brain washing jutsu only really strong ninja would be able to resist. i mean really, other then dead akatsuki, kabuto and the other couple members of akautski left, we havent any idea how he could fight a huge army.

    i have heard theories about maybe using a clone army made by zetsu, but that would take a ton of effort i dont think zetsu is able to muster. i mean his kisame clone was less powerfull then the original after all.

    my thoughts slash random stoner rambling is done.

  8. boring chapter, seems like the war goin to start where naruto and bee are, no point in hiding them, maybe naruto will learn some rhymes (he should take a lesson from me) well hopefully the next chapter will be longer, great job bob

  9. I had wondered the same thing.

  10. Epic Breakdown dude.

    I think Naruto will learn some useful things from Bee! 😀

  11. Really nice chapter, Naruto’s expresssions throughout it were priceless!

    Remember, KB was trying to make a rhyme with “-ttebayo”, so I think Naruto will use his favourite phrase in front of him and KB will immediately like him and agree to be his teacher, although he is kinda irresponsible and in his own world! I believe that the two of them together are a crazy pair, like Lee and Gai!

    One last point, Naruto finally wears his forehead protector, although we had assumed he would never do this again.

  12. I think madara have to make the villages come together because he knew he could capture bee and naruto. If the villages were fighting either bee or naruto could have been killed before madara got to them

  13. i liked the chapter mostly for its comic relief. i also hope there’ll b more comic relief coming.
    my predictions: Kisame will attack at some point (and fail, most likely getting killed), Madara will talk about something boring, Naruto and KB do stupid/funny stuff together and become close friends (which will directly result in every Naruto fangirl dreaming about them being gay for each other), and Sasgay will b prissy.

  14. It was a okay chapter, I was hoping for a little more scenes with Madara and Kabuto but it was cool. You guys are right, it’s about time we see humor because Naruto was getting me too depressed. I think Killerbee and Naruto would make a great team because like you said Bob they have similar personalities,I like Bee. It’s going to interesting to see thier training arc and more interesting to see Kisames part in all this, maybe they will fight but I think Kisame is going to get away and since he has all that info the Kages are going to have no choice but to let them fight.

    I am also hoping Sakura and Kakashi take this time to improve as well!

    This is hard for me to say but I kinda want to see Sasuke and his EMS!

  15. so KB… will train naruto… uhmmmm…. now does it mean naruto will be able to use the kyubi techs since KB can spit ink, which is an octopus defence mechnism… so may be naruto will have kyubi defence or attack mechnism…. and seems to mi that the kyubi deals with fire…. then i wonder what will happen to kisame

  16. oh … and may be omoi… and his sister will be thr… since they are KB’s thr master sort off…

  17. Can’t say I liked this chapter much. All it had going for it was no Sasuke. But I am glad to see people giving Naruto some recognition for his fight with Pain. That ship Cloud ninja guy’s reaction to the Giant Squid was priceless lol. And Bee’s rhyming was actually good this time around (how long will that last? place your bets ladies and gents).

    Btw, welcome back Nemo

  18. its also funny how everyone there can kick Mifune and his guard’s asses lol. Tsunade calling Gaara a punk was messed up though.

  19. @ kisu, thnx for the “welcome back”, that made me happy that some even noticed i was gone, lol 🙂

  20. gaara is the man.
    does anybody feel like this is moving too quickly?
    somebody called kishi up and said “dude, your losing fans because the story is progressing to slowly” so he decided to have kakashi, sakura, and naruto meet up with sasuke all of a sudden! replay the rasengan, chidori scene all of a sudden!…
    and now he’s just hopped on a boat and met up with his new teacher, all of a sudden!..
    I’d rather take 18 serious pages than 14 pages of naruto pulling stupid faces.

  21. i miss sasuke already after not seeing him in 3 chap.. hope to see him again next week…

  22. I was actually surprised to see that Naruto & KB met so soon. The Toad Sage’s last prophecy took 20 years to take place, but this one came in 3 or 4 days… or at least the first half of it. I guess Jiraiya’s prophecy started pretty immediately too, he already was a pervert…

    As to Sasuke at the summit, I would guess that Madara had to do it to increase Sasuke’s eye power and to get him to use up his first pair of MS eyes and implant Itachi’s… this new power must be greater than the damage caused by an alliance, but how powerful is it?

  23. So Kisame is still inside Samahada, and presumably Killer bee has taken it with him so, that means the Akatsuki know the location of them.

    Great plan stupid Kage’s….:P
    Tsunade was right…

    Maybe madara just wanted saskue’s eyes? so then he can cast infinite genjutsu on the moon/ juubi himself and just use Saskue for his own personal ends.

  24. @ripcord, thanks for reminding me. Jiraiya’s prophecy took over 20 years to come true, and when it did, he died. So does that mean when Sasuke and Naruto fight (according to the Sage’s prediction) it will be his last? It’s really looking that way to me.

  25. Not really much to say about this chapter. But I recently saw the sneal peak of the new upcoming movie “The Lost Tower”, Naruto and Minato meeting and fighting together, now that will be a sight to behold.

  26. i think naruto will sence kisma chakra when he will use sage mode and inform KB

  27. @xI ReBoRn Ix,
    Squids have ten not six

  28. it does not matter if jiraya’s prophecy took 20yrs…. prophecies arent judged by time… the important thing is “it came to pass” besides jiraya fullfilled one half of the prophecy before naruto was born…. and that is “he found nagato” as the sage said “who knew that both jiraiya students will bring peace” so pain was found first, he just didnt know naruto was the child of prophecy…. he found out when he was about to die… on naruto’s prophecy… everything was working out for him, we all knew he would find KB, the kage’s made it faster by hiding the both of them on the same island… if jiraya had believed in naruto…. his prophecy would have come to pass earlier b4 his death….

  29. @ hawk…..i thought i was the only one that was happy to see so much sasuke air time..
    i want more..see wants happening with kabuto and madara now.i lol abit at this chapter still..im glad kishi is kind of picking up the speed of the story.it seems everyone wants less sasuke time and more POINTLESS naruto time like everything after his fight with sasuke at the valley of the end.those hundred of whatever chapters of complete rubbish ALMOST put me off naruto all together..anything to do with sasuke or akatsuki = interesting
    uchiha 4ever

  30. @ PRO … i luv sasuke & im happy to know that in character popularity poll ..his currently no. 1 🙂

  31. I can predict that there is going to be a mental battle between naruto and kyubi, i dont think naruto will get along with kyubi aftwards though as it seems kyubi has had a long and unrelenting bitter hatred for naruto’s father and i dont think it will disappear.

  32. Where did train come into the picture, the Old Sage just said he will get help from the octopus. That’s why I see a Killerbee gaiden coming on, where Bee and the hachibi are talking about how Bee used to be an outcast, hachibi used to be evil bla-di-bla-di-bla. I really want naruto to be able to become hardcore in and of himself like with sage mode, he learned that after being given the tools. Hopefully kyuubi sage mode will be the same.
    Additionally, what is going to happen to poor old Gamabunta and the other toads if Naruto can summon kyuubi (shame… all that investment for nothing).
    I’m mode interested in Kyuubi-Sage mode personally.

  33. Naruto wishlist:
    1. Wind Chakra infused Kunai.
    2. Combination Henge
    3. Kyuubi Chakra Canon (without transforming into 4tails)
    4. That extended limb thing that he does in 4-tails mode.
    5. Standard 3tails mode fused with sage mode
    6. Kyuubi roar (without transforming into 4tails)
    7. Shadow clones that divide up the kyuubi’s chakra leaving naruto as strong as he wants to be.
    8. Eternal Kyuubi-Sage Mode.

  34. dattebaiyo
    rap a tight flow
    grab the mic yo
    catch when i throw
    magic might show
    massive light glow
    hazard hydro
    stab the mind slow
    has my eyes closed
    thats a nice show

  35. @kisuzachi
    Jaryias “profecy” hasn´t become true yet, there hasn´t been a chiild that bring peas to the ninja world… and it isn´t his procfecy,it´s the old toads profecy

  36. In regards to my previous submission, here’s the preview link, check it out:

  37. @ PRO:

    the show is called NARUTO!!! not sasugayyyy, he isnt even exciting, i grather read funny naruto chapters then his emo self all day babbling about his brother! thats why they only show sasuke fighting cuz his story line is booring! He has no character other then being an emo fag and showing off his sharingan which is OVERRATED!!!!

  38. Would be great to see Bee train naruto with swords! i wonder if naruto could counter sasuke’s lighting blade with a wind chakara blade!!

  39. @the beast naruto training with swords sounds like a good idea and might be possibe since bee’s a master swordsman and they probly have to fight kisame another swordsman

  40. Lol at when Gaara kept on interrupting Tsunade, it was like he was saying “Shut up beotch. I rule, you suck. STFU.” 😛

    @thebeast: It looks like he can actually use Asuma’s tecnique, even though we only saw it in the anime and in the movie preview Xeras posted.

  41. nice movie preview. bet its gonna suck though. There has never been a good Naruto movie, and I doubt this’ll be the exception (the previews are always better than the movies in my opinion)

  42. hey, this has absolutly NOTHING to do with anything, but considering Xeras posted about a movie, i think i can post about a game: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 has recently confirmed these characters: God Realm Pain, Sage Mode Jiraiya, and, wait for it, SAGE MODE NARUTO!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cL_TK1IQ-Ok

  43. About Naruto training with swords: I think Naruto does need to learn chakra channeling, it would compliment his close-range style and could counter Sasuke well. I don’t know how much time the two will have together, so maybe there isn’t enough time to train anything but bijuu communication/control.

  44. I guess first of all that I have to agree with everyone else that this chapter was too short and a little boring. The bright side is that all of the Kages seem to be getting along very well, there was no mention of Sasuke or Kabuto even Madara sat this one out this time around. I was glad to see that Tsunade was still her adament self after being in a coma for so long. This chapter proves that those in power are the craziest of individuals around because they played right into the hands of the enemy, of course they didn’t know that they were but that is always the benefit of being a strategist like “Madara” is because you always have a plan no matter what your enemy chooses. If the Kages had sent Naruto and KB to fight on the frontlines then Akatsuki could have captured both jinchuriki with overwhelming force instead of having Kisame get so close to KB.
    I think that “Madara” knew that his first attack against the Kage Alliance Meeting was going to bring them together. My guess is two things: first, “Madara” wanted to bring the Hidden Villages together in order to put the last two jinchuriki together either on the battle field or to hide them away which is why he had Kisame hide within Samehada in order to keep tabs on KB no matter where he went so he could fight him when he’s at his weakest and try to take Naruto as well; the second reason may sound a little funny, but I thin that “Madara” wanted the Shinobi Alliance to succeed because what he wanted to do was to unify the shinobi world in order to bring about peace. Iknow that I’m probably alone on my second guess but when you think about it this has happened before on numerous occasions of course it was on different things one example is on WATCHMEN when the heros found out that it was their own leader was the one that killed the Comedian and was plotting to kill millons of people across the world with bombs that were created by Dr.Manhattan to resemble his powers and it convinced world leaders that Dr.Manhattan was tired of all their bullshit and decided to attack them even though it was Ozymandiez who was the one that sent the bombs and was behind the whole thing. (For those that didn’t see the movie sorry for spoinling it for you) This seems to be similar to me otherwise why attack the Kages when you know that it will bring them together because it doesn’t occur to me that “Madara” would do something without a motive. If he did attack for the first reason then he’s very smart and has a plan that the Kages won’t even see coming until its too late.
    That is probably what Kabuto wanted the Leaf to find out when he lead Anko’s team to “Madara’s” HQ so that it would give the Kage’s a small advantage knowing the whereabouts of “Madara”. Right now there are so many wild cards that pose a threat to both sides that it is interesting as to what their purpose is regarding the overall storyline.
    The comic relief that this chapter gave was long overdue if you ask me because things were getting too serious. Good thing is that KB finally has some good rythmes. Putting both of these jinchuriki together maybe asking for problems because of their personalities they will drive their guards crazy with all of their shinanigans…LOL

  45. @kisu yea when naruto’s prophecy becomes complete he’ll be supposed to die as well and naruto is even expecting it…but that’s where itachi’s crow will probably come in and save his ass since that’s exactly what they talked about when he gave it to him.

  46. @madzikage
    I want to add to ur Naruto wishlist..absolute & total symbiotic control wd Kyubi..it means that even if Naruto goes 9-Tails he can control it as well as suppress it..

  47. @Bob i’m actually surprised you got that much text down from this chapter! nice work dude. On the Madara issue, he knows that Naruto will eventually fight Sasuke (as that’s all he’s been talking about the last couple meetings with him) so he’s simply underestimating the join shinobi force and just wanted to force Sasuke into a corner to take the EMS.

    Madara has been a really interesting character, but what I am pretty damn sure of is that 1. His real goal hasn’t been revealed yet, because this Juubi business is probably a half-truth….just like 2. If he is Madara, that sure as hell isn’t his body. My vote goes to Obito and Shisui at different moments in time, as well as the 4th Mizukage.

    My opinion? Either his “defeat” by Hashirama completely changed him into a rat slinking around in the shadows, or he’s some dude that has been around as long as Madara (or knows someone who has) that knows and collects all types of jutsu for some greater purpose and until recently, has done so from the shadows and behind puppets such as Pein, Akatsuki, Yagura, and probably even his own “body” he currently possesses. Lets recap:

    1. He tried raising an army – Hidden Bloody Mist.
    -Controls 4th Mizukage, Yagura, who is the host of the 3-tails (which we know specializes in genjutsu. coincidence?)
    -Later the 3-tails is captured by Tobi, who if you put the pieces together, has controlled before, since it was a part of Yagura. Interesting how he knew where it was. Also interesting is that it didn’t have a host, and we know when the will of the tailed beast overcomes the host…the beast is reborn.

    2. Raised suspicions of Uchiha – attacked Konoha with Kyuubi (and ask yourself how he got ahold of it)

    3. Suspicions lead Konoha to civil war – Uchiha Massacre, which he happens to partake in.
    -according to Itachi, he was his sensei –>told Itachi about MS –> Itachi is “found out” by Shisui –> Itachi kills Shisui, attains MS –> conveniently, Danzo knows about the entire incident and recovers Shisui’s eye (note: not both of them?). Danzo sees him at the massacre, recognizes him, does nothing, and collects sharingons like sea shells.

    4. Controls Akatsuki into collecting Bijuu
    -introduced as “Tobi”, a personality completely polar opposite to his current personality. It can be assumed that he did that to mislead Itachi since he only revealed himself to Kisame after Itachi died. Yet, Itachi would have obviously recognized him, so who exactly was he trying to fool?
    -conspired with Nagato to use Rinne Tensei on him, which is used to restore souls that AHEM…aren’t yet completely dead…back to their bodies. The fact that it was “such a betrayal” means Nagato, in all his idealist glory, was going to give his life believing “Madara” would restore peace.

    5. Controls Sasuke into becoming his next pawn
    -attests to “crash him into naruto” to prove Uchiha’s dominance, yet tells the Kages he needs a set of good eyes
    -collects sharingons (or stole Danzo’s), and through Zetsu’s special abilities of eating bodies, and video taping bum fights with his eyes, we can assume his collection doesn’t stop there.

    6. Is backed into a corner by Kabuto – implies Kabuto knows his complete secret
    -mysterious #6 coffin contains a body that scares the shit out of him, so I would think it’s something more dangerous than any physical attack would ever be…the secret of his identity, which is what he uses to manipulate his entire operation.

    Tobi has definitely been behind all the major events in this manga, but I think the big question here is whether he’s truly after the Bijuu, or Sasuke, or something else entirely.

  48. sorry about that….I got carried away… heh

  49. @Uchiha_Gaiden
    I’d have to agree with you on your theory because you made very interesting points. I wonder if “Madara” was just projecting a fake personality while he was Tobi so that no one would think that he was capable of serious trouble. What I’m trying to say is that he wanted to blend in while he was plotting every event that was to occur within the war to come.

  50. Naruto will be a chakra master soon enough wont he, he knows how to sense chakra using Sage mode, he will know how to conjure chakra without kyubi’s mind coming through, and also he has a huge supply of his own personal chakra anyways which am sure he has honed to use very acurately with elemental training and rasengan Training 🙂

  51. So wat if while trainin wit Bee Naruto learns how to use a sword and Bee gives him as sorta of a present dat chakra suckin sword or some other cool one… I think dat chakra suckin sword (sorry i cant remember its name) would really put Naruto over da top vs Sasuke…

  52. @ sirius, the sword’s Japanese name is “Samehada” and it’s English name is “Shark Skin”, hope that helps

  53. @ Nemo Prime, Thanks…

  54. @Sirius Prime
    I doubt that KB would give Naruto Samehada for two reasons: Kisame is alive and hiding within Samehada and won’t like that too much considering that it is his sword, because would you like someone taking something of yours and giving it to someone else; the second reason is that Samehada is one of the Seven Swords of the Mist which means that only someone from the Mist Village can wield and master it, added that only the one who wields Samehada can hold it with its spikes on the hilt that cut anyone other than its wielder. It is a good idea but Samehada would have to warm up to him by consuming enough of his chakra in order to know who his new master shall be.

    Naruto is already a chakra master considering that he has successfully mastered the rasengan in its basic form which required him to conrtol and mold his chakra, which according to Jiraiya, makes it the second hardest jutsu to master. Once Naruto learned how focus his chakra into a certain part of his body, then regulate it, afterwards rotate it, apply power to it, and finally learn to maintain its form with the combination of the other four parts. Plus, Jiraiya has been teaching him chakra control since they first met even though it was Kyuubi control it affected his own chakra control as well because it was similar. Naruto controled his chakra quite well while fighting Neji which allowed him to deliver that knock out blow that won the fight, Haku, Kabuto during the Sanin battle, and even Mizuki, which was the first time he used the mass shadow clone jutsu. Not critisizing you or anything just letting you know that Naruto has been a master of chakra control for a very long time despite what others choose to believe the only thing is he needed a little training and guidance from a skilled teacher.

  55. @pro
    good to know there r still diehard fans for sasuke out here!!
    i am glad that sasuke is strong enough that he needed to be teamed on in a fight, u can’t mess alone with that powerhouse.
    sasuke haters can sit back and cry as much as they want!!

  56. Ummm when has sasuke been teamed up on in a fight?? Vs KB he got his ass handed to him wuth help from hawk vs raikage he almost got leg dropped to hell and against danzo he used his eyes till close to blindness and these were all 1 on 1 …. so how was he teamed up on. I think sasuke is overrated but that’s just me

  57. @Sonelle

    yea good point about Tobi trying to fit in. It’s just peculiar because only Nagato knew, yet Tobi was behind the Kyuubi attack according to Minato, so he obviously had possession of the Kyuubi at that time right? Yet at the same time he was the secret leader of an organization whose purpose was collecting the bijuu? Sounds conflicting so that’s why I think he has ulterior motives.

    He already had the Kyuubi, yet he still attacked Konoha with it. So my reasoning is he was intentionally trying to raise suspicion of the Uchiha in order to start the whole master plan. The only thing he didn’t account for I guess was MInato being able to seal the Kyuubi in Naruto. It’s either that or he really did infiltrate Akatsuki and usurp control of it from Nagato under the guise of “Madara”.

  58. I jus think it will be a complete waste of training if Naruto doesnt learn how to use a sword regardless if its with Samheda or not (thanks to Nemo Prime for schoolin me up on da name of dat sword) and learns a new element infused jutsu… But to beat Sasuke and Madara for that matter I hope he learns the Thunder God techniqe and he may need to learn the Death God technique without killing himself, or sealing himself in the process… But who in the hell would teach him that?

  59. And on a side note…
    Did Kishi completely forget about the Hinata/Naruto hook up?

  60. Saskue and Naruto the most powerful Ninja of there time.

    Think how insane this would be.
    They fight, they come to a truce without killing each other.

    The war is starting, Madara stands with Kabuto the revived akatsuki members along with kisame and Zetsu. Behind them ichibi to hachibi. 1-8 almost pure power.

    Apposed to them stand the joint ninja nations.
    they beggin to charge then, naruto and saskue appear. There presence together shocks everyone to a halt. Then single handedly they take out all the tailed beasts along with every akatsuki member aside from madara.

    The Joint nations are in total awe. Naruto and Saskue working in perfect sync, Saskue having EMS Naruto mastered his Kyubbi. There attacks perfectly timed, they fight with such grace and power they make it look easy.

    Then madara charges ….
    >insert epic fight hereweeks after<

    Naruto Saskue and Sakura leave kohona, They become the ultimate force in keeping peace in the ninja world. Rouge no assigned to any village but doing missions for all. They start there own hidden village, taking over the hidden sound remaints, they train there own ninja's they help every nation they keep the peace in the ninja world.

    Sakura as head medicanal ninja.
    Saskue as Ninjustu genjustu Taijutsu master. ( the goto person)

    And Naruto as Hokage. haha long theory but i like my ideas

  61. Saskue and Naruto the most powerful Ninja of there time.

    Think how insane this would be.
    They fight, they come to a truce without killing each other.

    The war is starting, Madara stands with Kabuto the revived akatsuki members along with kisame and Zetsu. Behind them ichibi to hachibi. 1-8 almost pure power.

    Apposed to them stand the joint ninja nations.
    they beggin to charge then, naruto and saskue appear. There presence together shocks everyone to a halt. Then single handedly they take out all the tailed beasts along with every akatsuki member aside from madara.

    The Joint nations are in total awe. Naruto and Saskue working in perfect sync, Saskue having EMS Naruto mastered his Kyubbi. There attacks perfectly timed, they fight with such grace and power they make it look easy.

    Then madara charges ….
    >insert epic fight hereweeks after<

    Naruto Saskue and Sakura leave kohona, They become the ultimate force in keeping peace in the ninja world. Rouge no assigned to any village but doing missions for all. They start there own country

  62. sorry to big a post :S

  63. Saskue and Naruto the most powerful Ninja of there time.

    Think how insane this would be.
    They fight, they come to a truce without killing each other.

    The war is starting, Madara stands with Kabuto the revived akatsuki members along with kisame and Zetsu. Behind them ichibi to hachibi. 1-8 almost pure power.

    Apposed to them stand the joint ninja nations.
    they beggin to charge then, naruto and saskue appear. There presence together shocks everyone to a halt. Then single handedly they take out all the tailed beasts along with every akatsuki member aside from madara.

    The Joint nations are in total awe. Naruto and Saskue working in perfect sync, Saskue having EMS Naruto mastered his Kyubbi. There attacks perfectly timed, they fight with such grace and power they make it look easy.

    Then madara charges ….
    >insert epic fight here< ( we all know it will be purley majestic)

  64. They kill Madara with a chidori rasengan combo. ( Narutos right hand rasengan Sakues left hand Chidori. )

    Having killed the Tailed beasts the demonic outer path statue cracks giving life and tailed beast back to the former jinchuriki’s.

    Naruto and Saskue walk back to the Joint Nations. The Raikage Jumps Saskue along with a few 100% faithful supporters. Sakue Dodges and Naruto takes them out with simple tajutsu at incredible speed. and continues walking forward.

    Naruto Challenges anyone to try arrest Saskue. No one moves an inch.

    >weeks after<

    Naruto Saskue and Sakura leave kohona, They become the ultimate force in keeping peace in the ninja world. Rouge no assigned to any village but doing missions for all. They start there own country

    With Sakura as Head Medcinal and chakra control expert.
    Saskue as Master of Justu and Taijutsu ( genjutsu dojustu also)

    And Naruto as Hokage.

  65. @Dry
    Good story, but lacks substanence for a real convincing chapter. Keep it up though:)

  66. @Dry….

    its a bit off…..

  67. yerr it was heaps better with wayy more details then it posted random chunks of it so i cut it down and made it two posts… but you get the general idea.

  68. @dry
    i say after the fight, tobi/obito will escape, there will be oro taking over in kabuto. sasuke and naruto fair and square fight with no winner, sasuke will help the villlage with controlling tailed beasts. and he will disappear in the ashes of the battle ,

    just to start his lone journey to revive his clan( as he cannot be part of konoha again).he will move around the wold helping who’s in need and uniting small clans and finally uniting to creating a village of his own in place of sound village.
    being a friend to konoha a new powerful village will be born.
    this is not the end U KNOW THERE R NO END OF BAD ASSES TO APPEAR IN MANGA. new stronger characters will appear and a new story.

  69. @Manishuchiha, that sounds like a pretty bright future for a soulless mass murderer who’s wronged a lot of people and taken many fathers from their children (the cannon fodder Samurai). I think you’re a tad deluded if you believe that’s how it’ll end lol

    The only good Uchiha is a dead Uchiha

  70. @kisuzachi

    Unfortunately what you say really is true, the Uchiha with the best hearts have already died, Obito and Itachi.

  71. the best hearts uchiha’s should rest in peace .. the strong heart should live n restore his clans….. long life sasuke…

  72. Because Kakashi has one sharingan, does that mean that if he had children they would gain one eyed sharingan?

    I mean the implant would add to his gene pool.
    maybe this means the Uchiha can be reborn…?:S through Saskue

  73. @ everyone….

    the story does eventually have to end.
    it cant keep going forever.

    it might finish then we do Minato’s childhood as an anime ect.

    The pherhaps revisit naruto when he is Hokage, watch the next generation grow up.

    haha there are so many places the Author could take this idea.

  74. @Dry, no. Kakashi’s children wouldn’t be born with a Sharingan because its not in his genes. He simply implanted his Sharingan eye. If his kids want a Dojutsu, they’re gonna have to kill a Hyuga

    The only good Uchiha is a dead Uchiha (that’s my new message btw)

  75. i find it wierd there are so few dojutsu…..

    and yet the appear so frequently

  76. A dojutsu are rare and the reason why they appear so frequently is because the Leaf has the top two most powerful and they are always on the frontlines. Also, I think that there are only three of them: Rannengan, Byakugan, Sharingan. If there are others I don’t remember seeing them.
    Let me know what you think..

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