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Naruto Chapter 491 is Out!!!!!


Just 15 pages this time 😦


27 Responses

  1. This chapter was pretty funny! especially the part where naruto said paradise lol. His face was priceless..

  2. ooooooooooooh snap, thank goodness they skipped the 3 days really fast

    tsunade sure still has a temper lol
    i wonder what else we’ll learn since there combining intelligence

    at first glance of the island, i thought it was the same place where tobi and kabuto were cuz of the bones lol, i was like damnnnnnnnn led the jinchuurikis straight to akatsuki, hahah

    let the training begin!!!

  3. This should be interesting….I wonder how long it will take for naruto and bee to bond and begin training.

  4. ha ha ha. i gotta love the rhymes in that one, and im not a big “Bee” fan. overall they advanced this chapter very quickly. naruto just got the key to his seal and now he is all ready at the island and has met killer bee, if only just briefly.

    i gotta say that the kage’s are managing to work amazingly well so far, but i wonder how well things will work out when the shit hits the fan.

    also a bit of disapointment as naruto didnt apear to see hinata at all, which means it could be a long time before we see any more fruition come to the naruto hinata saga.

    it was nice to see some of the old comic elements return, but i felt kinda cheated in this chapter with all the double page’s it almost felt like it was a half chapter.

    and whats going on with kisame now. he is still in the sword, and the sword is still with kisame. stands to reason he could potentialy capture both of them at once.

  5. boring chapter a little dissapointed

  6. little dissapointed…. but i guess it was ok. Now Naruto and Bee will train… and i m sure they will very soon fight Kisame and kick some shark but….

  7. @ bringer, i argee on all accounts except the part about not liking KB. i personally think he’s quite funny, and i’ve read a lot of stuff about him making fun of black stereotypes, but so far the only one he’s made fun of is rapping.
    all in all, there was good story development, but i really wish Kishi could bring back some old characters that he knows for a fact the majority of fans love (Lee and Hinata to b specific)

  8. Very funny chapter, great advancement in the story.

    @bringerofkaos, I think that Kisame will become overzealous and try to capture both of them at the same time but will in the end be beaten by Naruto and his newly aquired control of the Kyuubi. I have stated this theory a few other times, I just like hearing it haha.

  9. anyone else having trouble loading the images on mangastream? maybe the servers got trampled

  10. Try Mangafox

  11. it’s back up. on mangastream’s twitter:

    “Looks like one of our file servers took a dump. I gave it a quick flush and everything is smelling peachy around here again.”

  12. Jeez… We’re getting close to 500 issues now…

  13. Killerbee’s rapping was definitely tolerable this time lol. But just 15 pages was crappy 8(

  14. man this going 2 be funny cuz the raikage thinks there is no akatsuki at the island but little does he know that kisame is alive with them and is going 2 be watchin their every move. so its interesting about wuts going 2 happen next

  15. 15 pages?? that’s bs

    love tsunade

  16. Im not understandin’ Kishi’s pacing mindset… He would spend 5 or 6 chapters on a two minute Sasuke fight and then speed through three days of activity involving Naruto in jus 1 chapter… I dont mind da faster pace but Im doubtin its coherency… There’s gunna me some inconsistencies… I just know it…

  17. This was a boring ch. At least there was no sasuke

  18. @a lost shinobi, THANK YOU! I take back my unenthusiastic comment. As long as there’s no Sasuke, every chapter’s great. This is a welcomed breath of fresh air from that emo bastard

    @Sirius Prime, i put this fast pace to Kishi hating Naruto. If his editor lets him, he’d probably change the name of this manga to Sasuke and the anime to Sasuke Shippuden (that last one has a nice ring to it lol). He already said Sasugay’s his favortie to draw…

  19. pretty boring.probably beczuse there was no sasuke or akatsuki.a few bits made me chukle.im happy kishi never wasted his time on nothingness though.bleach was better this week.lol.8 and 9 tails training together should be great though.good ol tsunade is back hype as ever.
    Uchiha 4 ever

  20. @sirius prime: I totally agree, this chapter was too rushed. But I guess he just wanted to tickle our nutsacks for what is to come. Good thing the humour came back though, I just think we are truly in for some major sh*ts and giggles over the next few chapters because I really think a lot of KillerBee will rub off on Naruto. I can just see him idolising the dude for some reason.

  21. boring … coz no sasuke..

  22. nice entertainment frm naruto, bee trying on rhymes was cool..
    no sasuke wtf??
    i wanted to see the first screening of EMS on the show.
    can’t believe naruto will be needing kyubi’s full power with the 8 tails to beat a single guy. wht the hell is EMS.

  23. i like bad guys more then good guys..thats why.lol

  24. I don’t know what you haters are talking about this was an awesome chapter!!!!

    Even if 3 days were skipped, it keeps things moving with Naruto to get him back in the action. I will admit the 15 page length was a let down but you can’t always get what you want I’m sure it’ll be epic next chapter. I love how naruto has went back to his comedic self and he has made some really funny expressions as well. Maybe Kishi realizes now that naruto needs some spotlight time.


  26. I guess first of all that I have to agree with everyone else that this chapter was too short and a little boring. The bright side is that all of the Kages seem to be getting along very well, there was no mention of Sasuke or Kabuto even Madara sat this one out this time around. I was glad to see that Tsunade was still her adament self after being in a coma for so long. This chapter proves that those in power are the craziest of individuals around because they played right into the hands of the enemy, of course they didn’t know that they were but that is always the benefit of being a strategist like “Madara” is because you always have a plan no matter what your enemy chooses. If the Kages had sent Naruto and KB to fight on the frontlines then Akatsuki could have captured both jinchuriki with overwhelming force instead of having Kisame get so close to KB.
    I think that “Madara” knew that his first attack against the Kage Alliance Meeting was going to bring them together. My guess is two things: first, “Madara” wanted to bring the Hidden Villages together in order to put the last two jinchuriki together either on the battle field or to hide them away which is why he had Kisame hide within Samehada in order to keep tabs on KB no matter where he went so he could fight him when he’s at his weakest and try to take Naruto as well; the second reason may sound a little funny, but I thin that “Madara” wanted the Shinobi Alliance to succeed because what he wanted to do was to unify the shinobi world in order to bring about peace. Iknow that I’m probably alone on my second guess but when you think about it this has happened before on numerous occasions of course it was on different things one example is on WATCHMEN when the heros found out that it was their own leader was the one that killed the Comedian and was plotting to kill millons of people across the world with bombs that were created by Dr.Manhattan to resemble his powers and it convinced world leaders that Dr.Manhattan was tired of all their bullshit and decided to attack them even though it was Ozymandiez who was the one that sent the bombs and was behind the whole thing. (For those that didn’t see the movie sorry for spoinling it for you) This seems to be similar to me otherwise why attack the Kages when you know that it will bring them together because it doesn’t occur to me that “Madara” would do something without a motive. If he did attack for the first reason then he’s very smart and has a plan that the Kages won’t even see coming until its too late.
    That is probably what Kabuto wanted the Leaf to find out when he lead Anko’s team to “Madara’s” HQ so that it would give the Kage’s a small advantage knowing the whereabouts of “Madara”. Right now there are so many wild cards that pose a threat to both sides that it is interesting as to what their purpose is regarding the overall storyline.
    The comic relief that this chapter gave was long overdue if you ask me because things were getting too serious. Good thing is that KB finally has some good rythmes. Putting both of these jinchuriki together maybe asking for problems because of their personalities they will drive their guards crazy with all of their shinanigans…LOL.

  27. I got a little fact which i am very concern of. Please give me your opinion

    We all know that the Kyubi is divided into half(ying and yang) the light part is sealed inside Naruto. As far as i know Hachibi(the Eight tail) was sealed completly inside Killer Bee. when Killer bee fully transform the real Eight tail body join the Killer bee body.

    So when Naruto completely transform will he really link with the Kyubi body or will it be just thick chakara with nine tail?

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