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Naruto Chapter 490: What’s Behind Door Number Six?

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Very interesting chapter this week. Just when you thought you knew what Madara was really about, Kabuto comes in and completely changes everything. I didn’t think anything could actually surprise Madara these days, but whatever is in that sixth casket sure has Madara freaked out. Kabuto certainly did his research well and single-handedly manages to back Madara into a corner when everyone else Madara has faced so far couldn’t even touch him. You got to have a lot of respect for Kabuto right now, and I think this is just the tip of the iceberg of what he has planned since he also intentionally led Anko‘s team to Madara. But what’s with everyone’s obsession with Sasuke? Now even Kabuto is vying to make Sasuke his boy toy, when will this ever end? For the other half of this chapter, we finally see Naruto man up and take full control of the key to unlocking the Kyuubi’s seal. I think this event has been long overdue, but it’s nice to finally see Naruto receive the inheritance his father left him. I can see some really hardcore training ahead for our loudmouthed knucklehead.

I had hoped that Kabuto would have a mini-battle with Madara this chapter. For one thing, it would be a way for him to show off the abilities of the Akatsuki zombies he controls, but more importantly prove that they actually have comparable power to their living counterparts and have full use of their kekkei genkai abilities. I’m curious why Madara just accepted that Kabuto has resurrected his old crew without testing them himself. Kabuto is know for using deceit and Madara is well aware of this, so you can’t throw out the fact that he could be bluffing this entire time and those bodies are nothing but corpses of the ninja he had killed and used his medical jutsu skills to modify their appearance; the latter ability was one of Kabuto’s specialties in the past. So I’m still a little wary if Kabuto’s edo tensei is all he claims it to be since it still seems too powerful for him to have pulled off after only recently acquiring Orochuimaru’s powers. Besides, I have a personal rule about not putting too much trust in a guy with a snake coming out of his ass, lol.

Now the question is what is in that final coffin Kabuto summons. From Madara’s reaction, it has to be someone of very high importance to him. There have been lots of theories being thrown around in the comment section, so I’ll just list some of the possibilities: 1. It’s Madara’s brother, the one he took the Sharingans from to gain his Eternal Mangekyou; 2. It’s the Sage of the Six Paths, the ancestor of the Sharigan; 3. It’s the First Hokage, the one who defeated Madara in the past; 4. It’s Madara’s true body, meaning the current Madara might not be who he say he is. My thinking is that the body Kabuto has summoned is either a person who he knows can defeat Madara or a body that can used to blackmail Madara due to the secrets it hides. Kabuto’s comment “you can relax, I haven’t told a soul” on page 4 seems to suggests the latter possibility. I also like the play on the idea that the Madara we have come to know is not really who he say he is, or at least he is not telling us the whole truth about what happened to him after his defeat by the First Hokage. Another one of Kabuto’s comment which has stuck in my mind from last chapter was when he first greets Madara he says “you go by Madara these days, don’t you?” That comment could be just a snaky remark, but could also suggest the fact that Kabuto believes (or knows for certain) that Madara is not who he really claims to be. And if we look back, has Tobi really provided any proof that he really is the infamous Madara Uchiha? Why all the secrecy? Why hide his face? The only things supporting his claim is his knowledge of the Uchiha’s secret past and the fact he possesses a Sharingan, neither of which can exclusively confirm his identity. For all we know, he could just some crazy madman out to complete his collection of Sharingans.

I really like the idea that Naruto will be seriously training to learn to use the Kyuubi more effectively in battle. His berserker transformations have been fun to watch in the past, but I’d like to see Naruto utilize the kind of abilities Killer Bee has been showing off by working with his Bijuu rather than against it. For a moment there, I thought Naruto would turn down the offer to the key to the Four Element Seal, but I’m glad he has come to realize that he can not defeat Sasuke with sage mode alone. From here on, Naruto is no longer going to run away from the demon fox, but face it head on and eventually cooperate with it; it looks like the plans Minato had set in motion after his death are coming to fruition. My only concern is how Naruto plans to come to a compromise with a being that is essentially pure hatred and malice given form. As we’ve seen in the past, even for Naruto to give a little ground to the fox and let his hatred overcome him would result in disastrous consequences. For Naruto to make this work in the future, he really needs to control his own emotions and come to understand the source of hatred. We’ve caught a glimpse of that during his last encounter with Sasuke, I’m looking forward to seeing how Naruto will evolve from here on. Now go find that octopus.


91 Responses

  1. hey, I’m the first one

  2. Good stuff as usual Bob!

    Great chapter that introduced more questions going forward…

    The crappy thing is that Kishi will probably keep these new questions a secret and use them as perpetual cliffhangers for the next 100-200 chapters…

  3. Nice bob, glad to see where on the same page, i guess kabuto will be the one to finally set some truth on the “tobi” character…….

    and side note, isnt killer bee missing a tail, so wouldnt he be the seven tails lol j/k

  4. Just glad the story is progressing

  5. Hey Bob, I Think Your right about tobi not being madara or its his body, i think that would be the best one cuz there was no proof and kishi always gives us clues to the future of naruto, but it could be the sage of six paths cuz the only pic we got of him was shaded and i kno the naruto manga aint gonna stop with out showin us actually who he is and how strong he was….. and i kno kishi is gonna give us more info on naruto’s dad & mom cuz yeah the fourth hokage was strong but i really wanna see how strong u kno

  6. I’M BACK FROM THE GRAVE. lol, i realy missed this site while i couldn’t access the internet (still can’t w/out leaving my house). anyways, i guess all the “ObiTobi” bs might turn out to b accurate after all. as for Kabuto bluffing, iu personally doubt it: first off, if Sasuke can basically master a gajillion S-rank jutsu in a few weeks, y can’t Kabuto learn at least 1 in just a few months? second, Kabuto is more of a “hide his true power to save for the very end” type person, not a “psyche the enemy out w/ something flashy but useless” type of person; third, when Oro used his Edo Tensi, the ones he revived were only marginally weaker than the real deal, meaning that resurected Itachi, Sasori, Diedara, Kakuzu and Nagato would b about as big of push overs as their alive forms, so that means they could do serious damage.
    anyways, i probably won’t b able to talk again for a while, so don’t start any disscussion w/ me unless u want the (rather unintentional) cold shoulder

  7. there go the launch codes again
    but like many i’m glad that he’s gonna take it seriously
    Hell!! i’m glad he even said hinata’s name again

    also could it be a possiblity that the true mandara or maybe jiraiya ( finally got his name right) was in the 6th coffin that scared tobi

    and no i refuse to say tobi is mandara because we can’t say that we truelly know….

  8. I know I’m just copying my other post… but I feel like Tobito would be very poetic:

    I think it is obvious that it is Madara in that coffin and that Tobi is not Madara. I think Tobi has worked hard to convince people he is Madara.
    First evidence: Kisame calls Tobi the Mizukage and then corrects himself with “Madara” I believe because Tobi told him he would be charading himself as Madara.

    2: Kakashi states that they don’t have any evidence that Tobi is Madara but he can’t think of who else could do what he is doing. That kind of reasoning sets you up to be fooled.

    3: Tobi freaks out about what is in the coffin, and Kabuto says he will keep Tobi’s secret. Just before this he says “you’re calling yourself Madara now” which implies Tobi is not Madara. Then after saying he will keep Tobi’s secret, Kabuto calls Tobi Madara again, to convince Tobi that he will go along with the illusion.

    4: I don’t see the person in the coffin being someone that could defeat Tobi in battle, he seemed too freaked out for that and he has pitted himself against many Kage level ninjas (not in a fight but he’s picked fights with all of them) and not batted an eye. Tobi is more concerned with convincing people about what he can do, whether it is true or not. In fact, illusions are the Uchiha specialty, as much as they are good at ninjutsu, genjutsus are their bread and butter.

  9. is it just me, or is kishi’s style getting cheaper??

    i can’t explain it well… but some event like this would usually take 3-4 chapters of explaining, and usually is richer. i don’t know…. it’s just like inuyasha’s second season… did anyone notice how fast the events were? too fast it was boring. same for this chapter. i mean this chapter contained LOTS AND LOTS of valuable information about the series, but yet was all crammed up in one lousy chapter, and i still think it should have been explained and plotted more in detail….

    now don’t get me wrong, i also hate to wait weeks just to find out what’s going to happen, it’s just………… geez, forget it….

  10. I personally think it’s Izuna. I think this because 1. It has him freaked out and Kabuto is really etching towards Madara’s freakiness and 2. It just seems fitting that Kabuto bring his brother back to prove that he really wants to be in Akatsuki.

  11. ermmmmm guys?????

    ok, allow me to shed some light on my insight…

    i say ENOUGH already about this crap that kabuto summoned madara’s real body. tobi IS madara. because itachi said so. PERIOD. i’m a big fan of itachi, and if he says he’s madara, then it’s madara.

    now if u’re not a fan of itachi. then here’s this:
    the kyuubi said it was madara. and how many can fool the kyuubi?? i don’t think there are many.

    hope this makes sense…. so now back to the other options.

  12. Everything leads me to believe that it is Madara’s true body, especially Kabuto’s statement. But for that very reason, it probably isn’t Madara’s true body. Kishi loves to f*ck with us… I guess only time will tell.

    The big question is, does Kabuto want Sasuke’s sharingans like Orochimaru did for his ninjutsu quest? That would seem like the likely reason, but if that were really the case, Tobi could just give Kabuto a less valued pair than Sasuke. There has to be another reason he wants Sasuke. It could be for revenge, like he told Naruto, but I think it is something else. Why won’t people stop f*cking the the guy? Oh well I don’t think Tobi has any intention of keeping his promise.

    Neither Madara nor Kabuto trust each other. And Sasuke trusts no one. There lies the true weakness of their forces, and will be their downfall in the war. I see a lot of double crossing in the future.

  13. It is Chuck Norris……

  14. It’s Bruce Lee in that coffin. I mean, come on, who else could get that fear reaction out of Madara?

  15. First, second, third, and fourth hokages are all dead and have been sealed away by the DEMON REAPER SEAL JUTSU. So they could not be sommond with that jutsu. So the only alternative is marada’s brother, marada’s actual body, the evil decendent of the sage of the six paths, or the sage of the six paths himself. I am going with the sage of the six paths. Due to the fact that it will leave the story open to more interpurtation. For example, where was his body found, where are his son’s bodies, and what kind of fighting skills does he have. It would be actually great for the story if it was him.

  16. I don’t think it’s Izuna the first Hokage, I mean, whats so special about the First, Orochimaru summoned him a while back so we seen him already and they could have shown him. It has to be either Madara’s true by or Sage of the six paths or maybe even the Fourth Hokage!

  17. About Itachi saying Tobi was Madara:

    Perhaps even Itachi was fooled. Tobi has been able to fool a lot of people and he probably was powerful enough to convince Itachi or at least make Itachi fear the possibility. Just because people say it is so doesn’t make it so. Example:

    A LOT of people from Konoha thought Danzo was bad news, but as we found out in the end, he really did care for Konoha. Plus, we all thought Itachi was evil and yet we find out he is not.

    Also, Kabuto implies that the SOUL (because Edo Tensei summons souls, that cause a sacrificed body to take the form or the soul) of some dead person he summoned holds some secret that Tobi is keeping from us, this means Kabuto isn’t threatening Tobi with force, he is threatening Tobi with the knowledge of something. I can only think of one secret Tobi could have… that he isn’t really Madara.

    In the movie “The Princess Bride” Wesley is told by the Dreaded Pirate Roberts that he is to be the next Dreaded Pirate Roberts so they get a whole new crew and the original calls Wesley the Dreaded Pirate Roberts and so the crew believes him… it is called the POWER OF SUGGESTION and I am casting it on all of you… TOBI-IS-OBITO……

  18. Just throwing this out there, but is possible that Madara might have had a son? If he did, then maybe he could the one behind the mask, pretending to be his father just to maybe avenge him or something else. Just a guess, don’t know if anyone mentioned that as a possibility. The son could have grown old and probably absorbing chakra from other people also. Maybe he freaked out seeing his father in the box and kabuto is blackmailing him for that.

    Or it could most likely the sage of six paths…of course Bruce Lee does sounds way better haha!

  19. Kabuto & madara/tobi has extraordinary strength. But why they so wish for sasuke? sasuke might has hidden powers that have not been exhibited to us

  20. @narulucknlove

    Well, we don’t know Obito’s lineage, so it is possible he is a descendant of that bloodline, though I am more inclined to believe that Fugaku, Itachi, and Sasuke were direct descendants of Madara.

    Tobi could be someone else entirely, but I feel like adding another Sharingan user that we haven’t known about all along (because we thought they were so rare… and now they’re not…) cheapens things even further. Tobi being someone we know… oh forget it, I already know I’m not going to convince some of you…

  21. from my understanding of the edo tensei justu there has to be a tag placed inside the body that gives them their full power back… like in the fight between the 3rd and the Oro, when the first and second hokage were first revived they looked exactly like the bodys that kabuto revived and were able to act on their own until Oro inserted the kunai with tags into them their original form was restored and also brought them under Oro’s control. About the 6th casket… My theory is that Tobi is actually Madara’s brother( whos name we dont know) and the the body in the casket is Madara. Its not a far streacth that Madara could have summoned his brother by copying the 2nds Jutsu but didnt put the control tag in him. this why he isnt at full strength but is able to use powerful jutsu. It would also explain why tobi has all the eyes ( his were removed and with that many eyes he could replace the ones his brother took). Also Kabuto said he needed eyes from younger, LIVING Uchia which means the Madara we know is not alive.

  22. Hey it could be Goku for all we know lmao

  23. yo..remember Bob’s April Fools joke of a chapter discussion?I wonder…it could perfectly fit in this plot..Madara lost his body at the Valley of the End but survived coz of EMS, possessed Uchiha bodies then went on to train them to his standards…it is possible that it could be Madara’s body and the fact that he aint using his body anymore,it might show a weakness to madara’s space-time jutsu..[the same case wd Pain..we thought he was invincible once]..i dont want the Sage of 6 Paths..the strongest most powerful character in the Naruverse being summoned by glasses guy?it would piss me off lol peace

  24. I meant the Sage was the strongest yet..Naruto hasnt shown ihis true potential yet..

    @yellowflash2 Izuna is the borhter of Madara..the 1st Hokage is Hashirama Senju..I agree with u there…whats so special wd Wodd Release?however if u add bijuus to the battlefield well…the Valley of the End is the proof of the vast power Hashirama Senju has wd the proper weapons

  25. Hey guys, I’m not going to read the previous comments, I just don’t have time, but I would just like to contradict what Bob said about “Tobi” not actually being Madara.

    I believe that Madara is still in his true body, as he was just about to show his face to Sasuke, to confirm that he was really telling the truth about himself. If the face shown was not Madara then all his credibility will have been thrown out the window.

    Sure, Itachi’s Amaterasu prevented him from taking the mask off, but that must mean that Itachi has seen Madara’s face before, since he set it to activate as soon as Sasuke sees it.

    This must mean that Madara is still in his true body, and Itachi knew it too.

    This brings up another question: If Sasuke took Itachi’s Mangekyou, then wouldn’t that be like overlapping the eyes that Itachi already seemed to have placed in him? (Remember, Sasuke’s eyes turned Itachi-style when the Amaterasu went off on its own.)

  26. Amazing chapter … and Amazing post Bob …. that’s all i can say, im jus lovin tha manga now. OK next chapter

  27. One more thing… Edo Tensei only ressurects the SOUL of someone, the body is actually not resurrected, just taken from someone else who transforms into the shape of the resurrected soul’s orgininal body.

    Now if Tobi is Madara, then Kabuto could not have summoned Madara’s original body. This would imply that he summoned Madara’s soul, which is not possible since Madara’s soul is obviously not dead yet.

    In addition, I don’t believe that Hashirama was resurrected. Sandaime Hokage already sealed both the Shodaime and Nidaime with the Shikifuujin.

    Therefore the summon, in my opinion, must have been either Izuna or the Sage. I’m hedging my bets on Izuna because he seems to be the person most important to Madara. And if Kabuto has summoned the Sage of the Six Paths he would just be too powerful. I mean seriously. He created the fucking MOON! He also freaking suppressed the Jiubii by HIMSELF! That’s chakra more powerful than all the tailed beasts combined, and even Nagato had trouble dealing with just one. Multiply that by nine and you’d have a Dragonball Z like villan which is just unfair.

  28. 6th coffin would definitley be the sage of six paths….whatever it may be, the sixth body has the potential to ruin everything Madara has planned.

  29. I think Killerbee isn’t gonna train Naruto, he will probably give Naruto the trick to doing it and then be done with it. I’m hoping for a Killerbee gaiden explaining it all, but I really can’t see (the way the story is progressing) that Killerbee will have time to train Naruto!
    Additionally, is it me or the whole ‘truth about the kyuubi’ thing was extremely lame, I mean that was pretty much obvious stuff wasnt it? Poor form there kishi

  30. All of you guys arguing that Madara’s soul is in Tobi’s body:

    If the body in the casket is Madara, then this is impossible. If Madara’s soul is in Tobi, then it is not in the afterlife, so it can’t be summoned by Edo Tensei.


    It’s true that we generally knew about it, but I always thought Naruto had to convince the Kyuubi to cooperate. This chapter showed that it is Naruto who has to be stronger willed than the Kyuubi, which is a tall order but I think he can handle it.

    I agree that it seems there won’t be a lot of time for KB to train Naruto and the Toad Sage said that he will meet an octopus, he didn’t say that Naruto will train under him. Then again, he didn’t say Naruto wouldn’t. I hope they train together though, it would be cool to see the 2 chakra cloaks against each other. Also, I am excited to see a conversation between the Haichibi and the Kyuubi.

  31. where do these scans come from cos the dialogue is different to the ones on onemanga.com?

    plz help 🙂

  32. does this mean that sasuke is going to turn into something like the demon fox??? i mean apparently the demon fox mind is just a malevolent mass of hate tied with a hugely powerful chakra. Isn’t that exactly what sasuke has turned into? A mind (and heart) with pure hatred mixed with a massive amount of chakra?

  33. @qwertyuiop

    The scans come from mangastream.com, which has a WAY better translation at the moment. In fact, in the 489 onemanga chapter they called the Toad Scroll Gamakichi, which is incorrect since Gamakichi is quite large right now (see Naruto vs. Pain arc). I wrote to them about their poor translations and the mistake from last chapter but they don’t seem to care. Plus they retranslated all the older chapters, Part I, and they are aweful compared to how they were before.


    Maybe this is how the EMS is able to control the demon fox, because an Uchiha with EMS has so much malice they are in control and dominate the hate of the Fox, as opposed to Naruto who has to separate himself from it. Kindof like the Sith and Jedi with the dark side I guess.

  34. Why does people praise BOB for his posting?
    the only thing he does is to copy the best material at “the Chapter (and the Chapter) is out” disscusion

  35. @ huh……cz bob sama is the maaaaaaan….lol uchiha 4 ever

  36. @huh

    he runs this site watch your mouth son your going to get deleted

  37. great chapter who knows whats in that casket, i can see a konoha team going to tobi for a battle and sauske revealing his ems

  38. @Huh

    Sometimes Bob points out things that aren’t obvious, and he also works hard to present the chapter in an unbiased way (he has also mentioned he doesn’t jump into the discussion on purpose, so we can have the discussion ourselves. In a lot of ways this is better, because to many of us Bob does a lot of work and yet he doesn’t get to participate as we do, so in a way I feel bad for Bob too.

  39. erm…. I meant in a lot of ways this is better because at least for my part, I hold Bob’s opinion in high regard and he could probably convince many of us if he wanted to, but instead he has created a great forum.

  40. @ huh,
    I usually try to avoid reading the discussions prior to writing my posts since I think it helps keep my rants more objective and flow better. This week I was interested in what other people thought was in Kabuto’s last casket, so I incorporated some of those ideas into the post. I try my best to be original, but we have a lot of smart people that visit this blog, and sometimes our ideas and observations do overlap. If I restricted myself to only posting about things other people on the net haven’t said already, well, that’d be a pretty boring read. So I apologize if it looked like I was stealing other people’s ideas this week or anytime in the past, it was honestly unintentional.

  41. i’m just wondering why Oro, Kabuto and Madara was so obsess to gain Sasuke’s eyes? I know the fact that they want his eyes because of sharingans but why not itachi’s eyes before. I think Itachi was the most powerfull uchiha in their generation before he killed by Sasuke but take note Sasuke defeated i tachi because we ill. Right?

    Itachi was a true geniuos in his generation. Imagine no want in the Uchiha village gave him a true fight. He wiped them all and he even didn’t got injured.Sasuke boost his power when itachi gave him his power then right he gain his eyes through Madara.

  42. Lose, oro did try to take over itachis body therefore trying to gain itachis body and sharigan. However itachi was just too powerful for oro to handle.

  43. LOL, i think you guys are getting ahead of yourselves. Read ripcord’s first comment. That’s the most plausible comment I’ve seen. The Sage Of Six Paths? If Kabuto could really summon him he could just take Sasuke with all that brute force. Summoning the Sage cheapens his legend and I dont think Kishi wants to do that.

  44. wow the madara/obito issue rises its head again!!! bahhhhhhh im tending to go towards madara being who he is but who could put such fright in madara himself!!!!!

    maybe it is obito and madara is in the coffin!!! resurrecting madara himself! who takes control!!!!! BOOOOYA!!!!

  45. Don’t apologize Bob, Huh is just jealous because he can’t compare to thinking the way you do!

  46. Okay Lets narrow this down a bit.
    Madara ( the real deal) was considered to be a blood thirsty monster almost.
    Now, Tobi/”Madara”s expression when the 6th Casket is opened is shear fear, we know this because he calls Kabuto a Madman. As if he has ressurected someone that took so much effort to kill or subdue.

    Now there are several people that could fit that description ( Yes the main one being Madara), however is it not seemingly possible that it is someone else entirely?

    Furthermore there is alot of unkown history about the ninja world pherhaps the Sage of 6 paths desendants?? so maybe The sages great son’s son’s son [or daughter] ( obviously direct bloodliniage)

    Essentially when a wider perspective is taken answers could be really obvious. and before making your own theorys read the chapter than type ur disscussion dont read other theorys then type yours because they eventually get out of hand with ridiculous ideas springing from what may only take place.

  47. Bob-sama is in the casket madara gona piss his pants next chapter

  48. @huh, its true that there is a lot oral fixation with bob on this site, but its true that he has managed to draw in an awesome community of posters which makes this site well worth it. I read other manga reviews and but only post on this one. My one qualm is that lately the discussions have been directed towards things I feel aren’t important e.g. Who’s in the sixth casket, but hey I’m like do you, I love this side

  49. i really hope to see more of kyuubi he’s a very interestung character ;-D

  50. Who is wishing that we will not see sasuke for another 100 chapters???…just wishing but i wish really not to see him and fight another hokage,host or whomever it maybe!!!!

  51. Why you guys still considering might Obito is Madara? There is nothing special with Obti although he is Uchiha but he didn’t learn to activate his sharingans before he died.

  52. @Ripcord: How in the world could Fugaku be related in direct bloodline to Madara? How would that be relevant, or even POSSIBLE?!

  53. i see that bob posted my theory on there nice!!

  54. i tink the sixth coffin is … jack bauer… 2 prevent the war… even madara knew how dangerous he is

  55. @naruruler12

    Well, we haven’t been told if Madara or his brother had children, but it is possible. We already know that Sasuke and Itachi came from a powerful Uchiha bloodline, so why not direct descendants of Madara? It’s just an idea, I have no proof though.

  56. After reading the chapter again, it has come to mind that it is all made to mislead us.
    For instance we learn that Madara may just be an alias. However people have thought this all along.
    We learn that this “Madara” has things to fear. Pointing out that he has a flaw. Which is going to remain hidden for the time being.

    I consider some of this just as a ploy to generate hype about what could happen, the fact that the 6th casket and a large number of people associating it with the sage of 6 paths is probably also ment to happen. Consider it, why not an 8th casket and the person held being hidden and reviving other characters. Why the number 6? I dont mean to say people are right or wrong i merely question why everyone looks in the same direction.

    @ Ripcord

    Your idea is plausible, After Madara defected from the hidden leaf, after the valley of the end. The exact history between then and when The 9 tails attacks is unknown. Madara could have started the uchiha clan again with his children possesing the kekke genkai. This would put a vast spin on the story line.

    Using the information we have know it is impossible to determine exactly who is in the 6th casket. Its also impossible to narrow it down much, all we know is that the person is dead.

    And an after thought, why did “madara” want Danzo dead so badly? Yes he wanted a certain persons eye [The name escapes me] but before he knew Danzo possed it he still urged saskues hate on, he willed Danzo dead he got that what should happen if Danzo is revived pherhaps he holds a Secret who knows?

  57. I would like to throw my hat into this discussion about who was in the sixth coffin.
    My guesses are quite simple, but even I don’t believe them to be anywhere near the trueth:
    1) I’d like to say that it is Madara’s true form. It seems that everyone is coming to this similar conclusion now aren’t they. I guess this would be the most logical answer to who it is.
    2) It could be the Sage of The Six Paths, because I haven’t seen anyone who could put that much fear into “Madara” not even the Kages when he declared war on them. I don’t want to take alot a way from the Sage but as powerful as he was being the father of ninjutsu I don’t think that Edo Tensei would allow him to attain his full power, but I don’t think that he would match up to the ninja of today with all of their powers and abilities.
    3) It may be Danzo because he may know some kind of very important information that may be a threat to “Madara”. His Sharingan might also be some kind of threat to “Madara”.
    3) It could be a decendant of the Sage of Six Paths which I think is Naruto’s mother. Everything about her is a mystery (with his dad we at least know that he is the Fourth Hokage and that he stopped the Kyuubi) the only thing that we know of her is that she is from the Whirlpool country so whatever is revealed about her would be taken to heart. If she is a decendant of the Sage then Naruto would be as well. This is only a theory though
    4) It could be Shisui. Why? I don’t know I’m just putting out theories about who it could be. I mean Danzo had one of his arms and it was revealed that “Madara” is missing his right arm which is the same one that Danzo had from Shisui. “Madara” did want Danzo dead pretty badly like he had done something to him before like take his arm and eye. With all the Sharingans that he has it would be easy to give himself another right eye.
    These are only my theories as to who it could be, but I think that we are all jumping the gun as to who it could be. The secret of the coffin will be revealed in due time whenever Dishi is ready to inform us I’m sure. Of course I’m just like the rest of you I really want to know who it is, but our first priority is to find out who this “Madara” person is then coming to the conclusion as to what Kabuto’s trump card is inside that DAMN coffin.

  58. This is my theory as to who “Madara” could be:
    1) Madara himself possessing a body of a dead Uchiha like Obito, Shisui, or even Fugaku.
    2) If the first one seems to crazy then try this one, it could be Obito wanting revenge on the Leaf for what happened to him in the past. The only thing is how does he know so much about the history of all the other villages and the strenghths of the Kages? That can easily be answered with him spying on the other villages during his time away. One last thing it might not be Obito, because I dought that he was smart enough to out think and over power all the Kages.
    3) It could be Shisui, because his character seems to have some sort of effect on the present (ex: his eye and right arm that Danzo had). Also it seems that no one stays dead long in this manga. Shisui would be a very interesting person to be “Madara” to say the least.
    4) This one might be my best guess because I just thought of it as a possibility. What if this body of “Madara’s” is not his at all? What if his body is made up of other Uchiha bodies and not his own at all? In other words he has Shisui’s body and Obito’s head meaning that he created the body up of different Uchiha body parts from different Uchihas. Of course how he was able to do this would take a lot of smarts, medical equipment, and a lab all of which he has at his disposal of course.
    5) “Madara” may just be the real Madara’s little brother only assuming his brother’s name to take revenge on the Leaf Village, because “Madara” never said if his brother lived or died after he took his eyes for himself.
    Again these are only my theories so if you guys have a better theory than mine please voice them, because I am running out of ideas regarding this very complex subject.

  59. @ #4 above

    Ewww really? well I guess it isn’t impossible now after we’ve seen Danzo’s body. It doesn’t explain why he has to use a jelly right arm though.

  60. When I was reading posts interesting theory came to my mind.
    What about Tobi being Shisui. He was trying hard to get eye from Danzo and Danzo had only 1 Shisui’s eye then came to my mind that Itachi obtained Mangekyu Sharingan when he killed his best pal and that was Shisui. So there are only two options:
    1) Itachi lied about who was his best friend, but that doesn’t seems very trustable to me
    2/ Itachi really killed Shisui, so he is dead and Tobi wanted his eye for other reasons.

    Whole think with Tobi want that many sharingan eyes seems to me crazy, but he is doing it for some purpose and guys don’t forget that Sasuke doesn’t have his original eyes now, so if Tobi wanted his eyes he already has them so there must be some other goal for what he is looking for. Maybe some prophety about Sasuke and Naruto like Sasuke is the only one person, who can handle Naruto or something like this . Maybe Tobi is just using and manupulating with Sasuke to get closer to Naruto or to make him vulnurable. We’ll see what is Kishi planning to do.

  61. @LordErcan

    The problem with this is that Tobi and Danzo both had a right eye. I don’t know if eyes are swapable, left to right, but so far in Naruto it seems like that is the one thing about eye exchange Kishi has made taboo.

    I think that Shisui’s eye and its technique are extremely powerful, especially if an Uchiha were to use the eye. One thing about all those eyes, maybe Tobi is planning on creating a huge army with those eyes, though I don’t think there are any bodies right now that could handle them.

  62. Okay, since I don’t have the time to read every comment on here, this is what I have to say:

    I believe that the body in the six casket is the body of Izuna Uchiha, Madara’s brother, with his eyes. Here are my reasons…

    1. Madara probably believed that no one knew where Izuna was buried.

    2. If he had his eyes, then his entire story that he told Sasuke will be a lie.

    3. If he has his eyes, then that means that Tobi isn’t Madara and is just an imposter.

    Reasons 2 and 3 are reasons why he would be surprised.

    Now, great chapter review but not a very good chapter. I say it isn’t a very good chapter because it took us about 100 chapters just to believe that Tobi is Madara, and in one chapter, he could be a entirely different person.

    The only thing that made this chapter worth while is that Naruto unlocked the Key to the Kyuubi. He’s finally fulfilling Minato’s legacy. =)

    Side Note: Minato is set to appear in the fourth Shippuden movie: The Lost Tower. If you want to know more, just ask me.

    Now, about the chapter, if you would like to argue with me why it isn’t Izuna in the casket, I’d be happy to do so.

  63. @noneatencookie, Izuna is a possibility, and your points are valid, but I just don’t think that it is him. I mean “Madara” was shocked when he saw that body, so much so that is essentially put a leash on him from killing Kabuto. I don’t think the body of his brother would scare him that much, if it is Izuna and his eys are gone then he wouldn’t be a challenge to fight, and if he has his eyes then yeah that might throw a wrinkle in the plan but I just don’t really feel that. The line “You go by madara these days” or something like that tells me that it’s Madara’s original body. It implies that whoever is behind the mask in just using his name and legacy.

  64. @ noneatencookie

    Valid point but…
    Here is what you have said….

    1. Madara probably believed that no one knew where Izuna was buried.

    2. If he had his eyes, then his entire story that he told Sasuke will be a lie.

    3. If he has his eyes, then that means that Tobi isn’t Madara and is just an imposter.

    On the last one, you state that Tobi isnt Madara, so doesnt that mean Kabuto Probably revived Madara? And it wouldnt be too difficult seeing as Orochimaru Revived the first Hokage who as we know lived and reined during the time Madara was alive.

    Thats just a secound possibility that also uses your Dot points. aside from number 1.

  65. I think its great that kabuto is the first one to really discover tobi’s real identity. Personally ripcord and I have had similar theories regarding tobi for a while so I agree I don’t think its fully madara. His scars, his manipulating, and collecting of a wide variety of jutsu to me are obvious that its not madara’s body at the very least. Madara wouldn’t have needed any of those tactics bc he was a bloodthirsty war machine.

    Interesting enough, I think a lot will be revealed when we learn about the 4th mizukage and more background info. Here is something to consider. Hashirama, the first Hokage, supposedly distributed the tailed beasts around to the other villages to balance power and bring peace to the ninja world. If then, the beasts were sealed into jinchuuriki at that time, who was the original host of the nine tails? Are we to believe there was no host of it prior to naruto? Or any of the other hosts as well? I’m guessing madara has more history with kyuubi than we know about.

    My theory is that whoever tobi is, madara or izuna using shusui and obito’s bodies at different times, he tried once to create his own village by controlling or possessing the 4th mizukage. When that plan was foiled, I’m guessing he began a new plan by creating akatsuki. His end goal is to restore his power while at the same time creating and leading his own village, which would explain why he knows about so much jutsu and why he collects so much stuff. I feel like the juubi is partly a hoax he used his credibility as madara for..in order to create a little chaos and fear. Kabuto is the real wild card in the situationas he knows the secrets here…yet he’s playing with fire by blackmailing tobi. Eventually he’ll get burned.

  66. @Uchiha_gaiden

    I think the 9-tails did not have a host. Hashirama did not have it in his possession when he fought Madara, so perhaps it got away at the conclusion of that battle. I suppose it is possible though that Hashirama did obtain the kyuubi.

    One odd thing though: if Hashirama did not keep the 9-tails for Konoha, then the Land of Fire would be left with no bijuu… which is quite odd isn’t it?

  67. I can assure you that Kishi isn’t going to throw in something like Tobi actually being one of madara’s kids. I think the most likely theory so far would be that its actually his real body in the casket. at least that sound more plausible than it being one of his kids. Madara is said to be one of the most powerful ninjas ever and tobi hasnt really showed that he is a great fighter, just great a evading attacks. hes had some many chances to prove him self and yet he doesnt. Like when he told Naruto the truth about itachi, he coulda easily tooken out kakashi and wooden boy if hes the real madara, thats why I can see tobi being an imposter but guess will find out soon enough, im more interesting in seeing if naruto actually gets trained by kb or what kisame ends up doin the next couple chapters.

  68. I agree that Kabuto is the real wild card within this entire situation. I think that he is actually playing both sides in this. He did train under Orochimaru and they both hid their true intentions from Konaha for years until the Chunin exams in NARUTO part 1. With all of his covert and spy training he should have easily been able to shake Anko’s team without breaking a sweat…unless he wasn’t trying. Think about it Kabuto has evaded detection by some of the best trackers in Konaha until now, this leads me to believe that Kabuto wants the Leaf to uncover “Madara’s” true intentions on their own. Kabuto may have lead the Leaf ninja there so that they could tell the village to mount an attack against “Madara”. Kabuto may want Sasuke for revenge being that he killed his former sensei or just to kill him to protect the Leaf Village, because he did live there for quite a few years learning medical ninjutsu from the head of the medical corps as his adopted son. Kabuto might also just want Sasuke’s body to bring Orochimaru back to life but who knows. I believe that Kabuto knows what he’s doing and what kind of trouble he could have dealing with “Madara” that is why he has that last casket. Even “Madara” said that Kabuto is a strategist which means that everything he is doing is part of his plan, which must be very important due to all the trouble that he is getting himself into from: revealing himself to Naruto and the Leaf ninjas, allowing Anko and her team to track him, traveling into the Rain Village for some reason (maybe for Nagato’sbody), finding out “Madara’s” secrets and even someone’s body that he can hold over “Madara’s” head to blackmail him, then confronting “Madara” with the trueth, and finally having the Leaf ninja follow him to “Madara” so that they can inform the village on what they know so far. With everything that he’s done so far this would make him the “Aizen of Naruto” (this is a reference that someone else had used I don’t remember who but I’m just giving them credit incase they read this because they were the one to make the reference and not I) this means that Kabuto is a bad mother trucker compared to anyone so far including Shikamaru, the Third Hokage who was an adept strategist in his younger days, and even out thinking “Madara” with all of his stunts that he has done throughout the series.

  69. @ ” if Hashirama did not keep the 9-tails for Konoha, then the Land of Fire would be left with no bijuu… which is quite odd isn’t it?”

    It could be because since Hashirama could control all the bijuus at will, it was unnecessary for konoha to have one since he was the ultimate counter to the beasts. But even without a bijuu during the time after the first died and before naruto was born, Konoha did pretty well for itself because it’s economics and military were very strong.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if kabuto is doing all this to resurrect orochimaru, we all know they got a *special* relationship going there *wink* *wink*. But if I had my way, Kabuto would have a greater goal in mind because honestly, even though he probably isn’t as jutsu-powerful (minus edo tensei), he is way craftier and smarter than Oro ever was. IMO he probably isn’t doing this for Konoha’s sake; guys like him are also extremely selfish and only do things for their own benefit.

  70. can oro even be summoned with edo-tensei after being sealed away by itachi’s genjutsu sword?

  71. @Bob

    That’s a good point, perhaps Hashirama was trying to make peace by dividing power, and since Konoha was the strongest, he didn’t keep any power for the village itself, plus he was able to be a deterent for the bijuu being used against Konoha.

    I wonder if the ninja war that Danzo and the 2nd Hokage fought in was started after the 1st Hokage died, when the other villages thought they could conquer Konoha now that Hashirama was no longer around to protect it.

    About Oro & Kabuto, I don’t see Kabuto resurrecting Orochimaru, otherwise he would have crazily just let Oro’s cells take over his body. Instead, he “mastered” their use, although it is still possible that they take over and Oro returns, say when Kabuto uses up all his chakra, ala Sasuke. We already saw Danzo lose control of the Shodai’s cells with low chakra too.

    I wonder if this quest for ninjutsu knowledge was something Kabuto really believed in or if he now believes in it because Oro’s cells have done more to him than augment his powers. If it is the latter, then there is a chance that Oro is in there somewhere, especially if, as it seems, that those white snakes that attempted to leave the Sasuke/Itachi battle held Oro’s conciousness, why not a few cells left behind from a slaughtered white snake?

  72. I was thinking, the element is a part of nature right?
    Then woudlnt Naruto be abel to control all chakra elements when he is in sage mode with nature chakra?

  73. @Bob
    I think that ur right about Kabuto doing this for his own ends. I just needed a second opinion to allow for me to come to an adequate conclusion. With that being said Kabuto probably lead Anko’s team to “Madara” so that they could attack him while he takes Sasuke, because I’m sure that he’ll b able to take out whatever guards “Madara” has on Sasuke. Kabuto and Orochimaru are probably sharing sharing Kabuto’s body much like a jinchuriki does with their bijuu.

    You have a good point regarding the First Hokage being a deterent for any bijuu attacks on the Leaf. With his ability to control bijuus he was the “Ultimate Defense” much like Gaara is to the Sand Village. I’m with you on your theory about the 2nd Ninja War occuring because of the death of the First Hokage. With him not around any more the other Hidden Villages might have thought that they could either destroy or conquer the Leaf without much of a defense against their bijuu. Also, this quest for ninjutsu might be the Orochimaru in him talking(lol) or it may all be a rouse in order to keep “Madara” distracted while he tries to accomplish his end game. Of course what I don’t understand is how was the other Hidden Villages able to control their bijuu?(If u have an answer let me know)

    Don’t know. Theoreticaly he shouldn’t since he was sealed using the Sword of Totsuka which can seal away anything, which would make it similar to the Reaper Death Seal in weapon form. This would mean that Orochimaru shouldn’t be able to be summoned, but when you think about it the part of Orochimaru that is within Kabuto might be able to be summoned.(JEEZ…this damned HOMO doesn’t stay dead long now does he?!)

    Again this manga is really shaping up to be quite the heart pounder. With all the villains teaming up I wonder how the Joint Shinobi Army will hold up against all of their enemies coming against them. With Tsunade still alive and well the Leaf Village should be able to aid in some of the fighting, because after what Pein and Naruto did to Konaha during their battle their attention may be divided between rebuilding and fighting the Akatsuki. I’m sure with all of their stategists and tactitians at their disposal Konaha should be fine. Between Kabuto learning Edo Tensei, “Madara” being the real leader of Akatsuki and probably not being the real Madara, Pein destroying a significant part of Konaha, Danzo being a threat to Konaha’s safety and turning around to be a would-be hero, Tsunade slipping into a coma then slipping out, and Kakashi nearly being named the Sixth Hokage…I forgot where I was going with this but where it was going was very good…LOL.

  74. did anyone else find it funny that kisame called the 8 tails a blithering idiot?

  75. @Bringerofkaos, yeah that made me laugh. He clearly has almost no respect for Killer Bee and maybe rightfully so as he seems to be a damn monster himself.

    Going along with the Kisame talk, I have a prediction of my own that sounds plausible in my mind. I think Naruto will go to Killer Bee for the Jinchuuriki training and while they train and Naruto struggles to achieve a perfect form, Kisame will make a move against both Naruto and Bee. During there battle I think he’ll have the advantage until Naruto learns to use the perfect sync with the fox mid battle and defeats Kisame, think rasenshuriken and Kakuzu.

  76. @BringerofChaos, yeah, that was definitely LOL-worthy. If KISAME of all people calls you a “blithering idiot”, then you definitely ARE a “blithering idiot”

  77. @ Sonelle

    I’m glad someone agrees with me around here…

    As to how the other villages controlled the tailed beasts: I don’t think they actually controlled them. As we’ve seen, the Sand struggled to control the jinchrrikis and had sealed the 1-tail in 3 people, the last being when Naruto was born (Gaara).

    I think they were locked away and each village tried to form jinchurriki, perhaps with a sealing method Hashirama gave them, although it feels like (based on how each of the villages are with their bijuu) each village was on its own for developing a sealing jutsu.


    It’s about time someone in the manga said that of KB (well ok, the 8-tails did try to convince him that the rhymes were dumb, but the 8-tails tolerates it somehow). For how battle strong he is, KB acts very immature. I think he either stopped caring or never cared much about the wellfare of his village, so he has no reason to pay attention at the war meeting.

    In a way, it kindof reminds me of the character of Achilles in the movie “Troy.” I wish I could comment on how Achilles was in the illyad (the actual book the movie was based on… and considered to be loosely historical) but I never got around to reading it…. Anyways, Achilles fights hard for himself, but he could care less about whether the Greeks won or lost.

  78. @ripcord/bringerofkaos
    You guys are right when Kisame calls someone an idiot YOU ARE AN IDIOT. I do think that KB cares about what happens to his village because his brother is the Raikage, so naturally he would have the same passion to defend the Cloud Village that he has; also when he protected the two Cloud shinobi from Kisame when they were fighting within Kisame’s Water Dome technique he waas concerned with their safety which means that he would protect the Cloud Village with the same determination as he did them. I think the reason as to why KB didn’t pay attention during the war meeting is because he is an idiot, or maybe its because he is very smart. Think about it Shikamaru was always considered lazy and barely smarter than Naruto back in the Ninja Academy and later we find out that he is actually smarter than both Sasuke and Sakura when the two of them graduated at the to of their class -Sakura being the smartest and Sasuke being the most skilled. This is the same as real life I mean I’m pretty smart but I don’t apply myself to anything that I don’t think is boring like: homework, tests, and projects. Being a Senior of 210 I shouldn’t have anything to do but apparently the teachers don’t agree, but I digress. The point I’m trying to make is that Killerbee could be multi-tasking he could be listening to what the others are saying while trying to write his rythmes, then again he could also be tuning them out because he’s as “intelligent” as Naruto…LOL. Ultimately I think that Kishi understands that the smartest of fighters and strategists are always the laziest of people. Plus I think that he knows of Kisame being inside of Shark Skin otherwise why have the sword with him when he could have left it within his room or some place else in the village so that Kisame could have wondered the Cloud Village pretty much undetectible with all of their best ninja at the meeting. If you want I could go into other examples like: Shikamaru, the Third Hokage, Jiraiya, Kakashi, and Shikaku. So really I don’t think that KB is actually an idiot just a good strategist, then again I could be wrong.
    Let me know what your takes on this topic is, thnx.

  79. @norse
    That is an interesting question, but let me be the first of many to say that I don’t know…LOL:)

    Seriously though you would think that he would which is probably what Minato had planned. Granted Minato may not have known if Naruto would be trained to use Sage Mode, but he probably figured that Jiraiya may want to train him being that Naruto was Minato’s son and that Naruto was also Jiraiya’s godson. I figure that is why Minato sealed Kyuubi within Naruto so that he could use Sage Mode to help control the Kyuubi and create an even more powerful technique or even improve on one of his techniques.

  80. @Sonelle, the ninja Kllierbee protected wasn’t from the Cloud Village. He was the leader of the Enka Village, Sub, and i think the other person you’re talking about is the guy’s tanuki, Ponta.

  81. I dont think that the bijuus needed a host for them to exist, because im sure gaara and killer bee werent alive when the 1st hokage decided to distribute the tailed beasts.

    Killer bee also has no idea that kisame is present, he might be powerful but he definitely lacks intuition.

    I actually think that naruto has a big fight comin up before he fights sasuke, i mean sasuke has had huge fights against diedra, itachi, orochimaro, the kages and danzo, while naruto has fought, pein and kazuku, and thats it, we have seen sasuke grown to emense power… dont get me wrong so has naruto, but naruto has yet to showcase his skills as mmuch as sasuke has. He definitely needs to showcase his skills with the nine tails before he fight the biggest fight of his life against sasuke. With the war coming up im not sure how this fight will occur. I think it might be kisame since hes at the same place that killer bee is, which seems to be the place where naruto is headed. keep in mind that naruto has a nack of taking out opponents where his teachers have failed, Pein for example, and kakuzu.

    I also said before that i think that that justu that the all talk about is the death reaper seal, or whatever its called, maybe the 4th intended for him to use it against madara.

  82. This is a theory and tell me what you think about it, but if the theory that the jutsu naruto is learning is the death reaper seal or whatever its called then is it possible that Minato intended for the fox to be inside naruto so that if he was to face madara and use the death reaper seal that the death God will just take the fox instead since hes inside naruto, I really doubt the death reaper seal is the jutsu narutos learning but if it was I think my lil theory could happen

  83. hey just posted spoilers in the forum section, i wont say anything here about them

  84. @Minatofan

    A lot of people have suggested this but the Reaper Death Seal consumes the soul of the caster, so Naruto would have to convince the Kyuubi to cast it. Also, we don’t know if the bijuu have souls, they are considered chakra monsters.

  85. it just occurred to me that Konoha now knows the location where Madara keeps his pogs…i mean sharingon collection.

  86. sweet spoilers 8D. Guys, click the link if you want to ruin the chapter for yourselves!



  87. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!
    Got this frm Sage of Seven Paths

    This chapter’s all talk…

    Naruto is returned home.
    He’s back in ichiraku ramen where other shinobi are at his side, a young boy recognizes him and asks for his autograph. Naruto blushes. The owner, too, is proud of him.

    The hokages argue about what to do w/ naruto and bee.
    Tsunade angrily argues that sheltering them is a waste. “What’s the point if we lose the war? Weren’t they for that purpose?”
    Unfortunately, she loses to majority vote.
    It is decided to shelter them in Cloud Country, the one place akatsuki haven’t shown up from. The exact location is Oganjima (island of demons, from japanese folklore)

    Nartuo was picturing paradise, but is sorely disappointed.
    Naruto is with Yamato on a boat when they’re attacked by a giant squid, but are saved by Bee’s sudden transformation.

    Naruto – “Oh, so YOU’RE the octopus I needed to find?”
    Bee – “You’re late, bro”
    translation by: Nightjumper – NF

    The seal-key frog returns Naruto to Konoha.
    When he returns to Ichiraku Ramen, some ninja’s son asks him for his autograph, since he’s a fan of his.
    Naruto feels awkward. The old man of Ichiraku acknowledges Naruto too.
    Tsunade is not pleased with the war of protecting Bee and Naruto, as decided at the Gokage Summit, and is furious at the other kage.
    But the Tsuchikage and the Kazekage calm her down telling her that she has to understand that it was decided by a majority.
    Then they hide Naruto and Bee in what looks like a demon’s island in the Lightning Country.
    Naruto anticipated a paradise. When he sees the isle, he becomes dejected.
    A giant squid attacks Naruto and Yamato, who’s in a boat,
    but Bee’s bijuu form repels it.
    Naruto goes “Oh, that’s the squid who’s gonna be teaching me?”
    Bee goes “Well ain’t’cha late”

  88. Great chapter!

    I think the reason why the 1st hokage left the fire country with no bijju is beacause he could controll them, so if they were to attack he caan gain controll of them again and turn them on the attackers!!

  89. OK, guys, the best spoilers are only in mangaspoiler.com!

    Read this, if you want to satisfy your curiosity and ruin the fun!


    I think it’s a nice chapter.

  90. Hmm. I agree with most of your opinions. But I firmly believe that the Rikudou Sennin was in that sixth coffin. Think of it as a final ‘boss’ battle before Naruto can bring about world peace.

    A few additional theories:

    1. Madara’s current body is Obito’s. Remember how the flames of Amaterasu can be put out by the user’s alternate eye? The only “proof” I can offer is that he stated that Kakashi’s Kamui has no effect on him – meaning he could negate it. If Madara’s teleporting ablity and Kakashi’s Kamui were companion abilities possessed by Obito’s right and left Sharingan, respectively, and Madara possesses Obito’s alternate eye, then that comment would make much more sense.

    2. Madara copied the Shiki Fuujin, via the Sharingan, during the Yondaime-Kyuubi battle. That was where he got the idea of sealing the Jubii. That was also what the Yondaime meant when he said Madara was able to see through his every move – while the battle was raging, he was copying jutsus !

    Additionally, that was what Madara meant whaen he remarked that Nagato’s Gedou: Rinne Tensei no Jutsu was meant for him – he needed to perform the Shiki Fuujin in order to seal the Jubii, which would result in his soul being devoured by the Shinigami. Nagato’s resurrection jutsu would offer him an out of that predicament.

    Just theories, really.

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