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Naruto Chapter 490 is out…

I am really running late for work, but I figured I’d post this real quick just to shut Suna up. Another interesting chapter, and good plot development once again. I’ll save my opinions for Bob’s discussion.

Naruto Chapter 490 – The truth of the Nine-Tails


53 Responses

  1. I think it’s obvious that Bee will train Naruto… guess that means no FTG 😦

    I think (and have thought) for some time that Tobi isn’t EXACTLY Madara. Kabuto’s comment about vesseles made me think that it’s Madara’s sole, but in a different body. I can think of two possibilities 1. Obito (yeah that old theory) and 2. Suisu (Itachi’s old friend).

    I think the body is either Izuna, one of the two above, or Madara’s actual body.

  2. @walmart1
    i agree with you 😉

  3. Great chapter, Kabuto is souch a fool….Tobi is so going to massacre him, it s only matter of time

  4. this confirms that naruto should remember hinat’s confession as he remembers her getting attacked after.

    also, if madara such a awesome sensor of other ninja how can he not know the reconasaince team from the leaf is watching them with byakugon.

    as far as kabuto’s last summoning, i think its somehow madara from before he fought the hokage (the 2nd one i think)

  5. On page 9, why didnt that Hyuga guy just look through Tobi’s mask? Im still reading the chap so I’ll probably comment again

  6. Yup Bee is going to train Naruto which is pretty cool if you ask me.

  7. @MArt, after i finished reading the chapter i gotta say you may be on to something. Whatever it is Tobi wants it to be kept a secret. It could be Izuna (I doubt Tobi ISNT Madara because in the Third Databook, Kishimoto confirmed Tobi as Madara, hence the reason Naruto wiki calls him Madara, but that may be Kishi throwing us off)

  8. BoK I agree with all of that… but then again, there is also the root agents about to kill Anko, don’t count Madara out.

    “On page 9, why didnt that Hyuga guy just look through Tobi’s mask? Im still reading the chap so I’ll probably comment again”- Kisu. you forget that the Byakugan has already been used on Madara in the Manga (via Hinata) and though I know the Manga doesn’t show anything then or now, what do you expect? Madara’s chakra system must be normal since neither Hyugga gave any indication otherwise (in fact Hinata said it was normal)

  9. @ Kisu: LOL I was thinking the same thing about seeing thru the mask… Plot Hole Alert!!!

  10. I wonder who it was Kabuto summoned that made even Madara tremble?

  11. Mart I agree with you on the theory except for one thing.The body Kabuto raised had to be the original madara uchiha. Everyone knows that tobi is an imposter and that’s why he was so freaked when kabuto showed him the body. That would also explain why kabuto said “dont worry i didnt tell anybody” He meant he ddnt tell any1 that tobi was a fake. Tobi may be madara’s soul, it probably is, but i want people to appreciate the fact that tobi has been proven to not be the real Madara. Danzo called him Madara yes, but maybe he actually though he wwas Madara. Who knows except kishi though. AND SSJ YOU BASTARD! YOU STOLE MY SPOTLIGHT! I’VE BEEN BRINGING OUT THE CHAP EVERY WEEK MAN! THIS IS MY JOB!
    Suna OUT!
    ps SSJ your not very nice. >:{

  12. Alright my opinion on a few things:

    1. When the last coffin was brought up Madara, to me anyway, gave off a look of fear. I think this is because the body in the coffin is his original one and the one he has now is just a rental, I think it’s Obito’s myself, and if he might be worried about the five countries learning this and maybe realizing that he isn’t as great of a threat.

    2. This thought pertains more to Naruto meeting up with Bee and Kisame’s future. I think that Naruto will go and train with Bee, and have a hard time mastering the control over the fox. During this time Kisame will somehow be discovered and a fight will break out. It’ll end up being Killer Bee and Naruto vs Kisame with Naruto mastering the control to win the fight like he did with the Rasenshuriken during the Kakuzu fight.

  13. I think Kabuto just summoned some of Madara’s weird porno mags, and he doesn’t want anyone else to know about them.

  14. I know this is completely off topic, but could someone tell me how to change my profile picture on these blogs, my cartoonish picture’s getting old.

  15. After all, the word “impure” is right there in the justu name, people. I don’t see what all the hoopla is about.

  16. “Tobi may be madara’s soul, it probably is, but i want people to appreciate the fact that tobi has been proven to not be the real Madara”: Suna, my theories don’t cross over well. If Madara’s soul DID transfer, that means that Edo Tensei can’t be used to bring him back because he already IS, in which case he would have to be a complete imposter. The other case is that Kabuto is bringing back the soul of the person he body snatched but that is less likely. Sorry if that was confusing. oh and Suna because of last week’s fiasco…

    “ps SSJ your not very nice. >:{” Haha… DEMOTED!!!

  17. Xeras: you need a gravatar (I don’t use that site, just google the word “Gravatar”) it means Globaly Recognized Avatar. It has to be the same size as your cartoonish one, and it can’t be animated.

  18. @walmart1: I got that part, but where do I go to change it?

  19. On the left side of the page there is a set of links under the heading META. You need to click on either log in or site admin (if neither of these are available log out and log in will become available). from there it will take you to your profile, from there I’m not too sure but I think it’s under profile or some such link on the left pannel of options

  20. Didn’t work, and I made sure the picture was no bigger than my old one.

  21. You made a picture-profile IN Gravatar then took the link/code they gave and pasted it in the proper spot under: login>profile>your profile.

    If that doesn’t work… no clue though bob USED to have a blog on how to do this send the big man an email.

  22. Kabuto is doing all of this just to get to sasuke? He must be pissed at him for hogging up all the chapters. I bet it’s hitler in those coffins, or possibly bruce lee; that would definately bring out Madara’s “oh shit” face. Maybe kabuto is trying to succeed where orochimaru failed( Getting the sharingan, mastering all jutsu’s, Etc, Etc……) I hope that isn’t the case, because at this point its narrow minded thinking.

  23. it would be sooooo weird if it was the sage of the six paths

  24. @ Eagle87: #2 would be SWEET!

  25. @clue427: especially since the sage’s body is technically the moon. That would screw things up.

  26. I think kabuto summoned madara’s brother

  27. @Daniel, the Sage’s body IS NOT the moon. The moon was created by Chibaku Tensei (PLOT-HOLE!) and houses the Jubi. The Sage actually died, in the chap where Madara talks about his two sons

  28. maybe it was the Uchiha ancestor..the elder son of the Sage…

  29. Maybe it was the Fourth Hokage who Kabuto summoned, or you guys could be right, the sage of the six paths is the only thing besides Madaras own body or Izunas body that I could think of that would scare him like that! I don’t think it was the Juubi’s body because the thing is huge, isn’t it?!

    I also think it was very cool to see Naruto embrace the Kyuubi, an finally we learn how this key thing works and hopefully we’ll find out what that Jutsu is soon!

    Another thing is, I am confident that Konoha isn’t going to let Naruto go look for the “Octopus”, so maybe Naruto is going to form a team and leave the village!

  30. I actually think Madara is wearing his own body if he is really Madara because, he told Sasuke that he actually survived the Fight with Hashirama and showed him getting up with swords in him body so he probably is wearing his body!

    Another thing is Kabuto did say, ” I didn’t tell anyone”, so maybe it isn’t Madara and actually is Obito or someone, I just don’t know!!

  31. The thing is, if it is Obito why would he do all this? What reason would he have, I mean he gave away his Sharingan and told them to leave him so what is his problem with Konoha? That’s why I don’t think it’s Obito, Madara may be using his body but why his body, why not another Uchiha’s body like Shisui’s or Fugaku or someone like that who was stronger?

    Maybe it is Danzo who is doing this and he was just manipulating every one, it isn’t the first time someone has used a clone or illusion or something!

    O maybe its just Madara and we are over thinking this? I don’t know anymore but this is driving me crazy!!!

  32. People, the second hokage’s soul is sealed to the third’s. The death reaper seal is permanent, you cannot undo it. Now… the fourth hokage is the only person who madara would fear, next to the second, because madara lost to the fourth.

  33. @star69, I know right? I can’t think of a more epic way to kill a great character like Kisame off than by having Naruto christen his Kyuubi superpowers haha.

  34. @yellowflash2, I actually have grown to like the idea that it’s Madara’s soul inhabiting Obito’s body. As to why he would use his body, maybe he watched all the Uchiha as his soul wandered around and he saw some great potential in Obito and his eyes. As for why not Shisui, when Itachi killed him I imagine Danzo knew about it and quickly retrieved the body for the eyes so that would essentially make it a worthless body to take over, if that is indeed what Madara has done to his current body…who knows hahaha

  35. wish ko lang sa paghahanap nila kay killer bee sana isama ni naruto si hinata. malaki maitutulong ni hinata sa kanya dahil sa byakugan… sori if i’m using my own language di kasi ako magaling sa english …

  36. I have a few questions, one when did the 4th come up with the seal, No matter how awesome of a ninja he is, and he is awesome no ninja can just come up with a seal specifically one he designed for naruto, when did he get the time, its not like he knew the fox was gonna attack and all that, it just dont make since to me

  37. I don’t think Naruto will be trained by Killerbee. I mean the use of the word ‘meet’ does not imply any measure of training. I believe that we will see Naruto assist in the battle against Kisame and in that way meet the hachibi, and after the battle, we will have a little Killerbee gaiden that will open Naruto’s eyes to how to take control of the kyuubi. These just doesnt seem to be adequate time for a full on training session in the midst of war and.
    Additionally, it seems unlikely that killerbee will traine naruto while kisame is still in Samehada because that will just give Kisame too much intel on the two jinjuuriki that in my opinion would prevent them from defeating him.

  38. i could b the only 1 that is lost…..how comes evey1s tlkin bout madaras spirit n all that…..when did this theory come about…..could sum1 fill me in pleeeeease…lol….i 4t maybe it was the 1st hokage….hmmmm but it seems its jus me….hhahahahahahaha…….sum1 tell me something….
    madara wont let kabuto have sasuke madara obviously want n needs sasuke less he wouldnt have wasted all this tym tryin 2 mke him stronger…..i sed it b4 that i think kabuto will b used so sasuke can test his EMS powers….Madara is always 1 if not multiple steps ahead of eveyone else….i would b over shit if kabuto came from nowhere n out smarted madara….
    and wasnt obito the same age as kakashi….y did madara look so old wen he took his mask off in frot of sasuke wen he 1st beat itachi…(bastard…he was my fav)….

  39. great informative chapter i wont say much until bobs discussion

    very funny you kind of made suna quiet for a bit

    sorry bro didnt mean to laugh at your expense

    you know what i thought was weird is that obito, in the anime, said that he would crush the idea of a shinobi so the obito thing does have a little probability

    bahahahahahahaahah maybe thats the real reason his porno mags, must of been the hardcore ones

  40. WENDY ok lang un kahit di ka masyado marunong mag english hehe.

  41. oh yeah tobis voice in the english dubbed is weird

  42. For me it’s obvious who was the last summoning. That’s sage of six paths. Kishi mentioned about him too many times in manga. We will see him in the battle for sure.

  43. if it’s the sage of six paths, it won’t make sense coz Madara wouldn’t have been born yet to know WHO is the sage of six paths. remember the uchiha was supposed to be descended from one of his sons. so it would take generations before Madara was even born. so he wouldn’t have known who was the sage.

  44. I think it is obvious that it is Madara in that coffin and that Tobi is not Madara. I think Tobi has worked hard to convince people he is Madara.

    First evidence: Kisame calls Tobi the Mizukage and then corrects himself with “Madara” because Tobi told him he would be charading himself as Madara.

    2: Kakashi states that they don’t have any evidence that Tobi is Madara but he can’t think of who else could do what he is doing. That kind of reasoning sets you up to be fooled.

    3: Tobi freaks out about what is in the coffin, and Kabuto says he will keep Tobi’s secret. Just before this he says “you’re calling yourself Madara now” which implies Tobi is not Madara. Then after saying he will keep Tobi’s secret, Kabuto calls Tobi Madara again, to convince Tobi that he will go along with the illusion.

    4: I don’t see the person in the coffin being someone that could defeat Tobi in battle, he seemed too freaked out for that and he has pitted himself against many Kage level ninjas (not in a fight but he’s picked fights with all of them) and not batted an eye. Tobi is more concerned with convincing people about what he can do, whether it is true or not. In fact, illusions are the Uchiha specialty, as much as they are good at ninjutsu, genjutsus are their bread and butter.

    That being said, I like to think of Tobi as a long-term Itachi. He is pitting Sasuke and Naruto against each other because he needs Naruto to be stronger for some greater purpose. It is analagous to Itachi having Sasuke chase him to become stronger… I don’t think Itachi was in on Tobi’s plan, as Itachi implanted Amaterasu in Sasuke’s eye, but I can definitely see the parallels here.

    One final bit, Obito told Kakashi that by giving Kakashi his sharingan, Obito would see the future through that eye. It could be poetic, that Obito was dying but his eye lived on, or it could be the truth, something about that implantation gave Obito the ability to see the future. Time will tell… but honestly do you think Kakashi Gaiden was just something cool that Kishi wrote or just for us to see a young Kakashi or something about the 4th Hokage? I think there is more to it than that.

  45. @ripcord, point 3 is a great catch, I didn’t notice it myself. I think all of your points are very interesting and I think you’re on to something.

  46. @rpg711 what the hell are u talking about the 4th didnt defeat madara the first did madara said that himself while the 4th did stop the 9tails from destroying konoha he said to naruto that he couldnt defeat madara and that he’d need special powers in order 2 do so which is why he gave naruto the fox

  47. also its not the seconds soul thats sealed forever its one of orochimaru’s subordinates whose soul he put in the second and first body

  48. In my opinion Madara is losing his status as badass, he might not be the final villain afterall, he is afraid of Kabuto to some extent and they haven’t even fought, that’s just weak, why not just kill Kabuto now and get that burden off his back, you know keep his secret.

    This might be a little off topic, but have any of you seen the new Naruto Intro for the anime?, it shows cool scenes of Pain fighting, the music is whatever, it could have been a little bit more upbeat or more catchy, but the opening video was cool. The episode was pretty cool too, its getting really good. No wonder fillers are necessary, the Pain/ Naruto fight is just around the corner.

  49. Maybe Kabuto is a big bluff
    and all of those is just created by him ♥

  50. @Bruke
    I don’t know about you, but I found that first link funny, I had forgotten about that image. Sai is just hanging out. Ha! And yeah, there is something to this, Kabuto could just be bluffing, given that he’s aware of Madara’s lack of military power, maybe he is taking advantage of the situation to achieve his own objectives, he is very deceptive, even Oro couldn’t tell who his loyalty lied with, and given that he lead Konoha to Madara’s hideout, there is something else going on.

  51. @ripcord on tobi keeping naruto alive i agree as well. i think this page alludes to that http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/309/06/

  52. good call on that bruke. After looking at that is is possible that he may have found a way to ‘mimic’ the edo tensei jutsu without having to learn how to perform the real one. he could easily make any body appear how he would like it and throw them into a casket and poof a ghetto edo tensei lol

  53. It has to be the Sage of the six paths, being Madara doesn’t seem right or logical! It could be the Fourth Hokage! But I would bet it was the Rikudon Sage!

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