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Mart’s Tournament Part 2.

Post Author: Mart

Last week was the first round, so to keep it simple, it was fairly straight forward, this week however, there will be several bonus matches, that don’t have any bearing on the tournament but you can still vote on. Here are Last weeks winners: Jiraiya, Minato, Orochimaru, Sasori, Nagato, Kisame, Hiruzen, Neji, Madara, Deidara, Danzo, Kakashi, Mei Terumi, Killer Bee, Naruto, and Gaara.

Now my thoughts on the match ups:

17. Jiraiya vs. Minato: I think this is pretty similar to last week, where there was a lot of information on Jiraiya, but little on his opponent. However, I think Minato stands a better chance than Hashirama did. 1. Minato uses Toad Summonings: This means Jiraiya can’t summon toads (because the toads wouldn’t fight Minato) so Jiraiya can’t enter sage mode or use any of his Toad Combo attacks. 2. Minato INVENTED the Rasengan, I doubt very much that he would get taken out by his own jutsu. 3. FTG vs. Element Jutsu: This is what it comes down to, and personally I would rather have Minato’s speed and FTG than Jiraiya’s strength and oversized element attacks (though even these might take a dip in power without the toad combo attacks).

18. Orochimaru vs. Sasori: Both have taken over countries and destroyed villages, they are extreamly powerful, but, I give this one to Orochimaru. He is poison resistant and could match puppets with snakes, he just seems stronger to me.

19. Nagato vs. Kisame: I think everyone sees Nagato as the stronger of the two, but I think Kisame could still put up a decent fight. Pein sends his bodies chakra via transmision, which gives Kisame a chance to intercept that chakra and absorb it, taking out the bodies completely. All in all though, I think Nagato doesn’t lead Akatsuki for no reason, and would probably get Kisame with the trick he used on Jiraiya.

20. Hiruzen vs. Neji: Does anyone think Neji could win? Hiruzen supposedly has a jutsu to counter every jutsu in Konoha including the gentle fist techniques.

21. Madara vs. Deidara: Sasuke countered Deidara with a combo of Sharingan and space/time ninjutsu, Madara would too. (I forget why I set this match up to happen.)

22. Danzou vs. Kakashi: Both ALMOST became hokage… (poor Kakashi 😦 ). I think Kakashi would try to use Kamui on Danzo’s arm (which would neutralize most of his power) BUT Danzo is still a very strong ninja, he has an element advantage over Kakashi in wind vs. lightning (but Kakashi does also have fire). He also has Shusuisu’s jutsu, though I think Kakashi may or may not be able to counter this (he has a sharingan as well, but it didn’t really help against Itachi). It’s up in the air.

23. Mei Terumi vs. Killer Bee: Killer Bee was a major upsets. I fully expected Sasuke to beat him easily. I think he will do it again here too. I just don’t see Mei’s jutsu as all that leathal. If Sussanoo can stop her acid, I think a chakra cloak can as well. Killer Bee can just wear her down with massive jutsu like chakra cannons from a distance, until she is dead.

24. Naruto vs. Gaara: I think Naruto could easily take Gaara. He did it in part 1 and he can do it again. He can use Senjutsu to break through Gaara’s sand defense, and counter his bigger sand attacks with the Kyubbi. Rasengan and Frog Kata should easily penetrate Gaara’s sand.

Now the Bonus Round Matches

a. Raikage E vs. Naruto: The Raikage told Naruto to be a man, but I think that if Naruto hadn’t just decided to be a pacifist, he could beat down the Raikage. Just look at how Sasuke did… Plus Naruto is more of a straight forward fighter like the Raikage. The Raikage might have been able to stop some of Killer Bee’s Lariats, but I think he would eventually get worn down wearing his lightning armor.

b. Hashirama vs. Madara: I’m a Madara fan. He just has a badass jutsu, one he didn’t have when he fought Hashirama, so does anyone think Hashirama could pull of a second victory? I don’t…

c. Yammato vs. Killer Bee: Both are credited with Bijju control, are very strong. I’ve wondered how Hashirama’s jutsu works, and I think after seeing how poorly Yammato surpressed Naruto, that Bee would be able to fight Hashirama’s jutsu if he came together with his beast.

d. Itachi vs. Kisame: The best duo in akatsuki. Kisame said he respects Itachi (in only the anime I beleive) But I wonder who would really win in a fight. I think Kisame could use Samehada to counter Itachi’s MS three, and given Itachi’s relatively low stamina, would have a major advantage from chakra absorption.

e. Sasuke vs. Madara: Why does Madara need Sasuke? Why does he use Sasuke to fight his battles? I think Madara is currently stronger, though with Sasuke’s new toy (EMS) it could be that the balance just tipped. If Sasuke could analyze Madara’s movement with Sharingan and strink at him when he’s tangible, he could take him out.

f. Kakuzu vs. Kakashi: This is a match-up that annoyed me last tournament (it was disscused but never polled). Kakashi needed a lot of help to beat Kakuzu the first time. Kakashi has a lot of elements, and could easily analyze Kakuzu’s attacks, but I think Kakuzu could just overpower him with his multiple hearts.

g. Zabuza vs. Kisame: Two swordsmen of the mist, which one’s stronger? Kisame definately wins in strength, but Zabuza might be able to get a quick kill in. I think Kisame would win, but I was just curious.

h. Itachi vs. Danzo: I see Danzo as the main cause of the Uchiha Massacur, and was wondering if Itachi could take him. Danzo seems to be familiar with Itachi’s jutsu (he knew Itachi’s Genjustu was stronger than Sasuke’s) and Itachi doesn’t spam Susannoo like Sasuke does, but he seems to be very skilled with his MS jutsu. I honestly don’t know who would win (though I’m personally leaning towards Itachi) 

i. Kabuto vs. Sasuke: Sasuke killing Orochimaru was a fluke/example of character sheild. I have to give Sasuke props for striking when Orochimaru was weak, but only because Sasuke would have had no chance otherwise. I see Kabuto as a non-pedophile version of Orochimaru, so I think Kabutorochi could take on Sasuke given that he wouldn’t get any of those cheap kill shots that the real Orochimaru got hit with.

j. Hidan vs. Kimimaru: Bones vs. Blood. Both of these ninja use very unique attacks as well as high taijutsu skills. Would Hidan be able to draw blood? Would Kimimaru be able to hurt Hidan by shifting his own bones to cause a shift in Hidan’s? Would Kimimaru be able to figure it out?

k. Asuma vs. Hinata: Hinata uses cutting techniques but not wind element. Asuma on the other hand has wind element. Both use Taijutsu on a medium-high level. I don’t have much reasoning for this, other than they both got fights I thought they had no chance of winning last round. What do you guys think?

l. Sasuke vs. Gaara: Their fight got cut off both times. In part 1 Gaara had the upper hand, in part 2, Sasuke did. I think given his Sussanoo and the fact that Chidori isn’t limited anymore, Sasuke could easily beat Gaara one-on-one.


also, what bonus round matches would you guys like to see.


31 Responses

  1. I only have time to comment on 3 right now.

    Though many of you think it unlikely, none of you can give me a reason as to how Itachi could beat Kisame. Samehada can absorb Susanoo since its made of chakra, it can do the same to Amaterasu as well. Tsukuyomi is a genjutsu and Samehada can cancel it by pumping chakra into Kisame. After that it all comes down to Taijutsu and Stamin which Kisame dominates in.

    Zabuza and Kisame, though both were former Swordsmen of the Mist, fight in two very distinct ways. Kisame is a “loud” fighter and prefers to go in with HUGE water jutsus, saving Swordsmanship as a last resort. Zabuza is the exact opposite. He uses the Hidden Mist Jutsu then beheads his opponent and uses HUGE water jutsus as a last resort. In a fight with these two, I’m undecided. Zabuza could get in a quick kill at any moment because he’s faster than Kisame and if ANY of Kisame’s attacks hit then its game over Zabuza. They’re too different, Zabuza is an assassin and Kisame is a brawler. Its like putting Soi Fon against Komamura (except Kisame doesnt suck half as hard as Komamura)

    Mei’s acid melted through Susanoo’s bones so it should have no difficulty penetrating Hachibi armor.

  2. @ kisuzachi

    well first of all samehada can absorb Amaterasu. samehada absorbs charka and amaterasu may be a jutsu but its still fire and fire is an actually thing. and the whole point of pumping charka into a person to stop the genjutsu is to disrupt the flow of charka and samehada i dont think does that cuz kisame and samehada r a Symbiotic relationship so y would samehada giving him charka disrupt the flow of his charka??? idk about that though. and i thought the whole point of Tsukuyomi was that it couldnt be canceled in the normal way that genjutsu is.

    and i agree with u about the kisame and zabuza fight, its a toss up lol but Mei vs Bee should be no contest. Bee just has too much charka and speed for Mei to be able to do anything about it,

  3. @Charkabeast, Samehada is a parasite. It gave Bee chakra and normally its feeding off of Kisame’s chakra, so if it gave him chakra it would disrupt Kisame’s natural flowing chakra and dispel Tsukuyomi (think back to Naruto, Chiyo and Kakashi vs Itachi. Naruto got caught in Tsukuyomi and was freed once they disrupted his chakra).

    Also, it doesnt matter how fast you are, running into lava will kill/melt you. Well honestly, dont think we’ve seen enough of Mei to know exactly what she can do because she got less than 7 pages of action. Probably Killerbee will win, probably Mei, who knows?

  4. Ok, i have just one comment about the Hashirama vs Madara match up. We still don’t know what jutsus the 1st Hokage used to beat him the first time. What if the Hashirama’s jutsu were so bad ass and potent they could still kick Madara’s ass. Just saying…

  5. hmmmmm..1..i think minato wuld beat jiraiya…..tbh i think the pervy sage is over-rated…..him n tsunade culdnt evn beat oro wiv his hands seal…..weva kabuto was there or not…..2…oro over sasori…dnt really like the puppet man…3 nagato was the fake leader 4 reason…4…Hiruzen…neji would get batterd…lol…5…Madara hands down…6…Danzo….kakashi jus dnt have enough chakra…..7…killer bee….i dnt c y theres a argument….8….naruto already has n hes evoled waaay beyond the sand man…..9….naruto over raikage…..10….im gonna say Madara…..well im an bias uchiha fan….lol…11…killer bee….yammato is so rubbish…..ergh…12….itachi…hes jus the maaaaan….he shouldve got ems not sasuke…..13…madara….hes gt 2 much experience 4 sasuke…..14….kazuzu in a 1 on 1 wiv kakashi……15…i think kisame would win..i think he would just b 2 much 4 zabuza…..16…itachi over danzo….17….sasuke…..18….kimimaru….19….asuma…..even though i think he’s ruuuubbish….so rubbish….20…sasuke would easily beay gaara….thats me done….UCHIHA 4 EVER….LOL…Madara 2 win the tournament

  6. Kisu: 1. Itachi didn’t use tsukyoumi on Naruto 2. Mei’s acid didn’t beat Sussanoo, exhaustion did, and the chakra cloak regenerates limbs anyway. 3. Samehada has a brain, so it could be genjutsu’d along with Kisame, especially if they were fused, plus Sasuke’s Genjutsu is way weaker.

  7. @Mart, Samehada doesnt have a brain. It has a nose and a stomach. So it CAN be used to dispel Itachi’s genjutsu. Tsukuyomi is a genjutsu no matter how strong it is so it can be disabled. OR Kisame could just power out of it like Sasugay did. I’m iffy on saying anything about Mei though, she really hasn’t made a believer out of me yet. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/466/07/

  8. It is sentinent, therefore it thinks, therefore it has a brain. Even IF it only had a stomach, it eats chakra and apparently has preferance in chakras, which means it has chakras it dislikes, so Itachi could attack it like that by giving it “indigestion”.

  9. minato will deff pwn perV sage so idk y u guys think otherwise. killerbee pwnes mei as kisame does zabuza.
    itahi easily defeats kisame. and kakashi does the same to kakuzu. i mean come on, he has MS he could just use it to send him to another dimension.
    i hate sasugay nd all but he should beat madara

  10. kakashi won’t be able to use kamui on danzo, danzo is too fast

  11. btw.

    THE FREAKING HELL IS GOING ON?!?!?! minato was fastest shinobi EVER!!! strength of an opponent doesn’t cut it with this guy!! you are dead in a blink of an eye.

    well, hashirama raped madara + kyubi combo in madara’s prime, I don’t see why he would lose now.

    and there’s now way sasuke would win against kabuto. I mean, oro was on his deathbed and he wasn’t even at 5-10% of his power. and kabuto is 100% kabuto abilities + 100% Oro abilities. sasuke fails

  12. btw.

    THE FREAKING HELL IS GOING ON?!?!?! minato was fastest shinobi EVER!!! strength of an opponent doesn’t cut it with this guy!! you are dead in a blink of an eye.

    well, hashirama raped madara + kyubi combo in madara’s prime, I don’t see why he would lose now.

    and there’s now way sasuke would win against kabuto. I mean, oro was on his deathbed and he wasn’t even at 5-10% of his power. and kabuto is 100% kabuto abilities + 100% Oro abilities. sasuke fails.

    but oh well, I guess we get a popularity contest yet again, just like with bob’s tournament

  13. sorry for double post guys :((

  14. what the hell guys?! kakashi winning against kakuzu?! are you even watching anime or reading manga?! Kakashi was being aided by choji and shika and still got his ass kicked! imagine what kakuzu would do to him 1 on 1!!

  15. yamato would so beat killer bee yamato can suppress tailed beast chakra remember he has the abilties of the first he suppressed narutos when training and when he went up against orochimaru and the nine tails is supposed to be the strongets tailed beast so if he did that with ease he would woop killer bees ass

  16. @Mart, i wont debate this since we dont know anything about Samehada’s anatomy lol

  17. your point on Madara/Hashirama isn’t exactly fair. Yea since Madara has survived he’s acquired new jutsu since he’s so damn old…but if we’re assuming Hashirama has survived for just as long I think he’d have developed more powerful jutsu as well. Plus we don’t know if he actually did have any other trump cards during that time. For example, we could assume that Minato was trained in Senjutsu as well but we never knew enough about him to understand why he was so badass…besides thunder god of course but we all know there are ways to beat people like that aka susanoo or other tactics.

    Point is there’s more than just 1 technique that make people like Minato, Madara, Tobirama, and Hashirama so fearsome..but we don’t know enough about them yet. i totally hope we get more flashbacks!! More Hokage battles please Kishi.

  18. Actually, thinking on that post Mart….I think it’d be really interesting if next tournament around you put in more characters whose powers are more speculated than known. Like for instance, Shisui…who was apparently almost as strong as Itachi..and personally a character I believe we actually have not seen the last of since he has a really strong involvement during the time of Madara/Itachi/and Danzo’s scheme of the Uchiha massacre. He was pivotal to Itachi’s MS, was probably used by Madara, and was coveted by Danzo.

    Also, maybe the 4th Mizukage Yagura…since he was apparently very powerful and could control Bijuu (like what’s his face’s power from the 3-tail filler)…as his character was very pivotal in the time right before the Kyuubi attack (coincidence much?), as well as during Madara & Kisame’s hostile take-over of the water village and subsequent creation of Akatsuchi.

  19. @ the samehada debate with Itachi vs Kisame

    I don’t think it honestly matters as most direct melee fighters like Kisame are extremely weak to Genjutsu. You can’t absorb a Genjutsu or Taijutsu as shown with Hungry Ghost Realm being unable to stop either. That’s one of the reasons why Kisame’s rival, and probably inevitable killer will be either Lee or Gai…because neither will allow Kisame to absorb the chakra his fights depend on.

    Tsukuyomi and any genjutsu disrupts the flow of chakra in their opponent allowing the user to control them in whatever way they see fit. It’s not adding their own chakra to the other persons body so Samehada couldn’t eat it. I don’t think Samehada is smart enough to know how to disrupt chakra flow either…and I think it’s intelligence will ultimately be it’s downfall since it’s a glutton and the only thing it knows or cares about is to constantly eat chakra. I was actually waiting for it to eat too much during the Bee/Kisame fight to the point that it couldn’t move or absorb anymore.

  20. @Uchiha_Gaiden, I dont think you get what Mart and I were debating/discussing. A genjutsu disrupts chakra but can be cancelled if someone forces chakra into the recipient of that Genjutsu. So if Kisame ever got caught in a genjutsu, Samehada could do what the Hachibi did for Killerbee and snap him out of it. Also, Kisame’s good at Taijutsu. The thing is, Kisame’s taijutsu is different from Guy’s. Guy’s relies mostly on speed while Kisame’s is mostly about brute force.

  21. I think what people forget is that Samehada isnt what makes Kisame strong. Its his HUGE chakra reserves. Samehada feeds on his chakra 24/7 and it doesnt even affect him. Kisame doesnt get the recognition he deserves

  22. “i mean come on, he has MS he could just use it to send him to another dimension.”: That would kill Kakashi. Look at how weak using it makes him, he can’t send a regular human through MS and Kakuzu is very large. The most I think Kakashi could manage is a single heart, and looking at how bad MS effects him it would have to be Kakuzu’s last because otherwise he would be left wide open to a counter attack.

    “kakashi won’t be able to use kamui on danzo, danzo is too fast” Kakashi’s Kamui is faster than Danzo. Just look at their recent fights with Sasuke. Danzo was unable to dodge Susanno’s arrows, but Kakashi was able to neautralize it perfectly. A better arguement might be that the arm would be to big, except that he was able to attack Deidara’s arm and has gotten a lot better since then.

    “you are dead in a blink of an eye.”: the problem with this is that Jiraiya has several defensive jutsu to slow Minato down namely Swamp of the Underworld and Needle Jizo (he uses his hair to protect him)

    “kabuto is 100% kabuto abilities + 100% Oro abilities. sasuke fails”: I doubt Kabuto is at that level. He probably doesn’t have FULL control or ALL of Oro.’s abilities, and in the fusion probably lost some of his own abilities. I would say Kabutorochi is maybe 80-90% Old Kabuto’s abilities and 40-60% of Orochimaru’s abilities (how much can you really get from a single arm? [a sidenot to Kisu: how come this wasn’t in “Things that just make no sense”] ) Plus Sasuke has had MAJOR powerboosts since then. Mainly the MS Jutsu that defeated Orochimaru AT 100%.

    “but if we’re assuming Hashirama has survived for just as long I think he’d have developed more powerful jutsu as well.”: This is NOT what I am saying/assuming. I’m saying that Hashirama (at his best/prime condition to fight Madara) against Madara (in his best/prime condition to fight Hashirama [which I see as his condition after their fight] )

    “aka susanoo or other tactics.”: I DON’T think Sussano would beat FTG (you’re going to have to specify other tactics for me to counter those) but using FTG to dodge all of Sussano’s attacks would be child’s play (as it is best used defensively) wearing down the MS user until they went blind and became helpless.

    “Point is there’s more than just 1 technique” Not really. MOST of the really strong ninja have one or two major jutsu and then a few co-use jutsu that accentuate their main one. Ex. Hashirama: Main: Wood Element Assist: Bringer of Darkness, Itachi: Main: MS Shraingan Assist: Genjutsu skills, Kakuzu: Earth Grudge Fear Assisted by elemental attacks, Hidan: Immortality-Voodoo combo, Sasori: Puppets assisted by obtained puppet Kekkai Genkai (Iron sand), Naruto: Shadow Clone assisted by several factors (but his main fighting stlye is still mostly based off of this one jutsu). I’m not saying there aren’t people like Orochimaru, Hiruzen, Sasuke and Jiraiya who learn lots of “auxilery” jutsu, but even they mainly specalize in one or two areas, and things like the Tile Shuriken Jutsu are just useless little bits of ego surfacing in their jutsu. Most ninja get by without using these ridiculously specific jutsu by learning multi-purpose jutsu and fighting styles and just adapting their current techniques to fit the given situation.

    Kisu: I agree with what Uchiha Gaiden is saying about Tsukyoumi (though I don’t think Lee will take out Kisame) Either Samehada is smart enough to be effected by genjutsu or it isn’t smart enough to know when Kisame is UNDER genjutsu. If Itachi is just attacking Kisame’s chakra system, then it might be possible to avoid having HIS chakra be absorbed since it is already feeding from Kisame’s chakra, he could make sure it gets Kisame’s chakra instead of his own. Also, Samehada is ahrdly infailable against attacks, just look at how Killer Bee almost got him with the Pencil trick. It might easily be possible to strike at Kisame with any of the MS jutsu, have a small portion of it be absorbed by Samehada, but still inflict the main portion of the attack.

  23. @Mart, Kisame isnt a pushover. He can easily bounce back from deadly attacks. In a fight against Itachi, its the counterattack that would make Kisame win.

    Btw, Kabuto was so irrelevant that I completely forgot about him lol. Strangely, he’s one of my favs, ever since he put the smack down on Tsunade.

  24. i am just gonna say this going by the manga and anime lol, in the anime, Kisame didnt think he stood a chance against Jiraiya, but thought itachi could go toe to toe, that saying, Itachi could beat Kisame, one thing about Kakashi, he had to worry about choji and the dumb blonde girl while fighting Kuzuku or w/e his name is, giving a fair fight id put kakashi over him he could just teleport kuzuku away, Im torn between the fight with Jiraiya and minato, it could go eather way in my opinion, Naruto would own Gara, i dont even think it would come close, gara has awesome defense but naruto arsenal is just insane havin fox power, sage mode, and his own jutsu’s, one fight ive noticed thats not been on there is sasuke and naruto, which I hope will come up later on

  25. “@Mart, Kisame isnt a pushover. He can easily bounce back from deadly attacks. In a fight against Itachi, its the counterattack that would make Kisame win.”-Well the only way he was able to bounce back against KB is because Samehada had already absorbed a considerable amount of Hachibi chakra, he wouldn’t have this againt Itachi who isn’t a jinkuri and Itachi seems the ten-steps-ahead type ninja so would probably expect a counter attack and have a plan to deal with it.

  26. “that saying, Itachi could beat Kisame”-That is NOT what he said in the manga, and even in the anime, all that is saying is that Itachi is more suited to taking on someone who fights like Jiraiya does.

    “giving a fair fight id put kakashi over him he could just teleport kuzuku away”-I think the fact that he didn’t is more proof that he COULDN’T teleport Kakuzu. If he had done it then, he would have, because he had those two to protect him, but he didn’t because it would have been less effective. In a one on one fight he wouldn’t have had this advantage. Also, he wasn’t really looking after them, he didn’t really save them on the level he later saved Naruto, he just did his part to defeat Kakuzu.

  27. Okay, for now, I’m only commenting on 2 of the ones that count in the Tourney.

    1. Jiraiya v. Minato; I have to go with Jiraiya on this one. I don’t really have very many reasons it’s just that Jiraiya was Minato’s sensei, he taught him ALMOST everything he knows.

    2. Orochimaru v. Sasori; I think Oro’s got this one in the bag. I mean come on. He has loads of jutsu (Even some we’ve never seen). He could easily destroy Sasori’s puppets. And, if Sakura can destroy the Third Kazekage, then Oro definately can.

  28. @ptc, I have to disagree with that Oro vs Sasori. Sasori isnt a Hidan. He was hunting Oro so he had to have known he could beat him. Plus Oro was hiding from Sasori and the rest of Akatsuki. Oro oonly had the confidence to face him once Sasori was caught in an overly elaborate trap (the whole Yamoto=Sai arc). Also, Oro’s immunity to poisons extend only to Snake venom. He’s the one that taught Anko her move, so he’d obviously know how to counter it or developed an antidote (he is a Micheal Jacksony version of Dr. Frankenstein). But overall, because Oro’s had more screentime, and due to the fact that Sasori faught someone with the exact abilities needed to counter him, AND the fact that he let himself die, I know most people are gonna vote for Oro. Hence the reason I didnt say anything about this particular match.

  29. @mart, u said it yurself, kakashi took out susanoo’s arrow (which was moving at an incredible speed) and it was a large arrow as well. based on that, he should def be able to do the same to kakuzu.

    true pervy sage thought minato probably all he knew, but that doesn’t mean anything. simply knowing what yur opponent is gunner do is not enough to stop them.

  30. Cesc: The arrow wasn’t really big, just long. Combined with the speed it was moving at, that means that to get rid of it, Kakashi only had to open a small hole for a short periodof time since it was coming right at him.

    Kisu.: Oro. Trained Sasuke to be immune to Sakura’s misc. Medical poison, and Kakashi pretty much expected this. Oro. has more than just snake venom resistance, because he has things like Kabuto to also build up his resistance. Therefore I say that he is immune to all poison (or most) as I said above. Also, I think Oro. was just scared of facing a GROUP of akatsuki members (since they usually go in twos) and the whole Sai arc was about getting Sasori seperated from a partner. I think Oro. would beat Sasori, but not Sasori+any other akatsuki member. Especially if that other member was Itachi, Pein, or Madara.

  31. @noneaten cookie
    Jiraiya didnt teach the Flying Thunder God Technique & the Rasengan to Minato..in fact, it was the student teaching his teacher the Rasengan…I think their fight will b titanic…Minato has speed but I also think he has great chakra reserves as evidenced when he sealed the Kyubi which is the biggest monster of chakra the Naruverse had since the Jubi was divided…so I’ll give this one to Minato..also the new generation knda alaways surpasses the older generation

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