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Naruto Chapter 488 is out!

The high point of this chapter for me was when Ten-ten thought she was actually useful LMAO! At least get a last name before you act that way! Hahahaha!



65 Responses

  1. Karin meets the Kyubi (sort of)! And we get to see those mooks the feudal lords! I like The Water one already 8D

  2. Sasuke just got at least 5 times more dangerous.

  3. btw, GODAMMIT! Tsunade woke up T^T Pain suddenly seems a lot more ineffective. I was hoping she’d stay in a vegetable state for the rest of her life……..or die. And she just HAD to wake up before Kakashi became the official Rokudaime Hokage…….is it just me or does everyone suddenly hate Tsunade?

    Btw, you poor Naruhina lovers. She was only like 3 feet away from Naruto and no reaction lol! NaruSaku seems more plausible now

  4. Ok I totally figured out what itachi gave naruto. He gave naruto a way to read sasukes mind or feel what he’s thinkng. http://manga.bleachexile.com/naruto-chapter-488-page-13.html
    also on the next page naruto talks about how he will explain when the time is right. I think he means that he is gonna tell everyone about his visit from itachi.

  5. Not quite what I expected, but still things are starting to get interesting.

  6. for a second, when i saw shizune crying and looking kind of sad i thought tsunade had died…..luckily i turned to page 18 and tsunade woke up from her coma

    @kisuzachi, no i dont hate tsunade. i am actually happy she woke up b4 kakashi could become hokage. while he knows many different techniques, he is not as strong as people think he is. i mean if sasuke or madara attacked konoha, i have no doubt he would get owned….. unlike the kages from other villages.

  7. Is it just me or does the Thunder Daiymo look like Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon?

  8. LOL Daniel UR RIGHT!!!

    So much for a 100% Sasuke-free chapter…

  9. Hah, don’t be so strict. We have been waited for so long to see Konoha 11 and now all (except Shino, Hinata and Ino) have said something, even the medical ninjas or the guy on camera or the previously “dead” Tsunade.

    And yes, eventually, no matter how much we had hoped, this chapter was not 100% Sasuke free! Neeext…

  10. This chapter made me laugh so much hahaha. This is the old Naruto we all used to love.

  11. “i mean if sasuke or madara attacked konoha” WHEN Sasuke and Madara attack Konoha, Tsunade will get owned just as easily as Kakashi, if not easier.

  12. @mart1, yeah youre right, but tsunade is not a fighter. she is a healer, she mainly focuses on healing people who get injured, a good example of this was when she was able to heal everyone in the during naruto’s fight with pein.

    kakashi on the other hand, is a fighter and when madara and sasuke come around he will get owned, and if people in the village are injured and he is hokage….well it kind of sucks to be them, if they dont have a capable amount of medics nin’s around.

  13. my first reaction to naruto hiding something and karin saying the kyuubi is just like something else she felt made me want to come up with a wild theory…but then I realized that she meant the kyuubi was just as evil as Sasuke (like when Kyuubi said Madara’s chakra was more sinister than his own). Naruto is also holding back telling everyone about Itachi and what Itachi told him that Sasuke is going to attack Konoha with killing intent.

    It seems though that Bee won’t be training Naruto as soon as I thought. I really thought that would be the next stage in Naruto’s training but this whole Kisame stealth mission thing is too weird to read into. I also thought his style was brute force and prolonged battles.

    I hope Naruto gets to talk with Tsunade about Minato and finds out more about his parents in the events to come.

  14. “a good example of this was when she was able to heal everyone in the during naruto’s fight with pein” http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/449/03/ That’s a lot of souls, which means Tsunade pretty much sucked at this too. IF it wasnt for Nagato bringing them back, most of Konoha would be dead -_-‘

  15. This chapter just open another book full of questions.

  16. @kisuzahi wow…..within that one paragraph, you managed to destroy my entire argument…..you have some very good logic, and the manga chapters to back it up.

  17. @jman… Yep thats how they do it… annoying :D.

    Way to write a spoiler at the top of the post kisu ya fag haha.

    Cant wait till karin trys to rape naruto’s kyuubi chakra. *Naruto in 8 tails…* “Karin” : BITE ME NOW!!!!!!!!! AHHHH *orgasm*

    Good chapter 🙂

  18. Wait, does Karin not know that Naruto is a Jinchurriki? I thought Madara told Team Hawk about that.

  19. interesting chapter. a couple things though peaked my interest: 1) i think sasuke has a tailed beast inside him. Y do i say this? well when karin was lookin at narutos chakra she noticed a dark chakra, and she was on the verge of sayin like sasuke when she stopped. this may explain sasukes ‘sudden’ power burst. 2) i think what naruto means when he says he is the only one that can fight sasuke and that they are both gonna die means that in the end naruto will use THAT jutsu…. the demon seal jutsu his father and the third used to defeat sasuke so that they both can die together….. which is pretty gay but sounds likely after thinking about narutos strange comments. and my last comment…. kishi is making sasuke into such a punk! while naruto goes off and trains hard to stay even with sasuke, sasuke is like o i need more power let me take itachis eyes and grow stronger just sitting here…. its like goku ad vegeta cept naruto reminds me of vegeta… working hard but not quite up to sasuke level.

  20. Just when Kakashi was about to be appointed. Tsunade wakes up 😦 I hope she comes to her senses and step down from her position. She should be a Joinin teaching the females how to heal

    The people want Neji vs Sasuke. Kishi make it happen!!!! I think Naruto is selfish. I want to see everybody growth and all there techniques

    When Naruto went back to Konoha and met up with Konoha 11, it kinda felt like DBZ moment. Naruto didn’t want to tell everything that happen, and he wanted to take on the person everyone hates

    Great chapter. I officially hate Sakura, I’m not going back on my word, I hate her so much, and I hope Sasuke kill her teacher

  21. “kakashi, you are now officially appointed as the new Hoka-”
    Shizune: “Tsunade’s waking up!’
    kakashi: “THANK F&@KING GOD!!!!!!!!(kidding, but serisouly, even though kakashi has some skills, he doesnt seem like to type to fit or enjoy that role in my opinion. He’s more of an super elite personal bodyguard type, than a hokage)
    I had a feeling tsunade would get out of her coma soon, didn’t think It’d be this soon though. Even though I doubt she will be alive by the time this series is over, I’m glad that she didn’t wind up dead this early in the game, cause she’s one of my favorite female characters in this series( next to hinata). Now that the intensity is on a break, the comedy is steady returning, as probably most narutards were waiting for. Kishi just had to add a page of sasuke in the end, now I lost 25$ cause I betted that this chapter would be 100% sasuke free. I don’t understand why karin was so shocked about naruto’s chakra because she should’ve known that he has a tailed beast inside him. Anyway, since we’ve been seeing a lot of this in ninjas, I really wanted to see how eyes are transfered in the ninja world, but oh well. It’s about damn time sasuke got itachi’s eyes if you ask me. Now sasuke is stronger than ever and naruto will have the toughest fight by far, even tougher than pain.

  22. @Daniel

    I don’t think she knows that Naruto is the 9-tails. Strange though because Tobi referred to Naruto just now as such (in the last chapter or the one before it). So it is likely Karin heard him say that.

    I think she was so shocked that there was chakra inside of him that felt so different. My guess is that Killerbee and the Hachibi are in such good sync because their chakra is very similar. She was also shocked because the Kyuubi chakra felt so similar to something else she’d felt before (probably Sasuke while using Susanoo, but who knows).

    I thought this was the best chapter in a long time. Sometimes these chapters are even better than action ones. I wonder how long it will take Sasuke to get used to his eyes… maybe there will be another timeskip real soon. Last chapter, I thought the timeskip would still be a ways off.

  23. One last point, @kizu

    A lot of the people Nagato revived were already killed before Tsunade started her technique, and she can only save people who don’t get hit by a mortal attack. Kakashi is an example, Katsuyu hadn’t been distributed just yet so it was too late for him. I would bet that most people survived the Shinra Tensei.

    That being said, I don’t think Tsunade is really a battle type. She could take on a taijutsu user and probably genjutsu well, but ninjutsu would be her weak point.

    As far as Kakashi not being good enough to be Hokage: You people don’t give him enough credit. He served in the ANBU and the BAMF Yamato thinks Kakashi is an amazing ninja (he never saw Kakashi so beat up as when Kakashi fought Kakuzu which means Kakashi had always handled himself well in battle). I think Kakashi is a great strategist so his greatness isn’t as apparent as someone like the Raikage who is all about power.

  24. @ Token, they don’t call this Sasuke Shippudden for no reason 😉

  25. First just wanna comment about something someone said about saying Tsunade needs to become a jounin, I think she was called one of the sanin for a reason, so I wouldnt say that shes not qualified to be the hokage no more, and besides if she doesnt go back to being the hokage she will still be called a sanin, I think this is a good thing for Kakashi not to be the hokage if that ends up being the case, hes just to smart and to good of a fighter to not be part of the show, and finally glad the story progress is moving along,

  26. Loved it will wait for bobs chap review b4 commenting seriously. MUST SAY: Y doesnt Naruto wear his head band anymore? I mean really? Have any of u noticed it?

  27. why didn’t madara and his brother both swap eyes and both gain EMS?

  28. @piglett, well if I had to venture I’d say that once the eyes are completely deteriorated like Madara’s original set was supposed to be, they become worthless even if transplanted. Just my thought on it.

    I think that Kakashi will end up being a tad relieved about Tsunade coming back. He never did seem to be the Hokage type, always late and such. As for people bashing his strength, his only weakness would be his chakra supply and if there does end up being a timeskip I see him getting it extended greatly in order to stay up to par with the oncoming bad guys. Kakashi is my favorite character so maybe I’m biased but I believe he is just as relevant in battle terms as he was back in the day.

  29. @pigglet. Im pretty sure madara needed someone of his own eye power level to do that, that’s why he chose his brother as they both awakened the mangyenko and were the firsts. There were also no other members at the time.

  30. This chapter was good.

    The Water Feudal Lord doesn’t seem to have much trust in his citizens. Could this maybe be a accidental distraction or a sign of weakness of the Water County?

    Second, I have to comment on this Karin incident. This is a essential piece of info. on Naruto. I have to say she makes it seem as if she felt a strange connection with him and someone else. The only reason Naruto’s chakra is of course the Kyuubi. What bothers me is the way she said “It’s evil! Exactly like-” then get’s interrupted. If I’m not mistaken the only person she’s mentioned that had evil chakra was indeed… Sasuke. Does this mean his huge chakra supply we all been wondering where it came from was from actually a tailed beast? I don’t know. A lot of speculation and theory she be appointed.

    Third, why does Naruto say “Were both going to die”? If that’s true that makes the “Almighty” Itachi power that was giving to him worthless. More or likely it sounds as if he’s going to pull a Hokage move and use that forbidden justu. So is what Itachi gave Naruto really going to stop Sasuke? Or is it just to basically be able to keep Naruto from not killing him?

    Finally, Tsunade what a ass. Soon as Kakashi was bout to take over she woke up. LOL. As for Sasuke it will take time, but knowing him it will be short. I can’t wait to see the EMS and his power combined with Itachi’s can you say MADARA IS IN THE PAST!!


  31. Oh, forgot to mention!! Zetsu’s not in the room with Madara and Sasuke. Can this mean Madara also knows medical ninjustu? If so the guy can’t be beat seriously.

  32. I don’t think that what Naruto is hiding has anything to do with Itachi’s gift, he doesn’t even know what he has yet. I think he can see the old Sasuke in him and doesn’t want to tell them because they think he is just trying to protect Sasuke.

  33. I want Bee to train Naruto but, I kinda want Naruto to train on his own, with that Frog Key Jiraiya had, and let it teach Naruto that technique they were talking about.

    It’s also great to see everyone back together, even though Kiba is a little annoying but I did like him talking about how strong Naruto is! I also like Neji a lot, him and Gaara just seem automatically cool! I am also glad to see Shikamaru, and it’s cool to see Naruto be like the leader of the group!

  34. The only think that I wasn’t to happy about, was Tsunade waking up and stealing Kakashi’s spotlight! I am happy she is awake but I think she is going to give Kakashi the seat a Hokage and maybe even help him get ore Chakra so he can last in a fight!

    @ EVERYONE, I have to disagree with everyone who says Kakashi isn’t strong enough to be Hokage, he has the skill and over a thousand techniques, it’s just he doesn’t have the Chakra! I think Tsunade will somehow give him more chakra! If Kakashi somehow gets more Chakra, he’d be one of the strongest fighters ever!

    I also don’t think Tsunade is Hokage material other that he powers of healing and strength, I have to agree with Danzo that she wasn’t exactly the best Hokage but what does he know, going down in history and the shortest lived hokage ever!

  35. I have a question, does anybody know if Kakashi’s Sharingan will go blind even though it’s already implanted? Just wanted to know!

  36. nah if he use his MS 2much he wil die!!! i think

  37. who ever is summarizing the manga chapters are very delayd

  38. We all thought that Naruto would’ve been stronger then Sasuke now, but with him saying “I can’t defeat Sasuke at his current level” and him not knowing about Sasuke gaining EMS. How is Naruto going to go about with his traning?

    I find it quite interesting finding out how Naruto is going to overcome this huge disadvantage that is presented before him.

  39. @Karin incident
    When she says Naruto’s chakra is exactly like … and then fade’s off, I don’t think she was referring to Sasuke’s.
    Sasuke’s chakra is evil yes, but it would look nothing like a kyuubi’s chakra. Unless of course Kishi made Sasuke that way because he has infinity power -_-
    I presume she is talking about another tailed host, possibly one we’ve not heard of yet, or another mysterious tailed beast. Or maybe it’s a character whom we didn’t ever think had a tailed beast.
    Probably someone from Akatsuki because she’s not been around anyone else.

    Maybe the reason why Naruto says that they’ll both die is because maybe (possibly through the 9 tails or something) they are linked. It might sound twisted but maybe its possible some of the 9-tails power was sealed within Sasuke as well? Or some kind of link some how, but maybe that’s what Madara told Naruto which lead him to the conclusion that defeating Sasuke will also kill himself.
    Just a thought.

    I think that Kakashi wouldn’t make a bad hokage. He’s got experience in both conflict resolution and battle strategy so he’d make a good one. The only draw back is his short chakra supply. But we’ve seen him battle against others with much more chakra than him and he’s fared well.
    But I think that Tsunade is a good hokage too, I don’t believe she was a bad one.

    The only reason I think Tsunade would make a better Hokage is because I really don’t see it fitting with Kakahi’s personality. Yes he’d be good at it, but it’s not something I think he’d really want, and when it comes down to it, you have to be a passionate Hokage to be an effective one long term.

    I don’t think Tsunade would be taken down faster than Kakashi when Madara attacks. Yeah she’s not the type to battle first as she would like to resolve things without blood shed, but she can fight well. Theoretically speaking, she should also be a hard target considering all her training was about evasion first and then healing.
    Plus, you want a Hokage that will protect and not just attack an assault back. Not that I’m saying Kakashi would do that but people who thought Tsunade just trying to heal was stupid is not stupid of her to do because as Hokage you would put the lives of the citizens as first priority.

    I know people are using the Tsunade at the battle with Pein as an example, but I don’t see what Kakashi could’ve done that would have been better if he were Hokage. In fact I think more people would have died.

    But in saying that, in an inevitable war coming soon, I’d say Kakashi would be better. He’d be the better Hokage at this moment, but after the war I’d say Tsunade should take the reins back. But that’s just what I think.
    I’m happy that Tsunade is alive and I like both options open for Hokage.
    Finally a decision that has 2 good options.

    Oh and LOOOL @ the NaruSasu taking over the NaruHina possibilities xD I’m sure the fans are all cut up inside (except the yaoi ones)

  40. I think Kakashi should learn just the chakra supply side of Milotec Regeneration. Someone asked if his MS deteriorates: it does as stated when he fought psuedo-Itachi.

    Madara couldn’t give Izuna his eyes because they were used WITH Izuna’s eyes to form EMS (look at Itachi’s genjutsu in Itachi vs. Sasuke).

    Karin was in my oppinion refering to Madara not Sasuke, but that’s just my oppinion.

  41. About Kakashi’s MS:

    He asked Itachi how far his eyesight had deteriorated, this was after Kakashi had himself developed MS, which means that Kakashi too was noticing his eyesight got worse with each MS use. It’s too early for me to find a link, but it was the first time they faced Itachi in Shippuden (with Chiyo, etc.) in the Rescue Gaara Arc.

  42. Oops my fault. Mart1 beat me 41 minutes ago… haha oh well.

  43. @ripcord. My point was that a lot of people still died.

    @rayban. Ok suppose she manages to save all the citizens from a future Pain-like ninja (no one is as good as Pain but u get what i mean), then slips into a coma. Who’ll be there to stop that ninja from simply walking around with a kunai and killing everyone? If Naruto hadn’t come back and used Friendship No Jutsu on Nagato then the citizens of Konoha WOULD be dead. Plus Kakashi has my vote for Hokage. He proved he had the resolve to kill Sasugay, unlike Tsunade. The time for belly-rubbing is over!

  44. @Charkabeast
    what´s the gift that Itachi gave naruto? I hope you don´t think that it is to read Sasuke´s mind just beacuse h said he knew what he was thinking, he find that out by the fist like he said in the last chapter

  45. @Charkabeast
    What´s Itachi´s gift then?
    I hope you don´t think that it is to read Sasuke´s mind just beacuse he saidt that e knew that Sasuke was thinking, he knew what he was thinking by the fist like he said some chapters ago…

  46. quick question: i brought up earlier that maybe naruto knows or will learn the demon seal jutsu. Now if naruto did use it… would it be possible to sacrifice the kyubbi instead of himself so that sasuke dies but not naruto? course naruto would prob prefer to die with sasuke anyways…..

  47. i kinda hated this chapter actually.
    first off: Naruto (and Kishi, for that matter) makes the words “retard” and “douche bag” sound like compliments considering how Naruto couldn’t have said a SINCLE WORD to Hinata, who (albeit, nearly dying cuz of it) was in-fact, the only reason Naruto beat Pain or found out who his father was. he’d have to AT LEAST thank her for being willing to sacrifice herself for him. I WANT NARUHINA!!!, not the gay NaruSasu or NaruSaku alternatives (Sakura’s a man, btw, he’s just a very feminine man)
    second, Naruto could’ve TOTALLY owned Sasgay at their respective levels, and Madara never really does anything anyways, so he’d only b a minor distraction. I’M TIRED OF FORGIVENESS CRAP!
    third, Sakura needs to b killed off, like now, and either painfully and agonizingly slow, or just plain off screen so we don’t have to look at him
    anymore. I WANT HIM DEAD! (notice i’m still refering to Sakura as male?)
    4th, comeon Tsunade, couldn’t u have waited, like, i dunno, another 2 arcs? i mean comeon, I WANT KAKASHI!
    anyways, that’s my rant for now, don’t expect another one any time soon tho, i have to do this on my mom’s laptop at school (she’s a teacher at the high-school i go to) since my house’s computer is dead, and the wireless sucks right now, so i have to do everything on school property

  48. Captain Nemo, I’m surprised you missed this: http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/488/08/ could Naruto have another option?

    Also I don’t think Naruto remembers what Hinata said, he loses his memory when he goes 4-tails or higher.

  49. ill point this out when bob does his post, but anyone else notice how naruto took off his headband on the way to ichraku ramen? it seems as whe he did it the backround faded, kinda like trying to show him standing on his own, alone, seperate from the others.

    also, naruto says he couldnt beat sasuke at that time as he was not powerful enough. next chapter will have info on naruto’s next training stint.

  50. I love hinata but Kishi needs to make her more apparent and appealing, she is going to be the future leader of the Hyuuga clan, atleast I think!

  51. well as soon as the guy interrupted the meeting i knew tsude was back (why would he hav done that, to tell them tsunade was dead nd they could continue with what they were doing? i think not) even after seein shizu cry.

    this was a good chapter, but the last page of the bleach chapter completely pwnes the entire naruto chapter.

  52. @Cesc “this was a good chapter, but the last page of the bleach chapter completely pwnes the entire naruto chapter” definitely. Bleach pwned Naruto AND One Piece this week (and its usually the other 2 pwning Bleach). I just cant get enough of the cool SASUKE (well its actually SOsuke lol)

  53. People, people, you forget that for the next chapter Kishi left a big window opening for Naruto and Hinata screen time, Naruto eating Ichiraku at a time like this? I feel love in the air, or maybe its just the smell of noodle? But the point is if there’s going to be a NaruHina moment it will be at that time. Do I believe Naruto is stronger than Sasuke? yes, but what Naruto has is a mental handicap, he cannot bring himself to kill his former friend, each day the parallels with Jiriaya is more evident, no longer wearing his leaf headband just like Jiraiya, but remaining loyal, maybe he will get a customized headband or something. I think Tsunade would make a better Hokage than Kakashi, she is greatly downplayed throughout the series, we have only seen her in one real fight and she really didn’t lose if you think about it, many more people would have died had she not given her chakra, that shows she has the passion to protect her people and even with no chakra she still tried to take on Pain, how is that weak? she was trying to grab Pains attention for whatever amount of time so the rest of the people could regroup and run or something, but the fact stands that she prevented many deaths after that Shinra Tensei. Kakashi’s resolve is not that solid as we all think, he himself says that he feels exactly like the Third felt when he faced Orochimaru, meaning he also has that mental handicap. That’s it for now.

  54. Alright, I know it’s hard to swallow but right now Sasuke is stronger than Naruto and maybe even stronger than anyone else in the manga so far who is alive thanks to his EMS but that doesn’t mean Naruto won’t get that strong, as seen in on the 16th page of this chapter it implies that Naruto is about call on someone to train him!

    It can only be 1. Kakashi if he doesn’t in fact become Hokage. 2. Fukusake again.3. The Toad Key that Jiraiya talked to before he fought Pein. 4. Or Bee which is a long shot but hopefully it’s one of them but I can’t think of anyone else at the moment.

  55. Dude…a conversation between yourself? Couldn’t you just have that at home and not on the boards? hahaha

    John I think you have a good idea with the Naruto – Hinata scene, it seems like the most plausible opportunity at this moment in time to do it.

    As for more training for Naruto, I don’t think Kakashi really has anything left to teach him so it’s either back to Myobokuzon for sage training and the toad key or Killer Bee training, the latter being unlikely at this point due to Kisame’s infiltration.

  56. Scratch that first part I guess haha

  57. HEY! Don’t insult the 4th Hokage, that’s sacreligeous! Naruto couldn’t have handled a full fox transformation yet. He would have been swallowed by the Kyuubi’s chakra, perhaps never to return to himself.

  58. wha?!?!? kyuubi’s post just disappeared oh well. he said something insulting the 4th hokage.

  59. About Naruto’s training… I think it’s about time he got some of his father’s mementos, perhaps from Tsunade and/or Kakashi. I bet with Sage Mode and those special kunai’s he could figure something out. The Yellow Flash Returns!

  60. Bob was injured in a laser cat training session so this week’s will be a bit later than usual

  61. @ripcord, The fourth may have been good in his day, but he would be no match for God 😉 no one is >_>

  62. @kisuzachi
    LOL! HOLY SMITE JUTSU and dead xD
    If only we could do that to Sasuke.

    Anyway for some reason I feel there is some link between what Itachi told Naruto and him coming to the conclusion that if he must defeat Sasuke, he will die as well.
    I know Naruto is a romantic when it comes to Sasuke, but even that seems a bit much.
    Other than that, come on guys let’s be serious, I doubt that Naruto will get with Hinata. Mostly because, the whole time Sakura has been here and completely useless, the hero has to get a girl at some point, and that’s what she’s most likely for.
    Can’t accomplish much, but the hero gets her anyway. If you ask me, you may as well have gotten rid of Sakura and just made Ino that role.

  63. @kisuzachi don’t compare the 4th with any shinobi because we have not seen him in a real fight yet.

  64. I wonder if Naruto will ever learn his father’s teleportation technique.. That would be cool, eh?

  65. I wonder if Naruto will ever learn his father’s teleportation technique.. That would be cool, eh?

    I don’t think he will.. This is against the authors idea.

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