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Naruto Chapter 487 – Preparations for War

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Oh wow, now this was an interesting chapter. First, I want to thank sunanoken for subbing in for me last week, I was really busy with exams and other stuff so his offer to do the weekly post was good timing. I hope you enjoyed a break from always reading my rants ;p It looks like we’re finally turning a new leaf in the manga and all the major players are preparing to make a move for the upcoming war. Kisame returns, Sasuke wants Itachi’s eyes and Kabuto rears his creepy mug again, there’s just so much happening in this one chapter. I also got a kick out of seeing some funnies again with Naruto finally succumbing to Sakura’s poisoned kunai and Sakura frantically searching for the antidote; it was a nice bit of comic relief after all the tension building up for several chapters. I hope Kishi will bring back more of these moments back into his manga like he used to. By the way, if you happened to have missed it this week, mart has started another Naruto tournament, so please go vote!

As expected Madara ends up warping away Sasuke to save his confrontation with Naruto another day. Kakashi attempted to use his Mangekyou Sharingan ability, Kamui, on Madara but even before he starts it, Madara advises him that that type of jutsu is useless against him. From that single statement alone, I think Kakashi should have realized that even though Madara is a shell of what he used to be, right now he is still on a completely different level than him. Dealing with the seemingly invincible Madara will be tricky in the future, but with Naruto devoting himself to fighting Sasuke, Kakashi may play a central role in dealing with Madara in the coming war. I think this encounter may help push Kakashi to improve his Sharingan powers even more in order to come up with something to counter Madara’s abilities.

Naruto says that Sasuke still doesn’t see him as his equal, but I think this encounter has made Sasuke refocus his sights on Naruto. If Sasuke really couldn’t care less about Naruto, he would have not wasted a second more listening to what Naruto had to say before being taken away by Madara. As well, he also deliberately asked to be implanted with Itachi’s eyes with the intention of crushing Naruto with his full power. Sasuke is actually doing exactly as Naruto had wanted – for him to be directing his hatred towards Naruto instead of the rest of Konoha. The next arc will surely be more training and ability building as both Naruto and Sasuke prepare themselves for their next grand battle — perhaps their last. As some have already mentioned in the recent chapter discussions, there is also a very likely chance that whatever Itachi had planted inside Naruto during their encounter in the forest may manifest itself once Sasuke has his brother’s eyes. If this is true, Naruto will have a powerful trump card he is not even aware of, and its activation will definitely be pivotal to the outcome of his future battle with Sasuke.

The return of Kisame was definitely a welcome surprise for me. It was pretty suspicious Kishi finished his character off so fast in the previous battle, but with so many Akatsuki members dying in recent memory, it didn’t seem that abnormal. Shame on me for doubting the golden Shonen manga rule = “if there’s no flashback, the character ain’t dead.” Who would of thought a brute like Kisame would be able to pull of a stealthy infiltration mission so well? But now comes the tricky part, how does he defeat and capture KillerBee all the while surrounded by the enemy inside Kumogakure? Could Kisame also attempt to sabotage the alliance between the villages from within? I’m very interested to see how this will turn out.

Lastly, Kabuto shows up after more chapters than I want to count, his last appearance was when Naruto encountered him with Hinata and Yamato while pursuing Sasuke. Along with sporting a new look, Kabuto seems more comfortable with using Orochimaru’s powers than before. It’s not said where he was located, but I think he might be in Amegakura judging by the large amount of piping in the walls. Is Kabuto planning on infiltrating Akatsuki by coming to Amegakura? Though why he is hunting down three Takigakure shinobi is a mystery to me, we’ll have to wait for more chapters to see just what he is up to.


100 Responses

  1. first: I liked it, though I have a question, did Kakashi actually use Kamui or not? because Madara could have been bluffing, only to have Kamui be one of a very few things he really is weak against: he has a lot of room to bluff if he’s supposedly Madara. I think that Naruto training should be good, though I think it’s sad that Sasuke could only go half a fight without MS, but then again, Sasuke is sad. I’m hoping Sakura learns something besides Medical Jutsu as she is useless and Sasuke is immune, but givein her speech, she probably won’t. I knew Kisame wasn’t dead (I was the first person to quote the golden rule) and I’m glad he and Kabuto re-appeared

  2. sweet first!! lol
    anyways…i still canty believe kisame is alive!! ans why doesnt anybody notice kisames face on samehada??
    we learned more about zetsud powers but i wanna see him in a battle. Theres gotta be another reason hes in akatsuki.

  3. aww i was second 😛
    well this was really cool bob!! good job dude

  4. @sasukethebeast, Kisame is inside Samehada and his chakra and that of the sword are the same since they’re still joined, just in a sword like form…at least from what I can tell.

    Great post as always Bob.

  5. @Eagle87

    ohh okay..that clears thing up for me thanx

    i hope that since war is coming up then theyre gonna show the rest of the swordsmen of the mist.

  6. great post, honestly the high point of this chapter for me was Kisame’s return, i am a HUGE Kisame fan ever since the first encounter in the first Naruto season and the whole “fusion” technique with Samehada. Another great point was the fact someone actually mentioned to sasuke he uses his trump card too much, i wonder if this means that madara will teach him to use the sharingan just like he does…….

  7. one thing i want to point out about kabuto. i believe he is after sasuke, for killing orochimaru. if i could find it in the manga i would, but it is just after sasuke killed kabuto and kabuto appeared before naruto yamato and hinata and gave them the book of info he had on akatsuki.

    actually i just found it

    so whatever kabuto is doing i suspect it is to track down sasuke.

    my thoughts on kisame, well i think he is going to try to use zetsu’s cloning technique to make a clone of the kage that killed zetsu’s other half, if you can call it death. since he was touched by him he should be able to cloan him right? so kisame kills someone and leaves a clone as a decoy. kinda a radical theory but whatever.

    and i hope now with naruto going back to konoha to train, or well we all asume, i hope we will see a couple more panels dedicated to naruto and hinata.

    and sakura is so freakin dumb she didnt even realise sasuke took the kunai knife from her. naruto should have just let her die.

  8. oops. after sasuke killed orochimaru. my bad.

  9. great chapter glad to see the manga is moving along, cant wait to see what sauskes eyes will look like after he gets itachis, my boy(zetsu) shined through in this chapter, theres more to zetsu than meets the eye, how he was with tobi when tobi was first introduced, how he knew about tobis masterplan, or how his plant tendrils or leafs were at the location when tobi regenerated his arm, there has to be some link between tobi and zetsu, hopefully we will get to see that soon, i doubt kisame will get the eight tails, not happy seeing kabuto, it just means another sauske fight is coming up soon, next chapter is going to be even better

  10. First, Great Job Bob-sama!

    Second, I was right! Kisame isn’t dead. I thought something was suspicious when he said “I guess you’re just too fast for me.” AFTER he was decapitated.


    I think you may be on to something about Kabuto tracking down Sasuke. But, we can never speculate something about Manga.

    About Zetsu making a clone taking the form of E, I doubt. One, White Half creates the clones (Not a reason why, just pointing it out.) Two, Zetsu probably won’t do that, as he would be killed effortlessly by E or Bee. Also, since Kisame is there in Kumo, He will probably do what he’s best at and watch, record, and tell Madara.

    On that note, i wonder if the clone recorded the battle with Bee. Because Zetsu asked it if it did.

    Definately have some more scenes with Hinata.

    Lastly, Sakura was surprised by Naruto’s entrance, so she wouldn’t notice if Sasuke had the kunai. And Kishi stated that he is working on Kakashi being the main character right now, then Sakura, then back to Naruto. All chapters of Part II have been about Sasuke, but not for long…

  11. wish u’d delve deeper into some issues but cool post. Anyone wondering where that kunoichi is who’s tracking Kabumaru or I am I alone on that score.
    Other than that it no longer looks like killerbee will be Naruto’s next sensei. Additionally, I hope that itachi’s gift manifests now and not in battle, I want Naruto to continue to be the hard worker and not the another hand me down kid like sasuke and kakashi

  12. Great Post
    Did Kabuto change his hair or took over someone’s body? I still don’t understand why would he be in Amegakura, I mean what’s the purpose?

    I think out of all the nations Sunagakure has to really step their game up, Defensive wise and Offensive wise, because Diedara almost destroyed the whole village if it wasn’t for Gaara, and after his capture they still couldn’t do nothing

    I wonder how Gaara will get ready for this war, and also the Shinobi and Kunoichi in Konoha, these chapters are getting more and more interesting

  13. @ Byakugan invasion:

    I think the reason/excuse for Deidara’s easy infiltration is Sasori and the Sand Jounin he brainwashed. They ambushed and took out all the front line guys… letting Deidara infiltrate into the village’s core until Gaara noticed… but a little too late.

    If any village needs to beef up their D, it would seem like the Hidden Mist village. They seem to be the most in disarray or were mostly in disarray up until recently… with all the defections and their previous Mizukage (Madara?) being in bed with Akatsuki.

    Also, the Mist is beside other failed states like Hanzo/Pain’s village and the like… for all those PoliSci students, it’s sorta like an India/Pakistan/Afghanistan situation.

  14. “About Zetsu making a clone taking the form of E”-I think it’s a great idea. N.E.C.: Zetsu wouldn’t take out Raikage, just do the impersonation. Either Madara, Sasuke or much more likely Kisame would do it.

    “I still don’t understand why would he be in Amegakura, I mean what’s the purpose?” 1. Akatsuki’s last known location 2. Konan and more importantly Nagato’s eyes/body 3. Madara is headed there.

    “Sunagakure has to really step their game up,”-suna is the weakest militarily and will probably be one of the first villages to fall. (Gaara will then lead his people as refugees to Konoha, where Kakashi/Naruto will welcome them, strengthening Konoha and expanding it’s borders (assuming when the war is over the two countries merge since the Daiyamo always turns out to be an evil spy implanted)

  15. Also, welcome back Bob!

    I liked this chapter because:

    1) It sets the foundation for a bunch of different but interconnected story arcs to come, adding another ~200+ chapters IMO.

    2) Kisame and Kabuto are back.

    3) Kishi again confirms Sakura is a retard.. the person who said that Sakura was surprised by Naruto’s appearance, thus she should be excused for not noticing the kunai… R U SERIOUS? Sasuke took (rather easily) the kunai from her and was gonna shank her (she saw it coming) but hit Naruto with it instead… and Sakura’s supposed to be surprised that Sasuke had her kunai??? wtf..

    4) Next chapter will most likely be 100% SASUKE FREE!!!!

  16. very interesting chapter, nd gr8 post bob.
    for the record, none of the villages seem to have gr8 defence. ie leaf was attacked nd left in robbbles by pein.

    good to c kisame bck, tho i don’t really care much bout him (who r the other 4 mist swordsmen, r they as strong or stronger than kisame?)
    i don’t likabuto, i think he’s unnecessary to the plot. anyways, the bleach chaptr was even bettr.

  17. Sasuke is a mega douche! He knows what Itachi wanted and is going so far as to use his eyes now. Its like he’s using Itachi’s corpse to destroy everything Itachi cared about, everything he fought for while he was alive. Sasuke, you lose 30 awesome points for this move, your score is now -876 for me, and im pretty sure that by next week it’ll increase, or rather since its negative, decrease.

    Also, idk about u guys but I want Sasugay to capture Naruto. And torture him, and torture him, and torture him…………and torture him. That’ll teach Naruto to stop being such a pansy.

    Kisame FTW! Now I remember why he’s my second favorite.. But now that he’s without body, how will he be of use? As a spy maybe. OR perhaps, this was all a rouse by him, Zetsu and Samehada. Perhaps it was Zetsu’s fake Kisame that Samehada betrayed (remember the clone had Kisame’s chakra, but not Kisame’s chakra capacity), if Samehada didnt betray Kisame for Kyubi chakra (in Part 1 when he used Samehada to “cut” Naruto’s demon chakra), why would it betray him for Hachibi chakra? I wonder why he’s there? Possibly to assassinate the Raikage, nah that’s not Kisame’s style. Maybe this is where Kishi’s interview comes in. In 2008 he said the Eight Tailed Host will attack Konoha, so could it be that Samehada will take over KB’s body? And how does Genma play into this (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Genma) in that same interview Kishi said Genma would play an important roll in that attack.

    I have a theory. I think Black Zetsu’s the fighter between the two forms. Hence why he said White Zetsu was “too weak”. Perhaps he’s the front-line type, while White Zetsu is sneaky bastard lol.

    Kabuto is a better version of Oro. I’m sure between the two, Kabuto was the better medical ninja and now he also possesses all of Oro’s powers + his own. Need I mention that Mr. Yakushi is only 23!? Imagine Kabuto like 7 years from now lol, he looks way cool though, he pulls off the White Snake better than Oro ever could lol. Maybe Kabuto will fight Anko, because Kishi did say that she was his favorite female character (because of her connection to Orochimaru).

  18. @ Cecs: you got a point about the villages… we probably should be over-analyzing this since the most rational thing would have been for the Akatsuki 9 or 10 to have invaded each village separately many years ago… no village would have stood a chance 🙂

  19. Star: the Mist Village and the Rain Village are nowhere near eachother (any village besides Cloud Village is closer): http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Locations

  20. well, i really liked the chapter. Sasuke’s going away, Kisame’s alive, Zetsu’s badass, Naruto will return to Konoha and (hopefully) meet Hinata again (which will probably b very emotional w/ Hinata being really sad Naruto left her and Naruto feeling guilty about it, especially since he, u kno, owes her his life), Sakura recognizes she’s useless and that she shouldn’t b getting in Naruto’s business (hopefully meaning she’ll take a background role again)
    anyways, hopes for the future: Kakashi becomes a greater Hokage than all others, Hinata gets more screen time, Sakura NEVER becomes useful, Kisame and Zetsu kick ass, Killer Bee survives the whole thing, Naruto’s proven wrong about him dying when fighting Sasuke (he said they’d both die, i don’t care about Saucegay, but i want Naruto to survive) and that’s all i can think of now

  21. I, from talking with my friend, think he’s in Takigakure. We think this because of the Taki headbands 😛

    Yayz! I’m so glad that Kisame is alive and well. It was actually a very stealthy mission, and Zetsu and Kisame couldn’t have pulled it off any better. I’m just wondering how Zetsu was able to fully incorporate Kisame’s techniques and EPIC chakra supply into his own makeshift body for this mission. But all-in-all, it was one of the best undercover operations I’ve ever witnessed anywhere.

    Anyway, this chapter was pretty awesome, especially with the appearance of mah main baddie, Kabuto. I do think, however, that Kabuto will die at some point from either, 1. Orochimaru being released from him 2. He loses his cool in some battle 3. He’s killed by Madara for some reason (i.e. to probably rid the world of Oro once and for all) Or as an alternative way, he could get one of his remaining henchmen to kill off Kabuto so he doesn’t have to worry about getting his hands dirty.

    Well, I think I’m done for this week, until there’s more conception into the thought of this topic.

    Another thing, GO GO KISHI FUNTIME X3

    Oh and I also made up an emo song for Sasuke, based off of the “Peanut Butter Jelly Time!” song ❤

  22. @Kisu: Exactly. That’s why you always see the White Half acting solemn, and very leniant towards everything, and the black half is less subtle and would rather get straight to things, or even ignores the white half.

    White=Espionage guy who doesn’t give a flip about fighting

    Black=Espionage guy who doesn’t give a flip about anything

  23. quick question: since samehada drains chakra ( and due to this it must have a connection to the hosts chakra supply) would it be possible for kisame (a part of samehada now) to gain access to the 8 tails chakra and if so could he in fact control the 8 tails by manipulating his chakra? just wondering….

  24. “I’m just wondering how Zetsu was able to fully incorporate Kisame’s techniques and EPIC chakra supply into his own makeshift body for this mission. But all-in-all, it was one of the best undercover operations I’ve ever witnessed anywhere.”- Naruruler, what are you talking about??? Zetsu is done… He’s together and back with Madara…

    “just wondering….”-Probably, I think Kisame is going to use Samehada to get KB’s trust, then when he’s asleep, use the flexible handle to strangle him and drain chakra away making him useless.

  25. First off great post Bob….Second, I was not going to say anything about this but due to the fact that chapter discussion after chapter discussion so many people have been complaining over the “uselessness” of Sakura, I feel the need to say something on her behalf lol. Now im no Sakura fan but i do think that she has been getting a bit of a raw deal from some because of her constant crying lately. In my mind, i credit her being somewhat useless to her blind love that she has for the tormented Sasuke. I think because of that she should get the benefit of the doubt because love can make people do some mixed up things, on top of that she has been a tad screwed up since her master has been in that coma for soo long. If they return to the village and Tsunade happens to be conscious I think Sakura can begin to improve again because Tsunade can get her head right. Hopefully by punching her in it lol. Okay enough of that now lol

  26. Sorry, but am I the only one who thinks that Sasuke getting Itachi’s eyes is really AWFUL? (Well, maybe Kisuzachi has the same opinion.)

    Yes, I know, Sasuke will obtain the EMS, it will be really cool and each generation surpasses the previous one, so he will be way better than Madara, who’s like 3 generations older etc etc.

    But taking the eyes of a dead body is a sacrilege, let alone when this body is your brother’s, who has already given you his eyes, in a way, and wished another life for you. Wow, take a body and pluck the eyes from the head or whatever else, how much can this suck?

    The dead are sacred, but yes, I know, we have to do with the two of the most evil and maniacs of the story, who use each other for their personal goals, what else I was expecting? Kishi is probably trying to make us hate Sasuke more and more, to build up the story’s climax, until the very end with the Sasuke-Naruto fight. And for God’s sake, leave to Itachi at least a tranquil and dignified death, as his life was just a sucking torture.

    I know that this was a really emotionally burdened comment, and this is kinda rare for me, but I can’t stand all these things, let alone that we have already guessed Sasuke’s EMS, so I ‘m in no way anxious to see it. After all, Itachi is one of my favorite characters and I really pity him and his sacrifice, because until now, he has achieved nothing: Orochimaru will appear again, Madara is safe from any Amaterasu and has made Sasuke his pawn, Sasuke becomes a real demon, Konoha was destroyed and will probably be destroyed again, a World War is on the way and his only hope now is Naruto. What a surprise!

  27. kakashi is too physically weak to be hokage

  28. “Naruruler, what are you talking about??? Zetsu is done… He’s together and back with Madara…” What do you mean what do I mean? I mean during the battle, I’m wondering how he was able to use Kisame’s abilities!

  29. @ Mart: lol, I didn’t know. Judging from their names (Mist, Rain) and the fact that Akatsuki had a foothold in both places, I thought they were right beside each other

    My bad 🙂

  30. a great read Bob!

    and i agree that the short comin relief is a good respite. i missed the times when Naruto screamed ‘datte ba yo!”.

    he’s been too serious since Shippuden starts.

  31. opps meant to put “comic” and not comin.. 😛

  32. ” I’m wondering how he was able to use Kisame’s abilities!”- Bob really needs to explain this to everyone, it’s not all that complicated: Zetsu WASN’T able to do it… Zetsu switched when Kisame dispelled the water dome, at which point Kisame fused with Samehada after that point the events go like this: 1. Samehada-Kisame fusion rejects Zetsu 2. Zetsu picks up KB’s swords 3. Raikage shows up 4. Zetsu pretends to use a jutsu while faking Kisame’s death.

  33. I have a random question slash idea; What is up with the Akatsuki base? In some pictures it’s like a cave, others a mountain, and still others a giant skeleton (rib cage). I think (with no proof) that it is like Madara’s version of Sussano that is for some reason both pemenant and immobile

  34. finally a chapter thats enjoying *sigh*
    for some reason i’m thinking that Kabuto is going to be the main villian in this manga
    Kishi never said madra is the main villian
    and the hol kisame trick was in a way cheap but im glad hes
    one of the favorites…
    But was it kisame that was fighting Killerbee or was it Zatsu’s clone? this part confuses me

  35. No time to read prev. comments:

    But didn’t anyone find it odd that Madara advised Kakashi not to try using Kamui? I find it hard to believe that Madara wouldn’t just pwn Kakashi’s technique and go “see you stink, I rock.” and let Kakashi be worn out. Instead, he gave Kakashi a chance, so it just makes me wonder about Tobi’s motives.

  36. Sakura is just … there are no words for that girl.
    She is the character that stereotypes female’s as the weak minded damsels and its annoying.
    I wish Naruto would just kill her instead! Actually I want Sasuke to die as well.
    Anyway, clearly Sasuke is just a confused, evil little boy. First it’s all about revenging his family by destroying all of Konoha, then what he really wants to do is just reject Naruto for everything that he is which seems to fuel his anger more than that stupid vengeance idea.

    This whole love-hate between them two is just too self deprecating that NARUTO NEEDS TO GROW SOME BALLS!
    Yes finally he has decided to fight Sasuke, but he just manages to make the fluffiest reason for it.

    Anyway, once again the only thing Sakura managed to do the entire encounter was FAIL, nearly get killed (again), get saved (for the 293847923847 time), and then just freak out when Naruto is clearly poisoned rather than maintaining her composure and simply getting the antidote.
    Kakashi has to tell her to get it. You’d think as a medic ninja this would be a simple situation and still she manages to be a complete waste of time.

    Anyway I thought that the whole sword wanting to join Killerbee was suspicious. I didn’t think Kisame would just give up on his sword so easily. I knew he wasn’t dead, but I didn’t think he’d fused with the sword.

    Anyways, another chapter full of talk, but it wasn’t bad because we got the plot points down.

  37. This chapter was definitely full of surprises, between Kisame cheating death and Sasuke taking Itachi’s eyes plus Kabuto’s brief re-intro; you just have to wonder what next week’s gonna be like.

  38. @star69: Well if you compare Sunagakure with Kirigakure. All Sunagakure has is Kazekage Gaara, Temari, and a Army of men shooting arrows and Fire balls in the air, And all Kirigakure has is Mizukage Mei Terumī, 5 of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of The Mist, Ao a ANBU/ Byakugan user who was hand picked by the Mizukage to be her bodyguard, and the nation also has a ANBU hunter-nin

    I would feel a whole lot safer in Kirigakure. I want to ask a question not to throw everything off subject but does anyone know why does Kishi make some shonobi characters look like females (Haku), I’ve been watching Naruto for about 3 or 4 years and I never really knew what it meant

    And another question, since when did Madara/Tobi knew Kakashi’s name?? I mean I don’t remember anytime in the Manga were someone mentions Kakashi name around Madara, and how does Madara know who Torune’s father was? I don’t know how old Torune is, but according to http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Kakashi_Hatake
    Kakashi is 30 years of age

    I believe Madara has all the knowledge of the Shonobi and Kunochi in Konoha through Danzo, and I also believe Madara is controlling Obito’s body or it’s Half Madara Half Obito like Zetsu or something

  39. I think Kabuto wants ”God Realm Peins” body so he can merge it with Lord Orochimaru’s cells


  41. Yes, the most important being Minato and Kushina giving the name Naruto to their unborn son, thus making Jiraiya his godfather.

  42. yes. jiraiya also recalled the prophecy at the frog mountain. where he was told abt the child/children of destiny.

  43. @byakugan invasion, Kakashi is a world-famous ninja so only a dimwit wouldn’t know who he is lol. As for Torune’s dad…remember Torune used a rare technique, so Madara figured out who his father was through deductive reasoning.

  44. @MArt: That base idea seems like a very plausible thing. It would seem that everytime we see it, it’s changed in some way. You have a good way of thinking things.

  45. @byakugan master: Well, Kakashi seems to have some sort of connection to Madara, so that would probably account for him knowing the name. And as Kisu said, he is a world class ninja. Madara the same, so I think their names would fly around so that they each know each other.

  46. um about Karin..she had a lashback too..but she’s still ALIVE?????lol

  47. @ Byakugan invasion:

    Yea from what we’ve seen so far, the Sand seem pretty weak compared to Konoha and even to the Mist on paper.

    I was just pointing out that the Mist were in bed with Akatsuki up until the new Mizukage took over (maybe still in bed)… they haven’t really been featured so we don’t really know how their situation is… but the kages blasted the village’s stability when they were deciding which kage was going to lead the alliance.

    Also, 2 out of the 7 Mist swordsman are exiles… so there seems to be a trend with that group. Only 1 guy remains from what we know. Again, the Mist as a village hasn’t been featured so we don’t know how powerful the other ninja are.

  48. “um about Karin..she had a lashback too..but she’s still ALIVE?????lol”- It’s possible to survive a flashback, just impossible to die without one.

  49. I wonder who Sauske will concentrate on, Naruto or The elders??

  50. @mart1
    Did the third hokakge have a flashback when he died against orochimaru?

  51. He flashbacked to Orochimaru as a student and The 1st and 2nd hokages.

  52. @ Ra, ya he did. He had several.

  53. @star69, the Mist’s only weakness is its instability. There are a lot of civil wars and missing-nin from it. The reason they arent in wars is because of how isolated they are from the mainland and the other great villages

  54. i am not suprised at all this i sed it before that sasuke will get itachi’s eyes which will trigger wateva itachi gave naruto… and naruto is going back to training.. .. and please can someone tell me when the key(toad) will get to naruto… i mean the one jiraya sent….so naruto can complete wateva jutsu his dad left…. oh kisame coming back to life got me …. neva knew he would…..really dont know what to say to kabuto…. get married…have kids….do something than kissing, lickin orochimaru’s scally ASS

  55. @mart re Akatsuki base: Based on one of the previous hideouts, I don’t think that this is actually an Akatsuki base, but a former base / hideout of the Uchiha clan. I doubt Susanoo can be fossilised, since it appears to be pure chakra / energy, but maybe there were dinosaurs or large summoned beasts that were made use of. Nice chairs tho: http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/404/10/

    The Akatsuki would have more than one base: http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/364/07/

  56. I did wonder about the head talking AFTER being severed… but I am happy to see Uncle Kisame. Think about it: the ruse means that he was most likely holding back so as not to kill Bee…damn!

  57. @ Kisu: yea I know. I just got mixed up with its location. I thought that they were beside the other villages/countries with water-related names.

  58. uchigatana: I was talking about the main base that they have been using lately. Obviously they have multiple bases (where they fought Sasori, where Itachi met up with Sasuke as Genjutsu, and in Amegakure) but this base seems special and unique. Though taking a closer look it looks more like a giant tree than a skeleton.

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  60. And to add that….cheap way to bring Kisame back.

  61. I think its important 2 note where kisame said that the clone the double that zetsu made wouldnt be strong enough 4 battle and should just be used as a diversion. This is a good indicator that kisame is actually much stronger and without raikage’s intervention woulda still captured bee…so we know that kisame can take bee no problem. I think he can hold his own agaainst the raikage if he had 2…better than sasuke did at least lol

  62. naruto looks so funny when he got poisoned : D i really miss that Naruto, because lately he became serious and matured. But i still loved his idiot character….

  63. I’m also miss Hinata-chan

  64. @Uchigatana, sweet dude, I never thought of it like that. Kisame was holding back against Killerbee, BUT he DID say he’d beat him half to death first lol. I wanna see Kisame in a real fight already >8(

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  67. this Manga pisses me off for the following reasons:
    1. Bijuu were considered an unstoppable force that could only be contained in jinjuuriki, yet Akatsuki and even Naruto (part1) are able to kick their arses.
    2. The legendary sannin are considered badass bcoz they didn’t get killed by a guy who got killed in a 1on1 fight,
    3. kakashi is made temporary hokage and for what he hasn’t been able to do anything the whole of part 2, yet he’s so respected.
    4. Kisame doesn’t capture the KB so he can infiltrate kumo (surrounded by hectic ninja) to capture him.
    The list goes on but the rant ends for now, I’m gonna write a post about this!

  68. @a. hizzo
    i think jugo and suigetsu got captured by the samurai right?

  69. Co sign with Madzikage.

  70. i’m with Madzikage too. and where did the hidden good guy go in sasuke?

    like remember when he had a flash back of team 7 before the eight tails was about to kill him? where did that all go!
    that emo faggot.

    and i was thinking the exact same thing! ahahah.
    WHY did Kisame give up his opportunity to capture the eight tails so that he could infiltrate the village surrounded by lots of ninjas and capture the eight tails.

  71. @Madzikage: Well the Bijuu is unstoppable, but not the body they posess, and we still have to wait and see what Kisame is gonna do while he’s in the village, but other than that I agree with everything u said

  72. sup bob welcome back!!
    i must say that was one interesting chapter
    kisame wth?! i seriously thought he was dead, but then again i thought the way he went out was kinda pathetic and unjust for a character of his status. so hurray one of my fav characters is back. for some reason i always liked him and itachi even when they were after naruto 😛

    karin…damn kishi must really have it out for poor hinata chan..just damn it all to hell WHEN ARE THEY EVER GONNA TALK!! i mean i know this is an action manga but even in code geass lulu still talked to sherly, and you know i’m rightt. i find it just so wrong that they act like it never really happened.

    kabuto..it took my brain like three times reading it over for me to finally get the message. and was it just me or was that orochimaru with glasses and white hair.

    again excellent post bob and welcome back!

  73. does anyone like they’re icon on the right hand side.i just adore mine its so funny! hahha

    anyway we all have appeared to have for gotten the golden rules of shonen:

    1. mandara will always save sasuke’s ass

    2. no falshback not dead

    3. naruto is just too stuborn to die

    4. more than half the people that naruto meets become his friend.(i don’t know how?)

    those are the golden rule’s and according to this there are a number os people who aren”t dead……..

  74. Who isn’t dead by those standards (fillerish people like the Samurai don’t count because they are cardboard cut outs, not characters)

  75. question: what ever happened to Naruto’s mother? was she a ninja?

    does EMS give you additional powers or just prevent you from going blind?

    the juni is a 10 tailed Lion – awesome huh

  76. meant jubi*

  77. @cesc

    where did you find out that the jubi was a lion

  78. “(fillerish people like the Samurai don’t count because they are cardboard cut outs, not characters)” – Lmao!!!!

    @PRofess, ignore the lion thing. People have been making Biju predictions for years now, until kishi proved all of them wrong with his crazy Biju (c’mon 7 Tailed Horned Beetle, I think kishi was high when he designed that one)

  79. did Itachi Uchiha have a flashback before he died/he was my favorite character since his first appearance

  80. @Sage of Seven Paths

    I don’t think Itachi did have a flashback… but maybe that was because it would have given away the fact that Itachi was really good. I guess he is the only major character to die without one.


    EMS does give you one new power, at least according to Itachi. Itachi claimed EMS gave Madara a new technique.

  81. @ripcord, Sasuke had multiple flashbacks of him and Itachi, so I guess that’s his version.

  82. Any flashback counts, it doesn’t matter who has it, so long as it is 1. about the person who will die and 2. in their presance

  83. Only in NS Episode 135, they added some Itachi’s memories/flashbacks and they are really nice and moving.

    Jiraiya also had a lot of added memories. I like this kind of initiatives, I think they add a lot to the climax.

  84. @cesc
    naruto’s mother sapposedly dead in child birth due to kyuubi’s chakra but i’m not sure if that is all true

    also according to the golden laws of shonen
    orochimaru, itachi, obito, of course kisame and hidan aren’t dead but hidan is imorrtal so he doen’t really count

  85. i take back the itachi one because i just checked and there are soe flashbacks in the anime.

  86. i ment some

  87. @Black ninja
    now that i think about it i do think that jiraya had a flash back right at the end

  88. “midnight wolf spirit, on March 21, 2010 at 8:05 pm Said:
    naruto’s mother sapposedly dead in child birth due to kyuubi’s chakra but i’m not sure if that is all true
    also according to the golden laws of shonen
    orochimaru, itachi, obito, of course kisame and hidan aren’t dead but hidan is imorrtal so he doen’t really count”: in order: Kushina Uzumaki had a flashback (upon Jiraiya’s death) AND isn’t confirmed dead, just fan-speculated dead.

    Orochimaru and Itachi have had several flashbacks each. Obito’s whole story was a flashback. Kisame ISN’T dead. Kishimoto stated that Hidan wasn’t dead, but dying due lack of nutrition.

  89. @midnight
    i think that’s wrong cuz naruto didn’t get the 9 tails when he was in his mother’s womb, it was shortly after he was born. tho she could have just died during childbirth for normal reasons. i hope she isn’t dead though.

  90. One reason Obito might not have had a flashback is because he was too young… I mean he hadn’t been a ninja for very long. Plus Kakashi Gaiden was backstory in a way anyways, as Mart1 said.

    Of course, I like to believe that Obito isn’t dead… he’s just either playing the ultimate Itachi or being used by Madara’s spirit, or gone bat crazy and believes he is Madara. TOBI is OBITO FOREVER!

  91. what is that “key” that jiraiya sent back to naruto?

  92. there is something weird about how kamui wont work on madara? the obito speculations seem more and more real. Maybe madara took obitos eye?

  93. is he waiting for EMS from sasuske so he can steal sasukes eyes?

    maybe that is his objective he needs EMS again but he needs to take the eys from someone that has it and no one but sasuke can get EMS now. so he is pushing sasuke to develop all the MS powers to the max so he can steal them. Along with the arm of the 1st and the rinnegan eye maybe he is combining the best jutsu within himself!

  94. he might also need the rinnegan to read the tablet of the sage>?

  95. @GreenPeas

    Arghghghg I hope this is the last time:

    The arm with the Shodai’s cells was TURNED INTO A TREE!!! In other words, it doesn’t exist anymore.

    I agree with the notion that Madara (if it is in fact Madara) wants to steal Sasuke’s EMS… or more likely just his body with the EMS in it. I really do believe that Tobi is Obito, or at least his body, but my guess is we will have to wait until the Kakashi arc is nearing its end. Now that it seems the Sasuke arc is nearing its end we probably have a year to wait.

  96. holler. kakashi is the man. i hope he learns how to do something else other than his
    1.Chidori that we never even see or
    2. Kamui that knocks him out for like 5 days.

    kakashi is the “copycat” so Kishi has alot of potential to work with as far as techniques.

    well will naruto learn how to use a rasengan without a freaking clone? Kakashi can do it with one hand!

  97. A. Hizzo: I’m hard pressed to think of a fight where kakashi doesn’t use chidori, and Naruto has used Rasengan.

    But I agree Kakashi needs to grow as a ninja

  98. hey posted spoilers on chapter 488 in the forum section

  99. @hizzo

    And that’s what sets him apart from the rest!

    The reason why Naruto uses shadow clones to do Rasengan is because it was leading upto a bigger thing, him doing Rasen Shuriken. If Naruto was too start off with doing Rasengan with just one hand he would have never been able to master Rasen Shuirken.

  100. With Kabuto’s return and Kisame inside the Cloud Village it is hard to determine which event is more exciting than the other.
    Kabuto back and looking like Orochimaru is pretty freakin creepy but I guess we knew that would happen right? Kisame infiltrating the Cloud Village to get Killerbee is stupid because he is surrounded by the enemy and probably won’t make it out of the village alive. I really was hoping for him to be dead with the whole Raikage and Killerbee double-close-line, but I guess him living serves a greater purpose for the overall story. Can that gay ass Orochimaru just die already I mean now it has become evident that he isn’t as strong as Jirya and Tsunade the only thing he’s got is his fear of death. As for Kakashi to be the Hokage I’m still pulling for him and hope him the best because even Tsunade said that he was one of her top candidates for the job.

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