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Naruto Chapter 487’s out! The battle begins!

Hey Sunanoken here again to upload the manga chapter. Man, that’s like 3 times in a row. Anyways here it is!


I just know that this is gonna be a good one! Happy reading!



49 Responses

    No but seriously lets see some action please. oh and since i havent said this in a long time, FIRST!
    Suna OUT!

  2. great chapter my favorite character(zetsu) is starting to come out more i want to say but ill eait for bobs discussion

    I’m not done yet but i need to say it before anyone else does! (yes I’m petty like that. Deal with it)
    SPOILER*dont read if u dont want to ruin the chapter*
    SASUKE WANTS MADARA TO GIVE HIM ITACHI’S EYE’S! Yes i knew we thought it would happen sooner or later but the reason is just so funny!
    Suna out! (for now)

    Nuf said will wait for bobs discussion. This will be my final xcomment of the day.
    Suna OUT!

  5. Suna: check out the author’s lounge…

  6. Kisame!!!!!!!

  7. Well I bet that won’t be Suna’s final comment for the day lol, but anyways that chapter was really sweet. I just knew that kisame couldn’t be dead lol. And I just have to say zetsu is soooooo sweet. And I’m guessing that the black side of zetsu is the front line fighter while the white one has all of the sweet defensive moves.

  8. So that version that stomped the shit out of killer bee, was ALSO a clone?!!!

    Or am i on acid?

    I think Kabuto is going to eventually turn into just another version of Orochimaru..

    I think Itachi is going to have his eyes rigged up so when Sasuke absorbs them the next time he sees Naruto something is going to happen big.
    (Huge Itachi Fan and i think its possible!!)

    Maybe gets him the last laugh against Tobi.

  9. Now this chapter was awesome, there wasn’t any real combat but it didn’t need it. Sasuke finally talking about taking Itachi’s eyes wasn’t something that caught me off guard but Kisame and Zetsu’s little trick was genius, the very definition of knowing your enemy. The Naruto getting poisoned thing was hilarious, I haven’t laughed at this manga like that in forever.

  10. “So that version that stomped the shit out of killer bee, was ALSO a clone?!!! Or am i on acid? I think Kabuto is going to eventually turn into just another version of Orochimaru..”- 1. the Kisame that fought Bee WAS Kisame, but at the end, Zetsu switched when Bee was down for the count. (so yes, you’re on acid, or maybe since it’s St. Patrick’s day, just a bit drunk) 2. Nah, I don’t think Kabuto will be a pedophile/M.J.

    Oh and the no flashback-no death theory is still true!!!

  11. YOSH! Killerbee got Samehada ^_^. Hm, I wonder what Kisame did >_>

  12. wait wait…IS KISAME ALIVE?! OMFG!

  13. Too lazy to check the forehead protector logo, but what village is Kabuto currently in?

  14. hiden waterfall village ninja were who he was fighting, however he isn’t in their village which consists of a large tree overshadowing small huts. It seems more like he is in Amegakure, where Nagato’s body (and pretty soon Madara) would be.

  15. This was a Great chapter for the build up for the war. I wonder how Sasuke’s eyes would look if he get’s Itachi’s eyes. Sasuke said he needs them ASAP, I knew Zetsu black and white side had different abilities.

    I hope Naruto helps someone master Sage Mode (Gaara,Neji,Shikamaru), Just a theory I made that would hopefully happen someday, Because War is about to begin and I don’t see how Konoha shonobi and kunoichi are getting ready for what’s to come

  16. I know i know but i forgot, mart what’s the site for the authors? i lost the link.(dont tell me the pass word i remember that.)

  17. I’ll send it too you in an email

  18. u got my email?

  19. yup… editor powers, plus bob knows em all…

  20. well i’m waiting. did u send it?

  21. never mind

  22. Now those are what I call cliffhangers!

  23. im curious why kisame infiltrated the country instead of just capturing Bee when he could have.

    it’s my speculation that kakashi’s Kamui wont work on Madara because Madara can cancel out the technique with his own Kamui. They’re essentially the same technique except that one is offensive and the other is defensive which only helps out the theory that–*cough–they’re from the same body.

    also it’s interesting that zetsu is the perfect stealth ninja. he can meld his body into anything and not only can he hide his chakra perfectly (kage summit) but his dark half is a sensor type that can record and analyze any technique while his white half can create perfect copies of anyone he touches. plus…it seems most of his techniques are undetectable AND he more than likely has crazy regenerative abilities. Dude is going to be quite the annoyance later on. now i’m even more curious what he gets out of eating corpses.

  24. @walmart in the last frame it looks like he was wearing a cloak with a whirlpool symbol on the hood. maybe he infiltrated the village. wasn’t naruto’s mother from that village? hmmmm……

  25. mwahahaha i said kisame wasnt dead and hardly anyone believed me. a great chapter. sasukes ems is gonna be well tripping

  26. I thought that was supposed to snake eyes on his hood, I’ll take a second look but 1. Where is the whirilpool country symbol shown? 2. Why would waterfall ninja be in whirilpool’s village?

  27. I love this manga so much!!!! I am so glad Kisame is alive, I knew someone like him shouldn’t have died so easily. That trick Madara, Kisame and Zetsu pulled was genius, I finally remember why Akatsuki is so great. They were dying so fast that it took the fear they had against their opponents away from them!
    I am also glad that Orochimaru isn’t fully dead, I mean he was kinda annoying but I liked his character, he was cool to me for some reason!

    Sasuke wanting Itachi’s eye isn’t a shock but it will be interesting to see how strong he gets after and what his new eye technique will be! Based on how fast he is growing he could probably bring back the dead!

    It’s interesting to see what Karin is going to do now, I don’t think they will lock her up, they may just use her for info and she probably will leave or stay in Konoha, that would be interesting if Sasuke decides to come back, who will he choose Sakura or Karin.

    Speaking of Sakura it’s funny that it took her this long to figure out she doesn’t matter, at lest for now! I just realized kakashi is going back to the village the Sixth Hokage!!

    Naruto is finally showing a sense of humor and I truly believe he has found peace with this Sasuke thing, he doesn’t have to chase after him anymore Sasuke is coming to him. Now he can spend all his time training so he can finally kick his ass! He finally grew up!

  28. Oh, I forgot about how cool Zetsu is, I was beginning to think he really was useless but he’s been doing more than recording matches. He was the one fighting against Team Gai in the Gaara arc! The techniques he’s shown since then are incredible, can’t wait to see what he can do next and I wonder what else Kisame can do! Maybe he’ll fight that guy from the Hidden mists, the other Swordsman, that would be cool!

  29. @ Uchiha_ Gaiden, I think you are on to something. Maybe Obito does have something to do with this because 1. Madaras immune to Kamui but his teleportation is just like it, Madara can jump from dimension to dimension and teleport anywhere. 2. in the last chapter when he had his mask off it looked like Obito’s hair, and why does he has short hair, didn’t Madara have long half and him and it just feels like there’s a connection between him and Kakashi!

  30. @ Mart 1, I think you are right, I don’t think the Whirlpool Country has anything to do with it because Kishi said he wasn’t going to get to Naruto’s story until last and this year is suppose to be about Kakashi.

  31. @Yellowflash, no that wasnt Zetsu against Team Guy. Those doppelgangers were created by God Realm Pain

  32. @yellowflash yea i think its obito’s body but obviously zetsu and madara both have a case of necrofilia and love corpses so it’s probably a similar situaiton to that of Yahiko. In fact…I wouldn’t say it’s a far stretch to say that one probably got the idea from the other. And I agree…the hair…his mannerisms when he was tobi…the scars…i’ll be mighty surprised if it isnt.

    @mart yea I was debating snake eyes but the shape seemed more like a whirlpool symbol but im not basing that off any previous whirlpool headband or anything. i actually didnt even differentiate in my head that whirlpool and waterfall were different. i just am trying to think of a reason as to how kabuto is coming back into the picture. He really doesn’t have anything against naruto if you think about it. Actually….he’s in an almost exact situation as Orochimaru’s hatred (and reason) for joining akatsuchi…..to take out Itachi and in this case Sasuke.

  33. I believe the symbols on the hood are snake eyes, makes sense after all, but the village is weird looking. I thought it was Amegakure for a minute but the Waterfall headbands don’t fit.

    Now I know that Madara and Kisame have something hidden up their sleeve to have put Kisame in the situation he’s in now but I have no clue what. Look at it, you have Kisame, a very strong fighter in his own right, in a village full of ninja who are immensely strong. You have the Raikage, Bee, Darui, and the team that went to Konoha just to name a few. I think he’s screwed from what we know now.

  34. Kisame inside Kumo, wouldn’t a strong fighter inside one of the 5 countires near the focal point of the war would suffice as a spy to the enemy movements for madara.. After all he planned all this from the very beginning.. I wouldn’t be surprised….

  35. There are three possible reasons Kisame needed to infiltrate the Cloud village instead of just taking the 8-tails during battle. One is to kill Raikage, who is clearly the most powerful of the Kages; a loss like that might tip the balance against the allied villages. Another is to sow discord and play the villages against each other from the inside, further weakening the alliance. The final reason has to do with Jinchurriki. The cloud village, as we have seen, has secret techniques that allow the creation of a perfect Jinchurriki; both Killerbee and Yugito seemed to have full control over their beasts, something that the other villages have yet to master. It is possible that Madara wants those secrets to carry out his plan to become the Juubi’s host, or to make Sasuke his ultimate weapon.

  36. @ Uchiha_Gaiden:

    U got a point regarding y Madara got Kisame to sneak in… I mean for Madara to foresee the Raikage and his team coming in at the exact moment to rescue Killerbee is ridiculous. Also, Madara essentially had control of the timing of when Raikage and crew left the summit.

    This seems like an unneeded roundabout way of capturing Killerbee… Kisame for all intents and purposes was pretty much going to capture Bee by himself… which would have been so much simpler…

    Perhaps this stealth mission is to spy (mentioned above).. or maybe Zetsu’s copy/clone was to save Kisame’s ass just in case the Raikage showed up, which did happen.

  37. Quick post before bob’s post: this chapter was GREAT:
    1. Comic relief has come back to Naruto in the form of the kumo ninja and Naruto nearly dying LOL!
    2. Akatsuki is badass again
    3. I was right with my conjoint twins theory of zetsu
    4. Kakashi is WHACK, I mean his MS can’t work on madara and instead of being focused and going for white zetsu’s head he gives up… Uber gayness!
    5. Kabumaru is back good times, I’m hoping that kunoichi (forgot her name, the one who’s after him i.e. Oro’s previous pet) has an good battle with him.

  38. I’m a little confused, If White Zetsu was supposed to be Kisame in the fight with Killer bee, then why did the Black Zetsu said it wasn’t easy switching bodies. I thought Madara told Kisame to use white Zetsu


    and the white Zetsu also asked the Black Zetsu did he record everything, I don’t know maybe the White Zetsu was a clone and the Black Zetsu was just recording in the shadows,

  39. The translators probably made a mistake, since it is hard to differentiate between the two.

    Kisame probably had to enter the village so that he could fight Bee when be was asleep/battleworn: ex. Bee fights someone, wins, then Kisame pops out and fights.

    Anyone else feel like the Kakashi-Madara interaction was just weird

  40. @mart1 – Kisame will be spy first, and wait until there’s a chance to capture bee off.

    Madara is half-obito, i’m sure of it. See this one 486/pg5. The upper left which madara’s face has wrinkles, and the right face was pretty clear obvious it’s obito’s half. Maybe there’s a trick with the help of Zetsu. It’s also pretty obvious why madara has short hair, and explains kakashi’s kamui jutsu-fail to him. That’s why i don’t get Kishi hide us the face of madara if we already know it’s really him.

    Btw, i dun like the part kisame’s back. Zetsu is plot-hole jutsu (unknown character) which Kishi fails writing this epic-script then resurrect him. -Kishi reads our way long previous comments and failed to climax the fight with bee.
    why i said it fail???>>> read this again, zetsu’s clone is weak for battle bcoz can’t copy kisame’s jutsu but why here Kisame’s zetsu’s bunshin performed such suiton jutsu that only kisame can do. . . tsk3

    Zetsu=plot.hole jutsu Kishi created when the script fail…

  41. This fight confuses me…. So is it Kisame fighting right up until the end or is it the clone fighting? If its kisame than how did he merge with samehada right before he got his head taken off? And if it was the clone fighting (seeing as how it appeared kisame was merged with samehada from the start) how couuld the clone perform such high lvl justsu and brink kilerbee to the brink of defeat? If madara could make a CLONE almost kill a jinjurikki than he might as well jusdt make a army of them

  42. zetsu said he swapped with kisame underwater so it was probably about the time he released the water prison technique because bee was unconscious pretty much by then.

  43. btw, Kabuto is in Takigakure, as Mart pointed out. but what many dont seem to remember is that’s where Kakuzu’s forbidden jutsu came from. Could that be why he’s there?

  44. I think this sentiment’s shared by most of us:

    “3 cheers to next chapter being 100% Sasuke-free!!!”

  45. ZETSU AND KISAME FTW!!!!!!! man, i’m starting to LOVE the Akatsuki, they’re so EPIC. and YESS, Kisame’s still alive. and to make things even better, KABUTO’S RETURNING!!!! pfft, took him long enuf. i’m loving the turn of events: Sasuke get’s EMS, Naruto is becoming heroic, some more comedy was added, Kisame’s alive, Kabuto and Zetsu r both badasses, i’m pretty happy about everything in this chapter except one thing: SAKURA, U FUCKING ATTENTION WHORE, STOP STEALING PANEL TIME!!!!!! it’s ridiculous, the story’s finally moving in a nice direction, and she takes up, like, 7 panels w/ her self-loathing. comeon, just slit your wrist w/ that poison kunai and leave everyone else alone for God’s sake!

  46. oh, just noticed kisu’s comment, a Kabuto, Orochimaru, and Kakuzu hybrid, now that’s what i’m talking about when i say “badass”

  47. Kisu. the problem with that is that Kakuzu supposedly destroyed that scroll, and Konoha is in possesion of his body. I instead hazard to guess Amegakure. Why Amegakure? 1. Their leader the immortal Pein just died, so any of the small villages who were mad against Amegakure’s actions will likely go attack on them, (plus it’s battle ground location) 2. The background seems NOTHING like the Hidden WaterFall Village 3. Kabuto could try to take the Renningan to one-up his Sensei Orochimaru by going for the even rarer Doujutsu 4. Madara arbitrarily mentioned Amegakure through the Renningan 5. Kishi once gave Pein a leaf headband, it could be a similar mistake.

  48. @ nemo: Wow talk about regurgitating my comment! Not cool

  49. This was an epic chapter!

    Here’s my evaluation of the new situation- Looks like Sasuke is finally taking his brother’s eyes which in reality we knew would he take them sooner or later due to his Susanoo rampage and his eye deterioration. the thing that bothers me is the fact that Madara is nearly invincible due to the eternal mangekyo sharingan so will Sasuke gain the same powers and become immortal? Or will he gain some unforseen new power? In my opinion Sasuke will grow too powerful. Seeing him whip out a susanoo every battle was bad enough but soon he’ll be able to maintain it for who knows how long!?
    Looks like Naruto’s fallen on his ass thanks to Sakura’s poisoned kunai. Hopefully we’ll see naruto in action in this upcoming unnamed arc or at least better develop his Sage mode abilities.
    Yay guys! Kisame’s still alive!Many claimed they didnt believe he was dead but I was one of the first few who actually stated on his supposed death chapter. I said that no Akatsuki member would die with a smile on their face on top of failing to complete their goal that’s just stupid. The switch between zetsu and kisame was a cool trick but i wonder why didnt kisame just take killer bee then and there. Maybe Kisame has something special to do ,who knows?
    I agree with some that the kakashi/madara interaction was suspicious but at the same time I can see why madara might be impervious to the kamui. Think about it, Madara has the ability to send himself into another dimension and back which is how attacks phase through him. Kakashi’s technique wouldnt do much because Madara would just teleport himself right back to existence. Even still, I don’t think Kishi would bother adding that little scene there if there wasn’t a meaning for it.
    Finally, looks like we see Kabuto back in action. I don’t want to call him Kabumaru or kabutomaru yet until it’s officially stated he has a new alias. Kabuto looks even wierder than ever but you still can’t see too much with the dark hood. I don’t really care what village he was in or what ninja he killed haha I’ll just wait til the next chapter to see it’s not that crucial. Looks like Kabuto’s planning for something big but what? Could he possibly know about the fourth ninja war that was just declared? What are Kabuto’s true goals? How will any of this affect naruto and konoha village?

    This chapter raises alot of questions and leaves me even more anxious for the next chapter. I think Sasuke will sit this new arc out because of his Sharingan transplant procedure. He’ll probably come back at the end of a manga chapter later on with his new eyes in my prediction.Also, with Danzo’s death, will this make Kakashi the next hokage or some other old bastard with twenty byakugan eyes on his back or something lol. Hopefully tsunade’s will get her old ass up and be hokage again.

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