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Hey Shannaroites, sunanoken here again to give you the latest chapter yet!


I’m sure this is gonna be great!



44 Responses

    I have to say it, naruto may have started off weak in this chapter, but he finished strong. BOB LET ME DO THE FOLLOW UP TOMORROW! PLEASE! I CAN DO IT! I KNOW I CAN! Oh and btw i called off the invasion.
    Suna OUT!

  2. I have to agree with sunanoken on the fact that at first I was confused by Naruto’s weak reaction but in the end it seems he’s facing up to his problems. He finally understands that their battle will be inevitable and that there’s a huge possibility they may both end up dead. But we all know Naruto isn’t gonna die he’s the main character who’s destined to be hokage for crying out loud. Anyways, this was a great chapter that sets the stone for a future confrontation. First off, I’m absolutely dying to see Madara’s true face but it seems they’re holding the suspense a bit longer. Also, was it just me or did Madara claim he had a rinnegan? I wonder how he got that! Also, he’s gonna be pissed when he finds out that Kisame’s dead. Second,how does Madara plan to fight a war against five hokage armed with elite jonin with a worn out sasuke and zetsu who isn’t a front line fighter to begin with? I am actually hoping Madara has some secret force to make the war interesting. Third, this was just overall a good chapter! I just love how EVERY single new release of naruto chapters leaves you either with a cliffhanger or makes you want to know what happens next!

  3. I couldn’t believe that madara actually seems to have the rinnegan in his possession. I guess along with his collection of sharingans he has other stuff too. I wonder what all else he has. Also the place he was in when contacted by Zetsu looked really weird. It looked like there was Zetsu parts all over the place like maybe it was made by him or something. And what was with his arm it looked all wet and stuff? Hmmmmm. Anyway, Great chapter!

  4. Something interesting I noticed, Madara was attaching a new right arm as he was talking about the Rin’negan. I don’t know what he makes his arm from, but it must be something he can control the density of because he stopped Zabuza’s sword with it.

    I also want to say that Kakashi’s move was pretty cool, saving Naruto like that.

  5. im most certain that they will go on a a bunch of filler arcs or like a training arc for naruto so he can train because yeah he is strong and all but at the rate sasuke is going and everybody knows that sasuke will get itachis eyes that sasuke is gonna get even stronger so i think naruto should train and master sage mode and learn ninjustu for his elemental attribute so he is in top form vs sasuke because thats gonna be a big big fight when those 2 clash

  6. the only thing interesting about this chapter are the mentioning of Kisame and the Rinnegan, otherwise its just bromance (taken to the extreme by naruto)

  7. Co Sign with Kisuzachi….

  8. The gay overtones are getting a bit annoying and explicit…

    I agree with Sasuke when he belted out “WTF is wrong with you!” to Naruto…

  9. First I like to say its about time sasuke asked naruto the question that probably being irritating him for the longest time. I think naruto finally understands that actions speak louder than words and to quote seraph from the matrix, “the only way you can know someone, is when you fight them”. (or something like that). Anyway I don’t know whats more shocking, that madara has the rinnigan in his possession, or that I was hardly surprised of that development. When he said he liked to stockpile good eyes, i didnt think he meant litteray. I bet he’s going to make an army of dojutsu users for the upcoming ninja war. After this chapter I’m suspecting more and more three things.
    1. there’s going to be another time jump in the series.
    2. At some point, maybe even at the end of the series, sasuke is gonna die.
    3.Naruto is going to volunteerly give up the nine tails inside him. (this one is just an old theory that I hadn’t gave up on yet an has nothing to do with this chapter)

  10. You know Kisu that’s just a poor attitude. Sure Naruto is a freaking fan girl, but atleast he’s finally going out there and manning up! Although the whole “we die together” thing is a bit stupid and gay, he rose to the occasion saying that the only one to fight sasuke will be him. But the way naruto was talking does justify the “Why the hell do you care about me so much?” comment. Also on the note of Madara regrowing an arm, i think that zetsu really is just a genetic monster created in a lab and that madara is using his body parts or substance that creates zetsu to heal himself.
    On a lighter note, zetsu’s gonna combine with his blacker side. You know what they say, once you go black you dont go back. JK

    Which probably means we’ll see him go up against konan and try to grave rob nagato.
    as to darht uchiha this is how i see it.
    1. Final time skip
    2. Naruto goes up against madara and loses with his kyuubi getting pulled out.
    3. JARAYIA’S ALIVE! Jarayai was secretly alive and knows chiyo’s technique of bringing back the dead, giving his life for naruto(or maybe since he sannin he doesnt die. And before anyone says anything if you dont SEE the dead body in comics, they prob still alive)
    4. Sasuke has out of body experience(like kakashi) and talks to itachi who tells sasuke that the right thing to do i let go of hatred and take down madara.
    5.NARUTO SASUKE TEAM UP! they go all out against madara and both gravely wounded with madara about to win when…
    6.FINAL MOVE! Naruto uses his rasengan in his right hand, sasuke uses chidori in his left hand, both run side by side with their hands stretched and use the best technique, CHISORIGAN!
    7. END. Naruto and sasuke both live(darn but sakura deserves someone) naruto becomes hokage, sasuke becomes head os police, and peace. the end

  12. …so gay
    they are both gay! i laughed when i heard the “romeo and juliet” jokes about these two, But wow… i bet the fanboys and fangirls have already forgetting about all the shit sasuke has done to people and are just counting down to his badly written conversion back to the good guys.

  13. o yeah forgot to mention WOOT!!! there may be another rinnengan user! or maybe konan comes back into the story?

  14. Dats sounds gay

  15. @suna
    alright suna, I’m a bit busy this week so if you want to have a go at it, let’s see what you got, err.. just please don’t write the whole thing in caps.

  16. Well first I would like to say that I don’t think that madara actually has the rennigan. Cuz he said that this war was a perfect time to “take out” the rennigan. To me this means get rid of or destroy but after reading some of the posts I thought differently about that and how it could mean he has it but idk lol. Second is WTF is up with madara?? How does he just come up with a new arm out of the blue like that. The shit that he isable to do is just rediculois. How can someone possibly beat him???

  17. @Bob
    Bob don’t do it! Don’t let Suna do this weeks blog, its just a plot for the upcoming invasion, he’ll start by making a terrific weekly blog, garnering support for the upcoming take over, effectively ending your rule. JK or maybe not?

    On that comment of Jiraiya being alive, one can only hope, he would really bring back some of that old Naruto feel we all used to like before this story became about Sasuke, on that note I hope Pain and Itachi somehow manage to still be alive now that would be a twist and good luck in this weeks blog.

    On the chapter, I found it kind of satisfactory, aside from the underline gay undertones, this chapter showed Naruto’s resolve, actually making the impossible possible, bringing Sasuke back to his sense’s for just a brief moment, no more exaggerated psycho faces, except for that WTF outburst on Sasuke’s part, but who could blame him, it’s true that only Naruto can stop Sasuke’s rampage, but stating that he would die right alongside Sasuke is going a tad to far. Yet the most important part of the manga, I think, came when Madara explains, to apparently no one, that it is time for him to acquire the Rinnegan, possibly allowing Konan to make an appearance in the storyline, imagine Madara in possession of the Rinnegan, Madara on steroids, or how about he gives them to Sasuke so he can synchronize with Gedo Mazo? that would be complete bull. Or how’s this for a twist, Nagato/Pain is alive, as the seventh path is “beyond life and death” and as Madara goes to retrieve the Rinnegan he encounters him alive and well and Madara get’s his ass handed to him. Overall great chapter, Naruto’s speech wasn’t that bad, in fact he showed a lot of character in his facial expressions, reminiscent of the Third Hokage, Jiraiya, and Minato, but I hope the subtle gay undertones come to an end, seriously if that continues, Jiraiya, Minato, Itachi and Nagato will all be turning in their graves, entrusting the whole shinobi world to a would be boy-lover. *shudders* Well peace out.

  18. damn…the last page of last chapter shows us Naruto’s hand with the Rasengan leaning a bit forward, I thought it will b a clue that Naruto’s Rasengan will overpower Sasuke’s chidori but sigh…we get another draw…& I think I remember Jiraiya saying that Rasengan is stronger than Chidori…so how come Naruto who was poisoned[which I think was negated by the Kyubi]was just a draw to a battle-worn sasugay…& yeah Kakashi saved Naruto this chapter by catching him but if you’ll look closely he jumped over a clone which could have done the same action..

  19. Alright Suna, let’s see what you got!!! Please don’t disappoint!

  20. mmm Bob will have a field day with this one. a LOT is foreshadowed.

    -totally knew zetsu was lurking
    -madara has the rinnegan in his possession but hasn’t implanted it yet. i’ll bet you he paid konan a visit when he had errands to run before the kage summit.
    -created another arm out of spore parts
    -you can see the edge of scars on the right side of madara’s face. there are no scars on his left side. im still holding strong to obito’s body.
    -zetsu checking on killerbee will bring him back into the storyline and hopefully meet up with naruto. expect some enka in the next chapter or two!

  21. oh and i’m pretty certain now that zetsu’s other element is water. makes sense since grass/plant element would be earth and water.

  22. Hey Sasuke! Lets Fist!

    Seriously? thats is Naruto’s big plan? We’ll see it in the next chap 😀

    Kisame probably still alive. 😀

    Cant wait for next chap!

  23. another rinnegan user…….ridiculous. Madara said he’d take out the Rinnegan, which either means he’ll destroy it, or literally take it out of Nagato’s corpse (you never know with these guys, they have eye fetishes lol)

  24. aww come on kisu! is it so wrong of me to wish we could get another badass rinengan character? id like Nagato back(because that suicide was absolutly retarted) but id take anything kishi gave LET ME DREAM DARN IT! T-T

  25. I doubt there is another Rinnegan user. With only two people having the supposedly strongest Dojutsu, I don’t think they need another one.

  26. yah that reningan part make me curious of whats up with madara!. His prolly worst than Danzu, except Danzu has all the sharingan

  27. @suna
    Your predictions would be more interesting if it turned out that way, but my predictions are a little more likely to happen.

  28. oh yea, one thing I like to add, I pretty much buried the theory of madara using orbito’s body or madara having anything to do with orbito, until I read this chapter……………

  29. @DarthUchiha18

    It had been weakly hinted for a while, the one eye, the “broken” body, the ability similar to Kakashi’s MS: if it was regular MS, it would explain why Tobi/Madara doesn’t just warp everyone around, since he would eventually go blind.

    I didn’t notice the scars on the right vs. no scars on the left the first time I read it, but rereading it, I have no doubts now about it being Obito’s body. And it does seem like whatever Zetsu is made of is what Madara had used to repair Obito’s body.

  30. Well Naruto’s talking are fine to me but something really pissed me.

    Why is Madara having a Rinnegan? I will be pissed if he would really insert into his body and use it.

    We all know that there are total of 6(pain)+1(nagato) who have the rinnegan. To me Rinnegan is like a recardination
    . As we all know that Nagato is the only original Rinnegan owner. he pick up 6 dead body and put the charka reciever and control them like a puppet. then he recardinate their normal eyes into a Copy rinnegan(possibly not as strong as the real nagato’s one).

    As we all know Byrakugan of the Huyga clan seals the function of a byrukugan when the user is dead.

    Let’s say it works the same to rinnnegan users. the 6 puppet pain are destroyed andi assume that the Rinnegan should be sealed. now Nagato is nearly dead but not dead yet.

    So is it tellilng me that Nagato give the rinnegan to mardara or did Madara take it with force from Nagato?

    I know Nagato is weak at this point of time after fighting naurto and Madara at this point can win him but thnik again.
    Danzo crushed the sharringgan on his right eye before he die. If Madara would be attacking Nagato why havent he do the same thing? Because Nagato believe in naruto, if he believe in naruto way then he wil have to abandon Mardara way.

    There is no way Mardara live up to Rikudō Sennin era or goes digging his coffin as the Rinnegan still wil be sealed.

    Mardara + Sasuke they are genguitsu masters.which is strong against naruto. of course Kyubi cant be actually be controlled by gengutsu from outside(known from 8 tail fight with sasuke) but Rinnegan could do it.
    so even if naruto in Sage mode and if he caught up in a gentuitsu it will be of a waste.

    Please correct my theory if i am wrong

  31. @Nyan

    When did Sasuke fight naruto in 8 tails form?

    Hard to even read that to be honest.

  32. Ronix, on March 11, 2010 at 11:20 am Said:
    When did Sasuke fight naruto in 8 tails form?
    Hard to even read that to be honest.

    8 tailed beast of Killer Bee’s fought Sasuke. i never said naruto fought sasuke in 8 tails form

    i know my english is hard to read. sorry about that but i was just trying to express my ideas

  33. *ENEMY AC130 ABOVE!!!!*

    looks like we gotta break out the stinger missiles again boys. weve got a SUNA rebellion on our hands and hes recruited warriors for the other side. Bob, when will the cavalry arrive? we need reinforcements…


    11 kill streak? yes. dont worry kids. I’ll protect the headquarters…

  34. i think wat nyan meant was when sasuke fought killerbee

  35. Bob-o, I’ll make sure Suna does a good job…

  36. i was disappointed with this chapter. everything seems to be going backwards. sakura is still a sasuke fangirl, nd naruto is still a fanboy. i thought he was gna decide to kill him already, not plan to give up his life for sasuke.

    bleach is currently much more interesting

  37. Nyan, nagato is dead. been dead ever since the fight with naruto. madara plans to find his body nd take his eyes.
    madara can control the kyubi.

  38. @Uchiha_Gaiden
    Earth and watter chakra isn´t grass/plant… Its Wood

  39. wow, really, even after almost killing sakura he wants to still try and save sasuke, naruto= retard… why doesn’t he wake up and just get rid of that scum…. also, if they bring back the toad sannin, then I will quit reading the manga… HE FREAKIND DIED!

  40. Freaking, sorry

  41. ah, and since no else is really saying it, VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!!, LONG LIVE SUNA-SAMA
    jk jk jk, or am i?

  42. …yes it’s just a joke…

  43. @doki mokudon/wood was a specialized jutsu using earth and water and it was also a bloodline. it doesn’t mean everytime you use earth/water together you get ‘wood style’

  44. Uchiha_Gaiden: Any water-earth combo is myokuton as defined by Yammato. Diffrences in use are possible ex. Hirishima made trees while Yammato makes lumber, but Zetsu would still have to first have myokuton. This is possible, but unlikely, instead I see Zetsu’s kekkai gekai (or whatever his uniqueness is…) a body technique like Kimmimaru or the sound four twins rather than an element technique (he made spores, but in turn these only copied him). I see it a lot like the different types of devil fruit users in OP if you read it. (Logia being elements and paramicia being body jutsu)

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