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Naruto Chapter 485 – So We Meet Again

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Chapter 485 turned out pretty much as predicted: some action but mostly talk. My opinion on this week’s chapter is a little mixed, it was a bit too predictable what Naruto would say and how Sasuke would react. I was somewhat surprised Naruto and Sasuke would repeat their scene at the Valley of the End so quickly after their reunion; it was bound to happen but I thought it would occur much later. The thing that disappointed me in this chapter, though, was Naruto’s immediate reaction after what happened last week.

Even though I knew the chances were nil, I was expecting Naruto and the others to give Sasuke a good thrashing before they started talking. Sasuke is riding so high on his recent achievements right now that giving him a bloody nose via Naruto’s fists could bring him down to earth and maybe, just maybe, knock some sense into him. My ideal scenario for how this chapter should have unfolded would be for Naruto to lose his composure after seeing firsthand Sasuke make an attempt on Sakura’s life, and pretty much clean his clock. I mean, after Naruto said all that stuff last chapter about deciding how to deal with Sasuke after seeing him for himself, this would be the natural reaction wouldn’t it?

Regardless of prior bonds, if a former friend attempts to murder a close friend right in front of my eyes, my initial reaction would certainly not be to tell the attacker that “I understand why you did it.” In Naruto’s case, most of the information he has received so far is from the mouth of Madara, so he is basing his “understanding” on what could very well be fabricated lies or half-truths. This is why Naruto’s reaction to this situation confuses me. Certainly, Sasuke’s hatred for the leaders of Konoha is justified after what happened to the Uchiha clan; but there is no “understanding” about how murdering Sakura, someone who had no involvement in that event, would serve any purpose other than to feed the hunger of a homicidal maniac. If I were in Naruto’s shoes at that moment, I would definitely not be able to keep my cool.

Naruto must really have faith in his ‘third option’ for dealing with Sasuke, but I’m still baffled by how he just brushed aside what Sasuke had just done. If he was a few seconds late, Sakura would probably be either dead or seriously injured right now, but Naruto doesn’t even say a word to her after arriving on the scene. His attention is entirely focussed on Sasuke and all he says in Sakura’s defense is to remind Sasuke that “she is part of Team 7 too”… so does that mean it would have been alright to attack Sakura if she wasn’t part of team 7? I wish Naruto would have shown even a little more concern about Sakura’s wellbeing in this scene, this is his chance to score major points with her but he’s only providing more proof that he is as obsessed with Sasuke as Kishi is.
Ever since they arrived on the scene, Sakura, Kakashi and Naruto have been fighting amongst themselves about who gets to attack Sasuke next. This encounter with Sasuke is so clumsy and poorly managed when compared to their last reunion. Even though the result from the meeting in Orochimaru’s lair was nothing to praise about, at least the team stuck together in the end. But this time, Kakashi, Naruo and Sakura all arrive on the scene separately and each has their own way of dealing with Sasuke: Kakashi has the will and ability to kill Sasuke, Sakura intended to kill Sasuke but has neither the ability nor will, and Naruto has the ability to kill Sasuke but has no intention to. There seems to be so much confusion that Naruto even uses a clone to hold Kakashi down so he can go head off Sasuke’s attack, potentially putting his sensei at risk. If Naruto would go that far in order to make sure he is the one that deals with Sasuke, then he must have already made up his mind on the course of action he will take.

As for the Chidori & Rasengan clash itself, I liked how it was reminiscent of the same scene three years ago, but this time Naruto has matured more and will choose the option he did not have last time. My only complaint is that, unlike last time, the build up to this scene is pretty much non-existent so it takes away from how significant this event actually is. Naruto was also scratched with Sakura’s kunai, which according to Kakashi is poisoned, so I’m betting Naruto is probably going into this in a weakened state – how convenient (does this scenario remind anybody of the battle between the Sannin?). I’m still having trouble accepting the blind faith Naruto has in rehabilitating Sasuke; usually when someone is actively committing serial murders, it’s a sure sign that the kiddie gloves need to come off. But maybe I should have more faith in our main character and this ‘third option’ he’s putting his life on the line for.

Oh, and good for you Karin. It’s difficult to get out of an abusive relationship, but you just took the first step. Here’s a piece of advise for girls, ‘bad boys’ may be fun to flirt with, but don’t take them home ;p


86 Responses

  1. Nice, Bob! Well, I have already said that it’s like a “who will (manage to) kill Sasuke first” contest and it’s kinda funny that even Sasuke gives them this advice: “you said that if you could kill me” and “kill me and become a hero”, like if he wanted to die.

    What else can I say? Let’s wait for the next chapter and then judge Naruto’s choice. (Well, he has already stated that he indeed wants to fight with Sasuke one more time, so let time to show the rest).

  2. first?

    Great post, although I have little care on Sakura’s part in Team 7, I think by “Divine Right”, this is an issue between Naruto & Sasuke. Sakura has no involvement between losing loved ones to the Ninja Worlds Cycle o’ Hatred. She’s an outsider looking in. Kakashi however recognizes both of those issues and has a right to walk in this dilemma whenever he pleases. I’m sorry Bob, but in my opinion Sakura’s role was and should be secluded to those few words Naruto mentioned for her. Although I do agree the chapter was sped up, I’d have it no other way, the true Naruto and Sasuke plot needs to end for a healthy battle to edge later in the series.

  3. Unfortunately I think the reason why the whole Naruto/Sasuke reunion was sped up because Kishi may be dying to kill Sasuke or have Madara save him before Naruto gives him the answer. Does anyone think Kishi may pull a Yu-Gi-Oh and play (Madara) Red Eye Orange Mask card or the almighty (Kakashi) One Eye White Hair card to save (Naruto) Blue Eyes Sage Pervert from a potential loss to (Sasuke) Blind Eyes the Tormentor?!

  4. Nice post yet again. Maybe next week we can finally see what Itachi gave Naruto……

  5. i think that bob and the rest of u are being just a lil bias, yes he has killed and attacked several ppl but for the most part what he has done up to this point was justified (excluding the murder of the samurai), from the beginning of shippuden he needed enough power to beat itachi, we now know that itachi was… well perfect. after hearing what danzou and the elders did to his clan, hell! anyone would’ve gone crazy, yes he has done things that havent made all u narutards happy, but i dont understand why or when everyone started to hate sasuke , and yes i will admitt that im on his side because i am a die hard sasuke fan

  6. @bloodsasuke-…what??(in reference to the lame yu-gi-oh comparison)

    I’ve already said what I needed to say on the previous post so I won’t repeat.

    P.S- I have to agree with bob though on the fact that I can’t quite sympathize with naruto’s reaction after seeing Sakura nearly get killed. I hope Naruto knows what he’s doing

  7. Great Bob-sama.

    All I can say about this chap is, Naruto and Sakura are really pissing me off now!

  8. @ bloodsasuke, okay, i used to b a YuGiOh fan myself, but srsly, giving them YuGiOh type names in a lame reference? i was kinda hoping for something relevant to the plot of one of the series (ex, maybe referencing how Yugi and friends have ALWAYS forgiven adolescent villains)
    in defense of Naruto treating Sakura like crap, who cares, i personally have been waiting for Naruto to do that to her, and after the little lie wrapped in another lie trick she pulled a few chapters back, i’m not surprised if Naruto’s pissed
    i’ll talk more later, i’ve gotta study for this huge test tomorrow

  9. I agree with you Bob, but I think Naruto didn’t acknowledge Sakura almost getting killed because she was warned not to interfere or go off and face him on her own, she knew the risks, and I don’t think attacking him would right off the back would have gotten him to return but this way doesn’t seem to be working either.

    Another thing thats bothering me is, I wonder if Kakashi is truly strong enough to kill Sasuke ( I know we try to avoid thinking this way) but look at the facts, Sasuke’s been using Susanoo and Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi and Chidori and summonings and other jutsu since his fight with the Raikage and Kakashi uses his mangekyou one time and already feels weakened, I just think it’s time Kishi gives Kakashi a chakra boost or stamina boost because I hate seeing him depicted as weak!

  10. * eyes almost out of head*
    what the hell!!!
    karin giving up on sasuke
    naruto understanding sasuke’s sick twisted revenge
    naruto smiling at the face of death
    I mean is hell gonna freeze over nothing makes sense!!
    the whole chapter was completely rushed for what i don’t know and frinkin sasuke has really gone off the deep end.
    so far…dare i say it……he passed his sensei somewhere 5 chapters back.
    i really don’t understand it anymore.
    i mean when naruto smiled and gave his monologe i was banging my head against the desk hoping it would help me to understand….

    lets just hope naruto’s third choice is all he stated because some people are begining to lose hope in the manga and kishi being senile doesn’t help things.

  11. well it wasnt the worst chapter nor the best
    there is two things that caught my attention
    1. Naruto never called madra Madra… he called him Tobi so im sensing a hint there as to this Tobi/madra mystery…?

    2nd it seems that naruto is only the person sasuke will actually take seriously by the way he talks to him…

    I dont see anything worn with the way naruto reacted to sasuke trying to kill sakura to tell you the truth it seems that naruto has matured the most by keeping his cool and to me Naruto seemed to try to remind sasuke about team 7…
    As to the 3rd choice…”Im going to beat you and take you back to the village Saukkkeee!!!’ thats what Naruto will say next week or something like that

  12. sh@ts wrong not worn

    Suna OUT!

  14. @nemo prime
    Thank you, someone finally said it. Who cares about sakura! BOB? You do dont you? Well no one else does!(except for DH she’s obvious exception) No one cares that sakura is the way she is! She sucks and is fine in the role she’s in! Ok? good! Now wheres my chicken and waffles?
    Suna OUT!

  15. oh oh oh oh i agree with with RIP jariya!!!!

    i never really believed that tobi is mandra thing.. it seemed too loosely plotted and since kishi just through it out there in the anime unlike in the manga i became even more doubting.

    i think that we are missing something from naruto’s talk with itachi…may he rest in peace…that has yet to be revealed.

    now we all know the tobi-mandra-obito theroy

    and if tobi isn’t really mandra he cold be either obito
    then the next best supported guess is itachi in he’s place.

    i mean we aren’t even sure if he did really die, he’s body dissapeared after the fight and the one who told sasuke that itachi was dead and told him the truth, which i believe he really wanted to do all along.

    that would also explain his protectiveness of sasuke if not only for the sharingan.

    and who else could do those types of justsu..he was the best ninja in the world since the fourth…may he rest in peace…

    i hope more will be revlied

  16. @sunanoken
    i know right !!!
    i wa actually looking forward to seeing her killed for her stupidity….really a kunai….COME ON!!

    no wonder she’s getting so much screen time from kishi

    everyone hates her!!
    sasuke kun this
    save sasuke kun
    orochimaru’s more likeable the her!

  17. @Bob

    I’ve been saying for the last couple of weeks this is going to be a rerun of sorts of the Sannin battle:

    Sakura is like Tsunade, she has some hangup that prevents her from fighting properly.

    Sasuke (eyes) is like Orochimaru (arms) in that a big part of his arsenal is handicapped.

    Naruto is like Jiraiya now since he is poisoned, although I thought Kakashi might have been since he was weakened by MS.

    I thought this was a good set-up chapter, and even though some people have said it was lame for Naruto to be weakened here, I think it is rather poetic that they mirror their former masters.

  18. Also interesting is that Jiraiya regretted never being able to save Orochimaru yet he kept an eye on Orochimaru for the rest of his life. In a sense, Naruto is doing the same thing but he’s trying to go a step further here.

  19. I think Kakashi was suprise when Naruto explain how he might be in Sassuke’s situation, He even might senses that Naruto has no intent to kill Sassuke (which is None so ever) lol this chapter maybe a little boring and too predictible but i still like it though cuz it still remind me of the old Naruto habit :p to never let anyone die or shall not kill sort of bow, and just like everyone else they give our guy (naruto) there trust before dying like Itachi Jeraiya and Nagato so therese really nothing we can do just to wait for the next chapter 😛

  20. @ripcord
    There’s definitely a lot similarity here, an exception being Tsunade never having affection for Orochimaru (who was clearly gay anyways); too bad so far it’s not nearly as epic a battle as the Sannins had.

    I left some extra pills with Kisu, I told him to share them with you. Please take them and go easy on the caps lock.

  21. i dont think that we will see the gift that itachi gave naruto until it comes down to him needing a last gasp save. I think that itachis gift is the gift to control the nine tails. only a uchia can control the nine tails and as far as we see the kyubi isnt the same as the hachibi that can easily be resoned with and can be made friends with. just as the 4th appeared to naruto when he need him, i think itachi will do the same when naruto desperatly needs him, such as goin u against a complete susano, or maybe even against the ten tails.

  22. i don’t think that we will see the gift that itachi gave naruto until it comes down to him needing a last gasp save. I think that itachis gift is the gift to control the nine tails. only a uchiha can control the nine tails and as far as we see the kyubi isn’t the same as the hachibi that can easily be reasoned with and can be made friends with. just as the 4th appeared to naruto when he need him, i think itachi will do the same when naruto desperately needs him, such as going u against a complete susano’o, or maybe even against the ten tails.

  23. @alphagenius13

    I don’t know why everyone is saying the “gift” from Itachi is to control the Kyuubi. In his conversation with Itachi, Naruto was tested, to see if he was willing to save Sasuke even if Sasuke turned into someone ugly. Naruto passed the test, so Itachi entrusted Naruto with some power most likely to accomplish that goal.

    I just don’t see how controlling the Kyuubi helps Naruto save Sasuke, it makes more sense that Naruto has some counter to the MS or perhaps a Tsukyomi to give Sasuke a message. I hope we see the gift manifest itself here though.

  24. A waste of chapter I’d say. All they did was repeat their little speeches at the valley of the end…shoulda just skip straight to the chidori vs rasengan.
    I was not surprise at Naruto reaction after sasuke tried to kill sakura. Since Naruto was so gay for him, Sasuke could try to kill Sakura, Tsunade, or Kakashi Naruto would still forgive him.

  25. overall i’d say it’s a good chapter. especially the part where naruto and sasuke clashed, and how naruto felt that it was so easy to go towards the dark if your heart is not strong enough.

    i think both naruto and sasuke had it tough as a kid. one being shunned because of the kyuubi and the other being pitied because he’s the sole survivor of a massacre. both were lonely. at least sasuke had known why he was alone. but naruto did not know why he was shunned.. until mizuki told him.

    it just shows how mature naruto had come along. how he’s willing to change and not look at the past – unlike sasuke. if naruto wasn’t strong emotionally, he might have turned out like sasuke. how easily their roles could have reversed. two thumbs two big-toes up for naruto!

  26. All i can say about the relationship with the three is! Sasuke is kinda like a crack addict in a sense is he wants more power, but also he gets deeper and deeper into darkness the more he wants power, you have to go the lowest of the low to touch the bottom to see the light and make your way up. now most people would give up and just either get that pissed off they want to kill him. But naruto is willing to help Sasuke that much he doesn’t want to give up because that was the first real connection like he had family. so in that sense i can understand where he is coming from but it doesnt make it right. In all fairness Sasuke has no come back for all he has done and shouldn’t get sympathy from Naruto what so ever!

    Sakura is just pathetic.

  27. It seems that the last page, naruto seems to win on the Chidori-rasengan KABOOM!, looks like Naruto hand is more forward then Sasuke’s is! It will be good next chapter if they go into a full blow attack or naruto puts the third option into practice 🙂 .

  28. @MattMaru – Sasuke does deserve something from Naruto, i like the more evil Sasuke but i do think that Naruto has a close relationship for him no matter what the case is.Besides also you forgot that Naruto has helped many of people come back from the ‘darkness’ by playing that same card.

    Sakura really has no part in this at all, and as much as she does piss me off she needs to stay in the background.

    As far as Naruto vs Sasuke i think that chapter was rushed but it might have a surprise in stor for us.

    Then i think that this will be a big battle between Sasuke and Naruto, that will hopefully end in a great way, but yet it feels as if Naruto would win.Sasuke doesn’t have his eyes, and Naruto is stronger if he happens to summon on the powers of the nine tails.Naruto clearly has the advantage here but i’d like to see what kishi has instore for us.Sasuke is handicaped here, and i think that madara may get involved (perhaps!) and kakashi might end up fighting madara.

  29. I liked this chapter. I kind of see where the whole direction of this manga is going. We all may have been (I know I have) on Sasuke’s “progress” lately. Sasuke had a lot of screen time and with each week showing new abilities, summons, weapons, etc. But this chapter shows how limited Sasuke has grown, and showed how much Naruto has matured with his powers. Naruto has taken on the role of the protector of Konoha. The scene with the Chidori and Rasengan may have been rushed but it will reveal more of Naruto’s character in the out come. Sasuke right now is like a two year old with too many toys to play with. He is in this unshakable tantrum. Basically, Naruto walks in calm as can be and basically declares, “I’m gonna make you call me DADDY!”. This arc may soon end but if Sasuke still want to carry on his intention to destroy Konoha, then he is going to know that he need to go through Naruto. All of Sasuke’s power never gave him anything more than a new ability. But Naruto has this aura around him that makes him more than just someone who can weild powerful jutsus. Naruto has the ability for people to want to get behind him and support him. I can’t wait for the next chapter.

  30. no clue if anyone has said this yet. don’t feel like reading all the comments. but the power itachi gave to naruto won’t be released until the next time they meet. thats because it won’t be triggered until the sight of sasuke’s sharingan. (much like the ameterasu to the sight of madara’s sharingan). with that in mind, this little confrontation can’t be end with reconciliation. naruto won’t change sasuke yet. not to mention we need a full on fight, not this sissy shit.

  31. I’m glad naruto didn’t seem to care too much for sakura she needs to stop being babied all the time. As for kakshi he should have finished sasuke instead of throwing that weak ass punch. Maybe then naruto and sakura will understand they are at war

  32. Not much to say about this chapter, hopefully it’ll improve next week.

  33. @Bob

    Well, Naruto is like Jiraiya in that his love for Sakura was not returned and it is true that Tsunade probably had no love for Orochimaru but as far as Sasuke is concerned, he was Oro’s boy-toy for a while, who knows what went on in those deep dark dungeons.

  34. First of all guys check this out >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZaL3Uf5RWA

    and this chapter was really good. luved it

  35. Honestly, this whole Naruto having so much faith in rescuing Sasuke is just total bull crap to me.

    Honestly you can try to help someone as much as you want, but what comes down to it is if that person WANTS the help.
    Honestly, enough of this righteous “but I have to try save him” crap, already been there! Much like how a general rule of reality is, even in a ninja world, it doesn’t matter how much you want to help someone, that person will be solely responsible for their actions and will have to deal with its consequences.

    So let Sasuke just die please! Compassion’s one thing, being freaking blind is another (lol blinded by love). Honestly at this point, I wish Naruto would consider that saving him might not actually be the best way to help him this far gone and maybe if you’d just kill him he’d actually stop Sasuke from killing more people and tainting himself even more.
    It’s just stupid how he still wants to save Sasuke! He made the choice so like everyone else in the world he’ll deal with the consequences which, in my opinion I hope is Sasuke’s death. Even if you do save him “oh well Kakashi is dead, most of the people in Konoha are dead, but at least I saved Sasuke.” WTF?!?!

    I swear if Kishi ends up having Sasuke saved, that’s gonna be too much bull crap for me that I’m just not gonna bother reading the manga anymore.

  36. @a lost shinobi: yea i was wondering about kakashi’s punch. Given all the confusion im sure kakashi could have made a chidori and punched a hole right thru sasuke instead of simply punching. The fact that he only punched him puzzled me. I mean if he is so weak from one use of his eye and thats y he couldn’t make one due to lack of chakra…. thats pretty lame. both he and sakura had prime oppurtunities to kill sasuke and neither did…. slightly upsetting.

  37. @mohawk
    No offense but that trailer was not that good.

  38. yea i caught the kunai part as well. i think its kind of a cheap way to decrease his power but @ripcord kind of poetic as well with the symmetry. Just feels a bit premature and rushed.

    Speaking of rushed….what’s been up with Kishi’s drawings of Sasuke’s crazy ramblings or laughs? They seem really sloppy, out of proportion, and almost comical to me. Don’t know if anyone else has noticed this…

  39. hey, didn’t feel like reading ALL of the comments, but one thing i got was that ppl thought this chapter was too predictable, well, i watched 2012 last night, and that movie was nothing but a series of predictable/repetitive cliches that were called “scenes”

  40. @Bob LMAO. Funny that i read through ur analysis 3 times and im just noticing the last pic lmao. Its awesome XD! https://shannaro.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/naruto485-6.jpg?w=468&h=203

  41. did any1 notice at how fast Naruto is whipping up rasengan right now?..such as the 1 he did in the Land of Iron against Tobi, he also whipped 1 this chapte in about,….2 secs?

  42. “The fact that he only punched him”-given the sound chidori wouldn’t be a good stealth attack, you miss things like that reading manga…

    “naruto’s rasengan speed”- he’s been fast all of part two, he seems to have mastered it over the TS and in sage mode he can even do a double rasengan instantly.

  43. @token

    The only thing I can see is Kakashi wanted to spare Sakura and Naruto the trauma. He still tried to give them a chance to leave after the punch.

  44. The last comic strip is hilarious to me.

  45. This week’s discussion is a lot quieter than usual, so I think it’s safe to say most people didn’t find this chapter all that interesting despite the Naruto x Sasuke clash. I still think it was too forced of an encounter as if Kishi wanted to add something to grab readers’ attention again, but he played his too early.

    “The only thing I can see is Kakashi wanted to spare Sakura and Naruto the trauma. ”
    I think that’s probably the reason too, even if Kakashi was weakened by using MS he should at least be able to land a kunai or a few shurikens into Sasuke since the guy is almost blind now. In the end, everybody is still using kiddies gloves on Sasuke.

    “The last comic strip is hilarious to me.”
    It was such a cheesy line from Naruto too, especially in that kind of situation 😀

  46. my theories:

    1. Naruto lost his sage mode due to Sakura’s poison on kunai) coz it disrupts the balance of chakra in him.
    2. Naruto intend to make Sasuke consume all his chakra and his anger due to revenge in their fight or until he felt useless and admits revenge will never be possiblew until Naruto is alive. LOL.
    3. Naruto again fails stopping this freak once again due to Madara’s cheap entrance to save his precious pet.

  47. @”my theories: 1.” Naruto lost it completely seconds after being scratched then fought a skrimish with Sasuke if the poison was THAT fast acting he would be dead by now. There rest was what everyone else is predicting, so essentially I agree.

    @Bob: There wasn’t anything new or controversial. About Kakashi’s preformance: I was 1. Happy he managed to stay out of a COMA like he normaly enters 2. Using Taijutsu was probably the best option. Chidori wouldn’t work as I mentioned above and he had just used Kamui, there is no way he could have pulled of Genjutsu succesfully, and as far as Shuriken/Kunai, due to Sasuke’s “amazinging ability” (A.K.A. Character Sheild) no Kunai could succesfully kill him, only wound him to some degree, since we all know this is a pre-match and not really the real thing, I’d rather Kakashi go for the K.O. (so long as Kakashi doesn’t die doing it) so that Madara can step in an do the deed we know he will.

  48. my prediction- sasuke goes completely blind-madara cums and saves his ass-madara offer him itachi,s eyes-sasuke goes on with his shit naruto goes on being gay

  49. I think Naruto didn’t show much concern for Sasuke trying to kill Sakura because it’s expected. Sakura was trying to kill Sasuke. Does Naruto know Sasuke attacked her first? No. Does he know that Sakura wanted to kill Sasuke? Yes. If you’re going to try to kill someone, you need to prepared to be killed yourself – it’s only natural that your target will respond in kind. Plus they’re ninjas…

    I hope kyuubi > poison. Otherwise it would just be too much of a cop out. Everyone would be spitting mad.

    You do realize that another goal of Naruto’s is to change the shinobi world into something more peaceful and to become hokage right? Do the shinobi want that change? They seem very pro-conflict right now. Do the villagers want to accept him as their hokage? They didn’t used to. They didn’t used want to accept him and they didn’t want to change. But Naruto’s actions made them change. It would be rather despicable to give up on the person who saved your life just because he doesn’t ‘want your help’. Nobody is saying or implying that Naruto helping Sasuke will absolve him of any responsibilities. Those two things don’t even connect.
    Naruto’s even stated that Sasuke’s given him a false dichotomy and you can’t see that? Killing Sasuke isn’t the only way to stop him from killing others. Naruto hasn’t foregone Konoha’s safety for Sasuke. He’s going to save BOTH.

    Anyway… I’m late coming here, but I liked this chapter for the Naruto-Sasuke conversation. Didn’t expect much of a conflict with Sasuke in the condition that he is…

  50. @you-tachi and @rayban

    This is exactly what Itachi wanted. When he corned Naruto he pushed Naruto to see how he really felt, trying to make Naruto choose. Naruto instead stuck to what he thought was right and Itachi smiled in response, though a small, enigmatic smile, but clearly Itachi felt the same way Naruto did.

    In face, in a situation where Itachi felt he had only 2 choices, betray the leaf and save his Uchiha or betray the Uchiha and save the leaf, Itachi chose a third option which included saving his brother. Of course, Sasuke doesn’t seem to deserve the sacrifice his brother made, but time will tell.

  51. Yeah I see what you’re saying.
    All I’m saying is that sometimes you can help all you want but it’s that person’s fault for leading themselves to their own destruction.

    So all I was saying is that Sasuke should just die because he lead himself there, despite all the help he was offered (and which he rejected) and yes it’s sad but the reality is he chose his own fate.

    I don’t think is despicable if Naruto gave up, because it’s not like he didn’t try. I’m sorry I don’t care if someone saved me, if they then threatened and actually attempted to kill people important to me, I’d call it square and protect what’s important to me, even if it means killing the “person” who saved you. Although I would feel annoyed if that person felt that I owed them my life just because they might have “saved” me. That’s not saving, that’s helping with conditions. That’s what I’m saying. Sometimes when you keep pushing your help, you end up not helping at all. That’s what I feel is Sasuke’s case. The more help he gets offered the more maniacal he goes.
    Naruto said that it could have easily been him in Sasuke’s situation so I don’t see how Sasuke saved him. He was “saved” from other important people like Jiraiya, Iruka, but I don’t see Sasuke as saving him.
    Sasuke is an important role yes, but I don’t think he saved Naruto in any way, except for maybe making him feel a little less lonely, but so did Gaara and we don’t see Naruto in love with him.

    That’s why I hate Naruto’s third option bull crap because continually pushing his help has contributed to Sasuke being like he is at this point (of course amongst other things as well).

  52. lol sorry for the name as @iyou-itachi

  53. I really hope Naruto’s third option doesn’t turn out to be more fluff because I don’t think the soft approach will work here. True, Naruto was able to get through to Pein with just words alone in the end, but Pein still had a glimmer of hope in Jiraiya’s teachings which Naruto was able to reignite. But what hope can he offer to Sasuke? This guy is a vengeance-addict, revenge is his hope. While Pein committed atrocities because he thought it would bring about peace in the long run, Sasuke is doing it purely to satisfy his lust for vengeance. Right now, Sasuke has a huge hole inside him to fill, I’m curious as to what Naruto can possibility offer in the coming chapters. (I’d be disappointed if it was more cliche talk about their past bonds and friendship)

  54. @rayban.
    uhh. You’re more or less saying… Sasuke should die because he’s going to die. Sasuke was only offered help once from the ‘good side’: during VotE. It just feels like Sasuke was given a lot more chances than he was because this arc has been going on for a really long time.

    Sasuke saved Naruto when they were fighting against Haku. Sasuke took what they all believed was a death blow for Naruto with no conditions attached. If you’ve forgotten even that… then I think your opinions are being made on really skewed data… Sasuke also saved him as children when Naruto found a like-circumstanced rival in him. Naruto just said so in the latest chapter! And it was Naruto saving Gaara… not the other way around.

    Sasuke’s doing it both to satisfy ‘his lust for vengeance’, and to restore the Uchiha name (he emphasizes that). He feels like his current method is most fitting because Konoha did something similar to the Uchiha. Since he does have a goal aside from revenge, maybe a compromise could be made.

  55. @Bob

    Perhaps Naruto can convince Sasuke that this all happened because of the ninja system, as Minato had said, and convince Sasuke that fighting to fix that is the battle worth fighting. I don’t know how that pans out story wise though…

  56. maybe if sasuke takes itachis eyes, then the gift itachi gave naruto will come to light???

  57. GJ bob.sama…^^,

    Naruto’s Third Option: Simply naruto wanted to be obstacle to sasuke. If sasuke moves, then naruto moves…That’s all…
    See this and this one
    Isn’t the same as old ones in history…
    everything follows on their own clans, everything flows in their own blood. uchiha vs. senju!!!^^,that’s the fact

  58. @walmart
    nah usually it takes a couple of seconds like the fight with Tobi in the Hunt for Itachi arc which the Leaf ninjas talked a bit with the Akatsuki guy or during the rescue Gaara arc where Kakashi had to hide Itachi in a hidden mist for Naruto to create Odama Rasengan in about 5-7 secs[my estimate in the anime]…his next meeting with Tobi when he pulled it out in a very fast motion impressed me greatly..it was like in the blink of an eye..& finally this chapter it seemed like he did it in a very short time…i think 2 seconds..maybe he’s so used doing it its like with the Tree-climbing or walking-on-the-water thing[its a ninjutsu right? I mean he manipulates chakra too] where it is just second nature to him…sorry for the long comment ^^

  59. I think there is a difference between odama and normal rasengan’s, and the hidden mist jutsu also allowed Naruto to hit Itachi (who has the sharingan…). The build up is a lot less than when Naruto needed a clone to use Rasengan because he didn’t have to do shadow clone, and could move while gathering chakra (the clone sequence starts with a three (ish) second pause, the running one doesn’t have. I agree that it is becoming second nature, and that this is getting faster, I just think it’s not some new thing or all that impressive.

  60. @you-tachi, if Sasuke is forgiven and all is good, then is that how all missing-nin will be treated? Sasuke’ll only stop when his head is separated from his body, let’s see if Naruto’s man enough to do it. (Seriously though, Sasuke’s a mass murderer, he has to die for his atrocities, whether it be by Nauto’s hand or a judicial system, either way’s fine with me.)

  61. @kisuzachi

    You could say the same about Darth Vader, that he didn’t deserve saving at all either. Yet, Luke still believed in what he felt when he met his dad at the Cloud City and this is similar to what Naruto felt in Sasuke before he was implanted with the curse seal.

    Everyone in the Rebel Alliance probably wanted Darth Vader dead, but in the end Luke couldn’t have defeated the emperor without his dad’s help. I have a feeling a similar situation will occur here. Before the Kage Summit Sasuke could have lived at the end, but I don’t think he can anymore.

  62. It’s kindof a sad twist of fate though, that Itachi should deserve life for how good of a person and shinobi he was but he chose death to save others.

    Sasuke doesn’t deserve life now, for the things he’s done, yet he lives.

  63. wow. Sasuke’s killed Danzo, who most people thought should die anyway, and maybe some samurai fodder, and suddenly he deserves to die and is a mass murderer? He can’t possibly change his mind can he? Even if this arc is all about changing him.

    Sasuke was just declared a missing nin by Danzo who wasn’t officially hokage and probably won over his role through Shisui’s sharingan influence. Any decision that he made during his term should logically be easily overturned by Tsunade or the new official hokage. And why would all missing nin be treated like Sasuke? Do they all have the same circumstances? Are they all trying to do the same thing? No. If there’s a judicial system or even an arbiter, then there are case-by-case considerations.
    It’s not that hard to kill Sasuke in his current state. What’s harder is changing his mind. Maybe Naruto can be more than just a man, do what he says he’ll do and accomplish his third choice.

  64. @you-Itachi

    Actually Sasuke was designated a missing nin a long time ago, it’s just that Tsunade was lenient about it. Kakashi says this himself, after Naruto beat Pain.

    Also, in the ninja world there are no judges, the Hunter Nins hunt down missing nins and kill them, we learned this when they fought Zabuza.

  65. @ripcord
    True that, thanks. I thought all officially declared missing nin had hits on them, which was wrong. But this works better for my point anyway.

  66. Sorry for the double post.

    The presence of hunter nin does not exclude the existence of judges… judges would not hunt down and kill missing nins anyway. But if there is no judicial system, there are definitely arbiters. How else would the hunter nin know who they can kill ‘legally’?

  67. “wow. Sasuke’s killed Danzo, who most people thought should die anyway, and maybe some samurai fodder”- Samurai fodder have family too… and Danzo has his defence of his virutes, that works out pretty well considering his shown actions (at most I can say he is a negative externality) where as Sasuke has just revenge. I think that Ninja have a different moral code than us, in that they can forgive mass murderers like Gaara, so I think they could absolve Sasuke (though he would probably have to do something like have been going to kill Madara from the begining, which isn’t too much of a stretch [and he added Danzo+co. on the way] ), but he doesn’t have ANY support besides Naruto. This leads me to my next point: “Any decision that he made during his term should logically be easily overturned by Tsunade or the new official hokage.”-No, not only has he been a missing-nin since he left the village, but now the WHOLE SHINOBI WORLD wants him dead as an akatsuki member, and his actions against the Kage Summit. IF Konoha were to willingly accept Sasuke back (without doing something like killing Madara) they would probably have a war with the rest of the world on their hands. Overall, my personal oppinion is that Sasuke deserves to die in the end (and I also said Danzo should die) Overall I think someone should do a blog on this.

  68. Hmm, I have already said that in the previous chapter discussion. Judge me if I ‘m wrong, but I still believe that, in the general plot, the villains will pay for their crimes with the one way or the other. Without regard to the reasons of each character’s actions, either justified or not, the inescapable law is that whatever you do to others, they will do exactly the same to you.

    A few examples:

    Zabuza was killed by some henchmen after being deprived of his useful (and blood covered) hands. Orochimaru “died” twice by the clan that wanted so much, the Uchiha brothers. Gaara was killed in a bit cruel way (3 days and 3 nights of painful sealing), although he was resurrected later, because he was already a good guy. Danzo, who ordered the assassination of the Uchiha, died from an Uchiha and the man who wanted more power and experimented on eyes and DNA implants is now dead at an (Uchiha’s ?) laboratory and wanted for his eye too.

    Sasori was killed (or allowed to be killed) by his own puppets, indeed his PARENTS. Deidara (another self choice though) was blown away by his own bombs. Kakuzu, who collected for years hearts like money, lost his 5 hearts along with his life in almost 2 hours. Hidan, who enjoyed his victims’ pain, is now buried alive, without a way to put an end to his torture. Nagato… choose to die, but I could say in a rather peaceful way, due to lack of chakra, because he was redeemed too. And there are many other examples.

    I don’t know if you get what I ‘m trying to say. I believe the bigger punishment for Sasuke would be to go blind (either completely or just deprived of his priceless Sharingan). Maybe the story will end with Sasuke finally returning to Konoha (to fulfill Naruto’s wish and Sakura’s dreams for a marriage 🙂 ), but without his Sharingan, so that the new clan that he will create (his dream) will be no longer arrogant and potential criminals (Itachi’s dream).

    This sounds, however, like a very happy end, so it’s not very likely to happen, although I ‘ve always believed that the story will end with the fulfilment of Team 7’s (initial) dreams.

  69. @you-tachi
    I know that Sasuke saved his life physically, but just because he found a like-circumstanced rival in him didn’t really “save” Naruto. It might have contributed but I think the major saving in his life were from other characters. When Naruto says in the chapter that it could have easily been him in Sasuke’s shoes, it shows, at least to me, that it was because of their difference in decisions that made the difference. What Naruto basically says, again in my understanding, is that they both started in very similar circumstances but ended up in very different places to each other. So yes, there would have been influences of course, but essentially he chose the decisions he made that lead him there, much like how Naruto made different decisions and lead him to not be crazy and a mass murderer.

    Before he left the village to join Orochimaru, he was surrounded by the same people Naruto was too, it’s just he decided to push them away where as Naruto accepted them all.

    So yes I believe Sasuke should die, and no not in a “he’ll die because he’s going to die” circle of life way because he dies with age, but much earlier than that and violently because HE chose that path. That’s what I was saying.

    Everyone will die because they will just die eventually lol, what I meant in Sasuke’s case is that his will come prematurely because that’s where he’s leading himself.

    That’s all beside the point. I don’t see how Naruto should still try to save him when he’s even tried to kill Sakura. Doesn’t matter how Sasuke used to be, because clearly he’s not like that anymore and really doesn’t care. He’s unapologetically attemtped to kill innocent and good people! Obviously he’s changed.
    He’s attempted to kill many good people for a ridiculous twisted ideal that killing Konoha will clear his family’s name. It might clear his name because no one will be left alive to remember his clan, but that doesn’t in anyway redeem anything really, just adds more shame that will remain a mystery from then on. I’m sorry you can defend him all you want, we can know WHY he does what he does, but it doesn’t justify anything he’s done as right. I’m sorry but when you become evil and rampage on a murder hunt (and don’t even try refute that he isn’t evil at this point) death is definitely coming to you, and is much deserved.

    He HAD options. He may have FELT he had to, but the option of NOT destroying Konoha was always there, he just never thought about that. You don’t just come to the conclusion that you MUST kill people to redeem your clan, that’s just stupid. His thoughts are clearly maniacal.
    Even if he is saved, I do not see him just joining back with Konoha with no consequences at all.
    Who knows, it might be an honourable death after he is saved, if he does get saved that is, but there’s definitely harsh consequences and punishments for his actions awaiting him regardless.

  70. @rayban

    Well you certainly hold the feelings of most of the characters in Naruto, especially the older ones in power. Of course, Naruto’s rant to Inoichi (Ino’s dad) when Inoichi said that he couldn’t forgive Pain and so Pain should be killed basically spoke to saying that the cycle of killing has to be broken.

    Your point is that Naruto made better decisions given the circumstances, but Naruto wasn’t saying “Sasuke that’s why I’m better than you” it is that Naruto feels sympathy for Sasuke. He understands what happened to Sasuke, so he knows in the end it isn’t all Sasuke’s fault, because it almost happened to Naruto himself.

    While it seems true that there is no one (other than Sakura) that would probably cry over or seek revenge over Sasuke’s death, just killing Sasuke would set up another situation where people just retaliate, eye for an eye. Naruto, Nagato, Jiraiya, and Minato all realize that this can’t continue. Sasuke may not deserve to be the one to be the fulcrum of change but Naruto is the only one who understands him best and Naruto believes that if he can’t come to a mutual understanding with Sasuke and save him, then, as Naruto said it himself, “what kind of Hokage can’t even save his friends.”

  71. @rayban
    as Dumbledore of the Harry Potter novels once said “It is not our similarities that tell us who we are but our choices”..
    I agree with u there..no point explaining further

  72. >8) you-tachi, prepared to be devoured by MY hate.

    “Sasuke was just declared a missing nin by Danzo who wasn’t officially hokage and probably won over his role through Shisui’s sharingan influence.”- Sasuke became a missing-nin three years ago when he walked through Konoha’s gates and deserted the village. As such, ninja were SUPPOSED to be sent to KILL him, not “rescue” him (how can you rescue something that went on its own? I’ll never understand Tsunade’s logic there), but Tsunade was as weak as her predecessors and didnt want to do that. so Danzo had to clean up her mess and send ninjas out to kill him (though at this point, no nameless Konoha ninja can kill Sasugay).

    “Sasuke’s killed Danzo, who most people thought should die anyway, and maybe some samurai fodder, and suddenly he deserves to die and is a mass murderer?”- yes, this does make him a mass-murderer. The definition of mass murder is:
    “is the act of murdering a large number of people, typically over a relatively short period of time.” – he killed 15+ Samurai and Danzo over possibly only a day. Now the Konoha Elders hold Danzo in high regard and so does Root, taking out Danzo was a HUGE crime. He’s been the force cleaning up after the Hokages since Sarutobi and is the one that saved the Leaf (by instigating the Uchiha massacre). Also, dont those cannon fodder, red shirt-wearing, Stormtrooper, Samurais have lives too? Aren’t they human?

    “And why would all missing nin be treated like Sasuke? Do they all have the same circumstances? Are they all trying to do the same thing? No.”-Most missing-nin leave their villages for selfish purposes. Watch the Naruto fillers and you’ll see what I mean. Revenge IS a selfish purpose, its only a thing that makes the “avenger” feel better. In fact, the term avenger means:
    “1. to take vengeance or exact satisfaction for: to avenge a grave insult.
    2. to take vengeance on behalf of: He avenged his brother. ” Revenge is for satisfaction. Now this means that all missing-nins are alike, and if Sasuke gets special treatment, then arent all missing-nins entitled to the same treatment? That’s impractical, putting it mildly.

    “If there’s a judicial system or even an arbiter, then there are case-by-case considerations.”- LOL. If that was the case, Sasugay would get the lethal injection ten times over. He didnt just leave his village and lived a life of obscurity. He went on to try to assassinate Kages, capture a Jinchuriki and killed a shitload of people doing it.

    “You could say the same about Darth Vader, that he didn’t deserve saving at all either.”- actually, he didn’t deserve saving. He too was a mass murderer (although the second coolest fictional character ever). But the point is, he died in the end. Had he lived, countless people…..errr ah…lifeforms -_-‘ would try to get some form of retribution.

  73. @Woi Ai Ni, even if Sasuke went blind his child would still have a Sharingan. Its in his genes, and the Sharingan is only a physical feature coming from his genes.

  74. I read the spoilers, and Naruto’s third choice is total bull**** >8(

    Spoiler link: http://mangahelpers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=58616

  75. OMG, Naruto is practically saying he wants to enter into a murder-suicide pact with Sasuke, Kisu you are right its complete bull. He is more of a fan girl than Karin and Sasuke, I’m slowly losing respect for Naruto, now he is a total drama queen, fainting, yelling, preaching, smilling in a hopeless situation, not being rationale. God I hope Kishi makes Naruto grow his balls back, this is getting repetitive to no end. Sasuke in the end will die, regardless of what Naruto does, either through self sacrifice or in a violent death, he might save his “soul” but lose his life in the process, maybe tha’s how Naruto will save him, but for all intensive purposes Sasuke must die if there is justice in the shinobi world, if ninjas with higher purposes die, then so must one with selfish motives, as they say, live by the sword die by the sword, so yeah Sasuke will die brutally, but I’ve been thinking of something for the longest time, it seems to me that Naruto might die before Sasuke, all the Naruto’s of the previous generation’s have been dying before the Sasuke’s of each generation. The Third dies before Danzo, Jiraiya dies before Oro, Yahiko dies before Nagato, Obito dies before Kakashi so it’s not long before Kakashi meets his end, maybe what Kishi meant by this being Kakashi’s year, really means that this is his last year alive. So Naruto might end up dying before Sasuke and if Naruto keeps up with that sort of fanboyism behavior it won’t be long before he dies, no matter how much character protection he has. And it’s true what someone said, everybody fights Sasuke with “Kitty” gloves, I just hate how Sasuke said he killed Danzo, making it seem like he had no outside help, like it was some really great accomplishment, Karin and Madara *cough, cough* peace out. Just food for thought.

  76. Hah, Kishi can make Sasuke, in his current state, fight with Hulk Hogan at his zenith and can’t make a plot twist like that? Well, whatever, I don’t care much about “His Precious” Sharingan, but I don’t want him dead either, it’s too cheap, like all movies, the dead guy dead in the end, come on, Kishi, give us a break.

    On spoilers: what else were we expecting?

  77. @spoilers
    Oh you got to be kidding me, that’s the 3rd option?? A double lovers suicide pact? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinj%C5%AB)
    Please tell me it was just a joke spoiler! Please!

  78. @Bob, lets cross our fingers and hope they are fake

  79. Even if it’s a confirmed spoiler, I think it’s just a teaser, a fake choice. In the next chapter we will see Naruto saying other things. Remember how we were in such an agony if Itachi was alive or if Kakashi dies by Sasuke or if Sakura joins Sasuke. All these options were fake, however, all next chapters showed a plot twist.

  80. Man I hope that spoiler was a joke. If not, then Kishi what the hell were you thinking?

  81. @ripcord

    I see what you’re saying. I didn’t mean to sound as if I was saying Naruto was trying say he was better than Sasuke.
    I was just saying that Naruto was in the same circumstance at the start but because of better decisions isn’t in Sasuke’s shoes.

    I don’t see how Naruto should be the one responsible if Sasuke isn’t saved. It’s not like Sasuke could say “oh well I was defeated because Naruto didn’t try hard enough to save me.” It’s not Naruto’s responsibility to save him because Sasuke brought himself there. Yes its compassion that drives Naruto to do it, but if he fails to do so I don’t see how the failure is Naruto’s.

    Sasuke was big enough to leave and join Orochimaru, so he’s big enough to face the consequences of his decisions.

    Yes the killing must end with the whole eye-to-eye, but what I was saying is in Sasuke’s case is its a little different because the more you try hold off killing him, he’s GOING to kill more people. The part where Kakashi asks him to look inside and Sasuke can see what Kakashi means but it actually drives him more mad, just shows his thoughts are so deranged that sympathy does little help at this point.
    Even if Naruto could talk enough to save Sasuke, how many people would have died by that time? Of course we will find that out in the next few chapters if Naruto can save him with his words.
    As I was saying before, even if he is saved, the consequences for his actions so far might actually be some sort of death penalty anyway. It’s not like you can rely on him being saved and not having the fear that if something sets him off again, that he won’t go on another killing spree. You can lock him in some intense prison for the rest of his life, but I’m sure any ninja would prefer an honourable death than a life time of lock up.

    Believing you can save everyone is a nice ideal, but you have to also accept the reality that you won’t be able to do that. Try save someone as much as you can, but there should also be an understanding that sometimes someone can bring themselves so fargone, saving might not necessarily result in them staying alive in the end.
    I certainly feel this is Sasuke’s case.
    Maybe the way to save him isn’t to talk fluff til he breaks, but to stop him from doing more. If Naruto is the one to deliver it, of course it won’t be out of hatred or revenge but will be out of the compassion of stopping someone who can’t stop themselves.

    In the end, whether Sasuke can or can’t be saved or if he lives or doesn’t, it won’t be because Naruto failed by not trying hard enough, but because Sasuke lead himself there.

    Love the discussion by the way, lols this is the first blog I’ve been addicted to reading. I hope I don’t come across as an angry sort of forthright person who want’s to persuade you into thinking I’m right or something weird. I’m just adding to the discussion but if I do come across that way please let me know, I’ll re-read what I post and edit to make it seem less like that. I don’t want to be the annoying guy on the blog that tries to make everyone think like him lol, not that this was something I was attempting in the first place.

  82. @ spoilers
    LOOOOOOL I knew it was more than just “bro-mance” between these 2!!

    That by far is the WORST third option I’ve ever heard. If it’s going to play out like this, can they at least ‘come out’ because its certainly leading out that way…

  83. @rayban

    Heh, sometimes I feel the same way about the discussions, wondering if I’m too harsh… but yeah I enjoyed it a lot too. It’s why I’m on the blog more now, although I was all over the forum when it was more active. Now… not so much. The usuals disappeared, so I had no one to post with.

    You’re right about it not being Naruto’s fault in the end if Sasuke isn’t saved, but we already saw that Jiraiya still felt it was his fault that Orochimaru couldn’t be saved, even after Oro was declaired “dead.” Naruto will surpass those who came before him in every way I think.

    @the spoilers

    I know it sounds awful, BUT in a way it is exactly as Madra said it was with Senju and Uchiha. Basically Naruto is saying he will meet Sasuke as Harashima had been met by Madara in the past. I mean, the dying part is weird and melodramatic, “I can’t live without you” or something like that.

    I am curious about what happened after Harashima and Madara fought at the Valley of the End. Now that I think about it, I would bet that Harashima barely survived, and so that is why he distributed the Tailed Beasts among the countries, because he could no longer control them himself. It would also parallel the Sage Six Paths, who divided the Juubi at the end of his life. I wish we could hear more of Harashima’s story or his side of that relationship with Madara. I would bet he would say things similar to Jiraiya about Orochimaru and similar to Naruto about Sasuke.

  84. guys, the complete spoiler is out now, so for those who want to, you can read it in the link i posted a few comments up. This next chapter seems actually interesting….

  85. New chapter is out on mangastream.com

    I gotta say, Naruto is very impressive as an adult. This chapter sets up a good predicament for Sasuke.

  86. @ shikamaruistheman I agree naruto was impressive but did u catch madara when he said he should take the rinnnegan?

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