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Crazy Chakra Theories

Post Author: Kisuzachi

I recently got into a debate on another site about chakra…….it got me thinking how much DO we actually know about chakra. The answer is, not a whole lot. So because of all these blank spaces I came up with my own crackpot theories.

Jutsu Explanation

First of all, in that little description Sakura gave, she said “jutsu”. But given the illustration, and the concept back then, what she really was saying was NINjutsu. So basically what she says is that to use a jutsu a person must combine mental and physical chakra in the correct proportions for that specific jutsu. But that begs the question: “What IS mental and physical chakra?”

Mental and Physical

The Sage’s Sons

Danzo’s Chakra

Tayuya’s Summons

Ok, in the above links we begin to see what truly is mental and physical chakra. The Sage of Six Paths divided his energies between his two sons. The Senju received the Sage’s “body”, i.e. his large chakra supply and physical energy, and the other received his “eyes”, i.e. spiritual energy and “powerful chakras”. Now since the Sage gave his other son the physical, that can only mean the Alpha Emo (Uchiha ancestor) got the Sage’s mental energy, but the plot thickens as we are now also introduced to spiritual energy, but I’ll get to that later on. Now Tayuya’s beasts only had mental energy and were severely lacking physical energy.

That leads us to my theory, i.e. Genjutsu and Taijutsu aren’t like Ninjutsu, they don’t need BOTH mental and physical energy to work. Genjutsu affects chakra by affecting the mind, and was Itachi’s preferred style because he the lacked physical energy to fight opponents like Jiraiya in a ninjutsu battle. Now let’s think of Lee. He gets stronger by training his body, but this saying applies to him quite well “The lights are on, but nobody’s home”. He has massive amounts of chakra, evidenced from his fight with Gaara in Part 1, so Taijutsu draws its power from physical energy.

This also conveniently explains why ninjas like Shikamaru and Kakashi dont have large chakra reserves. They’re smart, but their bodies cant keep up with their minds, and as Sakura said, to perform ninjutsu (Shadow Possession, Kamui), the user has to combine mental and physical chakra. But how can you perform ninjutsu if you lack the Physical energy necessary? And I think its the same with Rock Lee, but reversed, more or less. His mind DEFINITELY cant keep up with his body, and this throws away the possibility of him learning ninjutsu or genjutsu. Before he even begun focusing on taijutsu he had no talent for any of the three, which leads us to spiritual energy.

Spiritual Energy

It wasn’t a coincidence that the only time Spiritual energy was mentioned was with the Sage of Six Paths and his son. The Sage and his son both had the Rinnegan. “Rinnegan” means “Samsara Eye” (Samsara refers to the cycle of Death and Rebirth in Hinduism), and as we saw, one of the Rinnegan’s, most fearsome abilities was the ability to manipulate souls, i.e. spirits. Now we saw Nagato do this very same soul manipulation, and it was said that he possessed SIX elements, which brings me to my final points, Element manipulation.

Elemental Manipulation

Yamato once said in the Sora filler that no ninja can master the 5 elements. Thus far, the only people that can use all 5 are Fūka, Kakuzu and Nagato (though Fūka and Kakuzu had means of stealing other people’s natures). According to Kakashi, everyone has a Primary element and can possibly learn others, but the apparent limit would be four (like Kakashi). This pre-determined list of elements and considering who it is that had all 5, my theory is that chakra elements are determined by the user’s soul. The Rinnegan’s ability to manipulate souls would make learning all 5 elements rather easy.

Then there are clans, where most members can use the same elements. This is where genetics come in. I assume that most clans indulge in  incestuous behavior (to preserve their Kekkei Genkais) and as such, the generations would gain one dominant element and have several recessive ones, such as Itachi with fire and water and Sasuke with fire and lightning (with fire being the Uchiha clan’s main element).

The Sixth Element is apparently Yin and Yang manipulation, though debatable. My theory on this is, the Kyubi is essentially a soul, as it was sealed by the Dead Demon Consuming Seal (Reaper Death Seal), and the fact that it was split into yin and yang halves, means yin and yang together make up the sixth element and explains why Nagato mastered it (through Soul Manipulation).

To summarize: Genjutsu – mental energy, Taijutsu – physical energy, Ninjutsu – combination of mental and physical, Clans – pass on natures through genes, Elements – no ninja except a Rinnegan user can use all 5 elements.

I think there is some point in that jumbled mess of a post, but I did warn you that these are crackpot theories. Let me know what you think in the comments.


20 Responses

  1. Great Post! 🙂

    But on the second last paragraph, I’m confused. No ninja except a Rinnegan User can use all 5 elements when aren’t we talking about 6 elements, with the 6th being yin and yang? And can’t Kakashi learn 5 being fire, water, earth, wind and lightning?

    Other than that, I totally agree with you 🙂

  2. Yeah, Kakashi can use all five: Lightning Blade, Head Hunter Jutsu, Water Dragon Jutsu, Wind Style: Devastation, Rasengan and Fireball Jutsu

  3. Interesting post, but you are wrong about “mental” and “spiritual energy.” The manga has ALWAYS talked about chakra being composed of physical and spiritual energy. Your first link even says so.

    I like the idea why the Uchiha and Kakashi and Lee are so different, but it actually doesn’t quite make sense how Kishi has written the manga, and let me allow Fukasaku and Ebisu to explain:


    Fukasaku says to properly form chakra there needs to be balance between physical and spiritual energy… and so when forming sage chakra you need to use equal amounts of those 2 and natural energy. And you can see in Kishi’s diagrams, spiritual and physical are always in the same amounts.

    HOWEVER I can easily see that a particular ninja has more reserves of one type over another.


    Ebisu says that stamina is converted into physical and spiritual energy that is mixed into chakra. This means that “stamina” isn’t chakra related so Lee’s deficiency must be that he is unable to create spiritual energy and thus he is stuck with only taijutusu. As to Genjutsus, they require chakra just like ninjutusu as indicated by my above link.

  4. @ripcord, i know the translators translated it as spiritual energy, but Viz translated it as Mental energy.

    @naru, Kakashi’s wind element is only in a video game, and his fire element is only in the anime, so manga-canon Kakashi can only use three.

  5. also @ ripcord. Just read the chapter links and nice find dude. That throws a wrench into one of my theories, well I did say they were crazy -_-‘

  6. “To summarize: Genjutsu – mental energy, Taijutsu – physical energy, Ninjutsu – combination of mental and physical, Clans – pass on natures through genes, Elements – no ninja except a Rinnegan user can use all 5 elements.”- I disagree on the elements, as well as the taijutsu/genjutsu idea to some extent. I beleive Yammato said that it would just take a really long time to master all elements, and given the ninja-life expectancy, this doesn’t happen. I also think Genjutsu is MORE spiritual than physical, but still has SOME physical energy and vise-versa for physical. I also wonder how sage mode plays into this and whether it would act like an element-stealing jutsu by taking premixed elements from nature. (using nature’s soul instead of your own.)

  7. I really agree with your theory Kisu. To break chakra down (in my opinion) is by Stamina (Spirit/Body Energy) then branches out to Genetics and Chakra Nature. Kakashi’s chakra for example, I think it’s most evident that his BASIC PRIMARY AND SECONDARY elements are Lightning/Earth. The Water, Wind and Fire elements are not part of his initial chakra nature, the only way he access’ them freely is by Sharingan, (in my opinion) is the equivalent of Stamina. The Sharingan has shown to have physical (Copying Jutsu/Amaterasu), spiritual (Basic Genjutsu/Tsukuyomi) and stamina (Izanagi/Susano’o) like attributes. So mastering all 6 elements are probably (as Kisu stated) possible through Rinnegan and (maybe through a severe extent) Sharingan and Sage Mode.

    @mart: Sage Mode pulls in Nature Energy (the root of quite possibly ALL jutsu) so it wouldn’t be beyond normal if Naruto for example learns Kirin…I’m serious think of how Kirin is made and think of how Sage Mode is activated, by drawing out their rooted Nature.

  8. The only things that I can be argued against are my Naruto using Kirin theory, my Sharingan acting as Stamina and how not every Sharingan may not have Basic Genjutsu skills. As for my last topic, I’D LIKE TO SEE ANYONE DENY THE FACT THAT EVERY SKILLED SHARINGAN USER HAS IN SOME WAY SHAPE OR FORM KNOWN HOW TO USE OR COUNTERACT GENJUTSU ON THEIR OWN!!! DX CMON JUST TRY N PROVE ME WRONG HAHAHA

  9. @walmart1

    Please read the links I posted above, we are clearly told that chakra requires equal amounts of physical and spiritual energy. Genjutsu does not contain more spiritual energy than physical energy.

  10. @ naruler

    Rasengan is not an element. its just very complicated chakra manipulation.

  11. Ripcord: 1. I actually wrote that before you wrote yours, but I didn’t have Internet for half a day so it posted after (I lost it while writing the post). 2. We know that chakra is equal parts spirit/physical, but not neccesarily jutsu, which could then unbalance the mix.

  12. @walmart1

    But how do you “unmix” them? Once you form chakra, that’s it, you don’t add anything to the chakra to form a technique, you just used the chakra.

  13. “you don’t add anything to the chakra to form a technique, you just used the chakra.” You unmix it via things like hand seals and elemental manipulation. I would say Yinyang element just uses more of one of the two to begin with PURPOSEFULLY for use in a specific jutsu

  14. @naruruler

    The rasengan doesnt have an element. Its just spiraling condensed chakra.

  15. @walmart1

    Then what is the point of mixing it if you’re going to “unmix” it? I don’t think that makes any sense.

  16. It’s like tripple distiling Vodka (best anogy I could come up with). I would say that just because in diagrams the two are equal doesn’t mean they have to be that way ALWAYS. Balancing spirit and physical energy could refer to them being equal, OR just with a certain ratio for a particular jutu ex. 2:1, 1:1, 4:5, ect.

    What is the point of handseals if not to change the chakra?

  17. Cool post, I’m going to do to do a follow up post, time permitting.
    My theory however involves Kishi’s love for star wars….
    I believe that sasuke is inadvertently tapping into another source of energy to fuel his chakra… THE FORCE. Its probably like the dark side of nature’s energy that Naruto uses for sage mode, but I’ll elaborate upon it once I’ve worked thru my theory properly. Bcoz the way its looking chakra is not necessarily finite once you can access other forms of energy.

  18. @walmart1

    That comparisson doesn’t make sense because the ninja has access to physical and spiritual energy, so why bother going to the trouble of mixing them and then separate them? We have already seen in the manga that it is easier for a ninja to use chakra types separately rather than mix them (i.e. it requires a kekkei genkai to make wood) so wouldn’t it be easier to just use the physical and spiritual energy as is?

    To follow your example, it would be like mixing tripple distilled vodka with impurities and then tripple distill it again to separate out the vodka. At first it sounds like a nice idea, but what you are saying directly contradicts what Kishi has written about chakra (see my links above).

  19. The handseals shapes the chakra, as Asuma said you grind two chakra fields together to make wind. Other techniques require chakra shaped in different ways and that’s what the hand seals do.

  20. That is what they do in tripple distiling vodka…

    “so wouldn’t it be easier to just use the physical and spiritual energy as is?” no because without mixing them, you could only get vision and such, and physical viseversa.

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