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Bleach Chapter 393 – The Burnout Inferno

Post Author: J-sama
Last week I was a bit disappointed that there was no chapter, as things had gotten quite interesting, but I see now that Kubo taking his time was really for the better. This was one of the better Bleach chapters – at the least it had giant stuff and hellish things.

In the last chapter easily cut down four Captains, he even ripped a leg and arm off Hitsugaya. Note that this is the first time anyone has lost a leg in Bleach (if you exclude Yammi, but he has 1489673249 legs, so it doesn’t count), unlike losing an arm in Star Wars-like fashion, which has only happened about 50 times already. Anyway, after this stunning defeat the only fighters left are Ichigo and Yamamoto (and Unohana, but she’s busy healing, so she doesn’t count). And so Yamamoto charges Aizen, but an unlikely opponent interferes.

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6 Responses

  1. For those people who don’t read bleach, I highly recomend it, for those who do read bleach, I highly recomend bleachedichigo.com

  2. Yes come visit us! These are true testimonials sent to me by Bleached Ichigo fans:

    Marie: “Bleached Ichigo is a wonderful site, I read it every day and now I get straight A’s!”

    Andy: “Bleached Ichigo cured my cancer!”

    Joseph: “I can’t imagine a day without Bleached Ichigo. Why, I might just kill someone if I miss one of J’s chapter reviews.”

  3. I love Bleach! 🙂
    But arent these too over??

    Bleached Ichigo makes straight A’s?
    It only made me straight B’s since i use up time on bleach 😀 😀 😀

  4. i do read the posts at bleachedichigo but i don’t comment over there because i’m too lazy. 😛

  5. Since when have we decided to provide Bleach related blogs as well?

  6. Shannaro doesn’t. Bleached Ichigo does. but since they are like sister sites and most people that read Naruto also read Bleach, why not do a little friendly advertising. Besides, commenting on bleached ichigo raises your credit score, so get on it.

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