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Naruto 484 is out! TEAM SEVEN BIG REUNION!

“TEAM SEVEN” Nauto manga chapter 484 has been out for a few hours.

Just check manga stream



team 7 at last


Both Naruto and Bleach has descent action and descent plot this week. Yahoo!

PSD> Poor Hitsu !

SORRY. I couldn’t resist


51 Responses

  1. The last page was awesome! Very nice chapter!

  2. DAMN IT NARUTO!!!!!! U COULDN’T HAVE WAITED 10 SECONDS!?!? COMEON!!!! just wanted to get that out there. PS, hopefully Naruto’s still pissed that Sakura lied to him

  3. wow this is it. the confrontaion of nauto to sasuke. a big fight is waiting.

  4. i doubt there will be a fight

  5. on the front cover naruto looks like super saiyan trunks…which is kinda awesome

  6. in qoute

    They are laughing it up, but if Itachi had not done what he did, then their would have been war. So sasuke is right. They didnt give itachi a medal or nothing, they blamed him for killing the uchiha clan and everyone strugged it off. Konoha didnt even confess to doing anything. Then danzo is walking around with sharingans all over his body like they are badges of honor.

    I understand sasuke a bit, I think he just needs a hug. I am also hoping he settles down after going blind. It was also cool to see susanoo’s final form. So susanoo is a pretty long process to master.”

  7. like i sed the end product of all this will send them back to training,,,,,,after seeing susanoo… they will all go back to training,,,,,and sasuke wil definately get itachi’s eyes

  8. oh … and naruto….. lovely entrance… u did it against pain…. while not sasuke

  9. and i guess next chapter will be all talk…talk… talk…

  10. @boiy, the moment u give that lunatic a hug a hand covered in lightning would be e sticking out ur back. I’ll explain why Itachi wasn’t made a hero later on, bu ur looking at things like Dora the Explorer would and not how Batman would (does that make any sense?)

    @Nemo, lol I concur. Why the hell is Sakura so useless? She got the chance to kill Sasugay TWICE and flinched both times, got caught both times, was almost killed both times and got saved both times *sigh*.

  11. @kisu…..i was being sarcastic

    and will u guys forget sakura… yall have been complaining about this girl since……. i dont know foreva….she is useless we know… lets move on to useful people….. i think most girls in love behave like that… i bet if hinata was o kill naruto, she will be as useless as sakura…. the only girl that seem strong so far is temari…. and whn we find out who she loves… may be the story will change a bit… u just have to understand that girls r like that sometimes….emotionally driven

  12. sooo this chapter was ok. the fight was really short as i kind of thought it would be and i just loved (sarcastic here) how sasuke gets really pissed, goes super saiyan, whips out a near perfect form of susanno and now hes nearly completely blind. Now don’t get me wrong here, I love kakashi, but his chakra reserves are so low. I mean he was probably about halfway out of chakra and the fight was probably like 3 minutes. To me he wouldn’t stand a even good chance of handling sasuke. And as for sakura… I mean come on. All this talk of her doin the dirty work and not letting naruto and yet she missed a prime opportunity to finish off one of the most powerful current people in the narutoverse and stop his war on konoha. The ending was cool though that was probably the best part of the chapter.


    …I was very pleased with todays manga and I hope you Shannarolites have enjoyed it as well. All I have to say now was “Its about time”!! I’m sure Kisu will know what I’m talking about. Nuff said g’night

  14. One of my main criticisms of this manga is that young women (I say young because Chiyo is an exception) are not portrayed heroically, to the extent that they seem cowardly. This chapter is yet another classic case.

  15. damn you appropriate and good cliffhangers!

  16. Finally we’ll see a Naruto vs Sasuke battle. I hope we’ll get to see what this mysterious power is that Itachi left Naruto.

  17. lol it would be funny if Itachi gave Naruto a pair of sharingans, activated only when he fights sasuke

  18. …. Does anyone think that whatever itachi gave naruto will be shown next chapter? and if i had to guess what…. i’d say some form of itachi will appear to sasuke (like how naruto father appeared to him) but… if it isn’t that what do you think he gave him?

  19. i think he gave him something that is gonna talk to sasuke. but nothing more than that. we all know that madara is gonna show up and whip naruto and kakashis asses in like a sec and then take sasuke away leaving naruto to like cry or something about how he let him get away again hahah

  20. I doubt thers gonna be a naruto and sasuke fights.well 1st of all sasuke is blind now. secondly madara well show up sonner or later..lastly I think next chapter wll be just all talk.

  21. There won’t be a fight b/w these guys… Sasuke’s basically paralyzed… but I guess paralyzed can still kill Sakura lol.

    Also, we poke fun at Sakura so much because Kishi’s put her in the spotlight so much lately.

    Guess we should expect good ol Madara to join the party soon, if not next chapter.

  22. I’d prefer sasuke to get arrested by Naruto and saved by madara in konoha prison, with itachi’s eyes in hand and riding on a squad of tailed beasts-that wud be epic!
    But seriously Kishi needs to stop this fangirl sexist nonsense. @kisu ur statement in this regard is 100% true.
    QUESTION: how was non-sage Naruto fast enough to save sakura? NB: he must have been super fast to avoid detection by kakashi who was still on about his MS

  23. I think Naruto has grown into a strong ninja, as well as, a resourceful one and his speed has obviously increased, evident after that short skirmish with the Kumo ninjas where he parried their attacks flawlessly and efficiently, strong to the point were I hope he doesn’t spam Sage Mode, like Sasuke spams Susanoo. Obviously, Naruto’s probably going to talk about how he understands Sasuke now, since he himself has felt the pain of losing a loved one, namely Jiraiya. He’s probably going to get some verbal abuse from Sasuke taunting him and what not and then Naruto is going to pawn him in a verbal fight, which will make Sasuke lash out at him, Naruto is just going to stand their and Sasuke will see just how powerful Naruto has become, Sasuke will cringe in fear, and go after Kakashi instead and try to kill him, he will probably succeed since it’s a recent trend that students kill their former teachers, Hiruzen/Oro, Sasuke/Oro, Jiraiya/Nagato, next Kakashi/Sasuke. Naruto will then see Sasuke for what he really is, Madara’s boy toy, and he will make up his mind to end Sasuke’s reign of terror, he will do so because they are friends. Well that’s what I believe will happen, that and somewhere around that time, Sakura gets written out of the series. LOL

  24. C, on February 24, 2010 at 9:45 pm Said:

    One of my main criticisms of this manga is that young women (I say young because Chiyo is an exception) are not portrayed heroically, to the extent that they seem cowardly. This chapter is yet another classic case.

    *ahem*, hinata, temari *ahem*

  25. Since Sasuke’s Eyesight is failing, there won’t probably be a fight, Madara’s just gonna snatch his little toy away.

    P.S. TEAM 7 REUNION!!!(even if its not a happy one)

  26. loved this chapter…Naruto moved so fast..WITHOUT BEING IN SAGE MODE!!!!!!!
    cliffhanger ending…cant wait for next week though I think it will all just be talk talk talk…screw it I thought Kakashi would b doin sumthng aside frm Kamui such as that Lightning Wolf in his battle with Pain…& a scenario where he almost kills sasugay but knda fails bcoz of a flaw[low on chakra]…then Naruto takes over but Madara saves his boy toy the last minute…

  27. Wasnt naruto in sage mode up until the point he saved her.? Isnt one scratch from that kunai suppose to be enough to kill anyone in a few seconds?

  28. Naruto WAS in sage mode, Sage of Seven Paths.
    He was in Sage Mode while rushing to the battle on page 5 – why wouldn’t he be when actually entering combat?
    I reckon the last picture of Naruto just doesn’t look like sage mode because its from a rear angle.

    This is bullshit. I mean… every fricking character gives Sasuke chakra back.
    First he fights the Raikage, then Mizukage – Then runs out of Chakra and has Zetsu top him up – Then he fights against Danzo – now Naruto?
    My best bet: Sasuke’s gonna run for it

  29. @Anon

    Naruto probably used up his sage chakra getting there very fast, remember he can’t gather more while moving and Shima said he only has 5 minutes worth of supply.

    About the chapter in general, I guess Sauke doesn’t know the story of Kakashi’s sharingan (my guess is he never tells that story because he feels so bad about Obito and Rin) and Kakashi just looks like another Danzo to him. Obviously he’s completely wrong, but I doubt Sasuke would feel better now even if he knew that it was a gift and not something stolen.

    Sasuke’s sight is pretty much gone now so there is no way we are going to see a big fight here. It would be an interesting twist if Sasuke were captured, then Madara would show up later and say “if you want to be rescued we are doing things my way from now on.” But then again I don’t really see Sasuke saying anything but “f-u” to that.

    One last thing: I don’t see Naruto getting cut by the kunai… am I missing something?

  30. like the end of the chapter say what will naruto answer i just hope that answer not be like the one he give to nagato ‘wont kill you’ what naruto needs to do as sasgay frien is kill him thats the only way to put sasgay out of darkness put him sleep forever

  31. @ ripcord

    See Naruto in the last panel, he’s cut on his cheek by the kunai that was going for Sakura and there is also a drip of blood. Of course, with the Kyubi, this scratch can be healed almost in seconds.

  32. @plaintive
    He wasn´t in sage mode look at his eye http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/484/16-17/

    so if he didn´t improve his sage mode futher he isn´t in sage mode, or maybe a clone that isn´t in sage mode

  33. @ Doyle
    Naruto has his eye liner on in that page u posted so he is in sage mode. and naruto is not that fast when not in sage mode as we can see when he fought the kumo ninjas and he hasnt done any training since then

  34. @Charkabeast
    Look at his pupil, thay are round, they arent round i sage mode

  35. and his eye liner is much thicker in sage mode http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/430/07/

  36. in sage mode, Naruto’s eyes have a horizontal line….back then he didnt have…maybe he’s mastered it to the point where he can use it in combat the way sasugay can whip up Susanoo…& he isnt planning to go all ouyt on sasugay….& my point was if Naruto wa that fast in normal mode, how much more if in Sage mode…

  37. in sage mode, Naruto’s eyes have a horizontal line….back then he didnt have…maybe he’s mastered it to the point where he can use it in combat the way sasugay can whip up Susanoo…& he isnt planning to go all out on sasugay….& my point was if Naruto wa that fast in normal mode, how much more if in Sage mode…

  38. not sure what you guys are arguing about. naruto used sage mode to track kakashi’s location and get there in the fastest way possible. when he saved sakura on the last frame he was not in sage mode, so that’s not even under debate. sasuke is near blind and kakashi gets weakened (as does itachi) for a short period of time immediately after using MS. naruto is strong now; dont underestimate him. he won’t even have to use sage mode on sasuke at this point.

  39. Uh. For the guy who said women are not being portrayed as heroically. From the days of Jack London, the gold rush, WOMEN JUST DO NOT BELONG IN TEH WILD. HOW CAN WE STRESS IT ENOUGH!

  40. Sakura is USELESS!

    thought I’d share that.

  41. RFLMAO I just realized this encounter is EXACTLY (well mostly) like the meeting of the Sannin’s.

    Sasuke is just like Oro: he can’t really use his jutsu because his body is broken in some way.

    Sakura is like Tsunade because she has some emotional handicap.

    It’s arguable who is like Jiraiya, Kakashi could be since his body is weakened and he can’t use his jutsu too well.

    Naruto is… well simply Naruto. I think he’s going into this battle differently than the last one, he was so determined before and now he isn’t sure of himself.

  42. “so that’s not even under debate”- yeah it is… I think he’s in sage mode but going back to normal and he has clones waiting to power him up.

    GURUKU!!!!! you came back! Did you know that NTG is overthrowing Bob for you? Also… Check the A.L.

    At the battle of the next gen. Sanin: I say Naruto is Jiraiya (toads, senjutsu, ect.) and Kakashi is Naruto (can’t really compete here) does that make Karin, Kabuto??? (Kabuto is way better)

  43. Hmm, a decent chapter for once. what a nice change from the usual. my only complaint is how Kishi again fails hard with Sakura. seriously kishi? apparently women are weak and useless in your mind. the only time i can remember a female character doing something badass and/or important to the plot is Tsunades fight with Orochimaru wayyyyyyyyy back. it never bothered me before(im a dude btw) but it has become so glaringly obvious now that i cant help but say: can we have just one effective female characterr kishi?

  44. @ takashi, well, we HAD Chiyo, but she’s dead. Hinata and Tenten could and would b effective IF they didn’t have to b paired off against ppl like Pain and Kisame respectively. and IF Sakura would just stick to what she’s good at (med ninjutsu) THEN she wouldn’t b useless but since she tries fighting and really has no fighting capabilities except “wail-on-Naruto/Sai no jutsu” we call her useless. even Ino has something to offer, no it’s not fighting or med-skills (both of wich she sucks at), but actually tracking, back when they were looking for Hidan and Kakuzu, she possessed a bird and found them that way, which was effective

  45. URGENT: PETITION FOR THE SUBMISSION OF A NEW bob uchiha! I mean seriously, since the scanlations started coming out early, we have been deprived of the efficiency of A bob summary! FORWARD ALL C.Vs TO ME FOR CONSIDERATION!

  46. Dude… each of bobs post are well thought out and accurate and that (im sure) takes time. There is no need to rush perfection.

  47. freakin awesome. what a great entrance by naruto, i knew sasura was not gna kill sasuke and i’m glad she didn’t. everything just worked out perfectly, naruto coming just in time to see sasuke about to kill sakura; perfect, now he’ll have the resolve to wipe sasuke’s face off the naruverse. that being said, i hope there is no fight between the 2 just yet (maybe just a couple of punches to sasuke from naruto). i want sasuke to escape to fight another day (the final battle) when they r both better better prepared.

    overall great releases today, i liked the bleach one better. its yamamoto vs aizen/wonderweiss. awesome, check it out if u haven’t already then go to bleached ichigo to discuss

  48. that is true. I’d rather wait on the days for Bob to come out with a well, thought out summary post. Bob not only appeals to a lot of people, he gives us a look at the passive and aggresive side of us Shannarolites.

  49. bob has posted

  50. I know Sakura isn’t the most liked character and Sasuke isn’t either, but I can sympathize. I didn’t expect her to be crying.
    During the last few chapters Sasuke has been portrayed as an extremely dangerous out-of-control lost case of a human being. Starting the end of the last chapter and this one, he seems more troubled and confused than a cold-blooded brain-washed puppet of Madara (though he still is cold-blooded, but quite emotional too.) I mean, if he was really set on destroying Konoha, he wouldn’t try to justify his decision so much to others and he’d just do it already. If you’re a pure blooded villain you don’t need to tell everyone what you plan to do and, even more so, tell them why you are doing it. Is this a Kakashi effect? I don’t know. Moreover, Sasuke has the added burden of losing his eyesight. This will make him more confused and frantic, perhaps suicidal and more destructive too.
    But I think Naruto will see this confusion and will try to save Sasuke instead of kill him.

  51. i hate to disappoint but there is no way this is gonna be the highly anticipated rematch between naruto and sasuke. The rematch by all means should be one of the high lites of the series as well as completely awesome. With sasuke just starting to go blind and completely out of energy, naruto will easily win and that will be no fun. My guess is that Madara will interfere after alot of talking between team 7 and get sasuke out of there. Also im just gonna take a wild guess here but, im calling that karen might die here in a final attempt to save sasuke.

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