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Naruto Grand Tournament Results

The final votes are tallied and the clear winner of the First Naruto Grand Tournament is Jiraiya!  Even after his death, Jiraiya continues to be thought of as one of the strongest shinobi in the Naruverse.  The final round had the perverted hermit easily beating out all of his opponents in a 3-0 victory. Gaara came in at second place with a 2-1 record after handily overcoming Shikamaru and Kakuzu.  Shikamaru managed to inch his way into third place after narrowly defeating Kakuzu.  The aged Akatsuki member could not obtain a single victory in the finals and ended up the last of the four contenders.

Week 4 results:
Week 3 results:
Week 2 results:
Week 1 results:
And that concludes this 5-week long tournament.  All in all I think it was quite successful and generated a lot of interest.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the voting, especially those that voiced their opinions in the comment section — lively discussions are what make Shannaro!!! so great.  This was my first attempt at making such a tournament so there was a lot of lessons to be learned.  A second Naruto tournament or perhaps a Bleach tournament could be possible in the future.  Please take a moment to answer the polls below. Please also leave any suggestions/criticism in the comments and what you think was the best/worst matches of the tournament; I welcome anything that could make tournaments better in the future.


35 Responses

  1. Awesome! Jiraiya snagged first! Yosh! Gaara got second though T.T

  2. sweet!!!! jiraiya is like my fav character in the manga, im glad he got first!!! lol well i really hope there is another tourny cuz that would be sweet and a bleach tourny would be amazing!!!!

  3. I want to plan out a new tournament with Pein, Madara, Naruto, Sasuke and Itachi in it. I also want a bleached one. Bob can I run the next one? I would like to set up certain matches and also give my oppinion on the match ups.

  4. I second Mart’s idea. The next time around the voters HAVE to be influenced so they dont just vote for their favorite character, but the character that would win.

  5. Honestly I would like to see a Bleach Tournament, but when I think of favorite characters from Bleach its mostly Kenpachi, Byakuya, Hitsugaya and Ichigo. So people will vote for them all the way just out of fandom. I’m a bit sour not seeing Kakuzu and Shikimaru win. They’re the most tactical fighters out of the four, I guess x10 Kamehameha Rasengans beat skill and immortality anyday huh. :/

    PS: Where did all the love for Haku go?


  7. @ bloodsasuke, no idea. especially since Zabuza could’ve just summoned some water clones from Suigestu’s body and have them (Suigestu) jump off a cliff, lol

  8. Blood Saduke: All Zabuza had was taijutsu and water ninjutsu. Taijutsu is inneffective because it would pass through Suigetsu’s watery form (look at the anime filler arc where Suigetsu is attacked with the beheader sword.) and Water Ninjutsu would just add to his power. I don’t think Zabuza could make water clones out of suigetsu due to the fact that Suigetsu’s chakra is already encompassing his body. Otherwise it would have been done before ex. Kakashi could have used water clones to depleat the water around Zabuza while he was trapped in a water prison. You need chakra to form the water into shapes (or create it) so if two people tried to use the exact same body of water for ninjutsu, the two jutsu’s would compete for dominancy based on which on had more chakra. In Suigetsu’s case this would be his entire chakra against whatever chakra Zabuza put into the clone, all in all Suigetsu wins.

  9. Ero-sennin owns ALL!!!!
    well, honestly I think 2nd one should have been kakuzu (beating gaara is debatable but vs shikamaru?! c’mon)

  10. oh and I agree with bloodsasuke and kisuzachi, see comments above

  11. All I know is that Jiraiya won and that is all there is to it, honestly their was no one in the contest who even came close to him, except maybe the Third Hokage, honestly the Third Hokage, was a real beast. Overall I was satisfied with the overall tournament, but was kind of disappointed in some of the match ups, there was no point in seperating them by skill level and then having them face each other, it should have been done more so that the strongest ninja make it to the finals, common putting the Third against Jiraiya guaranteed that one of the possible winners of the tournament would get eliminated right of the bat, if each was in completely separate brackets the The Third would have made it to the finals, and putting Kisame against Juugo guaranteed Kisame’s advancement, you see what I mean, had either the Third or Jiraiya faced Kisame in the beginning Kisame would not have advanced, some were guaranteed easy advancement while others were not, but overall it was a great job on the tournament, hope for another one, even a bleach one might be fun, Kisuke Urahara all the way. Ha ha ha!

  12. and next time maybe we should present arguments, to persuade the voters, I know many were unhappy that Jiraiya won, but deal with it, he was strong and if you can’t accept that, that just means your favorite character just couldn’t cut it. 😉 Jiraiya all the way. 8)

  13. this is rubbish….rather disapointed i mus say…..4 instance….haku uld beat hinata……..as much as i rate shikimaru he wuld lose 1 on 1 against kakuzu……..n cooooome on kimimaro wuld beat yamato…..wt a joke…….guy wuld beat gaara…..n how the hell wuld jiraiya beat killer bee….the perfect jinjuriki n he almost died against naruto in 4 tail mode……ppl r pickin who they like n not logically……hw booooooo is that…..as heavy as jiraiya was he wuldnt win….gaara….is 1 ov my fav characters like top 5 but he aint the same no more….he wuldnt get as far as he has in this tournament…..he was luky 2 survivie against a dyin kimimaro….but yeeeeeeh do a bleach 1 next (”,)

  14. @PRO
    Do you really believe, that Jiraiya would go all out on his own godson, Naruto? even if Naruto were in his fourth tailed beast form, Jiraiya didn’t want to kill him, but their is no love loss between Killer Bee and Jiraiya, Jiraiya would go all out and beat him, go for the kill if he had to. Now Killer Bee is a strong fighter and the perfect Jinchuriki, I’ll give you that, but what made people not vote for him was the fact that in his fight with Sasuke, he chose to flee rather than fight, and that Kisame would have likely won had the Raikage not shown up when he did. That’s why Killer Bee didn’t win, people figure if Kisame can woop on Killer Bee and to some lesser extent Sasuke, than Jiraiya, who is in a “whole other level”, according to Kisame, can as well. You get what I’m saying, Jiraiya won, plain and simple, not all people vote just based on their fandom, some of us use logic.

  15. Gaara Pulled Through For Us Gaara Fans!! 😀

    Even though he was 2nd, 2nd is something to be proud of considering u were facing off a know-it-all and a Heart collector!


  16. BTW, Gaara doesn’t have Shukaku so… Good Job Gaara!

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  17. @PRO you are talking about part I gaara, part II gaara would own kimimaro.

    oh and kimimaro beating yamato? lolz no way, I have already explained in previous threads and don’t feel like explaining it again, you can go and find the post if you want

  18. @walmart1 you make a good point, I guess I was too focused on a Beheador Sword fight between Suigetsu and Zabuza. I don’t think it’d be a question as to who would win that. As fr a few other “unfair” choices that we’re made: Kimmimaro vs Yamato. Yamato is skilled but Kimmimaro’s long-and-close range taijutsu trumps Yamato’s Wood Sty- no not even. Even if Yamato choose a Water Style or Earth Style approach, it wouldn’t be enough to stop Kimmimaro’s stampede like attacks and skillful movement between offense and defense at the same time. I’m not sure how, but I wouldve thought that Kimmimaro would have more fans than Yamato…wow. As for Haku vs Hinata, in a battle of Taijutsu, the Gentle Fist WOULD win but Haku is too fast to allow Hinata get a hold of him. In a battle of ninjutsu, Haku specialises in using senbon to attack from every possible angle and a Rotation could parry that easily. Although Haku was able to use create Ice so dense and cold, no fire could melt it. So Haku must have a great extent of…

  19. Haku must have a great extent of mastery over Water and Wind Style. So all Haku had to do was stay safe inside an Ice Mirror, and create Water Clone to attack close range while he used Wind ninjutsu and senbon to attack long range. So he’d just finish her off when she reached her limit (Kinda what Kidomaru did to Neji). I love Hinata and I’m not biast towards her but due to the extreme lack of character development in Part 2 I have to go for Haku.

  20. Ppl here just vote out of fandom
    I argee with mart1 and kizu

  21. “Do you really believe, that Jiraiya would go all out on his own godson, Naruto? even if Naruto were in his fourth tailed beast form”: I think Jiraiya wouldn’t hold back. He’s one of those “save the earth” type ninja. When he recognizes a threat to the Naruverse like for instance his old student Nagato, he goes all out to stop it. Releasing the Nine tails and letting it rampage would definately be a threat. I think he WOULD go all out in the same mentality Suigetsu had against Killer Bee.

    As for the Since he lost too Sasuke and Kisame mentality. In the Naruverse A -> B and B-> C doesn’t equal A-> C. I doubt Kisame would have beaten Killer Bee because Samehada had already turned on him. Killer Bee was able to get back on us feet, and in a prolonged fight, Kisame’s strategy would be turned against him. Raikage A’s entrance really didn’t do anything.

  22. @walmart1-

    yea raikages entrance didnt do anything, other than save his life of course, but thats not something that would influence a fight is it? XD

    i agree that jiraiya would have gone all out though if it came down to it agaisnt naruto. However kisame himself stated that both him and itachi couldnt defeat Jirayia, wether or not that statement is true is debatable, but it doenst change the fact that kisame obviously wasnt anywhere near confident in his ability to defeat jirayia, even with Itachi’s powers which speaks volumes in and of itself.

  23. @BloodSasuke, I totally agree with you. Kimimaro’s bones are harder than Yamato’s wood (lol this sounds so…lol) and could easily withstand a hit from even Yamato’s biggest wood jutsu. And the same as Yamato can create wood constructs, Kimimaro can create bone ones. And Haku would have no trouble dealing with Hinata, lest we forget, she has no rotation and all Haku would have to do is find her blind spot like Kidomaru did to Neji. And considering her Byakugan is more trained to be used for tracking instead of combat, I guess its a HUGE blind spot (in comparison to Neji’s).

    @Tm, the reason you think Part 2 Gaara is this strong is his fight against Deidara. but many seem to forget that Deidara was being dumb and didn’t bring much clay so he had to use it sparingly and that Gaara had AN ENTIRE DESERT, so advantage is Gaara. In an environment like he fought Kimimaro in Part, Kimimaro would surely win again (I consider him the victor in their first fight). Gaara really hasn’t improved that much AND he’s lost his trump card, Shukaku. The only reason he became Kazekage is because Suna is the weakest of the 5 Great Villages.

  24. @Smartass, now that Kisame’s gone, Akatsuki is all out of bloodthirsty maniacs. Akatsuki just got a lot less cooler now that Sasugay’s their new poster boy.

  25. “http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/473/03/” As you can see right before the Raikage enters, Kisame is about to cut off Killer Bee’s legs, HOWEVER, Samehada is also rushing to stop this along with the Raikage. “http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/473/05/” I don’t see why the Raikage is at all pivotal to Killer Bee beating Kisame.

    “And the same as Yamato can create wood constructs, Kimimaro can create bone ones” I wonder if Yammato could drown him with Water jutsu.

  26. @Kisu I think you’re absolutely right. The only bloodthirsty maniacs in Akatsuki are Sasuke, Madara, and maybe Jugo.

    There are two more battle’s I’d like to discuss. Orochimaru vs Danzo AND Tsunade vs Mei! As for Oro vs Danzo, I think the matching in and of itself is awesome. Although he weirds me out, I think Orochimaru should have won hands down. The Orochimaru has a much more diverse set of jutsu and his stamina is through the roof. Not to mention the Orochimaru Style of Replication is his signature jutsu, Danzo’s abilities are limited around ten Sharingans and an uncontrollable Wood Style ninjutsu…I think I’ve said enough. As for Tsunade vs Mei, I just want to say thank you to all who voted Mei. I shouldn’t have to explain why Mei would win. And thats all from me

  27. What match ups should be in the next one if you were to diliberately go for controversy ex. Hinata vs. Neji or Jiraiya vs. Nagato?

  28. hey hey ppl replyed 2 my comments…..lol…gd gd….u kno wt….@ john…i feel what ur sayin still…i dnt like the way they killed off kisame after hw long we had 2 w8 2 watch him finally fight it was pretty disapointting… AND @ tm……i still think kimmiaro wuld win…lol….UCHIHA 4 EVER

  29. @bloodsasuke
    Oro’s weakness shown throughout the entire series is an Uchiha…
    or one who has the sharingan and has mastered it…
    I think Danzo would beat Oro wd his Izanagi, wind jutsus & that chimera summon…
    if not, he could use his final sealing technique Reverse Trigrams Sealing[sorry i forgot the whole name] which he aslo tried to use against sasugay

  30. i can’t think of killer bee now without samehada. that combination is just ridiculously lethal.

  31. raikage should have beaten killer bee, that was probably the most ridiculous result in it. apart from kakuzu not beating gaara or shikamaru

  32. I cant believe Shikamaru lasted this long in the tournament and he even beat Kakuzu. I know hes very very smart but it takes awhile for him to make a plan and he has to know how his opponents fight. And he cant beat very strong opponents without help from others except Hidan but like I said he has to know how his opponent fights first. Since he lasted this long I guess he’ll even beat Nagato 1 on 1. Anyways I enjoyed the tournament and would like to see another but i want Naruto, Madara, Nagato, and Sasuke included.

  33. @lee
    Glad you enjoyed the tourney, we’re trying to keep the big players out of the tourney since they’ll just dominate all the matches and make things too predictable. I took a risk putting Jiraiya in this tourney but underestimated the support he has. Characters like Itachi, Kakashi, Pein and Madara are just too powerful/too popular and will probably have a similar affect. I don’t think there’s anyone that can beat either Sasuke or Naruto in the polls except each other.

  34. And what if you made one tournament, exactly with these characters, the most powerful/popular ones? (Ha, I think that this will raise MANY arguments and comments for sure!)

  35. Excel: That’s what the next one (after bleach) will be. We just wanted to take it easy for the first one.

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