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Naruto Chapter 483 – Here We Go Again…

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

I don’t really know what to say about this chapter, on the one hand I always wanted to see a serious confrontation between Sasuke and Kakashi, but on the other hand the timing of this fight couldn’t be worse. Sasuke has been on a marathon battle rampage for more chapters than I want to count right now. Kishi has been pushing Sasuke’s power level upwards ever since the Kage Summit. When he had Danzo face off against Sasuke right after that, I thought it was a little bit much considering only a brief amount of time had passed since Sasuke’s last fight. But now we have Kakashi’s arrival, I’m thinking this is getting pretty absurd.

There’s a limit to how much power and stamina a character can have, and I think Sasuke should have surpassed his limits quite a while ago. Although it is not entirely clear, judging from the chain of events since the Kage Summit, I’m guessing only one or two days have elapsed. Let’s recap: Sasuke pretty much exhausted his chakra reserves after taking on all the kages. He had a short breather when Madara warped him away and allowed Karin to heal him before being brought back to defeat Danzo. That’s five kage-level opponents in less than a day’s time, yet Sasuke is still standing and seemingly ready to fight Kakashi. So where did all this chakra and stamina come from? Throughout part 1, one thing that was clear about Sasuke and Naruto regarding their fighting levels was that while Sasuke was efficient and skilled, he lacked the huge chakra reserve Naruto possessed. After all Sasuke is no Jinchuuriki, and it’d be too unbalanced if he was given both the talent and the stamina to fight forever. Remember when Sasuke first learned the Chidori? All he could manage was about two a day — but the current Sasuke pulls off Chidori’s without a second thought. One could argue that he has become more efficient at using that jutsu through the 3 years of training, but I still find it difficult to believe he can manage to pull Chidori’s out of his ass after spamming Amaterasu and Susano’o for the last 20 chapters.

There’s two other things I don’t like about this fight happening now. One is that whatever the outcome is, nobody will be happy. If Kakashi manages to subdue Sasuke, Sasuke fans will cry foul because Sasuke is clearly not at his prime after just fighting Danzo. If Sasuke manages to kill Kakashi, Kakashi fans will cry foul because it’s insulting that a nearly exhausted Sasuke can defeat Kakashi at full strength. My other concern is that the battle will be a protracted skirmish at best. With big daddy Madara always at the ready to warp his prized possession to safety and Naruto closing in fast, it’s unlikely that this fight will end with a decisive victor. Everything about the timing indicates that this is just a teaser battle at best.

Even when Naruto gets to the scene, I’m betting it will be a repeat of their last meeting at Orochimaru’s base with Sasuke being wisked away again. But I think this encounter with the new cold-blooded Sasuke is necessary for both Sakura and Naruto. Think of it as a reality check – something to steel their resolve. I think at the moment neither of them is ready to accept what Sasuke is becoming. Sakura’s hesitation to kill Sasuke in this chapter proves that memories of the Sasuke of Team Kakashi are still strong as ever. After this encounter, both of them will have to decide what they will do in the future. No matter how you spin it, the current Sasuke is a criminal, a murderer, and a terrorist. He has crossed a fine line and the world wants him dead. Sakura has tried to face reality by coming here to kill Sasuke, but she lacks resolve. In the end, Naruto is the only one who can end Sasuke’s vendetta against Konoha, but when the moment comes, will he hesitate?

Everything else in this chapter with Sakura and Karin was pretty predictable. I just wished that Sakura could have come up with a better plan to kill Sasuke than with just a kunai. She disobeyed orders and lied to your teammates to get this close to Sasuke — but all she can think of is to stab him with a knife. I mean, she has trained under Tsunade for three years, I would have thought she‘d have something more to offer. I thought Kishi was going to develop Sakura more this year, but so far he’s still treating her as a token heroine. I think that’s all I wanted to say this week.

Oh by the way, we’ve had over 1,000,000 visitors to Shannaro ever since we’ve started here at WordPress one year ago (we‘ve also had over 700 posts and 10,000 comments). I don’t know why you fools keep coming back every week, but we must be doing something right. So here’s to Shannaro!!! in 2010! If anyone’s interested in looking at the old Shannaro!!! blog, a backup can be found here.


171 Responses

  1. Wow, nice. This time, I want to be involved in the discussion! HERE I GO!

    Now i just need people to discuss with ._.

  2. Long time lurker first time poster 🙂
    great post as always bob one thing though: keep in mind karen did heal sauske again and gave him a little more chakra just before he finshed off Danzo. dispite that i aggre that sauske should have hit his limit by now but… hes the author fav in the end lol.

  3. Poor thing !!! I felt Sasuke’s despair when he told Kakashi to bring back the Uchiha clan. It shows why we have to try to help people when there is still time to do so.

    Now sadly there is no hope for Sasuke (unless he is number one actor plotting something else).

    They have to stop him. I hope they could imprison him, but I guess he will end up death.

    By the way Itachi laughed the same way a few chapters before his death.

    And BOB u r right. It pissed me off that Kishi didn’t gave them a proper fight.

    Sasuke is exhausted and almost blind. Otherwise he would have sensed Sakura and Kakashi on time. If your prediction fails, Sasuke will clearly loss this one.

    Congrats Bob!
    I like your blogs and the ppl.
    I guess that is my reason for being one of the fools.


  4. I just want to congratulate “Shannaro” for its first birthday and its so many visitors! Keep on like that, Bob, because YOU are actually, along with the other writers, the source of this success! Happy birthday (in a sense) ! 🙂

  5. Hi. Great post mr. Bob. I’m just a stranger here. I found this site last week, and I see there are a lot of cool people around. How can I be a member here in Shannaro? Anyway check out this site, guys:
    check out her journal. You’ll see there the naruto manga script gone spoofed. Haha. It’s hilarious. Thanks.

  6. Well Sasuke has realy become a FREAK…. He looks all horny when he says how much he wants to kill his former sensei…
    After all the things Sasuke s done i belive Itachi would be fucking Disappointed in him… And Bob Keep up the good work brother

  7. @naruruler12

    You have me to argue with…?

    Great post Bob! I really agree with everything you said. Sasuke’s stamina has sky-rocketed in the past few chapters. Id think that Kishi would actually make Sasuke use his own sword instead of spamming us with wave after wave of quick Chidori’s. As for Sakura and Kakashi, they were predictable (even though I was hoping Sakura finally got stabbed by her heartthrob T_T oh well)

    I hope the fight between Sasuke and Kakashi is a little epic to quench my thirst for Sharingan vs Sharingan

  8. I think it was a lack of preparation and resolve that made sakura do someting as foolish as to try an use a kunai. I’m sure she wasn’t expecting the same sasuke as she knew back then after everything he’s done, however, I don’t think sakura expected him to be as cold hearted as he displayed and it threw her off and started to make mistakes.

    As for kakashi and sasuke, I belive this fight will be relatively short, probably only last a chapter or possibly two. As good as sasuke has become, he nearly used all the tricks he had to beat Danzo and now he has to face up against kakashi, an possibly naruto for a bit? There’s no way Sasuke is going to get out of this free without Madara’s help. Naruto is proably going to try and stop this fight as well. I really hope Naruto will get a minute or two with Sasuke to see for himself how far he’s fallen. As wise as he gotten, him and Sakura needs that reality check.

  9. Sasuke’s new “haha” face makes me lol more than anything in the manga.

  10. @Blood: If that’s an offer, I’m taking it, lolz 😛

    I was really hoping Sakura was killed in this chapter. But, alas, she was not and was saved by her sensei…

    I am, however, happy that Karin will 100 percent survive! ^_^

  11. “I felt Sasuke’s despair when he told Kakashi to bring back the Uchiha clan”- I thought Kakashi should have told sasuke that Itachi CHOOSE to kill his clan and bring him and the clan back wouldn’t change anything as Itachi would re-kill them.

  12. great post bob. i was actually told about this site over on BLEACHEDICHIGO [great site btw) a week ago and now i’m 1 of the fools u speak of.

    good chapter, like u said bob, sasuke should be exhausted by now. so kakashi will probably end wiping the floor with his ass but won’t get to kill thnx to madara or possibly naruto.
    i sorta like karin now lol

  13. okay first of all…there is no way in hell that sasuke is going to win…if he does which i highly doubt then this manga will be one of the worst..
    im not saying this because kakashi is one of my fav… but if you think about their is no one in this story has done what sasuke did…faught 5 kages, danzo and now he is trying to kill Kakashi, and this is Kakashi we talking about… like bob said sasuke is gettting ublievible powerful, highhhhhh stamina and super loco…i dont hate sasuke but every chapter im becoming less and less of a fan of his…
    so if he wins that will be the biggest gayest thing in this manga…

  14. “How can I be a member here in Shannaro?” you can log in as a commentor ( the link is under the Meta tab on the left) if you want to write blogs you gotta email Bob with your first post.

    @Animefreak4: does that make you cesec (sp?)

  15. sure does…and its “cesc” btw lol

  16. ok i changed my name, now its the same as the one on BLEACHED ICHIGO


  17. right now all i have to say about Kishi’s fetish with drawing Sasuke is http://img718.imageshack.us/img718/7757/sasukishibysatalex.png

    Now lest we forget, Karin healed him after his fight with Danzo and even a small bite was enough for him to fight Kirabi, so there is no foul if Kakashi kicks his little emo ass. He is in need of a major pounding right now.

    And once again Sakura proves why she…………EXACTLY why she’s Sakura. I hate characters that are weak, which really is my only reason for hating her and Hinata and Ino and Tenten and Kurenai……..see a pattern here? (NO IM NOT GAY! lol) Its that Kishi has no talent for developing female characters. Im not complaining though, as long as we get more Kakashi and Naruto time I HAVE no complaints.

    In an actual fight, I say Kakashi would beat Sasuke. He has 14 years of experience Sasuke doesnt, he is the one that CREATED the Chidori (the move that Sasuke has based all his non-mangekyo powers on) and Kakashi possesses arguably the most powerful of all the MS techniques. In terms of speed, strength and agility, I say they’re even (if I HAD o choose, I’d give the edge to Kakashi in these departments). Besides, Sasuke has to think to move, Kakashi has been a ninja so long that his body shoule be able to do the basics in a battle without wasted time thinking, thus making his reaction time faster as well.

    But now lets look at the track record for master vs student matches:
    Mizuki (lol) vs Naruto – Naruto
    Sandaime vs Orochimaru – Oro won
    Shodaime and Nidaime vs Sandaime – Hiruzen won
    Jiraiya vs Pain – Pain won
    So the question is will Sasuke vs Kakashi end with the student winning like it has always been in this manga, or will Kakashi score 1 for the masters? Stay tuned to find out

  18. btw, the only good Karin is a dead Karin. That’s enough Kisuzachi for this chapter (unless someone says something that intrigues me or GRINDS MY GEARS). Great work Bob lol

  19. @ Mart1

    Hey, have you checked about having dyslexia? My cousin has also some spelling problems and in the end he found he has dyslexia.

  20. well hello shannaro! been a while since i was on here! i think this next set of chapters is gonna be great! Kakashi and Sasuke, then Kakashi will be saved by Naruto, then the real battle starts! well it is good to be back on here guys have fun!

  21. all the facts point to sasuke getting an ass whopping from kakashi. but lets not forget, kishi decides who wins. so the most powerful won’t necessarily win. i persoly think 4 the good of the manga, kishi should have sasuke lose to kakashi but get rescued by madara. he’ll have a lot of pissed off fans if he makes sasuke win. so far the balance of power has been quite even, not having any character that is ridiculously stronger than the rest (ie: Aizen). this would be the outcome if sasuke does defeat kakashi.

  22. “Hey, have you checked about having dyslexia? My cousin has also some spelling problems and in the end he found he has dyslexia”-Lol, I’m not dyslexic, I’m just terrible at learning names, other words I have no problem spelling and such. It’s especially hard with non-American names like cesc or gaara as my brain wants to “Americanize” the spelling into something gramatically correct (cesec and garra…) though my grandpa that lives with me teaches the dyslexic (and I occasionally help) so I would probably know if I was. This is also why I tend to nickname people who comment frequently like Kisuzatchi, White Shinobi, and Formerly Jet Prime Ultimate Autobot: Kisu., Whitey, and Captain Nemo (okay the last one was more to make fun of his name than shorten it from nemo prime but still…)

  23. @kisuzachi, I agree with a lot of what you said except the experience factor. Danzo had loads of battle experience as well and Sasuke still mangaed to put him down. You can make the argument that Danzo relied on his Sharingan too much but the end result is the only thing that matters. I agree that they are probably evenly matched in most other ways though. I would be curious to see how Kakashi would handle Susanoo though. In the ned though there is only one thing to say…

    Long live Kakashi!

  24. totally agree with everything you said here bob. I was frustrated with this weeks chapter (and the past several). i’m sure this is always mentioned, but kishi needs to get off sasuke’s dick.

  25. Kakashi has the strongest MS ability but the least ability to use it due to the strain it would put on him. If he spammed His MS jutsu like sasuke uses any of his, Kakashi wouldn’t just be blind, he’d be dead or in a coma. Maybe his dad/death awakened some new MS power in him but other wise a full strength Sasuke would own him. Sasuke is not at full strength right now however, he is nearly blind if not all the way from overusing his MS. Chakra from Karin can’t really fix that.

  26. I do know why i kept comming back at this site, because Naruto would be a borring manga by now if without this site, this is the only one thing why up until now im still a fan of Naruto…. lol and plus common kishi should be giving you guys some kind of reward or comment for kepping a good job and making this naruto a little interresting lol (jokes).

  27. My guess is that Naruto is moving very fast and will come along before this next battle gets too far. It will probably result in Naruto stopping Kakashi from killing Sasuke, or at least creating an opening for Sasuke to escape. I can’t see anyone winning here, but my guess is that Kakashi will school Sasuke.

    I am guessing that when Sasuke bites Karin he gains some stamina back, it seems that it is more regeneration rather than healing (kindof like the life transfer jutsu of Chiyo). I don’t think that Sasuke will be able to use his eyes much without damaging them. Perhaps Sasuke will lose his eyesight in this battle.

    One thing I find interesting is that Sasuke just got his MS recently, he used MS against the cloud ninja, 8-tails, samurai, Raikage, Gaara &co., Mizukage, and Danzo, all in a short period of time. Itachi had MS for many many years and from what we saw he used it sparingly; I wonder if that prolongs the lifetime of the eyes or if Itachi’s use of MS was the same as Sasuke’s, just spread out over several years.

    In any case, Kakashi is not going to be a pushover, we’ve seen that his stamina has increased considerably over the course of the manga too and he has a bunch of new techniques up his sleeve (lightening clone, etc.) although something tells me his lightening techniques will only be good enough to nullify Sasuke’s. Too bad the only element Kakashi can’t use is wind. Now I wonder where could we find a wind type…

  28. I cant wait for shippuuden to be over i mean come on soo far the only good thing ever happened here is Pain,… the rest of this bad guys want to be bad is soo lame, I want Orochimaru for me hes like the ultimate super villan i never really like any bad guys except Orochimaru so hopefully this Sassuke imo would be over soon maybe naruto will actually going to criple sassuke to get em back to Konoha cuz i cant see him dying lol kishi likes this guy soo much lol

  29. “right now all i have to say about Kishi’s fetish with drawing Sasuke is http://img718.imageshack.us/img718/7757/sasukishibysatalex.png
    LMAO — that sums it up pretty well. Didn’t Kishi say when he first started the manga that Sasuke was his favorite character to draw?

    “Too bad the only element Kakashi can’t use is wind. Now I wonder where could we find a wind type…”

    Danzo had wind type too, had several decades of combat experience over Sasuke, plus he was cheating death with izanagi… and now he’s a corpse in Madara’s morgue. Sasuke is so overpowered right now that normal rules like element affinities and the limits of the human body do not apply to him. However Kakashi has one advantage over Danzo – he’s a main character

  30. i agree 100 percent
    but you seem to be forgeting the new golden rule of the manga:
    “a divine power or mishap will ALWAYS!! come to save teme’s ass.”

    while i don’t agree with it it appears to be naruto law and frankly i’m pissed off.
    i called sakura’s bluff and can say that i was expecting her to have more of a plan formed out. i a kunai!! what is she an acdaemy student! really! …..how did sai fall for her trap..

    another thing we can all asume that teme has left one that boat to la la land and has kissed sanity GOODBYE!! any person that laughs like that must be crazy….becoming more and more like snake man every day…..now he has the joker complex.

    love your reviews cause you observe evey aspect
    ja ne

  31. I also fetl Sasukes pain when he said bring his family and clan back, it shows that he is really hurt inside. It also kinda shows where his power comes from! Remember everyone Karin healed him again right before he killed Danzo so he’s not all the way exhausted. But your right Bob if he some hoe killed Kakashi I would be angry! We all know Naruto will stop it and all of them will have a talk and Naruto will promise to end this and let Sasuke go! Then promise to meet up again for the last time!

  32. I disagree with you on one thing Bob, when Naruto and Sasuke were little and they were learning how to climb the tree, Kakashi said him self that they both had strong Chakras, we know Naruto’s is stronger but Sasuke was strong also! And also Tsunade said Orochimaru must have experimented on Sasuke to make him stronger, so I can believe that he isn’t a normal ninja. For me I like Sasuke but I hate him also, I just don’t know which one yet. But I am dying to see whats going to happen when Naruto shows up, at the speed he’s going he should be their quickly!

  33. Hopefully kakashi doesnt get a flashback. That would be the end. ^(^-^)>

  34. 1. Kakashi should have just killed sasuke when he parried his chidori.
    2. I totally agree Naruto meeting sasuke is necessary at this moment to see how much he’s devolved.
    3. I’m surprised that sasuke can still whip out his sharingan after such a toll, but hey Kishi does love the guy so anything’s possible.
    4. QUESTION: if sage mode can sense individual chakra from a long distance (i.e. Naruto tracking kakashi) why doesn’t he just lock onto sasuke and end this manga?

  35. 1. Kakashi should have just killed sasuke when he parried his chidori.
    2. I totally agree Naruto meeting sasuke is necessary at this moment to see how much he’s devolved.
    3. I’m surprised that sasuke can still whip out his sharingan after such a toll, but hey Kishi does love the guy so anything’s possible.
    4. QUESTION: if sage mode can sense individual chakra from a long distance (i.e. Naruto tracking kakashi) why doesn’t he just lock onto sasuke and end this manga?
    5. @ halluva: I must agree with u, the only interesting characters have all died, oro, sasori, jiraiya, danzou & Pein. Now we are just left with one dimensional characters like Naruto, sasuke and sakura. Hell-a-lame!
    6. In all honestly, sasuke can own kakashi as much as I hate to admit it. Additionally the quality of battles sasuke has fought can equate to kakashi’s years of experience.

  36. 5. @ halluva: I must agree with u, the only interesting characters have all died, oro, sasori, jiraiya, danzou & Pein. Now we are just left with one dimensional characters like Naruto, sasuke and sakura. Hell-a-lame!
    6. In all honestly, sasuke can own kakashi as much as I hate to admit it. Additionally the quality of battles sasuke has fought can equate to kakashi’s years of experience.

  37. bob…ur always on point…ima a HUUUUUUGE sasuke actually uchiha fan full stop….but it wuld b pushing it abit if he beats kakashi….which he wont…..naruto will cum n yh it will jus b a taser n a eye opener 4 the current blind….now!!! 2 sasukes blindless….we dont really kno hw much itachi used his mangekyou….evn tho he maybe goi blind it culd only b a little bit….AND sasuke is suppose 2 b gettin this strong…..duhhhhh sharingan….evry1 has sed hes gt more potential the itachi so his current level is 2 b expected….next we will c narutos progression 2 that level….probably master sage mode truely…..its gna b GREAT….giv kishi a break he knows wt hes doin hence y u all love the manga…..hahahahaha……sasuke rules

  38. Kakashi won’t die – he had a near death experience and saw his dad – Kishi can’t kill him after that!


    Well im thinking what bob said is right, this is gonna be the final bridge that is broken between Naruto and Sasuke! that way he can make defined decisions between how he is gonna lead his life now he knows there is no way back from Sasuke! I think it would be cool if sakura was nearly killed and Naruto just explodes with pure rage! but i dont think that will happen though.

    It is very annoying and hard to understand where all this stamina has came from, if anything he would physically drained from just two fights let alone the whole lot he has already had!
    He was drained after just the Itachi fight and that was before he had the eye techniques. I know he has been getting topped up by Karin but that is only being healed! not having is chakra being renewed as far as i know!

    The Amaterasu is meant to take life force away if over used! so how can he be so full of stamina!! he must be screaming in agony by now after “spamming” it!

    it wouldn’t matter how much chakra he has! if he cant balance chakra and stamina then he shouldn’t be able to mold it into a jutsu!

  40. Has it been one year already…always have been back and forth on this site…always read Bob’s discussion…Bob, keep doing such a good job, keep it up.

    I dont want this fight to happen for one obvious reason…Madara is looking eyes….hence Kakashi who’s MS Technique is a very powerful one will be targeted…Naruto should get there in time to stop this fight or join in.

    i will be back after this meeting

  41. sorry using susanoo not Amaterasu!

  42. Hey guys, if you remember, that after Part II started, LEE was suddenly his favorite character to draw…so where’s all his screen time huh?

    Sasuke has only been his favorite all the way through Part I, I think, and then this half of Part II…Strange.

  43. @madzikage, remember Sasugay’s chakra supposedly keeps getting darker and darker (i say dumber and dumber) so that’s why Naruto cant find him. I’m sure he senses that dark chakra but im also sure he DOESNT think its Sasugay. He’s always around Kakashi so it would be easy for him to track Kakashi.

  44. Naaruto’s the clone meister, so y hasnt he even learned the Clone Explosion? Imagine his 2000 clones suddenly exploding http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/142/12/ Susanoo would crumble. lol

  45. @kisuzachi

    My guess actually is that Naruto’s Sage Mode tracking only has a certain range right now… otherwise he’d just go “hey, there’s Sakura…” and head right to her. Although, I agree with the fact that he might not recognize Sasuke’s chakra since even Sakura said that Sasuke feels different.

    About #1, Kakashi probably didn’t kill Sasuke for a few reasons, the first is that saving Sakura was his priority. We see a similar situation with Kakashi and the Rock ninja in Kakashi Gaiden. The 4th could have taken out the rock ninja but instead he only marks him for later (which was still badass) while saving Kakashi.

    Also, Kakashi was reacting to what he was seeing and decided on his move before realizing Sasuke had real killing intent. Kakashi himself has said that he still wants to believe in Sasuke.

    @Bob about the wind element:

    It’s true that Danzo was a wind type, but that battle was not a battle of the elements, which is what a lot of previous battles were about. Mangekyou don’t fit well into that Rock-Paper-Scissors scheme and I feel that if Sasuke had attempted to progress in the battle (i.e. use simpler ninjutsu techniques first) he would have been owned and then been forced to use Susanoo. I doubt he knew that though, he was just pissed off so he went right to Susanoo anyway. My feeling is that Sasuke won’t be able to use his MS like he did before.

    The biggest problem I have with MS is that there doesn’t seem to be a weakness anywhere, if you consider that Sasuke is going to get EMS (which most people assume he’s going to, but my guess is it will be at great cost to Madara). Perhaps Sasuke will not fare so well in this battle because he is now almost blind. I don’t think Sasuke will benefit from a humbling experience anymore though.

  46. @ripcord, Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura are in pretty close proximity to each other so i doubt range has to do with anything there.

  47. I agree with you on that ripcord. Although I hate to say it, in my opinion, the Sasuke vs Danzo battle was clearly a Sharingan-based battle. It only allowed elements to be used in key points throughout the fight. Even the battle against the 4 Kages at the Summit, required him to use it. (be honest) Do you think that if Sasuke hadn’t activated, Susano’o and Amateratsu, that he would still be alive now? If you think there was an alternative in any of his previous battles agains Killer Bee, the Kages, and Danzo, please tell me. I thought out of a Sasuke vs Raikage Scenario, and he still would have used MS. Sasuke vs Tsuchi- Actually I gave up on this one. Sasuke vs Gaara Scenario, this is the only one where I think Sasuke wouldn’t have to use MS. Sasuke vs Mizukage…I wrote this battle out in my fanfic…and till today I still wonder, was it necessary..? Anyway if you guys can prove me wrong and give me in detail how Sasuke could win thos or stay alive without using MS, tell me.


  48. @Kisu: it only has a certan range, right now Naruto already knows that Kakashi is fighting Sasuke, and is going there.

    @Mattmaru: hitting Karin does the opposite (restores chakra with minimal healing)

    @Bloodsasuke: I think it’s all about what you think the limits of Sasuke are: the only reason he lost to the Tsuchikage is because susanno’o had already tired him out, otherwise earth would be pretty useless. I think he could easily take the Mizukage. The only real challenge would be the Raikagebut even then he has lightning an sharingan to counter lightning and super speed.

  49. hahaha wow i havent been here in a while…
    anyways i bet madarra’s gonna come in at last second before kakashi kills sasuke to save sasuke and take kakashis sharingan eye. madarra did say he likes collecting good pairs of eyes and we all saw that inpressive collection of sharingan eyes he already has. plus kakashi has a unique mangekyou sharingan and im pretty sure thats something madarra would want.

  50. @Mart, why do u think Sasuke can beat the Mizukage? She has all the advantages over him.

  51. I think fire element would be a good counter for boil and he could probably break her lava cage if he wasn’t dead tired given that chojiro could. Here’s how I see fire element being a counter: Boil is water and fire; water makes the acid and fire disperses it by making it a gas. If one element is off balance however, it doesn’t work (too little acid means no jutsu too much means she kills herself, too little dispersion means 1. No jutsu and 2. Too much acid while too much dispersion means the acid has little to no effect. If Sasuke heats the acid with fire jutsu, it disperses, no effect… Another advantage to her cage match fighting is that it sets up chidori current nicely

  52. Gaara was just about to crush sasugay b4 he had to unleash MS.
    without MS, Gaara wipes the floor with sasugay just like b4.

    Gaara does still have the ultimate defense,

  53. i have been out for a while and things have changed seriously, i really don’t want to speak as iam afraid i might go against my fav sasuke!!!!

    only a hope plz don’t get killed or become like oro or any other evil nins!!!!
    i believe itachi may have predicted that situation like this will happen and might have preapared a way to bring back sasuke to his old self, LIKE 4TH DID FOR NARUTO WHEN HE ALMOST LOST IN DARKNESSS AND DESPAIR DURING PEIN ARC……

  54. @mart1

    You are forgetting something about the formation of her acid mist: it is a kekkei genkai, so that means that she mixes the chakra in her body before releasing it (just like Yamato). If you were to use more earth or water at Yamato it wouldn’t affect the wood he was making.

    You would have to think about it in the way as the fire jutsu might cause the acid to burn up or perhaps evaporate more quickly. Of course, if it is like real world acids, it would only melt things faster.

    Remember Kakashi had to catch up to Sai etc. and then catch up with Sakura, in the last chapter he hadn’t caught up with Sai, Kiba, & Lee so that means Naruto probably sensed Kakashi at the end of his range.

  55. “cesc, on February 19th, 2010 at 1:04 pm Said:
    Gaara was just about to crush sasugay b4 he had to unleash MS.
    without MS, Gaara wipes the floor with sasugay just like b4.
    Gaara does still have the ultimate defense” Sasuke broke that defence in part 1 with lightning, he would easily kill just Gaara in a one-on-one match. In the five kage situation without MS things might be different, but I don’t see him losing to Gaara.

    Ripcord: I know she makes the mist inside her, but fire jutsu would still be able to effect The mist once it was outside. I think that given the base elements have a relationship the combo elements have relationships as well ex. Fire would probably beat wood and boil but lose to ice and sand (not offically a combo). Acid “burns” things through a chemical reaction, heating acid would speed this up but also the dispersion meaning it’s a good counter when he isn’t closed in. Who cares if the acid is more potent if it doesn’t make contact. If you flooded the plants that Hirishima creates or hardened the ground it would have a similar effect.

  56. the cookies from the dark side are overwhelmingly refreshing

  57. @Mart. her abilities dont affect her so she can make it as acidic as she wants (the reason i say this is because the vapor was strong enough to melt Susanoo, yet it gently passed out of her mouth with no ill effects and the lava was on her lips when she used it). She would beat Sasuke because if kekkei genkais get useless she still has her water element (the primary element of her own Village and its strong against Sasugay’s fire element) and his lightning element has no effect on boil release, fire release, lava release (it is partly made of Earth, but it is a different element by itself) or water release. I dont think Sasuke beating MEi would be as easy as you make it outt to be, and after his performance against Danzo, I guess a fight with him and ANY Kage could go either way. (Oh how I hate Sasugay…..)

  58. @Mart1, “Sasuke broke that defence in part 1 with lightning, he would easily kill just Gaara in a one-on-one match.”
    keep in mind that that wasn’t Gaara’s ultimate defense, the one he used against the bone guy during the sasugay retrival mission is his ultimate defense, the one u speak of was just a ball of sand. not to mention it must have gotten stronger since that time. Without MS, sasugay’s best form of defense is offense as he has no defense. Gaara can defend with the sand and attack at the same time, sasugay is used to close range combats, while Gaara can keep his distance thus avoiding chidori. his ultimate defense could also stop sasugay’s lightning dragon.
    only reason why Gaara lost to Deidara was because he was also a long ranged fighter.

  59. “keep in mind that that wasn’t Gaara’s ultimate defense”: Actualley it was, Gaara’s sand is called an “ultimate defence” as early as his fight with Lee.

    “not to mention it must have gotten stronger since that time. Without MS, sasugay’s best form of defense is offense as he has no defense.” Gaara’s defence has gotten stronger, but it hasn’t change element wise. Sasuke would still rip through it. His Kirin (the lightning dragon) would absolutely destroy Gaara’s ball of sand. As for his defence, he still has the sharingan which is a great defence as long as he’s fast enough.

    @Kisu: I don’t like him anymore than you do. I want to see Mei more before I can speak to her abilities. Kages seem to be really under-rated lately, so the fact that she has multiple elements doesn’t really impress me unless we get to see her. My only other defence is that if Sasuke didn’t pull MS jutsu out of his ass, it would just be something else like, I don’t know, a hawk summon???

  60. It eat my comment 😦

    @cesc: Gaara has grown but so has Sasuke, so 1. His sand was called an ultimate defence as early as his fight with Lee 2. It may have grown larger, but it’s still sand so it’s still weak against lightning, and this time sasuke has seemingly no limit to chidori. 3. His lightning dragon (Kirin) would destroy Gaara’s sand ball. The one thing that used to be in Gaara’s favor was his flight, but now with the Hawk Summon he even has that.

    @Kisu: the Kage standard has gone WAY down since we saw Hiruzen fight Oro., We don’t know if the Mizukage has any base elements or if she is any good with them. I want to see more of her before judging, though by that time sasuke will probably have conquered the universe maybe even the omniverse due to Kishi’s fanboyism.

  61. @bob… back then sasuke could only use 2 chidori bcos of the cursed seal…he didnt want to rely on the power of the cursed seal… and he was healed by karin after fightin wit danzo… well he used most of his eye tech during that fight..so i dont expect him to use his eye..and i think he will go blind…. then will be forced to use itachi’s eyes,… which mite trigger watever itachi has given naruto

    @mart1 … u r rite… i tink i also see how he(sasuke) feels,. ..after he asked kakashi to bring back his family, his hatred is wat is driving him, just like how determination drives naruto….even when naruto is exhausted..

    and wateva will be the outcome of this lil charade…and wateva information karin give will take naruto and kakashi to training.. esp to defend againt amateratsu , susanoo, and tsukoyomi… if possible Killerbee mite be invited to the training

  62. yea.. forget MS…. my greatest respect for kakashi is the same i have for shikamaru…. they both use their brain…..kakashi knows how to manage his moves and techniques…his fight with pain showed it…. sasuke is to proud… believes so much in his eyes…i keep hearing the “b4 this eyes of mine, u r nothin” phrase alot from uchiha…

    despite all the eyes and eye tech madara has he still got disgraced by the first and the 4th…. i wont be surprised if kakashi will want to give sasuke the final blow and naruto steps in to save him

  63. Any one think Sasuke will let himself get captured, only to escape within konoha and kill the elders.

  64. @walmart1…. possible…..but konoha isnt stupid

  65. “@ cesc, on February 19th, 2010 at 3:01 pm Said:
    … only reason why Gaara lost to Deidara was because he was also a long ranged fighter.”

    Let ‘s not overlook the fact that Gaara saved his entire village from Deidara’s A-Bomb, which served as a distraction allowing Deidara to win.

    Good on Deidara for using the battle environment for his advantage… but in a pure 1 v 1 with no innocent civilians as props to distract either ninja, the result might be different.

  66. @Mart, lol. It’s sad when the author becomes a fanboy lol. At the rate Sasuke’s going he’s gonna make Pain look like Ino lol

  67. whoa, i’m WAY late to the discussion. anyways, i’m just gonna add my opinions now, sorry if i’m repeating anybody, but i’m to lazy to read that much stuff at once. anyways, the only reason Sasuke won against Danzo was cuz Danzo was more concerned w/ Madara than Sasuke, so he got distracted, Kakashi has no such distraction at the moment. and on Sakura and Karin, yep, Karin’s more self-less than Sakura (but both annoy me). on how the fight will end, Naruto comes, sees Sasuke all psycho, then Naruto realizes that this ain’t the little emo he once fanboyed over and gives up on changing Sasuke, then Madara comes in to save Sasuke’s ass from Naruto and Kakashi. also, i noticed some ppl complained about Sasuke recovering so easily, but don’t forget Zetsu gave him a large portion of the chakra from 4 Kages and 7 body gaurds, and then there’s Karin’s super healing to add on to that.
    also, i’d like to defend Sasuke’s personality/actions (altho i hate him, too), if anyone remembers the Chunin Exam, Gaara acted back then much the same way Sasuke does now, even down to the same exact “I’M SO F%*KING PSYCHOTIC I S#@T MYSELF WHILE LAUGHING AT HOW I’M GONNA KILL U AND AM NOW GONNA KILL U EVEN MORE PAINFULLY SINCE THE CRAP IN MY PANTS MAKES ME FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!” (that was fun to write) type smile/laugh. even this reminds me of Chunin Exam Gaara:
    Sasuke: “Karin, you’re no use to me” *proceeds to try to kill Karin*
    Gaara: “Kankuro, stay out of my way or i’ll kill you”
    Sasuke’s resolve to destroy Konoha also reminds me of Nagato: both want to obliterate Konoha as painfully as possible in an act of vengence for Konoha ninjas killing their respective friends and family. altho, as said above Sasuke’s much more psychotic. and as kisu will likely point out, Nagato wanted to bring peace to the world (by destroying half of it) and Sasuke just wants to kill Konoha, but then Sasuke’s plans would pretty much just leave the rest of the world alone if he didn’t think he needed Madara’s help
    anyways, what i’m saying is that now Gaara’s a good guy, and Nagato got a heroic death, so it wouldn’t really b that crazy that in the end Sasuke (who, personality-wise, is the combination of pre-rehabilitation Gaara and Nagato) somehow does something heroically redeeming, but most likely at the cost of his life

  68. or Sasuke could just die a horrible monster, i’d b fine w/ that too

  69. @Mart, I think ur mixing up sand with Earth. We have no idea what Gaara’s element is. Sand is assumed to be a mixture of Earth and Wind, but Gaara has no Wind chakra, that was the Shukaku. The sand is simply a remnant of his time as a Jinchuriki. The only reason chidori pierced his sand in Part 1 is because piercing IS the Chidori’s purpose. But in a real fight, i must grudgingly admit that Sasugay is the likely winner

  70. @mart1
    How can fire beat Lava???? they are prety much the same, they are both a very worm element

  71. @ kisu, actually in real life, lightning pierces sand fairly easily. and the regular Chidori isn’t the only varient designed to do so

  72. I think that maybe Jugo and Suigetsu will come to the rescue even tho that Sasuke “abonded” them, and then ther will be a Jugo and Suigetsu vs Kakashi and Naruto

  73. ” I think ur mixing up sand with Earth.”- Sand does seem to be it’s own element with it’s own properties HOWEVER it said it was strong against fire and weak against lightning in the part 1 fight between them. Also, even without this, Sasuke would straight up turn Gaara’s sand into glass with Kirin. Sasuke WAS able to Peirce the sand with chidori, and while Gaara’s sand is twice as thinck as it was then (as seen in deidara fight) Kirin is hundreds of times stronger than chidori.

    At Lava vs. Fire (do you happen to read OP cuz that element battle was just fought last chapter…) I think sasuke would dodge that if it was just lava spit at him, but from the way Mei used it (to trap him in a cage) I’d say he will smash through it with Chidori.

  74. Funny how Sasuke is still standing when he used Susanoo so much, beacuse against the Raikage he didn´t use it so much and look how burned out he is after that http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/466/05/

  75. Mei must be really powerful, she hasn’t become Mizukage for nothing, indeed after the reign of the great 4th Mizukage, Yagura, (and the 3-tailed jinchuriki, who could control his bijuu). Also, it is referred by Yamato that one person with a kekkei genkai can also separate his/her elements and use them in a battle, so Mei must have a lot of jutsus. And yes, she isn’t affected by her jutsus, Sasuke would be dead in that closed room with that acid mist, but Mei not even sweat.

    Note that:

    Boiled water is 100 °C (or 120 °C under pressure).
    Fire depends from the burning material.
    Lava is 700 °C – 1.200 °C (1.300 °F – 2.200 °F).

    So I believe lava owns all other hot things (however, in the naruverse, nothing’s impossible)!

    Another thing, I don’t know if it’s important, just to mention: Zabuza was 26 (Part 1) and when he was in the academy he killed all his classmen. Mei is at least 30, so she was in the academy too when this examination system was still in progress. That means she… has passed this exam too!

  76. the current Mizukage could kill Sasuke, but Zetsu stole her chakra to allow Sasuke escape. So there r strong female characters in Naruto

  77. @Mart, Ace vs Akainu is the thing that got me interested in OP (Ace is my favorite character, hence is death makes me wanna read it), but that battle didn’t do Ace any justice.

    @Jpua, I so wanna tell u that Sasuke isnt like Nagato, and give u all the reasons he isnt and Gaara as well, but if you go to some of the previous chapter discussions you’ll see my point.

  78. “Also, it is referred by Yamato that one person with a kekkei genkai can also separate his/her elements and use them in a battle”-What is infered by Yamato is that the combo element users COULD learn their seperate elements not that they neccesarily know them: ex. Haku didn’t know wind.

    Kisu.: OP battles tend to kill people quickly without regard to fan service. He could always do a Karin and pull through, there is Ivanakov right there and who knows how many doctors/devil fruit users. I can think of two people already, Kuma and that shadow guy, but neither are with Ace. I’m also thinking Marco could have healing.

  79. I’m getting dissapointed in this manga. All I see is sauke. I thought madara declared war against the 5 great nations, but all we get is sasuke vs. The world. This sucks

  80. @Woi Ai Ni, Zabuza killed everyone in the graduating class BEFORE HE WAS EVEN supposed to take the exam (exactly why he’s my 3rd favorite character)! Mei probably just killed one of her classmates…. This is why even dead Zabuza still pwns. He’s the reason Kirigakure banned that graduation exam lol

  81. Hmm, the exact quote was “when you have two elements that you can control, it’s not very difficult to use them separately, but it’s a totally different story when it comes to using both together”.

    I suppose a kage level ninja like Mei can separate two/three elements, but this is just a guess. Of course, it’s not a law that if you have two elements you can create a kekkei genkai, for example Sasuke can use Fire and Lightning, but never together as a kekkei genkai.

    @ Kisuzachi

    Yes, you are right. I still believe, however, that she is one of the most powerful ninjas in naruverse, it can’t be that she became Mizukage with her just 3 (shown) jutsus (it’s the same with Minato, I can’t believe he became Hokage with only 6 techniques, though deadly ones, who knows what we haven’t seen yet).

  82. wat’s all this talk about sasugay getting itachi’s eyes? if you have not noticed, he already has them (the ability). wat’s left of itachi’s eyes is just plain eyes, he already transfered his powers to sasugay. if there was anything left don’t u think madara would have taken them already?

    sasugay loses his eye sight in a fight with killerbee

  83. @ kisu, i’m not saying he’s EXACTLY like either one, just that he has part 1 Gaara’s killing intent and Nagato’s hatred of Konoha, i’m not saying he’s as cool as either one

  84. @ cesc, ok, u obviously didn’t read the manga, when an Uchiha goes blind from MS over-use, they can take the Sharingan of their sibling and then never go blind again, which is what Madara did 100+ years ago

  85. u must b sum badass chick 2 b kage of the mist village.

    don’t underestimate the mizukage, she could destroy sussano’o, supposedly the ultimate defense in the naruverse according to lord Itachi

  86. @nemo
    i read the manga, u could take take yur bro’s eyes to replace yurs, but only if they got the MS.

  87. yeah, and both Sasuke and Itachi have the MS, so therefore Sasuke could use Itachi’s eyes to gain EMS

  88. i so hope naruto comes along, kicks the living crap out of sasuke…bye bye sasuke, then they can procede to another series and defeat the (almost) untouchable madara. naruto becomes hokage, and Konoha lives happily ever after. one can dream… cant they?

    and to all those people who don’t like the fillers in the anime. why? maybe they don’t progress the storyline any, but you see some great charactor developments. i find the discussions between naruto and the filler charactors interesting. You see the strong, sentimental, compassionate side to naruto and his ability to change people and their views. These are the times you see him win people over the most. I find it entertaining.

  89. I don’t see how Sasuke will get out of this one? He looks like he can barely stand, let alone fight against Kakashi at full strength. This is going to be an interesting fight.

  90. …. OMG the second worst possible match-up is finially here. I never wanted to see this. Kakashi v.s. Saskue

    Kakashi IS my favorite character besides Lee and Hinata, but Kishi is obviously a Saskue lover. and if u kno me I HATE SASKUE with a bloody passion, ever since the first episode and as the chapters went by it only got worse and worse.

    IF Saskue were to kill Kakashi:

    I’d be done with naruto …. (period)

    IF Kakashi were to kill Saskue:

    it would be a horrible ending to the entire manga b/c naruto didn’t defeat him

    IF Kakashi were to subdue Saskue:

    BELIEVEABLE b/c how weak Saskue is SUPPOSE to be, and how crazy AWESOME Kakashi is….. but an ineffective story to the manga

    IF Saskue were to subdue Kakashi:


    IF Saskue were about to kill Kakashi but Naruto interrupts:

    I’d still say Kakashi won b/c of how much i hate saskue, and behold the glory…. that is…. NARUTO V.S. SASGAY

    But if the last situation were to happen i hope Kakashi gives that EMO BITCH A WELL WHOOPED ASS!!!!!!

    well that’s all i got 2 say …… DEATH TO SASKUE =D

  91. hey why is everyone forgeting about kabuto and the half oruchimaru? he still has a part to play, but what will it be??

    any ideas?

  92. My verdict: Kakashi in 2 chapters (submission)
    >>Naruto to witness Sasuke’s carnage against Kakashi – loses control to be a kyuubi only be then taken captive by Madara (naruto’s kyuubi will be gone) which thens activates his own kekkai genkai and/or Itachi’s last present to him.

    >>Kakashi’s eye will be the replacement for Danzou’s
    with the aid of Madara or will be given to Sasuke to have a new eyesight

    >>Kakashi, to subdue Sasuke. Moreover, uses EMS dimension warp jutsu on Madara.

  93. I doubt that ther will be much of fight betwen Kakashi and Sasuke, Sauske will get his ass kicked if they fight now when he´s chakra is att such a low point and Kakashi is fully rested…
    Even when Sasuke is fully rested he wouldnt beat Kakashi. Beacuse they both use lighting jutsu and Kakashi is way stonger sith that than Sauske even if Sasuke use Kirin, Beacuse who´s the man who cut a lighting with the Chidori before it struck the ground? Yeah that´s right my man Kakashi 🙂 http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/114/03/

    And other reason why Kakashi wins over Sasuke is that Sasuke´s other element if fire and that not much of problem for Kakashi´s water…

    And Sasuke´s Tsukuyomi isn´t as strong as Itachis was and Kakashi did manage to not be trapped in it last time..

    And Sasuke´s Susanoo is a god jutsu, but i think that Kakashi can beat it by using his earth style and go underground and take Sasuke from beneth or if that wont work then Kakashi´s Ms will probaly destroy and take out Sasuke.

    The only problem is Amaterasu, but i´m shure that a smart guy like Kakashi can take care of that by burring it with some earth style maybe… Or maybe he has a wind style 🙂 who know´s they say that he copied over a 1000 jutsus so maybe one of them is a wind based…

    Maybe Kakashi take´s out his bells and says to Sasuke take them from him 😉

    But in the end Kakshi will do the Sennen Goroshi (thousand years of death) on little Sasuke

  94. Madara is clearly going to whisk Sasuke away because if he continues he’ll really go blind.

    Then Again… the worst thing ever would be if Sasuke kills Kakashi and takes his eye to keep from going blind.

    I guess I keep coming back and reading every week because of Bob Uchiha’s analysis. And also the jokes. It’s nice to be virtually surrounded by people that enjoy Naruto as much as I do.

  95. its ironic that sasuke was asking for his clan back and he is in cahoots the the guy that has all their eyes….

  96. hey, what’s w/ ppl thinking Sasgay (that’s right, i’m useing it now, i just want to b part of the group) will take Kakashi’s Sharingan? as far as Sasgay knows, only his bro’s Sharingan is useful to him.

  97. I don’t see why he would think that JPUA, he knows that an eye transplant will let him see regardless of obtaining EMS, and taking a MS eye gives the possibility of EMS so why not? The only problem is that Kakashi only has one, but if Sasuke had two different EMS patterns that would be kind of cool. Imagine if he took one from Kakashi and one from Madara or Itachi (which would make me wonder if Sasuke would be immune to whatever Itachi’s gift was)

  98. sasugay doesn’t know of kakashi’s ms does he?
    i highly doubt he will be able to use sussano’o anytime soon, even if he wants too. he can’t use ametarasu much either or he’ll go blind.

    sasugay has completely lost his sanity or he would’ve been thinking of a way to escape at the moment.

  99. Naruto should get a wind blade thats like chidori and use his shadow clones to do collaboration jutsus with instead of crash test dummies

  100. @piggglettt: Can’t help but think that there’s so many useful wind techniques that Danzo could have taught Naruto, including that wind blade: http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/479/16-17/.

  101. @ Bob & co.: congrats on the milestone of 1 year in the trailer park that is WordPress, lol (yeah, I remember the old Shannaro…).

    My money is on Naruto interrupting the fight, allowing Sasuke to escape, but not before Naruto gets an eyeful of Sasuke’s blood lust. This fight should not be about brute strength, but guile; Kakashi just does not have the stamina for consecutive big chakra jutsus.

    Re Sakura: Kishi just does not give the females a break in this manga! Fine, she did not know that he was kage level, but for crying out loud, he was considerd a genius to start with, he defeated Itachi and trained with Oro for almost 3 years: a kunai??? just daft…

    Other nagging thing: Madara seems somewhat unconcerned with the loss of an arm. Perhaps the work of either Sasori or Kukuzu…

  102. gawsh i can’t keep up with all these comments O_O

    i’m sure there’s not much to add to all that’s already been said. i agree with bob about the lackluster of the situation.

    one might wonder if now is when naruto will release that “power” itachi bestowed upon him. the answer is no. that will come into effect when those two have their own fight. as for now, naruto will most likely be no more than a witness to the conclusion of events about to unfold, as his “eye-opening experience.”

    i have to admit though, even as a sasuke fan, he shouldn’t have a chance right now considering the imbalance in exhaustion between the two. if he ends up winning this bout it would be a little ridiculous. in a fair fight with both rested, i’m sorry kakashi you would lose. 😛

  103. i love how ppl say that if both were rested sasuke would win in a fight. Sure he has the most powerful jutsus but remember, the most powerful jutsus and fighter doesnt always win. For example in pein vs jirayia, jirayia is more powerful than pein but he lost. Even pein admitted that in a fair fight and if jiraya had known peins ability he would have won (http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/383/13/) So just because sasuke has the most ridiculously powerful jutsus doesnt mean he would win necessarily. than again kishi loves sasuke soooooo….

  104. I think that Naruto is gonna arrive just in time before the fight betweenn Kakashia and Sasuke starts, I would really like to see a Naruto have the same relationship with the nine tail fox as Killerbee does with his

  105. “jirayia is more powerful than pein”-HELL NO HE WASN’T!!! Nagato leveled all of Konoha, he was much more powerfull than Jiraiya was with Deva path alone. “Even pein admitted that in a fair fight and if jiraya had known peins ability he would have won” Nagato said “If he had known my secret he would have won.” it says nothing about either 1. a fair fight (fighting in Amegakure where Pein has to hold back and Jiraiya can destroy as he pleases is hardly fair 2. Jiraiya KNOWING Nagato’s secret is an unfair advantage. Did Nagato know all of Jiraiya’s secrets? no… In a FAIR fight Nagato would own Jiraiya, in Amegakure, with some extra help, Jiraiya MIGHT pull out a victory.

  106. @ Token:

    Pain meant that if Jiraiya knew where the real Pain was, then he would have (obviously) used his trump card (the Frog Genjutsu) on the real Pain and poof… Nagato is defeated.

    Jiraiya caught Pain off guard with that genjutsu as Pain didn’t know he had such a high level genjutsu technique in his arsenal… likewise, Pain surprised Jiraiya as Jiraiya ‘killed’ three dead bodies and not the actual one.

    This is what happens when Pain knows the jutsu: http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/435/007/

    He owns Pa Toad… obviously not letting him even start the technique.

  107. So, is the whole Sakura betraying Konoha over or is she waiting in the wings for a chance to “stab” Kakashi in the back? Thus making Sasuke believe she is willing to do anything for him.

    I think it would be her to stops Kakashi from killing Sasuke and not Naruto. As they’re about to take their leave thats when Naruto shows up.

    Sakura is a woman, their good at lying.

  108. @ssj
    Sasuke beat kakshi?? yeah right, theres no way he beat kakashi… I think that you should read Predator´s comment, I thought he/she had really good points in why Kakashi beats Sasuke,

  109. Kakashi wont lose..
    he’s a great analyzer in fights which i rank 2nd after Shikamaru…
    that fight wd sasuke might just be the curtain call

  110. @Sage of Seven Paths
    I think that Kakashiis 3rd, Shikamaru´s dad is probably the best beacuse he´s smarter than Shikamaru

  111. @asgard:

    Just because they both use lightning doesn’t mean Kakashi is better with it. In fact, in a way shorter period of time, Sasuke has done much more with his lightning-based attacks. I have never seen Kakashi manipulate a chidori, or even raidori in the ways Sasuke has. Do you really think that if Sasuke wanted to learn raidori he couldn’t? So Kakashi wouldn’t win just because they both use lightning. “even if Sasuke use Kirin, Beacuse who´s the man who cut a lighting with the Chidori before it struck the ground? Yeah that´s right my man Kakashi,” just because he has done that before doesn’t mean could cut kirin. And even if by some stroke of luck he did, so what? It isn’t like that is Sasuke’s only trump card, he has only used that move once, so to say kakashi could guard against it by no means means that he could be Sasuke. All these speculations like saying a basic earth style could combat the almighty susanoo, or “kakashi could probably over power tsukoyomi,” just because is ludacris. I am in no way convinced by Predator’s comment that Kakashi would beat Sasuke in a fair fight, most of his arguments just say something like, “well kakashi is pretty smart, I’m sure he’d find a way to beat (one of Sasuke’s really strong jutsus) by doing something cool.” Kakashi has even stated that Naruto is probably suprassed him, a while ago. I don’t know about you, but the general consencus right now is that Naruto and Sasuke are pretty evenly matched, give or take a few unaccounted for moves. Hence Sasuke in his best, would beat Kakashi. Do you really think Kakashi could have handled the amount of opponents Sasuke did at the Kage summit? He even struggled with Diedara, with Naruto’s help, and Diedara still got away. Sasuke defeated Diedara, or in the very least accomplished his goal in having diedara dead by the end of the fight. Kakashi is strong, but Naruto and Sasuke are stronger.

  112. As much as I would hate to see Sasuke beat Kakashi, it would continue one of the main themes of the manga. The new generation will surpass the past one. But on the other hand, I think it will be pretty evenly matched. Both have developed chidori into many different forms, with Sasuke turning it into the lightning sword and Kakashi showing us the lightning wolf attack he used against Pien. I think it would be very fitting for Sasuke to lose his sight in this fight, maybe even both of them losing their sharingans! Then sasuke would have to take Itachi’s eyes from Madara and it would just be a very interesting plot twist to see kakashi have to continue without his sharingan.

  113. I’m hoping that Kishimoto uses this fight to power up Sasuke’s lightning element after seeing what Kakashi can do. I also wouldn’t mind if he can copy Kakashi’s mostly unused MS ability because at least that’s better than spamming Itachi’s. I think everyone will live and grow in power because of it.

  114. Im more of the vein that madara might try and obtain kakashi’s sharingan. The interest he ahd in shuisuis has peaked my curiousity.

    I am concerned that this fight may be stopped and kakashi may not die but i think it will be at the cost os obito’s sharingan.

    Sasuke has lost the plot. I once believe that it would be sasuke & naruto against madara but now i have my doubts.

    on a more cooler note what happened to naruto’s cloack like minatos but red??!? man i luved that cloak it looked super cool!!!!

  115. I think that Sasuke has to lose here… or at least not win. Madara has told him he has limits and he will reach them soon, although Sasuke isn’t acting like it. I suppose it might be too early for Sasuke to realize this, but it is also a great time for it.

    I suppose Kakashi could lose his eye here… somehow I doubt it, but if he does and Tobito fans are correct then Obito could reclaim his lost eye.


    Develop his lightening element!??!? excuse me but Sasuke has taken the lightening element farther than anyone else in this series. He is able to use it frequently and in many different forms, channeling in his sword, a chidori sword, normal chidori, chidori current (the area effect jutsu) on others and himself. It’s true that Kakashi has a few other lightening jutsus, but he certainly doesn’t have more than Sasuke right now (or from what we’ve seen).

    As to Sasuke copying Kakashi’s MS technique I don’t think that’s possible. I think that it is either unique to Kakashi or to the sharingan eye Kakashi has, i.e. Obito’s bloodline. I think that MS techniques are kekkei genkai so you can’t copy them.

  116. uhhh y r u guys sayin he’ll take his eye i think a few chapters back it was said that it had 2 be brothers eyes 2 get the EMS or sum like that?…not sure

  117. @greenpeas, if we’re talking cloaks, the coolest cloak is the Akatsuki cloak. Its so cool that if an Akatsuki member EVER takes off his cloak, he dies shortly after.

  118. “Develop his lightening element!??!?”-yeah, he hasn’t done all that much, he created chidori varrients (but not the original) and yes Kirin is a chidori varient. Kakashi on the other hand has lightning clones, Raidori, lightning wolves. Sasuke has raw power in he techniques while Kakashi has skill. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled out the Raikage’s jutsu either since he has the sharingan.

    “I think that MS techniques are kekkei genkai so you can’t copy them.” 1. He HAS that kekkai genkai though and 2. He copied Itachi’s MS jutsu.

    Hyori: it never said that. If I’m wrong show it to me.

  119. Just throwing out a conspiracy theory… wouldn’t it be crazy if Madara’s left eye turns out to be a Byakugan? LOL

    Was watching some of the anime episodes and noticed Tobi perfectly timing sneak attacks like this one: http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/380/15/

    The Byakugan would help in this department… as well as explain y there’s no hole on his left side as the Byakugan would see through the mask.

    This is probably 99.9999999999% improbable, but just want to throw it out there 😉

  120. @walmart1
    It takes skill to do what Sasuke has done with lightening too, and you’re probably right that Sasuke could copy the Raikage’s technique, but I don’t know how long he could sustain it. Karin mentioned that the Raikage’s levels were bijuu levels and Sasuke doesn’t have that so he couldn’t use it for very long.

    I admit that Kakashi’s techniques show more creativity and they are a big reason why he’s my 2nd fav char (favorite still living char). I would argue that both Kakashi AND Sasuke have mastered the Raiton, just in different ways.

    As far as “copying Itachi’s techniques” this isn’t true. Nor is it true that Itachi implanted them in Sasuke. Itachi had to get the techniques from somewhere, and he said it himself; they were unlocked when he awakened his MS. The same goes for Sasuke, he got Amaterasu and Tsukyomi and Susanoo on his own when he awakened his MS.

    A big reason why I know he didn’t just copy them is because 1) Sasuke’s Tsukyomi still stinks, 2)It took Sasuke a while to perfect his Susanoo. If Kakashi, a non-Uchiha, can master and beat Zabuza making a water dragon I am sure that Sasuke is better at copying jutsu than Kakashi is. SO since Sasuke unlocked his MS abilities on his own (and we also know that TONS of Uchiha killed each other to try and get MS, rather than “simply copying it” which would have been much simpler) he would have to unlock Kakashi’s MS ability as well.

    To your point about needing to get MS eyes from your brother:

    The above page shows that many Uchiha in the clan killed each other to get MS but failed because they didn’t know the secret, which is…


    And in the link below Itachi specifically states that the eye sharing is the bond between Uchiha brothers.

  121. “congrats on the milestone of 1 year in the trailer park that is WordPress, lol (yeah, I remember the old Shannaro…).”

    I resent that remark, this place is at least equivalent to a rundown motel.

    “if we’re talking cloaks, the coolest cloak is the Akatsuki cloak. Its so cool that if an Akatsuki member EVER takes off his cloak, he dies shortly after.”

    Lol, I think that very well may be true for every member except for Sasuke of course because he’s the teacher’s pet.

    “Just throwing out a conspiracy theory… wouldn’t it be crazy if Madara’s left eye turns out to be a Byakugan?”

    That’d be a pretty interesting twist, recent events tell me that eyeball swapping is the new hot trend amongst ambitious shinobis and malevolent supervillains. But since kekkei genkei eyes are such popular collectors items these days, why didn’t Madara go get Nagato’s Rinnegans after he died?

  122. @ssj
    Yeah Sasuke did so well aginst the kages, you can see it here when he resting comfortable after beating them http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/466/17/

    If it wasn´t for Sasuke came there for Danzou and chaising him, and he just came ther to fight the kages he would have been killed by the Raikage, and the only reasson he lived after Mizukage was beacuse of Zetsu and Maddara saving him

  123. @asgard
    hmm..im not so sure…Shikaku Nara?..maybe..i used to think he’s only better at shogi bcoz of experience…. ^^
    & maybe Asuma just sucks at shogi..

  124. “But since kekkei genkei eyes are such popular collectors items these days, why didn’t Madara go get Nagato’s Rinnegans after he died?”

    I could say why didnt Madara just teleport into Konoha 3 years ago, captured Naruto and kept him in a cage barely alive until al the other demons were sealed. But it all comes down to the most powerful jutsu of them all, Plot no Jutsu

  125. I wonder how they are going to extract the eight and nine tail with the Demon Sealing Statue and Illusionary Dragon Nine Consuming Seals justus? Beacuse it took several days for all of the Akatsuki to complete it and now there are only two left, three if you count Sasuke but i doubt he cares about sealing theeight and nine tails… and whos going to summon the Demon Sealing Statue when pein is dead? Maddara probably know but can he do it with only one arm?

  126. @Soap

    cute pic. but one pic can not sum up his overall accomplishments in that battle. how about surviving an onslaught of all the kages + bodyguards. a task i unfortunately don’t think kakashi could accomplish if forced to fight them all like sasuke did.

    “If it wasn´t for Sasuke came there for Danzou and chaising him, and he just came ther to fight the kages he would have been killed by the Raikage,” even though he came for danzo, and surely would have rather avoided the raikage, that does not change the fact that he fought the raikage. and the raikage was the one taking it most seriously, as he had an extremely large grudge against sasuke, and anger fueling him. sasuke on the other hand couldn’t care less about the fight, planning on fighting danzo later, and still got the better of the raikage. and if the mizukage would have killed him, it would have only been because of the previous bombardment of opponents prior to their encounter.

  127. “I could say why didnt Madara just teleport into Konoha 3 years ago, captured Naruto and kept him in a cage barely alive until al the other demons were sealed. But it all comes down to the most powerful jutsu of them all, Plot no Jutsu”

    Quite true kisu, I think it’s also just their villainous pride getting in the way so they always have to do things the hard way — like how an arch villain just has to go into a 30 minute diatribe about how awesome his secret plan is even when he could just finish off the good guys and get it over with, meanwhile back up arrives and foils his plan.

  128. @Kisu besides everyone underestimating naruto, especially in the beginning, remember that madara is still a “shell” of his former self. while he can teleport at will it’s probable that he can only absorb people if they have low enough chakra to not resist him. it’s been shown before where people overcome crazy jutsu’s or genjutsu with pure force of chakra alone.

    personally i think madara’s lackluster is because he doesn’t have any offensive abilities and what he’s been parading around in isn’t his original body so he lost all the jutsu he’d aquired before. his 1 eye is the right sharingon, which as history shows contains the “most powerful genjutsu” and most of their defensive abilities (where as the left contains the “most powerful ninjutsu” and offensive abilities) so he still has impressive defensive abilities but nothing to really fight others with.

    With that in mind, i think his dimensional warp didn’t kill Fu and Torune, but is merely holding them captive to possibly manipulate and use them later in akatsuchi. That ability seems to be the completed version of kakashi’s MS ability, but with way more control.

  129. “Sasuke doesn’t have that so he couldn’t use it for very long.”-from the way he spams MS jutsu you could have fooled me.

    On uchiha eyes. Two things 1. Clan members usually call each other brothers regardless of relationship as seen with the hyuga clan, So when Itachi said “that’s the relationship between all Uchiha brothers” he could have been refering to any clan member relationship because they all have sharingan and MS potential. 2. When he said “we are eachother’s spares” of course they are, they are the only two remaining Uchiha

    on copying Itachi: I’m not saying he uses the sharingan, sees Kakashi and awakens the MS for the first time. I’m saying he uses it to copy the technique. He already HAS the MS so he could easily unlock whatever is necesary to use Kakashi’s jutsu.

  130. So other than madara… are these the last two sharingans?

  131. to comment on walmart’s “Clan members usually call each other brothers regardless of relationship as seen with the hyuga clan”, i think Hinata is the only Hyuga to do that (she called Neji “big brother” out of respect some point prior to their battle in the Chunin Exam). altho Naruto said he thought of Sasuke as a brother and Sai called his friend a brother also, but both of those might only bcoz neither had a blood-related brother and they wanted one badly
    anyways, since there’s a lot of talk about Sharingan, i think that Kakashi’s Kamui (the name of his MS technique) only developed as a freak accident created by a non-Uchiha getting MS (something that’s not supposed to happen) and therefore not copiable, but i may b wrong, and if u don’t believe me please don’t argue, i’m not trying to convince u anything, i just wanted to thro that out there
    PS, since when did “Raikiri” (lightning cutter) get it’s name changed to “Raidori” (either lightning bird or 1000 lightnings, i’m not sure, but i’m guessing the former)

  132. “PS, since when did “Raikiri” (lightning cutter) get it’s name changed to “Raidori” (either lightning bird or 1000 lightnings, i’m not sure, but i’m guessing the former)”- I’m just bad with Japanese names (and all names really)

  133. @NemoPrime

    I like to think that Tobi is Obito and so his MS would produce a different technique. Of course, this technique could also be a result of implantation of a sharingan eye (the 4th MS technique Itachi mentions to Sasuke during their fight).

    In a way that makes sense, so that MS jutsus are all the same, rather than every “brother pair” or bloodline having different MS techniques.


    This kindof goes with what I said above about Kakashi’s technique. Itachi mentions that by implantation Madara gained a new MS technique, so that means that it couldn’t be copied for sure. If Kakashi’s technique is due to the implantation then it would be impossible to copy because Sasuke lacks an implanted eye at the moment.

  134. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/386/09/ “- Well this settles the debate about whether it is unique to brothers or not. Ripcord, I guess it’s both possible either way since he could just unlock Kakashi’s technique on his own eventually, after knowing it was possible, but then he could also get it from implanting a foreign eye.

  135. If Naruto catches up, I say bring on the 2 on1 battle Yeah! Sasuke deserve to be spank by Naruto and Kakashi. F$%k that one on one sh*t. Give him double the pain…now that I’ve thought about it a combine worth of 2,000 years of pain. lol!

  136. kakashi has a left eye, madara needs a left eye…..coincidence???? i think this is where we are going to see the loss of obito’s eye to madara who at last finds the key to bring his powers back!!! BOOOYA!!!

    another thing both madara’s eye and kakashi’s eye share space time properties! both the defensive and offensive of the same coin. I think we are going to be all gutted that the famous sharingan kakashi will lose his eye. He will still live but wont be any good and that is why naruto must step up as Hokage and put on his trusty minato red version cloak and kick some a$$!!!!

    maybe even learn the FTG technique to boot. Have a mass clone rasenshuriken attack that teleport everywhere BAM! up urs madara!!!

  137. I totally agree 100% with this post. When I was reading this chapter I was thinking “uh shouldn’t you be out of chakra by now, let alone be able to freaking stay standing?”

    But the one thing I mostly agree with is Sakura. You have to understand, when I read the previous chapter I was so excited to see Sakura take initiative and finally see her take on something on her own. But of course it doesn’t happen.
    I feel there are such contradictions the way they have developed Sakura as a character.

    Above all ninja, she’s a medic meaning she should be one of the best people out their to avoid attacks, let alone “surprise” attacks (although to be honest, I knew Sasuke would do something like that). I mean it seems like Sakura was created for the sole purpose of being the damsel in distress needing to be saved, and even when that happens its just like 2 moments worth of a scene and then that’s it, she’s completely side lined again.
    This is what I mean, she’s full of contradictions. Her training says she should be able to do this, then when the story develops, it’s like she really isn’t that much different as to how she was before. I mean seriously the whole turning around and looking back instead of leaping or counter attacking when Karin gives off that Sasuke was gonna kill Sakura was just as if to say Sakura “is still as clumsy and weak minded as ever.”

    I mean flip she trained under Tsunade for crying out loud who could take on Kabuto and Orochimaru, then we have Sakura who can’t avoid an obvious flank attack??

    It’s freaking annoying. I wish they would clarify her and build her up accordingly rather than going back and forth every time the plot thickens. Either develop her sensibly or if she is just a “damsel who can kind of fight” then just develop her accordingly. Don’t make her seem like she’s going to become one thing, and then not, but then she is, but then oh nope she doesn’t.
    Frustration!! Sorry for the long post, and love the blog and website.

    Anyway that’s my 2 cents. Does anyone else feel the same or is it just me?

  138. @Rayban

    I think the biggest problem with Sakura is her “inner Ssakura” is gone. What should have happened is that her “inner Sakura” was able to take over and then she could become a powerful ninja, but instead Kishi just made it disappear. I guess her “inner Sakura” could still be there in a sense, that is what causes all of the contradictions.

    Of course, every ninja can’t be super powerful, it just feels weirder because most teams we’ve seen the whole team has been balanced (Gaara’s team is all very strong, Jiraiya’s was very strong, Lee’s is just all OK, Shikamaru’s (even though he’s a fav. of mine) isn’t all that powerful either.

    So cue Team 7 and we have Naruto: a jinchurriki, son of the 4th Hokage, Toad Sage; Sasuke: Uchiha prodigy, Mangekyou Sharingan; Sakura: Medical jutsu, and as Kakashi said “used to be a genjutsu type” but isn’t anymore, super strength

    Sakura never has been on the same level as Sasuke and Naruto… so maybe in a way the question is why should everyone be expecting her to be on the same level? At least Tsunade has the family history (grand daughter of the 1st Hokage), Sakura as far as we know has nothing. I guess it probably comes from Kishi not wanting to greatly develop 3 characters, 2 is hard enough.

  139. @ssj
    you said: how about surviving an onslaught of all the kages + bodyguards. a task i unfortunately don’t think kakashi could accomplish if forced to fight them all like sasuke did
    and: and if the mizukage would have killed him, it would have only been because of the previous bombardment of opponents prior to their encounter.

    How does that add up? if he fights the five kages he fight them all and need to be able to handle them all and he clearly didn´t,so you can´t blame that he would have ben killed by mizukage beacuse of the previous bombardment.. he would have ben killed if it wasn´t for Zetsu and Maddara so he did not accomplish anything there…
    Kakashi wouldn´t either be able to survive all of the kages, but then again Kakashi isn´t that stupid to do like that

  140. The accomplishment I was talking about with Sasuke surviving, and successfully besting all the opponents was from the start of the raikage fight, until he made the walls collapse on everyone attacking him with Susano. True it was not all the kages, but still more than Kakashi would be able to handle. And yeah Kakashi isn’t psychotic enough to put himself in that situation, that isn’t the topic at hand though. It is pretty blantantly obvious (especially with the recent chapters) that Sasuke is growing ever more psychotic.

    “if it wasn´t for Zetsu and Maddara so he did not accomplish anything there…” – yeah well if it weren’t for Zetsu and Madara ratting him out, he wouldn’t have been put in that situation in the first place, and could have just skipped to killing danzo in the first place.

  141. Well using the Naruto > Pain logic, Sasuke was only using his environment (Zetsu, Madara, Hawk, etc) and still survived against the 4 kages.

    It’s official!!! Sasuke v 4 Kages in a 1 v 4 handicap match is a DQ draw by one-eyed interference!


  142. @ satr69, u make a better defense of Sasuke than ssj does

  143. My defense is simply: He took on 13 of the world’s strongest ninja at once. It’s kind of like the naruverse olympics, he might not have fully succeded (he didn’t kill any ninja) but he did accomplish his goal (killing Danzo) doesn’t he get some points for shear difficulty. As far as Kakashi vs. The Five Kages: I think he could do as well as Sasuke did (he could hold his ground against the Raikage and Gaara, but would virtually be out of it after that.

  144. @ ripcord

    What you say makes sense. I suppose it might be too difficult developing 3 characters strongly, but I don’t think it’s impossible. I mean she’s in the story line and scenes enough that it would make sense to develop her more.

    I guess the reason why I might feel she’s a contradicted character is about how you were saying Naruto and Sasuke have been developed quite well and then Sakura in terms of character is like a nothing.

    It seems like they’ve decided to grossly empower Naruto and Sasuke so much that they left nothing for Sakura to do. It’s almost as if she’s the emotional filler, or the character that’s specifically purposed for a drama build up.

    I just think since the whole story is linked to the 3 of them (mostly) I wish they would at least try balancing it out a little more between the 3 of them. I guess I’m sort of picturing the 3 sennin battle with Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade.

    If at any time somehow in the future something like that would happen between Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, she’d be the only one with nothing to offer at all (in comparison to Naruto and Sasuke). I don’t know I just wish they would do something real with Sakura instead of just small developments all the time. Who knows, it might happen in the future, although I feel Shippuuden will be the last of the Naruto series.

    Anyways thanks for the reply. Update me on any more of your thoughts.

  145. @walmart1
    lol..olympics…but sasugay’s performance was that he was on the defensive…he never scored a hit with the kages…[the chidori on the Raikage didnt damage him much]…but he acted well…it was Raikage E who acted rash by sacrificing his arm just to get sasugay….& he knows he’s wasting time taking on E & Gaara then he did the wise thing to do…
    well, Naruto also took on 7 of awesomely strong ninjas with 6 of them being controlled by 1 godlike ninja with Rin’negan….he dstroyed five of them wd passing colors, the 6th with a little help, & did his ultimate jutsu: Make A Friend-no-jutsu into the 7th… ^^

  146. sasuke succeded…he did wt he set out 2 do..he killed his target…..raikage came 2 him 4 beef less im sure he wldv by passed who didnt matter n went str8 4 danzo…kakashi wuldnt do aswell….takes him 2 long 2 get his mangekyou going…..that fyt he had wiv thw kages was above a sharingan level n dout kakashi wuld get the tym 2 do his eye like he did wiv dierdra(cnt remember hw 2 spell his name…lol)…the reason students seem 2 always beat teahers is bcz the students r suppose 2 improve wt they lernt frm there masters who r @ the limits of there power n skill….etc…

    the convo bout sasuke over using he eyes is a bit mad…..i mean no-1 knows hw much itachi used his since actually gettin them plus he sonctanly walked around wiv his sharingans on…evytym we saw him he was doin a genjutsu which was ooooooobviously on a high level…..so cooooome on….yh sasukes been rinsing it but its a joke if hes goin blind alredy…..wts the point of gainin that power if it goes ina few days…..sumtyms fans jus lose there trail of 4t n support who ever they like….
    i dnt fink he shuld b goin blind yet its way 2 soon…..PLUS itachi’s genjutsu was over sik….he culd hold it 4 aslong as he wanted….sasukes is pretty weak altho he found a way 2 mke that wrk ina battle…..but prehaps he is better wiv sasunoo(dunno hw 2 spell it…lol) than itachi was….hmmmmmm thats wt i fink anyway…….
    PS…..osnt there a site like this where ppl tlk bout bleach……AIZEN is the MAN

  147. itachi CONSTANTLY ……super typo there srry…lmao

  148. PS is there…….quite a few typos……WOW

  149. @GreenPeas, Kishimoto stated in an interview that Naruto will NOT be the Sixth Hokage (Danzo wasn’t either, he died before he could become it).

  150. i think kishi is trying to make me tire of naruto. and he’s succeeding nicely. i really don’t want to comment on the chapter so i’ll just say that i love how the sasuke laughing pic was used for the 1 mil visitors thing.

  151. “well, Naruto also took on”- I think Naruto is also a strong ninja and stronger than Kakashi (who they were talking about)

    @PRO: I disagree about the Itachi thing, he used his normal sharingan most of the time, and only used Tsukyoumi when in need. Amatseru he only used in desperate situations, and supposedly only used Sussano’o a few times before his fight with Sasuke. Itachi also said the more you use MS the faster you go blind, but this doesn’t apply to the regular sharingan.

    On the bleach site: it’s called bleachedichigo.com and there is a link above.

  152. @PROIt desn´t take so long time for Kaashi to activate his MS anymore look how fas he did it against Pein when he took away hes ha attacking Choji

  153. there is a a site called bleachedichigo…but it aint the same here where the people are really lively

  154. @Gordon….SAFE 4 the bleach site…and OOOOOOH YEAH i 4gt he did that kinda quik still….lol….but still fik he wuld lose….lol
    @walmart…..i hear wt ur sayin bout the normal sharingan…..but we dnt kno hw much he used it b4 sasuke fight…..i jus fin its a bit soon 4 sasuke 2 b goin blind….kinda booooo…

  155. @Silver_Uchiha,

    ” It shows why we have to try to help people when there is still time to do so.”

    nicely said… i like that 🙂

  156. Lilmoe, yes, it reminds me of this moving picture:

  157. By the way, Bleach Chapter 382 is out and it is friggin’ awesome!!!

    On another note, I think everyone is taking Kishi’s love for Sasuke too seriously. I make this point: By making Sasuke seem so strong that no one can oppose him, he is also building Sasuke’s ego up to the point where he will inevitably over-exert himself and leave himself vulnerable… the same way Orochimaru did against Sarutobi. See where I am going with this. Building Sasuke up to be this powerful, makes his fall all the more obvious, we saw the same thing with Pien.

    All I know is that Kakashi is the man, Naruto is the man, and Sakura is the girl (note I did not call her a woman, she ain’t that grown up yet like Tsunade).
    I think we are gonna be as pleasantly suprised at Kakashi’s skill as when we first saw him, saw his fight with Zabuza, saw him re-test Naruto and Sakura, and most of all when he fought Kakazu. Everyone underestimates Kakashi because he is so relaxed and cool, but when the ish hits the fan there is no one better.

  158. Good points shikamaruistheman. For me, its ridiculous how sasuke pulls out crazy S-class techniques out of his @$$ at will.

    Anyway, I’m a huge Kakashi fan. But Kishi made him into a Piccolo character, albeit way more cool + useful, by capping his strength/power (whatever u call it) early on in the manga and continuing to do so in the subsequent time skip.

    Example: Kishi didn’t do him justice by making him shit his pants when Orochimaru confronted him during the chunnin exam arc. By doing so, kishi all but spelled out that Oro is quite a few levels ahead of Kakashi.

    And then there’s the time when Kakahi got owned from looking at Itachi.

    Granted these 2 cases occurred 3+ years ago, but still, even at that time he was supposed to be one of, if not the, top jounin in the village.

    I understand that these defeats were meant to build up the main villains, but Kishi could have definitely made Kakashi put up more of a fight against both.

  159. Also, more recently, Kishi’s short-changed Kakashi in the Deidara battle and Pain fight.

    Deidara: although this wasn’t really a fight per se, Deidara ultimately escaped minus 2 arms in an 8v1. Neji came out looking the worst by far in this fight since he can “track” with his eyes. I guess Kakashi concentrated on taking care of Naruto instead of capturing Deidara.

    The Pain fight was somewhat of a disappointment. Not really sure what to say without offending ppl, but I think Jiraiya’s fight is more indicative of how a kage-level ninja would fare against Pain. Keep in mind that Kakashi fought only 2 Pains with the help of 2 really fat guys.

    I think Kakashi’s showing against Kakuzu and Hidan really showcased his badassness. I mean, that fight was the definition of babysitting. He successfully defended against both Akatsuki while babysitting the other 2/3 and saving them several times.

  160. Kakashi fans, hold off on the pitchforks for one more minute plz!

    Having said all that, I don’t think Sasuke (at a hypothetical 100%) after completing Susannoo, etc, is as powerful as Itachi was. There have been a few allusions to this, most recently by Danzou in commenting on the efficacy of Sasuke’s Tsukiyomi.

    I know a few villains have commented that Sasuke has higher potential than Itachi… BUT, let’s look at the facts:

    -For all intensive purposes, Itachi has achieved more at their respective ages than Sasuke has (activating sharingan, ms, reaching jounin, captaining AMBU squad, etc).

    -Tobi/Madara commented that Sasuke would surpass Itachi… in hindsight, this fact seems pretty obvious since Tobi/Madara knew of Itachi’s plan to fast-track Sasuke’s MS and techniques and that Itachi was gonna be a gonner due to illness, so Sasuke would eventually pass a dead target that has peaked, even if it takes him 30 years to do so without Itachi’s fast-track MS succession plan.

    -I think Oro also said something about Sasuke having more potential. Here are other Orochimaru JUDGEMENT calls:

    1) Oro thought his clandestine experiments in Konoha would not be found out ==> he was found out and fled the village becoming a missin-nin

    2) Oro thought ambushing Itachi was a sure thing ==> he lost a hand

    3) Oro thought his invasion of Konoha was a sure thing ==> he (temporarily) lost his techniques

    4) Oro thought that he could raise his pet Sasuke, transfer into his body via the anal route without a hitch ==> Sasuke ended up absorbing Oro

    5) Oro wanted to act cool and let a tired and worn out Itachi stab him with his Susannoo sword and pose laughing belting “u think that’s enough to kill me, muhahhaaha” ==> Oro was wrong, as that was indeed enuff to take him out

    There are probably more.

    I hesitate to take advice from a guy with such a crappy track record at making JUDGEMENTS 😉

  161. Oh forgot to finish my point…

    Kakashi will probably be able to put up a good fight against Sasuke. IMO, a 100% Sasuke is still not as strong as Itachi was on any level.

  162. The new chapter is out and once again sakura is useless

  163. hahaha……484 is OUT !!!

  164. can anyone pls explain how naruto wisk sakura away that fast….. haha…. the new chapter packs in quite a bit

  165. @boiy

    We already saw when the Cloud ninjas fought Naruto, Sai, and Sakura that Naruto was very fast even not in sage mode. I think his speed has drastically increased by training with the frogs. Also, Sasuke can’t see too well now so my guess is his reaction time is not so good.


    My last point kindof goes with what you were saying. Itachi was able to hold off Sasuke EVEN WHEN BLIND! and now Sasuke probably could be easily beaten by Sakura if she was serious even though he isn’t completely blind yet.

  166. @ripcord and Star, the difference between Sasugay and Itachi is their fighting styles. Itachi is a pacifist and uses the Managkyou sparingly, while mostly using “normal” genjutsu and other miscellaneous abilities. Sasugay on the other hand, is a cold-blooded maniac that tries to crush his opponents with brute force, so he uses his Managkyou in EVERY fight. So even while Itachi was mostly blind, he could still fight with his other abilities, but Sasugay has begun to solely depend on the Sharingan.

  167. @ ripcord and kisu:

    I agree. Itachi has the intelligence, strategic insight and techniques… he fights with smarts… he doesn’t waste any movement if it’s not needed… I believe Kakashi said something like this as well.

    To me, Itachi is the ceiling that Sasuke will probably not reach. Kinda like what Goku is to Vegeta… but Itachi is dead now, so the ceiling can’t get any higher… lol

  168. WAHHHH it deeply saddens me to hear that chapter 484 is out and Sakura is still useless!

    OMG why do they even create her, or continue to put her into the story line if she absolutely serves no purpose and is not able to actually contribute when it’s most necessary?

    It’s annoying because yes I am a Sakura fan, but it annoys me that Kishi has left her the most pathetic. I would have rather Kishi not create Sakura at all rather than create her and make her the “hindrance” of every situation regarding Naruto and Sasuke.

    She is like the ninja that was destined to be “the on always in the way”…

    Do SOMETHING with her or get rid of her please, I can’t stand being a fan of hers and watching her become useless as the story continues!


  170. ITT: bob crying about sasuke being to strong

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