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Minor Clans of Konoha…

Post Author: Noneatencookie

Ja everyone!  Welcome back to my Clans series!  Since I did the Uchiha, Senju, and the Hyuga in the last post, I’ll be going all (Well, maybe not all, as there are A LOT of them…) the minor clans of the Leaf.  Well, here goes nothing…

Aburame Clan

  • Known Members: Shino Aburame, Shibi Aburame, Shikuro Aburame, and Torune [Enter Surname Here]

The Aburame are a clan within Konoha that is characterized by their use of insects as weapons.  The insects live inside the clan members, feeding on their Chakra.  When a baby is born into the Aburame, they are offered to a special group of insects (Destructive Bugs) as a nest.  The relationship between the host and the insects is mutually beneficial.  The insects get shelter and a source of food, while the host is allowed to use the insects to do their bidding.  This lets them use Ninjutsu-Like Techniques without Hand Seals or Chakra.

The Aburame also use the insects for studies.  They can use the insects for espionage, too.  They are great for spying because they make no noise.  The Aburame can communicate with the insects that inhabit them.  While all Aburame can use the Destructive Bugs, only a few can use the Nano Destructive Bugs (Torune and Shikuro Aburame)

A running trait between the Aburame is that they all wear dark sunglasses and coats that cover some of their face.

For more information on the Aburame Clan, Click Here

Akimichi Clan

  • Known Members: Choji Akimichi, Choji’s Mother, Choza Akimichi, Torifu Akimichi

The Akimichi are a clan that can convert calories into Chakra.  They do this so they may use their Hidden Jutsu, Multi-Size Jutsu, and other Body-Related Jutsu.  If normal calories are enough for battle, the Akimichi can use their Three Colored Pills to consume extra body fat, but it endangers the users health.

The Akimichi seem to have a very personal relationship with the Nara and Yamanaka Clans.  For at least two generations, they have been in a team named ‘Ino-Shika-Cho’, Cho being the Akimichi.

Also, Choza and Choji have been seen with the clans symbol somewhere on their body.

For more information on the Akimichi Clan, Click Here

Inuzuka Clan

  • Known Members: Hana Inuzuka, Kiba Inuzuka, and Tsume Inuzuka
  • Known Canines: Akamaru, Kuromaru, and Three Haimaru Brothers

The Inuzuka are a clan of people how have a canine (Most dogs, some wolves) partner for combat.  They get their canine companion after they reach a certain age, and they are together the rest of their lives.  They become inseparably after a few years.  Due to their relationship, they are apparently able to mix their Chakra and use Collaboration Jutsu. (e.g. Fang over Fang, Wolf Fang, Man-Beast Clone.)

Kiba also mentions that his mother, Tsume, scared his father away.  (Not really having to do with the clan, just thought it was funny.)

For more information on the Inuzuka Clan, Click Here

Nara Clan

  • Known Members: Shikamaru Nara, Shikaku Nara, and Yoshino Nara

The Nara are a clan that use shadows in their Jutsu.  They have also been known to tend to the deer that live in the Nara Forest.  They have kept a book with many medicines and ingredients which suggests that they have a history in medicine.  Within that book, is the Triple Secret Pills of the Akimichi. (See above)

The members of the clan are often considered geniuses, but the men are mostly lazy and hard to motivate.  But, if you can get them to get off their butts and actually do something (e.g. Shogi) they’ll whip your butt!  The men also seem to be attracted to stern, overbearing women.

The Nara also seem to have a special connection with the Akimichi and Yamanaka Clans.  Like I said with the Akimichi, the three clans have been in the same team for at least two generations, titled ‘Ino-Shika-Cho’, the Nara being the Shika.

For more information on the Nara Clan, Click Here

Sarutobi Clan

  • Known Members: Asuma Sarutobi, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Konohamaru Sarutobi, Unnamed Son of Asuma and Kurenai Yuhi (Not Born Yet)

The Sarutobi are a clan that is very influential in the Fire Country.  Adult members are very famous in the Fire Country, whether being Hokage (Hiruzen), or being a member of the Twelve Ninja Guardians (Asuma).

All the members are observed devotees on the Will of Fire.

Also, some clan members have been able to master very high-level Jutsu, a feat that earned Hiruzen the title, ‘God of Shinobi’ and Konohamaru has learned a few A-Rank Jutsu (Rasengan and Shadow Clone Jutsu)

For more information on the Sarutobi Clan, Click Here

Also, look at the second to last Interesting Fact: Naruto Second Fanbook

Yamanaka Clan

  • Known Members: Ino Yamanaka and Inochi Yamanaka

The Yamanaka are a clan that specialize in controlling people’s minds.  Ino and Inochi both have blond hair and blue eyes (Characteristic Trait?)

They also have a connection to the Nara and Akimichi Clans.  Just look above for why.

They own a flower shop and Ino specialzes in flowers (Coincidence?)

For more information on the Yamanaka Clan, Click Here

Next Time: Clans of Kirigakure!


18 Responses

  1. hey, uhm, i remember reading that Kishi wants to make Kurenai’s and Asuma’s kid a girl, not a boy

  2. Sorry, I’m not sure which one it is, so i’ll just keep it as boy until I hear wrong (And have proof)

  3. @ cookie, don’t kno if u trust Narupedia, but according to Kurenai’s page Kishi revealed in an interview he wants to make it a girl (you’ll have to look in the “trivia” section): http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Kurenai

  4. Okay. I was just looking at the Clan page, not Kurenai’s or Asuma’s

  5. all in all you did a good job with this post. its good reading and has some history of the clans. in my opinion though i would have recomended doing this as a 2 or 3 parts series covering only 2 or 3 clans at a time. some of the clans (like sarutobi) have a lot of history available, and i think focusing a little more on information not commonly known would be much more informative. Also as a side note wasnt there a member of the yamanaka clan travelling with danzo? cant remember if it was or someone who uses similar techniques.

    all in all a good read though. keep up the good work. i look forward to reading your next post.

  6. WASTE OF TIME…copy and paste much?

  7. @ X

    you know, if all your going to do is bitch and not offer constructive critcism then maybe you shouldnt be posting.

  8. Naruto 483 is out! do the right thing and lets get blogging, I can’t do it from my cell! Sasuke is nuts!

  9. @bringerofkaos

    shut up. douche.

    oh yea sasugay is a huge douche too. just like paintheclown..oops im sorry, i meant to say the cookiemonster…? hahahaha

  10. @ x

    nice ten year old internet rage you got there.

  11. bringerofchaos, yes, there was a Yamanaka, his name is Fu, and he is the strongest known Yamanaka (and yet he supposedly died in the same arc he was introduced, but he was fighting Madara, who’s way beyond anyone Ino or Inoichi have been shown fighting)

  12. He died? I thought he just got taken to Madara land. And would later resurface as a mindless zombie (guess that being a zombie does make you dead but still WTF?

  13. @NP: Fu didn’t die. He was absorbed by Madara. Sasuke didn’t die when he was absorbed, so Fu didn’t either.

  14. 483 is such a short chapter T_T

  15. @ mart and naru, sorry, i just figured that Madara might have been able to send him to a spot in the dimension that wouldn’t b survivable. but anyways, he probably won’t come back, and if the Naruverse’s humans have similar needs to humans in the real world, then he’d die of thirst in several days unless rescued (which is unlikely)

  16. Yeah@NP

    So, I read the new Manga chapter >_>

    NP, I bet you flew out of your seat at the part chidori was coming at Sakura…then died when Kakashi saved her XD

  17. i got a few question.

    Senju clan > members (first second hokage) who else?

    Question 2: Uzumaki Naruto> Uzumaki clan do they exist or he is somebody without a clan?

    Question 3: Minato namikaze> same Namikaze clan?

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