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Naruto Grand Tournament Final Week Voting:

What’s the Naruto Grand Tournament about? Read more here!

Week 4 Winners: Shikamaru, Kakuzu, Gaara, Jiraiya
Week 4 results:
Week 3 results:
Week 2 results:
Week 1 results:

For the final week of the Naruto Grand Tournament, the final four fighters will compete in round robin matches to determine the Tournament Champion, meaning every character will have a chance to battle his other three opponents in separate matches. The winner of the tournament will be determined by whomever accumulates the most victories in this final round. In case of ties, the winner will be determined by whomever accumulated the most total votes in the matches this week.

For all characters where possible, assume it’s their part 2 counterpart in the battle. Week 5 voting will close end of day Friday February 19th (you may still vote after wards, but they won’t count towards final tally).


49 Responses

  1. Gogogo! Gaara 4’eva!!!! C’mon Gaara Fans, vote for him!!!!

    P.S. 1st Comment 🙂

  2. I say Jariya COULD beat Shika and Gaara but MIGHT lose to Kakuzu. (I am aware that all of Jariya’s fan base will vote for him and he will murder Kakuzu in the poll…”Jariya Rules”….)

    Kakuzu beats shika and Gaara

    Gaara beats Shika

    Why might Kakuzu win? Because he has endurance, element combos and element advantages. Why might he lose? Because frankly he had the cheapest death in all of the series.

  3. Wow, polls aren’t liking me today. O__O

    Gaara v. Shikamaru; Gaara because while Shikamaru is smart, sometimes (Actually most of the time) strength beats smarts. Gaara could surprise Shikamaru with a Sand Burial from below, then Gaara crushes him, the end. (By the way, I’m really NOT a Gaara fan. In fact, I feel he’s one of the worst charcters.)

  4. Oh, sorry for double posting, but I’ll add the other match-ups later.

  5. @mart1
    You say we Jiraiya voters just vote out of fandom, but I say we vote because he is the strongest. What’s to say the votes Kakuzu got are not those of his fans, or the ones Gaara got or Shikamaru. We vote for him because he is the strongest. So all the matches involving Jiraiya, I vote Jiraiya.

    As far as Gaara vs Shikamaru as we saw during the first part of the Naruto Series Gaara’s Sand isn’t affected by shadow possesion jutsu, winner, Gaara, the man’s man.

    Shikamaru vs Kakuzu- This is a tough one, but I give it to Kakuzu, Kakuzu has alot of battle experience, he’s fairly intelligent and he has a wide variety of jutsu, he can also separate his masks to attack individually with elemental jutsu.

    Kakuzu vs Gaara- I give it to Gaara, he only lost to Deidara for protecting the village, frankly Gaara’s sand and sand manipulating abilities are too much for Kakuzu, bury him under the earth and be done with it.

    But in the end, Jiraiya wins, and yes he does rule. 8)

  6. this is such a fantest. People actually think Kakuzu would lose to Gaara and SHIKAMARU!

  7. Gaara vs Shika – gaara’s little skirmish in the hospital in part one made perfectly clear that immobilizing him is no point, he controls sand with mere thoughts
    Jirayia vs Kakuzu/vs shikamaru – what can I say,J-man 4ever
    Jirayia vs gaara – wow really tough, but I pick pervy sage
    shikamaru vs kakuzu – okaaay, 35 delusionals, this is were I back away slowly. seriously people what the heck? kakuzu can split himself into 5 MONSTERS i would like to see Shika try to IMMOBILIZE THEM ALL AT ONCE
    kakuzu vs gaara – I think kakuzu wins here but it’s gonna be really tough for him

    seriously if you ask me shikamaru wasn’t supposed to be here, it’s lee’s place, it’s the same thing as with haku and hinata, more popular character won the vote

  8. Ahem! Gaara has improved from part 1 to part 2, not only his Sand Control but he might have better control of Shukaku. So Gaara actually has a chance to defeat Kakuzu and Jiraiya. 🙂 🙂 Lets Go Gaara Fans!!!

  9. Nevermind the above comment. I forgot Gaara doesnt have Shukaku anymore 😦

  10. “voters just vote out of fandom”- not just out of fandom, but rather an augmentation. Look at the post above me (RED-Gaara’s…)

    Shika can’t beat Kakuzu because as seen in their first encounter, Kakuzu is immune to shadow bind via sending his tentacles through the earth.

    Kakuzu is also immune to Gaara’s sand because he has the lightning element and can use it repeatedly.

    Gaara is immune to Shika…

    Kakuzu vs. Jariya: just considering the possibilities, however while Naruto owned him with Rasenshuriken and clones meaning Jariya could probably do the same, Kakuzu did have to take on several ninja beforehand and had his two most usefull hearts destroyed previously (fire to own Naruto’s wind and earth as a defence). Pre-sage mode Jariya focuses a lot on elements and element combos so I think Kakuzu would win here, but if he got into sage mode I think Jariya would win soley on speed and strength (sage mode rasengan)

  11. i say kakuzu will easily beat shikamaru and gaara cause he has the ability to use the five elements. shikamaru is only good with coming ideas with its squad, alone shikamaru is nothing as he doesnt have good moves and abilities, gaara is really strong but gaara will weaken against lightning and water so kakazu has an upper hand and gaara doesnt have shakaku so kakuzu has the upper hand here aswell. gaara also lost deidara one of the akatsuki member so its not impossible that gaara cant loose to kakuzu.
    jiraiyaa the sanin could have defeated pain only if he had knew the secret of pain but kakuzu will be nothing against its sage mode. no doubt jiraiya will easily beat shikamaru and gaara.
    it doesnt matter about which character has more fans vote for the ones who you think has more chances to win.

  12. Gaara vs Shikamaru/Kakuzu – Gaara’s sand can act alone… need I say more. As for Kakuzu, his body is one tough cookie, so I doubt Sand Burial and Desert Requim would do Kakuzu damage…(maybe Desert Requim, I mean Kimimaro had bones hard enough as steel and Kakuzu can only go so far as to harden into earth) So Kakuzu’s Water dampens Sand, his Wind can (maybe) blow it, Lightning can penetrate any Sand, and Earth vs Sand tis but a draw. Hands down Kakuzu.
    Shikamaru vs Kakuzu/Jiraiya – Lemme go ahead n say Jiraiya wins outright. As for Kakuzu, I think if Shikamaru had preparation, he would definitely be able to knock two hearts off Kakuzu. If he was lucky and he destroyed the Lightning Heart and Wind Heart (those are the two most mobile) Shikamaru would have immediately taken out the most lethal hearts and unbalanced Elemantal combos for Kakuzu to use. I wouldn’t put it past me to say that Shikamaru would get close enough to kill Kakuzu’s Earth Heart or the Fire Heart (least mobile, thus easier to kill)

  13. @bloodsasuke, this isnt Hidan vs Shika, its Kakuzu vs Shika. BIG DIFFERENCE. Kakuzu has the POWER Hidan lacked AND the brains, plus limited immortality. He has 92 years worth of experience and has shown that he’s a tactical fighter as well, he’d definitely beat Shikamaru, in an instant. Both Gaara and Shikamaru shouldn’t have made it this far anyway, their presence means Jiraiya is assured a win. The finals should have been Kisame, Kimimaro, Jiraiya and Raikage………..but I guess three of those werent POPULAR enough to make it this far

  14. I think the end battle is Gaara vs jiraiya. But jiraiya wins (and I’m a Gaara fan) but the jutsu jiraiya has are sufficient to take out Gaara. Gaara however is strong and intelligent enough to take out the rest. And ya, his sand protects him and seriously the others aren’t fast enough to take out Gaara-Gaara part 2 is not Gaara part 1

  15. i agree with kisu about who should have been through to this stage except maybe kimmimaro. shikamaru has intelligence but nothing else. and how is kakuza losing some of these, i’d probably rank him as the 3rd strongest in akatsuki after pein and itachi and he’d probably even give both of them a run for their money. gaara is undoubtedley strong but with a bit of speed, intelligence and strength easily beatable.

  16. sorry i dont think shikimaru could defeat kakuzu, kakuzu was pretty badass and far more experienced and tactical fighter than hidan like kisuzachi said, and while shikimaru has alot of brains he just doesnt have the power neccessary to take on kakuzu.

    its not just that Jiriyia is more popular, although that is something that is considered, but Jiriyia is not nearly as weak as you seem to be making him out to be. Jiriyia is easily one of the most powerful characters, with amazing amounts of natural Physical strength and endurance. thats without sage mode.

    sage mode seems to be the only think you give as an advantage for him, its not he has a whole range of jutsu’s and battle skills that outweigh Kakuzu’s, not just brute power. Jiriyia has been shown to be incredibly smart in figuring out his opponent’s abilities and powers similiar to shikimaru, though problably not as in depth as shiki.

    he’s not a sanning for nothing ya know.

    Garra vs Jiriyia- pretty obvious, jiriyia

    garra vs shiki- eeh not to sure, im inclined to say garra, if not just because of his sand to keep shikimaru back from doing to many tricks.

  17. aahh typo, meant Sannin not sanning

  18. “incredibly smart in figuring out his opponent’s abilities and powers similiar to shikimaru”- I talked about strength because Kakuzu’s abilities are fairly straight forward and don’t need figuring out. I recognize Jariya as one of the most powerful characters, but it annoys me that everyone thought at the begining that no-one else had any chance, so as I said, I’m just looking at the possibilities.

  19. @mart1-
    i can see what your saying, about being annoyed anyway.

    its just because kakauzu didnt really get any real good length of page time, because at least kishimoto knows that this manga is Supposed to be Naruto, not “Dude who pulls jutsu’s out of his ass, and cant die, and has seemingly no limit to his chakra even though its said he’s out of it like 15 different times in a single fight”…..cough.. yea anyways its just page time that everyones convinced about

    oh and mart half that paragraph wasnt directed at you, it was more to some paticular fans >.>

  20. “I talked about strength because Kakuzu’s abilities are fairly straight forward and don’t need figuring out”

    what i meant about jariya being able to figure out his oppenents moves, was that he was able to understand them, and come up with a way to counteract it or complelty overcome it more easily than with just power.

  21. god how many times can you spell the name jiraiya wrong?

  22. as many times as i can comment XD

    i know iv been mispelling it, i was just to lazy to correct it.

  23. I’m terrible with names, I spelt Gaara as Garra for a while Sasuke as Saskue, ect. It seems like whenever I get one down I start spelling another wrong… meh.

  24. wow, i can’t believe Kakuzu is going 0-3 so far. This is the guy who pretty much pwned Kakashi and his team, plus he had fought against the first hokage before and has 80+ years of battle experience.

  25. pwned and pwned, Kakashi would have killed him sooner or later, Kakashi di sneak up on him with out him even notice and Kakashi would have jused his MS and taken out at least one heart more, and then taken the other reamining hearts too

  26. I agree Bob. How the hell could shikamaru beat him when he was SHOWN countering shadow bind with ease…

    Gaara might be a little bit more arguable, but I don’t see how he would defeat the lightning heart when lightning has been shown to defeat his sand.

  27. This is cheap shit daara shika both would lose to kakuzu I hate fandom

  28. Just like grimmjow would say “blow me” or “fuck off” to all the fandom bitches

  29. wtf? shika leading against kakuzu?!?!?!? WTF?! O_o people this ain’t popularity contest once and for all!!!!!!!!!!!
    kakashi was losing against kakuzu bhow can SHIKAMARU WIN?!??!??!

  30. how the crap can shikamaru win against kakuzu!?! people r stupid if they think that

  31. yea agreed, Kakuzu should be way more up on votes on most of those fights, but like i said before it kinda depends on page lenght for characters, because people are like “who’s that? idk , and idc il just pic that dude i know him”.

    maybe, but kakashi wouldnt have been able to do it by himself in a 1vs1 fight agaisnt kakuzu.

  32. Dudes, the final four should have been:

    Sasori (Because of his intelligence, mainly. Because of pretty much the way he fights: Tactically and with no flaws in manoeuvering. I mean, he REALLY should have made it farther than the second round.)

    Kisame (For obvious reasons)

    Raikage (Because of his brawl and all out toughness. And he’s very powerful, doi.)

    And Gaara.

  33. (Sorry for double post)

    And the final fight should have been one of the following:

    Gaara v. Raikage


    Gaara v. Sasori

  34. Naruruler: Gaara, Kisame, and Sasori are all part of the same bracket, so they can’t all make it to the finals

    Also I doubt the Raikage could beat Jiraiya, all Jiraiya has to do is summon Ma and Pa to use wind ninjutsu.

  35. For all of you who think Shikamaru has no chance against Kakazu he killed one of his hearts with ease

  36. Kisame vs Jiraiya should have been the final fight lol people voted gaara to get this far because they think he is cool not based on his ability he should have been eliminated when he faced gaara

  37. @Mart1 I reckon Kimimaro also had one of the cheapest deaths in the series

  38. wow 27 fools and 78 delusionals actually think that shikamaru can beat jirayia and gaara respectively, wow, really wow

    and what the hell? shikamaru winning against kakuzu??!?!? people are you out of your minds? please all those who vote for shikamaru in shikamaru vs kakuzu fight

  39. @hury, that was Hidan’s stupidity. Shikamaru tricked him into killing one of Kakuzu’s hearts.

    @Myrakies, he only got Kakuzu because he was distracted by the kids (Ino, Shikamaru and Choji) and Hidan. So in a one on one fight, I doubt Kakashi would get even 1 heart.

  40. Bob plz just stop it just get run of this post do a danzo plz
    *pass out from fandom*

  41. I agree with Kisu. Shikamaru has nothing that could defeat Kakuzu’s earth heart and Kakuzu knows how to counter shadow bind. There is no way shikamaru could destroy even one heart. Kakuzu could even let himself get caught in shadow bind and it wouldn’t make a difference. Also what heart did Shika “destroy with ease”? As I recall Kakashi destroyed one, Hidan destroyed one and Naruto destroyed the other three. The most shikamaru has is an assist he didn’t actually do it because he isn’t all that lethal as a ninja.

    I think kimmimaru got an honorable death: 1. He died for his nindo 2. He succeeded in his mission 3. He died fighting and showed off his impresive abilities

  42. “Bob plz just stop it just get run of this post do a danzo plz”

    Okay… how ’bout you do a danzo plz stop the run post it just makes a donkey rainbows pancreas.

  43. WTF Bob? lolz

  44. Hey! Everyone who visited my blog lately, I’ve made HUGE changes! Improvements, to be exact!

    @Tournament: GO GAARA!

  45. naruruler stop spamming comments about your site, a competing blog, it makes my deleat finger itchy.

  46. Boner patrol, I’ve got a code red, on a certain “John.” It seems he caught a whiff if Jiraiya’s undergarments. His boner for Jiraiya is overpowering all sense of reason… Please hurry.

  47. @ssj
    Dude, Boner Patrol….. that’s kind of gay. I don’t know of any dude that wants to do that for a living, except you. You got some serious issues if you fantasies about boners all day and monitor them for a living. *checks crotch* Sorry dude, no boner, but hey don’t quit your day job, I’m sure your good at what you do checking boners and everything. Don’t hate just because Jiraiya won. Peace.

  48. Id like to see a tournament with ALL the ninja, alive, dead, watever thatd be bad ass

  49. Dont worry about it John, Seems like you cant appreciate anything these days with outsomeone making it seem like a bad thing, Jiraiya deserved to win this tournament he was the best.

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