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Naruto Chapter 482 – Turncoat Sakura?

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

With the Danzo vs. Sasuke battle now behind us, the story finally seems to be moving along again in chapter 482. This chapter showed us progress in the story lines for all three members of the original team 7, and seems to hint that a meeting between Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke may occur some time in the near future. Meanwhile, Karin fans will be glad that she hasn’t kicked the bucket yet, but she may not have much time left as she has received the dreaded flashback, which is equivalent to getting the Grim Reaper’s calling card in the Naruto manga.

Undoubtedly, Sakura stole the spotlight in this chapter with her bombshell revelation of her “true” intentions to Sasuke at the cliffhanger ending. Some people are already jumping on the ‘Sakura-is-a-(profanity)’ bandwagon, but I don’t buy it. Lately, Sakura has been deceiving a lot of people, so I admit that one could make a case questioning what her true intentions actually are. But this isn’t the Sakura of part 1 anymore, she’s been battle hardened and gained more confidence in herself through Tsunade’s tough training – so I’d like to think that she’s grown out of her I’ll-do-anything-for-Sasuke-kun phase and has come to grips with reality. If you look back on her original intentions for forming her own team to track down Sasuke, her actions now are completely illogical. So the only natural explanation would be that she’s trying to deceive Sasuke in order to get closer to him so she can kill him while his guard down.

Sakura isn’t stupid, she knows full well she can’t take on Sasuke in a fair fight, especially with Kishi’s “Sasuke-can-not-die” rule in effect. Rather than relying on brute strength, I think Sakura is planning for a  more (dare I say) ninja-like approach to take him down – most likely a fatal medical jutsu or poison. But for that to work, Sakura needs to gain enough of Sasuke’s trust to get near him. Obviously, this would be pretty hard if she brought her team with her, so she’d have to incapacitate them first. Notice that Sakura didn’t exactly pick the smartest cookies in the Konoha 11 to come with her (Sai being the exception but he kind of forcibly came along), I‘m sure she wouldn’t have gotten away with her scheme if someone like Shikamaru was on the team.
Now that Sakura has come so far, the big question is whether the current Sasuke will accept her. Recent events indicate that Sasuke doesn’t place any value on teammates he considers excess baggage, new or old; so his decision to let Sakura join will hinge on 1. Whether he believes Sakura is telling the truth and 2. Whether he perceives Sakura as useful enough to him. Even if both criteria are met, I still doubt that Sasuke will really trust Sakura – but he might keep her around to provide healing. From the last page of this chapter, it seems that Sakura also realizes that the current Sasuke is no more than a cold-blooded killer. She’ll need to choose her words carefully in the next chapter or she might end up like Karin.
Ahhh.. poor Karin, it just doesn’t seem like Kishi is going to cut this girl any breaks. The flashback was quite interesting as we revisit a previously unknown event during the Chunin Exam where Sasuke rescues Karin (whose headband indicates she hails from the Grass Village). Sasuke probably completely forgot about that event when he met Karin again years later, which shows that he cared for her about as much back then as he does now.
On the other front, Naruto is finally back in business. And Yes, we finally get to see Naruto using sage mode again – that chakra tracing ability is pretty useful. I was impressed he was able to sneak out from under Yamato’s watch. To be able to carve a hole big enough for him to fit through in the floor with just his kunai and quietly enough as not to wake Yamato — that takes skill. However, this is Yamato we’re talking about, so it’s not inconceivable he planned for this scenario and had already planted something on Naruto to track him.
As for Madara, I don’t think he likes getting lip from Sasuke, but like Orochimaru he also sees Sasuke as a prized possession so he’ll put up with it, for now. After seeing page 13, it’s become clear that Madara’s true ambition is the “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” Plan, and Sasuke’s eyes are like the limited edition out-of-print rare foil that comes only one per sealed box. Looks like Danzo got the last laugh on Madara and tore up Shisui’s Sharingan before Madara could lay his grubby hands on them. But you have to wonder why Madara needs all those eyes if he already has an Eternal Mangekyou Sharigan. Maybe what Itachi said about Mangekyou Sharingans going blind even applies to Madara, and the EMS story Madara told Sasuke was a lie.


103 Responses

  1. Wow 1st??

    Good stuff Bob. Wrong chapter title/number though.

  2. hahaha, ya too much copypasta for lunch, thx for catching it

  3. FIRST, and Great as always bob-sama

  4. Damn, not first, anyway, i think you’re right about the whole team seven coming back together here soon

  5. I have a feeling naruto’s gonna be using sage mode like ichigo is using is bankai from nw on… Tat wud take the fun out of everythin.. I hope tat does nt happen… And wats up with Sakura… Shes doin a ‘Sasuke on orochimaru’ on Sasuke trying to make him believe she is on his side then stab him in the back.. Nw come on.. hw lame do u think sasuke is anyway… even though he is a psycho…. no offence… But he is a sharingan user and he knws everything abt her being in the team 7….. I doubt sasuke will fall for tat oldest trick in the ninja book….
    And abt madara… I guess he shud be given the head pshycho rank… wats up with all those sharingans.. he is crazier than danzo… Abt Karin… well no comment… She shud have seen it coming… (oh.. i 4gt.. she wore glasses… hehe :P)

  6. Oh yea, thanks for putting in the jab at Kiba and Lee… again, this chapter conclusively proves that those two are retar…. I mean they’re couple of tiers below mentally disabled ppl. They find out Sakura’s hidden agenda and that she has sleeping bombs and CONCLUDE that they need to attack Sai LOL. That’s just hilarious.

    And yea, Sakura actually using the sleeping bombs in the midst of the two idiots attacking Sai leaves a bad taste in thy mouth… hopefully kishi doesn’t spend 10 chapters focusing on the minute details of Sakura turning coat cause that would be very lame.

  7. @ Falcon
    “Shes doin a ‘Sasuke on orochimaru’ on Sasuke ”

    LOL ur totally bang on. Sasuke invented this jutsu!!!

  8. BTW great analysis as usual bob

  9. I think this chapter totally sets up a reunion for Team 7. Naruto was able to sneak away, Sakura ditched Sai, Kiba, and Lee, and so Kakashi is also by himself now. Karin is there, and I don’t think she’ll die yet. My guess is she will be there as an observer on the side to see the reunion of Team 7… and then die quietly.

    I don’t think it will be a happy reunion though..

  10. @star69
    ur right….. either we can say sakura chan BYE BYE soon or we can see an angry naruto kick sasuke’s ass soon for his actions…. Either way i must say.. i am gonna love it… Well i am waiting for the sagemode-kyuubi double combo on sasuke… Personally I think tat is gonna be way more cooler than sasukes sharingan, MS and susaanoo…. Kishi said it himself… naruto is gonna have the coolest eyes in the manga… Cant wait for tat…

  11. Also, this has probably been mentioned before so take it easy on the “duh, did you figure that out 6 months ago like the rest of us” comments:

    that’s a lot of sharingan. Seems to me that many/most of those may be from the Uchiha massacre… giving more evidence to Madara and Danzo working together in the past, divying up the inventory of eyes, and perhaps sharing experiment results, et al.

    Anyway, imo, it’s safe to conclude that Madara doesn’t have the ems anymore… prob from izanagi usage in the battle w/the First. To me Eternal MS means that it’s on all the time with no off switch and has the best chakra usage efficiency… thus not wasting chakra when not fighting.

  12. anybody thinks Naruto will meet Karin alive? and how come some boxes are missing eyes in them? speifically 2 boxes?

  13. i kinda hope Sakura is joining Sasuke, just since i really hate her, and if she’s a villain, that’ll give me double reason to hate her 😀 lols, don’t kno y i’m so psyched about getting an excuse to hate someone, but oh well

  14. great post bob, i agree that sasukes big question is if sakura can help him more than she can hinder him which i think she can.

    1. just lost 1 healer, can now use another one
    2. possibly medical ninjutsu to transplant itachis eye IF thats the road he wants to take (if it requires medical transplant)
    3. a useful hostage for a trip to konoha

    sasuke may end up asking sakura to kill karin to prove loyalty, this could end up with sakura using some medical technique to make karin appear dead but be otherwise fine an hour later, which would perhaps show us that sakura is not completely stupid and give her some credit.

    but then again sasuke isnt stupid either and just needs to keep a close eye on sakura…or he could just ask madara to borrow some spares

    lastly, the theory that will receive the most justifable criticism is that sasuke will let sakura join him is because, as madara said, his light has almost gone out of his eyes and after having just killed danzo, he is too fatigued to fight sakura and /or any close by reinforcements coz he might lose

    the idea being that both sasuke and sakura think they can

  15. Wow T_T Sakura……. hard to find words that fit retarded stupidity beyond belief. I really hope Sasuke goes cold and tells her off in a cool manner that she needs to…. “HOP OFF MY NUTS WH***”

    This is EXACTLY whats gonna happen. Sasukes gonna say “STFU LEAVE ME ALONE”. Sakuras resolve is gonna waver, leaving her open for stab-her-when-she-doesnt-think-ill-stab-her technique. Then Naruto is gonna see it and be like….O_o PSHOOOOOOOOH KYUUBI “RARAAAAAH OATMEAL”!!!!! Then Kakashi’s gonna be like “ZOMFG!! F***! IM ALWAYS LATE!” AND IM GONNA BE LIKE O_^ YESSSSSSSSSS!! SAKURA DEAD!!!

    Then I’ll come back on here and say nice post Bob, I knew she would die ^_^!!

  16. My thoughts are:


    “Kiba and Lee are the ones that distracted Sai so that move worked, Sakura is no match for Sai”

    “Why is Karin still alive?”

    And most importantly:

    “Does Kishi have a fetish with drawing Sharingan eyes, is that how he ‘gets off’? No wonder he had to take a two week break in Christmas…..”

  17. get ready for the first team 7 battle. and there could be some serious shit hitting the fan in the next few chapters if team 7 reunites. as both leader and acting hokage kakashi can not allow sasuke to live should he encounter him. naruto’s feelings aside sasuke is the equivalent of the anti-christ for konoha. in a few short chapters sasuke has become the biggest criminal to emerge from konoha save maybe madara who most think is dead.

    and i must ask, who is more dumb? kiba and lee, or naruto for deciding not to kill sasuke?

    sakura is a foolish child still. yeah she has seen more battles, and she is a skilled medical ninja, but man, he has about as much street smarts as a brick.

  18. Well, I have already said that, but I think that Sakura’s only excuse is that she DOESN’T know about the incredible Sasuke’s skills right now (she realised, still with fear, only his general change, “he’s like a different person”). She has the impression of a pre-Itachi Sasuke. She knows he is powerful, but she THINKS she can still handle him (maybe she has some powers that Kishi hasn’t showed yet, for example summoning Katsuyu, I don’t know). But she ’s unaware of Susano’o and Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi and hawk summoning and… and… and… So this is the end.

    But I really don’t want her to die, she is (or was?) the protagonist as well. On the other hand, Kishi stated that he will show her heroic side and this is really worrying, because you can become a hero only when you are dead or at least severely wounded… I hope not, I’m not a fan of her, but I don’t want her dead either, let alone the fact that she may be killed by her “lover” hands, this is just awful (hmm, not so awful according to Sasuke’s kill-them-all logic!)

  19. i like so many other people think sakura is following sasuke in a attempt to eventually kill him. it seems kind off stupid for anything else to happen. for her to go back to being a fangirl after finally becoming a relatively decent kunoichi with her strength and medical ability. would be like taking two steps forward and then 3 Major steps back.

  20. @bloodsasuke, the mental image of all that made me laugh very hard haha

  21. i’m liking this post, all the comments have lols in them XD

  22. I swear this should be called sharigan shippuden!

  23. “Prodigy25, on February 11th, 2010 at 7:47 pm Said:

    I swear this should be called sharigan shippuden!”

    Damn that has such a good ring to it!!! LOL

    Btw, Sakura is a bitch.

  24. idk wat is going on this is become more and more uhhhhhh

  25. 1. We need bob 2.0… Bob version 1 is too used to manga scans coming out on friday 😉
    2. Good on sakura and Naruto for acting like real ninja.
    3.What I am hoping for is the ultimate twist in the story, making this into a tragedy manga with a satisfactory, but not happy ending, Kishi can accomplish this in one simple move: MAKE SAKURA KILL KARIN AND HELP SASUKE KILL KAKASHI! From here she will start to enter Sasuke’s darkness, next she will help transplant his eyes (as with kakashi a medical nin is needed for this and sakura was trained by the best). This will be such a dilemma for Naruto, to kill team 7.
    4. Danzou… you leg! The dude is pretty epic if u ask me, even in his last moment of life he protects konoha by not letting madara have shisui’s eye. True champion R.I.P
    5. Seriously, yamato got tricked so easily? Kage buushin is fast becoming an extremely powerful jutsu no wonder its forbidden lol!
    6. I think sakura will leave with sasuke, saving him from a conflict with team 7 who will be too shocked by her defection. Afterall both him and madara need to be healed.
    7. Maybe sakura is on a kamikaze mission to take out madara as the only way to save her beloved sasuke-kun

  26. That was quite a cliffhanger this time. Can’t imagine Sasuke allowing Sakura to join him, but I’ve been wrong before. Lets hope Kakashi makes it in time THIS time, as opposed to when Sasuke left and he was too late to stop him then.

  27. Plus, all those eyes Madara has, I wonder where he got them all?

  28. 8. The Valley of the End battle was a Reinactment the hashirama v madara battle in the same location. Could this chapter possibly herald the coming of a reinactment of the senin battle in part 1? If that’s the case we r gonna see a 2 on 1 battle against Naruto (possibly the return of kyuubi-sage mode eyes) but who will occupy kakashi…. Madara? Hmm… And wouldn’t that make kakashi=Naruto and madara=kabuto? Hmm…

  29. all those eyes…. i think madara probably scavenged them from all the bodies of the uchiha’s after they were killed by itachi.

  30. sasuke will probably make sakura kill karin to prove her loyalty, which im pretty sure we all know wont happen. however, it would make for an interesting plot twist. to me this whole sakura thing seems almost like a side arc because i cant take anything she does seriously. her fight with sasori was one of my top favorites actually…but she hasnt shown that strength of will or any good reasoning since then.

    @Bob maybe madara’s way of reviving his clan is to give loyal soldiers all sharingons haha. oooh piece of candy!

  31. I’m glad, naruto back in action again…

  32. Oh boy. Sakura make stupid move. I thought she was smart girl among the her batchmate in chunnin exam. She doesn’t rely on the teamwork right moreso she made her comarades fall to sleep.

  33. u guys crack me up…lol lmao……comments r funny this time

  34. i think madara collects lots of sharinggan eyes because he is going to sell them at a very affordable price!

    50% buy one! take one! and then madara will get plenty of money!!

  35. @ sharigans4sale….lol…i can just imagin… buy ur sharingan… buy ur sharingan…. it includes amateratsu to lite up ur gas…stove and cook ur meals…….u will neva have to pay for gas again….cook on amateratsu

  36. lol… mite end up having burnt food

  37. great…our Naruto’s finally in sage mode again…hope he kicks Sasugay’s ass

  38. @ boiy, burned food? more like burned ashes of what used to b food

  39. @ sharingans4sale:

    LOL. That’s very plausible… after all, their Chief Financial Officer Kakuzu is gone, so their finances must have gone AWOL since.

  40. @ sharigans4sale and boiy, just LOOOL

    Nice post Bob, as always….. 😉

    @ uchiha_gaiden , agree your theory about proving loyalty!

  41. Madara’s business will never take off. The Sharingan Department Store has all your emo needs. From black hair dye to Sharingans. That’s where Danzo got his >_>8

  42. 50% off sharingans? tsk tsk, you guys need a lesson in supply and demand. Unless Sasuke starts making babies like crazy in the near future, the supply side is non-existent, meaning the price per eyeball should go through the roof. Madara’s real Moon’s Eye Plan is to sell the sharingans on ebay at a premium price, meanwhile his rumors of an impending war will drive real estate prices to rock bottom levels in every village, at which point he’ll swoop in and buy them out – and make himself the ruler since he controls all the money and properties. Economic victory FTW!

  43. lol Lol’d at a lot of these. I hope the manga turns for the better, its kinda boring these days.

  44. lmao at the “Sharingan 4 sale” idea

  45. Ok, I’ll be the minority voice. We complain about Sakura for being weak and useless, now when she tries to step up to the plate she gets put down for that. We call her stupid, when she is one of the smartest characters in the series. If she was just going to join Saskue, why go through all of this treachary why not just become a missing nin and go search for sasuke herself. Why cut to the seen where sai tells kakashi that she eluded them, and kakashi says to himself clever girl. She probably knows that the only way to beat sasuke is to get close as possible him, to study him and maybe find a weakness they can use to stop him (madara brought karin to the battle with danzou and karin so she could analyze danzou). So I am very sure that she has a plan, like someone said she didn’t bring the smartest of the bunch, but she also didn’t bring a lot of fire power either. She probably feels like taking care of sasuke is her responsibility and that is why she is doing what she is doing.

  46. @Bob: they real moon’s eye plan is to sell them at a high enough price that he can make a secret lunar base with a giant laser which he will fire at the earth to make all of the world’s volcanoes erupt, with this he will hold the world only to have Scott evil… I mean sasuke point out that the cost of all this was more than three million and that he should be asking for billions. (if you didn’t get the reference, it’s Austin powers)

  47. @ mart, sheesh, Madara’s kinda dumb if that’s his plan. obviously he just needs ten mega-tons of nuclear explosives and a LOT of duct tape

  48. @ naruto fan forever, well, if that’s her plan, it still won’t work due to one simple fact: THE SHARINGAN HAS LIMITED MIND-READING ABILITIES, IF SHE’S LYING TO HIM, HE COULD PROBABLY FIND OUT. even then, Sasuke, even while partly blind, still has his “pull-random-S-Rank-jutsu-out-of-my-ass” no jutsu which would probably b able to counter her “throw-my-fists randomly-and-hope-i-hit-someone-who’s-not-my-ally” no jutsu. besides, if she wanted to take Sasuke down for good, y not make a team w/ stronger/more competant ppl like Shino, Shikamaru, Choji (more for the strength than competence), Neji (i insult him a lot, but he’s still better than Kiba and probably has much more killing intent than, say, Hinata), etc.
    oh, PS, i was thinking of changing my name (again), so don’t b surprised if u c my avatar but w/ a completely different name. i was thinking of naming myself after a song called “Nemo” (meaning “no one” in Latin) by Nightwash, which was used in a tribute to Armada Optimus Prime i found on Youtube recently: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNNIq8rLArc (i’ve probably watched the vid about 25 times today already, lols) NOTE: i haven’t decided yet if i want to change my name, but i’m seriously considering it

  49. @ JPUA

    Why not, do the change, if it’s for this AWESOME song! See also the original video-clip for this song. The singer has an angelic voice. Nightwish rock (maybe litterally)!

  50. @ wo ai ni, thnx for the support, but i’ll probably wait for tommorrow to actually change it

  51. Hey! Madara is old and kind of senile… plus he probably has the usual bad guy stereotypes of talking about his plan, giving the good guy multiple second chances, ect… Plus he already has the shinobi equivilent of both (Bijju and Pein’s sealing jutsu)

    As far as name changes, why not take a new identity? I did.

  52. @ JPUA (for now)

    theres no reason why sasuke, if he finds/thinks sakura is lying to him, couldnt still use her for his higher purposes…specifically healing coz i doubt he wants to take a long lay off b4 visiting konoha. she could also be used as a hostage. sasuke will rightly feel he is superior to sakura and can keep her under control so he can use her.

    this would leave both sakura and sasuke believing they are the one using the other.

    and sakura would never be stupid enough (i hope) to try to kill sasuke directly with “i hope these connect” punches, she would much sooner use medical associated methods which sasuke has no knowledge of

  53. How’s this for a theory, all the sharingan’s Madara has collected will be given to his army of ninja in the upcoming war, multiple Kakashis’ and Danzos’ at his disposal, its also possible that he plans to seal the bijuu in a few select hosts to give them an extra power boost in the upcoming war and with those host in possession of a sharingan, control of the bijuu’s would be all the more easier, making them perfect jinchuriki, or maybe he plans on using the original hosts, the dead ones, as his puppets for control of the Bijuu’s, just by doing a jutsu similar to Orochimaru’s Reanimation and control them along with the Bijuu’s he plans on returning, temporarily. Giving him an army capable of competing against the Five Great Nations. All this after Naruto whoops and beats Sasuke and lectures Sakura, we find out her true intentions and loyalties, Sasuke and Sakura retreat, Sasuke is forced to use Itachi’s eye’s to even compete against Naruto, Sakura is the one that does the transplant of the eyes, Sakura see’s her chance tries to kill Sasuke, fails, Sasuke is pissed considers killing her, just knocks her out, locks her up, and heads out to war with Madara and his army, all this after Naruto trains some more of course, with Killer Bee or someone else. How’s that for a theory? and sorry if someone else already had this theory.

  54. Karin’s healing ability is way better than Sakura’s… Sasuke just bites and sucks her chakra and his stab wounds instantly heal… not to mention his fatigue from fighting 4 kages back to back.

    I guess this is just another department where Sakura doesn’t make the grade 😉

  55. @John, I like that theory. I see Naruto catching up with Sasuke and Sakura and the three of them having a fight. Naruto being in a much better condition should hanf Sasuke his ass. I like the theory overall though.

  56. @ naruto fan forever, I agree with you, but you must understand that most people are guided simply by their emotions on the matter of whether or not they will accept the value of Sakura as a character. True Kishi doesn’t depict female characters very well, but I feel a lot of the people who argue against her do so because it is the only way they can cope with a lack of Hinata’s development. As it is on this site, there are too many such people to effectively explain the importance of Sakura’s character. Some people just refuse to listen.

    @ star69, You are a fool. If you payed close attention to Karin’s past use of her “healing” ability, you would have realized that it only extends to trauma injuries. Medical ninjutsu is an absolute requirement when dealing with medical problems such as poisons. So, in conclusion, Sakura is a better medic; a true medic. Also, your taunting of Sakura’s character is getting rather old, you might consider recording yourself then playing it back whenever you feel like hearing it in order to spare all of us the rant. Send jpua a copy while you’re at it, you could be little buddies.

  57. @ Doctor:
    if you paid attention to what I said you wouldn’t be a douche LOL ;-). I said Karin’s ‘healing ability.’ I never said she was a better medical ninja.

    You make a good point about medical ninjutsu being an absolute requirement… heaven forbid Sasuke’s team without one… I mean Sasuke without a medical nin only went as far as suppressing Oro (who used poison, mind you), killing Deidara, Itachi (albeit this was a gift), fighting 4 kage one after another, killing Danzo… and still being alive.

  58. @ Doctor: read this entire thread… the vast majority of the ppl on here are taunting Sakura.. I’m just one of the more vocal ones, but definitely not the only one.

  59. Given a choice between insta-heal (Karin) vs traditional medical ninjutsu (Sakura), I’d pick Karin.

    Sakura hasn’t shown the ability to be able to “instantly” revive someone from fatal injuries like Karin:

    1- swords stuck thu body: Sasuke v. Killerbee
    2- a hole in the chest exposing the organs: also Sasuke v Killerbee, although Juugo ultimately healed Sasuke in this case, Karin was the first to volunteer, which implies that she could heal this injury instantly, but Juugo did it in her stead.
    3- instantly revive chakra fuel tank: how long was the time between the kage summit and Sasuke v Danzou? I think it was on the same day. Karin did a pretty crazy job getting Sasuke back to ~100% after fighting the 4 kages.

  60. man, i’m thinking this is coming to an end of the saga. i don’t know, but i’m seeing a collision between naruto, sasuke and kakashi, then madara butting in. worst case, kakashi dies by madara’s hand (hope not) then he takes his eye saying “i’m having my eye back, kakashi-san”. hehe, whatever.

  61. I think Naruto got away without Yamato nowing I mean he is stronger now! I don’t know why everyone is so hard on Sakura she has gotten strong, she defeated Sasori almost on her own but, I don’t think Sasuke is going to fall for it, looks like this is the reunion of team seven, Sakura is already there then Kakashi and now Naruto! This is going to be interesting because Sasuke hasn’t seen Kakashi and Naruo and Sakura all together in a long time talking to him! I am dying for the next chapter and please make it good kishi!!!!!

  62. “she defeated Sasori almost on her own but” WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!? Chiyo did all the work! And they both STILL couldn’t beat them, the guy basically just felt sorry for them and killed himself.

    Didn’t Karin say chakra fluctuates when someone is lying? Didn’t Sasugay tell Deidara he can see his chakra? See where I’m going with this…? IF Sakura’s lying then Sasugay SHOULD be able to realize, so the fact that she isn’t dead yet means she IS telling the truth and she DOES want to become Sasugay’s new bit*h.

    Now more importantly when is the Sasuke epic gonna end!? T^T

  63. i really cant see a team 7 reunion coming up now…coz i cant see that occuring without a battle and in sasukes condition, he is really no match for naruto.

    i think that naruto will catch up with kakashi, before encountering a sleepy sai, lee and kiba, at which point kakashi will stay to attend to them leaving naruto to continue on only to arrive at an empty battlefield with no sign of sakura or sasuke…but perhaps a seemingly dead karin

    then again i could see naruto catching up to sakura and sasuke only to see madara whisk them off somewhere…this i think would also nullify narutos sage mode chakra detection to track them…and leave him asking “WHY SAKURA, WHY??!!”

  64. Madara isn’t going to prevent a Sasuke Naruto fight…

    I’ve heard a lot about Sakura being weak, ect. I say just wait a single chapter and it will show whether or not she is lying or really deffect/whether she will succeed or won’t. She doesn’t have Naruto/Sasuke’s strength, but I kind of like that she has to rely on stealth. I do however think Karin is the better side kick ninja because she can restore chakra (sasuke’s greatest disadvantage against Naruto) and can sense chakra so well. However Sakura would probably kill her in a fight.

  65. okay, it’s JPUA again, but now w/ a different name (and, no, it has nothing to do w/ the clown fish, it has to do w/ a song that i heard in a really epic Transformers AMV)
    anyways, don’t feel like talking much, but i do feel i need to defend Hinata (who, is the only female younger than Anko w/ an interesting background) from dr haruno: y do u think Hinata hasn’t developed? in 1 chapter she’s seen more development (from shy, reclusive girl to being able to die heroically for those she cares about) than Sakura has in the entire manga (from bitchy cry-baby to bitchy med ninja, *sarcasm* ooh, real exciting development */s*)
    just want u to think about that
    and even if u don’t believe that Hinata’s more interesting, you’d have to b DUMBER than clinically retarded to argue Sakura is kinder

  66. @ Nemo Prime

    We welcome your new name! It can be very useful, you know, (I ‘m really off topic now) Ulysse from the greek mythology was saved by telling cannibal Polyphemus that his name was “Nemo”, no one. So, when Ulysse blinded him and the other giants asked him who did this to him, he said “No one did it” and they just laughed at him! It ‘s as the song says “Nemo my name for evermore”.

    Another thing: man, don’t call “Doctor Haruno” dumb, she is free to like whoever character she wants and she is probably tired of being the only one defending Sakura, just like you being tired of defending Hinata against Kisuzachi!

    My personal belief: Hinata is for Naruto, OK, and her character is really lovely. On the other side, Sakura is indeed annoying everytime she hits Naruto (“Baka Naruto”!) who, like Jiraiya against Tsunade, does nothing to protect himself. However, they are really good friends and cooperate well with each other and despite her strict manners against Naruto’s silliness, she really loves him and could do everything for him, remember her sadness when she could not stop the Kyubi and heal him quickly. And of course she was developed a lot since Part 1 (about mental development I ‘m not so sure, Naruto noted “You are always crying so easily Sakura-chan!”, so I suppose she is more sensitive than the impression she lets other people to form ).

    Note that I ‘m not a fan of her (the truth is that I have always wanted the SasuSaku pair, but it’s now just a pipe dream, he may kill her in cold blood), but I just want to be fair for everyone. Well, I talked again too much *sigh*. Anyway, Nightwish rock, welcome again “no one”! 🙂

  67. @ wo ai ni, i heard that thing about the cyclopes
    and on calling DH dumb, i was saying that it would b dumb to think Sakura’s nicer, i was directly calling her dumb, i was just saying that Hinata would probably b a more enjoyable person to b friends w/ and it would b kinda dumb to enjoy Sakura’s company more

  68. oops, i meant to say “wasN’T calling her dumb”

  69. i dont think anyone knows what to expect with sakura anymore. she has been deceiving alot of people lately. her loyalties have always been torn between team 7, konoha, her love for sasuke and her love/respect for naruto. naruto admitted she was lying to herself with saying she didn’t care for sasuke anymore. that being said, the chapter finished on sakura saying she wanted to follow sasuke, we don’t know whether she is lying or not yet. she may be able to deceive sasuke with a half lie/half truth. ???

  70. “it would b kinda dumb to enjoy Sakura’s company more”-crazy girls are more fun than shy ones Captain Nemo, I spent nine hours next to a girl who is bat shit crazy (friends girlfriend) and I enjoyed every second. The stories are well worth the drama.

  71. @ Nemo Prime

    Hmm, I suppose you ‘re right, but only if Hinata was willing to be more talkative and not so shy. She is shy even with Kiba and Shino. Sakura is more sociable and outgoing, pretty smart and with many knowledge, so that you can chat with her, but more easily irritable too (“Shannaro!’) You can’t know when you suddenly end up with broken ribs!

    Well, I really can’t imagine the scene between Hinata and Naruto, when they meet each other for the first time after her sacrifice, it will be one of the most interesting chapters ever!

    Just for fun, this comes from a fanart:

    Sakura: After a complete diagnosis, I ‘m happy to say that thanks to her exceptionally large chest, which took the brunt of the attack, Hinata escaped death by Pain!

    Hinata: He should have killed me, that breast cost me $4,000! 🙂

  72. @ wo ai ni, Hinata would never get fake breasts, lols.
    @ mart, well, crazy girls can b interesting, but Sakura isn’t so much crazy as she is a jerk. i usually get along better w/ ppl who listen to me. not to mention Hinata’s so polite and sweet, i can’t imagine hating her, i mean, it might get a bit boring, but still bearable, not to mention she always looks so cuddly ^_^ . besides, it’s usually the quiet ones who go totally bat shit crazy and when they get older ;D

  73. I don’t kno why people think sakura Is an ok ninja. She’s a good medic but that’s where it ends. The only impressive thing she did was handle pains summoning. All other battles she pwned. With out chiyo sasori would have killed her and if naruto wasn’t around when her and sai was getting handled by those cloud clowns she probly would have been killed as well

  74. i prefer quiet ones coz i can easily associate wd them… u have the impression that they’re really trustworthy & good people [& more often they proved 2 b like my gf now] so go Hinata!!!

  75. i was just thinking about y Madara has so many eyes (no, not to sell them at retail price, but that would b a good idea too): maybe in order to control the Jubi, he needs a bunch of Sharingans to create a massive enuf genjutsu; and even if he doesn’t need the eyes to control the Jubi, they would still b useful in creating an “eternal” Tsukoyomi (eternal is in quotes since it won’t work once the moon sets and the sun rises, lols, Moon’s Eye = fail)

  76. Karin= Dead :((

    Sakura= Total Bish

    Sasuke=Total Bishette

    Naruto=Rockin’ Robin 😛

  77. Since I got dumped on valentines day (how much does that suck?):

    “who go totally bat shit crazy” they go “.44 milimeter” or “I have 12 cats” crazy not “WTF happened last night?!” crazy. As far as hating quite girls, it’s more about the “it might be boring,” I don’t hate them so much as “nothing” them.

    @JPUA on moon’s eye: Tsukyoumi controls time so it could seem like the sun never rose, I think he just wants the eyes for more MS jutsu or as an insurance policy if he has to use izanagi.

  78. @ mart, what’s wrong w/ 12 cats!? as long as each one is treated w/ care, then the more cats u own the better, i have 4, and each one is adorable! 😀 on the “.44 milimeter” part, hey, as long is it’s not someone i care about, lol, j/k

  79. -_____-

    My grandmother has 24 cats

  80. Oh, poor Mart1, I hope that you have gotten over it now, it does suck, but “tomorrow is another day”! Cheer up and these are for fun (well, I can give a fanart for any occasion!) :


  81. how did you know naruto went into sage mode?

  82. @GreenPeas http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/482/15/ he as the markings around his eyes and his eyes changed to the Sage Mode form.

  83. lol @ wo ai ni’s pics

  84. would sakura, being trained as a medic and having a good sense of chakra control, be able to lie to sasuke without being caught out??

  85. Hey guys! Visit my new blog and comment! I just posted my Manga breakdown *Shall never be as good as Bob’s* So tell me how I did. It’s my very first one EVER!


  86. well,, whatever, I hope the ending betwen sasuke and sakura would be tragic…!!!!!

  87. Well sasusaku,,, I wanted the end to be tragic but also romantic, wherein ,sasuke will fall in luv with sakura but sakura would be wise enough to kill her beloved to end his suffering……………………….

  88. u guys bet ur asses she’s gonna sell konoha cheap for sasuke’s sake .. she’s a girl afterall, loooool….

    otherwise, just like all other manga/anime, the loner (pretty and hot) women are those who DON’T follow their loved ones and choose to be responsible. but they end up being nuns….

    ok ok ok… i changed my mind… i don’t want karin dead. i want both girls alive AND with sasuke. i’d love to see the super funny cat fights those two girls will have over sasuke. it’ll add up spice and humer to this manga. we need that since it’s been gloomy for a long ass time now.

  89. my frnd told me that Karin’s brains are gonna b squashed by sakura nxt chapter…cnt w8 2 see if dats true

  90. yes, i hope sakura joins susuke so she’d be killed with him.
    also, y the hell ias that ho karin still alive? can she hurry up nd die already?

    ok chapter i guess.

  91. maybe this is a longshot, but this chapter open for Sakura Vs Karin????

  92. dont know if i should say this… but just read some spoilers…. and they seem pretty interesting.. it kind of ends wit kakashi vs sasuke for the next chapter

  93. Well, back in Feudal japan a kunoichi would sleep with their targets and kill ’em in their sleep. But since this is Sasuke we’ll talking about he is totally immune to her. Sakura really is dumb. Naruto would have a better shot at that line when he catches up. LOL!

  94. I was just thinking about what it was that Itachi gave Naruto when they met before the Itachi/Sasuke fight.
    At first I thought it could be a part of Itachi that would supress the Kyuubi, but after the Pein/Naruto fight that was proved wrong.
    Then I thought this: Itachi put a safety in Naruto that will make it difficult for Sasuke and Madara to control the kyuubi when Naruto eventually fights them. The worst thingthat could happen is Naruto catching up to Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi and then have Sasuke sharingan into Naruto and mess with the gate/seal/kyuubi. I say this because Itachi only gave Naruto the crow after Naruto told him that he would never kill Sasuke, no matter what. But this is all speculation.

    Wait, just had a thought, if Naruto were to attack Sasuke with the intent to kill then Itachi could have implanted a part of himself to suppress Naruto or the Kyuubi in that moment, negating the one clear advantage Naruto has over Sasuke, unlimited chakra. That would be so cruel but smart as hell of Itachi. Pretty much the guy gave the Naruverse on a silver platter to his brother, little ridiculous if you ask me.

    I know that I for one want Naruto to train with either Killerbee and Hachibi or with the Kyuubi himself. In the second scenario, what if Itachi can appear in Naruto’s consciousness and help him with his Kyuubi training? That would solve the problem of the Kyuubi taking over.

    anyway, I’m rambling, what do y’all think about it. I know this is all off topic but I can’t stand reading about Sakura and sasuke and Karin, I’m done with them, I vote for more Shikamaru, who is with me.

  95. @shikamaruistheman
    I don´t think that Sauske Sharringan in to Naruto and mess with the seal, Rember what happend when Naruto tried to take it off, The Fourth came out and stoped him, Imagine what happen if a intruder tries to tak it away…
    And I don´t think that iachi´s “gift” is to stop Naruto from killing Sauske beacuse Itachi didn´t want Sasuske to go evil and in the darkness and Itachi don´t want him to go that way and attack Konoha…
    But I like the idea of Itachi apperaing in Naruto to train him I had thought of that to, I even Thought that the Fourth had done like that in his seal so that he may appear in Naruto to train him

  96. @boiy
    seriously? Kakashi vs Sauske? I doubt that verry much, beacuse it wouldn´t be much of a match sense Sauske is burnt out at the moment, and if if Sasuke winns that match Naruto is becoming the most ridiculous manga

  97. @torkel…

    yea… i know sasuke is burnt out… but not that burnt out… remember karin healed him before he stabbed her …. and how many times has karin done that and u see sasuke back on his feet.. remember the fight with killerbee

  98. Mangastream.com has the new ch. All I have to say is damn u kakashi

  99. sauske is no match for kakashi since hes overused his ms, i predict kakashi is goin to teach him a lesson, while kakshi is goin to land the fatal blow naruto will step in and stop him. the question is will naruto fight him and will madara step in

  100. @ shikamaru

    im down with you! no more putting the pussy on a pedistool, pussyliah has met her end

  101. well it is definately out… i think the spooilers are kinda correct…. mangastream has it

  102. *pedestal oops sorry about the spelling error

  103. well i think kakashi will ttake him on…. but kakashi mite learn stuffs from fighting sasuke…. so he will know he has train naruto again

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