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It’s OUT!!! 482


Naruto wakes up (still is lame)

Madara fails

Sasuke insults Madara

Sakura becomes the next Karin (doen’t it make you warm and tingly?)


40 Responses

  1. Was Madara standing infront of a file cabinet full of eyes?

    Sasuke’s light is almost gone (YAY!!! he won’t be super powerfull… until he takes itachi’s eyes)

    I wonder how Naruto will react to Sakura joining Sasuke? I think Sakura is still trying to kill him and that everyone but Naruto will see through it.

    Oh and Sai got owned…

  2. i really hope sakura saying she will follow sasuke, is her feeble attempt in trying to kill him. if not then all the respect i had for sakura in shippuden will be completely gone… i really hope she does not slip into being a sasuke fangirl again… it was annoying enough before the timeskip…

  3. xD Walmart nice name, now i should be Donkey kong
    YEah madara was standing before a cabinet full of eyes, wtf is wrong with him. Uhm Karin is still all over Sasuke, SAkura is just b@#$%ing around trying to get her hand on Sasuke little…well..either through or thingamahuha. uhm…what else..ah right, I doubt Yamato fell for the trick naruto put on and is tailgating Naruto. what else…ah right…well ill wait till Bob puts up his blog.

  4. The only thing that popped into my head with the whole Sajura going with Sasuke thing is Karin going with Naruto. Might sound dumb, but if it happens I called it first lol.

  5. “Karin going with Naruto” that was said last chapter, but I doubt it could happen without Sakura’s help. Plus Sasuke would kill her first…

    “I doubt Yamato fell for the trick naruto put on” I think he will notice and catch up as they meet up with the rest of the gang…

  6. goddam this chapter was fucking lame

  7. well, it wasn’t very cool or anything, but i kinda hope Sakura does turn evil, no matter how unlikley it is, just cuz i really want her to die, and, well, she deserves a lame death too, so if she joins Akatsuki (which Sasuke is sorta part of now) then she’s almost guarantied to have a lame death XD. on to Karin, yep, she had a flashback, her fate is sealed now (lol), but it was interesting to learn she took the Chunin Exams the same time the Konoha 12 did. on the guys Sakura was traveling w/, i mean comeon, they got knocked out THAT easily?! i mean, sure Kiba, but Sai (from the blood-thirsty ANBU) and Lee (according to a filler, not even being knocked unconscious stops that dude) being taken down just like that? kinda lame. onto Madara, hmm, not much to say

  8. yo, jet prime what you got against sakura? i know she was lame and annoying before the timekip.. but her abilities got immensely better in shippuden. she is no longer weak and useless and does not deserve a lame death.

  9. Sakura’s obviously trying to get into Sasuke’s inner circle (or bed) then try to kill him while he’s least expecting… still lame and won’t work.

  10. sakura – i think she is faking it. using her fanboy past to try and get close. but i highly doubt sasuke will fall for it. the real question is “will sasuke still travel to konoha?” he said that is his destination. and since his light is nearly gone he will need itachi’s eyes. so i see him attacking konoha, naruto showing up, they fight for a while, naruto pawns sasuke this time and madara shows up and warps him away. and with any luck sasuke will really hurt sakura, maybe stab her or something that will force naruto to wake up and realise he cant be saved.

    and how much more facepalm will sasuke become with itachi’s eyes, and will madara allow that? i mean if he awakens the permanent MS wouldnt that make him a threat to madara as well?

  11. i think naruto and sasuke willf igth. but sasuke would probably leave the village and rest and learn more jutsu.

  12. Whoa! Was Madara at the bank doing his imitation of “jumper” or was that a huge supply of Uchiha eyes!? This is a huge insult to Danzo. Lol, what a fuckiin lame he is and Orochimaru. No. 1 pick for the draft BUSTS! If this dude has been keeping a eye bank, this contradicts the whole reason for having the EMS.
    My thoughts on the situation. Madara is doing somewhat something similar to what Danzo was doing or maybe what has been happening to him. “He’s using the eyes which may have a time limit or be running out constantly”, if that’s so HE DOESN”T HAVE EMS!

    Why!? How Come!? What for!? or maybe is that how he was able to live for more then a century!?

    Sakura is a ride or die chick. I feel as if Sasuke does accept the offer which his emo ass wouldn’t. It would be a Bonnie & Clyde relationship and it would be 10x harder for Naruto to kill his best friend and his love… Truly epic ending to come with true suspense just waiting to rock our taste buds!

    Sai is a herb………. 🙂 I’m out.

  13. this is getting sadder, I mean now Sakura wants to leave Konoha for sasuke, how SAD

  14. wow!!! very interesting, all those eyes is the best part, dont want to say much ill wait for bobs discussion

  15. @ josh, i hate Sakura cuz she’s a bitch, and while better than her pre Shippuden self, she’s still a pathetic fighter and a crybaby
    now then, i have a theory, it’s unlikely, but it sure won’t b as bat-shit crazy as some other theories i’ve read on this site: what if Sakura really is trying to join Sasuke? after all, it’s pretty obvious she still has feelings for him based off of how she acted when shen talked to Naruto, not to mention y she wouldn’t tell Naruto the truth. it could also explain y she didn’t want the others on her team to go w/ her to face Sasuke, since she really didn’t want to fight (which would b suicide, even at pre-Hidan + Kakuzu arc level [when Sakura last saw Sasuke]) and only used the others to get her close to Sasuke and abandons them when she’s about to pull off her REAL mission (which nobody else would agree w/). now, this is only a theory/my hopes, and there’s a good chance i’m wrong since there was supposedly an interview where Kishi said he wants to make Sakura more heroic, but that could’ve been a fake interview, a tactic to throw the readers off, or maybe Kishi changed his mind, all of which could make it easier for my theory to b realised

  16. Sakura irritates me, the ending irritates me, the fact that Sai got tricked BY SAKURA irritates me and most of all……THE FACT THAT SASUKE WAS STOPPED FROM KILLING KARIN IRRITATES ME!!!!!!

  17. Sakura is a whore, a filthy, filthy whore, that all I have to say about that, for now, wow! shortest comment I ever made. 😉

  18. Yeah I didn’t read the previous posting of Karin going with Naruto so my bad.

    As for Madara and his eye vault, I think he doesn’t have the EMS anymore, that he used Izanagi during his fight with the first and lost one of the eyes. I think that the EMS doesn’t work unless it has the pair so he’s been collecting eyes to maybe find ones that when interchanged with his own current ones will potentially reawaken his EMS. I think that’s why he’s been pushing Sasuke so hard as well, he wants him to over use his eyes and be forced to take Itachi’s and get his own EMS. When he awakens them Madara will the swoop in and take them for himself. I don’t know how believable this sounds but I thought about it a lot today during my business class lol.

  19. Yes this chapter was pretty lame. Sorta a bridge to the next arc I guess…. hopefully kishi doesn’t focus too much ink on this “Sakura switches side” subplot.

  20. Also, this chapter highlights how retarded Lee n Kiba both are.

    Sai pointed out to them what Sakura’s true plan is and that she has sleeping bombs or whatever and they completely ignore this fact and go attack Sai… LOL

    It’s common knowledge that Kiba’s the most useless character, but I expected “slightly” more from Lee… note the emphasis on ‘slightly.’

  21. @ star69, don’t say “retarded” that’ll insult the mentally challenged by comparing them to the even dumber Lee and Kiba, lols

  22. I wonder if Madara has a rec room with a surround sound system and a fridge full of beers in one of his parallel dimensions…

  23. @eagle87. wow when did you figure that crazy idea about ems out? about 3 months ago when the kage summit was going on like the rest of us did. and the izanagi idea is just insane, i doubt anyone in the world has ever had that idea before.

  24. yea i was just about to say how lame this chapter was, looks like yal beat me to it..:\ damn….oh well il say it anyway for emphasis

    THIS CHAPTER WAS F%#7ing lammmeee! lol

    Maddara<–no clue wtf is up with him


    naruto- kishi is still making him loook lame, which is irritating me

    saskue-complete douche


    sai-WTF really?

  25. @ JPUA, my bad. Thanks for calling me out on that mistake!

    My apologies. I had no intention of defaming the mentally disabled by comparing them to Lee & Kiba. It is objectively clear that the latter two are much inferior to the former in all ways.

  26. Ok in short, Sakura=bitch!

  27. @Danny, why thank you good sir for pointing out the error of my ways with that info, I have no idea where I would be without your words of wisdom. For your information I had this idea back during the Kage Summit arc but was restating it.

  28. for the sake of all that is holy!!! kishimoto just FUCKING KILL OFF SAKURA!!!! she is either sasuke’s bitch for trying to join him, or a complete idiot to think that she can decieve him somehow

  29. Sakura, what are you up to????

    At first I thought she wanted to join Sasuke so she could have an easier chance of killing him. Now I’m thinking that’s way to obvious.

    She has never really gotten over Sasuke, that was made clear when she was telling Naruto to forget about the promise he had made. He never took her last time cause she was worthless to him. However, now that he has one less team member, I think he’ll take her up on her offer.

    Its to convenient. Naruto is going to turn up just before Sasuke and Sakura are about to leave and won’t be able to stop her.

    One thing I can’t figure out. How is it that Karin was in the chuunin exams at the same time as Sasuke. I’m trying to piece it together.

    At the time of the exams theres no way Sasuke would have been able to take out that huge summon so effortlessly. I do remember him taking on Orochimaru’s snake but he got the curse seal after that.

    Team 7 wasn’t apart long enough for Sasuke to have done that.

    Help me out guys. lol

  30. @ kennyq, maybe it was a retcon, or maybe that snake was much weaker? or it could have been that Oro just had the snake intentionally lose just so Karin’s team could hopefully fight Sasuke (but Karin’s team member must’ve ditched her and she in Shippuden couldn’t fight Sasuke in part 1) anyways, the fact that she had a flashback means she’s as good as dead

  31. I hope sakura does join sasuke so hinata can kick her ass

  32. i agree with A lost shinobi

  33. HEY for all the talk about Naruto not being shown in the manga, and he finally does something badass, and none of you people talk about it!?!?

    I mean, slipping away like that shows some pretty good skill against Yamato (though I’d be more impressed if it was against Kakashi…) and he’s effectively using Sage Mode to track. It seems like we are going to have a reunion of Team 7, why else would Sai, Kiba, and Lee be knocked out and Yamato left behind at the hotel? I don’t think Yamato is going to notice in time to stop Naruto, especially now that Naruto’s speed is enhanced. Plus Yamato isn’t a tracker, so unless Naruto has one of those seed things on his real body Yamato couldn’t find him, cuz the clone doesn’t even know where the real Naruto is.

    One other thing, our prayers are finally answered with Sasuke just popping out powerful jutsus to no end, Madara brings him back to Earth and tells him he’s almost blind. I can’t wait for Bob’s analysis.

  34. i think sakura aint goin..Kishi said in an interview that the “whore” [ok u guys were too hard on her…but i’ll join the fun =P ]
    is gonna be very mean to Naruto [which makes me wanna call her a whore]…
    this can b bcoz Naruto mightve arrived & stopped her goin wd sasugayyy…
    & YES!!!!!
    our dearly beloved Kyubi Jinchuriki is in Sage Mode again!!!!
    now there’s a sensor in Konoha 11

  35. I like CHEERIOS!!!! That is all…

  36. Didn’t Karin say chakra fluctuates when someone is lying? Didn’t Sasugay tell Deidara he can see his chakra? See where I’m going with this…? IF Sakura’s lying then Sasugay SHOULD be able to realize, so the fact that she isn’t dead yet means she IS telling the truth and she DOES want to become Sasugay’s new bit*h…or old bitch that’s his new b*tch…..BAH! u guys get what i mean lol

  37. @kasuzachi. i doubt sakura wants to be sasuke new bit*h. because it would be very stupid for one. first of all it would be a HUGE step back for her character. i mean all this time she and naruto have been talking about how they will bring sasuke back to konoha together and then you have kishimoto making sakura look more like a worthwhile kunoichi instead of the annoying fangirl we saw in Part 1…. i mean why would kishi waste all that ink just to turn sakura back into what she used to be? that would be completely stupid on his part. i think sakura is following sasuke in a attempt to kill him.

  38. i think Karin is going to fine since sakura is there. i know she will heal her…

  39. i don’t think sakura is skilled enough 2 heal karin, she’s as good as dead.

    As for sakura joinin sasuke, good 4 her, it only means hinata gets 2 beat the sh8 out her (but honestly tho i don’t c sakura being 1 of the bad guys nd fighting against naruto nd co. she koes better now than 2 b sasuke’s bitch)

    madara is awesome , hopes he succeeds.
    naruto is a g.
    sai is awesome
    lee is stupid, kiba is at least useful with his sense of smell. lee is jst useless

  40. I was just thinking about what it was that Itachi gave Naruto when they met before the Itachi/Sasuke fight.
    At first I thought it could be a part of Itachi that would supress the Kyuubi, but after the Pein/Naruto fight that was proved wrong.
    Then I thought this: Itachi put a safety in Naruto that will make it difficult for Sasuke and Madara to control the kyuubi when Naruto eventually fights them. The worst thingthat could happen is Naruto catching up to Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi and then have Sasuke sharingan into Naruto and mess with the gate/seal/kyuubi. I say this because Itachi only gave Naruto the crow after Naruto told him that he would never kill Sasuke, no matter what. But this is all speculation.

    Wait, just had a thought, if Naruto were to attack Sasuke with the intent to kill then Itachi could have implanted a part of himself to suppress Naruto or the Kyuubi in that moment, negating the one clear advantage Naruto has over Sasuke, unlimited chakra. That would be so cruel but smart as hell of Itachi. Pretty much the guy gave the Naruverse on a silver platter to his brother, little ridiculous if you ask me.

    I know that I for one want Naruto to train with either Killerbee and Hachibi or with the Kyuubi himself. In the second scenario, what if Itachi can appear in Naruto’s consciousness and help him with his Kyuubi training? That would solve the problem of the Kyuubi taking over.

    anyway, I’m rambling, what do y’all think about it. I know this is all off topic but I can’t stand reading about Sakura and sasuke and Karin, I’m done with them, I vote for more Shikamaru, who is with me.

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