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Naruto and Death Note

Ws here again i’m ashamed that i have forgotten some of the best manga’s there are so i will do death note and full metal alchemist will come out next.

Explaining words:

Death Note: a book that make people die by just writing someone’s name in it.

Shinigami/death god: the creatures hat originally own the death notes, but sometimes they get careless and lose one so a human can pick it up and cause mayhem to the world.


Yagami Light is a human boy who finds a death note and decides to become a god by punishing criminals with it. L is one of the guys that want to catch kira (Light’s fans call him kira) and it becomes a battles of strategies for both of them to find out who they really are.

Main Characters:

Yagami Light

Light is the son of Soichiro Yagami the head of the kira investigation, he wants to purify the world by killing criminals and become a god, he is one of the smartest people in the world.


A detective that wants to catch kira his intelligence is equal to Light’s and he has a wierd pose (picture above) while sitting, he claims that he can’t think properly when he’s sitting at a different pose. He never shows his face to the world so kira can’t kill him easily.


Ryuk, the main Shinigami in Death Note.

A shinigami that dropped his death note on purpose because he was bored and he wanted some fun, he’s always hanging around Light since that is the place with the most fun. He is addicted to apples.

Amane Misa

Light’s girlfriend who also has a Death Note in her possession, she likes Kira because he killed her parent’s murderers. She has obtained the eyes of a shinigami so se can see names of people without knowing them this takes half of her lifespan.


A female shinigami who gave a Death Note to Misa she hates Light since he uses Misa for his plans while he didn’t want her as a girlfriend.


This time the amv I chose for is this one:


Light – Sasuke both are willing to sacrifice everything for their goal (World domination/Revenge)

L – Shikamaru they both are intelligent and are able to outsmart most people

Ryuk – Madara just like madara he stands on the sidelines and enjoys the mayhem the main characters make

Misa – Sakura Both love someone but that guy doesn’t love her and is more interested in their goal and will kill her without hesitating if they get in their way.

Link manga

Link anime


6 Responses

  1. I like Death Note………Ermmm Nice Post! 🙂

  2. this is so perfect
    love t e amv CX

  3. do u have comparisons for Near & Mello?…well if u can think 1 i will worship u as another worthy successor of L

  4. crap i forgot about Near and Mello lol

    well here they are

    Mello would be Danzo since they both would use everything they can to catch a criminal including sacrificing innocent people

    Near would be umm that’s a hard one i would say shikamaru since both are smart and develop tactics while playing with things.

    since i had shikamaru at L’s place i will change L’s to shikaku nara since both are smart and Near is L’s succesor while Shikamaru is Shikaku’s succesor

  5. This was one of my favorite manga/anime of all time, and Light was so much cooler than Sasuke will ever be. The dude had the power to kill anyone, but he knew how to play his hand and didn’t let anyone manipulate him. Come to think of, both Light and Sasuke had a clingy lovestruck girls following them around – I guess girls just like bad boys.

  6. Isn’t Lost+Brain a lot more like Death Note than Naruto? Naruto has many more extra elements. Anyway, good post. Keep it up.

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