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The Rumble Of Thunder.

I promised I would do this a long time ago. We never forgot about you Dark Lurker and I don’t think we ever will. 

The last part of this epic was <narutoblog/2008/11/24/the-storm-overhead/”>http://www.narutohurricane.com/narutoblog/2008/11/24/the-storm-overhead/> This is the almost legendary fanfiction by our very own DL carried on by Sothe. So let’s get on with it!    


The newly formed Team Gaiku stood at the gates of Konoha. Naruto’s mind was rushing and he was shaking with anticipation, everything around him was a blur. All that mattered was his fight with Sasuke.  Sasuke…Sasuke Uchiha. The name rang through his head over and over and Naruto knew it was now or never.  He would bring him back. He would do it now.       Gaiku! Kakashi – sama has assembled you for one reason. The downfall of Akatsuki. Make your Hokage proud. Always remember what my father once told me, they’re are two types of freedom. Freedom to – and freedom from. Give the people of this world both. Freedom to travel safely without fear. And freedom from tyranny, death and war. Your equipment lies here, good luck and farewell. – Iruka.       

Iruka….I…. – Naruto stutters         

Just go Naruto, bring him back okay? – Iruka         

Yes sensei! – Naruto.             


The team bounded out of Konoha headed by Kiba who used his invaluable sense of smell to trace back to the last place Sasuke was detected. Each team member seemed determined Naruto noticed, and although his fight was likely by the far the most dangerous he felt a pang of worry for his friends. Every member here will be engaged in one on one combat with a member of Akatsuki or Team Hawk and  Naruto knew that they will be alone. Fighting with everything they have, he just hoped Kakashi – Sama was right with the group he selected. If a member fell then someone was likely to be left fighting 2 enemies and although he knew they were strong….the fear ate away at him. Fear was an almost an alien concept to our headstrong hero, but his friends were in danger. The thought was yet to occur to Naruto that he may die in this mission. Sasuke has always bested him, and it was Sasuke that must Naruto must face. He began to slow down, the rest of the team bolted ahead unaware that Naruto had started to fall into a downward spiral of uneasiness.       

 -sobbing- I..will never risk a friends life for something that I am the only real follower of – Naruto.     

Naruto. We had every choice, and your not the only one that wants Sasuke back. Everyone does. Please, focus. – Shikimaru  

   What if one of you get killed?!  You – Naruto    -cutting off- Were ninjas Naruto. Stop being a knucklehead. – Kiba slaps Naruto  

   Please Naruto, focus, we will bring him back. I believe in you. – Hinata.  

   …Okay guys, but if any of you die, Ill kick your butts! – Naruto grinning as usual.    

  The grin was a facade, Naruto had become very good at hiding his feelings, which is suprising, he is no good at contolling them, only hiding. He bounded on, very unaware of where he was, deep in thought, since Hinata’s outburst where she had admitted her life and almost sacrificed herself for Naruto, she also had not stopped training, and had by far surpassed even Neji in speed. She seemed so confident, so strong. Naruto pledged to be like that. Naruto promised to be like Hinata. Words he never thought he would say. Things sure have changed, he was 10 times the man, and 100 times the ninja he used to be. Honour, freedom. he understood these concepts more than ever, he would fight for them….       



Guys. They are watching us. – Kiba       Someone is here.   

…That fight for Naruto. Begins now.    



5 Responses

  1. Wooops, put it on the wrong site, can see myself getting told off for this 😉

  2. Delicious! Smart writing!

    It was a pleasure to see a better Naruto, a better Hinata, as Kishi should have made them grow.

    @ Sothe: Welcome back to the main page!

    “Freedom to… Freedom from” I LOVE IT , deep and true

  3. I liked it sothe, and you can always re-post it there (though do you have an account?) I wish it had had some action after such a long break since pein’s defeat.

  4. Would’ve been nice to who hear who exactly was the on the team though, but it was pretty good.

  5. good job sothe
    about time you made this one dammit we’ve ben waiting a year for this :p i hope the next one will come out soon

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