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Naruto can still take out sasuke… No training required

Many people seem convinced by Sasuke’s recent S-rank battles that Kishi has made Sasuke excessively stronger than good ol’ Naruto. I however, after assessing Sasuke’s current battle strategies feel like this is not the case and our boy Naruto may just be able to defeat sasuke.
This sharingan wielding missing nin, has shown over part 2 that he is a formidable force in the ‘sasuke-verse’. He has been able to fight on kage level using a whole host of extremely powerful jutsu. However, what has become quite evident is that he has acquired a heavy reliance on high chakra MS techniques, particularly susanno. However he still has two elements to utilise as well as being an excellent swordsman. Oh and we can’t forget the fact that at any moment Kishi can decide to give him a power boost as he continues to find deeper levels of darkness-yes, I don’t understand that either.
Once upon a time this manga was actually about this demon possessed kid. Well over the past arc we have witnessed him beg, cry and hyperventilate but he’s actually not a shabby ninja when he decides to pull his finger out of his rectal orifice. With mass shadow clones he can interpret a battle and devise a strategy accordingly, with fuuton: Rasenshuriken I believe he could take out susanno (it is one of the most destructive moves, plus susanno can get injured and its not the most mobile of defenses). Additionally, he has genjutsu protection in sage mode which will give him the speed to match up with sasuke and additional strength to inflict real damage should he land even one hit.
additionally, he has a whole squad of frogs with a vast array of abilities to pull off the bench should the going get tough. Oh and his little wind I infused kunai can survive again Sasuke’s lightning infused sword.
When we see the whole host of techniques and abilities being employed in Naruto, our boy’s poor arsenal begins to look quite depressing. But lets consider the things people keep saying he should learn:
a) Minato’s flying thunder god technique: in a one on one battle to the death, the ability to teleport to where a seal is, is rather pointless (nuf said)
b) bijuu manipulation: why give sasuke such a big target to hit and a tool to use his sharingan on. (nuf said)
c) another element: what use wud this be when Naruto is useless at hand seals? at best all we’d get is yet another variation of rasengan. (nuf said)

Well here’s where this ends and the discussions begin. If u don’t agree with what I’ve said voice ur reasonings. I think Naruto could take out sasuke now… What are ur views?


22 Responses

  1. But there is still this “imbah power of the sharingan users: Uchiha’s” … So Sasuke would maybe feel a greater/greater power inside himself why facing Naruto, Cuz it’s destined that they will fight (As Madara says).. But Naruto still seems to be much stronger and would easily beat Sasuke. After the Pein vs Naruto battle, Naruto showed good skills.. Like that instant body flicker with Rasen-shuriken on one of Pein’s bodies. It took less than a second but still Sasuke got the sharingan so.. I think it would be a fair fight, But with Naruto as the winner cuz of his chakra supply.

  2. well it would be an EVEN fight, but i belive Naruto will learn one more jutsu….. one that will surpass all others… in manga chapter 370 – Premonition…. we hear of it it said that yondaime meant for Naruto to complete that jutsu….. one that maybe would kill Madara himself… but in the end Sasuke will lose just because of his Quest for Revenge

  3. i think Naruto needs to learn to at least control the Kyuubi, maybe not to the point where he turns into a million foot long fox, but at least being able to suppress it when angry and maybe utilize some of it’s strengths w/out losing control. the strengths that he’d normally need to lose control of first include: Menacing Ball (the thing he used to destroy Oro’s Triple Rashamon, he used it again in the Pain fight, and KB used it against Taka); and Poisonous chakra (again, against Oro) but those would really b the only advantages besides the Kyuubi’s knowledge of the Uchiha clan

  4. Wow you gave me a great perspective. I honestly thought Naruto should learn Water Ninjutsu to cool down Sasukes Fire Style. But when I think about it, has sasuke even used fire element once (beside Amaterasu which has a class of its own) in any of his battles since he got the MS. Sasuke has been draining our lives of Sharingan, using it over and over again. You’re right Naruto sticks to primarily Rasengans and Clones (not to mention Sage mode) so he wouldnt even give us a diverse set of new jutsu to look at. Sasuke will keeep sticking to the sharingan and his Lightning element. And does Naruto even need to control his Kyuubi, (hes already a sage).

    Thank you Madzi, u gave me great new perspective on Naruto.

  5. @bloodsasuke

    Sasuke has actually used the grand fireball against Danzo’s summon, I think he uses the fireball more as a strategic element rather than trying to take someone out with it. Naruto has been hit by it before (at the Valley at the End) and survived, so maybe he’d just take the hit.

    About the post in general, I think these are good points, but Naruto’s Fuuton abilities are not up to par with Sasuke. Right now Sasuke can whip out a Raiton in the blink of an eye (as well as Susanoo we’ve seen), FRS and Sage Mode still take time (FRS because he needs Sage Mode first). You can say that maybe Naruto will find a way to buy time but he hasn’t yet.

    I don’t know if FTG is the answer, but increasing his speed is essential, maybe that is his only defense against Amaterasu as with the Raikage. If Naruto is going to learn FTG, I think he has to surpass the 4th, similar to how he improved the Rasengan. Maybe he will learn an FTG without needing seals. My guess is the seals are so the 4th can know when he gets there, natural energy would be enough for Naruto I think.


    I totally agree that Naruto using the Kyuubi chakra to his advantage is a big element. He used it a ton in Part I, only to lose control in Part II. We have seen other hosts use their bijuu well, Kishi has forshadowed it too much to not give Naruto that ability.

    One last point… is it a bad thing if Naruto learns some seals? He has shown a great improvement in his chakra control and maybe it is about time he learned to do that… although it doesn’t quite feel like Naruto I don’t see how else to expand his jutsu repitoire.

  6. “But lets consider the things people keep saying he should learn:”-I agree that Naruto and Sasuke are equal right now because that’s the way Kishi intended it to be. HOWEVER, you largely understate the uses of the three things you mentioned Naruto learning AND forgoten one almost completely.

    1. FTG: When you have enough seals (on thrown kunai) you can teleport unpredicatbly. This is usefull for a few reasons 1. the Sharingan can’t analyze things within it’s blind spot (so use the FTG to get there stealthily) 2. Clone jutsu combined with this would be crazy… 3. the speed boost is always good 4. it requires a good knowledge of sealing ninjutsu, something Naruto should know more about.

    2. Bijju Control: Why NOT give sasuke a bigger target if that target is nearly invincible? Plus as JPUA mentioned the speed and strength bonus is good and doesn’t require a size increase. Finnaly, bijju are the most deadly weapon in the naruverse, they usually provide some sort of special jutsu (eg. sand, lava, or ink: tails 1, 4, and 8).

    3. Water ninjutsu: Sasuke hasn’t used fire a lot because most of his opponents were either weak against lightning or strong against fire (Deidara, Orochimaru, and even Gaara were all earth element users, Itachi had water element, so excessive fire ninjutsu would eventually get countered). However, Sasuke has shown against a wind user (Danzo) that he can use fire element proficiently. NOW I DON’T want a “water rasengan” I want ACTUAL water ninjutsu mainly of the “giant water wave” variety. THERE IS one rasengan variation I would accept and even enjoy, that is AFTER the “giant water wave” he could form a whirilpool like he did in a filler once.

    4. What you forgot: WIND NINJUTSU. NOT Wind Rasengan/ Wind Release Rasen-Shuriken! I want something like Shukaku’s wind release: Air bullet but on an individual ninja level.

  7. oh, ripcord made me think of something: Bijju chakra can also eliminate the clones or partner aspect of Senjutsu as he can use the Kyubbi.

  8. All good points everyone. but for all those who say additional powers would add effectively to his arsenal I totally agree, but the whole point of this post was to highlight that although they’d be advantageous, they are not necessary… Against sasuke anyway. Madara, now that’s a whole other ball game.
    Question: since the case is that wind FEEDS fire, doesn’t that mean that the perfect counter for Sasuke’s fire element is just stronger wind element e.g. FRS? I mean if sasuke used great fireball and Naruto used FRS to counter it, I’d envision that FRS would meet it, and push back a huge spinning fireball back at sasuke. Any takers?

  9. “I’d envision that FRS would meet it, and push back a huge spinning fireball back at sasuke. Any takers?” It’s more like having a fireball come at you (duh) and you can be holding a. nothing (eg. not using a jutsu) b. a water hose (eg. water ninjutsu) or c. a can of gasoline (eg wind ninjutsu). Rasen-shuriken is a massive spining ball of chakra (and as we’ve seen with the regular rasengan) disrupting it causes it to explode. Having the fire-wind combo causes this explosion to be bigger and firey. The way Sasuke wins here is by turning Naruto’s jutsu in on him. Normally Naruto triggers the (thrown) Rasen-shuriken when it is out of his hand, hopefully near his target. However, if Sasuke pre-triggers it with a fire jutsu from a distance (say mid-range like Grand Fireball jutsu) then the explosion is closer to Naruto (in his hand) so he takes all of the damage while Sasuke is safe.

  10. For sure Kishi plans to have Naruto winning over Sasuke at the very end. There is no point off guessing.

    Although we can keep on forever discussing who is strongest. I think both are strong, but different, that’s all.

    If there is any LOGIC at that final battle, Sasuke will go blind or will give up at the end. The sharingan (in a logic world) can get control of Kyubi.

    Also there are combinations of powers that can get down Sasuke (in a LOGIC world). Like Gaara (sand and chakra) Temari (wind) Shino (bugs eating chakra) Kakashi (sharingan) and some other like Yamanata (mind control), xxx (water).

    Honestly I will prefer a super combo battle at the end, but Kishi only do duels latterly.

    Anyway, Kishi will come up with something pretty much out of logic and naruverse’s rules.

  11. “If there is any LOGIC at that final battle, Sasuke will go blind or will give up at the end. The sharingan (in a logic world) can get control of Kyubi.”- I don’t know S_U. I think blindness will be countered with Itachi’s eyes and the Kyubbi will resist the sharingan, because the kyubbi was weaker/dumber then and Madara’s eye’s were more powerfull than Sasuke’s are (curently)

  12. Mart – if Sasuke never get a transplant he will go blind.

    Sasuke is going blind already. His maddens and change of chaka…. Could that be the madness that took over Madara when he got blind and took his bro’s eyes? I say YES

    Off course Sasuke can get Itachi’s eyes, or Madara’s eye, or some other sharingan (Kishi can show up with a glass full of them at Danzou’s lair).

    But it will be prety cheap if Kishi made Sasuke’s path same as Madara’s

    anyhow I dont think Kyubi can resist Sasuke’s ethernal MS. Sasuke’s eyes and chakra has been said to be more or less equal to Madara’s, and deffenety estronger than Itachi’s. And Kyubi was supresed by Sasuke’s regular sharingan in the past

    But Kishi will come out with something totally out of the logic.

  13. How’s this for a possible storyline: After Sasuke kills Danzo, Sasuke heads toward Konoha all cocky and arrogant, he starts attacking the village, the Konoha 11 start fighting him, their no match, due to Sasuke being on steroids, Naruto comes back, Sasuke and Naruto duke it out, Naruto whoops Sasuke’s ass, Madara ends up intervening and retreaving Sasuke. They head back to their hide out, Sasuke can’t believe Naruto got stronger with his Sage Mode and everything, he finds out he is practically blind, Madara suggests Sasuke implant Itachi’s eye’s. Sasuke begrudgingly accepts, in order to exact his revenge and be at full force for the incoming war and a rematch against Naruto.
    Oh, and on that debate of Nature affinities, even though Fire beats Wind, that only applies if both jutsus are of equal strength or the Wind Jutsu is weaker. Naruto’s Wind RasenShuriken would demolish Sasukes measly Fireball Jutsu, but if Sasuke uses Amaterasu Sasuke’s Jutsu would beat Naruto’s. But in the end I think Naruto is still stronger than Sasuke, Sage Mode enhances everyone of Naruto’s strength, abilities and stats, while Susanno offers minimal benefits at a huge life draining cost ergo Naruto owning Sasuke. Sorry Sasuke lover’s its the truth.
    Oh and Jiraiya already won the tournament. 8)

  14. Sasuke? He’s really evil now. I can’t believe he killed Karin.. He has no sense of Gratitude… I hate that man… I hope, Naruto will be able to kill him…

  15. At this point no one can defeat Sasuke. He is already complete. Susanoo is a great defense, he already upgraded his sharingan, he posses two chakra elements ( Fire and Lighting ), he also good genjutsu user, a good swordman, he is also good taijuts and he effectively analyze the techniques and skills of his enemy. That’s why he defeated Dauzo despite of too many sharingans he posses in his arm still the genious Sasuke managed to kill him. But wait still Sasuke was in Madara side. I’m not surprise if Madara will teach the izagani technique. Because uchiha are destine to learn that technique.

    The chance of Naruto to defeat Sasuke? Naruto must couter the Susanoo defense and drain Sasuke’s chakra. How he will do that? Naruto should have a ultimate defense like Susanoo and he should also bind a good relationship with the nine tail fox. During the fight they can communicate about the plans, strategies tandtechinique they will use to defeat their enemy just like what Killerbee and his bijou doing during the fight with Kisame.

    What do you think guys with my theories?

  16. @john, that’s actually a high possibility, but I think tho that the battle will be even and Naruto will get saved last minute by kakashi while sasuke gets saved by madara (there must be a reason they have a similar sharingan and I’m not an obito is madara theorist). Anyway this realisation of the their virtual similarity in strength will initiate another training arc… Enter killerbee and the prep for the ninja world war.

  17. Okay, I don’t know if Naruto can take out Sasuke the way he is right now.

    Since the Pain battle Naruto hasn’t made any improvements while Sasuke gets stronger with every fight. It’s been over 30 chapters and Naruto is still the same as he was when he defeated Pain. He hasn’t even had the time to increase his Sage Mode

    At that time Sasuke would have been nothing to Naruto, but as he is now there is no way he a beat Sasuke.

    The only weakness I would say Sasuke has is the chance of going blind, however he can remedy that little side effect by infusing his brothers eyes. If he does that I honestly don’t know how Naruto will be able to beat Sasuke.

    With Naruto’s way of the ninja I’m sure he come up with something. lol

  18. Kishi only made sasugay stronger so as to make them equal….check the polls.afte the Naruto vs Pain arc evry1 was sayin that Naruto will definitely pawn Sasuke….Kishi gave the Uchiha kid complete Susanoo to give us a better finale….

  19. Just remember Kishi may pull a fast one on us and make it that Naruto has been training. Remember when he was in the Iron Country he was contemplating how to extend sage mode and was so quick as to instantly activate sage mode and a rasengan when madara appeared. So he’s not just crying and pining over sasuke. And all it’ll take are flashbacks of his personal training during his next battle to answer our questions as to why he’s stronger

  20. wht if during a fight sasuke suddenly able to get hold on kyubi chakra, since naruto has this tendency to trigger kyubi chakra when angered.
    since uchiha clan is the only one who can control kyubi, and relating the current facts on sasuke’s sharingan its almost complete to be the strongest sharingan ever.

  21. it depends…when and where…you make a good argument, but the truth is they are pretty evenly matched. so, yea…

  22. naruto has one water jutsu

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