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Naruto Grand Tournament Week 3 Voting:

What’s the Naruto Grand Tournament about? Read more here!
Week 2 winners: Yamato, Gaara, Sasori, Kisame, Killerbee, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Danzo.
I noticed some pretty obvious vote stuffing on the week 2 polls (compare the total votes between polls) and adjusted the final tally accordingly. I’ll just remind everyone that this is just a fan poll, nothing more, so please don’t do something that selfish.

Week 2 results:
Week 1 results:
For all characters where possible, assume it’s their part 2 counterpart in the battle. Week 3 voting will close end of day Friday February 5th (you may still vote after wards, but they won’t count towards final tally).


63 Responses

  1. wtf?! Tsunade beat Mei?! wow, we’ve got some kinda crazies here

  2. I guess when it comes to catfights, tsunade is the one throwin punches and mei is the one talkin mess

  3. well bee beat E so obviously theres a lot of retards here. anyway this weeks is ridiculously easy to see who will win, except it seems that people think lee would beat shino. errrrrr no.

  4. @ danny, lol, right
    @ ryoraizen, Tsunade’s punches r useless against some1 far enuf away, while lava can destroy anyone at any distance

  5. @ jet prime, hey i agree with you all the way. i voted for mei

    @danny, bee has biju chakra while e has crazy chakra. while they are both badass and while it was a hard choice, bee would be the more likely choice. he’s running on 2 charka reserves and e runs on one.

  6. i had a hard time choosng the lee vs Shino, I voted for lee, but in retrospect, Shino would win.
    I’ll do a full comment later anyway.

  7. i don’t wanna go on about the bee v e fight because bee won and its over with, but bee said himself that e could deflect the eight tails attacks. plus he was epically fast so i doubt any of bees attacks would hit him, but i suppose now he only has one arm bee might be able to beat him, but whatever thats past now, so i’ll concentrate on this weeks.

  8. I don’t see how 1. Shino could lose to Lee or 2. Suigetsu could lose to Neji. Shino would use bug clone jutsu followed by bug globe jutsu and then hide until Lee was done. Suigetsu is effectively immune to Taijutsu, including gentle fist, his internal organs turn to water as well as his external ones, and his chakra points can’t be targeted because he can move them, again via the liquid form.

  9. Rock Lee will definitely beat Shino!!!

  10. i can’t believe i’m saying this, but i agree w/ mart, especially about Neji vs Suigestu (Lee vs Shino might b a bit harder since Lee doesn’t need chakra, and he has good physical stamina). i really think this has turned into a popularity contest, then again, Sasori beat Diedara, which is weird since Diedara was probably more popular.

  11. and I can’t understand how are some retards claiming that E could beat killer bee? so what if he has dodged his move number 8 (or whatever he callede it) in the long-run Killer bee has more chakra, more endurance and is absolutely immune to genjutsu while rikage is not, furthermire while raikage prefers hand-to-hand combat bee relies on swords, I say the winner is pretty clear here, so please to some people here: don’t call others retards just because they have different opinion, espacially when it’s right. LOL and theres no way lee can stand up to shino, why? look at their fighting styles

  12. @JPUA just because the winners do not coincide with your opinion it doesn’t mean it’s popularity contest, hilarious how this “popularity contest” thing became the best explsnstion for everyone’s dissapointments

  13. @ tm, i’m saying it’s a popularity contest since: Tsunade, a purely close-range fighter lost to Mei, a “i can kill u in a 1000 different ways from any distance” type of fighter; Neji, who relies on hitting the target at close range is losing to Suigestu, who can basically defend himself from any form of taijutsu by transforming into water (except maybe Guy’ morning peacock, since that’s on fire and probably lightning based taijutsu, but Neji has neither); and while i originally voted Hinata against Haku, i found out, very early into the poll, that Haku had a jutsu (albeit eclusive to the anime and only in a flashback) that could destroy her, and i mentioned it and even stated i wished to change my choice in said fight, but either nobody read it or nobody cared. those r the main reasons behind my reasoning

  14. oops, i meant to say that Neji was WINNING against Suigestu, not losing

  15. errrr its been stated that e had chakra comparable to that of a tailed beast, he didnt seem to run out of energy in his fight against sasuke, genjutsu is irrellevant as i don’t remember either using it, and e snapped suigetsus sword in half so im sure he could do the same to bees swords.

  16. Hinata vs Shikamaru, I have nothing to say about this one. It’ll be a fairly easy win for Shika since Hinata wasn’t even supposed to beat Haku.

    Rock Lee vs Shino. At first I voted for Rock Lee because he doesn’t use chakra, and that’s what Shino’s insect absorb to win, so logically if Rock Lee doesn’t depend on it, the insects would be useless. BUT, let us not forget how Rock Lee fights, he does moves that tires himself out, all Shino really has to do is keep up thee assault with his millions of bugs. And if Lee opens the gates then its over for him because after he does Hidden Lotus it is very likely to be a bug clone. Think of this match as Lee vs Gaara (Shino’s bugs for Gaara’s sand), except Shino is by no means as cocky as Gaara was. Plus he is also smarter than Lee

    Neji vs Suigetsu. Well Neji USUALLY fight with taijutsu, but lets not forget that Suigetsu is susceptible to being hit with concentrated chakra, i.e Air Palm. In case you don’t remember, think back to the Hachibi’s Menacing Ball, which is concentrated chakra. Also, Suigetsu’s swordsmanship doesn’t fly here since Neji is a master at Gentle fist and can just deflect Suigetsu’s swings. Suigetsu’s Suiton also doesn’t stand up to Neji’s Rotation. Neji wins this, but not by his normal means.

    Kakuzu vs Asuma. Asuma shouldn’t even be here, there’s no way Kabuto would lose to him, but whatever. Kakuzu wins hands down.

    Yamato vs Gaara. Neither of those two should have made it. A far more entertaining fight would have been Kimimaro vs Guy, two taijutsu masters. But if I had to choose between Gaara or Yamato to win this. I’ll go with Gaara.

    Sasori vs Kisame. Sasori would win. Samehada is useless against Sasori because most of his moves didn’t use chakra, i.e his main weapons, poisons. Kisame’s transformation might be a problem, but Sasori could counter by shooting his poison smoke and liquid poisons into the water or he could fill the water dome with his Iron Sand. There are too many ways Sasori could win this fight.

    Killerbee vs Tsunade, I was hoping for E vs Tsunade but, this’ll work. Killerbee’s faster and stronger than Tsunade, so he wins this. Her medical jutsu really wont come into play here (I doubt she knows the Hachibi’s anatomy).

    Jiraiya vs Danzo, I give Jiraiya the win here. His stamina alone makes him the winner.

  17. “Rock Lee because he doesn’t use chakra”-Rock Lee HAS chakara, he just can’t mold it to use for genjutsu/ninjutsu. “chakra is a form of energy all living individuals naturally produce to some degree.”-naruto wikipedia

    “Suigetsu is susceptible to being hit with concentrated chakra” are you saying Neji has the same levels of chakra as a tailed beast? Neji got owned by Kisame’s water element jutsu, I don’t see why Suigetsu’s would be different.

  18. i’ve got to say i gave the win to neji, suigetsu tends to rush in and i think that neji is calm and intelligent enough to be able to find weaknesses and exploit them, but it was a tough one to pick.

  19. In the Kakuzu vs asuma fight
    hidan is weaker than kakuzu and hidan killed asuma
    asuma can’t cut him cuz of rock hard skin

  20. @Mart1, I know Rock Lee HAS chakra, but it really doesn’t affect how he fights until he uses his trump card moves, so I chose to neglect it. As for Neji, I knew someone would say Neji doesn’t have tailed Beast level chakra. But look at it this way, when a meteor crashes it creates fire and destroys a city, when a match is lit, it creates fire and if left long enough could burn down a cdity (thus destroying it) one may be more powerful, but they have the same effect. So one Air palm wouldn’t kill Suigetsu, but the fact that the Hachibi’s attack did damage, means that an attack that goes on the same principle can, but due to the difference in power, the desired effect would take longer to be achieved.

  21. My picks…

    Hinata v. Shikamaru; Shikamaru because while Hinata has Gentle Fists, she isn’t very proficient in it. Shikamaru is very proficient in his Shadow Jutsu. He could also strangle her before she got too close.

    Rock Lee v. Shino; Shino because while Lee has Chakra, he cannot mold it to create Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Shino could use a VERY diverse range of Jutsu to defeat Lee. Plus, Shino could do what he did to Kankuro and plant a female on him, making the males kill Lee over her. (Though he never killed Kankuro)

    Neji v. Suigetsu; Neji because of what Kisu mentioned above.

    Kakuzu v. Asuma; Kakuzu because Asuma died at the hands of Hidan, who knows that Kakuzu is the strongest of the pair.

    Yamato v. Gaara; Garra because the only things that have been shown to penitrate his Shield of Sand is Lee with his speed, Deidara’s Clay Bombs, and Chidori. Since Yamato has none of those, I can’t really see how he’d win. Even with his wood, it’s not that fast so it doesn’t really make a difference.

    Sasori v. Kisame; Kisame because he was known as the ‘Biju Without a Tail’. Yes, Sasori has his puppets and his poison, but Kisame could easily dodge or block his puppets, so his poison would never make contact with Kisame.

    Killer Bee v. Tsunade; Killer Bee because with his Lariat, he could easily destroy her body, which would take awhile to make up even with Mitotic Regeneration.

    Jiraiya v. Danzou; Jiraiya because, 1. Jiraiya’s main element is Fire, which beats Wind (Technically). 2. Jiraiya has so many Jutsu that could waste Danzou’s Izanagi. Also, Danzou’s Baku would never be able to suck up all of the Toads.

  22. “neji is calm and intelligent enough to be able to find weaknesses and exploit them,”-from my arguements with JPUA, I have learned one thing, his inteligence and insight are his worst qualities statistically and as shown in fights.

    “Suigetsu, but the fact that the Hachibi’s attack did damage, means that an attack that goes on the same principle can, but due to the difference in power, the desired effect would take longer to be achieved.”-Well I would argue that a meteor could easily destroy the earth, but a match couldn’t. However another thing to consider is the effect it had on Suigetsu, sure he was down for a little bit, but he was able to reform a short while later. How could Neji get him to the point where he was down and out if he can reform before enough damage is dealt? Meanwhile Suigetsu only has to watch out for one type of jutsu, don’t you think the repitition would get old?

    “but it really doesn’t affect how he fights until he uses his trump card moves”-You need chakra to move, hit, kick, and even breath, things essential to Lee fighting, without chakra you passout and eventually die (Kakashi) Shino doesn’t use his bugs to stop individual jutsu (I.e. Defensively) he uses them to kill (offensive).

  23. neji is a jonin though now so he must be fairly intelligent. i also havent seen any attacks from suigetsu that would really trouble neji. if you can name any i’m all ears. plus neji could just lure him away from a source of water and outlast him.

  24. @Mart, I could argue that if no one cared to put out the match’s fire then the whole world would be doomed lol. As for Suigetsu vs Neji, let’s agree to disagree. Also, it seems JPUA’s hatred of Neji has gotten to you too eh? lol
    Also, what you said about Lee is basically chakra is life. I think that’s wrong. Sosanoo feeds on the life energy of the user, it didn’t say chakra. What we do know is that Primary Lotus—–>Morning Peacock uses chakra, not that simply punching or kicking does. Think back to Naruto vs Gaara where they were both empty and still managed to punch each other. I think that was life energy. Shino’s bugs kill by absorbing the chakra and then finishing off the opponent by whatever means available. Anyway, if shino wins this it’ll be him vs Shikamaru, and remember the last time we went down that road?

  25. “JPUA’s hatred of Neji has gotten to you too eh?” I’m just well aware of what he is and is not capable of.

    “Also, what you said about Lee is basically chakra is life. I think that’s wrong.”-that is NOT what I’m saying. I’m saying chakra is like air, blood, or nutrients. You need it to live. Shino can steal chakra from opponents whether they USE their chakra or not. Just as you could steal someone’s air, blood or nutrients, and once you have taken enough they would die. Shino’s bugs don’t drain people to the point where they can’t use jutsu (external chakra) but to the point where their very life functions shut down (I.e. Passing out). As Lee himself explained, Gaara and Naruto didn’t passout but couldn’t use their jutsu because of the chakra gates limiting them to maintain bodily functions.

    “not that simply punching or kicking does.” actually we have, one of those gay sakura explanations, you punch by channelling energy (chakra) to you’re arms, this is how her taijutsu works, by channeling her chakra there more acurately.

  26. Actualley correction: “However, taijutsu is different, usually requiring no chakra use whatsoever. Stamina is all that is needed. While the ninja still needs a set amount of chakra to live (i.e. life force energy), regular taijutsu doesn’t require any active molding or manipulation of chakra (with few exceptions). A standard attack like a punch or kick falls into this jutsu category.”

  27. You don’t need to mold chakra to punch (though molding makes it more effective) however the act of punching uses up unmolded chakra, and without this Lee would die.


    Well, I can't believe how this is turning out.

    Suigetsu is behind Neji T__T Everyone I have been rooting for is LOSING X__X e.g. Hinata, Yamato, Sui.

  29. is it just me or is sasori vs kisame missing??

  30. It’s second from the bottom on the right.

  31. sasori would totally beat kisame. kisame like only has his sword which is bad againt sasori’s 100 puppets.plus sasori’s poison would murder kisame

  32. I disagree Danny, if Sakura can do it, pretty much anyone can. He’s a bad ass swordsmen and would probably destroy most puppets with one swing, then he has other things like his water element to literally rust the iron sand into uselessness or dampen the flamethrower sasori has. I think Sasori is one of the weaker akatsuki (after deidara and hidan)

  33. Mart1, I feel like narulurer12 and kisuzachi are really angry now, with your last sentence! 🙂

    Anyway, I thought about sth else for the Kisame – Sasori battle: Kisame’s Samehada eats chakra and Sasori can control his puppets with chakra. So, if Kisame manages to cut out the chakra strings, Sasori can’t use any of his puppets, except from himself. Of course, chakra strings can be re-attached on the instant, but I suppose Kisame can block him from doing so or cut them on and on, until Sasori drains from chakra.

    This is just my thought, though, it’s indeed a difficult choice between them, they are both very strong. I think that the fact that Sasori was the first of the Akatsuki that died, doesn’t mean he is weak, someone had to make the start! After all, he actually let Chiyo to kill him, he could own them, as both Chiyo and Sakura were half-dead.

  34. “So, if Kisame manages to cut out the chakra strings, Sasori can’t use any of his puppets”-nah, like you said cutting the strings would be useless except as a defensive measure like what was used against KB’s pencil jutsu and even then there is the poison/projectiles it couldn’t stop. His chakra absorption is just one aspect of him, and the only way I could see that particular aspect being usefull is if he drained the heart (Sasori only has one weak point, but he also has to store all his chakra in one point. Take that out and he is done.)

  35. you know guys, you should kinda quit this “if sakura can beat someone that means he is a pussy” bullshit

    this goes espacially for MART1

    who was the one aiding sakura? aren’t you forgetting someone? remember a puppet master Chiyo? and yeah just as WO AI NI said: somebody had to make a start,

    oh and sasori could pwn:
    1. hidan (lol without kakuzu he is nothing),
    2. kakuzu, (100 puppets would overrun him)
    3. konan (seriously what would paper do to wood?)
    4. itachi (yes, people, itachi, I mean correct me if I am wrong but tsukuyomi would have no effect on artificial eyes, right? oh and no point in amaterasu (and other justus as well) if he can change doll bodies, susanoo would drain itachi’s chakra and life force while sasori could easily outlast it by outmaneuvering totsuka sword)
    5. Deidara – not sure about this one

    so here goes “one of the weakest” akatuski LOL 😛

  36. how would itachi lose against sasori? what world are you living in. one amaterasu would destroy all the bodies in like 1 second.

  37. I disagree with 2, 3, and 4. (Kohnan is arguable)

    2. Kakuzu would kill Sasori. So what if there is “100 puppets” most of them are just glorified kunai that have been poisoned. Kakuzu could easily destroy them with earth and fire element jutsu (burning and slashing them). I’m not sure whether Water or Lightning would be the better counter to Iron Sand Jutsu but one of them would take it out. His flamethrower is, again, nothing against a water ninjutsu user, and he really doesn’t have much else. He has no lightning jutsu to penetrate Kakuzu’s Iron Skin and even if he did, and managed to poison him, Kakuzu could switch off of that heart/monster body and use the rest to avoid death.

    3. Kohnan: I was going to write something but then I remembered Sasori could burn her via flamethrower.

    4. Itachi: Itachi is the strongest non-leader akatsuki member. I will give you that Tsyukoumi wouldn’t be all that effective against Sasori. It might still work because though he doesn’t have real eyes, he has things that function as eyes and still has a central chakra system to effect, however, by bigger problem is with “oh and no point in amaterasu (and other justus as well) if he can change doll bodies”… Yes there is a point, after destroying the Hiruku Puppet, Sasori’s heart becomes visible and thus targetable via Amatseru directly, furthermore, Sasori is able to change bodies, but he has to extract his heart from the damaged puppet and then re-insert it into another. How would he do this without getting burned by Amatseru’s flames? (which would be covering the puppet). Sussano would be effective against the 100 Puppets and Iron Sand, but I think Itachi would own Sasori via amatseru before these things could be used.

  38. @Mart, I honestly don’t think Sasori is as weak as you make him out to be. He fought a ninja that was Tsunade’s rival AND a miniature Tsunade and dominated them throughout the fight, only dying because he chose to. All Akatsuki team leaders are strong in their own right (Itachi, Kakuzu, Sasori, Pain). The reason Sasori didn’t shine in his battle (ok he did, but the reason he didn’t shine like, oh lets say, Itachi) is because he was fighting someone who fought the same way he did and who knew many of his tricks and how to counter them. Plus in a world where people usually don’t hit 30, Sasori was 35, the guy outlived Kakashi (Kakashi died at 30 and was revived)!

    As far as Kisame vs Sasori goes, it wont be an easy battle, but Sasori would come out on top because of all the poisons. Plus Kisame isn’t the type of opponent to dodge, he’s more like the brute force type (exactly why he’s my second favorite Naruto character, just behind Nagato), and that is the wrong type of ninja to face Sasori.

    Btw, like i said before, I believe all Akatsuki members are fairly equal in terms of power…………..except for Konan.

  39. “ok he did, but the reason he didn’t shine like, oh lets say, Itachi”-there are two people that get lame deaths in Naruto… Filler characters and Akatsuki members…

    Sasori “let” Chiyo kill him… So did Itachi…
    Sasori was facing someone who knew his jutsu, thought like him and had counters to his tricks… So was Itachi (even more so)…
    Sasori had 8 full episodes to shine in, and I don’t think he really did…

    “Plus Kisame isn’t the type of opponent to dodge, he’s more like the brute force type”-He’s the brute force type because he always has Samehada to absorb some of the hit. I don’t see how Sasori’s puppets would survive Kisame’s water ninjutsu.

  40. saying that sasori lived till 35 is a bit bullshit, he was a friggin puppet. how alive is that?

  41. @ Danny

    Oh well, that’s what the books say! No, seriously, we must also count the years he was a puppet, no matter how much stupid this may be.

    @ Whoever

    Do you really think Konan is THAT weak? I know that she has become a member of Akatsuki, mainly because she is the leader’s best friend (girlfriend according to some fans!!), but she has interesting jutsus, yet only 3 of them were shown.

    It’s unfair that her only fight was with Jiraiya: Pain had to intervene to save her, this shows her really weak. Soon after, she left Akatsuki, so we hadn’t really learned anything about her. And I don’t think she is made from paper, that’s just her paper kage bunshin, like Itachi’s crow kage bunshin. After all, we have seen her as a child, before she became a ninja, and she was a nomal girl.

    But there is also another reason she joined Akatsuki, even if she was weak compared to the others:

  42. hahaha that made me nearly piss myself.

  43. 4 shika vs hinata i think it is shika,cus we know what he can think up.and 4 yamato vs gaara.i think yamato cuz if wood can drill through rocks then it can drill through gaaras sand.and dats d same way deidara got his mini bombs through.SO THE SECRET IS ‘DRILLING’ NOT CRASHING OR BREAKING.

  44. @danny
    how would itachi lose against sasori? what world are you living in. one amaterasu would destroy all the bodies in like 1 second.

    I thought I lived in the world where people are free to express their opinions and prove them, apparently I was wrong lol

    I thought those things too before voting sasori :))))
    @those who say konan is weak
    sooooooo losing against freaking sannin sennin Jirayia who has 200000% perfect counter for her techs makes her weak? riiiiiiiiight…………

    @mart1 sasori’s heart becomes visible

    you know this because you are a reader, while itachi is NOT :)))

  45. @danny
    (dont know the reason but the following lines aren’t shown on previous post 😦 lol)

    I thought I explained why amaterasu won’t work, I would appreciate if you would bother reading posts fully

  46. “@mart1 sasori’s heart becomes visible

    you know this because you are a reader, while itachi is NOT ))”-I’m pretty sure that Itachi can still read the Kanji that said “heart” on Sasori’s chest, though even without it, it doesn’t explain how he would survive Amatseru if his body was fully encased such as this: http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/390/06/ because the heart can’t be ejected as I said above. Itachi held back to avoid burning Sasuke’s eye’s but against Sasori he has no such reservation, so he can’t use a replacement jutsu, even if he had a skilled enough one to use.

  47. wait how come kisame is winning over sasori when sasori has 34.5 in the databook while kisame only have like 32 or something?

  48. wait how come kisame is winning over sasori when sasori has 34.5 in the databook and kisame only 32 something?

  49. but sakura was with chiyo and if chiyo wasnt there she would’ve lost against sasori

  50. but then again kisame is a awesome swordsman

  51. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/271/09/ Now that’s just plain cool. But like I said, Kisame (even though he is one of my favs) shouldn’t be beating Sasori.

    @Mart, I accepted that Hidan was one of the weaker Akatsuki’s (but probably the most deadly one), but there’s no way Sasori is. Statistically speaking, he’s just barely weaker than Itachi and stronger than all other members (except Pain and Tobi, (possibly)). Now when he was in battle he more than proved it. He was fighting essentially Tsunade and Chiyo, but still dominated. The strongest characters in Naruto never die by being bested in battle (like Kakuzu or Kisame), with a few exceptions, they die by some craziness. Kimimaro and Itachi died by sickness, Deidara killed himself out of rage, Sasori let his grandmother kill him in his dead parents’ embrace, Nagato gave up his life etc.

  52. btw, the only thing Sasuke knew Itachi had was Tsukuyomi, everything else he was unprepared for. Chiyo knew all of Sasori’s moves because SHE taught him, and yet was struggling all fight to counter him and still couldn’t.

  53. @ Danny

    Ha, I ‘m happy that you enjoyed it! We know many mysteries now! Why Konan joined Akatsuki, why Pain and Madara respected her (the one had a dojutsu to protect and the other had only one eye left!) and of course why Madara has only one eye!

    Well, the fact is that there are really many funny Naruto pictures on web that can easily turn the most serious or sad moments into laughters! (This suits me fine, as I ‘m easily moved by many Naruto scenes!)

    So, here, Kisuzachi, this goes for you and your favourite (and the weakest? who knows…) character:

  54. “btw, the only thing Sasuke knew Itachi had was Tsukuyomi, everything else he was unprepared for. Chiyo knew all of Sasori’s moves because SHE taught him, and yet was struggling all fight to counter him and still couldn’t.”: No he knew of Amatseru as well 1. he recognized it in his fight and 2. he saw it used against Jariya. He also planned on using Kirin via Amatseru. He trained his whole life to fight Itachi…. He came prepared.

    “Now when he was in battle he more than proved it.” This is where I disagree the most. Human puppets had a lot of potential but his skills basically came down to Iron Sand and Taijutsu. With the Human Puppet thing he COULD have accessed multiple kekkai genkai and all the elements but for some reason didn’t. Can you imagine Kimmimaru, Haku, and Hirishima as puppets (especially hirishima and kimmimaru) their Kekkai Genkai would have been beastly… HOWEVER he lost to Sakura and Chiyo (he did get depresed, but still) Sakura pretty much only has Taijutsu in battle, and the clone jutsu and the replacement jutsu. Chiyo has her ten puppets but those again come down to another form of Taijutsu (via puppet) I would say that this team was the weakest to take down an akatsuki (even shikamaru beats them because he did it one-on-one where as they had to team up)

    “Statistically speaking” Statistically speaking Sasori is strong, but his stats were largely inflated due to his mastery of only one type of fighting. Puppet master jutsu is technically ninjutsu but mostly has real power only as an extended form of Taijutsu. His body gives him resistance to genjutsu which is why that stat is so high, even though he was never shown using it in battle. The rest of his stats again, derived from the puppet master jutsu just serve to augment his Taijutsu-ish skills.

  55. Shikamaru vs Hinata would not even be a fight
    Rock Lee vs Shino could go for a while but shino is much smarter than Rock Lee and would destroy him after he is tired out
    Neji vs Suigetsu would be a decent fight but Suigetsu can only turn his body to water for so long.. Neji is a Jonin many other of his fellow ninja friends are still below him he has gotten much stronger since we have last seen him fight and learned many new jutsus
    Kisame vs Sasori How could anybody vote sasori there is a reason itachi was grouped with kisame… he is the next strongest after itachi (and of course madara/pain) Kisame alone could kill the strongest tailed beast host alone.. it was not until he was attacked by the Raikage and Killerbee till he died..

  56. @mart, if you read the pages before in the link I posted, he clearly says using more human puppets wouldn’t make any sense since the Third Kazekage was his favorite, perhaps his strongest. Perhaps the reason we didn’t see any other puppets with Kekkei Genkai is becuse the Kekkei Genkais either werent suited to the situation/powerful enough to be useful in that fight or perhaps he just didn’t have other puppets with Kekkei Genkai. Had Sasori used a small amount of puppets he would have dominated them, the only reason you think he did poorly with them is because he used a Part 1 Naruto-esque method, overwhelm by numbers. Like Chiyo/Sasori said, a puppet-master is measured by how many puppets he can control, Sasori controlled 100 freaking puppets, 10x the amount Chiyo had.

    “Statistically speaking Sasori is strong, but his stats were largely inflated due to his mastery of only one type of fighting”- well I could say the same about Itachi and the Sharingan, or Yamato and the Mokuton, Gaara and the sand, Nagato and the Rinnegan etc.

    “he saw it used against Jariya”, no he was unconscious because of the previous Tsukuyomi http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/148/13/ “he recognized it in his fight”- http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/390/02/ he clearly doesn’t recognize the technique, the only reason he created Kirin is because he knew he and Itachi are Uchihas and they both have Fire as their main element, as such, he KNEW Katon would be used at some point, hence why he blasted Itachi through the roof, so they could use Katon outdoors. Thus Chiyo was more prepared for Sasori than Sasuke was for Itachi. Sakura even had the antidote for the guy’s poison, if she didn’t have it they would have been dead.

  57. @tm at Januray 31st at 4:45pm
    Itachi would kill Sasori easy, with his sharringan he would know where the puppets going before sasori, IF and old lady and Sakura could doge them then itachi with his Sharringan don´t even have to try

  58. @Jet Prime, Ultimate Autobot
    Why do you say that Mei would beat Tsunade with her lava? Tsunade is a medical ninja and the medical ninjas 1priority is to avade and avoid being hited by enemy http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/270/09/ and sence Tsunade is the greast medical ninja she is probably extreamly good to evade attacks even Mei´s and the pound Mei down…

  59. “I could say the same about Itachi and the Sharingan, or Yamato and the Mokuton, Gaara and the sand, Nagato and the Rinnegan etc.”- some of them not really: Itachi actually HAD mastered all three forms of jutsu, Yammato uses all but genjutsu and his strengths are more differentiated (he doesn’t really use ninjutsu simultaneously with taijutsu), Gaara DOESN’t use Taijutsu so he doesn’t get inflated stats (if anything I’d argue DEflated stats) and I agree about Pein being inflated stat wise as I fully expect him to have a five in every category (as he had one super jutsu in each)

    “he clearly says using more human puppets wouldn’t make any sense since the Third Kazekage was his favorite, perhaps his strongest.”-ALL of the one hundred puppets Sasori used in the one-hundred whatever jutsu were human puppets…

    on the “what Sasuke knew” debate I can only agree to disagree.

  60. Honestly I can understand why ppl vote Lee.
    I think Shino will beat him.

  61. My picks for each match up would be:
    Hinata vs Shikamaru- Shikamaru easily wins, not only is he extremely smart, he has a firm grasp of his clans jutsu while Hinata is barely learning.
    Rock Lee vs Shino- I give it to Rock Lee, basically this is a match in which he has to defend his “nindo”, his ninja way. The leg weight are coming of and he’s opening the gates and I doubt bugs could block a solid punch, Shino’s bugs are not in the same league as Gaara’s sand, Rock Lee would be to fast and strong.
    Neji vs Suigetsu- Winner Neji, even Suigetsu’s liquid body won’t save him from precise chakra strikes, come on Neji found chakra points in Kisame’s Water Prison Jutsu and got out, imagine what he will do to Suigetsu and Suigetsu hasn’t shown a jutsu strong enough to go through Neji’s defenses
    Kakuzu vs Asuma- Kakuzu takes it, not only does he have much more battle experience, he also has a wider arsenal of jutsu and superior strength.
    Yamato vs Gaara- Gaara is the man, he win’s, not only is he a Kage at 15, his jutsu can cover an entire village and his Stamina and jutsu surpasses Yamato’s, and he is a Man’s man.
    Sasori vs Kisame- I chose Sasori, why? Because Sasori is a well rounded Character Statistically wise and he has an impressive variety of jutsu, while Kisame is a bit more limited in his fighting approach.
    Killer Bee vs Tsunade- I chose Tsunade, if Sasuke can injure Bee, Tsunade could rupture Bee, Tsunade has speed and taijutsu, with immense strength she wasn’t Hokage for nothing, and it’s not fair to judge her for only one shown fight, after she got over her blood phobia she whooped on Orochimaru and she could do the same to Bee. Her medical jutsu would heal all of her wound, and if Bee goes Eight Tails she can just punch his lights out.
    Jiraiya vs Danzo- Jiraiya wins. Come on, Jiraiya shouldn’t even be in this contest, he is too powerful, even without Sage Mode, he wins. Danzo is a very powerful ninja as well and I respect him, but seriously, he should retire and start collecting his pension and apply for social security and disability.
    Jiraiya Rules 8)

  62. yeah Jiraya PWNS all!!! 🙂

  63. I dont understand how anybody could vote sasori or hinata… voting rock lee is pretty bad too

    sasori is strong yes but there is a reason he is grouped with itachi… he is almost as powerful as him.. sasori has puppets blah blah yeah he still has a heart and needs oxygen which he wouldnt get in a fight with kisame…. it would be over pretty fast even if he didnt use that ability he hits him in the heart once and its over

    Hinata is just a joke

    Rock Lee is strong but hasnt learned any new tricks since we have last seen him he is a weaker version of guy that can only use taijutsu Shino is a genius and very strategic Rock Lee doesnt think when he fights he would end up getting raped by bugs

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