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Naruto Chapter 480 – If you thought he was crazy before —

Post Author: Bob
This week’s Naruto manga was a decent read, but I was really expecting an ending where Danzo lived. Nobody really liked Danzo to start with but with him woven so deeply into the story so far, it felt odd that Kishi decided to just kill him off right here. This is also the chapter where I think we can say for sure that Sasuke has crossed the line into the “not-so-sane” territory. We’ve seen Sasuke kill people before, but this is the first time we’ve seen him with such a crazed expression on his face as he’s doing it. Kishi devoted a full two-page spread to that one expression, so you now it has to have significance. From here on out, I can only expect Sasuke to commit more and more murders and fall deeper into Madara’s control while alienating the few remaining companions he has left.

Really, Danzo’s death in this chapter came as a surprise to me, even more so than Kisame’s death a few chapters ago. Being the battlefield veteran that he is, I found it odd that Danzo would commit to such a dangerous gambit against Sasuke in their final clash last chapter. In fact, the Raikage committed the same kind of rash decision when he fought Sasuke, and lost an arm because of it. Is there something about Sasuke that makes even experienced fighters lose all common sense and instead rush in like fresh out of the academy Genins? Unlike Kisame, Danzo is quite intricately tied into the main plot of the series and has been a key antagonist from the beginning of part 2. I had hoped that his return to Konoha after the kage summit would trigger a civil war within the battered village as those who hold loyalty to Roots would challenge anyone who would try to remove Danzo from his title as Hokage. Personally I had hoped that such a story arc would take place because it would finally move us back to Konoha and revisit some old familiar characters; also anything other than more Sasuke would be a plus.

Sasuke’s use of a mini-genjutsu on Danzo to trick him into believing he had more time with his Izanagi ability was pretty clever. As Madara commented, a true-blood Uchiha is always superior to a knock-off Sharingan user when it comes to dojutsu. But despite the genjutsu, from what I can tell from the close-ups on page 3, Danzo also managed to wound Sasuke in approximately the same location as he was punctured. Yet it seems like Sasuke came off the better of the two from their exchange and managed to remain standing. Now on the verge of death, Danzo’s control over Shodaime’s cells is lost and it explodes out of control like same cancerous growth, and reminded me of Tetsuo’s mutation from Akira. Danzo’s comment about the Shodaime cells trying to swallow him makes me rethink about just how powerful this ability is (and what powers Yamato has yet to reveal). After abandoning his right arm, Danzo reverts to his last transplanted weapon, Shisui’s Sharigan. In a surprise move, Danzo uses an ability exclusive to Shisui called Doryoku to completely bypass Sasuke in a blink of the eye and take Karin hostage. I’m unsure whether this technique was a type of genjutsu or something like the body flicker, but if Danzo had the ability to out manoeuvre Sasuke, why didn’t he try to take him out from behind rather than go for Karin? After that he could try to use Shisui’s mind control on Madara. Well in the end I guess the old fox is still looking out for his own skin and is not above using others as human shields.

As much as I despised Danzo’s character, as mentioned earlier his death here means a lot of potentially interesting plot lines will be terminated as well. Along with a Konoha civil war, I also hoped to see Sai struggle to deal with where his loyalties lies between Roots and Team Kakashi. There is also the question of what will happen to Roots after the demise of their leader. I haven’t seen anyone that could potentially take over the organization since everyone introduced so far tend to be subordinates only. Then again, that old fox is bound to have a contingency plan in place in case of his death, so things might get interesting.

I wanted to say something profound about Sasuke’s face at the end of the chapter, but nothing really comes to mind. What is there to say? Sasuke looks like he’s jerking off while committing murder – it’s a mixed expression of both ecstasy and casual indifference; sorry but that’s the best way I can describe it, LOL. Karin haters must be have been dancing in the streets when they saw what happened. But I seriously doubt Sasuke killed her just to get to Danzo, otherwise he wouldn’t have told her to stay still. Judging by Karin’s position relative to Danzo’s as he was holding her, I’d say Sasuke just missed her heart. Good job Sasuke, way to team build. Meanwhile, Madara is smirking like a 6-year old at a candy store.

Sasuke enters "true" darkness -- Again? How many levels of darkness are there?


124 Responses

  1. Great post as always.

    I don’t think Karin is going to die, if she was he wouldn’t have told her to stay perfectly still. My guess is he missed all the vital organs and she’ll be fine physically after a little recuperation. Her mind however is gonna be another story. Sasuke has treated her like crap as of late but has still never done anything to actually harm (aside from the chakra sucking) so I’m guessing she might start to second guess her allegiance with him after she gets better.

    Madara is getting just what he wants, a blinded by rage pawn who will kill anyone in his way. What the overall purpose of Sasuke to Madara is however I won’t begin to speculate but it all comes down to his eyes in the long run I think.

  2. excellent bob-sama, comment fully later

  3. LOL Bob i was gonna partake in your little avatar game, but sadly I came down with another case of the “don’t-feel-like-its.”

    Loved the description of Sasuke’s face. I thought the panel was more devoted to the fact that he activated his left Mangekyou Sharingan even after Danzou thought his eyes were through with. I’m still not sure if the MS activation was to throw him off guard for the upcoming Chidori, or if it was actually of some significance we will later learn. This is probably what Kishi meant about the end of the Danzou fight permanently sinking Sasuke into the darkness.

    Personally, I’d rather Karin be off’d but I always hoped she’d do it herself out of rejection. Anyways good analysis Bobby-boy 😛

  4. i’ll be massively surprised if danzo is dead. it just seems nonsensical in relation to the story in general and basically a waste of the chapters since the kage summit. all of akatsuki have pretty much been killed, and now if danzo has been killed it leaves the story very one dimensional with only madara as villain. like it says in the blog i expected a konoha civil war to take place, but i suppose that then sasuke wouldnt get to be in it. hopefully kishi sorts his life out soon and gets the plot moving rather than just bumming sasuke and killing off any interesting characters. i’ll give it 4 more chapters and if its still as fail i might have to give up on naruto.

  5. The first pic ever exposed of Karin made me love her. I thought she was a badass chick who cud defend herself. Unfortunately, he made her weak, reliable and like Sakura. I will miss her adding life to Hawk (literally). Now I must watch as my fav character dives deeper into the part where evry1 will be calling him Sasu-gay. -Sigh- the good part of him is lost. I miss Hawk already…. :'(””””””””

  6. btw Bob, great post :'(”’ ur avatar is hilarious

  7. At least the battle is over with… hopefully…

  8. hahah, i lold at the ecstacy part bob.

    i havent been very intrested with the story line lately, just seems boring to me….it problably has to do with the way saskue hasnt been getting a good ass kicking lately? idk, kinda missing raikage’s action to.

    plus this focus on Saskue is starting to irritate me, seriously, you see emo-rage kid running around fighting kages, and all naruto is doing is having a damn panic attack about a crazed lunatic hell bent on his ideal of “revenge” witch is has gotten into all but completly pathetic by this point….

    i always knew saskue would nail karin..i just didnt think literaly… XD

    lets see what else can i talk about except for being sick of saskue? hmmm


  9. Go back to the leaf village I am freaking tried of sasuke

  10. Bang on stuff as always Bob!

    I’m with the majority here… the storyline has been stale for the last few months. Hopefully it’ll shift back to the character who’s logically/technically the main character of this manga…

    Sasuke gets yet another push by the author… teenager kid is all of a sudden one of the strongest (if not the strongest) in the Naruverse… tuff to swallow 4 me.

  11. Also want to make a comment on Danzou.

    First, it doesn’t make sense to kill off Danzou. He’s too connected to the backstory of Sasuke’s hate and the Uchiha massacre and probably more. How lame is it that Sasuke’s next 2 targets are the senior advisors (two old folks in Konoha) who 95% of the readers can’t name???

    Also, Danzou reveals in this and the last few chapters that his ultimate goal was and still is to benefit Konoha. He’s the pragmatist and warhawk who isn’t scared to adopt unpopular and even evil tactics if the end result benefits Konoha.

    Like him or hate him, all Danzou’s actions were made to benefit Konoha. For those older readers, I liken him to Dick Cheney (last USA VP)… both are warhawks, favor torture tactics to get info, and spy on other countries and their own citizens.

  12. Agree with u there star and dig the political reference lololol,.
    This world needs its share of Danzo’s and Dick Cheney’s to play hardball even when the rest of the world can’t stomach it.

    I really hope this is it for this arc. Kishi should give it at most one more chapter to wrap things up and then move on. Every English forum I visit has the same view, so it isn’t just us Shannarolites bitching all the time. I wonder if Japanese readers feel the same way? Last time I checked tho, Sasuke was more popular amongst Japanese fans than Naruto.

  13. Yes Bob! This world totally needs more realistic/pragmatic leaders.

    Side note (for older readers)… one thing I can’t stand is ppl who argue for TERRORISTS RIGHTS, etc. You know those hardcore human rights, bleeding heart, tree huggers who are opposed to serial child rapists from being executed! I mean, freakin hell, 1) these ppl can’t be rehabilitated; 2) it costs $$$ to jail them and try them; and 3) they are serial offenders for a reason. (end of brief rant)

    Back to the manga, I really hope Kishi commits to having Sasuke become fully evil and not half-ass it. Among many other things, I think having Sasuke flake out from turning dark-side will add to the Sasugayness.

  14. 1. Danzou has played the position of Count Dooku. An extremely pivotal character who ends up simply serving to show how powerful and evil the true antagonist has become.
    2. Didn’t danzou say he wanted to use shisui’s technique to make sasuke go after madara and let him escape and the only reason he couldn’t is because sasuke managed to activate his MS after danzou so easily dodged him?
    3. As noted earlier, sasuke could still get owned by Naruto. Ameratasu is actually Naruto’s only concern. Everything else can be taken care of by Naruto’s myriad summonings, sage mode and fuuton:Rasenshuriken. NO TRAINING REQUIRED
    4. The way things r going in this manga I wouldn’t be surprised is Sasuke turned out to be Naruto’s father: a revelation he divulge before cutting of Naruto’s arm

  15. 5. Why does madara want shisui’s sharingan (for himself, to become whole?) this goes to show how badass itachi is. I mean both danzou and madara were after shisui’s eye, but it took itachi to get it (uber badass).
    6. If Kishi had been serious about the plot, he wud have had sasuke kill sakura a. She’s part of the original team 7 and in love with sasuke b. Although she’s a pretty pointless character we are more emotionally connected to her than to karin c. If karin is dead Kishi is gonna struggle to make readers digest a kyuubi style recovery from sasuke. This will mean his favourite character should logically be out of action for awhile due to low chakra and injury

  16. @ Madzikage:

    If Point #6 happens, I think 90% of Sasuke-haters will forgive Kishi for the uber Sasuke focus and the recent staleness in the storyline. Please Kishi, KILL OFF SAKURA!!!

    Also, I don’t understand y Kishi is building up Shisui’s eye so much. He’s making it seem like that eye is the philosopher’s stone or something. The sharingan can freakin copy techniques… it’d be smoother to make Shishui’s eye techniques copyable or something instead of what is seemingly a kekkai genkai within a kekkai genkai.

  17. That was definitely an ending I wasn’t expecting. I knew he’d cross the line eventually, just not this soon. I personally want Danzo dead, Karin however I’m not as sure. Knowing Kishi, Danzo probably pulls off one last trick. Damn you Sasuke!!

    Plus: Anyone else notice how hazy his right eye looked?

  18. “He looks like hes jerking off while committing murder.” HAHAHA LMFAO wow Bob, nice way to put it, that just made this chapter a whole lot better!!!

  19. After reading this chapter,there is no surprise that Sasuke didn’t die, common he has “Character Protection”, someone could cut him in half, literally, and he will somehow live through it, if Sasuke dies the whole storyline goes to hell. That being said, I don’t like Sasuke, he is a self centered, self pitying prick, purposely going against Itachi’s wishes to serve his own power hungry purposes. Danzo by no means is my favorite character, but I respect his skills, he had some pretty cool jutsu, and the fact that the odds were stacked against him only dirties Sasuke’s win. First, Danzo had to be careful and conserve chakra in case Madara interfered, secondly Sasuke had an all purpose bitch called Karin to suck on, third Danzo couldn’t use Shisui’s Sharingan in the beginning and lastly Danzo was not aware that Sasuke is Kishi’s favorite character. lol
    I know it seem’s Danzo is dead, but something tell me that maybe he is not. For one he could use Izanagi with Shisui’s eye and make a run for it, he is too vital to the overall storyline to die so miserably. Secondly maybe he is using Shisui’s special mind control and is making Sasuke attack empty space or just Karin, maybe that’s why Madara is happy, he is glad Karin is dead or maybe he is glad to see Shisui’s technique in action. That’s some food for thought. For all intensive purposes I don’t like Karin, she seems like an even lamer copy of Sakura, who I don’t like either, come on who likes a tease. I hope she dies. John OUT. Oh and Jiraiya Rules! 😉

  20. Sasuke killed Danzo this is what i expected. It’s just like when Itachi fought Kakashi. You know why Danzo has been defeated by Sasuke because despite of too many sharingans in Danzo’s arms, he has not had the true body of an Uchiha. Remember that quote by Itachi. Uchiha clan has the superior power in the Naruto World. Nobody can defeat them except from another uchiha. Sasuke posses the bloodline limit ( Sharingan ), he posses the fire chakra also a lighting charaand gain the power of the one legendary sanin ( Orochimaru) plus hehas a bodyguard who can savefrom defeat ( Madara ). How can naruto defeat sasuke? Naruto posses wind chakra ( fire is superior than wind). Maybe naruto can counter the lighting chakra of Sasuke from his shurigen rasengan. I’m notthroughly impressed in Sage Mode. But if he can master the power of 9 tail beast and build a good relation of the biju from what killerbee did with his biju plus he can use the power given by the Itachi and master it. Maybe he can defeat Sasuke by using Itachi’s power. Because Itachi’s heart and loyalty was still in Konoha. He knew one time Sasuke will seek for revenge from Konoha that why he gave a portion of his power to Naruto.

    I’m not a big fan of Danzo but i like the way he used his power and technique awesome power but still he has the limitations plus the surprise revealing of his wrap right arms. You guys often call him a veteran from the battle field. But i guess this is the first time he fight because nobody knows his real power even Madara doesn’t knows it.

    I hope this time Tsunade will be awake for long time period she was sleeping. She was sleeping for long time after being coma and she doesn’t knew at all Kisame and Danzo the one she hates the most was alreay death.

  21. hope this closes the lid on Sasugay…this yr is Kakashi’s as Kishimoto said…guess i’ll have to live 1 more year for Naruto’s

  22. Oh and in Sasuke’s Psycho picture it looks like he got raped badly and feels conflicted. ” Hmm did I like it or loved it.” lol

  23. @Lose Brothers: yet the strongest Uchiha (a.k.a Madara) was defeated by a non uchiha. ironic, isn’t it?

  24. Shouldn’t it be already pretty clear that such thing as battle experience doesn’t really matter against sasuke or naruto.

  25. Bob nice post, i enjoyed reading it !!!!!!

    @ Lose Brothers
    you forget that naruto is yet too get he’s second element (remember that talk when kakashi trained him in wind element)
    and you have underestimated sage mode (senjutsu)!!!!!!!! why???

    and you seems to forget what kishi said in he’s interview that
    naruto is going too get some viewpoint in he’s fathers techniques and learn some…..and there is more, he has senju clan blood like he’s father so there is maybe some blood limits there too (if im wrong someone correct me), and as you have written in your post (and kishi said it in he’s interview) naruto is going too get tailed beast training from killer bee……
    an as it goes for naruto’s second element i have just remembered that naruto’s mother Kushina Uzumaki is from The Land of Whirlpools (it is implied that this land no longer exist, being referred to in the past tense) and that means that she was a water element user, so naruto should be compatible with it and if that is the thing than sasuke and naruto will be draw in elements 2v2 lol

    but there is a long way too learn all that for naruto so it will be pretty interesting too see it, hope kishi will put maximum effort in this development 🙂


  27. really great post except for one phrase: Well in the end I guess the old fox is still looking out for his own skin and is not above using others as human shields.

    come on man, they ninjas not chivalric knights!!

  28. FINALLY! Danzou v. Sasuke is over! It took almost 500 chapters just for Sasuke to finally go Psychotic.

    Fully Comment Later…

  29. Karin Died. Look at what Madara said right before the end caption. “That’s it” Meaning he knew that Sasuke would kill Karin to get what he wanted His soul is too far purged within the depths of darkness and chaos to come back. Kind of like a “Why so serious” moment. I never liked Karin, but i never disliked her. that move he made was very stupid, retarted, idiotic, and beyond redemption. She even HEALED HIM for crying out loud, show some sympathy. Even if she did live she would never stay with him, love isnt that strong. I miss those long comments of SHANNARO…

  30. there must be some importance in shisuis sharingan, why would it get mentioned so much?

    @naruto’s pain, why does being from the land of whirlpools automatically mean you no water element? naruto is from the land of fire and knows wind not fire. in reality he probably will learn water to counter sasukes fire but who knows.

    and i wasnt aware that minato actually had senju blood in him, just the senju spirit/teachings.

    Danzo is/was more like hitler as well, genocide? check
    secret police? check. he just lacks a moustache.

  31. i loled so hard at the 3rd post XD

  32. @ Danny
    maybe you are right, maybe not lol
    sasuke has fire and lighting, naruto has wind, so it seems logical that kishi is going to give naruto water element (or maybe earth)

    why earth :
    he has covenant with toads of Myōbokuzan’s witch are usning water so maybe because of that kishi won’t give naruto water element because he is able too summon them when in need of water too put out the fire 🙂
    and that leaves us with earth element

    i have said senju blood, well he is after all from senju clan lol, so it is logical for me to say senju blood, same goes for sasuke too have uchiha blood in he’s veins lol
    and as madara has said that it is destined for senju and uchiha to fight again in future (like he and 1 hokage fought each other) and by that he refers to sasuke as uchiha and naruto as senju clan representatives…..

  33. Great Breakdown Bob!

    ‘Unlike Kisame, Danzo is quite intricately tied into the main plot of the series and has been a key antagonist from the beginning of part 2.’ (From your breakdown)

    Actually, he’s been a main antagonist since before Part 1. I say this because he was the MAJOR supporter of the Uchiha Massacur.

  34. @danny what genocide?
    and what sane government doesn’t have its secret police?

  35. ink maybe madara have a huge booner(spelled bad i think) just watching his little boy toy in action

  36. When you have a SANE government, I think it’s illogical to use immoral methods(remember Gaara’s opinion on the one side and other kages’ opinion on the other side on this matter). A secret police may be ok, but genocide? For God’s sake, NO!

    After all (Kishi’s favourite phrase!) hatred bears hatred and there’s also the inescapable law that whatever you do to others, they will do exactly the same to you. Look at Danzo: he killed the Uchihas and is now killed by an Uchiha. (He may now regret he escaped from the Summit, maybe the kages would have protected him!)

  37. Ah, ok, my avatar did change and indeed instanty, it was sth I wanted to check, as it’s my first time to change it.

    My version is a much better and cleaner Sasuke, I couldn’t see Sasuke SO messed up! He now looks just surprised by sth and not like a psycho! By the way, Danzo without the bandages is really weird and ugly (well, maybe because we weren’t used to see him like that or just because he was near death ).

  38. nowhere in naruto does it say that minato is from the senju clan. when madara said that naruto was like the senju he meant in his beliefs not that he was actually senju.

    and naruto won’t learn earth because its weak against lightning so is pointless against sasuke.

  39. @Bob

    i feel kind of let down as well. danzo was an interesting antagonist and i expected to see another arc out of him about corruption and selfishness. i guess the question now is will anyone actually mourn danzo or try to take revenge? i mean he couldn’t form the handseals for izanagi anyway with 1 arm i think he really is dead.

    also, the end to the battle felt a little cheap to me. along with the kisame fight, i was expecting a final trump card move to complete the fight. instead danzo gets impalled before he can use it, while kisame gets a BOOM HEADSHOT before he can fight back. i thought deaths like that only occured when the difference in power was so extreme that the other wasn’t even able to fight back, which really wasn’t the case with kisame or danzo.

  40. @ Danny
    just gonna say read manga carefully, and read more carefully what others are writing lol

    you are going too see that in about 20 chapters

  41. i don’t get what you mean. i read the manga pretty carefully. what parts do you think i’m wrong about?

  42. I was just wondering, have we ever seen Sasuke or Itachi with both eyes open and showing only one mangekyou sharingan like what is shown in the picture above? Cause normally they have one eye open and the other closed or both eyes are MS… I can’t recall it myself

  43. I think that is the point of the pages preceding that one kenny. If you notice, Sasuke hides his left eye, only allowing everyone to see his right (inactive) eye. Danzo assumes Sasuke’s eyes are now powerless, because like you said, we’ve never seen one Mangekyou open while the other eye was open normal (except for the freak occurrence of Itachi’s Amaterasu in Sasuke’s eye). It was both another good strategy by Sasuke, and a new development.

  44. Sasuke is like Anakin Skywalker who also walk the road to darkness, maybe Naruto like Luke Skywalker can help him find his way back to light.

  45. @ssj

    I don’t get how Sasuke missed Danzo with the chidori then. I assumed that Sasuke missed Danzo with it because he didn’t see Danzo’s “counter” just like Kakashi before he had a sharingan. Perhaps that was the price Sasuke paid for keeping his left MS hidden… but that doesn’t make sense why he’d risk missing if he could win it all.

    About Shisui’s Doryoku, I thought Madara was talking about the genjutsu technique, whether Danzo would use the Doryoku or throw the eye away with Izanagi.

  46. whoa, i got here late. anyways, i really hope Karin survived, not cuz i’m a fan, but cuz i was thinking of making a next-gen fan-fic where she and Sasuke have a child and that child would b a main antagonist, but it’s only in the “thinking of where the hell i want i to go” stage, not even a rough draft yet

  47. @ ripcord.

    i presumed sasuke missed danzo because shisui had a very high level body flicker and so danzo having his eye would gain that ability, but your suggestion probably makes more sense.

  48. @ Danny
    you are wrong about naruto not not being from senju clan…
    you think that probably because you think senju clan has kekkei genkai like uchiha (well that is wrong) well some of uchiha don’t have sharingan and yet they are still uchihas….
    well now this:
    “kekkai genkai can only be forced out through highly pressured situation in which is needed such in the case for the Uchiha. I am fairly sure that Naruto is tied to the senjus and his ‘special’ ability will show eventually…… but in the Senju clan there is no specific bloodline trait as we have seen the wood affinity from 1 and the Naidame could pull water from the atmosphere…… (and there are cases of having two kekkei genkais, the current mizukage has lava style and acid style, so maybe will naruto have it
    in the future, well now im to optimistic loooool 🙂 )

    and im pretty sure that naruto’s second element will be water because of he’ mother (and trough her probably goes naruto’s link to senju clan)
    and then just click on that spoiler SHOW


    When you have read that link just think about it, yup there are some failures but 90% is good stuff and agrees to Kishi’s interviews and with the current development of manga …… 😉

  49. and here is another interesting link from people who analyzed damn good:


  50. and which of these links is true will see in following chapters lol

  51. well i’m not wrong about it read the narutopedia pages for minato, kushina and naruto and nowhere does it say that they are of senju blood. in fact if you can find any evidence that they are then i’ll give you a thousand pounds.

  52. and as for the links they are theories. and whilst they could become true in the future, at this present time there is zero evidence that naruto is senju. and in the second link the point about all the hokages being senju is false as hiruzen wasn’t senju just merely followed their teachings, in fact it would be easy to pick apart at least 95% of it as complete horse shit.

  53. @ Danny
    hey im sure that one of these is 90% true
    hmmmm, what do you say about this, let’s wait for Kishi to put some focus on naruto (in about few or maybe even next chapters it should get back to him) then we will see who wins a bet 🙂

    and another thing: DO YOU HAVE EVIDENCE THAT ALL THAT IS A LIE ??? 🙂
    But you cannot deny that there are some or most things in those posts that just have to be true or else things are going to get really lame and boring around naruto……

  54. Naruto’s Pain: those are good Theories, but what Danny is saying, is that they haven’t been proven yet, so your statement “i have said senju blood, well he is after all from senju clan” isn’t a fact, but an assumption.

    P.S. I liked the theories on those pages.
    P.P.S. Most “kishimoto interviews” are fake, if you can find on YouTube a video of HIM answering questions (not text saying he answered questions) then it’s real, otherwise, fake for the most part.

    I think Naruto will learn water element eventually on the basis that his three remaining teachers (Kakashi, Yammato, and the toads) know it, and it is a good counter to Sasuke. I think he will start controlling the fox soon and hopefully learn FTG soon as well but these are just hopes. He should get a boost in power soon though, because he usually advances as Sasuke does.

  55. Danny, if you have something better in mind then please tell me, i like to hear every interesting (not stupid lol ) “theory”

  56. the evidence that its a lie is the best summed up by the person who came to the conclusion if tsunade had her kid about 24 years before part 1 then her child would have had to have had naruto when he was 12, so that rules him out being related to tsunade, and as far as i was aware she is the only remaining person with senju blood in her, of course there could be others in the village but i’d doubt it. so there is no other way for naruto to have senju blood in him. what madara meant when he said that senju and uchiha were destined to meet was that naruto had gained the senju spirit just like hiruzen, jiraiya,minato and kakashi have. but like you say we’ll see what happens in the future.

    @mart it would be cool if naruto learns ftg but he really needs to learn some of his own techniques. plus if he’s gonna be kept out of the war theres no real reason for him to learn it.

  57. @ Mart1
    i never said that all that is 100% true lol, but that there is truth in them. and i can see that you agree with most of it like i do….

    as it goes for interviews, i have always triple check them before thrusting it 😉

    yup, i also agree on water element, cuz it would be logical
    sasuke fire, lighting
    naruto water, wind
    this also supports yin (naruto) yang (sasuke) thing

  58. @ Danny
    i have already said that one of these theory’s is wrong (not true) , probably that other link (but there are some nice explanation in that 2nd link, but this thing about minato being son of tsunade i put in those 10% “not truth things”)

  59. i cant read the onemanga link because for some reason the site isn’t working for me at the minute. but as for the 2nd link, i can safely say that at the current stage of the manga with all the facts before me, that 100% of it is fiction.

  60. @ Danny
    @ Mart1

    Guys it’s very fun to discuss all this with the 2 of you, im now going to bed so i hope we continue this and all others debates also in future..

    hope the 2 of you notify me if you come to some new conclusions or interesting things….

    cya tomorrow, maybe 🙂

  61. I said this before, but what the hell: “Considering the chapter is called “sacrifice” and the last words were “Sasuke sacrifices Karin for his revenge!!! And enters true darkness….”, note, it didn’t end with a “?”, it ended with three of this “!”,. That’s Kishi making a loud statement of surprise, not him asking a question, so its set in stone tha Karin is dead, regardless of how little or how much he cared for her. And when he told her not to move, he simply meant “Stay still and don’t mess up my shot”, had she moved, his Chidori Nagashi would have likely missed its intended target and Danzo could have counterattacked. Plus, he proved he doesn’t care about his teammates by bringing them to the Kage summit in the first place and shows this further when he lets Suigetsu and Juugo get captured, he only took Karin because she was useful at the time, now she’s outlived her usefulness, so *Gin Ichimaru voice* “Bye bye” Karin”

    ZOMG! Sasuke finally beat a strong opponent with no outside factors contributing to his victory! Wait a sec……I spoke too soon. Danzo couldn’t use his most powerful move from the get-go and when he finally could use it he was wondering if he should use it on Sasugay or Madara. Sasugay got help from Karin analyzing Danzo’s move and from him biting her. Most importantly, Danzo couldn’t even concentrate on fighting Sasugay because Madara was there. Danzo fought like a TRUE ninja. He didn’t blow all he had to kill some pastey-face brat, he kept something in reserve to kill the real threat, Madara.

    Now was Danzo a bad guy? Nope he wasn’t. I mean I wouldn’t invite this guy to a birthday party, or go clubbing with him, but he isn’t a bad guy. EVERYTHING he’s done has been in Konoha’s best interest, from the Uchiha massacre to killing that Toad before it reached back to Myobokuzan. Like one of my favorite Bleach characters (Kaname Tosen) says “Killing without a higher purpose is murder, but killing with a higher purpose behind it is….justice”. Sasuke is killing without a higher cause, so its murder, Danzo kills for Konoha’s future, thus it is justice. Sasugay’s killed more people on-screen than Zabuza, Orochimaru, Kabuto, all the Akatsuki members and even Gaara. Sasuke is gone forever, he cant be redeemed, no matter what he does! Danzo is/was just an old man that fiercely cares about Konoha.

    @star wars fans, NEVER COMPARE SASUKE TO ANAKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anakin is the coolest fictional character of them all (well, second to Vegeta)! When Anaking “fell” to the darkside, he did it to save THE LIVING, i.e, his wife, Sasuke is killing to honor the DEAD, i.e Itachi and his clan. Darth Vader at least struggled with his emotions on occasion, Sasuke hasn’t/isnt. He’s killed and betrayed those close to him with no remorse whatsoever.

    @Naruto’s Pain, Naruto isn’t a Senju

  62. @ Danny
    ok, this thing is the last from me for today lol
    these things are true in the 2nd link (check them if you have spare time lol) :

    1-Tsunade and Minato have the same exact blood type(B).

    2-Dan and Minato graduated the Academy at the Same time(When they were 10) *not literally the SAME year

    3-Tsunade and Minato Share the Same Hair Color(Blond)

    4-Minato and Dan are around the same height and weight as each other(they are only different by a 3-4 in both categories)

    5-Naruto and Nawaki (tsunade’s brother) look nearly identical. Shows possibly a family resemblance

    6-Its interesting that naruto always calls Tsunade Grandma Tsunade

    5-Madara suggest that the Hokage line has been kept in the Senju clan for years. When he talks about this their is a picture of the hokage mountain and it shows the fourth hokage’s head on it.

    6-Tsunade passes down the hokage necklace to naruto which was set to stay in Tsunade’s family and passed down in their family since the first hokage.

    7-Yamato remarks about naruto’s Chakra being special because he is able to hold off the power of the 4-tails w/o dieing.

    8-There is a great amount of symbolism between Shodai-Naruto and Sasuke-Madara. They stood on that statues of each other at the valley of the end(Naruto on Shodai’s and Sasuke on Madara’s). Many people thought this implied that Shodai is like naruto and sasuke is like Madara. But Sasuke is actually and Uchiha so i don’t see why this wouldn’t also imply that naruto is a Senju.

  63. @ kisuzachi

  64. kisu please :- I . evil or not, you have to give sasuke credit for that fight. that was impressive. thats danzo’s fault for not using shusui’s eye, and even when he could, sasuke pwnd him right through that dumb b*tch karin.

    you are letting your hatred toward sasuke influence your judgement on his performance. if any other character defeated danzo like that, you would be impressed, and if not you should be.

  65. Good Post as Usual Bob! 🙂

    Ermm I can’t think of anything to say YET….

  66. I’ll counter all ur comments Naruto’s Pain

    1. Hidan’s blood-type is also B, so does that make him a Senju? Orochimaru’s blood-type was B as well, Senju? Ino’s blood-type is B, is she a Senju?

    2. Yeah, well Naruto and ALL of the Konoha 11 graduated at the same age, are they related? Kisame and Minato graduated the Academy at the same age, are they related?

    3. Danzo shares Sasuke’s hair color, so I guess Danzo’s actually an Uchiha

    4. Naruto and Gaara are around the same height and weight also, so thay must be long lost relatives too eh?

    5. A lot of allusions have been made to the Fourth Hokage’s head. Likely Madara was referring to when HE fought the Fourth.

    6. At the time she passed it down because she lost a bet, not of her own free will or benevolence.

    7. So because it is special that means its Senju? The Biju have special chakra, Sage Mode has special chakra, and Sasuke’s “evil” chakra is special, i suppose, that would mean these are all Senju right?

    8. Exactly. Naruto has been brought up in a Senju civilization and thus adopted their ideals while Sasuke adopted the Uchiha ideals and as such they are enemies, not because of their genes.

  67. “plus if he’s gonna be kept out of the war theres no real reason for him to learn it.”-do you really think that will happen? I am hoping Naruto learns to combine FTG with two other jutsu 1. Shadow Clone 2. Amplification Summoning (one of Pein’s jutsu) so that whenever you kill one of Naruto’s clones it summons another to take it’s place (if Naruto so wishes).

    Naruto’s Pein: Lots of people have type B blood (it isn’t super rare like
    O negative or anything) Lots of people have blonde hair (Ino for example), lots of people are 3-4 as adult height (it’s average) and graduation isn’t really a family trait.

  68. @ssj, exactly. If it was ANY other character I would have initially been impressed then I would scrutinize their victory later, like what I do with Naruto and Pain. But the fact is I hate Sasugay, and I’ll likely never stop lol, and his “Pull Jutsus Out Of My Ass” jutsu kinda makes his wins less impressive to me. PLUS, Danzo still didn’t get to use Shisui’s eye because he was undecided if he should use it on Sasugay or Madara. Madara’s presence alone affected this fight to a large extent.

    btw, for a character as hyped up as Sasugay, one would expect him to kill everyone with just a finger, but that is NEVER the case, he always wins by outside events/circumstances.

  69. @ kisu’s earlier comment about Anikin, well, yeah, he had a pretty tragic past and a more noble cause but he was still annoying as hell when he was a teenager (luckily 4 him, he grew up into one of the greatest bad-asses of all time), so there’s hope that Sasuke will at least b cooler when he grows up, lol

  70. Awesome post babes! Doing this purely as a test of picture…

  71. @kisu hahaha thanks for writing my reply to naruto’s pain for me dude, saved me a lot of time. but how has sasuke killed more people on-screen than the people you listed?

  72. @ danny, he’s counting the samurai

  73. IT WORKS! Sasuke crazy face ftw.

  74. @Danny, but how has sasuke killed more people on-screen than the people you listed?

    Well when he killed the Samurai guards he went WAY over the amount those guys killed onscreen lol

  75. ahhhh fair enough, but technically they havent been on screen yet. mwahahahaha

  76. I’m going to play devils advocate right now because I really like the way that the story is going right now!!! Sasuke has really given into the dark-side and is on all out revenge mode. He doesn’t care who he hurts or the consequences of his actions. Yeah he has been getting alot of page time as of late, so what?? It’s really driving the story to the point where naruto will have to choose to either save him or feed him to the fishes. I really see Sasuke killing one of the Leaf 9 before it is all over and that is what will push Naruto over the edge. Matter of fact I think it will be Shikamaru only because out of Sasuke and Sakura hes the only one that has a clear bond with Naruto. And for once Sasuke killed someone that was powerful!!! Thats the only thing Naruto has had over him the entire series. Diedera was pretty powerful but if i was to rate him against the other akutski members he was weak to me, but thats my opinion

  77. BTW I also like that the anime is kinda shedding some light on the other tailed beast. We have only seen images of them so far in the manga with 5, 6, and 7 tails totally not having any page time at all except only on the cover. With the way the anime is going I hope that we will see at least some of the 6 tails power or at least see him captured, I’m thinking Zetsu, but only time will tell

  78. @Danny: they were killed on screen all right. that was in chapter 460 i think. the number was around 16 or something.

  79. about Sasuke killing more ppl onscreen just cuz he killed the samurai, well Luke Skywalker from Star Wars probably killed more ppl ONSCREEN than Darth Vader since Luke has been shown killing probably a dozen or so storm troopers (which the samurai were clear homages to) lol

  80. @ Naruto’s PAIN (sorry in advance for this long comment, but pleas read it)

    Hey man, as far as the second link is concerned, the ages don’t match with each other, as Danny said. Minato CAN’T be Tsunade’s son. I have already posted the timetable of “Naruto” and (really thank you, Mart1 !) I think it’s OK! You can read it and see why that theory was wrong.

    Firstly, the AGES (Part 1)

    Naruto: 13
    Minato: – (this tired me a lot!) Academy: 10 Chuunin: –
    Kakashi: 27 Academy: 5 Chuunin: 6
    Jiraiya (and Tsunade): 50 Academy: 6 Chuunin: –
    Sarutobi: 69 – – – (if he lived right now, he would be 72, just like Danzo)

    Now, the CALCULATIONS:

    When Jiraiya was born, Sarutobi was 69-50=19.

    When Sarutobi started training Jiraiya, he was 19+6=25.

    When NARUTO was born, Jiraiya was 50-13=37. Kakashi was 27-13=14.

    When Kakashi was born, Jiraiya was 50-27=23. When Minato trained Kakashi (5), Jiraiya was 23+5=28. These 5 years, until Kakashi’s graduation, Jiraiya trained Minato (10), so when Kakashi graduated, MINATO was 15 years old and already a Jonin to take over Kakashi’s team.

    If Jiraiya trained Minato at his 23 years, he must have trained Yahiko’s team 3 years ago, so 23-3=20. That means, when he returned to Konoha (23), he immediately started training Minato(10), until his 28 years.

    Kakashi became a Jonin at 13, at the end of the 3rd War (after this war, Minato became Hokage). He had thus been training for 8 years with Minato (already 23). So MINATO, at his 23, became Hokage.

    One year later, at Kakashi’s 14 and Minato’s 24, NARUTO was born. (Poor Minato, you were Hokage for one year only! Let’s see if Kakashi or Danzo break your record!)

    The first link, however, was quite OK, but we have to wait to confirm it.

  81. @ kisuzachi @ Danny
    jesus, i have just said that those things are true in that other link ,they have same blood type an hair and so on, i haven’t said that this 2nd link has true theory about minato and narutos being a senju clan lol, just that there are some interesting things that’s all

    1 link i have put there has theory that might work (not whole, but most of it) and probably will be……

  82. @ Wo Ai Ni
    same goes for you, i have already writen that theory minato being tsunades son is a one big loool in other words not true, i have put that 2nd link just becuse of those 1-8 interesting things, i haven’t once said that minato is tsunades son lool

    read that 1st link that i have put above

  83. @#Naruto’s pain, those are all just coincidences dude lol. My comment responding to yours proves that.

  84. i’ll put it again so you don’t have to look for it, but read it whole and also read that post about yin and yang:


    (just click an that spoiler SHOW)

    and again im just saying that this is best theory that holds at least 90% of things that will happen

    (and ignore that thing about 1ts hokage’s necklace cuz it was broken)

  85. “has true theory about minato”- theories can’t be true because then they wouldn’t be theory N’sP, it’s the same argument they used against the Danzo=Uchiha theory. It’s fine to say “I THINK he is a senju,” but that’s a lot different from saying “He IS a senju.”

  86. hehehe
    @ Mart1
    For example:
    do you remember when we first got the clue about narutos father chapter 94 page 6, when jiraya first trained naruto, jiraya just said: “forgive me, the fourth” – , well it was just a hint not confirmed, but that info was confirmed in, i think, manga 367 or 370, well same goes here also, kishi is giving us some clues of narutos past (about senju clan also!!!!!!!), so that we are able to think it for ourselves and that is also interesting thing about this manga….

    well Mart1 let’s just hope that Kishi puts the truth about naruto’s past as soon as possible….

  87. i doubt naruto will have a kekkai genkai because i’m sure none of the other jinchuriki did. unless he learns to control the 9 tail and that grants naruto some of its abilities, much like the 4 tails allowed its user to use lava release. i’m guessing if he did have one it would merely be his determination and his ability to change others

  88. @naruto’s pain yes there are hints within the story and maybe yes there are hints that naruto may be senju but until it is written in the manga then it is 100% untrue.

  89. @Naruto’s PAIN: as you said, “that’s a hint, not confirmed.” this is true for your current theory as well. you cannot tell as a fact yet. until it is proven in the manga, you cannot say that those are true. i think everyone else is trying to say this that your theory isn’t proven yet and so you cannot use them as a fact.

  90. hehe, then why does some of you say that naruto cannot be senju when it is greater possibility he is !!!!!!!!! (around 70% that he is senju and around 30% he is not) lool
    ass i have said, we all know who narutos father was after jiraya said his sentence, but it was confirmed after almost 300 chapters lool
    so i just say you guys, watch for kishis hints in manga CAREFULLY

    cya people!!!!

  91. you just arent getting it. i was never arguing with you that maybe in the future it will reveal that naruto is senju.(even though personally i doubt it) i was debating on the fact that there is no solid evidence at all that he is. if you go off what has been hinted in the manga then it is possible that danzo was tobi but obviously that was proved false.

  92. I think she has the ability to heal herself!

  93. As noted earlier, sasuke could still get owned by Naruto. Ameratasu is actually Naruto’s only concern. Everything else can be taken care of by Naruto’s myriad summonings, sage mode and fuuton:Rasenshuriken. NO TRAINING REQUIRED
    Please tell me your joking..? Naruto would still have a problem with tsukoyomi, Kirin, and of course lets not forget susanoo. As of right now Naruto would get destroyed by sasuke. The only thing naruto has going for him is: Sage Mode, Kagebunshins, rasengan, and rasengan variations…

  94. @Mick, Tsukuyomi has no effect on Sage Mode Naruto because he can sense chakra around him. Susanoo can be defeated/damaged by rasenshuriken, Kirin wont be used against Naruto because he has no Katon, and Sasuke used Itachi’s Amaterasu plus his own katon to make the atmosphere hot enough to use Kirin, so the only problem Naruto has IS Amaterasu.

  95. I am sure that naruto´s chakra IS special, and also that the kyuubi is different ( aside his power) of the other beasts, and well as the third databook says, only he knows the truth about naruto

  96. loving all the theories and speculations going on but a few things were continuosly reiterated in this manga chapter that i am curious about
    like what is the go with shisui’s eye? special mention was given to it and how does madara know about shisui’s abilities? what does it mention retrieving his eye? it all sounds quite strange and hinted to the fact that madara needs a new sharingan. I think the clues laid out confirmed to me that madara is looking to replace a lost eye from using iznagi in his battle with the 1st. Maybe he is trying to drive sasuke to new heights to obtain his powers at the end? similar to orochimaru?

    Also noticed reference to people saying the kisi stated naruto would learn his fathers techniques and bijuu manipulation? is this true? and definately curious about the special chakra thing with naruto. I dont believe he has a kekkai genkai because he is like jiraiya they dont give up and its their determination that lets them win not their “gifts”, genius versus heart. Still the whole argument about the naruto having senju in him seems ridiculous. Even if he does there is no way that he is going to start using the 1sts wood element techniques!!! you should remember to use would you need both water and earth affinity which naruto doesnt have. Water maybe but not earth so that wipes that theory out.

    definately would luv to see a variation of the FTG tech, now that would be cool. Like a mass clone FTG would be unreal hahahahaha

  97. Man, I wish I had come soon enough to discuss this chapter…Well, unless someone says something that’ll piss me off, I’ll stay out of this one…



    Done, Bye! ^_^

  98. I know it may sound stupid, but what is FTG?

  99. ftg is flying thunder god, it was minato’s technique. and being senju doesnt mean you have wood technique. the 2nd hokage was senju and didnt have it.

  100. @ naruruler, i kno that the death of Karin pretty much screws any chance of a next-gen fanfic about Sasuke’s children, but really, “NOOOO KARIN!” ? was that all that necessary, i mean she was a Sakura wannabe, which if u have to have me call u a wannabe when being compared to Sakura (who’s a Tsunade wannabe), then that really sucks

  101. poor naruto…. i have no idea how he’s going to save his friend now……………………

    maybe a battle between the two is inevitable, and if it happens, sasuke reverting back to being a good guy after it would be just too damn old…

    what danzo did was just sorry ass… and his words about how he thinks he’s the ‘savior’ of the world are too lame, which would only serve as a confirmation of his death since most evil characters tend to tell what their intentions were upon the brink of their deaths.

    but still, that all serves my theory as for danzo and madara.
    both think they are ‘the’ saviors of this world, only they think that evil needs to be fought with a ‘greater’ evil, and one should be the devil himself to be able to accomplish that….

    one down (as sasuke implies), 2 more to go.

    i think bob should add a new poll asking if fans thing the other 2 elders of konoha ought to be dead or not by the hands of sasuke.

  102. i wonder how strong the two elders are. maybe one has rinnegan and the other ftg.

  103. I highly doubt that any of them has the rinnegan or the ftg, but they will be strong and hopefully an ace in there sleves

  104. I think that on of them will be a former medical ninja

  105. and the other one a tai jutsui expert and can unlock the gates like lee and Gai

  106. i didnt know naruto had senju blood in him, i didnt know naruto’s father was a senjew either, i thought it was only the first second and third and 5th hokage…. and asuma and konohamaru. i guess naruto being a senju totally missed me. i doubt he would have been such an outsider if that was the case, and i bet you the third wouldnt have needed a second thought about making namikaze hokage in the first place. my whole perspective on naruto has changed now…

  107. “i wonder how strong the two elders are.”- I would say pretty strong as they were on the same team as Hiruzen and will probably fight Sasuke together (in konoha so also probably with help)

    “i didnt know naruto had senju blood in him”-he doesn’t (as in it hasn’t been stated) some people just think he does.

  108. @ narutofan, it hasn’t been stated that the 3rd, Asuma and Konohamaru were Senju either, in fact Konohamaru said his clan was the “Sarutobi clan” (which all 3 belong to) the only named individuals who have been confirmed Senju were: Hashirama (the 1st), Tobirama (the 2nd) and Tsunade, nobody else (unless u count Yamato and Danzo since they have the 1st’s DNA making them partly related by blood to the Senju clan)

  109. @Jpua, u forgot Nawaki 8P

  110. About the whole Senju thing… there are 2 sides to the issue:

    1)Where are all the Senju? If they were such a big clan, rivaling the Uchiha, where have they gone? How much of Konoha is still Senju if any?

    In one sense, I find it hard to believe that there are many left… why isn’t there another Senju to take Tsunade’s place?

    2)A lot of people could have decended from the Senju, all we know is that they had great physical energy. I don’t really know what that means as far as jutsu that ninjas can perform, but I find it hard to believe that a clan would be as diverse as Konoha.

    I doubt the Sarutobi clan is Senju, although Naruto could be, his heritage is protected. BUT we haven’t gotten anything to confirm that. Madara could be speaking metaphorically, and also we’ve known him to lie before to get what he wants.

    Plus, he could have just gone bat crazy, not wanting to believe that he finally lost in the end to the Senju and is simply plotting revenge. Maybe his Senju vs. Uchiha story from way back is all made up. Crazy people have made up worse in the real world. Time will tell what is truth.

  111. Well the Senju may have the best physical energy, but anyone with the Shikotsumyaku has the ultimate body. The ultimate ninja would be someone descended from the Senju, is the son of a Kaguya and is another reincarnation of the Sage of Six Paths (like Nagato was). That would give the person the ultimate body, physical energy and the power over life and death, ie the greatest spiritual energy.

  112. @JPUA: Does it matter that I like Karin? REALLY dude? EVeryone has different likes, and it is really not cool to call someone a wannabe or loser just because they like a wannabe or loser, or to even call anyone cool just because they like a cool character (e.g. ITACHI, Deidara :P, Sasori), so, answer me that. Thanks.


  113. senju in konoha? maybe everyone except people with dojutsu. so the uchiha clan and hyuuga clan are out!

    still who cares if you are senju or not?!? unless u have wood element ur just like everyone else~!

  114. hope naruto learns something semi decent now. His continous use of rasengan variations is boring the crap out of me. BRING ON FTG!!!

  115. there’s not much to say. i don’t care what happens to karin, though i prefer her gone. and at this point, i can’t believe sasuke will come to his senses anymore. but he thinks he’s thinking straight NOW, desn’t he? sasuke is only good for fights now, but only ones he will win. and finally, for the hundredth time, is it really fair to still call this manga ‘naruto’? i really wouldn’t mind calling this ‘sasuke’. and i think his descent into darkness is really cool. as long as he dies in the end, of course. it wouldn’t do justice for all the ppl he hurt if he lived.

  116. @darkprince0521

    I think u didn’t get my point. Still Madara alive right? Hashirama Senju didn’t actually defeated Madara. Maybe Madara used the Izanagi technique that’s why he survive and right he still alive. Also there is a speculation that he help Itachi to murdered the Uchiha clan.

    @Naruto’s PAIN

    I’m a big fan of Naruto. But i just notice it takes time for naruto to learn new techniques. Am i right? Unlike sasuke he just activate his sharigan he can master the technique right a way. Also remember fire element is stronger than wind. Well let see some developments from naruto. And really excited about it. He still the main charater and the main charater never be defeated by the bad guys at the end of the story.

  117. @ Lose Brothers
    yup, you are right about that, but also it is more fun when we see how naruto puts effort in learning, there are some interesting techs that naruto is going to learn in future chapters like some of he’s fathers ninjutsus (not all, but some), then how too control tailed beast and of course he’s 2nd element 😉 , so following manga chapters are going to be pretty interesting…..
    im not saying that he is going to learn all that techs in a few chapters lol, it’s going to take some time (maybe 25, maybe 50
    and maybe 100 chapters per tech looool, we’ll see), one by one.

    p.s. and about that fire stronger than wind, well you see wind is also stronger than lighting, and water is stronger than fire but also lightning is stronger against water, so it will be draw in elements if naruto gets water as 2nd element 😉 , well in fight depends who wields them better ….wind can defeat fire if a user is enough skilled in wind and so an….

  118. @Naruruler, Jpua didn’t call u a wannabe, he called Karin a Sakura wannabe and said anyone who is a Sakura wannabe is pathetic, i.e Karin.

    @BSK, the whole decent into darkness would be cooler if I actually grew attached to the character, but Sasuke is as 2 dimensional as a character can get. An interesting character to watch descend into darkness would have been Nagato, because we actually grew attached to him, knew he was the chosen one, and he was a meek and kind little kid and would later become a God (Anakin becoming Darth Vader anyone?). At the start Sasuke was an emo, now he’s just an angry emo.

  119. @Lose Brothers:

    Madara himself said that he lost against Hashirama, who are you to say otherwise?

    on the second thought, keep believing what you want. there is no point in discussing with you when you are in denial.

    @Naruto’s PAIN: lightning isn’t strong against water, it is strong against earth. the element that has advantage over water is earth. this is the rule of Narutoverse, it’s different from Pokemon.

  120. @darkprince0521

    I think the point that confuses a lot of people is when Suigetsu said “I’m weak against his lightning attacks” talking about KillerBee. I don’t really know what he meant by that, but a lot of people took it to meant water was weak against lightening.

    What you say though is true, as explained by Yamato.

  121. @ripcord, Suigetsu is MADE of water, that’s why he’s weak against it. Lightning has no strength out of water CHAKRA.

  122. I don’t get that either as most of the human body is water anyway

  123. @ripcord

    Whatever. My comments are only base from what i read. That’s true Madara was lost from Hashirama or maybe he just runaway using Izagani technique. Who knows?

  124. New Naruto manga is out everyone.


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