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Naruto Shippuden 131 & 144: Honored Sage Mode!; Go Gamaken! & Wanderer; Utakata’s Bubbles are Deadly! X__X

Ja everyone!  It time for Noneatencookie’s Anime Breakdowns!  Anyways, I’ll start with last week Poll…


  • The option that got the least amount of votes was…  Utakata would let Team 7 help him.
  • The second least amount of votes goes to… Utakata will die because he won’t let Team 7 protect him.
  • And, the most votes went to… Idk

Well, on the the breakdown…

I’ve decided that I will be doing my favorite episode in this breakdown too.  Since I wasn’t here when it aired, I really want to do it.  So, if you’d rather just have the breakdown for this weeks episode, scroll down until you find it.

Episode 131, ‘Honored Sage Mode!’.

Video link: http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-534456/naruto-shippuden-131/

Well, the episode starts out with the amazing animation for fights like Sasugay v. Deidara and Hidan and Kakuzu v. Team 7 and 10.  But, it truly begins with Jiraiya putting extra markings on his face.  Gamaken asks what he’s doing, only for Jiraiya to tell him he summoning the ‘Two Elders’  Pein sees this and jumps into his summoned Chameleon.  With that, he becomes invisible.  Pein likes to make things difficult.  So, to make it easier, Jiraiya makes a detection barrier to sniff him out.

Barrier Time!

To protect Jiraiya while he has to keep his hands together, is Mr. Gamaken, the lovable albeit clumsy giant toad!  Even thought Jiraiya believes in Gamaken, Gamaken’s not so sure about his abilities.  But, as he says, ‘As clumsy as I am, I’ll try.’.

Soon after, Pein summons a whole slue of animals to help him.  The first of these is a Multi-Headed Dog that looks a lot like Tiny (Remember him?)  but mean and huge.

After a little while, the Mr. Gamaken v. ‘Not so Tiny’ Tiny fight, Mr. Gamaken gets frustrated and uses technique that goes a little something like this…

Kame... Hame... HA!!!

Even with Mr. Gamaken’s Kamehameha, Tiny doesn’t go down and soon, Tiny the Dog from Hell is as big as Gamabunta!

Me want treat! Give treat... NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Gamaken can’t fight any longer, so Jiraiya, having completed his Jutsu, Reverse Summons him back to Mt. Myoboku.  Soon after that, Jiraiya uses an Anime Exclusive Jutsu named ‘Summoning: Crushing Toad Stomach’ to swallow the Hell Hounds.  So, they are down, temporarily.

I wonder if Hell Hounds taste any good... ?

Even though the Hell Hound is subdued, Pein still has some more tricks up his sleeves.  He has a unusual bird summoning.  It looks like a Half Bird/Half Raisin! 😛

What I loved about this episode is that there was some awesome filler action.  It was really close to the Manga, but with minor tweaks.

Even though Jiraiya strong, he must be getting tired running all the time.  But, here’s some comical relief…

Free porn!?!? WHERE!?!?!?!?!?

But, back to the breakdown, Jiraiya’s got his hands full with this Rhino.  And he’s…


Now there’s some flashbacks, so we’ll skip those.  Finally, Jiraiya’s Jutsu is complete and he dismisses Mr. Gamaken (Bye bye big lovable toad! ^_^)  Jiraiya summons Lord Fukasaku and Lady Shima.  Now, he enters the powerful Sage Mode!

Go Sage Mode!

With Shima and Fukasaku’s help, they dispose of Pein’s Chameleon thingamajig.  Even by Jiraiya’s word, the Toads are a force to be reckoned with.  This is the beginning of the battle…

The true battle begins...

That’s where the episode ends.

Now, Episode 144, ‘Wanderer’.

This weeks episode is entitled, ‘Wanderer’.  The episode begins with a girl named Hotaru blowing bubbles.  She is quickly approached by Utakata, the Six-Tailed Slug Jinchuriki, telling her a man named Tonbei needs her.

Hmm... maybe Utakata's sister... ?

The scene switches to Tonbei sending a Messenger Bird to an unknown person…

The scene then goes to a group of ninja running towards the tower.  They activate a trap and kunai begin to pelt them.  they evade them all.

We see Tonbei talking with Utakata and Hotaru.  He talks about someone trying to get to their fort.  He also states that the Messenger Bird was sent to the Leaf Village (Of course.  Why else would they show this arc?)  Utakata asks why they’re attacking.  Tonbei says it’s because of the Forbidden Jutsu that is passed down in their clan.

The group of ninja are seen next to a pit which supposedly has a barrier on top of it.  One of the shinobi asks a man named Nango if it was overly cautious.  Nango doesn’t respond, but another guy does.  The female in the group tells the guy who asked Nango, Chushin, to stop rambling.  Now, we learn that the girls name is Benten (TenTen’s mom?)

A little girl walks up to Chushin and says, 'Double chin is old!' then runs away...

Okay, what have we learned so far?  The quiet ones name is Nango.  The kunochi’s name is Benten.  And the questioning guy is Chushin.  The other guy is nameless for now.  We’ll call him… Bob Billy Joe.

The four ninja get into a position and use hand seals to combine their Chakra for something…

I wonder what they're planning...

Inside the fort, a barrier breaks.  That prompts Tonbei to say they aren’t normal people.

ZOMG!! Snow globes exist in Naruto! YAY!!!

Benten uses a Jutsu to blast rocks everywhere.  The group jumps on the rocks and make it across the pit.

Tonbei gives Hotaru a bag with the Forbidden Jutsu.  As Tonbei and Hotaru begin to argue about escaping, Utakata begins to walk away.  He tells Hotaru to come, and she does.  As they leave, Tonbei tells Utakata to protect Lady Hotaru.  He tells him his ‘debt’ will be repayed.

As the group climb up the hill, Chushin gets hit by a piece of the mountain and almost falls off.  He survives though.  We then learn that the leaders name is Akaboshi.

Tonbei tells Utakata and Hotaru to be careful and not leave Utakata’s side.  She tells Tonbei that he needs to follow them, but he says she’s more important.  He then collapses the path and thinks to himself that he will protect Hotaru, no matter what…

Then the opening credits…

At the Leaf Village, Shizune gives Tsunade the letter from Tonbei.  She immediately sends out Team 7 and 8.  While they’re heading to their destination, Naruto remembers him looking the the Uchiha Crest at the Uchiha Stronghold. Katsuyu then arrives.  She tells them about Hotaru and all that crap.  She also tells them of the Forbidden Jutsu, capable of destroying an entire village.  Naruto then asks if Kakashi is coming, prompting Tenzo to sneak up on them and ask if it was bad with just him.

Yamato has another Kekkei Genkai, Scary Face no Jutsu!

Back at the Leaf Village, Tsunade talks to Shizune about what’s happening.  She tells Shizune of the Forbidden Jutsu, which is capable to destroy an entire village.

Back with Naruto and Co., Yamato makes a bridge to cross the pit.  Which Naruto thanks him for, but not with him doing his Scary Face no Jutsu.  They get to the top just as the group fled.  They spot Tonbei and Sakura heals him.  He then explains about Hotaru, leaving out Utakata.

With Utakata and Hotaru, Utakata is on a tree and blows some bubbles to scout the people following them.

This has got to be the best screen of the episode! ^_^

Hotaru then asks Utakata to be her master, which he shows an emotion finally and yells at her.  She tells him that she wants to be his pupil so he could teach her Jutsu.  She then remembers when he saved her…

Naruto then attacks Utakata, who easily dispatches all his clones.  Yamato then arrives and says his sorries to Utakata, not knowing Hotaru was travelling with someone.  Utakata gets into a bubble and floats away, saying that he would never be a fool to be called a master.

The episode ends here.

Well, I’ll add the Weekly Poll tomorrow.  And now, I’ll be starting Caption Contests in every breakdown, here’s the first…

*Insert Caption Here*


17 Responses

  1. lol, loved ze funnies ^_^

  2. Caption: “Ewwwwwie! Get away from me! It’s all white and crud!”

  3. Great Breakdown(s)!

    ZOMG, did anyone else notice the shape of Sakura’s mouth in that one screen? O__________O

  4. @ naruruler, she wasn’t much uglier than usual in that scene, lol
    on the “insert caption here”, how about “ZOMG!! TENTACLES?!?! IN A JAPANESE CARTOON!!!!!!1!!1 this won’t end well”

  5. PS, i got that directly from http://transformers.wikia.com/wiki/Shockblast , it’s the 2nd picture/caption

  6. hey i love Utakata (and those funnies were hilarious) but does anybody think such a mellow, awsum looking Jinchuuriki wud blow…bubbles… like i thought he’d use some sort of beast water ninjutsu. Oh and is it me or has these fillers gotten too much with the weird lookin characters? (Double-chin, oval head…double-chin….) lmao either way I have a gut feeling despite the Jinchuuriki, this filler will be a failure. OH OH AND NOONE, DUDE THOSE EDITIONS WITH GAMAKEN WERE CRAZY

  7. about Utakata blowing bubbles, this actually isn’t the filler-guys’ fault (this time) Kishi confirmed in a data book that Utakata actually specializes in bubble ninjutsu, but hey, it can’t b lamer than the flower jutsu used in the Land of Greens filler arc (note, in the Ultimate Ninja series Ino also uses flower-based Ninjutsu, albeit actually lamer than the filler arc flower jutsu, lol)

  8. It was pretty funny to see Naruto use the scary face on Yamato instead of the other way around.

  9. caption:

    is that water? i hate watter it makes me wet and my hair get’s messy also my makeup will flood, noo stop don’t show everyone my real face, nooo!
    real face:

  10. WOW SO KISHI CREATED Seniór Ugly Chin and gave my Sasuke-looking Jinchuuriki his bubble ninjutsu, waaaaaaaah. Oh well, but I dont see how bubble ninjutsu fits in with a slug. Then again how does rapping/lightning fit an Ox…or sand fit in with a racoon, or fire with a cat…or a retarded kid holding a crystallized flower control a 3 TAIL BIJU AND ALL HE CAN DO IS MAKE IT STOP!!!! WHY NOT TO TEACH IT TO ROLL OVER FOR GOODNESS SAKE!! Anyway I strayed off topic. But so long as Utakata can do some crazy stuff with those bubbles (im finding it hard to picture) im good. Oh and your right whiteshinobi its not as lame as flowers, all-the-same, its girl-scout-ish. I swear if all Utakata can do is secrete a slimy liquid in his Six-Tailed form, I will cry….

  11. Ukataka seems very relaxed for a jinkuri, which fits a slug, I think the slug will smother people, much like the bubbles. I have some hope for this arc. As for raccons, cats and Yukomaru: raccons are actually tankuni in this instance, which live in the desert, cats are actually baneko (sp?) which are fire spririts, and Yukimaru is a filler character, and so fails epically at everything (much like hinata). I still don’t know how KB fits in with the Ox other than his tattoos and Ink jutsu (octopus half of the 8-tails) but his lightning element could always just be his own technique (naruto knows wind which has no relation to the fox)

  12. That is true but how can u have hope, im having a hard time finding hope, all Naruto fillers up till now sucked (save Raiga) this may have been Kishis starting point but u know the filler guys and making fillers about “strong” Biju and THAT RETARD KID, and how they make their Biju n Jinchuuriki fillers, full of SHI-POOPIE ARRRRRRGH!!!!!!


  13. @ bloodsasuke, Kishi didn’t make senior ugly chin, just the bubbles
    @ mart, while most fillers do suck, Raiga, the bee ppl and Guren (the crystal lady) did have cool jutsu even if the weren’t as cool as far as personality. and on Hinata, wold u get off her back! y do u think she’s useless? she’s a better tracker, has better defensive skills, and has shown more strategy in battle than Neji (note, Neji doesn’t use strategy, in fact Choji’s a better strategist than him)

  14. In the list of filler people the bad far outweigh the good ex. Yukimaru, Sora, Fatass brothers, Ect. Even the BEST of the filler characters aren’t all that good because they HAD to lose and got cheap ass deaths.

    On hinata: it was a joke, I assosiate her with fillers because that’s the only place she is a real ninja. Why she’s useless: she may be better than Neji (or any other character) in one particular area, but overall they anihilate her. She isn’t as bad as say Karin, but she is still up there.

  15. a pointless filler, we all no he’ll die anyway. i’d rather have seen a filler that showed how akatsuki captured all the tailed beasts, so at least we’d get to see itachi and deidara again. i’d say kisame to but seeing as he isn’t dead i won’t.

  16. oh and benten is a man. ahaha a tentacle!!

  17. what manga is this

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