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Kishi’s Focus

After reading your comments I went online to find some answers and came across this interview of Masashi Kishimoto which occured in December of 2009 at the Jump Fest in Tokyo, Japan, this is the outlook on what going to happen in 2010 on Naruto! I urge you, if you don’t want any spoilers than don’t read any further!

Each voice actor asked questions to Kishimoto-sensei
As one might expect, Nakamura asked about what was upcoming with Sakura
Kishimoto: “Honestly, from the standpoint of showing a female-like disposition, she hasn’t been much of a heroine. You could even say that Hinata’s more of a heroine than her. But since, as we know, Sakura is a heroine deep inside, she’ll show that side of hers from now on.”
Naruto’s close, but Sakura loves Sasuke as we should expect from that speech. She’s being haughty with her using not so kind words against Naruto right afterwards…didn’t she? I can’t recall.

Yeah it’s true, it did sound as though Sugiyama said, “With a Suna person” when Morikubo asked about Shikamaru’s love life.
Kishimoto said he didn’t want to write that for Shikamaru.
Takeuchi: “Will Naruto become Hokage?” to which Kishimoto said something like “He should become Hokage”. This had the audience make noise.
Takeuchi: “Won’t Sakura-chan become Hokage before Naruto does?” to which Kishimoto dismissed flatly, “No way!”
Kishimoto announced Naruto will do training.
Takeuchi: “So Naruto will become stronger again.”
Next year, Kakashi is the main character
Takeuchi: “It would be a good thing not to tell this to Kazuhiko-san”

Sugiyama: “You probably can’t speak of the outcome of the Danzou fight, but what happens with Taka after?”
Kishimoto: “I can’t speak to what happens with the Danzou fight, but there’ll be some things happening within Taka (dissent?) and the look in Sasuke’s eyes will grow more and more evil. I’ve just recently decided on such a course of the story” (these words make it seem as if the Sasuke-related part isn’t really decided upon, so take this part with a grain of salt).

Next was the Questions For Kishimoto-sensei Corner
Nakamura-san started off with something like, “With the latest developments, Sakura has…”
He said something like, that chick* (Takeuchi reacted to that “That chick” lol) is detestable for using Naruto’s good will,
but, well that’s just how I’d think to write a realistic girl.
You hear all the time that Sakura is a detestable person, but that’s what seems to be the intention
“Since Sakura is the heroine”, “I’ll be writing from now on to show her with that disposition”
“Though everyone says Hinata-Hinata all the time…”
↑I wonder if it’s that their voices supporting Hinata are so loud (my personal impression)
Sugiyama wavered on which question to ask (normal fan thing)
He asked: “What will happen to Sasuke after fighting Danzou?”
“The ending of the Danzou fight will determine Sasuke’s coming development (whether it be his movement or his intentions)”
“As will the course of those in Taka”
“The handling and arrangement was decided just yesterday…”
Morikubo-san: “Will Shikamaru have a love/romance?”
“I don’t want to write that for Shikamaru”
“The Konoha guys aren’t reliable, so there’s no one there honest/upfront except for him”
“Since Sasuke isn’t there, there’s the impression that he’ll be taken up as Naruto’s confidante”
When it got to the “confidante” part, Morikubo-san (said): “Then it’s good!” (his love life)
Takeuchi-san: “Naruto will be Hokage, right?!”
“He will…I think but (if I write that) that would be the last thing”
*tn note: word was “aitsu”, is genderless but normally used for guys in a very colloquial way (read: not polite). When referring to a guy, it’s “that guy” or “he”, and to a girl would be something like “that chick” or “she”, but of course in a slightly impolite manner.

Takeuchi-san asked, “Will Naruto and Sasuke fight?”
Kishi: “I’m thinking they’ll fight, but if/when I write that, (the story) would be something like the last thing right…”
Morikubo-san’s, “What about Shikamaru?” was in that and it was:
His reaction seemed like he hadn’t set firm plans for the coming big developments
Like when he was asked “So you haven’t determined the end?”

“The end, how should I say, since the next scene(s) of what I want to write is established, then that is what I’ll go write”
It would seem that rather than having made a decision on the developments until the finish, he settled on writing just the scenes he wants to write for the end
After saying next year would be Kakashi’s year, Takeuchi had a fierce discussion
Kishi: “Naruto will be training again”, Takeuchi-san: “Still getting stronger right”

This is basically what we learn from this interview about year 2010!

Sakura’s acting a little haughty towards Naruto
She’ll be more heroine-like from now on
Sasuke’s becoming more and more evil, and him fighting with Naruto will probably be the last event
Something will happen with Sasuke and Taka as well
Naruto becoming Hokage if it happens, will be at the end
There’s no desire to have much romance for Shikamaru
Naruto has no-one around him who’s up-front with him, so Shikamaru will [be/take on as] a confidante
The battle against Danzou will decide Sasuke’s Path.
but he (Kishimoto) told us that he wrote something big happening with Sasuke
Looks like Sakura really does love Sasuke
Next year is Kakashi’s year

What we see here is basically Kishi is focusing on the individual main characters, First in part 2 is about Sasuke and then it’s going to be about Kakashi and in another interview he said he was focusing on Sakura after Kakashi then Naruto so I understand why we see Sasuke so much and now I get what direction he’s going, he probably fit Madara in their somewhere. We also see in this interview that he is basically making things up as he go but still is going by the original plot just tweeking up a few things. So please guys bare with him and soon we’ll be through with Sasugaymania!LOL


20 Responses

  1. I thought seeing Sasuke so much was anoying but now I understand why

  2. This was interesting. I really hope that something positive happens while Kishi starts focusing on Kakashi.

  3. i’m glad Kishi realizes he made Sakura a bitch, wish they said more about Hinata tho, she deserves some more time after her confession

  4. I really cant wait to see another training for naruto for him to be stronger than sasuke,Hoping Naruto and Hinata forever XD

  5. Here’s some training prospects for Naruto:

    1. Control 9-tails: With Raikage at the helm of the ninja coalition, I expect him to push KillerBee (to get him preoccupied and not bored) to train Naruto to gain full/partial control over 9 tails. This is strategical (the coalition can concentrate the defense better with both remaining hosts on the same location) and works well with the current plot (KillerBee WILL be in a tough bind soon, if he gets his when Naruto’s already gone close to him, expect firework from Naruto.

    2. A high-level wind-based jutsu. Not sure who’ll train him here though. Maybe Kakashi but I expect him to get more As-Hokage screentime.

    3. A space-time warp jutsu similar to the fourth. Again, kakashi is the only candidate here. This jutsu would be perfect against susanoo. Don’t forget that Naruto’s bunshin and Sage mode can add layers of revised pure win on the move that made his father legendary.

    4. (Remotely possible). An eye-based, anti genjutsu move. Sounds farfetched, but remember that Itachi planted Naruto with something. And with Kakashi around, who better to train him with Sharingan-based jutsus or defense than him. Also, given Kishi’s overkill of the Sharingan, I just wouldn’t put this past time.

    Anyway, I seriously hope this is one bad-ass training that would put Naruto on levels at part with the likes of Sasu-gey, Danzo, and Madara. Which is why I believe scenario 1 has the best chance of happening.

  6. @ jercster

  7. I think Kakashi will be Hokage, Danzo to die in battle with Sasugay, Madara doing thing to Sasugay like what happened to Nagato. More evil Sasugay gets, the better chance of Jutsu working. Tsunade not waking up soon, just copy character for Sakura. Naruto will get Hinata as she’s not based on any older character like team 7 based on Sannin.

  8. @ jercster
    i think that naruto is gonna be training on working on making sage mode last longer. cuz just b4 naruto and sarkuas pow wow naruto was saying to himself how he needed to make sage mode better so he didnt have to use the clones, or something like that

  9. Naruto to end up with Hinata as she not based on any older character like team 7 on Sannin, etc. Sasugay get more and more evil so Madara can do thing like what was done on Nagato, so Sasugay can host/ summon Bijjuu-eater thing. Kakashi become Hokage as Danzo will die in battle or run away, either way Danzo out of favour with other Kages.

  10. sorry 4 posting twice, this was my 1st time posting any comments.

  11. I also heard from another interview that Sasuke and Taka are going to break up because Sasuke is going to get too evil and reckless so the end of taka may be coming soon!

  12. soooo all this 200 + chapters up to kage meeting was just a FREAKING BEGINNING of part 2??? wooooow, naruto isn’t ending until 22nd century lol

  13. wow by the look of it Naruto’s not gonna end till the next century!!

    wonder if i’ll be around to read them 😛

  14. I doubt Kishi will prolong the series that much, but I hope to see some major plot twists coming soon. NaruHina Forever!!!

    P.S.: Naruto vs Sasuke, can’t wait!!!!

  15. Also, completely off topic for a moment, does anyone know when the next few dubbed episodes will be available, this waiting’s killing me.

  16. bad guys r always the best….i nt blieve so many ppl h8 sasuke….i find nauto SUPER annoyin….jus a hild wiv a dumb dream thats never gna happen…..his 4t process is a joke aswell…..the more ppl h8 sasuke the more i h8 naruto n his jarring speeches…..LOL…dnt get me wrong…..hes gt sum ovr sik moves….its jus him….lol…the ONLY ONLY reason i want sasuke 2 bcom a ”good guy” agen…(booooo)…..is so that he dnt gt killed off….like all good bad guys…..

  17. sry bout spellin mistakes…..lol

  18. Poor poor Sakura… At least we get to see Kakashi in the spotlight and not Naruto (groan… he’s the main character, he should be in the spotlight at least 99.9% of the time!!!)

  19. I post something similar about what Naruto needs to be doing soon,

    1)His bonding with Kyubi will be good for blocking genjutsu as shown in the fight with killerbee.

    2) He does need to try and train the the combination
    between Jinchūriki form and Sage mode to create a whole new type of form! that would maybe be even more powerful then rinnengan as he was able to over throw Nagato at such a close proximity, although Nagato was tired but so was Naruto!

    3) High wind jutsu based tech’s are a must

    4) adding a new element- like water

    5) warp/ space time would be amazing yes 🙂

    imagine if Naruto had the thunder god jutsu, he wouldnt need anyone to throw the special Kunai’s other then himself! i doubt he would get this as he would be almost invincible!

  20. i think that his training is going to consist of everything that every one has being saying his wind jutsu, fox control, his heritage and the key to fuse with him and i think that the key frog is like a cheat cheat. because till now we still dont why jayria had his stamp on it…also i like the fact that sasuke is out of the spot light dont get me wrong hes a cool character i just got annoyed of seen him the past 200 chapter over and over agian. To me he has become powerful, but his character has not changed at all. he is still all about revange.
    heres my view on the main characters.

    Naruto-has mutured as well as become powerfull and confused lol

    Sasuke-has become powerful but still the same old sasuke all about revange and hate.

    Sakura- always crying, but it seems that she is becoming more of a woman.

    Kakashi-Its Kakashi nothings wrong with him

    Ps. it seems that naruto after this danzo vs Sasuke going to get exciting…

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