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Naruto Grand Tournament Week 2 Voting:

What’s the Naruto Grand Tournament about? Read more here!
Week 1 results:
For all characters where possible, assume it’s their part 2 counterpart in the battle. Week 2 voting will close end of day Friday January 29 (you may still vote after wards, but they won’t count towards final tally).


56 Responses

  1. i kinda just gave random answers, these were much closer in my opinion than the last group

  2. Gaara will never lose.

    You know why?

    Because he is a man’s man.

  3. ok I’ve got 2 questions? how can oro lose to danzo if danzo is limited on his immortality techs, while Oro is not (remember his fight with 4tailed naruto?)

    and there’s no way yamato can lose to kimimaro, kimi is majorly melee fighter (taijutsu), while yamato has 3 elements and is good at both melee (taijutsu and earth,wood ninjutsu) and ranged (water,wood ninjutsu)combat

  4. there is no way sasori could beat deidara especially if you look at deidaras battle with sasuke deidara kicks ass

  5. popularity contest seems to be unavoidable 😦

  6. Deidara admitted Sasori was better than him so…..

    Kimimaro CAN beat Tenzo (Yamato). Both of them are tactical fighters. Wood Release is just smash and bash your opponents, that wont work against Kimimaro because he can make his bones as hard/harder than steel. Tenzo CANT beat Kimimaro, especially if he uses the Cursed Seal. The only way he could win is if he waits untl Kimimaro’s disease gets him.

    Guys speed is more than a match for Gaara’s sand and his attaks are more powerful than Lee, and unlike Lee, he isnt limited to just Taijutsu, he can also use Ninjutsu and Genjutsu….and Gaara really hasn’t improved that much over the time-skip, so I’ll give the win to Guy (plus he did block Gaara’s sand in Part 1 effortlessly)

    C’MON PPL! The Raikage beats Killerbee! Both are strong, but Killerbee is obviously afraid of the Raikage for a reason.

    Kisame vs Jugo…….that’s so obvious i wont even bother saying anything about it.

    Tsunade vs Mei, I say Mei will win. Tsunade is a close Range fighter, and getting close to Mei is dumb considering her acid mist and lava spit.

    Jiraiya vs Sarutobi….Jiraiya. Jiraiya’s clearly more powerful than Orochimaru in combat. And Jiraiya shines against opponents like Sarutobi, opponents that fight with NINJUTSU and seals, because those are Jiraiya’s areas of expertise, and he has the stamina to outlast the Third.

    Danzo vs Orochimaru. Danzo wins this hands down. Oro had a shitload of trouble with the Third and Danzo was considered the Third’s rival BEFORE (presumably) his implants, with them he would destroy Orochimaru. And the only fights we’ve seen Orochimaru in are against Ninjutsu types like Naruto and Sarutobi, when we saw him against a Genjutsu type like Itachi, he lost in mere moments, TWICE. Danzo clearly depends on sealing more than Gejutsu, plus his summon powers up his ninjutsu so……Danzo triumphs.

  7. @kisu, I think you are wrong on only one account…Tsunade vs. Mei. While Mei does use potent kekkei genkai’s, think about how she used them. In order to accumulate the mist, Mei has to be in a sealed room. What do we know about Tsunade? She is UNCONTAINABLE; she would totally beast her way out of the room with one hit. Furthermore, this would spread the mist over a larger volume of air and reduce its potency.

    On a second front, Mei’s attacks take a while to carry out. With some chakra-adjusted speed and one hit Tsunade would make quick work of Mei.

    For me, this match is hands-down Tsunade.

  8. @Dh, isnt that how Sasugay fought at the summit? Everything in Naruto can be sped up by using chakra so all she has to do is produce more mist.
    For those who watch/read Bleach, think of Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s bankai, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo. It creates a mist of poison similar to Mei’s and countrs the dispersion by continuously pumping out poison mist, so is it that difficult to assume Mei (the MIZUKAGE who has undoubtedly been in a battle before) can do the same?

  9. @kisu, Even so, Mei needs a closed room. With a free range arena her poison will disperse endlessly, which from a science perspective, significantly reduces its potency. I really believe that Tsunade could hold her breath long enough to smash through a wall/attack Mei. Furthermore, Tsunade taught Sakura and Shizune everything they know about poisons. We know that Shizune fights with them almost exclusively and that Sakura has detailed analytical skills when it comes to breaking down their chemical structure. I feel that Tsunade knows all of these things and that it would only help her fight Mei. FInally, Katsuya, Tsunade’s slug uses acids and I am willing to bet she would be impervious to the attacks and so could attack Mei without opposition.

  10. ” I really believe that Tsunade could hold her breath long enough”-Mei’s acid is corrosive not toxic (at least in it’s shown application). Running into an acid mist holding her breath would mean her face melted off. I think it said Mei could control the potentcy, her only problem was that it was an area effect that would take out others along with Sasuke. She probably also has an outdoor variant or a way to make the fight close quarters (earth ninjutsu)

  11. 2Dh, i made a mistake lol. It isnt poison, its actually called boil Release. Well there goes your theory lol. So if Mei’s Boil Release melted Susanoo’s bones, it can undoubtedly melt Tsunade. And her second kekkei genkai is Lava Release, so Tsunade has effectively lost before she even began. If She tries to get in close, Boil Releases, if she tries to attack from a long range, lava release, its a lose-lose situation.

  12. Cmon Mizukage! I believe in you!!! 🙂

  13. Bah! I still don’t think Tsunade would give Mei the chance to use it.

  14. i really hate it when ppl say Tsunade and Sakura r fast, they r WAY easy to avoid/dodge. besides, lava and boiling mist, there’s really no way, even w/ Mitotic Regeneration, that wouldn’t work.

  15. i think the ninjas will be the winners are:
    okay, this is just my opinion.

  16. Tsunade doesn’t deserve to win. she’s the weakest Sannin and weakest Hokage (i’m going by effectiveness in battle, not by brute strength, which don’t mean shit) and her “come here so i can hit you!” type of fighting style just doesn’t cut it against long-range fighters, we’ve seen this effect in Neji vs Kidomaru, where Neji won by pure luck (Kidomaru getting cocky, well, more so than Neji) and Sakura vs Sasori (she wasn’t much more than Chiyo’s puppet/medicine, Sakura didn’t really do that much actual fighting where Chiyo wasn’t literally pulling the strings) so Tsunade vs Mei would really only come down to Mei letting her guard down, which doesn’t seem to b that likely

  17. First of all, you’re annoying. Secondly, in this clip of Sakura fighting Sasori’s 100 puppets, ALL of her movements are 1) her own, 2) efficient enough to dodge multiple attacks consistently, and 3) faster than what you have been stating. Look closely at 6:00-6:08, 7:14-7:26, 7:47-7:54, 8:32-the end. Sakura moves especially fast after 9:00 minutes in.

    This discussion is over as far as I’m concerned…you should look for other fights to pick.

  18. I voted for:
    Kimimaro (thinking if he was at his peak with no disease whatsoever)
    Gaara(but looking back I believe that Guy would own him hands down)
    Jugo =}
    Killer Bee(Also looking back, I believe that it would be a good fight, but Raikage would win if he didn’t use tailed beast)
    and Orochimaru(same as with kimimaro’s disase/health condition)..of course looking back at it he got owned by itachi, danzo possessed numerous sharingans, yada yada…

  19. Em, sorry if I interrupt this debate, but Tsunade is actually quite fast! Giving more details, although you probably know it, she has Ninjutsu 5, Taijutsu 5, Genjutsu 3.5 Intelligence 5, Strength 5, Stamina 4, Sealing 4. Total 35. (Third Hokage had 34.) So, it’s not that difficult for her to dodge an opponent’s attack.

    As far as her battle with Mei is concerned, I have always thought that Mei was the “srongest” of the kage, in a sense, because of this: you must BREATHE to fight and run and perform seals and… and… , so with Mei’s jutsu this is almost impossible! I know that it works better if you are restrained to a room, but I suppose she has performed it outside as well. Of course, we must not forget that she can use her 3 elements separately, so the number of her jutsus must be really large.

    On the other hand, Tsunade has the Creation Rebirth, so even if her face melted, she could regenerate it automatically. As stated “I CAN’T die in a battle.” Of course, this takes a lot of chakra and ages her, so she can’t keep it for very long, but I suppose she could keep it, (along with her breath? I don’t know) until she would reach Mei and that would be the end!

    Well, this is one of the most difficult votes, they are both very strong, I really can’t decide, but if I remember well, I voted for Tsunade. Well, at least Mei wins at youth (definitely) and beauty (debated??) !

  20. PEOPLES! VOTe DEIDARA! AND…And…I’ll give you cookies, made with Grandma’s love :3


  21. @ dr haruno, y do i get the feeling u only side w/ medical ninjas since you’re a doctor? all Sakura did was grab a rope and run and hide, that’s not very impressive, what i’m talking about is this: Mei uses lava apparition, Tsunade jumps over it (the only thing someone like her can do) then Mei fire lava globs as Tsunade’s coming down, and she gets melted, ending the battle. ps, those stats don’t mean shit in ANY battle, so your point is null and void. i’m really beginning to hate u for being such an idiot about the characters, never taking into account any abilities or logic, only personal preferences, i feel sorry for your patients

  22. if Tsunade wins this round, i’m not gonna read the next one since the whole thing would b pointless

  23. OMFG!!

    STOP ARGUING OVER THIS! It’s like the Danzou is Madara debate all over again!

    Tsunade and Mei are equally strong. It doesn’t matter if you have two Kekkei Genkai, one or none. You can be extremely strong without them.

    Tsunade has power, mitotic regeneration, and medical ninjutsu. With power, she can smash just about everything to bits. With Mitotic Regeneration, she can keep herself alive for a period of time no matter how strong the damage is. With Medical Ninjutsu, you can heal yourself if it’s minor damage. Or, you could paralyze someone (Like she did to Kabuto)

    Mei can use Lava Style and Boil Style. Also Earth, Water and Fire Element. That’s about it.

    So, now that I really think about it, Tsunade would be the winner. (Even though I voted Mei)

  24. @ noneatthecookie, Mitotic Regeneration wouldn’t b useful if she’s covered in lava, so unless Tsunade has Kisame-level Suiton, then i’d have to say she stands no chance

  25. @ narululer12

    This goes specially for you! Deidara may be voted, but Tobi rules!!

  26. okay, if it’ll keep Tsunade fans from hating me even more, i just realized something, the outcome of Tsunade vs Mei would totally depend n wether or not they start at close range, if so Tsunade wins, BUT if they start at long range, Mei would melt Tsunade LONG b4 Tsunade gets close enuf to do any damage

  27. JPUA: I think Mei would win, HOWEVER I don’t see it as some domination fight. 1. Countering Lava release: Tsunade could use her Strength to break up the ground creating channels for the Lava 2. Countering Boil: she has knowledge of chemistry through medical ninjutsu/katayatsu, I sort of agree with DH that she would be able to counter it. HOWEVER just because she can counter Mei’s main techniques doesn’t mean Mei can’t counter hers. The wide range of elements makes me think Mei is a more battle-suited Kage and would take the fight.

  28. Mei wins, yeah screw that.

  29. Exactly the same as kisu,…. scarily enough haha *thumbs up*

  30. do people not watch the anime or read the fucking manga. how can anyone think that guy would lose is beyond me. if lee was fast enough to get a hit on gaara then i’m sure guy who is fat stronger and faster easily could. and E would beat killer bee, bee even says that E is stronger. can’t belive kisame and jugo have to fight, how unfair on jugo is that? and like has been said earlier oro would be able to outlast danzo as far as resurection techniques go. plus oro would no the secrets of danzo’s ability (i presume) and so would be better equipped to counter them. i gave the win to kimi as well because i feel if he wasnt ill then his bone attack would be able to destroy yamato’s wood. and deidara would beat sasori coz a/ he’s ace and b/ i don’t think there’s anything in sasori’s arsenal that would cause much trouble.

  31. Okay, here are my picks…

    Kimimaro v. Tenzo; Kimimaro because his Kekkei Genkai could smash the wood and he could make his bones as hard as steel to make sure the wood doesn’t do damage.

    Gaara v. Might Guy; Gaara because Gaara fought against Lee (Who was equal to Guy, not weaker @ Danny) and one. He could smash Guy’s leg and arm, or he could make Guy swallow all the sand so he couldn’t breathe.

    Deidara v. Sasori; Sasori because 1. Deidara said himself Sasori was stronger than him (And he doesn’t admit that stuff (e.g. Itachi) Sasori could use Hirako as his Puppet Armor. He could use his Water or Fire Jets to make the Deidara’s clay all wet and mushy (Water) or he could just melt the clay (Fire)

    Kisame Hoshigaki v. Jugo; Sorry Jugo but Kisame because all Jugo can really do is his Cursed Seal stuff. Kisame could used Samehada to absorb Jugo’s Chakra. He could drown Jugo with his Water Jutsu.

    Killer Bee v. E; Bee because he could use Lariat and tear up E’s body. He could also use his ink to slow E down. He might transform and use his Menacing Ball to annihilate E.

    Tsunade v. Mei Terumi; Tsunade (Comment up aways.)

    Jiraiya v. Hiruzen Sarutobi; Jiraiya (R.I.P) because he 1) Hiruzen was OLD! (But still strong) 2) Jiraiya knew many Toad Jutsu (Shadow one, Stomach one, etc.) He could also summon GIANT toads. They could easily squash Enma.

    Danzou v. Orochimaru; Danzou because simply Izanagi. He could annihilate Oro with his Wind Jutsu’s He could summon Baku to suck Oro in.

  32. @ noneatthecookie, i agree w/ Kimmimaro vs Tenzo/Yamato
    Guy’s WAY faster than Lee, but Gaara would probably still win
    Sasori, hmm, actually u have a good argument for him winning
    and Kisame prob would win, but everything after i have to disagree:
    KB admitted to E being stronger, besides E also has Lariat
    Mei dominates long-range, Tsunade short-range, so it would depend on what happens, if long-range, Mei pwns Tsunade, if short-range, it’d probably b close, could go either way
    Hiruzen defeated the first 2 Hokages and eliminated Oro’s arms, i doubt Jiraiya could handle that, plus J’s toads use water, which Hiruzen could absorb w/ his earth. besides, he could simply pull out his Reaper Death Seal, and if he uses Kage Bushins like he did against the 1st and 2nd Hokages, he could probably win against the toads

  33. oh, yeah, and Manda could probably eat Baku (the elephant) and Oro could use oral rebirth, Rashamon, giant snakes, and/or his own wind elements to survive Danzo’s wind, and other than that, Danzo couldn’t really do anything offensive wise

  34. stats don’t mean a thing i agree with Jet Prime, becuz naruto stats read 29 and we’ve seen what he can accomplish…

  35. I think Danzo would beat Oro: 1. Izanagi isn’t all he has. He also has Wood Element (and Hirishima’s massive chakra/stamina) Oral Rebirth is a good technique but it still takes a lot of chakra. Izanagi takes SOME but not as much. Rashmon isn’t going to do much against wood element (It can go around it). I also don’t think Oro. could summon that many giant snakes besides Manda (He had others summon giant snakes all but once.)

    I think Jariya would beat the Third. 1. They use the same elements (Fire and Earth) but Jariya can also summon Ma and Pa for Wind an Water. 2, They both use Combo Attacks but Jariya’s (Wind, Fire, and Oil) seem’s stronger than the Thirds (Fire and Earth) 3. Hiruzen may know the Death Reaper Seal but Jariya is a master in seals and has seen/recognized Naruto’s seal, so he would see it coming. On top of this Jariya has the Rasengan and Sage Mode (Which would help him outlast someone with poor stamina like Hiruzen)

    I think Gai is stronger/faster than Lee, however, Part 2 Gaara is MUCH stronger than early Part 1 Gaara. He could easily burry Gai like he did to Kimmimaru (another Taijutsu fighter)

    Sasori being the “endurance is art” type probably has a deffensive jutsu to deal with giant attacks like Deidara’s most powerfull (probably hiding underground in a puppet?) I feel like he is more technically skilled and would beat a headstrong fool like Deidara with stealth and tricks.

  36. how are guy and lee the same strength? clearly guy is far stronger. he can open more gates, has the ability to use ninjutsu and is probably faster as well. and seriously Bee stronger than E? are people having a fucking laugh. sasuke kicked bee’s ass and didnt even use susanoo. E nearly raped sasuke even though he had susanoo. plus he’s gotta be one of the fastest characters in the narutoverse so Bee wouldnt be able to touch him.

  37. @ danny, what do u mean E “NEARLY” raped Sasuke; the Raikage raped him almost as badly as Orochimaru did, lol

  38. @Danny
    Well, actually, Sasuke never kicked Killer Bee’s ass. as I recall Sasuke was almost killed not only once, but twice. Once when he got impaled by like 6 or 7 of Killer Bee’s blades and the other one was he got Larieted by Killer Bee, taking out half his chest, and he would have died on both occasions had Karin and Juugo not been there. So Bee not only “raped” Sasuke, but “raped” him hard. What Sasuke beat was some sort of tentacle clone left by Killer Bee to fool Sasuke. When it comes to Susanoo, if Danzo’s summoning can suck Susanoo of the floor for just even a little bit imagine what an Eight Tailed beast will do to it. Frankly Sasuke’s Susanoo is nowhere near the level of Itachi’s. As to the matter of who is stronger the Raikage or Killer Bee, I agree with you 100 percent the Raikage would beat his little brother, though not by alot. What’s true is that either one of them could beat Sasuke.
    List of Picks:
    Yamato vs Kimimaru- Yamato, Wood Style has numerous uses, apart from that he has Earth and Water at his disposal, and he is no pushover in Taijutsu or Speed.
    Guy vs Gaara- I give it to Gaara, not only is he surrounded by a sphere of sand that protects him, he can control enough sand to cover a whole village and crush Guy.
    Deidara vs Sasori-Sasori wins, not only did Deidara admit Sasori was stronger, Sasori’s 3rd Kazekage puppet’s Iron Sand kick’s ass, sure beat’s explosive clay any day.
    Kisame vs Juugo- No contest Kisame win’s, complete mismatch. Sorry Juugo you are out of your league.
    Raikage vs Killer Bee- Was hard to choose but I give it to the Raikage, reason is Big Brother knows best. He’s extremely fast and powerful, with some kick ass Lightning Style jusu.
    Tsunade vs. Mizukage- I give it to Tsunade, not only does she have immense strength, she has speed, and medical ninjutsu, as well as, a useful summoning and let’s not forget she can always dodge the Mizukage’s attacks by leaping to the Sky. And more importantly let’s not forget that Double D’s beat C cups any day.
    Jiraiya vs Hiruzen- was the toughest decision, but I give it to Jiraiya. This should have been the final match up, we all know that one of these two will win the whole thing, namely Jiraiya, for one reason and one reason only, he kicks ass 8) lol.
    Danzo vs Orochimaru-can go either way, Orochimaru is no push over but neither is Danzo. Head’s is Oro, tails is Danzo *flips a coin in the air*
    And the winner is………..

    Overall Jiraiya wins. 8)

  39. ppl, Sasuke beat Yamato along with Sakura and Naruto at the start of Part 2, where he was most likely STILL weaker than Kimimaro. Kimimaro would beat Yamato. Yamato has his water, but lets think of Gaara’s Sand Tsunaim, for all intents and purposes its like a real Tsunami; it has lots of pressure and can rob the person of oxygen, much like drowning. Now Yamato has Earth Release, which is basically just throwing rocks, basically. Kimimaro’s speed makes it impossible for attacks like that to hit. Now he has wood, which is stronger, wood or steel? You guessed it! Steel! Now what’s stronger Kimimaro’s bones or steel? The answer is Kimimaro’s bones. Kimimaro has this in the bag, unless Yamato waits him out, then the disease will get him……

  40. “ppl, Sasuke beat Yamato along with Sakura and Naruto at the start of Part 2”-As kishi is prone to doing, he had Yammato say something like “I’ll have to ge serious” or “I might have to get ugly.” I would argue that just like about Pein vs Naruto, Yammato was holding back in order to capture Sasuke (and then Sasuke ran away)

    “where he was most likely STILL weaker than Kimimaro”-I think the Sasuke we saw against Yammato would kill Kimmimaru because at the time Sasuke had mastered chidori already.

    “which is stronger, wood or steel?” Just as Kimmimaru can harden his bones with chakra, Yammato can harden his wood (no I’m not being preverted) Just as NORMAL wood is weaker than steel, NORMAL bones are weaker than steel, however EITHER can be hardened.

  41. @ john, “let’s not forget she can always dodge the Mizukage’s attacks by leaping to the Sky”, uhm, then Mei would shoot lava as she’s falling, and Tsunade couldn’t dodge it and get melted. face it, strength and healing doesn’t matter when being hit by a volcanic eruption, you’re just plain screwed unless u have an actual force-field type jutsu. on Yamato vs Kimmimaro, i’d have to agree w/ kisu, bones would probably win, at the very least his Dance of Seedling Ferns would defeat most of Yamato’s jutsu

  42. “Yammato can harden his wood (no I’m not being preverted)”
    Bone vs Wood and all this talk of hardening — this battle is just full on sexual innuendos, lol. I agree with mart that we haven’t really seen what Yamato is really capable of yet. This guy’s been with ANBU most of his life and has one of the most powerful bloodlines in Konoha within him. I’m sure he’s hiding more than a few black ops/assassination jutsus that he didn’t want to reveal in front of sakura and naruto

  43. “I think the Sasuke we saw against Yammato would kill Kimmimaru”- I severely disagree with you. The half-dead Kimimaro from Part 1 fought off Narruto using the demon chakra and hundreds of clones easily and didn’t get hit once. Then immediately after he fought Lee and then Gaara and would have killed the latter if he lived for just one second more.

    About Yamato, ur assuming he can harden the wood (that sounds so wrong), we KNOW Kimimaro can harden his bones.

  44. @Mart, i wont disagree with u about him holding back when he fought Sasugay though, because it seemed like he was to me

  45. Kimmimaru vs. Sasuke: 1. Kimmimaru fights almost exclusively with Taijutsu, which the sharingan would analyze and allow Sasuke to evade 2. Chidori: What good does hardening your bones do against electricity? 3. Sasuke has a CS2 too match the one Kimmimaru had (why he was able to last so long)

    Yammato: 1. He still has Earth Release just to get things hard (anyway I say it, it sounds dirty, I’m not even going to try…) 2. Wood ELEMENT is more versatile than Bone jutsu. it can Make 1. Clones 2. Houses 3. Traps/prisons 4. Bijju supresion (no relevance to this battle except the debatable limits of it’s chakra suppressive abilities) 5. Long range techniques (Kimmimaru only had one long range and one mid-range jutsu each, both of which can be done the same or better with wood ninjutsu)

  46. @Mart, I’m kinda busy right now so I’ll only comment on the Sasugay Part, but I WILL comment on the Yamato part later.
    Concerning Kimimaro and Sasugay, I never said Kimimaro could beat him in a fight, I said he was weaker than Kimimaro (who was younger than Sasugay is in Part 2). The person that wins a fight isnt necessarily the stronger one (think back to Naruto and Nagato, Shikamaru and Hidan etc). So Sasuke MIGHT be able to beat Kimimaro (which I will get into later), but Kimimaro would be able to kill a LOT more people faster. (BTW, I’m talking about Sasuke BEFORE the MS and before he started taking ninja steroids!)

  47. Saratobi would make short work of the pervy sage if he had too. In his fight with oro he became hesiatant when he had to fight the 1st and 2nd, that’s the reason he used the 4ths jutsu and died

  48. @ A lost shinobi
    I’m just messing, in all honesty out all of the match ups, the one between The Third Hokage and Jiraiya was the hardest to choose a winner. The Third could have beat Orochimaru’s ass if he had not hesitated and that’s true, but that’s another topic. The reason I chose Jiraiya was because in virtually every aspect they are similiar, both have Fire and Earth Style, both have their stats almost maxed out, and yes I know that stats don’t mean everything, but I’d be a fool if I ignored them, they provide some valuable insight, and both are battle hardened and smart. Where Jiraiya has the advantage are his stamina and chakra levels, as well as, strength. To top it all of he has Sage Mode as his trump card placing him at a whole other level raising his already maxed out stats. So even though The Third Hokage is also one of my favorite characters, I think Pervy Sage would win. 😉 But without a doubt Sarutobi would beat the other competition, hands down. 8)

  49. Kisu. What does killing a lot of weak people have to do with strengths? And Sasuke HAS been shown to be able to take out an army of ninja quickly. EVEN without the MS he still has Karin and Dragon Fire Ball Whatever jutsu, and his sword (for taking out the cannon folder). (Oh and he WAS on ACTUAL ninja steroids before he faced Yammato but I think you mean the very rapid increase in his strength lately ever since Kishi changed the name of the manga.)

  50. Kimimaro would win based on what was shown. Sasori wouldnt stand a chance if deidara used his “trump card” and the third hokage is way too old to face jiraya and but up a good fight. If we are talking about the young third hokage then jiraya is fucked

  51. all this is irrelevant really, clearly jiriya has won the competition already. also why was itachi not in the competition? i understand why pein sasuke madara and naruto werent but not why itachi wasn’t.

  52. people tend to forget overall power doesint mean you automatically when the fight..
    YAMATO- experience/taijutsu/ninjutsu but im sure kimimaru would give him a workout
    GUY- Guy again has the experiece/speed/ strength and non-give up attitude to take on GAARA. plus if he felt the need he can open the gates of life.
    SASORI- sasori let himself get killed by chiyo. Sasori has much more vast array of weapons close/far/multiple/poision/fire/metal/cutting/smashing. and i dont think puppets can breath and again. experiece.
    KISAME- i think everyone is an agreement.
    RAIKAGE- one hes a kage of a tough villiage, two killerbee himself said he fears his brother.
    TSUNADE- i havint seen enough of mizukage/ but tsunade strength and healing ability might just overpower her.
    3rd HOKAGE- 3rd hokage in his prime? cmon now.. hes old and he still almost killed a prepared orochimaru..
    OROCHIMARU- i cant believe people pick danzo…1st the only reason hes cut up by sasuke was he was in a weakend state. more or less on his death bed./ orochi has probably the largest arsenal of jutsu and went toe to toe with a 4tails by himself. hes killed a kazekage/3rdHOKAGE/ that has to count for somthing.

  53. There is a good chance you havent read the manga if you vote for orochimaru. Even though orochimaru is strong and would put up a good fight

    It is nearly impossible to kill danzo due to his sharingan arm thing that makes reality into a dream

    He also has the power of the first hokage (who defeated madara uchiha, possibly the strongest villain in naruto)


    First off as Tsunade vs Mei…hands down Mei. Simply for 1) She’s varied with her jutsu 2) She is hotter…>_> (If u have an opinion..shut up) 3) If Mei could severly burn Sasukes Susano’o to the point where it lost all structure down to the bone (literally) then theres no doubt in my mind that Tsunade would be a bowl of ramen soup before she could even punch and or lay a finger on Mei. That aside, Danzo vs Oro…hmm I voted Danzo becuz I just see him in a bad ass light now. Honestly I’d like for SHANNARO to advance him so he cud be challenged in another battle. I mean we’ve seen Oro do his thing, I wanna see Danzo do his. Killer Bee vs Raikage (I hate to say this but) judging from the rape done unto Sasuke, I’d have to say Raikage. As for Guy n Gaara…F*** Guy :-3 he scares me. Gaara is a man, thats all this tourney needs to kno XD. Kimimaro vs Yamato, we’ve seen the Kimimaro has no respect for the elements. Yamato, openly relies on elements. Yeah Kimimaro.

  55. Jiraiya already won this whole thing, no contest. 8)

  56. base on the thing where someone said orochimaru killed the kazekage and killed the third that is a phony. 1)He atk the kazekage of guard along with kimimaro and kabuto. 2)dont forget the kazekage sealed up shukkaku inside his son and didnt die after that. 3)we have yet to see the 4th kazekages skills. 4)The third didnt die by orochimaru hands it was the death reaper seal. 5)if orochimaru would of fought alone(With help of the first two kage) then he would of been dead. Orochimaru is very skilled but not better than some.

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