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Naruto Chapter 479: Danzo’s Gamble

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Hello fellow Shannarolites, this week in the Sas– Naruto manga, we reach a critical juncture in the battle of Mangekyou Sharingan versus jury-rigged Sharingan. Honestly, the fight in the last few weeks hasn‘t been that exciting for me, but this chapter’s action-packed sequences was nice pace changer that built up to a fine climax at the end. Also in chapter 479, the Izanagi technique is explained, and I have to say it’s a pretty badass ability – its existence brings up a whole slew of possibilities for Naruto theorists to consider.

Danzo starts off the battle with a sense of urgency. As Karin had closely observed, the Izanagi technique he uses has a time limit. Due to Orochimaru’s help in the past, Danzo’s Izanagi has been extended beyond normal means, but he has been forced to keep the jutsu active for too long in the battle. Part of that is because Danzo can’t leave his guard down even a little bit due to Madara’s presence nearby. With only five of his original ten Sharingans left active, Danzo decides to gamble everything and try to take Sasuke out before his time runs out.

Danzo’s battle experience and knowledge in powerful wind element techniques really start to put the pressure on Sasuke even with his Susano’o. Even though Sasuke is using a more complete version of Susano’o, unlike in the previous battle with the Raikage, this fight is in Danzo’s favor due to fact that they are no longer in a closed environment where avoiding Susano’o’s attacks are more difficult. Danzo’s summon, an elephant-like chimera called a Baku, is weird looking but does complement his wind element attacks very well. We’ve seen combo jutsus before with Jiraiya and Gamabunta, but I thought the idea of using a vacuum ability to power-up his wind jutsu was very original. Fortunately or Sasuke, his Fire element is strong against Wind and all he had to do was spit a fireball loogie into the gaping maw of the Baku to put a damper on Danzo’s attack combo. Like in Sasuke’s previous battles against the kages, his new Susano’o can also be weakened by particular powerful ninjutsu. It seems like the toughness of Susanoo’s armor is directly proportional to Sasuke’s chakra level: when Sasuke blocks attacks like he did with Susanoo’s shield on page 3 it appears to drain his chakra and weaken him. The opposite is also true: when Sasuke received chakra from Zetsu after fighting the Mizukage, his Susano’o was able to slowly regenerate. I bet Sasuke probably wants to chomp down on Karin’s arm right now, but there’s no way Danzo is going to give him even a second to recover.

This entire fight, and this chapter especially, felt like a preview for a battle between Sasuke and Naruto in the future. We get to see first hand how Susano’o fares against a powerful Wind technique and witness how Sasuke can use Fire to counter against Wind element, including summons. In place of Danzo’s Izanagi technique we can substitute Naruto’s shadow clones and in place of Danzo’s Wind element attacks we can replace it with the Rasen Shuriken. If the strength of Sasuke’s Susano’o armor is directly proportional to his chakra level, I don’t think it will stand up to Naruto’s Rasen Shuriken given how chakra-dense that attack is. The arrows Susano’o shoots would be Naruto’s biggest obstacle since he is best at close range fighting; even Danzo, who is quite fast despite his age, has difficulty avoiding those bolts. But maybe the boost in speed and strength from sage mode will give Naruto more of an edge.

I want to spend the last part of this analysis talking about the Izanagi. So essentially the Izanagi is like the poor man’s Mangekyou Sharingan. For the low, low price of just one Sharingan, the user can perform the ultimate genjutsu on himself by turning his wish into reality – it certainly feels like a space-time like jutsu that you would expect a Mangekyou user to possess. The big draw back of course is that the user’s Sharingan is closed forever after using Izanagi. But by stockpiling Sharingans, Danzo can potentially use Izanagi for as long as his supply doesn’t run out. So essentially, every Uchiha (with sufficient training) has two single-use only “emergency escape” abilities at their disposal. This made me wonder (and many others are no doubt thinking the same) whether the reason Madara is only showing one of his Sharingans is because he had used Izanagi once in the past. If I had to bet on it, I would probably put my money on his battle with Hashirama Senju at the Valley of the End. It was originally believed Madara was killed in that battle, but perhaps he saved himself with the Izanagi as a last ditch move. After witnessing this technique first hand, I also won’t be too surprised that Sasuke would want to learn it from Madara; it certainly fits his nature of sacrificing everything for victory/revenge.

I have some other minor points which I’ll list point form below before I finish this post:
– What’s going on in page 13? Karin starting telling Sasuke what she observed but Sasuke blabs it out without even listening. Translation error or was this to make Karin look even more irrelevant?
– Doesn’t Sasuke’s sword summon on the last page remind you of someone (clue: they share the same voice actor in their respective anime shows)
– Last page: it looks like Danzo has the more serious stab wound, but I think both of them are safe. Sasuke appears to use an MS technique (Tsukuyomi possibly) at the last second. Danzo still has one Sharingan left (60 seconds of Izanagi by Karin’s account) before attacking and he might have back-up Sharingans concealed on his body. Oh, and don’t forget Danzo also has Shisui’s Sharigan, he needs to let it recover but it’s possible he could use it in an emergency.

Naruto Grand Tournament:
Polls for the second part of first round battles begin today, they will close end of day next Friday (Jan 29th). Final counts from last week’s polls will be taken tomorrow night, so get your votes in if you haven’t yet.


58 Responses

  1. Izanagi seems to give meaning back to forbidden jutsu. Unlike other so called forbidden jutsus this one actually has a negative consequence on the user. Unlike the other ones that we have seen which just seem to take a good amount of skill.

  2. i was wondering about pg 13 as well. it was bothering me the whole time that madara and karin were the ones analyzing the fight while sasuke was just uncharacteristically breaking shit. he’s usually a good tactical fighter, so im under the assumption he figured it out too, unless they just decided to skip the karin explination…

  3. what i got from it was that Sasuke either figured out what Karin did, or Madara explained more Uchiha secret techniques off-screen and Sasuke made the connection

  4. i thought Sasuke managed to figure out what it was and he just shout it off before Karin managed to explain it. more like.. “ya ya i know what the secret is.. it’s bla bla bla – you don’t have to tell me” kinda response…

  5. I’m thinking they skipped the explaination to save time. Now I’m wondering whose freakier, Danzo or that behemoth he summoned? And how is Danzo planning on reviving those used up sharingan eyes, knowing him he probably has a number of jarred eyes hidden away, yuck. At least next week this fight’ll be over and we can move the story along a bit.

  6. is this means danzo’s sharigan r gone for good?
    if that’s the case wht is left with him. did he really wanted to loose all of his sharingans just to save his ass?

    i think sasuke didn’t hear anything wht karin wanted to say, it was seems so a she was far away, may be in the midst of the battle,but instead he did the lip reading of karin to know wht she wanted to say.karin is quite valuable!!

  7. Glad that the story will finally move forward.

    To me, Kishi has officially crossed the threshold of over-hyping/promoting (over-stacking) the sharingan and its abilities. The history and crazy abilities of this kekkai genkai (sp?) makes it pretty much flawless, but apparently it’s still beatable… somehow that will soon be explained.

    I’m just thinking how the hell the First, Second, Third or Fourth Hokages could beat an elite sharingan user like Madara, or Itachi… the sharingan has the most powerful (or at least one of) genjutsu, an inextinguishable fire, and an absolute defense… and now a freaking death defying technique..

  8. I get the feeling something very anti-climatic will happen; then again, I doubt this is the end of the fight but with how quick kisame died I really am not that sure these days…That said, I would prefer to see some sort of strong interruption by a key character or naruto himself, as opposed to seeing danzo die.I doubt sasuke would be killed off, and for him to lose as he did at the kage summit would be rather lame imo…I do agree with the aforementioned statement, of all the kekkai genkai, techniques, and so on of naruto, the sharingan has recieved the most spotlight,and thus, will be one of the most remembered traits of the manga once it is complete.

  9. Good job Bob! I got to say the Izanagi theory about Madara using it to survive against the 1st Hokage is a strong possiblity. I like that, i can’t wait to see if you is right about it. But i got to say i don’t think Danzo will be killed by Sasuke right now cause i would make Sasuke realize that he got to be much stronger to defeat a old fart like Danzo so soon.

  10. I think it would be perfect if Kakashi would come in here. I mean it seems that Sasuke is pretty worn out, so I don’t think he’d have to tackle the full force MS (as much as I’m a fan of Kakashi… 2nd fav char.) I don’t think he could handle it.

    I was kindof hoping a while back that Kakashi would run into Sasuke and school him a little, he just missed Sasuke at the end of part 1, maybe it will be different this time. Plus with Tobi/Obito theories and Tobi being there…

    Karin definitely told Sasuke about Danzo’s technique. I don’t think Sasuke has been analyzing anything in this battle, he’s just been all about Susanoo, except for his fireball, which was smart.

    Also, where did the last 5 minutes go? The first 5 lasted forever and the last 5 was barely half a chapter!

  11. OMG! Bob, that explanation on the reason Madara may have one eyes covered is genius!

  12. @naruler2
    people have been saying that since last week. or are we going on the basis that no theory can be considered “valid” or “genius” until bob repeats it in the next weeks post?

  13. OK this is getting annoying talk about unlimited chakra

  14. @ DeLtAaNoN809: LOL, AMEN!!!

    Also, is Karin like a Senzu bean or something? Seems like Sasuke was completely 100% revived from biting and sucking her arm to get her special chakra….

  15. Hmm, I really dont have much to say this week. But Danzo will not die here, if he does many elements from the story would just disappear. Sasuke dying would push this story ahead by leaps and bounds

  16. Awesome as per usual, all the people above have theories…well im too lazy. Hopefully they both die ¬`

  17. awesome analysis. question: pertaining to – Doesn’t Sasuke’s sword summon on the last page remind you of someone (clue: they share the same voice actor in their respective anime shows), who is he talking about?

  18. I meant to post this epic pic too, but forgot. I seriously laughed for a whole minute when I first saw it:

  19. @sothe

  20. Literally Sasuke and Danzo….. are both lame. Danzo out of nowhere is extremely powerful from a ridiculous out of nowhere Orochimaru experiment. I think Danzo is a bust. He was killed 9 times by Sasuke which is clearly a waste of time all I want to do is fight and become more emo then my last chapter. First off, whoever doesn’t think Orochimaru is an idiotic pushover is seriously stupid.

    Where is Naruto!? What happened to the Hyuuga Clan which was such a huge part in these so called greatest “eyes” in Naruto. The Sharigan looks like the Rinnegan is it’s little brother.

    Also, the 6 tails Arc. Is making me hate Naruto all together. The dude blows bubbles and could take out a whole clan. That’s just bascically I ran out of justsu’s to think of so let me make a bubble “forbidden” technique.

    Also, it’s obvious Madara lost his eye cuz of Izanagi. DUHH!!!

  21. @ Bob


    The restoration of Uchiha clan can begin now!

  22. @Lsimz

    thats only IF madara actually lost his left eye. its quite possible that he is a fashionable person and likes his masks with a single eyehole…or i could be wrong…who knows…

    additionally, yes this new filler seems soooo gay. on every single one its some emo sasugay clone “i dont need your help, love, compassion, lots of that noise” goddam i cant stand it.


    *Madara providing commentary*

    “oh man i cant wait until next week when i can swoop in ruin this battle 🙂 🙂 :-)”

  23. @Lsimz

    “Also, it’s obvious Madara lost his eye cuz of Izanagi. DUHH!!!”

    i think it being such an obvious possibility is why i’m hesitant to believe it’s actually true. i don’t think we’ll learn anything true about madara until that mask comes off

  24. @ lsimz, that DOES sound rather lame, but actually, the bubble stuff was made up by Kishi, LOOOOONG b4 the filler aired, Kishi confirmed that the 6-Tail Jinchuriki uses bubble-based ninjutsu, the filler must have just expanded upon it

  25. Noone seems to be asking a vital question: will ur MS come EMS if u replace ur eye after using izanagi

  26. On page thirteen Karin tells Sasuke about Izanagi, she has the ability to talk to Sasuke using her mind like off of DBZ!

  27. I’m totally in agreement about the chakra issue. I mean it appears that even having kyuubi in u is no match for the might of the MS. I mean how long has sasuke maintained susanno? Additionally, we have characters like raikage and hidan who r basically at tailed beast strength and Gaara who’s still badass even without the hachibi. Kishi has lost it

  28. GJ Bob-sama!!!-cheers

    Chimera here in naruto is a tapir animal which is known originally in chinese myth see here, kishi’s visionary art. I dun really know it’s chimera monster because as i know, chimera is a lion(body&head)+snake as a tail (see this pic). maybe Tapir in japanese myths, nvm..^^,

    Danzou really awesome here using illusion to reality. Hope danzou won’t die here in battle. I want danzou will train naruto (can’t imagine it, i’ll turn it to reality ^^b). This battle clash between them is really awesome, even though quite boring but the details here are very important.

    How sasuke already know what karin figure out??Simply talk using MS. I really hope this battle will pause for a while and get back to naruto. ^^,

    Now i know why Itachi’s very good in genjutsu, because the power of his MS is to manipulate the tsukuyumi in time/space which defies more like real. Thus sasuke can be the best to manipulate the amaterasu into susano. Though for me, above all, Itachi’s still the best using the three MS-jutsu. w/o itachi, sasuke is nothing more than a hax…

  29. I think the kyuubi should train naruto, according to the databooks, he knows more about him and the uchiha clan than nobody else!!!

  30. hey, about Chimeras, those r simply monstrous combinations between various animals, it doesn’t have to b lion + snake + what else, and the chimera Danzo’s summon is based off of is very similar to a real life animal, but the animal wasn’t discovered until long after the chimera was made up

  31. I thought it was pretty funny the baku had the same bandages wrapped over his head like Danzo. Either Danzo likes playing dress up with his pets or he performed some brain surgery on the poor chimera.

  32. dont have much time to say alot except for it was an alright chapter, danzou not to shabby, this battle needs to end so we can get into the manga, and wheres zetsu

  33. pertaining to – Doesn’t Sasuke’s sword summon on the last page remind you of someone (clue: they share the same voice actor in their respective anime shows), who is he talking about?

  34. it was an alright chapter this week not brilliant not rubbish. i’m presuming that neither will die, sasuke did appear to be using tsukiyomi and i bet danzo had like 1 second left on his izanagi.

  35. @ Bob

    lol brain surgery eh? i think you should spoof a picture of danzo in a dress…hahah. it’s interesting though that everyone’s summons reflect themselves. though…what does that say about Tsunade….haha

  36. as as follow-up, i think there has to be a time skip now for sure. sasuke is getting all this battle experience by fighting all the strongest shinobi….while naruto is sitting around hyperventilating. he’s got a lot of training to do…

  37. @uchiha_gaiden, I think the time skip is pretty much guaranteed too. Naruto part 1 ended after nearly 250 chapters, and we’re getting close to chapter 500 so there’s a good chance it’ll happen in the next 20 chapters or so if part 2 lasts about the same length as part 1. If there will be a part 3, we’ll definitely see it this year, assuming Kishi doesn’t take a long hiatus.

  38. now i can talk a little more and i apologize in advance if i repeated any previous posts, i dont feel like reading them all, the chapter was decent, its shows another creation by orochimaru, its funny that they all have been influenced by him and there fighting eachother (sauske, danzou, karin) it brings the question what relation did danzou and orochimaru have and where kabuto fits in, was it another way by orochimaru to take over konoha, maybe another vessel for him, i agree with everyone here that karin is useless, but she did manage figure out the jutsu pretty quick, shes no where near shikamarus status, im not giving her any credit at all!!!!! i dont like her but shes not a shinobi, shes a tool that a shinobi uses in battle for his benefit, my main concern is madara, it raises the question who is madara, overall it was aight but its certain that the end of this battle wont end with a kill, oh yeah that wind sword danzou made with his kunai was pretty dope

  39. Its definately the reason why madara is at half power and uses the mask. The fact that one of his eyes does not work would be the big reason he cant take on all the kages at the summit.

    I was also wondering is it possible that madara is waiting for sasuke to get EMS and then remove one of his eyes to restore him back to full power? This continual push to develop sasuke and make him stronger seems really suspicious and only makes me wonder what does madara get out of sasuke being stronger? i keep thinking that he is pushiing sasuke so that he becomes blind and needs the itachi’s eyes to have EMS. Either way i think it is inevitable that sasuke eventually gets EMS . Whether or not that is to battle madara at the end with naruto or before that will be interesting.

    Hopefully after this next chapter we can focus more on naruto and what is going on there. Naruto needs to get stronger there is no way his current abilities stand up eiither against sauske or madara. He needs training under killerbee or he needs to find his own way to acess kyuubi. The strongest of the nine tails with the most knowledge of the sharingan resides in him and for sure the kyuubi doesnt want to be used again by the uchiha clan. i think its a win win situation!

  40. doesnt the use of susanoo also lower ones life span? if you have EMS is this still the case?

    i think sasuke at the end will use his life force to protect naruto against whatever is unleashed and in that way find redemption?

  41. @ greenpeas, great points.

    But you forget one thing: none of the rules pertaining to techiniques and chakra limitations, etc, in the Naruverse apply to Sasuke.

    I’ll be EXTREMELY SHOCKED if his use of Susannoo actually decreases his life spam!

  42. personally, sasuke’s ability to retain his chakra for a long period of time, even with his use of his MS, the amaterasu, susano and the special genjutsu…was very irrelevant…to think that MS draws lot of chakra, how come he still manage to stand and fight…ridiculous…im also following the manga, and many of the instances prove that MS really uses too much chakra…even itachi did not stay long with susanoo, even he did not use that much his MS like sasuke doing now… The arrow fired by the susanoo is highly densed chakra…and where do you think that susanoo gets its energy?…that for sure from sasuke…that large? my goodness! I believe itachi took time to master his MS abilities, but for sasuke, wow…hop the author will find time to flashback sasuke’s training…sasuke instantly activates all the abilities without even a knowledge about it…I can accept the tsukoyumi and amaterasu, but susanoo, duh….

  43. I do agree with you star69

  44. y do ppl 4get that sasuke had way more potential than itachi…..duhhhhhh…he has the sharingan hes suppose 2 b this sik….u fink kakashi wld b on his current level wivout his eye….hmmmmmm…and all this moaning about seein sasuke all the tym…..in naruto part 1….we had 2 watch nearly 100 FILLER type episodes of naruto on STUPID POINTLESS mssions..surely im nt the only 1 that was pissed wiv that…..now we @least gt sum sik fights between powerful ninjas….that add 2 the story development…..come on ppl…..do we wanna go bk 2 seein naruto fightin twin fat ninjas…..LOL….does any1 else remember that….so crap…….uchiha 4 ever

  45. Totally agree with rj on this one. PRO talent is one thing but instant mastery isn’t on. Where did that hawk come from, where does all that chakra come from? I mean I understand that Naruto is dumb when it comes to ninja stuff and sasuke is a genius, but at least give sasuke a day or two to master a powerful technique when u take the better part of forever with constant training to make Naruto throw a swirling ball.

  46. lol alright sasuke has unlimited chakra ><

  47. I’m with madzikage, rj, etc. too. I think the literary device is called “Deus Ex Machina” or something, where the writer pulls something out of nowhere to advance the story. Maybe Sasuke will tell us later where he got the hawk from. I could see if Itachi used it, or some other bird (the crows from his genjutsu and clones don’t count) in a summons it would be believable.

    If Sasuke never tells us, that’s crap because how are we supposed to know what is going on in the story if Kishimoto can just rewrite all the rules. My guess is though that Kishi is trying to hurry the story along until the end of Part 2 before a certain date… when he will take a break perhaps. Ever since the Kage summit things have felt rushed.

  48. okay, y is every1 freaking out about Sasuke’s sudden growth? i understand he’s annoying, but clearly the hawk was something he knew for a long time (likely during the time skip) (the snakes he used were cuz he absorbed Oro) and his ability to use his techniques so much more frequently than Itachi’s uses can easily b explained by the simple fact that Itachi has been using his MS for nearly a decade, so he lost some of his stamina while Sasuke’s just getting it and he hasn’t suffered the long-term effects yet, kinda like when a person just starts smoking he’s A-okay, but after a few years he’s a skeleton. the massive chakra could easily b explained by Oro experiments and by Jugo implanting part of himself into Sasuke during the Killer Bee fight. and knowing exactly what to do could b explained as either Itachi put in an instruction manuel while he put in the Ameterasu. and if the doesn’t satisfy u guys, how about time in Madara’s dimension moves by faster like in the Tsukoyomi so Sasuke had a year to train in the dimension even tho it was only a few minutes/hours

  49. “100 FILLER type episodes” None of those were in the Manga, so none of them really mattered. Fillers are always crap because Kishimoto doesn’t write them. I wouldn’t care if there was a Sasuke based filler arc, but I would rather see other things.

    “sasuke had way more potential than itachi…..duhhhhhh” basically every character is a genius in some way. It wasstated that Itachi was a prodigy and that Kakashi should be sanin level if the sharingan didn’t drain him so much.

  50. hahahahaha madara has a hyperbolic time chamber in his eye….

    next thing you know sasugay will be able to stop time all together. I STRONGLY believe that ability will pop up soon in the manga. it would be cool if kakashi would be the one to get it but it will most likely show up in emokidd

    *free gucci* 🙂

  51. Aside from all this, why do I keep having this thought that somehow, Danzo and Sai are related?

  52. It´s funny! Sasuke is so strong right now and with tons of jutsus but he doesn´t have the most used and one of the most usefull and best jutsu that exist… the CLONE jutsu, almost every one we met has some kind of clone jutsu but not porr little Sauske… or have he ever jused a clone jutsu?

  53. @dorak

    No, Sasuke has never used a clone jutsu. I would say that most people we’ve seen in Naruto actually don’t use a clone jutsu. The ones I can think of: Kakashi, Itachi, Yamato, Kisame, Zabuza?, Sarutobi, Naruto, Deidra, and Jiraiya (although he only used it while training Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko).

    I guess everyone in Konoha knows how to make bushin (the final exam to become a genin), but we’ve never seen anyone else use a clone technique. I can understand why Kishi didn’t have any of the other Konoha genin use bushin really though, it made Naruto stand out and it was all he could do. If other people could use it, well what was left for Naruto?


    I understand your point that it is POSSIBLE that Sasuke gained the hawk summon during the timeskip and things like that but it really feels out of nowhere. We’ve seen Sasuke fight a lot and if he had the hawk summons, why didn’t he use it when he was fighting Deidra? It would have been perfect then. So, now we know he got it after the timeskip, and it is not explained. That upsets me as a reader because I want to understand and enjoy the story, but plot holes take away from that.

  54. @ ripcord, on y he didn’t against Diedara is cuz he could fly in CS2. and on Clone jutsu, Sakura, Iruka and possibly even Ino have all used the regular, in-tangible clone jutsu, while from what i understand every person aside from Lee who’ve been to the academy needed to learn some version, and Gaara used a Sand Clone and Sasori used it too in the anime but not the manga, and those weird Rain ninjas from the Chunin Exams had some clone jutsu, and Pain used Shadow Clone in the anime (not manga) and Anko used Shadow Clone in a video game. not to mention Sai, Orochimaru, the guy who got killed by Baki (i believe his name is Hayate), and his girlfriend Yugao (albeit only in a game) all used a form of Clone jutsu. so it’s a very common form of ninjutsu, but only a few characters use it excessively

  55. sad to say, i am just sick of Sasuke. Sorry to Silver (who is probably giving me a face…..hahhahaha) but i am done with Sasuke. Just get him and Naruto into a room and call it quits. I gave him a lot of leeway because of the Genocide of his clan and finding out the truth of Itachi, but now he is just annoying and winy.

    but if i had to pick between the two, i would pick Sasuke. Only because i hate Danzou more than him. But seriously, GET BACK TO NARUTO!!!!!!

    (It feels good to comment again. hahahahahaha)

  56. I agree wd you…GET BACK TO NARUTOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
    and sumbody posted above how Hokages can beat Madara Itachi & other sharingan users….Madara maybe not, but for Itachi, before he blinks his eyes the 4th Hokage has already Rasenganed him…Sarutobi’s death sealing technique can also damage the Uchiha… then the Senjus jutst where everything goes dark might work even against a Sharinganj user…maybe thats how Hashirama had 1 up on Madara

  57. “@ ripcord, on y he didn’t against Diedara is cuz he could fly in CS2” it wasn’t flight it was just an extended jump, especially when he only had one wing. He didn’t remain in the air in controlled flight. The Hawk would definatley have been usefull in that fight. My THEORY on where the hawk comes from is related to a filler arc and a few comments Madara made. 1. In a Jariya filler arc, Jariya uses a summoning without a contract and gets reversed summoned to Mt. Toad while Sarutobi warns him that anything could have happened. 2. Madara talks about sasuke being a hawk or a snake, and several cover art pictures depict Sasuke riding a hawk, Sasuke changes the team name from Snake to Hawk for no particular reason… 3. Summoning contracts can be used by anyone who has the scroll and appropriate blood. What do I take from this? Well, summoning contracts void any of this, but WITHOUT a contract, summons seem to conect the user with the animal most like themselves, ex. Jariya: Toads. When Sasuke was infected with Oro., he was most like a snake, NOW Oro. Is gone (though he may now be affected by Itachi) he is more like a hawk. The reason ninja have summoning contracts is because like Hiruzen said ANYTHING could happen. For instance, SOME (but not all) summons are loyal to a village or group, if you are most like them but they see you as an outsider, you may have just been reverse summoned into a giant snake’s nest (literally) (note: snakes don’t appear to have loyalty to Konoha or Otoakakure because both Oro. And Anko use them.) I think Sasuke may have tried reverse summoning as a way to escape Madara’s area but failed (he didn’t seem to like being there) but in the process gained the summon OR Madara’s summon could be the Hawk and that WAS the reverse summon area. (I think the “where did he get that” will be in Tobi voice)

  58. I see your point mart1, and I agree with you in the Deidra fight, but I still don’t like it. A lot of the things with Sasuke feel like when he visited the Uchiha hideout to get supplies with Hebi (before the Itachi fight).

    Sasuke was asked if he had any payment for supplies and he says “how about a return bottle?” and holds one up. I mean WTH is a return bottle? Kishi could have just had Sasuke use coins or money (just like Naruto with his fat frog purse), but instead he uses some strange object he never used again. Bizzare and from out of nowhere.

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