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naruto and bremen

link to previous posts:

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Bremen is a manga created by umezawa haruto it’s about a rock band that wants to become gods of rock, for some reason all the band members have a name that starts with a R


Kasuga Romio

the vocalist, he hates people who are beating up other people so he beats up those guys, he has inhuman power and doesn’t care about anything.

Hino Reiji

Reijii Hino

The guitarist who started the band, he is a ood guitar player but his power is nothing compared to romio’s.

Hayama Ryo

Ryo Hayami

the only “girl” in the band she is the drummer and she wears heels that are 40cm high so she really stands out in a crouwd.

Fuji Ran

Ran Fujii

the bass plaer, he’s a former member of sulfuric acid, his dream is tro ride a ferari and he has a absolute pitch so he is way more sensitive to sound as he hears everything in do-re-mi


Romio – Lee

both like to fight and have a great fighting ability

link manga

sorry it’s a bit shorth but there isn’t much to say about this manga and not spoil all of it, and it doesnt’resemble naruto much.

now something different i want to know some things so i made some polls:

note: if you didn’t like any of these tell me what you do like and i will try to look for one you like


6 Responses

  1. Wow those polls are brutal.

  2. I voted three on the second poll but I meant to put all of them

  3. what manga/anime did you like the most?

    why there isn’t onepiece pn this list? I wanted to vote

  4. sorry not onepiece, error, I meant naruto, one piece is bullshit

  5. naruto isn’t on there because the reason i made this posts is to introduce OTHER mangas then the 3 we know all too well(One Piece Bleach and Naruto)

  6. How about dragon ball? 🙂

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