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Dissension in the Ranks? Are you Happy with Naruto Lately?

naruto-retro1Post Author: Bob

Having been a loyal Naruto fan for years now, I found myself hesitant to write this post. But for over half a year now, I’ve been hearing people complain, not only on Shannaro!!! but throughout various manga forums and blogs, about their disappointment with the direction that Naruto has been taking recently, and I feel it’s about the time I lay out my own opinion on the issue. I do apologize if this post ruffles the feathers of other Naruto fans who have been enjoying the manga to the fullest so far, this post is only meant to try to come to terms to why others are disappointed with the direction Kishimoto has been taking.

Why So Serious?

One of the things I loved about the old Naruto was that even though the plot had a lot of tension and serious moments, there were still a lot of laughs and goofy Naruto moments to smirk at. Kishi himself has stated that he designed Naruto Uzumaki to be a prankster at heart. But looking through part 2, there is rarely a funny or light-hearted moment to found anymore; everything now is hate, revenge, hate, revenge. Even our hero Naruto can’t stand all this anymore and has literally fainted in recent chapters. I realize that a war is on the horizon and Kishi is trying to set up the right atmosphere, but I feel like we’re losing touch with some of the elements that made Naruto so great in the past. I would have welcomed a change of pace after our beloved Konohagakure was blown to kingdom come, but instead we’re pulled straight into more Sasuke-vs-the-world territory, and it’s not exactly sunshine and butterflies here either. I’m not expecting Naruto to pull out a Sexy-no-Jutsu any time soon, but would it be to much trouble to lighten the mood with some funnies once in a while?

Remember Me?

Hey, remember how cool some of Neji’s fights were in Naruto part 1. How about Rock Lee? I still think his battle with Gaara is one of the best there is in Naruto. Naruto’s own battles were exciting, but having all these other characters each with their unique backgrounds and abilities made the manga even better. But after all that time seeing Kishi developing the rest of the Konoha 11, it was a real disappointment to see them receive practically no spotlight at all in part 2. With the exception of Shikamaru’s duel with Hidan, can you say that any of the other secondary characters from the Konoha 11 had a memorable battle in part 2 so far? These days, it feels like if you’re not a main character or close to kage level, you’re not worth devoting more than a few panels to; Hinata’s 2-seconds of fame against Pein comes to mind as a good example. Maybe I’m a little sentimental here but I’d hate to just see characters like Neji and Lee, who have received lots of character development in part 1, just get pushed into obscurity in part 2. That and the fact that I really don’t find any of the new characters Kishi has introduced to be all that interesting (Sai is like a gayer version of Sasuke and I find Killer Bee’s sterotypes offensive to blacks). Just bring back the old crew Kishi, we miss them.

Vegeta, what does the scouter say??

So my issue here is common to most Shounen battle mangas, DBZ probably being the most famous of them all. It’s the problem with creating more and more powerful villains for your heroes to fight as the story progresses. I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about, it’s the positive feed back loop where the next villain in the series always needs to be so many levels more powerful than the last. Manga authors do this because they fear the reader will lose interest if the heroes aren’t being challenged with tougher opponents. In Naruto part 1, the toughest cookie our heroes had to face was probably Orochimaru (and Itachi, but he didn’t fight much). Nowadays we have immortals like Hidan and Kakuzu, god-like beings like Pein, hax0rz like Danzo and the nigh invulnerable being we know as Madara. Recent battles have become nothing more than a power level race, are highly predictable and lack tension. What I miss are the battles where, instead of winning by pulling ridiculously powerful abilities out of his ass, the hero relies on tactics and reading ahead of their opponent to win. That’s not to say we can’t have more tactics-based battles against high level opponents, Naruto’s battle versus Pein is a good example of this. I’m just saying that our protagonists should fight smarter and not rely so much on sheer power alone.

What’s the name of this manga again?

Of course, I saved the most common complaint amongst Naruto fans for last. Kishi has been devoting a lot more time to Sasuke since part 2 started, and many fans feel that Naruto has been neglected of late. This isn’t surprising since the last 3 volumes (4 if you include the current chapters) have been focused on Sasuke while the most Naruto has done in that time is faint. On top of that, the rate at which Sasuke has been rising in power recently is just ridiculous. Part of the reason I liked Naruto so much was seeing an underdog character rising above all odds to protect those he cares for despite having so many disadvantages stacked against him. It’s that struggle that drew me in, and I believe it’s also what drew most readers in, because it is something everyone can relate to. I was really happy when Naruto was in the spotlight again during Pein’s invasion of Konoha arc, but that was short lived and now we’re once again fully in Sasuke territory. I’m not complaining because I dislike Sasuke’s character but because I can’t relate to the same struggle and purpose with him as I do with Naruto. Sasuke’s struggle is nothing more than revenge for the sake of revenge. There’s really no purpose or benefit to that and so it’s hard for readers to identify with and support a character like him. I’m really hoping that after this Danzo business, we get back to the character this manga is named after.

Anyways, that’s all I had to say on this subject; the idea has lingered with me for a while so it got kinda long winded. Kudos to you if you spent the time to read through all this gibberish. Whether you agree or disagree, please comment below


54 Responses

  1. Agree with everything u said. Im pissed that the coolest character Rock Lee isnt getting a lot of action. I think the battle between Gaara and Rock Lee is the best ever until maybe I see the Naruto vs Pein battle in anime.

  2. so far the best battle i have seen in shippuden was jiraya vs pein the others sucked (well kakuzo vs kakshi was kinda cool too) i liked the naruto in the start because it was funny that’s the main reason to like animes for me i don’t like animes that are serious all the time like how naruto has been the past year i mean even bleach was more funny than that.

    also neji shino and lee were my favourite characters and they have been hardly seen lately, they have gotten less then 40 pages screen time this year

  3. this whole thing was bothering me 2
    I totally agree with you
    even though Sasuke is my fav character I agree that we should see more moments with Naruto’s character
    I mean what was this show/manga named again Sasuke or Naruto: NARUTO not Sasuke:P

  4. I agree. There have been so many cool characters that have been neglected. Kiba is one of them. In Part 1 when he and Naruto fought, everyone was saying how strong Kiba is, but in Part 2 he’s a joke. Neji is supposed to be a Jonin and he hasn’t gotten ANY spotlight. And poor Lee, he was the underdog among the underdogs and his perseverance was inspiring, only for him to be forgotten in Part 2.

    And now we come to Sasuke. One word about that; enough.

  5. about the power levels, Kishi has dug himself into a hole in that department. IF both Naruto and Sasuke are Kage-level, just how much stronger CAN they become? He screwed himself just like Tite did. If there is a villain after Aizen, then the Gotei 13 will be irrelevant, its the same with Naruto. After Madara and Danzou are gone, and a new villain rises, the ENTIRE Shinobi world will be useless.

  6. @kisuzachi sasuke is by now way kage level, I’d say he is smth between jonin and kage but not exactly kage. even his MS can’t do much harm to kage’s (raikage’s removed hand was because of his own foolishness) MS only allows sasuke to SURVIVE them, (while naruto both in the sage mode and without it trashed pain)

    ok I don’t consider danzo villain but that’s a looong talk and not relevant to this post, but don’t you get what will happen if Madara is gone? good ol’ snakey Oro!! yay!!! I miss him 🙂

    on the post: I am also dissapointed that lee doesn’t get a spotlight, hell I would like to see all konoha 11 in action, and as much as I used to be sasugay’s fanboy I freaking HATE him now! I just want him to die a dog’s death in some sewers

  7. @tm, my point was that if they are this strong now, how will they get stronger in a possible part 3? Will they be like Goku and Vegeta in that no one else is even close to their level? that’s what i meant. And i ihope that doesnt happen.

    Btw, Naruto trashed Pain? What manga are you reading? lol

  8. i still like the manga and am really devoted to it. but i have to agree, there needs to b some more funnies and they need to bring back some old characters. i heard a lot about Neji, but as u probably kno, i personally find him overrated. i prefer underdog type characters like Naruto, Hinata, Kiba (lol, underDOG), Choji, and Lee, but not Sakura or Karin, i like the underdogs that have likable personalities.
    as for Sasuke getting all the spotlight, i really hope they have the Naruto vs Sasuke fight soon so that his story can b finished (either by him becoming good again or by him dying, i don’t care)
    on rapidly increasing powers, well, when u look at it, they explained Naruto’s increase in strength, and the unexplained stuff about Sasuke becoming to strong, while annoying, it could b easily explained: Susanoo may have simply been triggered by gut instinct, thinking that Itachi would give him all the same jutsu he had, and his hawk he pulled on Danzo could have simply been something he got over the time-skip but never used since he could fly in CS2, but now he no longer has it, so he needs the hawk to fly.
    on using intelligence instead of a never b4 seen jutsu, yeah, i miss that too.

  9. I agree, its called naruto for a reason, i think after the danzou fight there will be allot more about naruto!! his development will on a good few leaps!! im hoping so anyways! I liked the manga version of killer bee, but the anime is really bad!! quite racist infact!!

  10. @kisuzachi yeeeah I guess “trashed” was a bit strong word, but what I wanted to say was that he succeeded alone were hanzo, jiraiya, kakashi and entire konoha (strongest village before invasion) failed. I just built my sentence incorrectly, sorry

  11. but he still won lol

  12. i looooove all the uchiha attention…considerin hw many stupid episode fillers i had 2 watch in part 1…..this makes me happy…lol…i h8 fillers in al series cnt stand them….oh apart from bleach’s current 1…..shuldve been a movie really….i loooove naruto as a whole…but surprisingly i im nt a fan ov any of the movies….oh apart frm the last 1 wiv sasuke…obviously…i kno wt u mean about random new characters tho….boooooo…..h8 sai….kiba…
    but lets b real….if u have the sharingan ur suppose 2 b leveling up at a rapid pace unless ur s*** ….lol…hmmmm wt else…yh more lee hes oooover funny….but atm im happy wiv where its goin n whats happenin…JUICY

  13. Yay, see a ranting spotlight waiting. I’m watching Kisu try to get it >_>

    Okay, well, I agree with practically every statement. Characters like Lee and Neji, and even Kiba or Shino, are ones that have grown so well and their abilities are so great and they also have the intell to do exactly what you said; put up a great tactical fight like Shikamaru does. Shino is one of the most intelligent of the Konoha 11, like second place to Shikamaru. I think these other characters that have been shoved to the side deserve to see some lime-light once in awhile.

    I loved seeing the goofy stuff where some just goofed off or there was a cool moment like Naruto and Sasuke on the tree, or even a brotherly moment where the carried each other back to the hut in the Land of Waves. I miss those moments because the livened up the series. All up until after the Chuunin Exams, Kishi added some funny moments just to spruce up the tension. But now, he’s been getting too serious,and I’m not saying he needs to stop being serious, but maybe add some humor eveyr now and then to keep people interested. (Like they wouldn’t be interested, but you never know.)

    Sasuke really has been hogging all the glory. Kishi needs to finish up his battle and get back to the person the manga is named after. It’s been the S name chapter after chapter after chapter since about Chapter FOUR FIFTY TWO, that is about 26 chapters so far! That’s too many to focus on ONE character, when all Naruto has done is run, negate Sakura’s false statement of compassion, and hyperventilate like crazy, and faint. That’s all Kishi has made Naruto done. Naruto is the MAIN FREAKING CHARACTER, doesn’t he DESERVE to be seen doing SOMETHING more than a another “cast” member does?

    Okay, I let off some steam…so, yeah, done with my rant.

    -Naru :3

  14. When I said focus on one character, I meant focus on one other than Naruto, sorry.

  15. i’m actually enjoying the manga at the moment. the death of itachi, kage summit and subsequent chapters have revealed a lot of back story and pushed the story forward. but i do agree that it has become too serious. but i suppose as the readers have matured and the characters as well, then it needs to be more serious for what lies ahead. part two also has easily the best fight in jiraiya v pein. hopefully after the sasuke v danzo fight kishi might take some time and go back to konoha and see whats happening there.

  16. its been awhile…
    i remember the days of this website back when the very first shippuden was being talked about
    we have come so far((:
    anyway to the point i think kishi is building up to the climax lets think about it, sasuke is getting all this attetion and everything and its showing how strong hes getting but when it comes to the final battle it will test naruto to the max,
    lets think about it say this was dragonball z, and it was frieza and he waas in sasuke postion but then all of a sudden goku would come and beat him its going to be like that with naruto if that makes sense…
    until next timee

  17. i actually still like the story line but i do agree with you in a way but i see what kishi is trying to do .naruto himself said he needed to grow so he is trying not to be goof and kishi is trying to show him growing up. as for power ups i feel that all the characters yall are talkin about are about to get one as well. with kakashi as hokage all chuunin will become jonin with sakura making the bigs jump . she has seen narutos power and after she see sasuke she will past tsunada because the rest of squad 7 has already past there sannin teacher but naruto will grow some more to cuase he can’t beat sasuke yet. as for the konoha 11 the will get their spotlight in the great ninja war #4. believe it

  18. I can say that I was honestly a sasuke fan up until after the itachi dead thing. I was with him all the way. But then he started doing just plain stupid shite. I dont care what happened to his family, he needs a full motive, not a half assed “ima kill everyone cuz they represent konoha and konoha killed my family. Thats bull. As for the whole power thing, everybody worked hard to get the skills that they have. But I find it very hard to believe that Sasuke got a hawk summon before the time skip. thats just too much of a coincidence. And sussano’o? come on. We already gave him a break the first time he used the incomplete thing on a impulse. But to complete the thing on an impulse? Thats where I draw the line. Sasuke needs to stop pulling shit outta nowhere and get to training if he wants to be badass.

    @Kisuzachi: UH hello? Naruto did trash Pein. He pwned him. As for Nagato, then the victory was handed to him. But when we’re talking about Pein, despite them being essentially the same person, Naruto handed his ass to him.

    @Bob: Come on Killer Bee is not that lame. Yes his rapps are a little on the crap side, but they are funny. If he was really offensive towards black people, he would be a character that raps, annoys people with loud talking, and gets beat up. He backs up his stupid raps. Plus he’s the only Jinchuriki that we’ve gotten to know that can control his Biju and have a positive relationship with it. So far its been Gaara and Naruto and both of them have suffered because of Biju. Its nice to see the plus side of having a Biju, and Killer Bee shows us that nicely.

  19. @Bob: You make a shitload of valid points in this. I agree it feels like the metaphorical heart and core of this manga has been ripped out….but i also think that’s what kishi is trying to do. regardless i can’t relate to sasuke, and i’m hoping this danzo fight will finally teach him a freeking lesson and give him a reality check. i don’t really understand why kishi has been trying to introduce a new line of protagonists ie the kages, samui’s group, raikage’s group, and am i sensing a bit of allusion to taka turning good? (besides suigetsu. i was really hoping he’s been holding his true strength back and is in reality a baddass. but alas; disappointment.) it’s sad the konoha 11 kind of fell by the wayside, but maybe when naruto makes a stand against them for deciding to kill sasuke, they’ll come back into the spotlight again. my problem with supporting characters in a lot of manga is that i usually like a couple of them more than i do the protagonist, and they get stuck with henchman duty using the same technique over and over again to take out a larger portion of enemy henchmen. maybe, just maybe they’ll come back into the picture much stronger when the “war” begins…if thats the road kishi is really going down.

    anyway, i get that this is some sort of turning point for sasuke but it should have been more spaced out like in the first half of shippuden where he was always just out of reach, yet still getting stronger. even with him turning criminal officially, i still dont think anything has changed with him and naruto. i kind of wished he’d taken a more rival role like he had in part 1, but instead we’re treated by the darker side of life that kishi has been going down in part 2. this leads me to believe there will definitely be a part 3, because of the massive transition happening in part 2. every trilogy / series has the same basic clockwork. establish / transition / change. think about the lord of the rings movies. twin towers was dark as hell, with only destruction on the horizon. same happened in star wars. my prediction is that we’ll be seeing a whole new line-up of antagonists in the next couple of months and things will start to be put back into perspective again.

    i guess i’m just hoping that this is all part of kishi’s plan for the manga, and that at the end of the darkness he’ll find the light that is everything we loved about the manga in the beginning.

  20. Hey everybody, I’ve been following this site for a while, after I found this one after Bleachedichigo.

    I like how Naruto has matured with age. Seeing all the events that he has had to deal with over the manga so far I feel its somewhat out of place to have people goofing off. I mean, there is a war about to start.

    I think Sasuke’s stray path maybe has to do with his ‘young’ age, compared to all the adults in here. I meant he has had a fixed goal for all his life only to recieve total mind-f*ck after hearing the truth. I dont think his mind is in a sane place right now(I think that is kind of obvious too) so he is easily swayed by anger, and thus easily manipulated by Madara who is giving him all the right reasons to keep him pissed off at everything. Thou Kishi has spent too much time with Sasuke, i mean he has been continuesly getting more powerfull in such a fast pace. It’s makes little sense.

    AS for the memorable battles in part two. I think the fight between Jirayia and Pein gave me a whole new respect for Jirayia. Thou i always find prophecies a bit ghey.

  21. @ryoraizen, please, I’m not in the mood. Go to Bob’s chapter discussion and you’ll see why Naruto didn’t “trash” Pain (even though i refer to Pain and Nagato as the same person). He did defeat Pain, but with a shitload of help

  22. @kisu what difference does having help made. he didnt really have any more help than pein did really. and as has been mentioned many times before hardly anyone has won a fight without help. but then that is just a fact of life. the fact is that naruto did twat pein, and i no that if pein had been trying to kill naruto he would most likely have won, but he wasnt and he didnt.

  23. On the dissention: the answer to Vegeta-ism (one overly strong character) is two fold: 1. Take away their powers (ex. Sasuke will eventually lose his eyesight) 2. Raise the other minnor characters up to match them, NOT just two “rival” protagonist-antagonists, but EVERY character living.

  24. @Mart, I think you should say Gokuism. Sasuke, personality-wise, is a cheap Vegeta wannabe, but in terms of development, he’s Goku. Naruto has Goku’s personality, to a great extent, but Sasuke has Goku’s rapid growth rate. I’m sure Naruto trains harder then Sasuke and yet Sasuke SEEMS to be stronger. Vegeta trained harder than Goku yet Goku was always stronger (SADLY!) (Vegeta trained at 400 times the Earth’s Gravity, Goku trained at only 100).

    @Danny, Pain had no help. The 6 bodies are a jutsu that runs on one battery.

  25. Naruto had hardly any help though. you can’t count sage mode or kyuubi as help because they are part of his techniques/abilities. having info on pein isnt unfair as i’m sure pein would have info on naruto to. the only real help he had was hinata tipping him over the edge and minato briging him back to his senses but they werent really that unfair.

  26. Thanks for the responses guys, I’m glad to see there are fans who are really enjoying the direction of the manga – hey, at least some of the fanbase is happy. I didn’t make this post to diss Sasuke or Kishi for that matter, obviously I still love the Naruto manga or else I wouldn’t post about it every week, yet I think it could be a lot better if Kishi looked back to the past for inspiration.

    @”naruto himself said he needed to grow so he is trying not to be goof and kishi is trying to show him growing up.”

    It’s not just that everyone has matured so they’re all serious business now, it also feels like the comedy’s been sucked dry out of this manga in part 2. There are a lot of manga that deal with serious subjects but still manage to squeeze in some comedy to lighten up the mood once in a while (Fullmetal Alchemist is a good example). But with Naruto of late, the chain of character deaths and Sasuke giving his ‘I hate the world’ glare every other chapter is getting a bit much now.

    @”He did defeat Pain, but with a shitload of help / what difference does having help made.”
    Oh gawd, let’s not start this again.

    @ “If he was really offensive towards black people, he would be a character that raps, annoys people with loud talking, and gets beat up.”
    I could argue that all three of those things have happened to KB in the manga. First black Naruto character and he’s a rapper… maybe I’m too sensitive with the issue, but I dislike how some races/ethnic groups are stereotyped in anime/manga – we have enough of that in the real world.

  27. “but I dislike how some races/ethnic groups are stereotyped in anime/manga – we have enough of that in the real world.”

    Hell, bob, I hate stereotypical shit too. There’s almost always something like that in good stuff *no examples, don’t get testy :P* But I hate things that are like that.

    “I could argue that all three of those things have happened to KB in the manga. First black Naruto character and he’s a rapper”

    Yup, and I agree with that. He’s the first one, he’s a rapper, he WAS in fact beat up in their battle, and he IS a loud talker. So, the way Kishi depicted him is very…what’s the word…Oh yeah, sorry, offensive. I feel the same way as you do.

  28. Im still a Sasuke fan but hes gotten outta control. Honestly I thought Naruto had lost the tactical based fighting style it once had (except Shikimarus, and Sasuke vs Deidara battle). And Bob you had mentioned a potential Part 3 to Naruto. I think that the new protagnists, Kages, Jounin, etc… is only a van-guard with Part 3 coming in with the final blow to us fans. I dont want to admit it but Naruto Shippuuden might be the transitioning plot to a revealing and more promising Part 3. Think about it Akatsuki is now the strongest and only organization left for Naruto to overcome, and they only consist of two peopl and a team of teens…yeah. If anything Part 3 would contain New Generation against Narutos Generation, with Sasuke as leader of Akatsuki…Sorta why I made the fanfic…yeah…lmao anyway I just wanted to offer an insight opinion. (Is it me or does any1 want Sakura to die)

  29. It seems like kind of hopeless at the moment, but I was hoping that part 2 was the ‘dark era’ and part 3 would be the ‘naruto cleans house era’ – like how Return of the Jedi followed Emprie Strikes Back.

  30. haha no fecking ewoks though please.

  31. good post. i am glad that you’re bringing all of our gripes to the light of the Shannaro!!! community and i agree that this jutsu out of the ass thing is a bunch of bull shit man. like really sasuke? what happened to “the smartest genin in the whole class”? last time i checked smart people dont throw temper tantrums like 4 year olds and go into a blind rage banking on hidden powers that may or may not win you the battle. sasuke you are now a certified ass

  32. Nice post and straight to the point! Most of the opinions given above are true, but I would like to give a fair view. Recent chapters really lack funny moments (the only funny moments I can remember are some cues in KB – Kisame battle and the angry villager woman, whose house was destroyed by Yamato’s Mokuton – ch. 467).
    On the other hand, the current chapters are way too serious to add any funny moments, it would just be irrelevant to the story. Only when the story returns to Naruto, we ‘ll see them again. Sasuke and having fun are two things from different universes.
    (Oh, and I really can’t find any racism on KB, although I ‘m sensitive too on these things, his character is given with much humour and his rapping irritates only the enemies, so he becomes amiable to us. After all, he almost killed Sasuke, which is dissagreable to many fans, and in this way his popularity skyrocketed!)

    As far as secondary characters are concerned, they are absent too from the story lately, even Sakura hasn’t evolved since Rescue Gaara Arc (maybe it’s her time now).
    If you notice, each Team gets each Arc., Team Gai the “Rescue Gaara”, Team Asuma the “Hidan and Kakuzou”, Team Kurenai the “Hunt for Itachi”. Team Kakashi is getting all! Maybe we should wait a little bit longer and see them again and not complain in advance.

    Finally, as far as Sasuke is concerned, he sure gets more screen time than Naruto lately, but I suppose this is happening for some reason, Kishi hasn’t do anything without any reason. Maybe, after seeing the “Sasuke almighty”, we will congratulate Naruto much more, because he will surely get stronger again, so that he reaches Sasuke again. After all, Kishi has stated that Naruto will do training in 2010, so we have just to wait.

    Sorry for this long post!

  33. I really agree with Wo Ao Ni, he makes a good point on all this serious stuff going on in Naruto. I think Kishi is setting up the ZOMG Apocalypse atmosphere and finding an opening within it is really hard (CUZ WE’RE TOO FLIPPIN FOCUSED ON SASUKE XO) lol. To be honest idk how Kubo manages to show off all of his sub characters, and make it funny! lol before i stray off topic, does any1 think maybe Part 2 wasent the Konoha 11 time to shine in the beginning. Kishis not dumb hes most likely saving them for the 4th Great Ninja War (or Part 3) but I need more opinions. LOL FEED ME UR INSIGHT O_O lmao

  34. @ Bob

    i totally see a return of the jedi…i mean sage…coming soon as well. i get the feeling after all this hell he’s going through, he’ll leave the village for a while for more training with killer bee, perhaps in protective hiding during the war? i’d like to see akatsuki take down the 2 most powerful jinchuuriki at the same time, because that won’t happen. it also makes sense because now samehada can eat naruto’s kyuubi chakra if he starts to lose control during training.

  35. finally…a summary of ill feelings ive been nursing for a while…very great post Bob… ^^
    I hope Naruto does have a trilogy…wd the part3 thats where our Hyper-Active Ninja will shine…so far id had enough of sasuke i quit reading a couple of months until i heard Jiraiya died…i skipped Itachi vs Sasuke & I only got back reading during the Naruto vs Pain…thats when I found out that Naruto Shipudden can be more accurately termed Sasuke Shipudden…hope times will change soooonnn

  36. i have to agree. i want to see naruto develop more then he has in recent chapters. and i think its about time he learns a jutsu that isnt just a new version of rasengan. sasuke’s power’s just keep advancing at a crazy pace in both jutsu and use of his sharingan, meanwhile naruto hasnt gotten much. we see him start to train again in sage mode then garaa shows up and no more training. WTF.

    on a side note. not too many chapters ago when madara told sasuke the “truth” he said he was not behind the 9 tailed fox. this has been contradicted by both the 4th hokage and itachi. in this latest chapter it was revealed that madara believes danzo is trying to get the 9 tails for himself. do we think it possible that maybe danzo used the 9 tails to attack the village? the motivation is there. think about it. in 1 swift move the 4th hokage was gone, AND the kyubi was now located in the village relativly safe and sound for when he was ready to take from naruto.

  37. i think the sand neds somespot like i mean come we have kick ass characters like kankuro and gaara then just drop them

  38. oops like is supposed 2 be light

  39. @bringerofkaos. it is possible that danzo summoned the 9 tails to attack, but it seems like too much of a risk for him. in the end like you say it worked out well for him but it could have gone proper tits up for him.

  40. Hahaha, Part 3. I hope Madara realizes how in need of Akatsuki members he is and digs up Hidan’s head lol

  41. @hokage44, giving the Sand any spotlight would be worse than giving Sasugay this muc…….I take that back! But seriously, the Sand Village is dumb. They’re crap and should be demoted to a lesser village. C’mon, a 16 year old is their Kage (even tho he’s a man’s man) which means HE’S the strongest, I feel sorry for the sand.

  42. why? gaara is pretty strong. sure he’s not as strong as the other kage’s but he’d still be able to beat like 95% of the people in the narutoverse. well except for a lot of people in konoha. he even managed to block sasuke’s amaterasu with his sand shield so he can’t be too bad. but i agree that sand shouldnt be given much spotlight. focus on the mist and the seven ninja swordsmen, that’d be badass.

  43. I guess it’s safe to say it all started going down hill after the Pain vs Jiraiya fight, the Sasuke vs Itachi fight and the Pain vs Naruto fight, after those epic fights the balance between character story lines became badly unbalanced. Since when did Sasuke become the central figure in Naruto? Hell I would enjoy a storyline pertaining to Gaara, a man’s man, or any other supporting character, over Sasuke any day, I’m tired of him, but that’s besides the point. I miss the days when Naruto was an anime that balanced humor, action and character development well. Now if anybody is Goku in the Narutoverse it is Naruto, his early rapid development caused Sasuke, who is Vegeta, to turn to Orochimaru, who would represent Babidi as Babidi granted Vegeta power to match Goku or in the Naruto Series analogy Sasuke match Naruto. As to who is the stronger of the two currently, I have to give it to Naruto, not only does he have impressive intelligence, Sage Mode is incredible, not to mention he has a Kyuubi enhancement in Sage Mode we haven’t even seen. I really hate it that Sasuke spams his new found abilities, like if they were nothing, which is an insult to how powerful Itachi was, a shinobi who knew how to use his trump cards and jutsu well. You would think that with all the jutsu Sasuke possesses in his arsenal, he would be a more complete ninja and yet he seems to become dumber and dumber, I hope the story shifts back to Naruto the hero of the series, now he’s worth observing.

  44. Here’s how I see Part 3 Rolling out:

    Madara gathers Zetsu *if the little pimp doesn’t die first*, digs up Hidan before he shrivels up due to malnutrition, finds some way to stitch him back together.

    Ah, and here’s something that I think would be awesome. Madara will try to learn the Reanimation jutsu after bringing Hidan back. He makes Hidan go into Immortal mode by using someone else’s for the sacrifice. Then, Hidan DOESN”T die, and Madara can keep using the Reanimation Sequence to bring back Akatsuki.

    Or, he’ll just find a brand new batch of baddies and kill all Chuck Norris impersonators 😛

  45. Great Post BOB
    Yeah I feel the same about the missing funnies and missing good fights with the old good characters
    But also I am disappointed because old Naruto was somehow more smart manga, it used to have mysteries but also clues to analyze. Is like that that we were able, backs them ,to guess and had nice debates about the sealing of Kyuubi, Yondaime bk plan, dark and light, Itachi[s true nature and intentions, Uchiha[s massacre mysteries, Naruto true power…
    THOSE WERE GOOD DAYS FOR theories POST and manga debate.
    But in the past months Kishi have been falling in many contradictions, not only took away the good clues. Now we only can guess blindly

  46. What was the whole point of inventing akatsuki. In part 1, where we first see akatsuki, its this badass organisation of super villains. However, where were are right now, they are all but dead. sasori’s battle was interesting and defined the beginning of part 2 for me. personally, I like flashbacks that help give the character depth like pein, but not enough of that is being done and its really affecting the quality of the manga.

  47. @silver uchiha uchiha massacre is not solved100%, there are still many unanswered questions: who killed shisui?(and if not itachi than how did he obtain MS) why did madara help danzo? ( revenge he says, but can we trust the man who is the embodiment of lies?) chapter 477 created another question (at least for me), danzo told sasuke, that he was wasting uchiha clan’s sacrifice, what did he mean? did they die out willingly or wtf? or maybe I am reading too much in the phrase 😛

  48. The story is going well, but progress of some characters is too fast; if they continue to develop like this we wouldn’t need konoha 11 to fight in 4th war.
    At the moment I would like for all the Uber characters (Sasuke, Naruto, Raikage, Danzo, Madara…) to die, so we could see some great battles where isn’t power the most importaint stat but also tatics, techniques….

  49. hold up Shikamarko, I like thinking battles as much as the next guy, but I also wanna see a guy get punched so hard that he crashes into a cliff and the cliff breaks (like with Naruto vs Sasugay).

    @Naru, you DO know that Hidan is still alive right? If you do, then the Reanimation jutsu is kinda pointless, just gather the pieces of his body underground and sew them together.

  50. @Wo Ai Ni
    Very nice counter arguments 🙂
    “Maybe we should wait a little bit longer and see them again and not complain in advance.”
    That’s partly why I was hesitant to write this post for so long, I was waiting and waiting for something to change but nothing did. In the end I think it was good to bring this topic to the surface and get ppl talking.

    “C’mon, a 16 year old is their Kage (even tho he’s a man’s man) which means HE’S the strongest, I feel sorry for the sand.”
    Gaara is gar enough for the whole village so it doesn’t matter if everyone else is weak :p Besides, Sand has been weak since the beginning of the series due to past wars. They lost a lot of veterans so there weren’t a lot of mentors for the new generation like Konoha does.

    You have a point there, on the one hand I’m glad we got some of those mysteries resolved but on the other there hasn’t been too many mysteries to replace the old. Personally, I think Madara’s Moons Eye plan was revealed a little early (unless he was lying); it would have been better to wait until the war was well underway to create a deeper sense of crisis amongst all the villages.

  51. I honestly like the Naruto manga and will stick with it to the end. However, I do agree on some of your points: Lately, a lot of attention has been put on Sasuke lately but I think that’s because we got to see Naruto in action the first three arcs and kishi’s trying to give Sasuke some spotlight. But truth be told, now that naruto has gained the strength to fight Kage level ninja, I’d really like to see more of what he can do especially when he learns how to extend Sage mode or even control the 9 tails he’ll be bad ass then! Also, I agree on the point that some of the cool characters from part 1 have sort of tooken a step down from the podium in part 2. I have yet to see Neji, Lee, Kiba, or Shino have their own spotlight battle apart from maybe being on the spotlight to perform one technique. My last point in which I totally agree with is the fact that even though Naruto’s the main character and has gotten very strong, Kishi is making Sasuke seem like a power craving god who uses Susanoo like every battle since he has obtained it!!!!

  52. And another thing…….I don’t like the fact that some of the ninjas are starting to get a little unoriginal with their abilities. Sharingan is a cool thing but it’s getting too powerful and is over used. Kishi could have stopped at Madara’s eternal mangekyo but no he had to give Danzo TEN SHARINGANS and the first hokage’s dna! Just when we thought Yamato was special but hey it’s whatever the good thing about danzo is his high battle experience and various jutsu. I wish the rinnegan got more attention and even the bakugan but maybe they will in the future…..and is it just me or is all the filler sagas bleach and naruto are coming up with are starting to get annoying why can’t they just follow the manga!!

  53. o so true. all of this is true. btw to those who say naruto “trashed” pain, you are forgetting something. not only did naruto have a shitload of help(an army of toads, a village that fights/tires him out beforehand, prior knowledge of almost all his powers, and god realm not being able to use his ability in the begining) but Pain wasnt trying to kill him! the whole time they fought while naruto was busting his ass to win, Pain was holding back to make sure he didnt kill him! if they were fighting to the death Pain would have crushed him esaily

  54. i for one am disappointed. after reading the latest manga, that there still wasn’t any naruto action, that the focus is STILL on sasuke. if the whole chapter next week is wasted on sasuke AGAIN, (even though i have been a naruto fan for years), i am tuning out of the shippuden series. seriously, enough of the sasuke epic, it is getting old and boring….

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