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Finally Here! 478: Susano’o Completed!

Hey folks, after the long holiday wait, Naruto chapter 478 is finally here!

478: Susano’o Completed

The other Shonen manga are, or should be shortly released as well. Don’t forget to wait for Bob’s chapter discussion and participate in the First Naruto Grand Tournament later this week!


62 Responses

  1. danzo ceases to amaze me, but mad props to orochimaru for hooking him up with the first hokage, but he’s definately gonna hit a wall and probaly lose next week, but until then, the big question is………………..WHAT IS IZANAGI (the killing of the uchiha and implanting there sharingans into urs arms?)

  2. sigh… this is almost as boring as watching paint dry now. We all know Sasuke will not die and/or turn good till he runs into naruto again, so this is pretty much just a countdown to danzo’s death. Now Madara will explain the technique and Sasuke will win in a couple chapters. no one could of predicted that right? right!?

  3. Danzou is pretty freaky. I don’t believe danzou is gonna die. Gotta feeling kabuto or one of danzou’s root members are gonna pop up.

  4. sweetness (that the chapters are back) this was a kinda cool chapter

  5. I was just shock when danzu has the 1st hokage’s DNA..thats just bad ass…hashirama and uchihas power combined .but I got this feeling before danzo dies prolly that Forbidden tichnque will be atlest bad ass! b/c even Madara was amaze when danzo mention the zutsu.

  6. Im not sure why people thought Itachi was gonna make a comeback. Dead is dead, there’s not gonna be another resurrection jutsu like Nagato’s. They got it by us once, it won’t happen again. As for Danzo Wood Release, that’s bull. Pure bull. Yamato is supposedly the only one who survived the experiments with the First’s DNA. I admit we were all craving some naruto manga this week after the holidays, but are we really that desperate for entertainment the we are gonna fall for “PSych!! Haha, there’s another who has the First’s DNA! We lied! Yamato’s not the only one! Haha!” Come on now.

  7. i kinda think it’s cool Danzo has Mokuton, very unexpected and probably unnecessary, but still cool. i never really liked him tho, so if he dies, i don’t really care, but on the bright side, we finally have multiple, opposing forces of villains again, so if he stays around for a few more arcs, i’ll b fine w/ that too.
    anyways, on Sasuke, i’m starting to like him again, he has cool moves, is fairly unpredictable in battle, and has a tragic past that (to a small extent) justifies his “destroy Konoha” attitude. he’s still a bit of a prick, but that can b ignored for the sake of his battles

  8. @JPUA, u like Sasugay’s battles? They all play out the same exact way. Sasuke comes out strong, gets beat easily, then uses a new move that pwns the enemy….wow. Even his Susanoo is lame. Itachi’s had those “all powerful” (which Nagato can counter rather easily) weapons and all Sasugay’s Susanoo can do is shoot arrows. Wow Kishi, just wow.

    Danzo…..well he’s full of surprises, but what’s up with the face on his right shoulder? Anyway I’m gonna do a blog about the Sharingan’s techniques soon

  9. danzou to me is the ultimate ninja willing to do anything for peace, much like itachi, he just goes about it wrong, not wrong but more direct and to the point. he kills all threats not try and have tea parties with them. i think that after all of the experimenting on danzou and seeing how he was progressing, made orochimaru want his own sharingan. yamato is a clone and danzou has implants of the first, which is bad-ass.but with all of that power has to be some form of weakness, i dont think he will die though, because he is going to be a major player in the unpcoming ninja war. of course he isn’t going to be hokage, and he won’t join akatsuki, he has his own organization, and from the looks of just him and his two subordinates, it is a real powerful one, and then will come the inner conflict with sai.
    but nah danzou won’t die they MIGHT figure his jutsu, he is just as strong and smart as madara, so sasuke can’t kill him even with his new jutsu and if madara could have killed him then why throw sasuke out there in the first place. danzou stands in madara’s way as far as power, that is why madara is on the sidelines watching the two fight in order to learn their moves and fighting styles and look for weaknesses in them. to madara there are only three ppl that can hinder his plans and that in naruto, sasuke and danzou

  10. IZANAGI seems to be an the ability why danzou can not be killed. it sacrifices an eye to be revived. maybe it is the reason why madara survived against the 1st hokage. and why he only shows one eye. that is probably why he recognized the ability this chapter.

  11. well danzo strikes me as a shady character, so i wont be surprised if he even has the second hokage’s water jutsu… he gathers power…. is jutsu’s sort depict his character and vice versa

  12. I can say one thing now!! Iam ISCK TO THE TEETH OF “Uchiha Sasuke” the biggest god himself in Japanese Mythology has to be used as an EYE technique to potentially take out Sasuke!! how the hell does this idiot get so fecking strong!!!!! im sorry but its just beyond me the level of his progression in the tiny amoutn of time!!!

    I mean I have never questioned Kishimoto’s ways ever!!! but not even an arm full of sharingans and the DNA of the first can freakin take down this punk!!!!

    one thing is for sure it is pay back time for Naruto!!! he is indeed of some serious good Jutsu’s to get level with this sharingan owning freak show!! AKA Sasuke!!

  13. Oh gawd a wednesday release is my worst nightmare (next to tuesday and monday releases I guess) cuz I won’t have time to blog until tomorrow. Curse you WSJ, don’t you guys understand the concept of a regular publication schedule! Change is bad!

  14. Sorry lads am just pissed off cos of the Managa and my local team just lost in the local cup and ive had a skin full of ale!! not a good combo ha ha!! ill shut up now!! well inte form me 😛

  15. i think inzanagi is gonna be the future uchiha trump card..cuz if u read up on japanese shintoism inzanagi is the god that made amaterasu, tsukiyomi and susano……soo….gonne be a pretty kick as$ wednesday next week :D:D

  16. thats what i said, the biggest god there is in Japanese Mythology!! 😛

  17. Like all MS techniques, Inzanagi is named after a Japanese God. Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susano’o are named after the Gods. Anyways, I think Danzou having possibly the strongest and definitely most forbidden MS or S Technique. It like making the ultimate person. And this was all to control the Kyuubi…

    For people that need some more info. Hashirama AKA The First Hokage had Wood Release (Mokuton). With that Release, he could control the Tailed Beasts somehow. So, he used his control of the TB’s as peace offerings to other countries. But, after he died, the control died with him. So, that’s where Jinchuriki fell into place.

    Sorry, this comment didn’t really add to the chapter.

  18. @ SMN ” IZANAGI seems to be an the ability why danzou can not be killed. it sacrifices an eye to be revived. maybe it is the reason why madara survived against the 1st hokage. and why he only shows one eye. that is probably why he recognized the ability this chapter.” was about to say the same thing. Madara is the ultimate Uchiha encycolpedia and if he says a tech is forbidden within his crazy power hungry clan then its got to be some shit.

    Danzou is a freakin beast, love that he has the First’s gene cuz yamato wasnt using them to their full potential. and i wouldnt be suprised if he like the third could do everyone jutsu in the leaf village (non bloddline) cuz wit all those sharingans he could copy anything.

  19. I KNEW it sacrificed an eye! And so did fourteen others >_> But I still get some credit ^^

  20. must add i like sasuke the archer

  21. and Danzou can cast genjustu through physical contact wtf

  22. rofl, one that site, Susano’o comes out and slaps danzo away XD

  23. Heyy, guy’s I’m new but been recently I’ve been developing my blog issues with Naruto.

    I want to comment on the whole Danzou and Izanagi subject.

    I don’t think that Uchiha Madara lost his eye when fighting Hashirama Senju cause of the fact Madara has the Eternal Mangekyuo. I know everytime Danzo uses his eyes he can come back to life. That’s true, but if Madara would have done the same it wouldn’t have mattered his Sharigan is eternal. It would contradict everything the Eternal Mangekyuo is and should do. In reality Danzo only has the 3 comma Sharigans so this cause a little bit of a controversey and confusion about everything he’s able to do. It wouldn’t be worth it for Madara to risk something so precious and valuable.
    I clearly feel as if this new technique increases the 1st Hokages legacy. This is crazy the Uchiha Clan is ridiculiously strong. They have Tysukiomi, Amaterusu, Susanoo’o and now Izanagi. I feel like Hashirama beat the plot enemy in his prime. Greatest Hokage is well worth the name of this guy.

  24. Orochimaru loses A BUNCH OF RESPECT cause of the fact he has so many opportunity’s to have a sharigan and made Danzo the million dollar man. WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY!

  25. pretty sweet chapter this week.its obvious that sasuke has the beating of danzo but i wonder if madara will let him be killed now that he knows about izanagi. i love how easily danzo owned karin as well, he didnt even use a jutsu, just kicked that bitch away. the itachi reveal from last chapter seemed like a bastard move by kishi as well. it was like he thought “oh there won’t be a new chapter for three weeks i am gonna proper mess with the fans.” he’s done it plenty of times before as well, but i love him all the more for it.

  26. @lsimz in all probabilty orochimaru probably wanted a full host uchiha so that he could have the full power of the sharingan. danzo is pretty strong with his stolen eyes but think how much stronger sasuke and itachi are/were.

  27. Sasuke’s susanoo’s completely evil…got 3 arms, and 6 fingers each…666…that’s what Karin says when they attack the kage’s summit…SEE THIS>andTHIS…^^,

    Related to Izanagi used by danzou, it was actually the same with Madara used fighting the 1st…Life=1eye…

  28. Susanoo’s bow is yatta’s mirror…and the sword used as arrow…wtf…melee/l0ng range…invincible susanoo…\w/,

    I hope danzou won’t die here…somebody else will interrupt this fight, obviously Sakura…^^,

    I want Danzou vs Naruto…^^,

  29. I find it cheap, come on…. Izanagi tecnique…. izanagi the deity who created Japan with his wife. who later became his enemy after death. The deity who is father off Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi

    Stop joking Kishi
    Danzou’s Izanagi will easily, kill Sasuke’s MS.
    NEXT to made it worse LAME
    Madara (the only zombie around AKA Isanagi’s wife) will be revealed to be former nest buddy to Danzou with whom he planned to build a Ninja unify world AKA empire.
    Ultimate joke, DANZOU and MADARA still buddies and are just toying ppl to see who win the bet and get first to the top o the hill



  30. Man that is a testament to the 1st hokage strength. If Madera in his prime, with his Eternal Mangekyo Sharigan, the 9 tail beast and still loss to the 1st. He really was a extremely strong ninja.

  31. this is fucking great!! sasuke’s susanoo is so much mecha type warrior.
    i new display of bow and arrow is cool.

    danzo is a monster could u believe it both uchiha and first’s blood abilites, he’s practical invincible now i am being force to believe that he may be most powerful ninja in naru world right now.
    a new forbidden eye technique sounds awesome if only sasuke could get his hand to it.

  32. its a shame man, danzo have perfect ninja blend in him ,
    the two brothers to whom sage gave his lifeforce and chakra are now in a single evil person.

    i thought MS can handle 3 techniques if that’s true IZANAGI do not needed MS to work,i believe it requires sharingan sacrifices that means only danzo can use it,that’s bad!!

    i’ve been thinking lately abt the sasuke’s chakra descriptions by karin, according to her the levels sasuke showed s’times does not belongs to sasuke so whose chakra boosts r those,wht is the theory behind sasuke’s chakra?/

  33. @manisuchiha I reeeaaally don’t want sauce to get any forbidden techs, I want him to die yay!! go danzou go!! by the way: since when did danzo become evil? O_o and don’t tell me uchiha massacre makes him evil, it was justified

  34. @tm justified???why for using it as a person gain.
    danzo never have thought abt the village or else he would have agreed with 3rd hokage thinking.

    justification is not an excuse.was using itachi to kill his own people justified? or u r saying making brothers standing against each other was justified?why the hell did he created such circumstances to begin with?wht sasuke is upto is justified in its own way!
    by the way i am sry to say u r wishes regarding sasuke is not even close to be true..

  35. ok let’s start from the beginning:
    fugaku uchiha and his clan were planning coup which would annihilate konoha, 3rd tried to negotiate peacefully, but apparently word “peacefully” is among forbidden techniques among uchiha clan, what option other than annihilation is left? using itachi was a bit harsh but if info about one of the founding father clans staging revolt would leak it would shake the foundation of konoha, itachi was the only one who could end it quickly, he didn’t do it for danzo goddammit!! he did it for konoha. and what did sasuke do? HE PISSED, SHITTED on his brother’s great sacrifice. ok I would tolerate sasuke’s bitching if he had gone after elders, I would even understand him, but he also wants to destroy konoha!!! for what?! what did they doto him?! he joined organisation which after his best friend, who devoted his life to protect him from voltures like Oro and Madara, is this sasuke’s worth, trying to kill a friend who showed nothing but care for him and had nothing, absolutely NOTHING to do with uchiha massacre?! if yes, then danzo is right: itachi made mistake by sparing him, he should have killed him. I agree, what danzo did was despicable, he tarnished the dead, but sasuke’s justified him!!!!!! please, don’t ignore this post, because I had this quarrel with a couple of people (not on shannaro) and after presenting them this facts they jusr ignored me

  36. and about agreeing with 3rd: you think 3rd’s decision regarding hyuugas during conflict with kumo was right?! succumb to unfair demands?! judging by kakashi’s words about abandoning comrades: Hiruzen Sarutobi was WORSE THAN TRASH!!! yes hyuugas accepted the deal, but only because sarutobi approached them, old idiot shouldn’t have done it: she should have stood firm against kumo and not abandon his comrades

  37. I don’t like third, he was week, sorry for breaking 1 post into 3 parts

  38. tm ur exactly right, danzou is still searching for peace in his own fucked up way.

    The third hokage was way to soft, if you run a village and one of your best clan’s successors is almost kid-napped u dont ask them to kill their leader cuz youre to soft to start a war.

  39. @hurley clan thanks man I really appreciate your support!!!!!! it’s good to know that not all narutards claim blindy that danzo is just some bloodthirsty maniac (thoough i agree with you on fucked up way), third is a saint and sasuke is some kind of knight of justice

  40. wonder if Sasukes new sassuno weapon is a spiritual one that is legendary or just a standard. i also wonder if he has still the mirror shield and sword? hmmmm! Well it seems he is using dark chakra to power his skills and using his own life force to keep sussano fighting.

  41. ROFL @Lsimz WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY!!! haha million dollar man

    goddamn what a chapter. kishi made me wait but it was well worth it. where to begin….

    it was nice to see that karin took a swift kick in the pants. she was snitching on danzo and you know what they say, “snitches get stitches.”

    madara has got to be the smartest man in the entire narutoverse. testing the abilities of his “comrades” (debatable) and his “enemies” (also debatable) allows him to deduce what techiniques they have, intelligence etc. at any once he has what he came for he can just warp speed into the fray and do some Prison Style: Shank in the Neck Jutsu and the fight is done, assuming it would be that easy of course…..

    now about this izanagi stuff…danzo can do it, we don’t know how he got the ability, where, where, why, etc so ill leave it at that till next week. i believe madara used it to escape death in his fight with the 1st. and according to his own admissions he is a shell of his former self after that battle (because he used the jutsu im guesing…?) so…if this izanagi jutsu sacrifices an eye when it is used, couldnt he just transplant another persons eye with MS. he has/had this chance now with itachi’s eyes. but instead he offered the eyes to sasuke…which would be a bit confusing if he actually only has one currently function EMS eye…alterior motives on top of his already currently known alterior motives??? hmmm only time will tell………. -_-

  42. @tm calm down,first of all sasuke current target is elders he didn’t plan on kicking on konoha.
    it’s not that itachi was only able person to do that, the whole plot is to cross uchiha’s with each other, if an uchiha will do the task for them no one gonna blame senju(konoha)for massacre.
    danzo and elders had gone out of there ways to blame uchiha’s for the nine-tailed fox incident.
    its natural that uchiha were pissed off, the konoha pact was an equal and peaceful place where the two clans would hold equal status.
    wht part of equal stand does uchiha had.

    leaving everything aside, do u think a person who lost everything coz of his brother finds out that his brother and people life being played off will do??
    if evrything danzo did was justified why did it hide it frm the world?? even when sasuke didn’t had the clue of the reality danzo wanted sasuke dead for wht?
    why would a rightful person go all out for uchiha power?
    now for the latest news danzo too want naruto power ??

    about the pervious hokages r they all sloppy coz they share the same thinking.there was a reason why evry hokage denies elders ways. becouse they r were rightful.

    according to u sasuke should forget everything and come back to the village and enjoy his life like nothing happened.

  43. I really feel as everyone is walking the same path. This post shouldn’t get ignored or looked over. Remember, Madara had the EMS that no one ever had. This would be to stupid for the greatest MS ever to just be lost against the 1st when Danzo has the 3 comma and is using the eyes continously. The only other theory I can give is that since you reach the EMS it has greater side effects unlike the 3 commas which doesn’t. If that’s true that means Eternal is not eternal. Something is delibrately missing from the story and more so, the first is an absolute BEAST!

    Sasuke will win and Danzo will fall. Madara needs Sasuke as you can see before he almost got cut. Madara had his escape ready before that bad ass Susanoo’o came out!

  44. @manisuchiha

    “wht part of equal stand does uchiha had?

    hashirama won hokage’s position because most of konoha voted for him and correct me but weren’t uchiha given a status of police force. yes senju spied on them, but senju would be really stupid idiots if they didn’t observe them after what madara did”

    “if evrything danzo did was justified why did it hide it frm the world??”

    I have already answered this question in my post so I’ll just quote: “if info about one of the founding father clans staging revolt would leak it would shake the foundation of konoha”

    “even when sasuke didn’t had the clue of the reality danzo wanted sasuke dead for wht?
    why would a rightful person go all out for uchiha power?
    now for the latest news danzo too want naruto power ??”

    well, what did you expect, sasuke went to freakin Orochimaru (note: BEFORE he foud out truth about clan), he was missing-nin and on top of that went to the man who killed hokage and invaded the village ,of course he was supposed to be killed. why would a rightful person go all out for uchiha power? maybe to defend himself when he gets attacked by a 100 year old immortal and uchiha prodigy?! want naruto power? well who said that danzo was 100% angel?! as hurley clan correctly mentioned: he seeks peace by a fucked up way

    “there was a reason why evry hokage denies elders ways. becouse they r were rightful”.

    didn’t quite get what you mean: who was rightful elders or hokages?
    “according to u sasuke should forget everything and come back to the village and enjoy his life like nothing happened”


  45. @Lsimz I don’t get it, what are you saing? what’s your point?

  46. My point is Madara didn’t lost his eye. He maybe a former shell of himself, but this technique has nothing to do with his fight with the 1st Hokage.

  47. My point is Madara didn’t lost his eye.

  48. Haven’t read most of the comments, probably won’t. TM, and Manis, this argument has been well, argued, to death. Chances are, you’re not going to convince each other otherwise since a true narutard is about as stubborn as a mule.

    Anyways, obviously I’m a huge Sasuke fan, but unfortunately I don’t think he is going to win this one. Even if he does pull out a victory, Danzou will not die here. He is too involved in the plot elsewhere for his newly developing story to just stop right now. Sasuke’s energy is all but depleted, and Danzou still has this Izanagi technique, and the powerful Sharingan hiding in his right eye socket. Sasuke will probably (unfortunately) lose this one due to exhaustion and Madara will swoop in for the rescue. And for whatever ulterior motive, Madara will either let Danzou escape, or he’ll escape on his own.

    But hey that new Susano’o is pretty cool, adding projectiles into the mix 😛

  49. @tm

    for the sasuke going to oro,same for danzo.

    danzo wanted uchiha power to defend himself??lol

    seriously that’s u r reason,it is not clear that madara was after danzo.

    uchiha was given police force, r u kidding me? as if it was presidential status. all the official/unofficial tasks r handed by ANBU OPS, did even a single time we saw konoha police involving in anything, a position that holds no importance whatsoever.

    “senju would be really stupid idiots if they didn’t observe them after what madara did”
    wht the hell madara did, didn’t uchiha outcasted him coz of village’s sake. whtever madara did had nothing to do with whole clan.

    “he seeks peace by a fucked up way” wht peace ur talking abt here, of all the act of danzo wht peace and prosperity we saw in naru world. only the people r suffering and if this is the way of peace then my frnd where was NAGATO wrong in his way to peace.
    peace cannot be a reason for any wrong actions.

    i will me wasting my time if i go in any further discussions with u. there’s no end to it.
    u think danzo is right and i think sasuke is right lets not force each others views into ourselves.

  50. @ssj every word in yourpost is so true, espacially about stubborness of narutards like us 🙂 🙂

    @manisuchiha anyway I think both of us are right, though I still think that I am more right 😛

  51. @ssj lol, sasuke fan’s tastes r quite matched as i said before new susanoo is mecha warrior type.yes u may be right abt a non resulted fight,but tm and i were off on some other discussion.

    @tm lol u still that stubborn i like that. as i am too stubborn when it comes to sasuke.

    we eventually see the final result as naruto is not going to end anytime soon.

  52. people who are saying that madara had the izanagi technique when he fought the 1st are clearly wrong. if he had it why would he take so long to deduce that danzo’s ability was the izanagi. danzo is pretty strong but his chakra must be running low as well. and he isnt a true senju/uchiha combo because he only has the dna of the senju and stolen incomplete powers of the uchiha. i don’t believe he will die though because he needs to get back to konoha and kick some ass. it’d be too easy if kakashi became hokage without having to earn it.

  53. I think that izanagi is a technique that destroy the opponets shringan thats hy t´s fobidden in the uchia clan, and it´s izanaga is the power that Itachi gave to Naruto to deffeat Sasuke beacuse if you take away an uchias sharingan he´s nothing

  54. people what’s the point discussing the tech and judging if madara ever used it if we know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it?! O_o

  55. just an note that has nothing about the chapter. Maddara is wicked strong and his only a former shell that what he juse to be, how strong where he when he was in his prime? and how strong where the 1st beacuse e beat Maddara, the 1st one most have ben extremly strong ninja that beat Maddara at prime when maddara is one the strongest ninja in Naruto right now when his just a former shell that what he juse to be…

  56. Great theory with Naruto getting the secret power from Itachi to stop the sharigan. This is gettin crazy.

  57. @Lsimz
    Thanks 🙂

  58. @rowan,
    nice point regarding naruto having izanagi,but giving that to naruto itachi practically placed his brother life in naruto hand.
    did itachi think someone so highly than his brother,even though he believed in naruto he can’t let his brother to become so weak against even a single person.
    also izanagi needs shringan i guess,naruto’s no sharingan guy.

  59. @manishuchiha
    Itachi don´t want to have he´s little brother goin to the “dark side” and he knows that he must be stopped that why he trust that Naruto will stop him, and maybe Izanagi is just temporary if he faces Sauske and it take aways he´s sharingan and Sauske with out his sharigan is no longer a problem

  60. when i say temporary I mean that Itachis sharingan appears in Naruto and do the work

  61. @ Rowan

    This is a cool thought, but it would make the Sasuke – Naruto battle way too easy (for Naruto) and given the fact that it will be the final battle, it would be anything else but an easy and short one.

    Anyway, the story goes on, in the exact way that I imagine it! The previous weeks I wondered if Sasuke would ever summon something (apart from snakes) like Naruto (maybe Sakura too will be shown to summon Katsuyu) and few days later I read it in 477.
    Tuesday I was reading about IZANAGI and his 3 children Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi and Susano’o and the next day I read it in 478. (Oh well, I should have thought about some $$$ !) If I think about anything else, I will inform you!!

  62. Yeah I don´t really think that what Izanagi is, but i also don´t think that Sasuke and Naruto will be the final battle maybe in this story, but not in the Narutos final FINAL battle it will be Naruto against the 9tailed fox

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