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First Naruto Grand Tournament

Hello Narutards and resident Shannarolites, with the two week lull of no Naruto manga, I had time to put together a little project of mine. The idea has actually been in my head ever since I started the popularity poll on Naruto Hurricane. Rather than a poll to just gauge character popularity, I wanted to do a battle tournament style poll where Naruto characters are pitted against each other and you the reader decide the winners with your votes. Over the last two weeks I’ve been discussing with fellow authors on the mechanics of the tournament and determining ideal matches. Since this is the first tournament, we have limited it to 32 fighters, so apologies in advance if your favorite character isn’t here (I might make a bigger tourney in the future if this one is a success). As you might notice, main characters (Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi) and characters we considered too powerful (Pein, Madara) are not included in this tournament for obvious reasons. I’ve set up the pairings as best I could by balancing fan favorite fantasy matches against each character’s combat level. Try to vote based on your knowledge of each fighter’s abilities, power level and advantages/disadvantages against his or her opponent instead of voting based on popularity alone.

The tournament will be single elimination until the final four are reached, at which point the tournament winner will be determined by round robin matches. There will be about 8 battles to vote on per week. Matches will be announced and voted on in my weekly chapter analysis blogs (usually Fridays) and the results will be tallied one week later. Here are the matches as listed by week.

Week 1:
Hinata vs Haku
Shikamaru vs Sai
Kiba vs Lee
Temari vs Shino
Neji vs Ao
Zabuza vs Suigetsu
Kakuzu vs Hidan
Asuma vs Kabuto

Week 1 results

Week 2:
Kimimaro vs Yamato
Gaara vs Guy
Deidara vs Sasori
Kisame vs Jugo
Killer Bee vs E (Raikge)
Tsunade vs Mei Terumi (Mizukage)
Jiraiga vs Sarutobi
Danzo vs Orochimaru
Week 2 results

Week 3:
Hinata vs Shikamaru
Rock Lee vs Shino
Neji vs Suigetsu
Kakuzu vs Asuma
Yamato vs Gaara
Sasori vs Kisame
Killer Bee vs Tsunade
Jiraiya vs Danzo
Week 3 results

Week 4:
Shikamaru vs Rock Lee
Neji vs Kakuzu
Gaara vs Kisame
Killer Bee vs Jiraiya
Week 4 results

Week 5:
Final Four Round Robin matches (in case of ties, winner will be determined by total votes that week)

Tournament Results.

This tournament took a bit of work on my part so I hope you guys will really enjoy it. Please vote when polls open with this week’s Naruto chapter 478 post. Big thanks to ssj sasuke, mart1, naruruler12, kisuzachi and paintheclown for helping with this project.


18 Responses

  1. interesting bob. but no team 7 chracters

  2. i know its a fanfic but don’t u think few chracters r miss matched on there level.

    eg- few akatsuki above deserves to be in kage section etc.

  3. don’t you think kakuzu might be kage level?

  4. and Gaara is kage for sure, by the way: where’s ma pain?

  5. @tm gaara is kage for sure but not quite strong to level of kage, being a kage only means that u r strongest in u r village, it has nothing to do with on wht level u r. look at the current situation kakshi became temporary hokage but he’ not the stongest so one can become kage even if he’s not the stongest.

    there r lot of people who r not even chunin or r missing nins who r stronger than gaara.kage level is a generic term used to describe super powerful ninjas as kages r expected to be superpowerful,there can be exceptions though.
    even some jonins can match upto kage levels.

  6. Bob you made a mistake it sais kabuto 2 times you’ll need to change one of them into someone else.

  7. Nah WS, as long as he follows the illustrated example at the top of the post it should all be good.

    Anyways great job at getting this all up so fast bob. Looks perfect. So they will be voting the first round this week in your chapter discussion correct?

  8. @ interesting bob. but no team 7 chracters
    yes, that was intentional

    @ i know its a fanfic but don’t u think few chracters r miss matched on there level
    @don’t you think kakuzu might be kage level?
    as with any fantasy matches, everybody has their own opinions on what’s fair and what”s not. Hopefully with what I learn from this tourney, I can use to improve future ones

    @Bob you made a mistake it sais kabuto 2 times
    oops, typed kabuto when I meant to type yamato. thx ws

    @Anyways great job at getting this all up so fast bob. Looks perfect. So they will be voting the first round this week in your chapter discussion correct?
    This week’s looking busy for me so I had to pull it together while I had the time for it. Yes, first round starts Friday (if chapter comes out on time)

  9. Yes, it is finally out. Bob, I thought you said you would roll thsi out tomorrow?

    I know since I helped, I shouldn’t be picky on my favorite until polls start but…DEIDARA FTEW!

  10. I just gotta say what happened to Hashirama Senju and Uchiha Madara???

    That’s a tournament by it’s self.

  11. Dude, if you READ what Bob said, you’d know that the authors took a vote on who to have, and Hashirama wasn’t one. Madara isn’t in it because he is too powerful.

  12. awesome tournament nice pics for the people

  13. jiraiya wins the whole thing in my view.

  14. these r all my votes for the first 2 weeks:
    for week 1
    i think, counting fillers, Hinata beats Haku, not counting filler, Haku wins
    Shikamaru beats Sai
    Lee beats Kiba
    Temari beats Shino
    Neji beats Ao
    Zabuza beats Suigestu
    Kakuzu beats Hidan
    and finally Kabuto beats Asuma
    for week 2
    Kimimaro beats Yamato
    Gaara beats Guy
    Diedara beats Sasori
    Kisame beats Jugo
    E beats Killer Bee
    Mei beats Tsunade
    Jiraiya beats Hiruzen
    Danzo beats Orochimaru

  15. Dudes, Either Deidara, Sasori, Hidan or Kakuzu…or Gaara will pwn those bitches X__X

  16. Haku beats hinata(his ice mirror attack could easily find the byakugan’s blindspot)
    sai beats shikamaru(he is in root after all so should be able to if not outright beat shika then defo outlast him stamina wise)
    lee beats kiba(nothing i need to say easy win)
    shino beats temari(shino is one of the most underrated characters imo)
    ao beats neji(purely on experience)
    suigetsu beats zabuza(he seems far more adept with the sword than zabuza ever did)
    kakuza beats hidan(i don’t remember it showing kakuza bleed so hidan would be fucked and even if he did bleed hidan would still be too dumb to win)
    kabuto beats asuma(with oro’s power he defo would and even without them he still would)

    week 2

    kimmimaro beats yamato(the bone kekkei genkai always seemed very strong to me, stronger than wood anyway)
    gai beats gaara(if lee could hit gaara then surely it would follow that gai could)
    deidara beats sasori(a tough one but deidara is one of my fave characters so i have to be biased)
    kisame beats jugo(easy win for kisame)
    e beats killer bee(even bee said that e was stronger than him)
    tsunade beats mei(her strength alone would be more than a match for mei)
    jiraiya beats hiruzen(probably the toughest to pick, but sage mode would surely help him win)
    orochimaru would beat danzo(reading this weeks manga, oro would be fully aware of danzo’s abilities and how to defeat them)

  17. i have questions.

    why KillerBee is in Kage league while Kisame is in Jounin league? specially when Kisame defeated KillerBee? i think they both deserve to be in Kage league.

    then there is grouping. Chunnin league is totally out of contest here. they will not be able to defeat someone in Kage league. and the winner from Kage league is likely to be the winner of the whole thing.

  18. i think naruto and lee could make it to the fnal

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