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naruto and Zero

Zero is a korean manga written by Dall Young Lim and illustrated by Park Sung Woo, it’s original name is Zero; Gate of Beginning or Zero; the Beginning of the Coffin, but since there is a second series of it called Zero; Circle of Flow i decited to call it by it’s most used name: Zero, This is a manga only so it has no anime (yet).

Explaining Words

Zero Sample: it’s the name of the outcome of a experiment to create a human weapon.

E.C.S.: An organization that has succeeded in making  Zero Samples.

(S) G Force: The power of a humans mind is put in G’s 7G is able to destroy concrete and 3G is enough to stop the heat of someone whitout training. SG force is the stronger version of G force and it has a special elemental power (wind fire thunder) 1 SG is about the same as 100 normal G.

ESP: The people who are able to use G force.


Shuuichi Asakawa

Shuu is the main character who is one of the Zero Samples, he is kinda stuid since he never went to school and really doesn’t hav much knowledge about other humans.

Sumire Asakawa

Zero The Beginning of the Coffin Volume 2 (v. 2)

Shuu’s sister she doesn’t want him to have girlfriends so she mostly tries to get them out the house by ignoring them while treating all the others verry good, she has not much been shown in a fight but she appears to have some healing ability.


He’s supposed to be Shuu’s bodyguard but he has only a few battles and when Shuu get’s into trouble he mostly isn’t there so mostly M.O. has to help shuu instead of yooshin.


Zero The Beginning of the Coffin Volume 1 (v. 1)

Minatsuki Osei one of the verry first Zero Samples she has been sleeping for 50 years and she appears to have a crush on Shuu, her power is greater then that of Shuu and she’s the first one to use SG force.

Akira and Ayaka Sendo

Akira is an asshole who treats others like trash, after shuu beats him up his sister Ayaka tries to kill Shuu but after Shuu beats her they becomes friends.


Sorry no AMV / MMV this time since i wasn’t able to find one i thaught about making one myself but i stopped halfway since it too too much time and it didn’t look good.


Shuu – Naruto

They both have a determination that exeeds most peoples also they buth are kinda stupid in the start but get smarter later.

Sumire – Sakura

Both have a powerfull healing power and are characters who get underestimated or overestimated quickly.

Yooshin – Jiraiya

Both need to keep the main character out of trouble but both fail about that

M.O. – Tsunade

The most powerfull female character who have had decent screen time.

Link  Manga

Link Manga season 2

Ps i wasn’t able to find good pictures so there are only few of them


30 Responses

  1. Hm, this one sounds interesting 😀

  2. stupid post, you can find such similarities in every manga, anyway I don’t get the point of post?????!!!!

  3. the point of this post is to introduce other mangas/animes to ppl, since i have noticed that most ppl say naruto is best while naruto is the only serie they watch.

    the similarities are just for fun but i agree they suck this time since zero doesn’t resemble naruto much so i could only put in the plain things, and another reason i put them in is because this is a naruto fansite it should have some stuff about naruto in it right?

  4. @white shinobi–
    don’t mind above guys u did good job!!

    i have read this manga and it was awesomeeee!!

    shuu much more resemble sasuke in personality and attitude.

    he was cool,lady killer,possessive,powerful,concern his family more than anything, looses himself and became uncontrolled for his family, not connected to every girl around, considered evil by world but e wasn’t.

    doesn’t have much friend, do not trust people

  5. looking forward for its second season..

    ending of the 1st season was very sad though…

  6. I’ve only read a few Korean manga before, but there’s something about the general art style that separates it from Japanese manga. Just by the cover art, I could tell without reading the blog that it was manhwa. Thanks for the recommendation ws.

  7. yes korean manhwa totaly differs japanese manga.

    i believe they korean manhwa focuses more on action and supernatural aspects than romance.
    also they protagonist mostly is a male chracters.

    korean mahwa r more violent and dark,with mostly sad endings
    there’a a manhwa” THREADS OF TIME” recommended if interested in dark fantasies and inhuman events.

  8. korean manga licks my left nut.

  9. this’s not related to the forum but i thought i should go with it as i was shocked with the news.


    did u guys heard that, i got some spoilers which shows that lelouch is alive(i am so happy to know that,really very happy)

    WARNING if anyone didn’t saw this anime there’s no point in checking them out u won’t understand a thing.

    i never thought i would be seeing lelouch again-






  10. That is inappropriate@Pwnage

  11. Getting totally off topic, but a third season of Code Geass is indeed happy news. I originally thought this pic was a hoax:

  12. I just started reading Zero b/c of this post. Nice choice whitey, thanks.

    Actually, this is the 2nd series I’ve started reading b/c of you (the other being 666 Satan), keep ’em coming 😛

  13. however this series definitely makes me question korean values lol

  14. Whitey, can I request code gease as the next one (never read it before) and also good job.

  15. “however this series definitely makes me question korean values lol”
    And Berserk makes me question Japanese values :p

  16. speaking of Berserk bob, do you know anywhere that i can read that manga? i’ve tried a few different sites, and apparently the licensors requested it not be published online. but any idea where i might be able to maneuver around that little detail?

  17. I’d hit the websites of the groups that are currently scanlating it:

  18. @mart code gease will not be next but i will make it later i want to finish a manga/anime before i put up a post and i haven’t watched it yet so it will take me a week or 3 to finish it

  19. @mart–
    code geass is a superb series,this anime is awesome in every aspects of story, character designing, events,music.

    i find it better anime than naruto/bleach.
    the sad part is unexpected and continous occurance of tragedies. i say u should go for it(anime is better than manga)

    @ssj– for berserk manga try these,it will help




    i suggest berserk manga than anime.
    i quite it in between coz i can’t stand so much violence against women , but will start again for sure.

  20. hey

  21. can anyone tell me why i am not able to post anything??

    i tried to provide few links to SSJ regarding berserk manga, but they all disappeared on submitting without a trace.

  22. @ssj
    looks like i won’t be able to send u any of the berserk links!!

    shannaro– is it any some kind of ban on me for posting web links??

  23. It’s just the spam filter, any comment with more than two links is scrutinized by the filter since spammers usually post comments with tons of links. It works well but once in awhile it was swallow legitimate comments.

  24. @ manishuchiha

    The same happened to me in another post, when trying to post 5 links. It seems that above a certain number, you are not allowed to post them. @ Authors or whoever knows: is this true or is it my (and manishuchiha’s) computer’s problem?!

  25. You made it before me! Thanks, Bob!

  26. @ bob– thanks and it looks like my post is been visible a the same place but took some time..

    i thought its missing but how can it’s visible after few hrs.

    @wo ni li– buddy check u r post again may be it will be visible now as my post came up again (don’t know why though) and i thought i have been banned by shannaro ,lol

    @ssj — hey pal looks like my links can help u now,check them out among the top postings,lo

  27. @ manishuchiha

    Haha, I ‘d better forget it! I posted it so many times, indeed giving other names and mails, but the result was the same, until I posted only the web page and that was all! So it’s better for me that these comments won’t appear, I would seem ridiculously persistent!! (well, maybe I was!)

  28. @wo ai ni

    lol yes u r right even if u r not persistent and if u r posts would have appeared, u would have been got some piece of mind frm few of us out here, coz i got some too,lol

    well it seems like u played safe, i am not that lucky(well u can say that for every time i try to help).
    it feels kinda different but i like it when we discuss other things than bob’s post, i am missing it though and new chapter, come on its been 2 weeks already and we r on the best part.
    i hate occational offs in japan,grrrrr

  29. what is more annoying is when it blocks mine even though it knows I’m an editor and have the power to unblock them (though through a tedious process…)

  30. @mart, lo
    if u r getting probs then it realy a messyed up thing, hey buddy now that u mentioned i always had a doubt about that to whom shannaro site belongs to, is that u or bob.
    who’s the creater of shannaro.just curious!

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