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Naruto and Kämpfer

Kämpfer is originally a novel created by Toshihiko Tsukiji later Yu Tachibana created a manga for it and in October the anime has started too.

Explaining Words:

Kämpfer: Female fighters chosen by the moderators to battle each other. Each Kämpfer has one of three types of power: Zauber (magic), Gewehr (guns), and Schwert (swords). They are originally put in 2 teams: Red and Blue.

Bracelet: Kámpfer need to wear a bracelet of their team (Red or Blue) these bracelets can trigger the powers of a Kämpfer and other Kämpfer can see if you’re an ally or an enemy.

Moderator: Moderators choose the people who become a Kämpfer


Sennou Natsuru:

Natsuru is a boy who suddenly wakes up as a girl then he meets Harikiri Tora his messenger and he explains what a Kämpfer is and what he needs to do, then he falls to sleep again and when he wakes up he thinks it’s a dream until he sees the blue bracelet and Harikiri Tora, he has a crush on Kaede Sakura, his power is Zauber.

Kaede Sakura:

She is the one that gave Harikiri Tora to Natsuru and all the other plushies she gives away become messengers too, she likes the girl Natsuru but she hates the boy version.

Mishima Akane

Akane is a blue Kämpfer who accidentaly attacks Natsuru in the begining because she thinks he’s a Red Kämpfer, her personality changes drastically when she transforms, she uses a Gewehr as weapon.

Shizuku Sango

Shizuku is a Red Kämpfer she uses a Schewert (daggers with chain) she fights Natsuru and Akane and destroys half the library in the fight, When she transforms unlike Natsuru and Akane she doesn’t change at all.

Kondo Mikoto

The childhood friend of Natsuru she has gone on a trip around the world and when she comes back she becomes a Red Kämpfer, when she transforms only her apearence changes a bit, she uses a Schwert.


Harikiri Tora(Natsuru), Seppuku Kuru Usagi(Akane), Kanden Yamaneko(Shizuku), and Chissoku Norainu(Mikoto) they explain the rules to the Kämpfers but most of the time they are just being annoying.


The anime is ahead of the manga something that doesn not happen verry often, but it has also ended already (maybe there comes a season 2) The ending has an open cliffhanger to me episode 11 is the ending since episode 12 has nothing to do with the whole seires and just sucks


I tried to find a good amv but i wasn’t able to choose between 2 of them:


Natsuru resembles Naruto since he only wants 1 girl and doesn’t realize other girls love him while the one he wants doesn ‘t love him.

Shizuku resembles Gaara since they both are fearfull enemy’s at start but become powerfull allies later.

Link Manga

Link Anime


5 Responses

  1. bastard!

  2. do you have a reason for calling someone a bastard?

  3. Yeah, really

    Anyways, it looks like a cool Anime, not Manga though.

  4. An odd anime to compare Naruto with LOLZ. I checked it last month but something about this type of show just irritates me. I would probably had dropped Naruto if it turned into some harem-style-shameless-fanservice-bonanza.

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