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The Strongest Ninja Holiday Special!

Post Author: Kisuzachi

Welcome to “The Strongest Ninja Village Edition” (don’t worry, the holiday part is at the end of the post lol). With the release of the second fan book by Kishimoto, many hyped up Villages became crud and some of the more Ignored Villages became awesome. The order of this post is strongest to weakest. Now these stats that were released in the second fan book fall under three categories; Military, Population and Economy. The maximum a Village can earn in any of these three areas is 5 stars.

The most powerful Village right now is Kumogakure. Ironically, this Village has no Akatsuki representatives, some believe it was because the Village was weak, but after seeing Shi Darui and A (the Raikage ) in action I doubt they still do. The lack of Akatsuki members is most likely because this Village seems somewhat strict about its ninjas, especially its Jinchuuriki. Kirabi was forbidden to transform and likely the same for Yugito Nii (Two Tailed Cat’s host), but both seem to have a measure of control over their respective Biju, with Kirabi having full control, even a friendship with his Hachibi. Kumogakure has seen the spotlight in the series as far back as the Chunin Exams in a flashback, where the Kumogakure Head Ninja tried kidnapping Hinata but was struck down by her father. Then Kumogakure demanded Hiashi’s corpse as compensation for the Head Ninja’s death, but Konoha hastily killed Hizashi (Neji’s father and Hiashi’s younger identical twin brother) and sent his corpse as a replacement to avoid a possible war with Kumogakure. For me, this speaks a lot about Kumogakure’s power. As far as ninja styles go, Kumogakure’s ninja seem to specialize in Kenjutsu (sword techniques) and Lightning Release. The Village has a Military Strength of 4 out of 5, a Population size of 3 out of 5 and an Economy of 5 out of 5, thus totaling 12 out of 15 and averaging 4 out of 5 stars.

Next up is Iwagakure. Based on what the anime said, this Village was founded by a bug-user (bee-user to be more precise) and he was the first Tsuchikage. Now Onoki was said to have fought Madara, and he is the Third Tsuchikage, so that means the previous two had short lives. Anyway, this Village was involved in The Third Ninja War where it was Konoha’s enemy. Even though Iwagakure did well in this war, almost reaching the Land of Fire’s borders, it ultimately lost the war due to the destruction of the Kannabi Bridge, Minato Namikaze (who became famous as the Yellowflash because of how quickly he killed Iwa-nin) and Kakashi Hatake (who became famous as the Copy Ninja after gaining Obito’s Sharingan). Deidara became a missing-nin after the Village ridiculed his “art” and became a terrorist for hire, and then was coerced by Itachi into joining the Akatsuki. Iwagakure is surrounded by large rocky mountains that provide a natural barrier from other ninjas and Villages. It had two Jinchuuriki;  The ninja from Iwagakure specialize in Earth Release techniques. The Village has a Military Strength of 5 out of 5, a Population size of 4 out of 5 and an Economy of 2 out of 5, thus totaling 11 out of 15 and averaging approximately 3.7 out of 5 stars.

And now we have my least favorite Village, Konohagakure. This Village gets so much coverage that I wont go into too much detail about it. It is the first Hidden Village formed by the Two then-most powerful clans, the Uchiha and the Senju. After Hashirama became the First Hokage, Madara attacked the Village because he thught the Uchiha would become “the Senju’s dogs”, he lost. Years later, Konoha was involved in the Second Ninja war, which took place in the Land of Rain and which would later give rise to Pain, and it wasi n this war the Sanin became famous. The Village then took part in the Third Ninja War, which it won due to Minato’s bravery and quick-thinking. After this war, Konoha was attacked by the Kyubi under Madara’s control, unbeknownst to the Village, and both were defeated by Minato Namikaze at the cost of his own life by sealing the Biju in his son, Naruto. This incident led the Elders to believe the Uchiha Clan was behind the attack, as only the Sharingan can control the Kyubi, the distrust between the Uchiha and the Village grew. Three years later Konoha entered a peace treaty with Kumogakure. The Kumogakure Head Ninja took this opportunity to attempt a kidnapping of Hinata Hyuga for her Byakugan but was killed by her father, Hiashi. The conflict was settled with the corpse of Neji’s father. Two years later, Fugaku Uchiha (Itachi and Sasuke’s father and the leader of the Uchiha Clan) formed a plan to take over the Village and planted Itachi in the ANBU as a spy, but Itachi (who had witnessed the turmoil of the Third ninja War and would do anything to prevent a Fourth) began working as a double agent. After he reported the clan was planning a coup d’etat, the Elders gave the order to massacre the Uchiha clan. With the help of Madara Uchiha, Itachi annihilated the Clan and fled the Village as a criminal. Seven years later, Sunagakure joined forces with Otogakure (Orochimaru’s Village) to destroy Konoha, needless to say, they failed in their invasion. Four years later, one man, with one attack, did what two entire armies couldn’t do, destroyed Konoha, that man was the great Pain (okay enough fanboyism). The Village’s Hokage is currently Kakashi, but the Village still think its Danzo. Konoha has the most Akatsuki representatives of any Village; Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha, Madara Uchiha and Orochimaru, this is most likely because of their idealistic and soft leaders. The ninjas of Konoha don’t seem to specialize in any form of combat, but quite a few of them use Fire Release techniques. The Village has a Military Strength of 3 out of 5, a Population size of 5 out of 5 and an Economy of 2 out of 5, thus totaling 10 out of 15 and averaging approximately 3.3 out of 5 stars (these stats are AFTER Pain destroyed the Village).

Now its my favorite Village’s turn, Kirigakure. This Village apparently acquired its fame in Yagura reign as the Fourth Mizukage. The second fan book clears much of the mist on this Village. When Zabuza first encounters Kakashi, he speaks about the Graduation Exam, I.e. killing your classmates, your companions, your friends to graduate, it is for this reason that Kirigakure was known as the Blood Mist Village. This practice was discontinued after Zabuza famously ,or infamously depending on how you view it, killed his entire graduating class before reaching the age of qualification. Then 400 chapters later, Ao (Mizukage’s bodyguard with Byakugan) scolds Chojuro for being indecisive and is told by Mei (the current Mizukage) to forget the teachings of the Fourth Mizukage, so this points to all the bad stuff happening in Yagura’s time. Some time before the series’ start, the Kaguya clan attacked Kirigakure, most likely due to Yagura, Zabuza didn’t aid the Village in defeating the Kaguyas. Zabuza Momochi attempted to kill the Mizukage to end his bloody reign, but was stopped and was forced to flee the Village. He then decided to work for Gato in only one mission, then use the money to attempt another assassination on Yagura to stop his oppression, but was stopped by Kakashi.  So the first “bad guy” really wasn’t a “bad guy”. Zabuza’s motives were revealed in the fan book and it also revealed that Kisame and Madara were the ones manipulating Yagura. At some point in history, Madara was a Mizukage. The Village had two Jinchuriki, Yagura himself (Three Tailed Turtle a.k.a. Sanbi) and Utakata (Six Tailed Slug), but or some reason, the Sanbi was released (and thus Yagura died) into the wild, then the whole Three Tails arc of the anime took place, and then Akatsuki sealed it. So the questions are; Why was the Sanbi released into the wild? Why did Yukimaru have a connection to the Beast (other than the fact that he shares Yagura’s eye colors, hair color, both having names that start with ’Y’, clothing color scheme and skin tone)? The Village seems to be changing following his death. People with Kekkei Genkais were once ostracized, nut the current Mizukage has 2 of them. Anyway, the village had one Akatsuki representative, Kisame Hoshigaki. Kirigakure’s biggest claim to fame however is the group, The Seven ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. The group consists of ninja with the best battle statistics from the Blood Mist’s graduation exam, so its unknown what the qualifications are now. The Seven Swordsmen all use large swords, save Raiga who only appeared in the anime, and each sword has a special power, with Samehada being the most feared (AND MOST TRAITOROUS!). The Village has a Military Strength of 3 out of 5, a Population size of 2 out of 5 and an Economy of 2 out of 5, thus totaling 7 out of 15 and averaging approximately 2.3 out of 5 stars.

Here we are at the very bottom of the list, and the very weakest of the 5 Great Villages, drum roll please! Here we have Sunagakure. I knew it was the weakest long before the second fan book. 1). Sunagakure’s own land preferred to give missions to Konohagakure rather than their native Village. 2). Even after joining forces with another Village, they lost pretty quickly once Konoha countered. 3). Deidara and Sasori bested the ENTIRE Sunagakure military (and neither of them are in Pain’s league) forcing them to call for external help.  4). Their most powerful Kazekage was kidnapped without anyone knowing. If he was so powerful obviously there would have been a huge Kage-level battle, alerting everyone of what’s going on, and how the heck do you kidnap a Kage?. 5). The Sunagakure doctors failed miserably to heal one of their own (Kankuro) from Sasori’s poison, but a teenage girl (Sakura) healed him after getting just a little information from their doctors. 6). They lost to Konoha in BOTH the Second and Third Ninja Wars (well that’s not really a good reason, but its still more evidence against them). The only good thing about this Village is how their ninjas perceive themselves. The Suna-nin believe that the accomplishment of a mission is more important than the lives of the ninja trying to accomplish it. Bravo on that one Sunagakure, but that’s all I can say for you. Strangely, this Village’s Akatsuki representative is one of the stronger ones, Sasori of the Red Sand. It’s Jinchuriki was once Gaara of The Desert, currently the Fifth Kazekage. The Village has a Military Strength of 2 out of 5, a Population size of 2 out of 5 and an Economy of 2 out of 5, thus totaling 6 out of 15 and averaging 2 out of 5 stars.

Now here’s the holiday part as promised, happy holidays everyone! And remember, don’t eat the yellow snow lol.


24 Responses

  1. wow…Konoha still has decent stats even after two massive invasions in a span of three years…one by the Snake-guy and the other with the Six paths…b4 Oro’s invasion I think Konoha’s the strongest…even Orochimaru himself said the 3rd is the strongest of all the Kages…and b4 the 3rd’s 2nd term of office the 4th was also considered to be the strongest…so the decline started with the invasions…i wonbder how other villages will fare if they faced what konoha faced…

  2. other villages WONT face what Konoha faced because they are under better management. .

  3. wow, didn’t realize how crappy Konoha and Suna r. no wonder Konoha ninjas wanna destroy Konoha (Oro, Uchihas, Sasuke [okay, he’s also an Uchiha, but he wasn’t in on the others’s plot]) i was kinda hoping for some of the smaller villages too, oh well

  4. Cough,…favoritism cough.. ^_^

    well after i saw who the author was, i was expecting you to throw The rain village as top dog, and just put konoha in the lowest spot. Lmao

    not a bad analysis, but i disagree, It wasnt the managment that was the problem in konoha, it was due to other villages jealousy of Konoha that everything happened to it.

    look at everything thats happened to konoha, and yet it still remains as a military, and economic superpower. I earnestly doubt that the other villages would have faired as well as Konoha did.

  5. I think Kumo’s management is a lot worse, it says something when the Kage’s brother isn’t loyal to the village…

    I think this was a little unfair because konoha’s strength hit an all time low after the Pein invasion both economically and militarily (losing two sanin and having a destroyed village) I also think in time (when naruto is kage) konoha will be the strongest. Also, why is konoha the only village to succesfully protect their bijju if their strength is so low?

    I would have liked other villages analyzed as well particularily amegakure

  6. ……wow……
    This isn’t a topic I have have thought about
    good jod
    @mart1 I am getting a acount and am making the post

  7. job well done

  8. Hokage, you know you have to make it on shannaro-2 right? And you never emailed me the draft.

  9. I think Kumo is bad: They klilled sharkie >)<

  10. how the heck did you determine their economy? 2 out of 5 ? wth dude?

  11. konoha’s i mean

  12. @ I am still making it

  13. @tm
    He based Konoha’s stats after Pain destroyed it, so because of rebuilding of course their economy won’t be great.

    Konoha is still my favorite. 😀

  14. yeah mine too, but the question is why 2 out of 5, not 0, I mean no matter how much I like konoha and even though it is still strongest in terms of military, no matter what some “unbiased” post authors say, the village was razed, economy should be like 0 , 1 at max. but fans are fans I guess

  15. “it is still strongest in terms of military” I would argue that these stats are fairly acurate fore after the Pein invasion. There are only two Kage level ninja left in the village: Naruto and Danzo, and Danzo will soon either die or join akatsuki. It isn’t Kisu. who created these stats and they do have a reasoning behind them: the sanin, minato, and the third are all gone now.

  16. @mart1 danzou will join akatsuki? maaan you crazy fanfics really drive me mad lool first it was danzo=madara, once the theory proved wrong now you say that he will join akatsuki, damn, soon it will be danzo=naruto won’t it? when danzo joins akatsuki I will spred my wings and fly LOOOOLZ

    by the way; who told you that he will die? O_o

  17. I didn’t create the stats, I stated that these are all from the 2nd Fanbook by Kishimoto, take up the stats thing with him.
    About Konoha’s management, its almost non-existent. They let all the bad guys/missing-nin roam free without sending anyone after them, and they also have the most Akatsuki representatives. Kumogakure is very strict, they have no missing-nin running around and they’ve kept their Jinchuriki safe, except Yugito, who was most likely coming from a mission. Kirabi is loyal to his Village, he just doesn’t want to be there cuz he wants to sing and he’s defiant (according to A anyway).

  18. @kisuzachi if fanbook was kishimoto’s than I apologize, the term “fan”book gave me wrong impression ( i assumed it was made by fans) about letting bad guys roam free: madara – crazed 100 year old uchiha they didn’t even know he was alive.
    itachi – damn, no way any sensible person would approach this powerhouse + they didn’t know where he was roaming, oro – same reasons as with itachi + the guy was virtually immortal, well sasuke was valuable military asset and they clinged to him until the very end, sooo what’s wrong with management? konoha’s bad fortune was that their missing nins were ranked among the greatest powerhouses of all times.

  19. @kisuzachi also if in akatsuki there were no cloud nins it doesnt mean there weren’t any missing nins from cloud at all. by the way, I agree on the fact that giving hizashi’s body to cloud was the demonstration of weakness, that’s why I disapprove of th 3rd, howerever I believe that neither tsunade (yeah i know she was his student but still) nor danzou would do such thing, In my opinion konoha will remember this accident and therefore refuse to join alliance under cloud’s leadership

    can you tell me where can i get this fanbook?

  20. “when danzo joins akatsuki I will spred my wings and fly LOOOOLZ”-IF he survives (and I don’t think Madara will let this happen easily) THEN what do you think will happen? There’s no way he will let Kakashi become hokage.

  21. @tm, Orochimaru escaped the Village and the Third let him do it. So the first Invasion was the Thirds fault. Madara is an exception as Hashirama and everyone else thought he was dead. Sasuke should have been killed once he left the Village, but instead, Tsunade sent them on a retrieval mission. She’s just as weak as the Third when it comes to being decisive. Itachi was a spy so he is exempt from this. As for finding the fanbook, just google it lol

  22. @kisuzachi “just google it” – did it after posting a comment lol :D, as I already said I disapprove of the 3rd and sasuke was considered sole surviving (not criminal (tsunade didn’t know about itachi I assume) member of uchiha clan, of course konoha would try to retrieve him, who would like to lose a kekke genkai like sharingan?! this showed that tsunade was pragmatic not weak and remember: at first they assumed he was manipulated by Oro.

    @mart1 so the best way to prevent kakashi from becoming hokage is joining akatsuki?! riiiiight

  23. Wow, I was just looking at the fanbook and I saw that it said Hiruzen (3rd Hokage) in his prime was able to counter every Leaf Jutsu in Existance including all MS and EMS skills. Another thing that was interesting is that When fighting Hashirama, Madara did not have his Time/Space Jutsu.

  24. As a true example of how leaf is weak look at roots. 3rd knew that there is strong opposition to him and he couldn’t do anything to counter Danzo. Some would say that he didn’t want to make moves that would harm the village but the thing is that he would opose Root if he had enough strength to do that and prevent any harm to Konoha.
    Also we always saw ANBU (elite nins) doing poor job.

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