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Top Ninja: Results!!

Ja everyone, it’s paintheclown here to bring you the Results of the Top Ninja  Tournament!!  Sadly, we didn’t get many emails.  but, I got 4, so that’s good.  Now, on a side note, Naruto vs. OP: A Look In That Direction – Part 2 will be up after the new year.  Well, here are the results…

Wo Ai Ni (Very Long!!  But, my favorite explanation):

“I would like Minato to win, because he is really one of the strongest ninjas and given the fact that the choice is between Naruto and Minato, I believe that the strongest is Minato, although Naruto can really surpass him as the time passes. Well, many will say that he has already surpassed him, because of the Futon Rasenshuriken or the Sage Mode, but he has yet a long way to go and, after all, we all wait for a Sasuke – Naruto fight to decide. (I hope I didn’t “dis” him, I really like him and want him to become stronger.) So my vote will go to Minato.

I really think that Minato was way stronger than anyone else among the dead shinnobi (and that’s also Kishimoto’s thought, eh?) Considering his youth and his early death, if he was still alive, he would probably be the strongest of the alive shinnobi, too, maybe except from Pein or Madara. Just remember that he had the intention to mix his natural element with his Rasengan, but suddenly the Kyubi arrived and… Naruto is now an orphan! So, if he was alive, he would came up with much more jutsus that no one can ever imagine and maybe find a way to win against Madara.

When the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attacked Konoha, Minato, having recognized that the Nine-Tails was being controlled by Madara (only he and Itachi discovered Madara) and seeing that he predicted his every move, he decided to defeat the demon and give Konoha the means to combat Madara if he should ever attack the village again. That already happened with Pain and maybe will happen again with Madara in person. He used the Dead Demon Consuming Seal (only him and the Third Hokage are known to have the ability to do that) to seal the Nine-Tails into Naruto’s body, hoping that his son would someday be able to use its power. When Minato sealed the Nine-Tails within Naruto, he had split its chakra in two, the Yin and Yang. He sealed the Yang half within Naruto with the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style along with the Four Symbols Seal to allow Naruto to have access to the Nine-Tailed Fox’s chakra and sealed the Yin half with the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, thus making it inaccessible to Naruto. This was indeed a glorious deed, to use three different fuinjutsu in such a difficult situation and with Madara above his head! He also left Jiraiya a key to the seal that kept the Nine-Tails sealed within Naruto, to be used to strengthen it whenever it began to weaken. As a final safety measure, he left an imprint of himself within Naruto’s subconscious that would react whenever the seal was on the verge of breaking. This imprint could watch Naruto grow up and had the one-time ability of returning the seal to its original strength. And Kakashi mentioned that “not much is known about the Shiki Fujin technique”, so maybe we will see more in the future about this Minato’s ability.

Well, of course he created the Rasengan, a technique that does not rely on hand signs, but instead uses a concentration of spinning chakra in the palm, which causes immense damage to its target on contact. In addition, he was one of the few individuals capable of getting Gamabunta to cooperate with him!

Finally I must not forget that a flee-on-sight order was given to enemy ninjas during the Third Great Shinobi War in case he ever appeared on the battlefield! This stemmed from his infame Flying Thunder God Technique, which essentially allowed him to teleport to any location with the use of a special seal. By throwing kunai that had the seal attached to them behind enemy lines, Minato could wipe out an entire platoon in the blink of an eye without receiving a scratch, even though without that technique, he showed seemingly instantaneous reflexes and raw quickness.

These are all my thoughts about Minato (oh, and for not saying lies, I got some help from Narutopedia). Well, I would like to scream “he’s awesome!” , but you forbade it! So I will keep my fingers crossed for you to count my vote and to see my choice’s victory! Sorry for saying too much and tiring you.”

Pein0avenue (Probably shortest explanation): “I believe Naruto is more powerful then minito, although in naruto it is shown that minito was probably the most powerful hokage etc but its all just legends as far as the Naruverse is concerned, we have not seen minito in a proper battle, so Naruto wins by default.”

ManishUchiha (Not really about Naruto or Minato, but I felt that I should include it): “thx pain for atleast gaving a look to the message, well i recommended itachi as in  u r post u mistakely posted  itachi(instead of minato).”

Fuujin Xero: “I think minato namikaze should win for at least 3 reasons.

1. he was known as one of the greatest ninjas of his time because of his flying thunder god jutsu. this made him lightning fast and able to take out armies in mere seconds (or minutes, whatever works :P)

2. he invented rasengan. Then he left it for others to complete (i.e rasenshuriken/fuuton: rasengan). he made an awesome technique that others can make their own

3. he sealed the freaking kyuubi o.O, anyone capable of that earns some kind of reward in my book”

Paintheclown (Sorry, mine isn’t very thorough): I think Naruto should be the victor because he, as Jiraiya and Kakashi have stated, Naruto has surpassed his father countless times.  He has even (almost) perfected the Rasengan, something Minato did not accomplish before his death.  Though he hasn’t even used a sealing jutsu, he may be a great partitioner of the Sealing Arts.

Based on all emails, I think Minato Namikaze is the Top Ninja. (I will give my reasons later)


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  1. Thank you so much for taking my e-mail into consideration (and for your good words)! You just made my day and my holidays happier! I ‘m glad to see that one of my favorite characters has made it to the top!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Greece!

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